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“So what do you think about Carmen?””Malcolm asked his longtime friend

”Shes a smartass”Duc mentioned to his brother in law

”So you definitely like her?”Malcolm raised a brow over at his wife's brother
”Carmen tells it like it is she takes crap from no man”Duc was amazed by the beautiful woman he probably was way out of her league ”Don't tell my sister she will never let me hear the end of it” Duc sent him a gaze that was full of warning

”You have my word man”Malcolm grinned

”Theres something about her she's different but a good different I feel calm I probably don't make any sense right now but you know what I mean”Duc told him

”The same feeling I got when I laid eyes on your sister for the first time”Malcolm told his best friend

“You two are good together”Duc smiles at him

“Yeah we sure are she’s my rock”Malcolm said getting all warm and fuzzy on the inside when he thought about his wife he loved her so much it could kill him

“Maybe one day I can have a relationship like you two have one where it’s a not just a relationship but a genuine partnership”Duc told him

”Carmen is a good person we've been friends for years she has a good heart don't take it for granted”Malcolm didn’t let him go without a friendly word of warning


“Don’t worry I won’t take anything for granted”Duc tells his friend

“Good because otherwise I’d have to give you the you hurt her I’ll kill you speech”Malcolm jokes

“My sister already gave me that speech”Duc mentioned

“Ashley and Carmen are pretty inseparable”Malcolm muttered

“As if they are conjoined twins”Duc added on