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What people didn’t understand was that there had never been Katsuki without Deku.

Ever since they were tots, the fucking nerd had never been farther than two steps behind him. And when the change happened, when that nauseatingly sweet omega scent hit Katsuki’s nose during Deku’s first heat, when he got to drag his tongue against freckled skin—navel to collar bone—just to get a fucking taste. He still remembers how Deku positively squirmed, writhing under Katsuki’s larger frame, his body arching into him, craving Katsuki’s touch before ever even feeling it.

But more than that, it was comforting fingernails against Katsuki’s scalp when he’d had an especially irritating fucking day; slow and soft back rubs when he couldn’t fall asleep. It was those puppy round eyes sparkling up at him, like Katsuki was the single most impressive creation since Jesus fucking Christ.

And then there was UA and All Might and all these goddamn friends Deku had made.

Suddenly, it wasn’t just Katsuki anymore encompassing Deku’s world—there were all these fucking things in the way. And at first, Katsuki looked passed it—got over it—whatever you wanted to call it.

He had his shit too, anyway. Katsuki was going to be number one in Japan, no qualms about it. Between his time in the gym, the library, class, and internships—who had fucking time to sulk over a little less attention. And before they knew it, graduation was around the corner.

And with it, talk about the life after.

It was one of the first colds of winter the night Deku told him he was planning for America.

He’ll never forget Deku’s unsure posture, green eyes hesitant as he looked away, full bottom lip tucked nervously between his teeth and hands fidgeting against each other within his lap.

“I’ll love you from anywhere, Kacchan. And… And I promise, we’ll talk every day—no—every hour!” He’d exclaimed, voice breaking, “But… There’re so many people there who just need somebody to help. And… I can’t just ignore that.”

Katsuki felt a beat of betrayal so deep, it rang through to his bones.

Then, an anger.

Deku must have been off his fucking head if he thought Katsuki would allow that.

The idea had come to Katsuki at random.

Deku’s heat suppressants had been staring to him from atop the smaller hero’s tv stand as they lay huddled under cheesy All Might sheets, the label’s big blue letters yelling the word CAZOGEN within the confines of Katsuki’s brain. Deku was draped lazily over Katsuki’s chest, dark lashes brushing freckled cheeks and soft emerald curls tickling the tip of Katsuki’s chin as he snoozed.  

He felt the smaller boy’s heartbeat, muffled through layers of clothes and skin, against his ribcage where their bodies connected the strongest. It was a steady thump, low and comfortable; a song whispered from Deku’s body to Katsuki’s own. He let his hand come upwards then, let his fingers card through mussy green locs, his thumb stroking the heat of Deku’s temple, sweeping the fine strands curling at his hairline. Deku sighed within his slumber; contented. Something in him ached. His mind began to run. Red eyes shifted back to the meds staring to him from atop the tv stand.

Katsuki was never letting him go.

Getting Deku off his meds was surprisingly easy.

But at first, of course, Katsuki overthought it.

I mean, what if Deku needed the medicine to, like, survive? What even happened if omegas weren’t on heat suppressants? What if he turned into a fucking zombie?

Katsuki took a moment here, picturing Deku as one of those pale Frankenstein like undead people from the movies. He shivered.

He spent almost an hour on google then, learning about the heat cycle—which actually had different stages the whole month, which, who knew—and heat suppressants; how they worked and what exactly they did. He punched Cazogen into the search bar, reading about the science of it, about how it used a fuck ton of different hormones that basically tricked the body into thinking it had already been sated. This subsequently stopped the symptoms of the heat from emerging which also stopped the possibility of pregnancy because the body, essentially, already perceived itself as pregnant due to all the hormones. Who fucking knew.

He read some blog posts from other omega’s for a while, brow furrowed as someone compared heat cravings to heroine withdrawals. Katsuki wondered briefly what kind of life this guy must be living to be able to so casually speak to both of those experiences in one sentence. Someone else wrote their exert in all caps, one of those crazy conspiracists who felt we should “give into our primal urges” and “allow the universe to guide our bodies at its will.” Yea right, psycho. A third broke it down into layman’s terms, said heat cravings were the bodies way of convincing the mind that sex and, subsequently, creating a child was an immediate priority.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was all Katsuki needed to hear.

Did you know you could order sugar pills off of Amazon? Because Katsuki didn’t. They had hundreds of them, different types to match Tylenol, OxyContin, Valium, Vicodin—you name it. The ones he needed were on page thirty-six, a sixty pack of little blue pills the size of your pinky nail, a little engraved C stamped across the face of it like a beauty mark.

The rest was fucking history.

The change in Deku was gradual, at first. Katsuki’s not sure what he expected. Zombie Deku flashes behind his eyes for a moment before he shakes it off.

He’d rolled his jaw experimentally once he’d pop the first “pill”, brow pinched and lips pursed before swallowing. The bottle rattles as he grabbed for it again, green eyes squinting as he scans the small print etched across the label.

Katsuki feels his heart fall like a stone into his gut.

“What’s up your ass?” He says steadily, voice infinitely calmer than his thoughts.

In front of him, Deku jumps, “Uh—” He trails, giving the bottle one last glance before shaking his head of his uncertainty, “It’s… nothing, I guess.”

Red eyes followed pale hands as they set the bottle back at its place within the drawer.

Katsuki let out a breath he hadn’t even realized he was holding.

For a week, there was nothing.

Then, the clinging.

Deku was already a clingy little asshole but one day Katsuki woke up and swore he couldn’t go two steps without shaky fingers grabbing for his wrist, without the soft of Deku’s cheek nuzzling lazily against his back. Which, in retrospect, wasn’t the worst thing in the world—if he didn’t do it indiscriminately. And by indiscriminately, Katsuki meant in public.

Then, one day, he just slept.

Deku had gotten so drowsy, he could hardly keep his head up during classes, so much so that he had to be excused midday. At the end of Katsuki’s schedule, he’d approached Deku’s dorm room, his lip worried between his teeth because—what the fuck—none of the bloggers had mentioned this and what if he actually did start eating people and what if something was actually wrong—what if Katsuki fucked up and he never woke up.

Should he call the ambulance?

What would he even say?

No… No, he couldn’t. Katsuki couldn’t think of a worse idea than that.

Twenty minutes later

“Good afternoon, what’s your emergency?”

Katsuki swallowed, red eyes never leaving Deku’s slumped form.

“Yeah—uh—I’m an, err, omega and I’ve run out of suppressants and I was wondering if I was gonna, like… die or anything. Like, should I go to hospital?”

The other line went quiet for a long moment, the sound of it somehow still deafening in Katsuki’s ears.

“You won’t die, sir. Just make sure you go to pharmacy and reup, okay?”

Katsuki hung up without response, cheeks hot and mind reeling. He was a fucking idiot.

Deku was fine.

Deku was fine.

He stepped closer anyway, a slight frown weighing his cheeks as the weak tones of evening showered the smaller hero in soft light, dark hair seeming near black against pale skin; ink on paper. Full lips were parted in the deep of his sleep, warm puffs of air filtering through with slow and calm.


Maybe Katsuki would stay just a little longer just to be sure the little fucker didn’t start growing vampire fangs or whatever.

And maybe… Maybe he’d get into bed too—but only because there was literally nowhere else to sit in Deku’s cluttered, crowded, superhero shrine of a room.

And, if he stays longer than just “a little”, it’s because he falls asleep there (which is only fucking natural considering the circumstances, okay) And not because he felt like Deku needed a goddamn babysitter.


Katsuki woke up sweating.

It took him a moment to blink his eyes open, to recognize the source of this blistering heat as Deku’s shivering frame clinging to him like a second skin. His nose was near flat against the bend of Katsuki’s neck, arms circling his waist—chest to chest—like he felt Katsuki was the only person anchoring him to this world.

Kacchan, I—" Deku croaked, his voice like steam against Katsuki’s skin, “I th-think something’s… wr-wrong—”

Katsuki shook himself awake then, near dizzying himself as he whipped onto his elbows, holding Deku apart from him and watching as the smaller boy shivered from under him, square white teeth chattering so powerfully, it was near audible. When he looked to Katsuki, his pupils were blown out black.

He writhed atop the mattress, near whining as he grabbed for Katsuki, bottom lip trembling, “Kacchan, please,” He babbled, grip strong against Katsuki’s upper arm; pulling, “S-so—cold,”

Katsuki felt a panic light in his belly, hands coming up to wipe moist dark locs from Deku’s sweltering forehead, red stare wide and jumping.

“Deku, you’re burning the fuck up—There is no fucking way you’re saying you’re cold right now!”

Katsuki had fucked up—he had really fucked up.

He made to move, to grab his phone, to do something before one-for-all strength was pulling him back, before thick thighs were caging his hips, strong calves circling his middle.

“What are you—”

Heels dug into the small of Katsuki’s back here, hot hands running up the nape of his neck, blunt fingernails carding through thick blonde hair; pulling.

“I—” he hiccupped, “I don’t know, I… I just feel better when I’m—” another hiccup, “—touching you.”

He stared to Katsuki here, dilated eyes so dark, they seemed bottomless. 

Katsuki swallowed, “You need a hospital, Deku.”

Deku shook his head weakly, lashes black and spiked with moisture, dark eyes staying locked on Katsuki’s lips as he spoke. Their noses nearly met upon his next inhale. Katsuki doesn’t remember when they’d gotten so close. There was just Deku—tangling Katsuki, roaming hands and locked on legs all that he could feel, his eyes suddenly too heavy to look away.

“I think I just need you, Kacchan.”

Katsuki felt his breath shutter out of him.

Deku was so close, hands hot and burning against the skin of Katsuki’s neck, dark eyes deep; hypnotizing.

His next words were spoken against Katsuki’s lips—soft fluttering movement and warm mists of air.


He doesn’t know who closes the distance first.

All he knows is Deku tasted like goddamn candy—like the fucking fountain of youth as Katsuki positively devours him, his mind no longer in control of his motor skills as hands moved on their own accord, sliding under Deku’s oversized night shirt and across soft skin and firm muscle.

He wanted more—would probably die without more—his blood positively boiling with it as he let his tongue taste dampened freckled skin; his mouth sucking bruises along Deku’s cheek, his jaw, the thick of his neck.

And Deku was gasping from under him, mewing with his nose buried flat within Katsuki’s hair, his hands dragging blunt nails across the flesh of his back before lowering, pawing against the waistband of Katsuki’s sweatpants and arching his hips against Katsuki’s middle, grinding a hardness into his belly button with enough force to have Katsuki stuttering in his movements. He went to grab the smaller hero’s hips—because ow—stilling him, shrugging him out of comic themed boxers and hiking his t-shirt so that it bunched up by the flat of his pecs.

Fuck.” He whispered, red eyes trailing freckled skin, watching hungrily as as Deku drew his thighs to his chest, placing his own hands against the underside of bent knees and—Jesus fucking Christ—he would give Deku his right lung right now if he asked.

A wetness was practically fucking oozing from him, his position giving Katsuki the full view of his glistening hole, of his thick stubby cock curved and hard between flattened thighs. Katsuki almost lost his shit once he’d teased a finger in, Deku’s muscle sucking him and spasming almost instantly, his back arching off the mattress as he sobbed into it. Two fingers had him babbling incoherently, black eyes leaking fat wet tears and Katsuki couldn’t take it anymore, almost getting tangled within his own clothes in his haste to undress.

The head of his cock bobbed once freed, red and dripping as he gripped it in one hand, fingers imprinting atop the firm of Deku’s thigh with the other. The heat of the smaller boy’s pucker burned in all the right ways when Katsuki positioned in front of it, his breath still in his belly, eyes hyper focused upon the smaller hero here; entranced.

Katsuki was never letting him go.

Deku’s eyes rolled to near white as Katsuki slid in, inch by inch. Katsuki groaned here, his grip atop Deku’s thigh almost bruising, his own body near buckling at the rawness of it, at the slick heat he was wrapped in.

Then, he fucked him.

Brutally, his own hands replacing Deku’s atop bent knees and his nose buried within thick fluffed out curls, the scent of sweat and sex and pure unfiltered want filling his nostrils as Deku moaned from under him, as the wet push and pull of Katsuki’s cock echoed against the air like a whine.

Hands were wrapping weakly against Katsuki’s ribcage, hooking under his arms and finally anchoring atop of the back of muscled shoulders.

“So good, Ka—Kacchan.” he croaked, “Feels—hmmm—feels perfect, feels—Hmmmm!”

Katsuki had grabbed a fist full of dark hair, yanking, canting Deku’s head upwards, arching his neck almost to a strain. The kiss was more animal than human. Deku panted into him, returning what Katsuki gave him with two fold—teeth knocking, tongue licking into Katsuki’s shamelessly.

Katsuki felt those hands release his shoulders, slipping between their bodies to come on either side of Katsuki’s jaw for leverage.

“I love you so much, Kacchan—” he whined between pecks, licking at Katsuki’s bottom lip, fingers digging into the fine hairs at the nape of Katsuki’s neck, “So, so much—”

Deku came suddenly, violently, jerking as his cock spit fat ropes of come unprovoked against the ripples of his torso and Katsuki positively growled against the clench of it, feeling Deku’s climax from the inside.

The wetness was positively gushing from the smaller hero then, Katsuki’s cock so slick against inside him, so completely drenched that Katsuki felt almost bound to him then; fused. Deku squirmed from under him, hands hot on either side of Katsuki’s face, red eyes clashing with black.

Katsuki came like a punch to the gut, groaning, watching as Deku arched into it, his back forming a near perfect C and pupils shrinking almost instantly as Katsuki filled him, green swallowing black as he looked to Katsuki with eyes wide and unseeing.

Katsuki pulled put with a chorus of wet squelches, collapsing onto Deku shamelessly. Then, for a long moment, there was just them. Their breaths filtering like whispered applause through the air, collapsing into each other, muscles relaxed and lazy. Deku lacing his fingers through thick blonde locs, blunt fingernails lightly scratching at the larger boy’s scalp. Katsuki resting the heat of his forehead against Deku’s, red eyes fluttering closed.

They fall asleep tangled within each other. Katsuki swears he feels their hearts beat on the same rhythm.

It takes eight weeks.

Then, the morning sickness hits Deku like a train.

Katsuki will never forget the day he came to him—lithe figure swallowed by a king-sized sweatshirt, hands trembling within bellowing sleeves. Green eyes were red and puffy as he stood in Katsuki’s doorway, his knuckles gripping the pregnancy test stick until his knuckles turned white.

“I—” He choked out, bottom lip quivering, “I’m so sorry, Kacchan!”

He cried into Katsuki’s chest for an hour.

Katsuki listened quietly, fingers rubbing small comforting circles into the small of his back as he ranted, stuttering through a mantra of How’s and blubbering about Just not understanding until his voice went hoarse, until there couldn’t possibly be any fluids left in his pint-sized body.

And through it, Katsuki remained, Deku’s quivering frame fitting against his chest and within his lap like a puzzle piece; like two halves to one whole. Something in his heart warmed.

“Quit the waterworks before you accidentally dehydrate again.” He’d said, “And quit the worrying too, while you’re at it.”

“How aren’t you worrying!” He wailed, pushing himself from Katsuki here, green eyes lit upon him; panicked.

Katsuki snorted, “Stupid question. Who needs to fucking worry? You got me.” He’d said, red eyes unmoving, “And I got you.”

Deku blinked here. There’s a pregnant pause as he glances downwards, looking to the pregnancy test still crushed between his fingertips before taking a deep breath and nodding his head solemnly, a watery smile making its way unto quivering lips. He hugged Katsuki in a crushing embrace, nose buried into the crook of his neck.

Katsuki smirked. He let his hands circle the smaller boy’s waist, thumbs digging into his flesh, tight enough to bruise.

“I got you and I’m never letting go.”