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Parboiled Octopus

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Minho is pulled back and pressed against the door of their currently empty dorm as soon as Jisung closes the door behind him. He can process the click of the lock before his ears are assaulted with the sounds of Jisung’s mouth moving on his. He swirls his tongue the way he knows that makes Minho weak on his knees, nibbles and tugs at his lower lip, hard enough to sting but not to rip the skin, although Minho would very much like it they have a tight schedule with Kingdom, so they can’t really indulge in that particularly. Minho still moans, his voice already so sweet and yet muffled by Jisung’s lips latched to his, sucking on his tongue only to clash his own to it moments later. Jisung can’t wait to hear them louder, echoing through the walls. He’s never been so thankful that everybody is so busy.

There’s spit running down their chins, the makeup around their mouths all but gone, Jisung kissing him like he’s hungry even though they had just eaten half of that parboiled octopus. Fuck, he had known Jisung would get riled up because of that little play of his, but he might’ve underestimated how much.

“Can’t believe you outed me on live like that, hyung”, he separates only enough to speak, his voice airy with lust.

Minho giggles, lighthearted and pretty just like the rest of him, even with the underlying teasing lilt to it. “What? You think Stay will suddenly find out your little secret, Hannie?”, and yeah, he’s teasing. Jisung can’t even be mad about it because he doesn’t even wait for Jisung’s retort, just goes back to kissing him. Minho kisses like he’s dancing, full of control and with purposed movements – Jisung can never get tired of it and is always caught off-guard by just how fucking talented Minho’s mouth is no matter how many times they do this.

Controlled or not, there’s only so much Minho can take before he crumbles under Jisung’s much less controlled but just as eager kisses and wandering hands. He can’t help but grip roughly on Minho’s thick thighs and small waist, his boyfriend just as desperately grabbing on his much smaller one and pulling him closer so their cocks align just right. They shouldn’t be doing this by the door, but the room feels so far away when they’re both moaning into each other’s mouths and grinding like this.

It’s easy to get lost in the dry drag of their lengths inside their underwear and the hot puffs of air filling the minimal space between them when they part to get a breather. Jisung can’t do all that he wants – and not give nearly enough of what Minho wants – by the door though, so he relents, pulling away completely so he can hoist Minho up and take him to the dancer’s room.

Minho all but whines when they separate, but seems satisfied with the turn of events if the squeak he lets out when Jisung picks him up tells him anything. “Fuck, Sungie, you’re so strong”, he makes point of it by seizing the arm that keeps him in place in a vice grip, so much so Jisung hisses and slaps his ass in revenge. It only serves to rile Minho up some more, the boy moaning unabashedly.

He throws Minho on the bed like he weights nothing, which he kind of does when Jisung’s strength easily surpasses that of a human. “So I look like an octopus, huh?”, he feigns offence, upping his dramatics to make sure Minho doesn’t actually believe he’s actually taking it personally.

“I mean, I said they remind me of you, not that you look like one”, Minho bites his lips and spreads his legs to accommodate his boyfriend, who hovers over him with an annoying smirk on his face that Minho wants to wipe off. “I see, it’s the uncanny resemblance in our big eyes, of course”, he chuckles and dives on Minho’s neck, suckling lightly so no long lasting marks form, but watches with heated eyes as the skin reddens.

“I don’t know, might be something else, but I’m not sure”, Minho cants his hips up to get Jisung moving against his cock again, only to be held down to the mattress by small strong hands. It shouldn’t be this hot, but fuck if Minho doesn’t love how strong his alien boyfriend is. Oh, yeah, he can’t be blamed of outing him.

“How dare you accuse me of outing you when you literally released a song called ‘Alien’?”, he realises later than he should, but whatever, he’s under Jisung and being stripped naked, being eaten alive by his lustful gaze, so he’s not actually complaining.

Jisung titters as he throws Minho’s shirt and pants behind himself, uncaring for where they land. “Oh yeah, that’s right, you’re right, baby”, he leans down and takes a nipple into his mouth, rolling the bud on his tongue and sucking hard on it since marks are acceptable there. Minho rolls his hips trying to get more friction, mewls with the careful attention on his chest, his hands doing everything in his power to try and pull Jisung’s hips down to meet his. But Jisung’s even more of a tease than he is, and with no one but them home, he’s going to take his time. It doesn’t stop Minho from trying to get his way.

“Jisungie~”, he whines, knowing it won’t get him anywhere but knowing Jisung loves when he calls his name, so he does anyway. “Patience, baby, wanna take my time”, he says as he dives for the other nipple, giving it the same attention. By the time he’s done Minho is quivering, chest wet with spit and dick straining in his underwear. He tugs at Jisung’s shirt, trying to undo the buttons or maybe just rip the offending fabric out of his way, and Jisung laughs cockily at him.

“You’re so needy, baby”, Minho whines at that, which doesn’t make his case better, but he’s beyond fighting for his dignity already. He just needs Jisung’s cock in him. Maybe a tentacle or two. Or three. Whatever Jisung is willing to give him today. He looks pleadingly at Jisung and tugs more purposefully at the shirt, “Out, take it off, please”.

Politeness always gets what he wants, as do big sparkly eyes, but he refrains from using it too much because it boosts Jisung’s already inflated ego and he can’t handle an even more self confident Jisung. Who’s he lying to? He loves it. Jisung should be cocky more often – he can, after all, because he’s the shit and Minho loves him, eight tentacles and all. Sure, it had been a surprise when he walked in on Jisung washing his extra appendages on that fateful Saturday night years ago, but more than shocked he was… thrilled. Minho is a naturally curious person, what can he do?

He nails down Jisung’s chest to the hem of his pants and underwear. “These too”, he doesn’t plead this time, and his hungry stare if enough to punch an eloquent ‘fuck, yeah’ from the rapper. He takes it upon himself to take his own underwear off. The shift from heated to sizzling in the atmosphere is tangible in the way Jisung stops teasing Minho too much, letting their dicks touch lightly, the precome from both of them mixing as they grind on each other, mouths latched and tongues entwined again as if they can’t survive if they're not tasting each other. Maybe they actually can’t.

“Sungie, more”, Minho rolls his hips harder, feet planted on the bed and thighs squeezing at Jisung’s sides as his nails dig on his arms. Fuck, those arms will be the death of him, he can’t stop staring at them, nor keep himself from letting go of Jisung’s mouth just to bite them. Jisung hisses and suddenly Minho’s head is being yanked back by his hair. With a strangled moan and tears on his eyes Minho pouts at him. “No marks there, baby, behave”.

He apologises, but from then on Minho’s little taste of freedom is gone. He can’t help the little happy sound that escapes him as he sees the first signs of Jisung’s shift happening, the darkening of his eyes, how big his pupils get, engulfing his irises completely, so deep Minho thinks he could get lost in the universe inside them if he looks too much. The tentacles surge from Jisung’s back soon after, huge in length but not so much in girth yet, they’ll get there hopefully, a shade of blue so dark Minho had mistaken it for black when he first saw them. His cock twitches at the prospect of what’s to come. 

“Safeword?”, Jisung asks automatically. It’s routine, but Minho always feel butterflies in his stomach every time he hears it – a pavlovian response because his body has been trained to know he’s up to a very good time.

“Dwaekki”, he smirks. Jisung can only roll his and try hard not to laugh, but accepts it.

Jisung keeps a hand on his hair, keeping his head in place so he can kiss him however he wants, making it slow and deep as snakes two of his tentacles up Minho’s legs tantalisingly slow, watching Minho’s eyes roll to the back of his head as the slick clings to his skin where the appendages have roamed. Each of Minho’s legs is kept spread; he might not be trying to close them now, but Jisung knows he’s going to wiggle around later.

He takes Minho’s arms above his head with his free hand and one of his extras, holding it there with the appendage so he can roam his lover’s body freely, pinch at his nipples on his way down to his waist, leaving goosebumps on his wake, so he can pull him to rut against him again, finally giving Minho the traction he so desperately needed. Minho’s body shudders at the feeling, a sigh of relief leaving him before he’s back to his moans.

He slides one of his tentacles across Minho’s chest so he can latch the suction cups to his nipples, and Minho’s sounds start getting really loud even with his mouth on his, so he separates himself to silence him more effectively. Minho seems to know what’s to come, because he speaks even before Jisung has the chance to ask, “If I need to breath I’ll pinch two times”, he does just that to show Jisung how he’s going to do it, pinching the tentacle that holds his wrists and wraps around his hands.

“Such a good boy for me, baby”, Jisung praises him and Minho smiles shyly, the pink hue on his cheeks darkening to red. These are the only moments he can get away with talking to him like this, so he indulges freely on it. Minho more than loves it, moans quietly in content and shivers as Jisung’s hands caress down his chest and tummy, stopping short of his cock just to tease. Minho whines and opens his mouth, a silent request for them to keep going already.

Jisung swears under his breath and leads a slimy tentacle to his boyfriend’s lips who lick at the appendage with a low hum. He resumes teasing his nipples and wraps a tentacle around each thick thigh to keep them open. Minho moans and sucks at the tentacle on his mouth, trying to get it deeper. Jisung cusses, it’s always so much having Minho like this, pliant and eager underneath him. He rubs himself against Minho as another tentacle envelops both their cocks, its grip loose as to stretch the moment. Minho can’t tell who Jisung teases more – Minho or himself – but he can’t lie and say he hates it. In fact, he’d not have it another way.

He moans when the tapered tip of the tentacle reaches the back of his mouth, he wishes Jisung would choke him on it, but they have a fucking schedule so Minho can’t have it. He has to settle to have the suction cups on his tongue and on the roof of his mouth, making him writhe and curls his toes in pleasure, the whole combo with his nipples and his cock stimulated simultaneously with his mouth is driving him insane, and even with the light touches he can feel the tell tale of his orgasm on the horizon. He sucks at the tentacle in his mouth as much as it sucks on him, and it moves too slow for his liking, but he relishes on it nonetheless. It’s just the beginning.

It starts moving in and out faster – although still too slow – in time with the one around their cocks, the small tip curls on his uvula, and Minho tears up at the feeling, gagging around the member happily. Jisung hints on pulling back, but he tightens his lips around it as he tries to recover from the spams on his throat. It’s everything he could ask for and if Jisung dares to take it away from him he’s going to cook him like that fucking octopus. He loves choking on Jisung’s tentacles or his dick, whatever is in his mouth, so to find out he can get that even when they’re on schedule without fucking up his throat is the best present he could get. Jisung continues, indulges him in his sick search for pleasure and praises him on how well he swallows him.

He whines a hum around the tentacle on his mouth, trying to communicate he needs more. Jisung, knowing him like the back of his hand doesn’t really need anything else to know what he wants, but groans and retreats the tentacle on his mouth just to hear Minho say it. “Tell me, baby, what do you need?”, he’s surprised by how strained his voice is, although he shouldn’t. Not with Minho looking so fucked out under him, panting and wiggling around, trying to get more as if Jisung would ever deny him anything.

“Feel so empty, Sungie”, he slurs his words, “more, need more.”

“You’re always such a greedy slut, baby. Aren’t five enough?”, he mocks, and Minho keens at being called out. He knows Jisung’s playing, and fuck if he can’t play that game as well. “Need to feel all of you, baby, pretty please?”, he bats his eyelashes, tries to look innocent because Jisung gets a kick out of it, even if he doesn’t admit it.

“How can I say no to that, hm?”, Jisung smiles and presses against his rim, sucking on it with a ring of his tentacle. Minho moans and tugs on the tentacles that keep his arms together, legs trying to close around him. Jisung continues to tease him, shoves the tentacle back into his mouth so he can quiet Minho’s loud cries again. His hands are free to explore, and have been, soothing Minho’s sides and kneading his abs, but now he raises them to cup his cheeks and feel the tentacle moving inside Minho's mouth. “Fuck, baby, you’re so hot like this.”

Minho can’t speak, but his eyes say all Jisung needs to know. He slips the tentacle between Minho’s ass, the tight ring of muscle giving way to Jisung with some effort. The tip of the tentacle is thinner than a finger, but Minho tends to clench hard when he’s close, and Jisung’s well aware he’s been keeping him just on the edge for a while now. He takes his time opening Minho up, letting the natural tapered shape of his tentacle do most of the work for him. He focus on keeping away from his boyfriend’s prostate, that would certainly make him come too fast, and Jisung wants to fuck him a bit longer.

Minho’s foot kicks him on the side at some point, and Jisung takes the hint to step up his game, speeds up the tentacle inside his boyfriend, lets it go as deep as Minho’s body allows him and adds the remaining two that had been hovering idly on his back to the mix, letting their tips enter Minho at the same time. The stretch is harsher, and Minho mewls in pleasure. His chest is covered in slick from the tentacle across his nipples, their dicks are engulfed in the substance as well, and it drips around Minho’s hips and down his balls and to his crack. Not that it needed to, the tentacles on his as are slick enough on their own, making a mess as well.

Brushing back the hair stuck to Minho’s forehead and petting his cheeks fondly, he takes the tentacle that occupied his mouth out, slides it down Minho’s neck and wraps it around there, not putting pressure, just letting it sit there. They kiss again, now Jisung tasting his own slick on Minho’s tongue, sloppy and burning hot as he fucks into Minho with his tentacles, the three of them deep inside Minho already, Jisung runs his hand down Minho’s body to rest at his tummy, feeling the bulge that forms there from his appendages. He straightens up to push in alongside the tentacles, and Minho wails as he sheathes his cock completely.

“F-fuck, so full, Sungie”, Minho moans, his eyes out of focus and welled with tears, spit running down his mouth and precome leaking off his dick. It’s a sight Jisung wants to imprint in his mind and build a shrine to inside him. In lieu of entertaining Minho an answer, partly because he doubts he’s coherent enough to speak partly because he wants to see Minho’s reaction to it, he loosens the hold on the dancer’s wrists a bit and pulls both his hands down to meet his on his stomach. Minho always preens when he feels full, but Jisung has never shown him this, and Minho is usually to focused on his pleasure to look.

“Yeah, you’re so full baby, look”, Minho’s glance follow the path of his hands and settles on his tummy. He swears under his breath and groans. He can see where Jisung’s tentacles ripple inside him slowly. His stomach tightens and he has to try his best not to come right there and then. He looks so tiny under Jisung like this, so powerless. He loves it. He can hear Jisung laughing at him, but it doesn’t make him mad, only makes him want to render him silly too.

“Please fuck me now, Sungie”, Minho can’t keep the whiny tone off his voice and it kind of pisses him off, kind of makes him feel hotter. “I’m fucking you already baby”, Jisung smirks. Minho wants to kill Changbin for teaching Jisung how to smirk. “Please, Sungie, fuck me hard, please, I need it so bad”, he pouts, but his dignity is out the window already.

And then he’s being fucked as he asked, hard and fast. He tries to keep his eyes open to see his tummy swell and shrink with Jisung’s tentacles movement, to watch his cock disappear into him repeatedly, but he can’t, not with his nipples sore from being sucked on and pulled at and his throat being held tightly. He can still breathe, but the air flow is restrained and fuck, Jisung has those predatory eyes on him that make him shiver, he’s towering over him, looking absolutely huge because of the tentacles, and he can’t look. Not if he wants to last at least a minute.

Jisung plows him mercilessly, and as much as Minho wants to move and help, he can’t do anything but take what Jisung gives him. He’s breathless and his moans are muffles by the nice squeeze on his throat and he can’t budge his arms or legs an inch and, god, it’s so much going on he can’t keep track of all of it. He can feel Jisung’s mouth marking wherever he can reach without stopping to fuck him, and that makes his heart swell more than he’d like to admit. No one outside could ever see these marks, but the other members would, and they’d know Jisung had taken him. They’d know he belongs to him.

Minho comes with that thought in mind and Jisung’s name on his tongue. Jisung continues fucking him and soon shoves the tentacle back into Minho’s mouth, just in time so he releases into him and on him. He swallows all he can, some of it spilling because there’s just too much. He can’t help but look down and touch his stomach, moaning as he feels the taut bulge it had now. Jisung stays like that, seated inside him for a while, coming down from his orgasm while spreading the ridiculous amount of come on Minho’s skin. There’s no avoiding a thorough shower when they fuck like this, so it’s ok, the mess is already done, might as well enjoy it.

When he pulls out, the mess on the sheets and on Minho doubles, the come sliding out of Minho’s gaping hole down his asscheeks. Jisung flops beside him, lands on his own slimy mess, and pulls him close to hug him, gentle kisses on his temples and forehead as he comes back from his high. Minho hums in content, kisses Jisung blindly back, making the younger giggle when he misses and kisses his eye.

They bask in the afterglow for a moment, Jisung’s appendages retreating to his back, and then he’s is taking Minho on his arms and taking him to the bathroom to run them a bath. The dorm is still quiet, so everyone is still out, thankfully. He can walk around calmly to throw the sheets on the washing machine and put new ones on the bed. When he gets back to the bathroom Minho’s already inside the bath and beckons him with a finger. Jisung settles behind him so Minho can rest his back on him.

“How do you feel having touched sea food once more?”, Jisung jokes, replaying Minho’s joke on the show in his mind. Minho groans, “Was that too far? Was saying that mean to you, Hannie?”, he worries, but Jisung shakes his head.

“No, I thought it was funny”, he admits. “Although I’m not related to those at all.”

“Good, can’t have you hating me because made you cook one of your cousins”, Minho snorts and laughs at his own joke, Jisung following suit.

“I didn’t go too hard, did I?”, he asks quietly as he massages Minho’s shoulders. He’s been tense these days, there’s a new choreography for their Kingdom performance, and too many intricacies to it that have to be worked out, and Minho always fusses over every little detail. It’s good, it’s why they’re so good – their perfectionism – but that doesn’t mean he won’t try to make it less stressful for his baby. “No, you were gentle enough, don’t worry. I’ll dance just fine”, Minho’s smile is shy, as it always is when Jisung shows him love through worry. It’s a love language Minho understands well.

A comfortable silence stretches and they use it to relax on the tub, Jisung’s arms happy to envelope Minho any time, any day, forever. Yeah, he’d like that very much.

“You know, you didn’t give me an answer”, Jisung tries to sound nonchalant, the hammering of his heart betraying him, but hopefully Minho can’t feel it. “What do you mean?”, Minho frowns and looks back at him.

Jisung takes a hand on his and play with his fingers to distract him from his nerves. His face is heating up, and it makes him burn even shier, knowing Minho can see his red ears and cheeks. “You know, when I was with the octopus, I asked you a question.”

Minho ponders for a second, rewinds the day on his head. “Oh”, he says as he realises. “Y-you… meant that?”, his eyes are wide and uncertain, there’s pink dusted on his cheeks and he gulps loudly.

“I… always mean it. This time was not different”, Jisung licks his lips and swallows dryly as well. “So…”

“I can’t say yes when you asked me with an octopus in hand!”, Minho shouts outraged, turns fully on the tub so he can face the rapper. Jisung can’t be serious, right? He seems shy, looks up from under his eyelashes at him. “Then I’ll ask again, hyung”, he gulps and waits to see if Minho will stop him, but he doesn’t so he continues.

“I know we can’t make it official to the world right now, but…”, Jisung takes Minho’s hands in his, “But I want you to know that I want to spend every future day with you. So, if you want that too… please marry me?”

Minho tears up and hugs him, kisses him silly, leaving the answer for last.

“Yes, Sungie, I’ll marry you.”

Jisung thought when he landed on Earth that he’d be alone forever, misunderstood and left to his own devices. Now he has the most beautiful and kind man on the planet beside him. He holds Minho close and thanks him silently. “I love you, Minho-hyung.”

“I love you too, Hannie.”, he smiles, and it’s so fond Jisung has to kiss it. It doesn’t last long though, because Minho falls in a fit of giggles that makes Jisung pull away. “What?”

“We should invite your octopus cousin to the wedding”, he cackles loudly, banding his hand on the edge of the tub. “God, I hate you”, Jisung laughs.

“No you don’t”, Minho preens, motions to get the towel, the water is starting to run cold and he can’t risk getting sick.

“No, I don’t”, Jisung agrees with the biggest smile plastered on his face.

The laundry is forgotten in the washing machine, and Chan will scold them later, but it’s ok. They have each other to blame, and they’ll banter playfully as always, with bright smiles on their faces and secretly stolen kisses. They snuggle on Minho’s bed, the black fabric that Minho uses as a makeshift curtain to his little den closed so they have some sense of privacy. Minho nuzzles on Jisung’s neck as he spoons him, taking in the scent of the body wash they shared. It feels domestic and perfect. It calms him along with Jisung’s soft consistent breaths it lulls him to sleep.