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slow burn ( in my memories )

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    T — he way Izuku remembers things isn't always ideal. They come back in flashes, quick memories that come fast and leave just as quick— yet stay in his mind for weeks after. The overthinking, the brainless zoning out and the old phantom pain where his scars laid in remembrance. The bumpy, red and white marks that stayed like an old branding, forever marking him the boy he was before. The boy who could never be anyone or anything. 




   Like he said, it wasn't always ideal. 



   " You alright?" Todoroki spoke softly, yet emotionless in some sense. Izuku only nodded, zoning out as the tv in front of his showed vivid yellows and reds. The fire licking up the walls and the dry, coarse screams of it's victims. 



   His eyes faded as they were stuck



   Suddenly he was stuck



   Flames licked up his skin, his back— his legs. It was everywhere and no where.



   His scars ached



   Bakugou looked over with a shrug, his scowl twisting as Izuku leaned further into the couch. He could see the way the boys eyes flickered up to the scream then back into his lap. It wasn't his place to step in— he was the last person to help.



   Izuku closed his eyes, remembering his own pleas and screams for mercy



   The way his fathers throat glowed in contempt, the fire that would escape when he yelled. It was blazing



   It was in no means fast either, when it came out— it was slow, painful. Burning deep and leaving the brands to show it.



   The smell of caramel came into his mind



   The burning sweat exploded as the tv showed a part of the house combusting, the chilling screams grew louder



   His own screams were loud too



   Screaming never helped him



   Nothing helped him back then



   His eyes clenched together as anxiety climbed up to his throat, choking him of any coherent thought and leaving him completely and utterly silent. Izuku watched in horror as his father stepped towards him, the echoing shadow of the old Kacchan behind him. Throat and hands glowing



   The empty reminders of his past made him tighten his fist into his jeans



    It was too much



    The womans scream caught his ears again



    The red and blue light flashed in the darkness, the siren sounds from memory and the movie.



    They didn't come in time



    He was laying still again, his skins torn apart and thrashing on the cold tile



    Izuku's cheek was pressed against it, yet his body was screaming. He was screaming



    Why was everyone screaming?



    The cries drowned out his thoughts, his old scars grew hotter



    His skin felt more aware of their misplacement, mocking him 



    He cried silently in his mind, like he was taught to



    " are you sure you're alright?" The half and half boy whispered, eyebrows drawn together



    Izuku was good, he was always good.



    The burns grew hotter



    It truly was a slow burn, even in memory



    " I'm good, sorry for worrying you." The smile he put on was painted and crackled, yet it was believable.