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time travel

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it was a normal school day, like any other. kokichi just got out of class, rushing to go home to avoid the bullies at his school. and with kokichi's luck, they happened to be standing right in front of him.
"Hey! watch where you're going, fag!" exclaimed kaito, shocked that the loser would even think to walk up to him.
"I-I-I-im sorry" whimpered kokichi. "P-p-please leave me a-alone!"
"Heh" scoffed kaito. "as if I would let you go after that."
The buff purplenette nodded to his friends, creating a mutual understanding.
"lets go loser." the taller man grabbed the small boy and dragged him to the roof.
"listen. today, I feel nice. so im gonna give you 5 seconds to go home, and continue your nerdy little life. got it?"
the smol boy frantically nodded and ran away.
the entire way home, kokichi ran over the events that just occurred. why did he let me go? why was he so nice? either way, he had bigger problems to face. like what he had to go home to.

❗kaito pov
"TAAA-DAAA!" screamed the inventor in front of him, revealing a large machine that looked like a five year old designed it.
"What is that?" asked the purplenette.
"Its a time machine, dumbass!"
"wait.. you can go back in time??"
"YEP!! to anywhere, any time! And you're invisible to everyone there!"
"can we use it?"
originally, kaito was gonna use the machine to see the girls locker room yesterday, but another idea came into his head. what if he used to see what made kokichi the way he is? wait, why does he care? he's just some dumb loser, with,, pretty eyes, soft cheeks, a nice frame,, cute voice,,,
o h g o d
could the most homophobic guy in class have a crush on a guy? and kokichi of all people??
apparently so, judging by the tent in his pants, just thinking of the boy.
during time he could've been using to pay attention in class, he devised a plan. he would go to detention, ask to go to the bathroom , and sneak into miu's lab to use the machine.
this will totally work.
detention rolled around, and it was time to put his plan into action. he followed the exact steps he planned, and was at miu's lab before he knew it.
the time machine was in the corner, and ready to be used. kaito got in, and an immediate flaw came in: how would he see kokichi's past, when he doesn't know where to look? in the corner of his eye, he spotted a book, with everypony's name and address.
this was helpful, but where did miu get all this? no matter, what really mattered was seeing kokichi's past.
with the push of a button, he was instantly transported to what seemed like kokichi's room.
"y-yes mother."
the woman who seemed to be the boy's mother, left after hitting kokichi very hard. the boy simply cried on the floor of his barren room.
this was too much for kaito to handle. seeing his baka being mistreated like this left him with a ball of rage in his heart.

😮the next day😮

on his way to class, kokichi was pulled aside kaito and dragged to the roof again.
"explain why you were being abused and never told me." kaito said, full of anger.
" uu, I didn't think you would care.. you wouldn't understand anyway.. im brolen."
"well, im prepared to help you. BUT ITS NOT LIKE I LIKE YOU OR ANYTHING!!"
the pissbaby started crying, not understanding why someone as hot as kaito would help him. he ran up to him, and hugged him.
and of course, the unexpected touch from his crush got kaito very horny.
"before I help you.. There's something you have to do."
😧📷*one sex later*📷😧
"that felt great baby"

😆the next morning😆

kokichi felt sick, but no regular sick.. a special kind of sick..
he ran to the store to buy a pregnancy test
he got home, took it, and was shocked to the core.
he was pregnanr
instanly, he called kaito.
"im coming over."
*hangs up*
"Im here. are you really...'
"what are your parents gonna say?" kokichi hadn't even thought about that. his parents are very homophobic.
"y'know what. screw're living with me. I have my own place."
"w-would you really?"
"of course."

🍴9 months later🍴

kokichi awoke to a wetness in the bed. not piss..
The boys already packed for the hospital, so all that was left was the drive.
"hold it in baby, you got this."
*im too tired to write the birth scene so he popped out all 13 babies.*
"wow, t-they're beautiful."
"they truly are."
shortly after they dropped out of school, won the lottery, got a mansion and got married. they live happily ever after together with all their babies and their problems.

maki and kaede were on the hunt looking for kaito, but they gave up after an hour and assumed he was dead.
the time machine exploded right after the whole shebang and left miu devastated.

moral of the story: being gay is a sin. THE END❗