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It all started when there was a string of disappearances involving streamers on OnlyBunny. The popular Bunnyburrow-sponsored platform that only allowed rabbits to create an account. During the investigation, Nick discovered this was a lucrative way of making money, and he wanted in. Chief Bogo threw his support behind the stunt after Nick found enough willing participants.

The plan was for Nick and Finnick to get it on with one of her siblings providing an account since she refused. Judy was one of the many officers on their protective detail. Throughout the stream, she became jealous and partook in the activities.

Chief Bogo was kind enough to provide a set of guards for her given her unexpected participation. McHorn and Delgato betrayed her, and she ended up as a sex slave. She would never forget that rhino's grin when he tranquilized her.

A few months passed since her captivity and her hopes were dwindling. Every single day they asked her to perform sexual acts, and today was no different. Although, it was the first time that she recognized someone. She was wearing a revealing pink outfit as mandated by the crime boss.

Koslov was standing in front of her, and he was naked. He pointed to his dick. "Suck."

"Please get me out of here," Judy cried. The first time a client tried to bring her outside, she dashed for freedom when she thought it was safe to do so. She recognized the outdoors as the Rainforest District. Not only did she not get far, but they also showed her what would happen if she tried again. They escorted a rabbit in front of her and amputated a limb every single week until she died. Even in the rabbit's disfigured state, she still had to service clients. When other clients took her outside, she didn't dare try again since they emphasized that she would live. Although given Koslov's connections, she dared to beg. "I'm sure Fru Fru will be happy."


"No." She knocked his member away. It was one thing to service random mammals that she didn't know, another to service someone that she did.

Koslov lifted the disobedient rabbit and held her ear in his mouth. "Be a good pet, or lose an ear." His teeth grazed her ear, enough to draw blood. He had to pervert the term pet too. The mammals who used in the past generally treated her slightly better than average.

She cried and nodded.

He was both the first bear and the first polar bear as the first mammal that she knew.

Slowly, she moved her tongue towards the tip of his cock. The taste had its unique way of being unpleasant. It was different enough from the other mammals she serviced before.

Although, he suddenly withdrew and shoved his balls into her face. "Sniff and rub your nose."

She was avoiding that command, thinking that he couldn't tell regardless. She did rub her nose around his balls, however.

"Louder or lose an arm. Your choice, pet."

There was no way of avoiding that dreaded task now. He had to use the term pet again, twisting the things that she came to associate with that word. She tried her best to placate the bear even though the scent made her eyes water.

"Please, tell me is Nick okay?" She had a burning question on her mind ever since her captivity. There was some chance that he knew what he was doing. It was unlikely that he would reply, but she didn't have anything to lose by asking.

"Safe, alive. Depressed busy fox. Continue."

The knowledge that Nick was safe and alive rekindled her resolve to survive. It gave her a slight hope that he might one day find a way to save her. Even though she had been here for a few months. Chief Bogo was no doubt obstructing the investigation.

Her nose was getting sore from all the rubbing she forced herself to do. It didn't help that she had to sniff audibly every so often to satisfy the bear. He retreated before her breaking point.

There was no time for her to cry, he had another command for her. "Lick, now." His member was in front of her mouth again.

Once again, she obeyed the bear as best as she could. She lapsed into a routine of just obeying since it made the experience slightly more bearable. The sessions were always videotaped and the owner would punish her for anything he deemed an infraction.

The only consolation was that he was aroused and it shouldn't be too long until he climaxed. He didn't insist on deepthroating her and she wasn't sure if she would survive. He started moaning from her ministrations instead of towering over her with passive indifference.

"Mouth open. Don't swallow."

Judy knew what was coming next. Bear cum landed on her tongue filling her mouth with the pungent taste. Swallowing would be preferable to letting it remain in her mouth.

"Undress. All fours." Koslov retrieved a nearby paddle.

She removed her outfit as seductively as possible while taking extreme care not to swallow the load of sperm in her mouth. Since she knew what was coming, she tried to prolong the undressing part.

Koslov swung the paddle at her butt. "One."

In the past, she always cried out when this happened, but she couldn't this time. Not with Koslov's sacred gift on her tongue. A few moments passed and he swung again. "Two."

The fourth swing caused her to spill some of the cum on the ground.

"Rub your nose. Don't swallow." Koslov pointed to the mess on the floor.

It was simply degrading, following his commands. She had been holding his load in her mouth for ten minutes by now. She rubbed her nose against the floor because she was too afraid to disobey. After some time, she pointed to her mouth, hoping that he would understand that she was begging for permission to swallow.

"Stand up. Mouth open."

Judy thought she might finally receive the command to swallow. Unfortunately, she was mistaken.

Koslov blew his nose into her mouth and hocked a glob of spit. This disgusted her more than the cum that was already in her mouth. "Don't swallow. We try again. All fours."

Once again, Koslov started spanking her again. This time even though her resolve was stronger, she faltered by the third smack.

He looked at her expectantly, and she knew what he wanted and rubbed her nose into the cum of her own volition this time. After a few minutes of that, he gave her another command.

"Mouth open."

This time he used his paws to pleasure himself until shot his load right into her cum-filled mouth.

"Show me tomorrow or lose paw."

He walked out of the room, leaving her alone.

She had no idea how to fulfill this request since there were other clients before his next visit. The thought of just not swallowing or spitting out that offensive concoction was challenging enough on its own.

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This day just got much worse. The next customer that walked in was a well-dressed rabbit.  Judy hated rabbits since they were the one species that could get her pregnant.  She gave them special treatment usually by giving them humiliating or painful ideas so they wouldn’t try to impregnate her.  A few went ahead with their plans regardless and nothing came of it, but it was no less frightening.

All she could smell and taste was bear cum that she didn’t dare swallow. Sometimes she got the opportunity to clean up after lunch, but that was only a maybe dependent on the whims of her tormentors.

“Suck me off, bitch,” the rabbit sneered.

Judy opened her mouth and pointed to it.  She couldn’t really talk without spilling what was in her mouth. After the rabbit got a good look, she closed it once more.

“Oh, let’s see what else we can do.” The rabbit scanned the room. “Oh, this should be fun.” He took a candle from the shelf. “Lie down.”

She laid on the floor as instructed.

The rabbit lit the candle. “Let’s see you keep all that in your mouth.” He grinned cruelly.

There were no refills this time if she messed up. The candle was also looming above her face, making her afraid that there might be permanent damage. If a single drop got in her eye, she might end up blind.  She closed her eyes and waited for the pain.

“Open your eyes.”

The wax fell on her nose, and she wanted to scream, but she couldn’t. It took all her resolve not to spill the bear’s gift.

“Not bad.” He moved the candle above her left eye.

She shut her eyes on instinct, hoping that it would protect her.

“Close your eyes again and I’ll blind you.”

Her captors might not allow this form of play, but it wasn’t like she could do something to stop him. He went further than her previous abusers. A drop fell from the candle and just landed right above her left eye. The second drop was harder than the first, she wanted to scream since it was very painful.

“Impressive.” The rabbit moved the candle above her right eye. Another drop of wax landed just above. She didn’t think that she could maintain her stance for another drop. “Not bad. Let’s do something else.”

She was scared, but so was he based on how his paw trembled. The consequences for him damaging her likely wouldn’t end well. It was a huge relief when the rabbit put the candle away.  He did walk back to her with nothing in his paws. “Let’s get this over with.” He positioned his cock in front of her pussy.

She struggled between deciding to swallow and pleading for anything else or letting him shoot his cum into her pussy.  He wasted no time, and the deed was done.

“Here’s some extra, whore.” He tossed her a fifty-dollar bill and walked out of the room.

She tried to claw his sperm out of her body futilely, hoping that she could get most of it before the next customer arrived.  It wasn’t very effective, but it kept her occupied.   The few globs of sperm she did get, she wiped her claws on the floor. 

When she heard the sound of footsteps, she sat on the floor and waited for the customer to arrive. Apparently, more time passed than she realized since it was Talon and he had a plate of carrots. She was unsure if that was the panther’s real name or a title. He earned a special place in her memory because he always made her feeding sessions disgusting compared to the other staff.   His first act was to throw the carrots on the stained areas of the floor. It was time for lunch which she couldn’t eat due to the cum in her mouth.  She stood up and opened her mouth, trying to convey that it was an issue.

Talon laughed. “This is too funny. Don’t know what they did to you. I’ll be back. Thanks for the money. You’re the best assignment.” He pocketed the fifty-dollar bill and walked away.

She wasn’t sure if she wanted him to return since right now, she couldn’t eat and he had something devious planned. Time slowly passed while she waited for someone to enter. The panther came back with a cum-stained pet bowl filled with some broccoli.

She recognized the name. “Grace.” Grace was one of the first streamers to go missing. Her captors gave her some valuable information unknowingly.  That rabbit had to be alive still.

“Be creative.” Talon placed the bowl on the ground.  “You do need to eat all your greens or something worse might happen.”

There was only one way to do that, she spat the mixture in her mouth into the bowl.  She moved her paws to the bowl to fish out the broccoli but the panther reprimanded her. 

“Use your mouth.”

It was unwise, but she tried explaining her reason to the panther. “I can’t. I need to show the cum to him tomorrow or he will rip off my paw.”

“What are you willing to do so I don’t take this away?”  He put his paw in front of her mouth when she was about to reply. “Entertain me first by eating your carrots and cleaning up the messes you’ve made. Then, we’ll talk.”

She went to the carrot that landed in some dried cum and moved it towards her mouth.

“Not like that. The carrot needs some honey first.”

“Honey?” She didn’t see any honey nearby. The panther was unpredictable with his commands.

“Let me help, stupid rabbit.” He took the carrot and shoved it in her pussy. “I trust you’re smart enough to do the rest?”

From the way, the panther phrased that, she wanted to scream in frustration. It gave her an idea to hopefully dislodge some of the sperm the rabbit shot in her earlier. She fucked herself with the carrot, hoping to see some of it. The panther was pawing himself off.  Eventually, the panther shot his cum on the floor.

After a minute, he started the process again.  She was still fucking herself with that one carrot.

“You could just beg for my cum you know,” Talon said after he shot two loads on the floor. “You must love the taste.”

She realized that Talon wasn’t going to instruct her to eat the carrot. The room would keep getting worse as time went on. There was a sense of urgency so she brought the unappetizing carrot to her mouth and ate it in a few bites.

There were two more carrots on the floor, so she repeated the process although, this time she just briefly inserted it into her cunt then quickly pulled it out. 

“How terribly inconsiderate of me. You must not like the flavor after all.”

She wanted to lash out. If she tried, she probably stood a good chance against him.

“Rub the carrot in that, and see if it improves the taste.” He pointed to the recent patch of his cum.

She certainly tried to smile and show an act of how good the carrot was when she chewed it up but it seemed insufficient.  He shot another load on the floor while imagining how much she suffered.

“You don’t seem to like that either. What a picky eater you are.”

Only one carrot remained, and she hoped Talon didn’t have any more wicked requests.  She brought the carrot to her mouth.

“What kind of a host would I be if I let you eat that? I suppose you do need the skills of an expert chef.” He took the carrot and started fucking her. 

“Ow,” she said reflexively.

“Sorry, it’s my first time.”

She didn’t know if that was genuine concern or sarcasm.

He slowed the pace making it slightly pleasurable. Every so often, he inspected the carrot then inserted it back in. Once it was sufficient, he took the carrot and jammed it in her ass.

“Ahh!” she yelled from the surprise.

“Carrots take time to cook. You can clean the room.”

She received enemas on a somewhat regular basis, so she hoped the carrot wouldn’t be dirty. He moved up on the scale of repulsiveness. Cleaning the room wasn’t easy, and she did push the carrot out while licking the first patch of dried bear cum.

Talon took the carrot and jammed it in again.  “I’ll need to help you, it seems.” This time, he held the carrot in place.  “Keep cleaning.”

It was an odd sensation trying to continually push out the carrot held in place by the panther’s paw. She proceeded as best as she could with the tasks. There were stains of bear cum and rabbit cum as well as fresh panther cum for her to consume.

Despite the months of doing this, the taste of cum never became something that she liked. It became easier to force herself to consume the substance. She licked the floor because it was her place.  Her teeth had to scrape the floor to clean up the stains of bear cum.

“Good girl.” Talon rubbed his paw between her ears.

There was slightly fresher rabbit cum for her to consume – the globs she clawed out of her pussy. Her tongue made quick work of those. The panther's cum remained.

“Not so fast.”

What now? She didn’t dare voice her complaint.

“You’ve earned the privilege of wearing my cum on your nose. It smells so much better than the horrid scent of bear cum.  If you perform well, I’ll even let you wear something directly from the tap.”

“Thank you for being so kind.” She tried to keep the sarcasm out of her voice.  At least, she didn’t have to smile since he was still keeping that carrot in her ass. 

She rubbed her nose in the drying patch of cum.  It made her rage that Talon was right. The scent was slightly better than bear cum.

“Continue cleaning.” Talon started thrusting the carrot in and out of her ass.

“Hey!” she complained.

“Don’t want the carrots overdone.”

It was harder to lick the floor clean to the panther’s satisfaction with that going on. She tried her best. At least, he didn’t utter any more commands when she moved on to the other two patches.

“Very good girl.  The room is spotless.”

“Is the carrot ready yet?” She wanted that out of her ass.

“Let me go get you a treat. You deserve it for cleaning the room so well.  I hope I can trust you to keep the carrot in the oven while I’m gone. We might need to start again if mess up.”  Talon zipped up his pants and walked out of the room.

Judy understood the implied threat and sat on the floor. She really wanted the carrot gone. It was uncomfortable. It didn’t take too long for the panther to return with a juicer and a lemon.

“You must be thirsty. Thought I’d make you some lemonade myself.”

“Thank you.” Judy watched him turn the lemon into lemonade.


A bit sour, but it was at least something normal.

“Stand up.”  He inspected her ass and saw that the carrot was still inside.  “It looks ready.”

She knew her next test.

He pulled it out of her ass and rested the tip on her nose.

It smelled as good as she thought it would.  At least, it didn’t look dirty. She opened her mouth and waited for the panther to feed it to her. Talon inserted part of the carrot in her mouth which she bit off and chewed. Her eye twitched from the taste.  One of the worst things she had ever eaten and knowing where it had been didn’t help.

“It takes a while to get used to the taste. The next part will be better, trust me.”

She wanted to rip his tongue out, but she didn’t even complain. Instead, she opened her mouth obediently.

The next part was just as repulsive as the first. 

“Third time’s the charm as they always say.”

She finished the carrot, and the final part was better since it hadn’t been inside her ass. “You were right.”

“We still have broccoli left.” Talon drew her attention to the bowl. The semen was drying since it had been in the bowl for so long. She had to remoisturize it soon.

Once again, she reached into the bowl for the broccoli.  The first one certainly didn’t taste good and made her grimace.

“You’ve been such a good girl. It would be horrible to ask you to eat it like that.” He unzipped his pants and pointed his dick to the bowl.

“No!” she shouted. She realized she was in trouble for protesting when the panther shot her a glare.  The panther also took their game further than ever before. “I don’t want to lose my paw.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure he won’t notice a difference. Bears are stupid.” Talon urinated into the bowl. “Your broccoli should taste better now.”

Her instincts wanted her to overpower the panther and turn him into a slave.  She fished for the remaining pieces of broccoli and tried not to grimace when she ate it. It had the worst scent and taste out of all the unpleasant ones.

Talon seemed to enjoy her suffering even though his words suggested otherwise. “That bear is really heartless. I’m sorry you had to go through all that. They might be strong, but they’re stupid.  Stay safe, and I’ll see you again.”

He walked out of the room since he finished feeding her. It seemed like she wasn’t getting a shower after lunch today.

Since the taste of piss was repulsive, she tried to do what she did just before – holding the vile mixture in her mouth since it’s what Koslov expected. During the first attempt, she spat the mixture back into the bowl. Worst of all, she didn’t know if it would even help her keep her paw.  Adding to her worries, she wasn’t sure if it would be dry by the time the bear returned.

There was still time to practice before his return, in between her sessions with customers.

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"Slut, I've been waiting here for ten minutes."

Judy was panting while hunched over the pet bowl in the corner. At the sound of the voice, she turned her head. This wolf was a repeat customer on his fifth visit. She was in the process of training herself how to hold a foul mixture of panther piss and bear cum without spitting it out. If rabbits were capable of vomiting, she certainly would have. "Sorry, I didn't hear you walk in," she said weakly. More time passed than she thought.

"What have you been doing?" Marvin walked closer to the bowl. "This smells disgusting. What would happen if I kick this over?"

"Please don't, Marvin." She tried not to avert her eyes from his ugly attire. His torn pink clothes didn't go well with his grey fur at all.

"Oh? What happens if I do?"

Judy explained her current predicament, hoping that Marvin would show her mercy. "I need to train myself to hold it in my mouth and show it to him tomorrow or he's going to rip off my paw. Please understand. It tastes horrible. I don't even know if it would work since it isn't just his cum anymore."

"Hmm, not really sexy unless if I see it happening. I wonder how much it costs to have front-row seats."

Judy couldn't believe she heard that he wanted to watch her lose her paw. "Don't you like playing with me? It's your fifth visit."

"Oh, I do. You're special."

"Please leave the bowl alone. We can play your favorite games."

"But it isn't just his cum anymore… wouldn't you lose your paw regardless?"

"Maybe? I'm scared. I don't know." She hugged him and cried.

"That would be so unfair, wouldn't it? If you succeeded and he ripped your paw off anyway." Marvin stroked her head.

"Yes, but what can I do?"

"Nothing because this world is unfair. Now, let's see if I can change that. You're a hardworking slut that's desperate to satisfy. Keep practicing, I'll be back."

She resumed the task of training herself to hold the acrid piss and cum in her mouth without spitting it out. The taste of panther piss was just too revolting that she spat it out in the bowl again. Giving herself a few minutes to recover, she tried it once more. The process repeated itself and she was able to hold it in her mouth for a mere five seconds before spitting it back into the bowl. Her goal was to hold it in her mouth and show Koslov that she followed his instructions.

"Have you made any progress, slut?"

"When did you get here?" her voice quivered. He had snuck up her on her again.


"I was able to hold it for five seconds without spitting it out." She hated the fact that she was proud of her meager accomplishment.

"Show me."

She lifted the bowl to drink just like before. Once the mixture was in her mouth, she hunched over the bowl so she could spit it out at any moment. After five seconds passed, she quickly spat out the mixture.

"That was only three seconds, slut. You won't stand a chance at this rate."

"Just give me time."

"So, I talked it over with your owners, and they agree on one thing. If you succeed, then you will keep your paw."

"That's great. Thank you." She was happy that one of her anxieties was no more.

He unzipped his pants and pointed his dick to the bowl.

"What are you doing?"

"Well, in case of training accidents. They permitted me to add some to your training bowl. You wouldn't want to lose your paw because of that, would you? There will be more than one mouthful for you to train with."

She couldn't believe that she was going to thank the wolf for pissing into the pet bowl. Her life really fell apart since that day. "Thank you," she said.

"Ahh." The wolf pissed into the bowl.

Judy's eye twitched as the bowl overflowed. The scent of wolf piss filled the air.

"Seems like I had more than I realized. Should be plenty for you to train with, and if you accidentally swallow some, you're not screwed. I want to see you practice."

She only stared at the bowl in front of her. The scent was far more revolting. Never did she think that she would be comparing the scent of piss from different mammals.

"Well? Do you need some motivation?"

"No, sir."

"Get to it. I'm paying good money for this."

She learned over the bowl to lap at it since if she tried to lift it up, it would overflow. One lick was all it took for her to gag. "Gah!"

"Try sucking it in."

Oh, she tried and quickly spat it out again. Her reflexes wouldn't allow it to stay. It tasted bitter and unpleasant.

"Seems like you're back to square one." Marvin rubbed his chin in thought.

She turned to face the wolf.

"What can we do? Oh, I know, there's some piss outside of the bowl. I want you to lick it up and swallow." Marvin carefully moved the bowl aside, to make it easier to lick. "You won't be getting refills so be careful with what you have."

She cleaned the floor with her tongue before, this shouldn't be too different. It took extreme effort for her to lick up just one puddle.

"This is taking too long. If you don't clean up that puddle in one minute, I will spank you ten times." He pointed to the puddle nearby.

The first puddle had taken her ten minutes and it was smaller. She tried to follow the wolf's command.

"Time's up," he said. "And way too slow."

The puddle was about a quarter done.

"Please, I don't know if I can continue if I'm spanked."

"What use are empty threats? Stand up. Move to the center of the room and get down on all fours."

"Yes, master." She was in position.

"One." The wolf lightly tapped her ass.

She breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that his threat was empty.


This blow made her scream in pain.


There was no strength between this one either.

His unpredictable pattern made her terrified. She didn't know if it was going to be light or soft. One of his forceless swats caused her to scream as soon as it made contact since she expected something worse.

"Didn't know bunnies can scream that loud."

After a few more swings, he said, "All done."

She rubbed her sore ass.

"Let's see if this worked. I'll give you one minute to do that again." He carefully led her to the puddle of piss. "Time starts now."

There was some improvement, but far from what the wolf wanted. Only a quarter remained. "Still way too slow. And to think, that there are still two puddles left."

"Please don't spank me again."

"Eh, that wouldn't help. Come." He put a collar around her neck and attached a leash to it.

It was one of the few times that someone took her outside of her room. She crawled behind him on all fours to the best of her ability.

"So, you don't seem to like the taste of wolf piss."

"Can you blame me?"

"No, I can't. It's rather understandable. Now, how do we make sure that you're able to perform tomorrow? It would be such a shame if you lost a paw."

"Didn't you want to watch that anyway?"

"A consolation prize."

"Gee, thanks, I hope I can entertain you," she said sarcastically.

They walked past the showers and past several rooms which she assumed contained victims just like her based on what she could hear.

"Where are we going?"

"Just follow."

They walked into a pristine bathroom that required a key to unlock.

"Go shower and clean yourself up. Remember that it's very important to dry your fur. You don't want to be sick tomorrow."

"You're allowed to do this?" Judy remembered the reluctance in the eyes of a few mammals before they accepted sloppy seconds.

"Yes, you've earned it, Judy."

"That's the first time that you called me by my name, ever."

"Just get on with it, Slut."

Judy turned the water on and tried to clean herself as best as she could. Dried bear cum and panther cum as well as candle wax was on her nose. The patches of candle wax above her eyes took some extra scrubbing to get out. She opened her mouth to drink the hot water in the shower.

"Do you normally do that?"

The wolf snuck up on her again. She screamed, "Get out!"

"Well?" He didn't move and stared at her naked body.

"Do what?"

"Drink water while showering."

"Yes," she said.

"For how long?"

"Since I learned that they didn't give me enough water."

"And do they punish you?"

She contemplated if it was a good idea to lie, but decided not to. "They haven't, yet."

"Clever bunny, but this ends now. I don't want to see you drinking this anymore, ever. Even when I'm not here."


"The next time that you do this, you will be punished."

"Why, Marvin?"

"I have my reasons. Now, continue showering."

She enjoyed the hot water running down her fur, and just stood there. The wolf was watching her every movement.

"You know, if you just stay here, then you will lose your paw tomorrow. I won't force you to get out, but take a moment to think if that's what you want. Quite the enjoyable hour, wasn't it?"

"Yes," she said. She continued to just enjoy the hot water running down her fur and the wolf just watched. "Are you just going to watch?"

The wolf nodded. "Feel free to step out when you're ready. Time might just run out you know. Don't forget that you might want to sleep before tomorrow too. Would be such a shame if you become a broken toy."

Judy stepped out of the shower. She put the collar on. "Fine, let's get back to training." She headed towards the exit.

"Not so fast. You need to dry your fur." Marvin took a towel nearby and slowly dried her fur.

"I can do this myself," she said.

"I don't trust you. You're more likely to leave some spots still wet, and you might get sick from that. Back in ancient times, do you know that many bunnies got sick because they dry their fur properly after a bath or shower?"

"That's centuries ago!"

"And we still receive reports from to time this very day. Certainly, you've read a few in Bunnyburrow."

She had indeed. Bathing and showering weren't safe if done recklessly even though it was comfortable. "This isn't my first time."

"No, but it's probably your first while in such a rush. Stay here while I get a fur dryer. Didn't you get sick for a week once already because of it?"

"Hey! You can't hold that against me. I was extremely tired."

"Just let me take care of you, and relax. I'll be back."

She watched the wolf walk out of the room. Marvin only prohibited her from drinking shower water, so she turned on the faucet nearby. If he complained, she could deal with it later. There was no telling when her next serving of water would be.

"Oh, so they let you do that too. And let me guess, they don't punish for it either." Marvin somehow snuck up behind her once again.

"Not every day. We only get to brush our teeth sometimes."

"Pathetic. Incompetent! And you've been here for what? Five months? Don't do that again either, ever." Marvin sighed." Sorry, I didn't mean to get so angry and it's not with you. Let me dry your fur."

Judy waited patiently while Marvin dried her fur.

"Perfectly dry." He sniffed the rabbit. "Clean too. Let's go."

Marvin attached the leash to her once more and she followed him. They didn't go back to her room either. He was leading her somewhere. She didn't know the layout of this place yet since she rarely got to leave.

"What would you like me to do now?"

The voice didn't sound distressed, and if she recalled it correctly, it belonged to one of the streamers that went missing.

"That'll cost you twenty more dollars," the voice said. "With that attitude, you can go fuck off. I'm banning you unless if you pay five hundred right now." A few seconds later, the voice said, "That's a good pervert."

A bit of jealousy stirred within Judy. She couldn't exactly identify the voice, but they seemed to be having a good time.

"Come on, slut," the wolf yanked on her leash. She picked up the pace which she didn't realize that she slowed in the first place. The voice became harder to hear as they moved past that room.

They walked into a room where Chief Bogo and three panthers sat around a table.

"That will be one hundred thousand dollars," Chief Bogo said.


"You might just end up behind bars for that. Now, she will cost two-hundred thousand."

"Fine," the panther relented. The panther passed him a check. "We'll be there on Thursday."

The odd of him rescuing her were slim. She had seen Chief Bogo in these meetings before without his knowledge. "Chief, please save me. It's been horrible here." It didn't hurt to try.

The wolf did let go of her leash so she ran to the Chief's side.

"What the heck are you doing here?" the panther glared at the wolf. "And how dare you bring her here while we're meeting with him?"

"Unscheduled meeting, not my fault. And you panthers are incapable of running a proper operation. Chief Bogo, special offer, she can be free for just five dollars. What do you say? And if you need money, here." Marvin tossed him a five-dollar bill.

She could hardly believe that the wolf wearing torn pink clothes was acting so brazenly.

"Hey! She's our property," a panther complained.

The wolf glared at the panther. "And? You're wasting tons of money already."

"How?" A panther narrowed his eyes.

"Unrealized revenue streams."

"Please, sir?" Judy said. It seemed like a deal that he couldn't refuse. "It can be just like old times and we can pretend that this didn't happen."

"It's complicated. You'll understand eventually. We're making this world a better place." Chief Bogo didn't look at her when he was speaking. The buffalo did let her embrace him and stroked her back which was comforting.

"Even I would have trouble sleeping at night after doing that. Cold heartless bastard. Do give her fox friend the chance of buying her for one million dollars. We can meet in the Nocturnal District at midnight. What was his name? Wilde?"

"He doesn't have that kind of money!" Judy said.

"That doesn't sit well with us. She's not worth that much. Overcharging would be bad for our reputation," the panther said.

"Right… how much do you think you're worth?" Marvin looked at her expectantly.

She couldn't believe that she was making an honest attempt at appraising herself. Unfortunately, she didn't know how much they paid for her nor how much her services brought in. The largest tip she received was a thousand which one of the staff members promptly took away. And they were willing to spend two-hundred thousand on an untrained victim.

"Four hundred thousand," she said. She was still embracing Chief Bogo.

"Well, she can't even do math. You know, three centuries ago you could buy rabbits at the market for ten dollars apiece. Accounting for inflation, she must be worth a mere six hundred."

The panthers were furious at that suggestion, but they remained silent.

"Let her fox friend know and get out of my sight." The wolf gave the chief his number.

Chief Bogo continued stroking her back.

"Ahem, that's your cue to leave, you heartless buffalo."

"Come." The chief was leading her out of the room.

"Leave the merchandise alone. You had your chance. Now, tell her fox friend. We're currently training her to present a mouth full of cum and piss to a bear. If she fails, she loses a paw. Don't worry though, she still has a few hours left to learn. Currently, even a few drops prove challenging. Can you imagine her succeeding?"

The chief tried pushing away, but she wanted to leave with him. He suddenly broke into a run and tried to lose her. She was fast and chased after him only for the chief to kick her away, sending her forcefully into a wall.

She clutched her stomach in pain. "Ouch."

"Be a good rabbit and wait for your fox friend," the wolf said.

"What are you going to do if I walk away?" Judy challenged.

"Not very smart, and you won't get far." Marvin sighed. "I'm sorry you had to experience that. Anyway, on to business. So, I learned that this slut has been drinking shower and tap water. Not only that, she hasn't received any punishments. Sluts like her also don't always get to brush their teeth. How are you going to justify that Mr. Dull Fang?"

"It's my turf. Know your place," Mr. Fang said.

"I would like to, really, but you're costing me money by not training them well enough. Sluts like her should only drink the water they're given or if it's from the toilet."

"Some aren't smart enough to figure this out."

"Then don't train them this way, dumbass. Water should be used for training purposes. They won't die, and you'll end up with better sluts and higher revenue. Should I check if any of them experienced dehydration unintentionally? Don't forget about their hygiene either. Unless if there's a specific reason, they need to brush their teeth before sleeping every single day. Sluts should only be dirty for specific circumstances, and if I check on all of them, I better not find any unintentional hygiene issues."

"You're right, of course. We will do better." Mr. Fang bowed submissively.

"Good. Remember, all meetings with Chief Bogo must be reported, and I'll be watching. If I find failure, one of you will become my slut. Now, let's go." Marvin led her out of the room with the leash. This time, he didn't seem to mind that she was on her feet instead of all fours. "That went on longer than I expected, and I'm sorry that Chief Bogo acted that way towards you. Your chance at freedom is gone just like that. Oh well, your fox friend might come around. Not all hope is lost yet!"

She knew it was a long shot because she could hear them talking from above or from the walls but he didn't need to know that. "I never imagined that he would be behind this." It was a lie that she tried to sell as best as she could.

"Anyway, now we have a problem. If Nick takes up my offer, you're going to be free. There is a chance that he doesn't care, and well, in your current state, you're going to lose a paw. I don't know how they treat invalids either."

"Nick will come for me."

"Okay, shall we wait until midnight? I'll let you know if I receive a message, of course. If we wait for that, you have at most twelve hours, and that's assuming if you don't sleep at all and that he doesn't arrive early."

"What do you suggest?"

"Since you're bad at training yourself, I'll aid you every step of the way. We start now."

"I can do it on my own. You can watch."

"It's not even amusing to watch you struggle so much, but clearly you know yourself best. So, I'll take my leave and you can resume your normal routine. I believe you might have three more customers before the end of the day. Sure, hope you don't fail. You've clearly got it under control." Marvin turned and started walking away.

"Wait, what about waiting till midnight?"

"You know there's no way that you can be trained within the remaining time. That means you're going to lose a paw. Besides, you offered that I could watch you train, which means either you don't believe your fox friend will come or want to hedge your bets. Thus, rendering that proposal null and void."

"Please, train me," she said through gritted teeth.

"Come." Marvin led her past her room. She wondered where he was taking her next. They were back in the bathroom that she used earlier to shower.

"What do you want to do here?"

The revolting bowl was back in her room, and there was nothing she could see.

"Stay here. I'll be back."

She sat on the bathtub's edge while waiting for the wolf to return. Part of her expected him to bring the bowl here, at least, then messes would be easier to clean up. He returned with one empty pet bowl and two packages of bottled water.

He took the bowl and dipped it into a clean toilet. "Drink."

"How's that going to help?"

"Let's set a few rules. One: No backtalking. Two: Try your best at everything. If you don't, I will leave. Now, drink."

She drank one bowl. It was repulsive but bearable. Just knowing the water was from, made her uneasy.

"Two centuries ago, the wolf slaves of Lapparka drank from that, and based on what we know, there wasn't a clear link to health issues. Oh, stay here, and I'll be back. I just thought of something."

Once again, she waited for the wolf to return, wondering what else he had planned. This time, he returned with two bowls of water.

"One is from the toilet, the other consists of bottled water. Can you tell the difference? You're drinking both."

"I'm not thirsty anymore."

"But you can still drink."

She drank one more bowl. "This is bottled water." She drank from the other bowl. "This is toilet water."

"Well, they were both from the toilet. I'll instruct them to provide you toilet water only from now on."

"I can taste the difference you liar." Judy had a moment of doubt.

"Okay, you got me. Now, you can choose between drinking toilet water and bottled water."

Since he gave her a choice, she chose bottled water.

"Disappointing thought you would be more eager to train."

"Am I supposed to guess what's on your mind too?" she quipped.

"If I didn't want you to have a choice, I wouldn't give you one."

After she consumed two bottles of water, he said, "That doesn't mean I'm not disappointed with your choice."

There was an inch of guilt that made her fill the pet bowl with water from the toilet. Hesitantly, she drank that. "I need to pee; can you turn around?"

"Piss in the bowl." He pointed to the pet bowl in front of her. The one that she just drank out of.

She tried for a few seconds then asked, "Can you turn around?"

He was kind enough to oblige. "I trust you're a smart bunny and you know what comes next."

Even though she had a good idea, she wanted to hear him say it, "Actually, I don't."

"Well, if you're going to lie. There's no need for me to waste my time." Marvin walked out of the bathroom.

"I'm not lying!" she yelled.

The wolf kept on walking away without even turning back. After a minute, she chased after him. "I'm sorry."

"That's not going to happen again, is it?"

"No, sir."

"Tell me what you think I wanted."

"F-for me to d-drink from the bowl," she stuttered. It was humiliating to admit that detail.

"I don't want to waste my time walking back there if you're not serious."

"I'll bring the bowl out here."

"You don't have permission to do that, but I still want to see that you're making an effort before walking back there." He scratched his chin in thought. "How can you show me that you're worth my time and not a lost cause?"

"I'll hold it in my mouth and show it to you before swallowing."

"Sounds good to me. Get to it."

She rushed back to the bathroom. The same problem she had earlier emerged. Her reflexes wouldn't cooperate. The sour and bitter taste of rabbit piss filled her senses which was only slightly better than panther and wolf piss. It took her ten minutes to even hold it in her mouth since the instinct to spit it out was too strong. Once she thought she could move, an involuntary gag sent it splattering to the floor.

There was still some piss left in the bowl. She gathered up the liquid and tried moving again. She placed one paw in front of the other. When she wanted to spit it out, she used her paws to hold her mouth in place, her entire body trembled as she slowly moved. The bathroom door was in front of her, and she swallowed while opening the door. She returned to the wolf who was still waiting there.

"Say, aah." Marvin inspected her mouth and took a few sniffs. "There's nothing there. Why are you wasting my time?"

"I – I tried, and failed."

"Tell me all about it."

Slowly, she recounted the humiliating events. "Please train me."

"Fine, it was too much to expect from you anyway. You're not going to lie anymore, are you? Did you know that an hour passed? You're lucky that I'm so patient."

"An hour passed?" She didn't realize that at all.

They walked back to the bathroom together. He pissed in the toilet and flushed.

"Why did you do that?"

"Training restrictions, we can't train you with wolf piss unless if it's from that bowl." He pointed to the bottles of water. "Let's try this again, drink."

When she was drinking her second bottle of water, the wolf said, "Don't you think there's a way for you to show that you're dedicated to the cause? You're not drinking fast enough."

"I feel full."

"Sure, that's normal, but there's still something that you could do. Don't tell me that you're not smart enough to figure it out."

She took a moment to think, then thought the wolf wanted her to drink water from the toilet. It would be better than saying that she didn't understand but he was the one that offered her bottled water this time. She took the pet bowl and moved it above the toilet, to submerge it in water just like before.

"No bowl this time. Drink directly from the source."

"I might fall in."

"That should be a risk that you're willing to take. Didn't you already fall in while training at the early days of the ZPD academy?"

"How do you know that?" She seethed with anger.

"I have my ways."

After she lapped enough at toilet water, she felt like she needed to pee again. Marvin pointed to the pet bowl, and she pissed in it. She just stood there, waiting for the next command.

"Do I need to feed it to you?"

Her mouth opened to say something but it was far too slow.

"I'll take that as a yes." He took the bowl. "Say aah."

She couldn't force her mouth open, so he pried it open and clamped it shut once he poured the piss in. Her struggles increased and she kicked him away. Without anything restraining her, she spat the piss on the floor. "I'm so sorry." Realizing what happened, she tried licking up the liquid to show that she was remorseful.

Marvin watched for a while. "If we do this again, it would be rather unhealthy for both of us so let's do something else." He had her follow her on all fours out of the bathroom. The only thing he took from the room was an empty water bottle.

They walked into a washroom where there were many predators. The wolf flushed the toilet once. "Piss in here." He directed a nearby fox.

She really wanted to lash out at the wolf for making her do this. No doubt his next command would be to drink the fouled water. And since she was on all fours, she probably walked in some piss as well. Not everyone had good aim.

Unexpectedly, he dipped his paw into the water and told her to open her mouth. Once his claw was in her mouth, he tried to hold her in place but she kicked him in the chest and gained some distance. If no one was there, she would've run away but an unexpected crowd showed up. Her ears burned with humiliation as she resigned herself to her fate. Protesting further would be unwise.

"Accidents happen, it's okay," Marvin said. "Try not to kick me this time or we might need to use bondage gear."

This time tears streamed down her face as she licked the claw clean.

"Four more to go."

One by one they repeated the process except when it came to the last, the wolf wasn't going to force her. She took the claw into her mouth and sucked it clean obediently.

"You otter, piss on her." He pointed at the otter in the crowd. "Try to drink as much as you can."

None of the mammals seemed to care about the wolf's torn pink attire. He was in charge and they knew it.

She tried to imagine that it was cum – something that she had done before. Her mouth was open while knowing what to was going to happen. The second it hit her tongue she instinctively shut it. The stream ended up soaking her face and her nose.

"Rabbits do lick themselves clean. Do that."

Her paws trembled as she tried to follow that command. While she was doing that unpleasant task, he called over one bunny and one squirrel and also asked for a paddle. They were both females.

"You will drink her piss, and if you fail, she will get twenty spanks."

Judy thought there was no way she could succeed. It was simply cruel of him to ask that of her. "Um, sir, I don't think I can."

"Well, I only care if you try your best. You wouldn't want to fail, would you? Sluts like yourself need proper motivation. Oh, and you still reek of otter piss."

"You clearly didn't give me enough time."

"Or you were way too slow. Can we get a show of paws of who is right?"

No one stood up for her.

"You, bitch, take your position on top of her."

The squirrel took her position.


The idea that someone might suffer because of her made her try her best. Judy held her mouth open and this time, she was able to swallow a mouthful and her mouth overflowed since she lacked the will to swallow a second. Even so, she forced the bitter liquid down.

"Disappointing." Marvin played the same cruel game that he did with her earlier by alternating his spanks. The rabbit screamed from time to time throughout the process. "Judy, give Trash your best ten spanks with the paddle."

"Can it be me instead?"

"No, do as your told."

"Yes, sir."

It was the first time she had to intentionally harm an innocent mammal. The first blow was soft since her paws trembled.

"You can do better. You wouldn't want to lose the privilege of gargling my sacred wolf piss, would you? Something might just happen to it."

The subsequent spanks had much more force in them until the rabbit begged for mercy after the sixth.

"Trash, I'm sure you've learned your lesson?"

"Yes." The rabbit's ears pointed downward. She looked miserable but they shared a knowing glance.

"Good, I'm sure you'll do better from now on. You may go." He looked at the squirrel "Bitch, what are you still doing here?"

The squirrel scampered away.

Judy felt miserable for inflicting so much pain.

"Who still needs to piss?" He looked at the paws raised and called over a fox. "Your boyfriend might be into that. Isn't it lucky that you have the chance to practice?"

"He would never."

"He hasn't called me yet, maybe he wants to keep his money. It's even possible that he moved on. You've been apart for what? Five months?"

"Listen, Nick cares about me!"

"Do you know that he doesn't enjoy this? Wouldn't it be cruel of you to deny him something that he wants? Especially since he's paying six hundred dollars for you."

An impromptu bidding war erupted where the highest number she heard was seven hundred thousand. It seemed a lion was the one who placed the bid.

"Sorry, she's not for sale yet. I might sell her tomorrow, but she'll be missing a paw by then. That wouldn't be a problem, would it?"

"Not at all," the lion said.

Judy could tell that lion was afraid to voice his reservations.

Marvin addressed her now, "Do you think you can drink from the tap without spilling?" he pointed to the fox that was waiting.

Judy shook her head. She had no idea what Nick was into. They haven't entered that phase of their relationship. The comment about Nick's probable kinks did motivate her some, but it still seemed like a daunting task.

"Someone bring me a mask and a funnel."

"No, not that. I don't want to choke."

"Fine, but anything that leaks out of your mouth, you will lick it up. We've kept this poor fox waiting long enough. Lie on the ground and hold your mouth open."

Her desire to please Nick caused her to try her best at drinking a random fox's piss. It went slightly better than she expected, she was able to force down one mouthful before the rest of it spilled outside her mouth. The musky scent of fox piss filled her senses.

"Clean, and be quick about it."

Oh, she tried, but the cleaning effort was still extremely slow.

The wolf didn't say anything else until she finished.

"I think I'm ready now. All this is training is for one reason." Judy knew her efforts were for her to hold a mouth full of wolf and panther piss with a dash of bear cum. Considering what she's done so far, it seemed trivial by comparison. "And I don't feel so good."

"Let's test that." Marvin had one of the nearby lions to cum on the toilet seat. She watched as the lion masturbated in front of her. His cum landed on the stained seat.

Judy licked it up without any instruction.

"Don't swallow. Anyone need to blow their nose?"

She wanted to protest because that wasn't what she had planned at all. Without spitting out the lion cum, she couldn't really protest. Five mammals wanted to contribute. Even though she did it before, the sheer number of mammals made it intimidating.

The lion made the first contribution. At least, it didn't seem to change the taste in her mouth since it landed on the cum. Then came a tiger followed by an otter as well as a nearby panther and finally, a fox.

"Good girl." He rubbed her between the ears. "Piss in this." He held the water bottle in front of her pussy.

She let loose a stream.

"Say, ahh." He poured the piss into her cum and snot-filled mouth. "Now, stand up. We're going to walk back to your room. Show it to me once we arrive, and if you fail, you need more training. Show's over folks."

Judy took uneasy steps out of the bathroom with the wolf supporting her. Partway through the journey, she used her paws to hold her mouth shut.

"You need to practice gargling too. Swish it around in your mouth," he whispered into her ear.

She was in no position to obey since just walking and not spitting it out took all her concentration.

"Hmm, what if you didn't have your paws around your mouth?"

They kept walking and her resolve was weakening every second. Soon enough, they arrived at her room without incident.

"Show it to me."

Judy slightly opened her mouth to give him a view.

"Put your paws behind your back."

The moment Judy tried to follow that order, she hunched down and spat the concoction on the floor.

"I guess you need more training. Follow me."

"What now?" Judy said miserably. "I just want to sleep. Please, we can train in the morning. At this rate, I'm going to fall asleep when it's time to perform."

"Shut up and follow, Slut." He made her walk on all fours and used the leash once more. In a nearby room, he grabbed a baby bottle.

She wondered what his next plan was.

"Now, we just need to fill it." Marvin led her to the bathroom where he found a tiger that gave a generous contribution. It even overflowed. "It's for the morning. Shower, brush your teeth."

"Just let me drink it." Judy just wanted to get the horrible task over with.

"Clean this first." Marvin presented his piss-soaked paw. He even rubbed her nose, drenching it with tiger piss.

"Oh, god." Judy moved to wipe off the horrible scent.

"See? That's why you should listen to me. Open your mouth or I will force it open."

Judy opened her mouth but it quickly closed when his paw drew near. She tried kicking him away just like before but he overpowered her.

"You know that screaming requires an open mouth."

This threat terrified her into compliance. He quickly rubbed his paw all her tongue, soaking it with tiger piss. "Lucky for you that it's time for you to shower and brush your teeth," Marvin said.

She immediately tried to spit it out once his paw withdrew.

"You may rinse your mouth."

The sink was nearby and she used it to rinse her mouth and wash her nose of the foul tiger piss. "I'm too tired to shower," she said.

"I guess you happen to like the scent of otter piss. We can work with that."

"What? No!" She experienced a burst of adrenaline. Quickly, she entered the shower to escape that horrible fate. He even joined her in the shower, saying that she could just close her eyes and he'll do the rest. Judy pushed his paws away so he just washed himself. Her movements were slow but eventually, she deemed herself clean and stepped out. The wolf took extra care in drying her fur.

"Do you want to walk or be carried? We're going to sleep next."

"I'll walk."

He attached the collar and leash once more. "On all fours."

"Please, carry me." Judy didn't know how far they had to walk and she was tired.

The wolf carried her delicately to a room with an actual bed. In the past, she had to sleep on the floor and make the best of it. He placed the bottle of tiger piss on the nightstand loud enough that she could hear.

Judy made herself comfortable on the bed.

"You've earned a good night's rest, oh and your fox friend forgot about you. It's past midnight, I'm so sorry, Judy." Marvin joined her as he said that.

She didn't push away when the wolf moved in closer.

The wolf had to be lying. She cried as she closed her eyes in his embrace.

"Don't worry, I'll help you through this." He stroked her head soothingly.

His fur was comfortable.

Chapter Text

Five months passed and they still couldn't find Judy. Every single day was another failure, and today was no different. It didn't matter that Nick rescued two mammals today. Judy remained elusive.

"See you tomorrow." Nick's ears pointed downwards despite everything he accomplished today.

"We'll find her, Nick," Nadine Fangmeyer said. "We're making progress."

"Progress… They've created a new platform called Yifflix. The most we've been able to uncover is that North Koala is rebroadcasting the feed. We don't know where they are."

"We haven't seen Judy with them so maybe she's better off? No news is good news."

"It's my fault that they took her. Back when this first started, I wanted in on the money and we set up a sting operation. I should've realized she wasn't just fine with that. Her jealously caused her to join in on the livestream. We each had protective detail. She persuaded Delgato and Mchorn to let her sneak out to see me and then they caught her."

"Blaming yourself won't bring her back. Maybe you can find something that everyone overlooked."

"We're pathetic. During their debut, they executed two streamers on air. Ones that we've been looking for. The streamers mumbled something that we weren't able to hear since they blocked off the sound. To increase the odds of saving the lives of the streamers they kitnapped, we didn't boot them off the air. Now, they've become something that rivals OnlyBunny in size. We haven't made any progress, and they're managing to diversify into consensual streams and content as well. I'll just go." His cell phone buzzed at the end of his rant.

"Don't suppose it's another infantilism fetishist?" Nadine peered over his shoulder.

"Real funny."

Ever since that livestream session, he received requests from mammals to be their daddy. Apparently, they were really into how he treated Finnick.

"They even want you to watch alone." She licked her lips.

"Since you enjoy them so much, have fun with it. Tell me all about it when I come back." Nick tossed the phone to her. He walked around the block for some exercise, hoping that Nadine finished watching the pornographic video. She was still looking at his phone when he returned.

"Well?" Nick said.


Nick took a peek at the screen. He was able to see that Judy was there, and so was Koslov. The video made him feel ill. She had to endure everything the bear wanted.

"We can check if the bear is in any of the databases, and then take it from there," Nadine said.

He knew who the bear was, but didn’t know if it was wise to let her know. It was unlikely that she would let the matter rest. The odds of her letting him investigate alone were extremely low.  At least now, he could conjure up a plausible excuse. The ZPD was going to investigate anyway, and he couldn’t prevent it. “The video made me feel ill. Can you take care of it for me?”

"Sure, forward it to me."

Nick headed towards Tundratown to confront Mr. Big. He wasn't sure if bringing Nadine would lead to a better reception so he didn't. There was a chance that Mr. Big would ice him since they weren't on friendly terms. It was a lead that he had to pursue despite the risks.

It took a good hour for him to arrive at Mr. Big's mansion. There were polar bear guards outside just like always. "We need to talk," he said.

A polar bear led him inside.

"Can you explain this?" Nick showed Mr. Big the video. "Why is he there?"

They watched the thirty-minute video together on a small cell phone.

"Are you jealous?" Mr. Big said.

"Of what?"

"That she's willing to play with him?"

"She clearly doesn't want to."

"That's a form of play. Raymond can show you why it's enjoyable. It's an acquired taste."

"They abducted her and it's been five months. I miss her. We've been looking and haven't found a trace of her."

"Why did you only tell me now?" Mr. Big said. The polar bears closed in around him.

"You know why." Nick hesitated in calling in the mafia while Judy did not. "We can't just go to you for everything."

"What else can you tell me?" Mr. Big said. "I need complete information. Koslov has been visiting family for the past two months."

Nick recounted everything that happened so far, and how it was his fault. She vanished because she persuaded her protective detail to let her see him alone.

"Will you be willing to use your body as a form of payment?" Mr. Big asked.

"What?" He hasn't even considered that.

"Mammals like us have certain desires. Some will loosen their lips with enough persuasion. A red fox is desirable."

He knew what Mr. Big was implying. If he didn't agree, he thought that Mr. Big would ice him. "Anything for Judy." His fur gave away his fear.

"No, I will not let someone rape you. There are other ways. No one threatens my family."

"What does that mean for Koslov?" Nick knew that Mr. Big was close with the polar bear.

"I pray that it's a misunderstanding. Koslov has a cub named Morris, maybe he knows where his father and Judy are." Mr. Big gave him Koslov's address as well as where his family lives. "Tell me anything that you learn. If you need help, just bring him here."

"You're going to torture a child?"

"What do you think I am? A monster? We do not harm family."

Nick took his leave and two polar bears escorted him on the way out of the mansion.

"Can you find a red fox for me to play with? I will pay," Raymond said.

"Maybe, let's talk it over." Nick wasn't one to turn down money. He thought it would be worth hearing Raymond out even though there was a low chance that he knew of anyone that was into this. "Don't you know of better sources?"

Raymond shook his head. "Too much trafficking. I trust you." He sent Nick his contact information.

Nick was finally on his way home. The meeting with Mr. Big too much longer than he expected. It was nine at night already. He had the backing of the mafia, so it gave him some hope.

The wolf sucking on her ear eventually caused her to wake up.

Judy tried spitting out whatever was in her mouth since it tasted foul.

"Ah, you finally woke up. How do you feel? I've been waiting for you."

"Fine, I had a good night's rest. It reminded me of before all this started." Judy kicked off the blankets to see a wet patch on the bed and the wolf was completely naked. "That's…"

"You wet the bed. I didn't realize you need diapers."

"I'm sorry, and I do not!" She couldn't imagine why it happened. "Why are you naked? Can you put on some pants? Also, why did you stay with me?"

"I didn't want to disturb your peaceful rest. It's okay, really. Some wet fur isn't a big deal. You can make it up to me by drinking this." Marvin reached for a baby bottle with yellow liquid. "We did agree to train in the morning with what little time we have left."

"What time is it?"

"Five, that bear should arrive at ten. Since we open at nine, you need to be ready in case he arrives early."

"You woke me up at five?"

"I did not. You said you had a good night's rest. We have lots to do."

Judy surmised that it was the tiger piss from yesterday, although there were four empty baby bottles and three others filled with yellow liquid. "I don't think I can."

"But you could while you were sleeping."

"Huh?" Judy said.

"Oh, I fed you piss throughout the night. Quite the thirsty slut you were. I didn't know how many bottles I would need, so I prepared a few extra ones."

"You did WHAT?"

"See all those bottles? You drank all of them, exceeding my expectations." The wolf pointed to the bottles.

"That's just… wrong," Judy said. That explained the foul taste in her mouth easily, and she guessed it was the reason that she wet the bed as well. "You must be lying."

"I don't enjoy being accused. You can clean me up first then we can proceed with your training." Marvin guided her down to his crotch. "Lick all that rabbit piss up."

Her scent was there among the wolf musk. She could smell it when she took a few sniffs.

"You only have four more hours to train. Shouldn't you take it seriously? Think of everything that you've been through so far."

She extended her tongue to lick over the patches. It was just repulsive but she wasn't fighting her reflexes anymore so she was able to lick quickly.

"Good girl. We can play later." Marvin guided her so she was lying beside him again. "Now, open up." He held a bottle of tiger piss in his paw.

"Put on some pants at least."

"After you finish this bottle. Now, open up. You've already tasted rabbit piss and that seemed okay."

Judy opened her mouth.

Marvin inserted the baby bottle and squeezed a bit.

Her eyes widened from the taste but she didn't struggle like before.

"You can drink it yourself or I can feed it to you. If I feed it to you, you'll need to drink another bottle."

She raised her paws to hold the bottle in place and the wolf let go. It took her ten minutes to fully consume the bottle.

"Good girl." Marvin put on a black suit as well as black pants. "Are you hungry?"

She hadn't eaten any real food since lunch yesterday. She nodded.

"Come." The wolf attached a collar and a leash around her once more. "You know what I want."

She got down on all fours.

Marvin led her around the complex. He picked up a pet bowl from what she could see and he put a blindfold on her. "Can you see?"

"What's the big idea?"

"I'll take that as a no. Follow, Slut."

She followed him while not being able to see. Her ears and nose guided her so she didn't get lost.

"Ow." She bumped into someone.

"Watch where you're going."

"Allow her to apologize." Marvin took her blindfold off.

A leopard was in front of her.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"She's quite hungry, and I don't suppose you have something to give her? Anything on you? The kitchen is quite far. Some cream perhaps? All felines have cream."

"Why yes," the leopard said. "Blindfold her again. We keep our secrets safe."

The wolf put the blindfold around her again.

"Open up, bunny. Does she like it fresh? What about sour cream?"

"That's fine," the wolf said.

Something liquid hit her mouth. It was sour. She realized that the leopard was pissing in her mouth.

"Good girl." The wolf stroked her head affectionately when she swallowed.

She was able to swallow three mouthfuls.

"Is our rabbit still hungry?"

"No." Judy didn't want any more of that, but her stomach rumbled.

"That's a yes. Give her some aged cream this time."

"Can she make it herself?"


The leopard put his dick in her mouth. She knew the drill even though she didn't want it. It was within her ability so she sucked the leopard off. Although, she had to do it while blindfolded.

"Don't swallow."

The leopard backed off after he climaxed.

Some other liquid hit her mouth but her mouth remained open.

"Close your mouth."

The wolf removed the blindfold. "Good job, your holding leopard cum and otter piss in your mouth."

Upon learning that, she spat the foul mixture out.

"You still need training, finish this." The wolf held the half-full baby bottle in front of her.

She downed the bottle after one minute.

"Good girl, look how far you've come. Let's go, we've things to do."

"But I'm still hungry."

"We're going to the kitchen next."

"Um, I'm not allowed in the kitchen."

"You'll just need to convince them, wouldn't you? A tongue and a mouth can do many things."

Judy didn't argue further. She followed the wolf as he led her around the complex. They reached the kitchen without incident. Once inside, however, there was a panther there working.

"You're not supposed to be here," the panther said.

Marvin leaned close to her ear. "Play along to the best of your ability." He addressed the panther next, "That's the new garbage disposal, Kenny."

Judy wanted to protest, but she remained silent.

Kenny opened the garbage can and she could see there were condoms as well as leftover food. He grabbed some filled condoms from the garbage. She started shaking her head.

"What do we do with malfunctioning appliances?" the wolf said.

"I think we incinerate them."

"Which way is that again?"

"Basement, level three."

Judy pissed herself in fright.

"I think it fixed itself. Try putting something in."

Judy took that as the command to stand on the floor on all fours with her mouth open. Her paws were in her own urine.

Kenny squeezed the cum out of one condom onto her tongue. The bitter taste filled her mouth but she remained still out of fear.

"Seems like it's working now. Bring it to the incinerator if it breaks again. I'm going to make myself some food." Marvin walked away.

Judy was scared. The wolf wasn't with her anymore, and she wasn't sure if the panther would follow through with that idea. Kenny took more condoms from the garbage and emptied them on her tongue. Her eyes twitched as more and more loads were in her mouth. After about twenty, he blocked her nose with his paw. She took that as a command to swallow. The foul-tasting sperm from many mammals traveled down her throat.

She didn't even breathe a sigh of relief and simply held her mouth open again. Kenny fed her some half-eaten fruit.

"Were there any problems?" the wolf said.

It was such a relief to see the wolf return.

The panther shook his head.

Marvin took some pineapples from the garbage and fed them to her. "I'm proud of you." He led her out of the kitchen. "Are you still hungry?"

"You can hardly call that food. We're you really going to send me to the incinerator?"

"That's where broken appliances go. Anyway, you're right. Come."

"Please tell me."

"Yes, if you failed because that meant you didn't try and that I've wasted my time."

"How can you be so sure?"

"You succeeded, didn't you?"


"We still have two hours to train you. Come." He led her to an all-to-familiar wing. The wing where mammals like herself stayed. They entered a room where a rabbit was sleeping on the floor.

Judy eyed the white sleeping female rabbit.

"Feed this to her." The wolf passed her a baby bottle filled with piss. "See how her mouth opens and closes from time to time?"

"No, that's wrong."

"Then I will feed her two bottles."

"Fine." She decided it was better if the sleeping rabbit just drank one bottle instead of two. It was mercy despite how wrong it was.

"Try not to wake her up."

She had to be patient and waited for the mouth to open a tiny bit before she let loose a few drops. A few drops landed outside since her mouth wasn't open and she had to wait patiently for it to open again.

"Do you see how difficult it was to feed you?"

"You didn't sleep at all?"

"Nope, can sleep after this is over."

After what seemed like forever, the bottle was only half-empty, but the bunny was still sleeping peacefully.

"Gah!" the bunny cried when there was a quarter left. She woke up and started spitting.

"She was feeding you piss from the bottle; wouldn't you like to return the favor?" the wolf said.

"Judy Hopps?" the rabbit said. "What are you doing here?"

"She's a slave that was feeding you piss. Now, you can finish the bottles or she can."

Unexpectedly, the rabbit took the baby bottle from Judy and finished it herself while gagging in the process. "Can I drink half of the other?"

"All or nothing."

"I'm sorry."

"Feed it to her then."

Judy opened her mouth and sat on the floor like a pet while waiting for the rabbit to proceed. She tried her best to swallow everything that landed in her mouth.

"I'm so sorry," the doe said. "Please don't arrest me for this. You're my hero." Tears fell from her eyes.

"She doesn't even know your name," Marvin said.

"I'm Becky."

Judy was able to drink everything.

"Wow, you didn't even make a fuss," Marvin said. "Look how far we've come in just a day. Don't you think that she deserves a reward for being so good?"

"Yes," Be

"Start licking." He pointed to her pussy.

"That wasn't what I had in mind."

"You weren't lying, were you?"

"It's fine really," Judy said.

"No, it's not," the wolf insisted. They had no choice but to go along.

"Um, I need to go to the bathroom," Judy thought of a way out.

"Just let her deal with it. Piss in her mouth."

"I mean, the other as well."

"Rabbits eat cecotropes anyway."

"That's barbaric. We stopped doing that for two thousand years."

"Still happens today for medical reasons. Although rarely. Just think of her as your patient. You can play the role of the good doctor, can't you? Untreated illnesses might be life-threatening."

"I…" Judy was thinking of a way to protest.

Becky settled the argument by licking her tailhole. Judy never experienced this sensation before, she liked it.

"I appreciate your eagerness, but you need to take care of her bladder first. It's the best way to ensure that she's compatible with you. Judy lie down on your back."

Judy obeyed and Becky moved her mouth in front of Judy's pussy.

It took a minute before Judy was able to urinate into Becky's open mouth. Becky had the same aversion to piss as Judy did, so most of it ended up on the floor. Some of it turned her white fur yellow.

"You need to clean that up with your tongue before she can help you. It's the best way to test compatibility. The wrong cecotropes might not help you at all."

All Judy could do was watch Becky suffer, the wolf didn't permit her to help.

It took some time for Becky to clean the floor to his satisfaction.

"I think she's better off with another rabbit," the wolf said.

Becky started licking her tailhole again even though there were tears around her eyes.

"Since, the right-to-try law passed in 2018 by dear old Ronald, I can't deny you what you want. The patient knows best after all. Far be it for the opinion of a medical professional to sway you."

"That's happened in a different country!" Judy said.

"Right, but everyone wants to be like them."

"I certainly hope not! Bellwether wished she was there."

"Wonder how the Ewezone would judge her actions. I guess even white sheep can be black. Anyway, it looks like the patient is still eager."

Becky was still busy licking her tailhole.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Judy asked.

"Better than his other plans." Becky continued licking her tailhole.

She moaned from pleasure. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Becky kept on licking.

Part of her wanted to wait until she climaxed but it would be unnecessarily cruel. Becky didn't enjoy the scent of her butt even though she was licking her.

"Here it comes." Judy released one into Becky's mouth.

Becky's face contorted with a grimace. Judy still had more.

"Keep your mouth open or she might be charged with malpractice," Marvin said. "That's the reason why it's rarely done nowadays. Despite the medical benefits, employment prospects for the doctor and the provider aren't bright if someone complains even if that mammal was consenting at the time. A few managed to twist the events into sexual assault."

The fear made her hold her mouth open for three more, filling her mouth to the brim. She started chewing the vile mess.

"Slut, hold your mouth open." He looked at Becky. "Bitch, move your mouth on top of hers. If you spit, you spit into hers."

Judy held her mouth open while Becky her mouth above hers.

Becky chewed what was in her mouth. Her face went through painful contortions from time to time. Judy expected at certain moments that Becky would just give up and spit it out. The rabbit swallowed and Judy breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'll live," she said. "You'll save me after you escape, right?"

"Of course," Judy said. "Thank you."

"Bitch, you're not done," Marvin said. "She still needs cleaning." He pointed to her tailhole.

Becky started licking Judy's tailhole again.

Since the wolf didn't give instructions for Becky to stop, she kept licking her rear eventually bringing Judy to orgasm. Some of the fluid landed on Becky's nose.

"Well, then, I think you cleaned her a bit too well. Follow, Slut. We have work to do."

The wolf didn't even let her enjoy the afterglow. "Thank you again." Judy was on all fours once again as the wolf led her outside.

Marvin led her back to her room. The bowl was mostly dry by now but it had enough for one mouthful of liquid. He sniffed the air. "That smells disgusting. Looks like you only get one shot. Do you think you need more training? There's an hour left."


She followed the wolf on all fours as he led her to the bathroom. "Go in there. Find a fox, and show me a mouth full of his piss," he said.

At least, she didn't have to be on all fours for this. "Excuse me, can you piss in my mouth?" she asked the first fox she saw.

He wasted no time unzipping his pants and pointed his cock at her mouth.

The taste of fox piss hit her tongue shortly after. Once she had a mouthful of precious vile fox piss, she closed it. As a result, the fox marked her nose and her ears before he let her leave. Her legs wobbled as she walked outside.

"Good girl," the wolf said. "Follow me."

They went back inside. Judy took unsteady steps but she didn't need her paws to hold her mouth closed. Marvin picked up a condom from a clogged urinal. "Open." She opened her mouth and he emptied the contents inside. "Good girl." He managed to find five condoms that he poured into her mouth. Her eyes twitched but she didn't spit nor swallow. "Impressive." He commanded a nearby lion, "Blow your nose into her mouth."

Judy shook her head, trying to signify that it was too much.

"Okay, never mind."

The lion used a tissue nearby and wiped his snot on her lips.

She followed the wolf with shaky steps, hoping that he would let her spit or swallow. They walked back to her room, eventually. He just stood there once they arrived.

The taste was repulsive and she wanted to spit it out more than ever. That was when the wolf whispered, "Swallow."

It took a few gulps for her to swallow that vile mixture. She panted on the floor when her mouth was empty.

"See, how far you've come?"

Judy nodded.

"Fifteen minutes left. You should clean up this room so that it's spotless when he walks in."

"I don't think I can."

"Consider this a gift."

Judy could hardly believe her eyes when the wolf started cleaning the room with his mouth. He spat on the floor to moisten it and used his fangs for the rest. "You…"

From the way the wolf grimaced at times, the taste was not to his liking.

"There we go," the wolf said. "I'll see you later. Don't disappoint me."

She poured the vile mixture from the bowl into her mouth. The taste was vile, but her training made it possible for it to stay. Now, she had to wait for Koslov to arrive.

The bear hadn't arrived yet and she seemed like spent forever waiting already. Her resolve was weakening with every second. It was extremely taxing to hold it in her mouth without spitting it out or swallowing – a foul mixture of aged wolf and panther piss with a helping of bear cum and bear snot.

When her resolve was about to falter, he arrived. She pointed to her mouth, remembering his command from yesterday.

"Show me."

Judy let opened her mouth, proud to show off her accomplishment as shameful as it was.

Koslov sniffed her mouth then glanced around the room. "Failure. You try trick me." He lifted her off the ground. She didn't see the point in holding the foul mixture in her mouth anymore so she spat it at him. "You bitch."

A gunshot echoed from nearby.

Guns were supposed to be for the military only, so she had no idea why one was here. Koslov was just as spooked, so he dropped her on the ground. She saw Marvin holding a gun.

"We won't have any issues will we, Koslov? You are not to harm her permanently."

"She failed."

"On the contrary, you gave her an impossible command, and she tried her best to fulfill it. What did you think was going to happen when you asked her to do that? You're not breaking her like you broke four others. Why do they even allow you to visit still?"

She thought she saw a flicker of remorse from Koslov. It was there momentarily. "Conquest points. She failed. I take her paw. Unless you declare war. I want pet for competition," he said. "Need new pet."

"So, I see. Bears have small brains, so you didn't think it through. Let me clue you in, she's a sex slave that doesn't only serve you. And, do you think she can spend the rest of the day before your next visit with your cum in her mouth even if she tried her best? Breaking mammals is your specialty after all, so it's equally possible that you intentionally set her up to fail."

"Conquest points encouraged. I take paw."

"You will do nothing until I return."

Judy said, "I'm dead, aren't I? Please, I'll make it up to you." She wasn't sure if Koslov would obey the wolf.

"Three," the bear said. "Four. Rule."

She started undressing him, thinking that he wanted her to worship his balls again. Although, she didn't know why Koslov would invoke rule 34.

"Two. Zero. One. Six." He pushed her away.

"What do you want?"

"I want paw. Wolf not let take. I want pet. I not find. You are trash. Belong in garbage. Do not touch."

Judy gained some distance from Koslov and they both waited for the wolf to return. The bear remained silent.

It took at least an hour for Marvin to come back with Mr. Fang. "Upon reviewing your previous conquests, all of the four rabbits that you killed failed to drink your piss," Marvin said. "She will not and won't even spill a drop."

"Not third visit. Prohibited," Koslov said.

Mr. Fang said, "I'm willing to make an exception. She fails, and you get her paw. She did fail your first task after all."

"She is garbage. Throw her away."

"Then I will ban you from all my properties. You also misjudged what she's worth being the stupid bear that you are. Begone!"

"I make mistake. Let us play. Leave."

"Do you still want to take her to the competition? Or would you want to find someone else?" Marvin asked.

"Don't Know. Too difficult," Koslov said. "I want win."

"Then test her out. If she fails, you get to take her paw then move on to someone else like you always have. One more conquest point for you either way," Marvin said.

"We didn't discuss this," Mr. Fang complained.

All Judy could do was watch while they talked about her. She didn't dare to interject.

"Points good." Koslov moved closer to Judy and unzipped his pants.

She took the cock in her mouth, expecting a stream.

"Do not lick."

She sealed her lips around his cock and waited.

"Performance anxiety. Might need water. Do this later."

"No, no, it's okay," Marvin said. "You want water? We'll bring you some. You drink and we wait."

"That boring. I pay money."

"Then a refund is in order."

"You can't be serious," Mr. Fang said.

"Fine, then I'll pay for this instead."

Judy was on her knees with a bear cock on her tongue that could spew at any moment. She had her lips sealed around it to prevent anything from leaking out once it did. Every time she sniffed; she got a potent whiff of his musk.

Mr. Fang was the one to fetch water for the bear. "Here you go."

Koslov started drinking from one bottle then another. "This boring." He was on his third bottle.

"Her lips haven't left your cock since this started," Marvin noted. "You might be holding it in so that you can break the bunny by asking her to drink way too much."

He was on his tenth bottle of water. "Me go, this not working."

"No, we wait," Marvin said. "We have all time."

It was on his thirteenth bottle that he suddenly started peeing. He used his paw to hold her head in place. She couldn't pull away. All she had to do was swallow and make sure that her lips let none of the liquid flow out of her mouth. Despite everything that she had in her mouth at this point, somehow this managed to top it all. He was still going after she swallowed five times. Her eyes watered from the taste and how much she had to consume. After the seventh mouthful, he finally ran out.

She inhaled another whiff of potent polar bear musk.

"You were wrong," Marvin declared. "Good girl." He stroked her head. "Apologize to her."

Judy moved her mouth away from Koslov's cock. She finally allowed herself to cough and spit the piss out. Even though rabbits couldn't throw up, she managed to spit out enough bear piss to form a pool.

"Actually, she still needs more training. She's not good enough yet."

"She succeed. Me happy. Her for pet."

"Now, you can be his pet for the competition or mine."

"I choose Koslov," Judy groaned from the floor. She knew there was no way that she would become free if he chose Marvin. A small chance of escaping was better than none at all. What the competition entailed was unknown to her.

"Great honor." Koslov bowed. Due to how much he drank, he had to piss again. Which he did aimed away.

"I'll book her next." Marvin passed some money to Mr. Fang.

Mr. Fang and Koslov both walked away leaving them alone.

Judy thought that meant she had some time to rest. She closed her eyes to rest on the floor. Unfortunately, Marvin took a whip from the nearby wall and lashed her body. "Hey!"

"Lick it up, Bitch." He pointed to the puddle of bear piss.

"Let me rest, please."

"Oh, you will. Lick it up! You had more rest than me!" He swung the whip at her again. "Hurry up!"

The blows did not stop at all. Eventually, she forced herself to move to the puddle of bear piss. She planted her face there and lazily extended her tongue, hoping that would satisfy the wolf.

He rained more lashes on her body.

"Stop," she cried weakly.

"Clean it up!"

She prayed for anyone to intervene. The merciless wolf just kept ringing blows on her defenseless body.

"The puddle is still there! You aren't trying."

She lost control of her bladder.

"Don't make more you dumb bitch."

Tears streamed down her eyes. She was too exhausted to even move. With her remaining strength, she said, "Fuck me instead. Please."

The wolf didn't listen to her, he kept whipping her body. The pain was unbearable. She caught a whiff of her blood. Her efforts to remain conscious were waning. She stuck out her tongue to the vile liquid, hoping that it would placate the wolf.

In a delirious state, she thought she heard Koslov say, "What do you think you're doing to my pet?"

She didn't know if she was dreaming. Koslov didn't talk like that and he wasn't supposed to be there.

Chapter Text

"–Wilde and Fangmeyer assist the Tundratown SWAT. Follow your lead. I want to know of anything we can use to find Judy."

"Yes, sir." Nick somewhat wanted to object that a SWAT team was overkill. He didn't think that Mr. Big's forces were dangerous, but he couldn't exactly reveal that without compromising himself. It was better to err on the side of caution. The chief made them wear heavy suits of armor – that provided more protection than their regular gear.

At least, Mr. Big was still safe from the ZPD for now. Nick was certain that Mr. Big had connections that he could pull and he didn't want to lose such a valuable ally.

"You didn't go directly home yesterday," Nadine said when they were on the way.

"I had to buy something. A quick detour. That was all."

"Right, a detour that took you all the way to Tundratown."

"Dairy Kween had a sale. Had to grab that Super Blizzard Ice Cream Cake."

"I understand."

Nick wondered how much Nadine actually knew. He didn't know if she even knew who Mr. Big was even though they going towards Koslov's place after a quick stop at Tundratown's Precinct Three for backup.

From what he knew, Koslov wouldn't even be there because he was visiting his family then something went wrong so he was fucking Judy instead. The thought of that made him angry. He wasn't driving so he had time to ponder.

"Do you need to sit this one out, Nick?"

"I'm fine." He had to see this through. If anything, he had to prevent it from going wrong. "Just thinking things through."

"Don't you think that it's strange how McHorn and Delgato have never dealt with trafficking cases?"

"Come again?"

"Think of everything we've been through the past five months. All the trafficking cases that the department investigated, and those two have never taken part in a single one."

"Have you forgotten? The chief gave them parking duty for three months when Judy disappeared. He probably doesn't trust them still."

"That is true. It was only a thought. You'd think that the chief would give them another chance and utilize their talents properly. Especially when you consider how fast you accepted what happened. We should plead for leniency on their behalf. The chief was overly harsh on them, don't you think?"

"Wait, you want them to work those cases? That's probably screwing someone over."

"Yes, because I might end up seeing a pattern. Plus, it's a better use of their abilities. We can make our case for them to the chief together."

They arrived at Precinct Three. A team of eight officers joined them. Part of him was happy that he didn't see anyone that he recognized from the mafia.

"The suspect Koslov is dangerous. We've seen him sexually assault Judy Hopps in an unknown location. We are searching his residence for any clues. There might be some resistance," Chief Pavel said. "Leave nothing unturned."

They were going to Koslov's house. It seemed like any other house from the outside.

"ZPD open up! We have you surrounded," Chief Pavel said. He had four of them watching the back. in case anyone tried to escape. There was no one there so the chief broke the door down. "Collect anything we can possibly use for a lead."

This could end very badly if Koslov left paper trails of his shady dealings. It was odd that he was hoping for no leads so it wouldn't incriminate Mr. Big. The might of the mafia was more valuable than anything they could find in this place.

Nadine was working with him and watching his movements so he couldn't even destroy anything if he wanted to. They bagged any paper that they could find since there could be a low chance that it was valuable. If he ever returned to his place and saw all this, he would've thought that someone robbed him.

"Why are you taking that?" Nick asked.

Nadine was holding an extremely large stuffed panther. One that looked extremely similar to Manchas. "Because I want one. It's very soft." She rubbed herself against the panther's fur.

"Just go buy one on Zbay or something."

"Yea, but these cost a thousand dollars."

"Put the toy back where it was."

"These could contain drugs but I don't want to rip such a masterpiece apart. Didn't you hear what happened in Phoenix? I was hoping to keep it company."

"I don't follow foreign news much. It's probably the cub's favorite toy. We're not taking it or ripping it apart."

"Oh, fine. The odds were low anyway."

They had someone keep watch in case the occupants returned.

The officers had about ten full boxes to haul back to the station. Most of which was probably irrelevant just to pour through for the small chance at a lead. It was more productive than reading everything here.

The chief did write a letter explaining everything that happened and left it on the table. They headed back to the precinct with their loot in tow.

"We're going to let you know if we find anything valuable," Chief Pavel said.

"Thank you." Nick and Nadine took their leave.

Even though Nick knew more, they had no more official leads to follow. Part of him wanted to tell Nadine what he knew then they could check out the place where Koslov's family lived together. Although, it was better to keep her oblivious rather than let her in on everything.

"Another dead end," Nick said.

"One of these days, you're going to miss something because you're not looking for it."

"I'm just being realistic."

They headed back to the precinct to brief Chief Bogo on what happened – which was nothing yet. Nick watched the chief's face carefully, looking for any signs of involuntary surprise. He knew the family was on vacation and part of the mafia, but Bogo shouldn't.

"I'm assigning you both parking duty for the rest of the day. Be ready to head back to Tundratown if they find anything."

It was policy to leave the grunt work to the respective precincts within Zootopia. So, they were going to waste time ticketing cars when they could be doing something potentially more productive. The time of officers from Precinct One was seen as sacred.

Judy opened her eyes to see that she was alone. She was lying on a bed and covered in soft white blankets. Her entire body was still sore from the merciless whipping. Part of her wondered if this was the afterlife since her last memories were of the wolf mercilessly whipping her without any signs of stopping. She had to have imagined that Koslov came to save her. He didn't talk like that, and there was no trace of him now.

She was still naked, and her body still stunk from the things she had to do earlier. Her body left quite an imprint on the pristine white sheets, staining it with patches of yellow. Whoever brought her here, didn't even bother to clean her up. The room had several drawers and four doors leading out of it.

The events didn't really make sense. Her captors wouldn't grant her a bed like this and if someone rescued her, they would be by her side. She got up to explore, trying to make sense of her surroundings. There was one drawer filled with normal clothes, and the rest were empty. No torture devices or sex toys were a sign of progress. Even though she found clothes, she didn't put any of them on since she was still dirty.

The first door she tried to open was locked, so she moved on to another door. This room contained a fridge filled with fruits and vegetables. She hadn't eaten anything proper for quite some time. There were no plates from what she could see nor a table, so she just ate it directly from the fridge.

A panther snuck up on her. He wrapped his paws around her ears and lifted her away from the apple she was eating.

"What are you doing?" Judy said.

The panther carried her outside to where a lion was waiting. "This lion had been waiting patiently for ten minutes. Why aren't you ready?"

The lion was wearing a business suit and looked respectable. He looked like some fancy corporate executive.

"I didn't know." She should've realized that still in that place.

"You will be punished."

"Give me another chance, please."

"Also, you got your bed dirty."

"That wasn't my fault."

"Everything that happens in this room is your fault. You don't have anything set up. Apologize." The panther finally set her down on the ground.

She got down on her knees. "I'm sorry."

"I trust there won't be any more problems?" the panther asked.

Judy shook her head, leaving her alone with the lion.

"You stink, clean yourself up," the lion said.

She started licking herself.

"Not like that, go shower or something."

"Do you know where I can find one?"

"Do I look like I work here?" the lion said angrily.

Judy tried to open the remaining door but it was locked. "I'm sorry. This room doesn't have showers." As far as she knew, leaving her room would be a far worse offense.

"I'm complaining to the manager again."

"It's okay, I'll go find one. Just wait until I return."

"I've waited long enough." The lion seized her by her ears.

"Please don't. I don't know what they'll do to me if you do. Can't I make it up to you somehow? What do you want, a blowjob?"

"Let's go." He took her outside the room.

"I don't think I'm allowed outside."

"Do I look like I care? You also got my paws dirty."

"I can clean them with my tongue if you want."

"Shut up."

She remained silent while she dangled from the lion's grasp. The lion took her to the refund desk.

"She hasn't obeyed me at all. I've had an awful experience and demand a refund." The lion slammed her on the counter as if he was returning defective merchandise. "I've spent weeks waiting for this."

The impact was quite painful but she held back her tears. "He's lying."

He started squeezing her ears, making her cry.

"We're sorry about this. Would you be open to something else?" the panther said. "Please do remember that she's property that you are unable to afford."

The lion got the hint and released her from his grasp. Freedom was so close and yet so far. The windows showed her a glimpse of the outdoors. There were enough perverts in the lobby that she didn't she could escape.

She listened to the panther while he introduced all the services they had. During her captivity, she knew how to perform all of those acts.

"I'm not interested in any of them, sorry," the lion said.

A sense of doom dawned upon her since if the lion received a refund, the chances of her suffering horribly increased dramatically. "Isn't there something that I can do for you?" Judy said.

"Would you like to reschedule?" the panther asked.

"And risk ending up in jail again?" The lion shook his head.

The panther gave him a briefcase which she assumed contained tons of money. She was afraid when the lion walked away.

"Anthony? We have a problem. Please come here. Someone needs training." The panther used the phone.

Judy certainly felt out of place on the counter. She could see other mammals booking services then leaving or walking right in after paying a fee.

A wolf walked towards the refund desk. "She's stinking up the place. Can you send her somewhere?"

Out of all the reasons that someone could walk up here, it had to be that. The wolf didn't seem interested in her services either. She started crying.

"Can you shut her up? She's annoying."

"Someone's coming to discipline her right now. She needs more training than I realized."

An otter approached the desk too. "How much do her services cost?" He had to stand on a stool due to his size.

"Sorry, she's a lying disobedient whore that's sure to disappoint," the panther said.

"I will be happy to serve you." Judy sniffled. She was on her knees begging with pleading eyes.

"How much?"

"Her services are not available. She needs training."

She saw a panther approaching from inside the place. That had to be Anthony.

"Oh, really? I was going to spend two million on her. Pity, her services weren't available." The otter flashed his briefcase full of money.

Anthony said, "He made a mistake. That's good enough for one session."

"Unfortunately, I also don't enjoy being scammed. The offer is off the table."

"That's not our intention," the original panther said.

"Then what else could it be?" Anthony said. He stabbed that panther with a dart and he fell over. "Sorry, didn't realize he was unfit for the job."

"I'm your friend and I have kits." The panther's eyes widened, but he was struggling to remain conscious.

Anthony picked up the phone. "Baxter, please come to the refund desk"

The wolf complained again, "Can you move her somewhere? She's stinking up the place."

"Would you like a free round with him?" Anthony pointed to the now unconscious panther.

"What happens to him if I wasn't here?"

"We're going to teach him a lesson that he'll never forget."

"How much does it cost to watch?"

"A hundred thousand."

"It's a deal."

The otter also jumped in on the deal. "I want in."

"Two hundred thousand."


Judy was happy that the spotlight wasn't on her anymore. It also wasn't lost on her that the panther charged the otter double for the same event. She wondered why these two would pay so much to watch what they were going to do with the panther. Although, she didn't dare ask Anthony what he had planned.

Baxter came to the refund desk, and Anthony picked the unconscious panther up. "Follow," he addressed Judy.

They all headed inside together. Anthony led them to a room with two tables and lots of cameras set up. He instructed the otter and the wolf to strap the unconscious panther to the table on his back, and he strapped Judy in likewise. Judy knew by now that resisting would be unwise. The otter and wolf had the additional pleasure of shredding the panther's clothing to pieces, leaving him naked. They both had their paws and tail bound by metal cuffs.

Two screens were in front of the room. They displayed the feed from the cameras. The screens showed her much more than she ever needed to see. Some of them had x-ray vision and others focused on their private parts. She did not need to see a shot of panther dick up close or in such graphic detail. Although, if this specific one was fucking her, it wouldn't be that painful.

"Come with me." The panther led the wolf and otter out of the room.

Moments later, the panther came back in with the wolf. "You can bathe her then," he said derisively.

The wolf started freeing her.

"Don't leave me alone with him, please," Judy said. She remembered what Marvin did to her recently. He wasn't Marvin, but he was still a wolf.

The otter came back into the room because they were taking so long. He tagged along with them when they escorted her to the bathroom.

"Is she smart enough to clean herself?" the wolf said.

"I'll be fine." Judy didn't want the wolf touching her at all.

She didn't take her time, since she thought that it would get her into more trouble, but she had to be thorough. Offending the wolf's senses would be far worse.

"Finally." Anthony tapped the floor impatiently when she stepped out. She dried herself with the towels being extra careful so that she was completely dry. It wouldn't be good for her at all if she got sick again.

She still had no idea what Anthony planned to do and didn't dare ask. It was quite anticlimactic when they were back in that room again. Although, the panther regained consciousness.

"Anthony?" the panther said.


"Why am I here? I'm your friend."

"You cost Mr. Fang money."

"But she was going to be your toy, you were even coming to pick her up. I know how much you enjoy it. I did it for you."

"Do you think that he wouldn't have noticed? Thanks to you, I'm going to get a promotion. Learn to enjoy the rest of your life, slave."

"I have kits and a family. Can't we overlook this? After everything we've been through together?"

"So, do I, now be quiet while I set everything up." Anthony set Judy up on the table and walked out of the room again.

The panther kept struggling against his bindings. "Judy Hopps, can you send these mammals to jail? Do you know of a way to escape?"

Judy was angry. The panther had the nerve to ask her for help. "And you were all too ready to turn me in for more training. Why should I care what happens to you? You had a choice not to."

"That's protocol. I had no choice, but you do. You always have something planned. My kits will be growing up without a father if I stay here."

"Who do you think you're fooling? I was offering myself to the lion. You didn't even help! They might be better off than having a father like you."

"It all started when I needed extra money to pay off the parking ticket that I received from you. I never did anything to anyone. Please understand how tough the job market is. We were going into debt, and I needed more money. This was supposed to be a well-paying front desk job."

"And you didn't think of reporting everything to the police? And what is your name?"

"I'm Rafael. My family needed the money, you must understand. The biggest mistake I ever made was parking in front of a fire hydrant. Now, my kits won't see their father ever again."

They returned with two blindfolds. One which they put on the panther. Anthony approached Judy with the other. "Looks like you two are getting along quite well. If you're willing to entertain us twice as much, we'll overlook his mistake."

"Do you think that I'm going to believe you?" Judy said.

"He could be grateful and tell everyone about us."

"Not interested." Judy took up a few of those deals before and nothing came of it. "Get on with whatever you have planned."

"You're going to be suffering anyway, but he doesn't have to."

"Set your friend free yourself then, Captain Obvious."

"Well, I tried." Anthony shrugged then put the blindfold on her. "Let me explain the rules. The goal of this game is to keep your mouth open. Every time you try to close it, you will lose points. The sensors can pick up even minor sounds."

She thought it would be a breeze relatively speaking because she swallowed all those foul things recently. If she was competing against the panther, it was highly likely that she would win.

"The game begins now."

"Aah." Judy held her mouth open as wide as she could.

"You're causing too much noise. Please keep the volume down," Anthony said.

"Are there going to be more unannounced catches?" Judy asked. It would be worth knowing if she should try or not. Not knowing the scoring system, it was probably one of those cruel games where the outcome didn't matter at all and they simply did what they wanted to anyway.

"There will be no more tricks like that. All rules must be disclosed to the participants. Just to reiterate, the current rules are to keep your mouth open and remain silent. Rules might change at any time, but we will inform you," the otter said.

She braced herself for something disgusting to enter her mouth. Instead, nothing happened to her and she heard them leave. Her mouth remained opened just like Anthony instructed. Minutes passed and she remained unharmed.

"Are they just going to leave us like this?" the panther said.

She wanted to reply, but that would cost her points, so she remained silent. He was breaking both of those rules already.

"Hey, I'm talking to you!"

Since it was a game, she figured that the loser would experience something horrible. It didn't make sense that the wolf and otter would pay so much just to watch them strapped to a table with a blindfold. At least, the otter wanted to keep things fair.

"Come on! Tell me what's going to happen. The anticipation is killing me!"

Judy wanted to reply but didn't dare to. Points were valuable and she had no idea of the scoring system. A good half hour had to have passed and her jaws were getting tired.

"No, we're not giving her a handicap!" the otter shouted. She heard it from the speakers.

"You pushed the ON button."

"Oh so–"

It seemed like they were arguing over something. Part of her wanted them to get on with the torture so she would know what was going to happen.

Aside from one complaining panther, all she heard was silence.


Chapter Text

The agony of anticipating torture continued. Part of Judy wanted to beg them to torture her at least then it wouldn't be like this. She didn't know how much time passed since they strapped her to a table and the only instructions she received was to hold her mouth open and remain silent. Every attempt to close her mouth or talk would cost her points. Rafael who also suffered from the same treatment had to have lost by now – he was still talking from time to time seemingly unable to get the hint.

"That's cold!" Judy shouted. A claw of lubricant plunged into her tailhole. She realized the game was still on and willed herself to remain silent.

Rafael said nervously, "W-what are you doing? Stop!"

She guessed that someone was going to fuck her next. The footsteps of the mammal who applied the lubricant advanced towards her head. He wiped his claw on her tongue. Considering how Rafael protested much worse, she figured that she would be ahead in points if the game was anywhere remotely fair.

"Eww," she groaned. The taste of her ass was on her tongue. There was no need to follow the game's directives that well so she swallowed and tried to cleanse her mouth.

"Get it out!" the panther yelled. "Fuck off!"

He reacted as well as she thought he would, so she allowed herself to show her emotions when it was her turn. A barbed feline cock was thrusting in and out of her ass. There was no need for her to try anymore.

She allowed herself to scream when the feline penetrated her. The feline didn't last long and filled her ass with his seed. He remained there and waited for his knot to deflate. During that time, the panther cursed up a storm, solidifying her lead in the game.

Another mammal approached her and the same process happened. The inelegant brutal thrusting before the eventual climax. The process repeated itself a third time.

"The rabbit wins," Anthony announced.

She waited for them to free her. It seemed that Rafael was getting freed first given how thankful he was towards his friend. The performance certainly wasn't worth the price they paid for it. Of course, there had to be a catch – they weren't setting her free.

"What are you doing next?" Judy said.

They were communicating to her through the speakers in the room.

"Since you caused a disturbance by crying – we're going to train you not to cry," Anthony said.

"What are you smoking? If we didn't care about emotion, we would be buying robots," the otter said.

"And I came here to see you break a panther. You haven't done that," the wolf complained too.

"He's broken from all that. Trust me, you'll like the next part," Anthony said. There was some nervousness in the panther's voice.

They were arguing among themselves and she was able to hear all of it. If anything was worth that much in this place, it had to be one of those near-death discipline lessons that she had to endure in the past. The only reason she even cooperated in the game was to avoid that fate.

"So, what are you going to do to me?" Judy said.

"Since you disappointed the lion that visited you, we're going to stick a vibrator dipped in hot sauce into your pussy then you'll need to remain on the colored areas on the floor as it moves around. It'll be fun!" Anthony said. "If you fail, we start again!"

"That sounds painful."

"Precisely! The wolf and otter talked me out of making not crying a requirement. We will repeat this activity over and over until you succeed. Then you'll be sure to never disappoint anyone again. It might even take days for you to learn."

"Why are you breaking a rabbit when I came to watch you break a panther?" the wolf said.

"You'll love it once the show actually starts. Trust me." Anthony walked into the room again. "Let's get you ready for the next part. You should try to remain still." He removed her blindfold then unshackled her arms. He made the unwise decision of lifting her up. The way he carried her gave her easy access to his eyes. It was unlikely for her to blind even one eye so she tried for two. If she was lucky, she would get one then the torture could continue as planned.

Anthony screamed in agony. He dropped her instinctively and used his paws to rub his eyes.

"You were right. I do love this next part," the wolf said.

The impact winded her for a few seconds. She quickly gained distance from the desperate panther. This went further than she had planned. She didn't think that she would be so successful. Now, she needed a new plan. There were enough obstacles on the way out making direct escape impractical. If she remained, they might take one of her limbs in the process. Considering she just made them three hundred thousand dollars, that threat might no longer apply.

Everyone had a cell phone these days so she fished around the panther's pockets. She learned a few foreign curse words that day since the panther was busy uttering vile threats. The phone took quite some time to boot up, giving her time to think. Calling someone was impractical since they might be busy.

Her heart pounded every second, thinking that someone would stop her. She texted Nick quickly, "rainforest. chief. bad." Every single word was another text message since she didn't know how long she had. Hedging her bets as unlikely as it was – she texted her mother and father the same thing. No one came to stop her yet.

She did her best to tune out the panther's incessant cursing. An intersection or street would be helpful, but she didn't know where this was closest to. The brief glimpse of the outdoors that she saw earlier was unhelpful since it was devoid of notable landmarks. One of the mammals took her to Sheldon's in the past so she wrote another text message. "Ten minutes Sheldon's." A separate text message had the word "from."

The otter used the loudspeakers, he said, "16969 Shady Place."

Judy blinked. She wasn't sure if she wanted to trust the otter. It was a clear and precise address that also seemed extremely farfetched. Nevertheless, she texted it just the same. She also wrote a message that said, "Mr. Fang."

The otter entered the room shortly after with a blindfold in his paw. "Give the cell phone to me if you want to live."

"Are you really doing this?" the wolf said.

"Are you going to stop me? They don't believe slaves like her. Have you ever seen them take a slave's side before?"

She fired off one last text message to all three of them. "Scared."

"What about the panther?" The wolf pointed to the struggling panther on the floor. "He's talking even now."

"Pretty sure you can fix that problem in ten seconds," the otter said.

It took even less than that for the wolf to slash the panther's throat.

"If I talk on the way out, you're screwed, aren't you?" Judy remarked.

"You can try, but don't you want to live? If you don't leave with us, the police won't save you," the otter said. "I do suggest you put this on though." He passed her the blindfold. "Give me the phone, it's too big to shove it in your ass. Can't imagine the panthers being too happy once they learn what happened. Their security is rather lax."

Judy willingly cooperated with the wolf and otter. They guided her towards the exit. She used her nose to tell her how many mammals were nearby. They moved past at least two panthers which paid them no mind. She knew they wanted to keep her as their new slave, but it wasn't the time for her to disobey yet.

Multiple mammals were talking among each other – she had to be in the lobby. The same place where the refund desk was.

"Are you sure that you want to take this one out? You know that she's already caused two places to close," someone said.

The way that mammal worded it, made it sound that she was more effective than she thought. Although it also confused her since she only tried to escape once.

"What do you mean?"

"In addition to someone recognizing her, she also tries to escape. The police shut those places down. She's a security risk and the recent records show that she needs additional training."

"Additional training? I don't think so." The otter removed her blindfold.

They were in the lobby just as she predicted.

"Go to the middle of the room on all fours."

There were so many mammals and she was in the center of it all. The otter had to be crazy to attempt this considering they killed a panther recently.

"She's perfectly obedient."

The wolf unzipped his pants. He moved in front of her and pointed his dick at her face. She took that as an invitation to lick. It wasn't that she liked it, but the stakes were rather high considering someone had yet to find the deceased panther. This was an extremely risky show that she had to participate in.

Wolf precum flowed onto her tongue.

"Aah." She felt a cold tongue on her rear. She wanted to turn her head around to see what was happening but the wolf held her in place. The sooner he climaxed, the better off she was so she continued sucking the wolf off. Whoever was behind her was sucking cum out of her ass.

The pleasurable sensation caused her to cum before the wolf did.

"Bad bitch," the wolf said. He started thrusting in and out of her mouth and all she could do was take it. Eventually, he shot his cum down her throat. All she could breathe in was the scent of wolf musk. She had to wait for his knot to deflate.

Once the wolf pulled out, the otter greeted her with a mouthful of cum that he snowballed into her mouth. She had to accept the gift because there was so much riding on the line. She was somewhat grateful for all the training she had to swallow disgusting things. Part of her questioned why they were even doing this considering they killed someone minutes ago. Rational mammals would think of running away, not lingering on the scene.

The otter had her lie on her back which had a puddle of her cum. Her back was soaking up the cum as a result. He pointed his dick at her mouth which she started sucking on as well. She just had to get him off, then they could possibly leave.

Even though the police might be on the way, who might save her, she wanted to be out of here as soon as possible. If the panthers discovered that one of their own was dead, the three of them likely wouldn't live to tell the tale.

It seemed like the otter didn't share her concerns. He was more than happy to take his time by having her suck him off.

Cum already!

She wanted to be gone from this place since she thought that her life was in danger. Plus, even if it wasn't, the panthers planned to torture her to an inch of her life for training purposes. The mammals she didn't know were probably a safer bet than the ones she did. He couldn't hold out against her desire to please him and he shot her cum into her mouth which she swallowed.

"Delicious," she lied, but it would help sell the performance since they attracted quite an audience. Otters didn't knot so they were done.

The otter got up and told her to stand up once more. He tossed his briefcase towards the counter, and they finally headed towards the exit.

She noticed that the wolf kept a healthy distance from her.

The two panthers which stood near the entrance as security guards didn't stop them when they tried to leave. They ascended the stairs which led to somewhere unusual. It opened up to a trap door within a seemingly normal computer hardware store. It wasn't business hours it seemed so there was no one around.

"What are your plans for her?" the wolf asked. They seemed to be out of panther territory.

"There is nothing sweeter than hope turning into despair," the otter said. "She's the most dangerous game in around."

She couldn't believe that her captors were talking so openly about her. Since there was no blindfold, she was able to see everything too.

"Bunny, how long do you think it'll take for the police to arrive? You notified them already, didn't you?" the otter said.

"No," she said. "I don't know if they're coming at all."


The otter led her to a car at the back of the store. The wolf had one parked nearby as well.

"Oops." The otter dropped the cell phone he took earlier right in front of her.

She bent downwards to pick it up. He took this opportunity to move behind her and thrust his dick into her ass. It was almost as if the otter wanted the police to catch him. She was more than happy to oblige while the otter was busy claiming her ass. Even though she didn't trust Chief Bogo, the dispatchers were hopefully not corrupt.

"All 911 responders are still busy at this time. Please do not hang up. Your call will be answered as quickly as possible."

"Fucking hell," the otter said. "You just can't get good service around here." The otter placed himself underneath Judy and started licking her pussy.

"Do you want to get caught or something?" Judy moaned.

The police still hadn't picked up the phone.

"Aww, how cute, you think that someone will catch us."

"What about those panthers?"

"They check the cameras once a night and call it day. At around 9 pm. Mammals rarely use that room," the wolf said. "With the amount of footage, they need to check, we just need to be out of here by 10:30. That means we have about three hours until we're in danger from them."

The phone call was still on hold. "All 9-1-1 dispatchers are busy at this time. Please do not hang up. Your call will be answered as quickly as possible."

"You're going to be disappointed if you're not in position when the dispatcher picks up," the wolf remarked.

She tried to focus on what she should say to the police when they do finally pick up. It was quite difficult with the otter's tongue constantly assaulting her pussy. A few involuntary moans escaped her mouth from his ministrations. His tongue made her cum. "Don't you want a taste of bunny honey?"

"No, thank you," the wolf said with a hint of revulsion.

The otter was standing behind her once more. They were waiting for the dispatcher to answer.

"9-1-1, what's your emergency?"

The otter started thrusting in and out of her ass when the dispatcher finally picked up.

"I'm Judy H-Hopps. I'm being raped by an – an otter," she let out a scream mid-message "and a w-wolf. Near some computer hardware –" she let out another scream.

The wolf ended the call. "Not a clever use of words, is it? Such a shame." He held a chloroform rag to her face.

She opened her eyes. She was in an all too familiar room devoid of everything except for sex toys on the walls. It was as if she never left. If what she heard from earlier was true, and the otter and wolf took her to another place, then these brothels had identical-looking rooms.

A lion walked in without any clothes on.

"Do you know where I am?" she said.

"Heaven because I am here. Take a seat." The lion sat on the floor and motioned for her to impale herself on his dick.

"I don't think so."

If she was back in that panther-run place, she had to leave. And if she wasn't, the new owners might be more charitable, as unlikely as it was. She could probably seduce someone and they could guide her outside just like before. She ran past him.

"Run-away slave!" the lion roared.

The lion attracted one panther who she easily dodged. Now, two mammals were chasing after her. They were slow so she kept running forwards. Her escapade came to an end when the otter from before was there along with three panthers.

Three panthers were too difficult for her to dodge. They pinned her down.

"Didn't think you'd run away that easily, did you? Have a popsicle."

She kept her mouth shut. A panther forcefully pried her mouth open and the otter inserted a vibrator coated with hot sauce into her mouth and prevented her from spitting it out. "If you're going to be a good bunny, then I'm going to take this out."

Her mouth was on fire instantly. She tried to indicate that she was going to be good as much as she could from the pain.

He took the vibrator out of her mouth. "You'll get water in about one hour if you behave. Go back to the lion. Learn your place."

The otter turned his back towards her along with the three panthers. She forced herself to walk back to the lion, her ears were drooping. Tears were in her eyes from the pain.

The lion walked with her and they entered the room again.

He sat on the floor. "Sit."

She tried lowering her ass on the appendage.

"That's not the correct way to sit. Haven't they trained you properly?" The lion lifted her off his cock. "Clean it."

Her mouth was burning still. She forced herself to lick the lion's dick clean. He started moaning from pleasure, she figured it was due to the hot sauce. The dick gave her a potent whiff of lion musk in the process.

This time she tried lowering her pussy on his dick.

"That's a good bunny."

His dick was way too large for her.

She tried to let more of his dick in.

"You must be thirsty." The lion shoved her face into his armpit. "Drink."

Even lion sweat was a welcome addition to her mouth. She became quite familiar with his musk. It was all she could smell and taste. The act of her drinking his sweat turned him on enough to cum into her pussy. Only a third of his dick was in. His sperm overflowed, leaking down his shaft. He used his claw to wipe up a glob of semen. "Some milk."

She sucked it off his claw obediently. He repeated the process and fed it to her.

"Everything will be okay because I am here." He fed her some of her tears with a grin. "A strong lion makes everything better."

She welcomed anything that gave her moisture. An hour was so far away.

The end of the day was approaching, and they were still wasting time ticketing parked cars. Chief Bogo didn't allow Wilde or Fangmeyer to help Precinct Three in analyzing collected evidence. It was beneath them. Nick and Nadine stopped a few instances of petty theft but it still felt like a waste.

Since he agreed with Nadine's plan earlier, they confronted Chief Bogo.

"Sir, I'm here to ask that you reconsider Delgato and McHorn for mammal trafficking cases. We both think that it would be a better use of their talents, and we might be able to find Officer Hopps faster," Nadine said.

"Do you want to give them a chance to mess up again?" Chief Bogo asked.

Nick studied the buffalo for any signs of treachery, but he couldn't read anything off of that. "Yes."

Chief Bogo sighed. "Maybe, I have been too hard on them. If you're willing to forgive them."

"Thank you." Nick and Nadine took their leave.

"Now, all we need to do is wait," Nadine said. "It's rare that only two officers are involved in these cases. See you tomorrow."

"Another day wasted." Nick had his own lead to check out – Koslov's family. The odds of Precinct Three learning something was low, and every day was another day that Judy suffered. He headed directly towards Tundratown, hoping for some clues.

First, he stopped by Mr. Big to request some backup. If Koslov was there, entering unarmed was not the best move. In the end, he settled on entering the place unarmed with the guards close by in case anything went wrong. Mr. Big did not want to intrude on Koslov's family's life if it was avoidable. A potentially injured fox was something that Mr. Big was willing to accept. They both thought it was unlikely for Koslov to be there so it was reasonably safe. His family should still be loyal.

All the houses on this block were made of ice. Since Tundratown was always cold, it made sense to use ice to show off extravagance. It gave the buildings a unique aesthetic.

"Hello?" Nick knocked on the house.

A polar bear opened the door. "What are you doing here?"

The only reason he was here was that he thought that Koslov wouldn't be. If Koslov was here, it would be far too dangerous for him to confront alone.

"Is Koslov here? I'm looking for him. He's part of this graphic video." Nick showed the polar bear his cell phone. "If there's anything you can do to help, please."

The polar bear widened his eyes upon seeing the beginning. "Come on in." He led him to a spacious dining room. "I don't understand why my son would do this."

They spent twenty minutes watching the video. Nick turned away because it featured Judy.

"Can you think of anything that would help?"

"He took a new job that seemed too good to be true a month ago."

Someone was knocking on the door again.

"I'll get it," a cub yelled from a side room.

"Okay, do you know where?" Nick turned his head towards the sounds of incoming footsteps. "What are you doing here?" He saw Nadine walking towards them.

Nadine quickly drew her tranquilizer gun. "Put your paws up where I can see them." Apparently, she had one for personal use which was probably lethal. Given the vast differences between animal species, the dosage was likely either too much or too little. What she was holding was probably illegal. Nadine wasn't in uniform either. She wore casual blue clothes.

"Seriously?" Nick couldn't believe that Nadine was here. Even though it wasn't pointed at the polar bear, the polar bear had his paws up just the same.

"If you run, I will shoot."

Nick didn't move, and Nadine got around to cuffing his paws together. They weren't cuffs used by the police department but for bondage. That didn't mean they were easy to break either. She did her best to point the gun at the polar bear next.

"Send help," the cub said from a different room. "I'm scared. There's some crazy tiger with a gun."

Nadine blinked as if she was in a dazed state. She removed Nick's cuffs and passed the gun to him which was too big for him to hold.

"Brilliant plan. I'll be sure to take lessons from you," Nick didn't find anyone arriving appealing. If it was the mafia, then that caused one set of problems. If it was the actual police, that caused another set of problems. "What did you think was going to happen? Aren't you breaking several laws?"

"It's a toy, Nick."

"Just what are you doing here?"

She pointed to the cell phone placed in the middle of the table. "How about that?"

The polar bears took a minute to arrive. Nick recognized them as Raymond and Kevin.

"Really?" Nick could hardly believe his eyes. She was hiding behind him.

"We're okay," Koslov's father said. "Everything's fine."

"Morris called us, and we came," Kevin said.

"I think there's been a misunderstanding somewhere." Koslov's father brought them up to speed to the best of his ability.

"Would you mind explaining why you're showing that to him?" She pointed to the phone.

"I'm his father." He pointed to the bear on the screen.

"So, in a case where we don't have official leads, you've been hiding this from us," Nadine said.

"Why are you even here?" Nick asked again.

"After receiving that video, you made an excuse to leave, so I tracked you. Then, you lied to me today. I decided to follow you."

“And your bright idea was to barge in with a toy gun, acting as if you had a real one.” He didn’t realize that he failed to sell the bluff.

"Didn't know if you were one of those cops that sneak their guns out, and it was possible that you needed help. It's the best that I thought of on such short notice," she said. "So, why have you hidden this from the department?"

"I'm friends with them," Nick said. "Or was."

"And you didn't disclose that back then. Don't you think that would be vital knowledge? You let the department get involved, we even raided your friend's place."

"I uh." Nick struggled to think of what to say. Revealing that they were part of the mafia would not be the correct move.

"You either explain to me or I'm reporting everything to Chief Bogo. I might've misidentified who the corrupt cops were."

"You think that I'm involved?" Nick's fur bristled at the suggestion.

"Well, someone sent you this video, and you neglected to inform me of your ties with the bear in the video. Plus, police reports are only valid if we can believe the source."

He noticed that Kevin and Raymond moved behind Nadine. If she noticed, she didn't give any indication.

"Was selling Judy fun?" Nadine said. "Was it worth it?"

"I did not sell her." Nick gritted his teeth. She was completely off base.

"No, but you're willing to cover for your … friends. It's all one big hustle to you, isn't it? Hope you can live with your conscience." She turned towards the bears. "Can't imagine that I will be able to reach my phone in time to call the police or that they'll arrive fast enough, but I'm sure we can come to an agreement." Nadine climbed on the table. She flung her shirt off. "Boys can always be swayed by something. What do you say?"

She tossed her bra away.

"Are you really going to start stripping? Seriously?"

"Do you have a better idea? They're certainly enjoying the show."

"Ahem. I would like to finish watching the video that my son was a part of," Koslov's father said. "I'll just go and watch this while you settle your differences." He took the cell phone and went into another room.

Nadine slowly took off her pants.

Nick really thought that he should stop this, but it's not like he could plead for leniency on her behalf and succeed. She was a security threat. He prayed that Morris did not come outside because that would land them all in so much trouble.

If he didn't stop this, Nadine would probably end up having sex with the polar bears.

"Best out of three," Raymond said.

Of all the absurd things to happen today, Raymond and Kevin were playing rock paper scissors, probably for the right of who gets to rape Nadine. Raymond won the game.

Nadine waited until she got the bears' attention and slowly took off her panties.

Nick prayed for Koslov's father to return. He couldn't imagine that he would be fine with this.

She even started fingering herself, but the bears haven't touched her yet.

"Why don't we play?" She moaned while she sucked her claw seductively as it glistened with her juices.

Raymond inserted one claw into her ass, plunging his claw deep into the hole. He presented the claw for the tiger to lick. There were small rivulets of blood dripping down the claw. Nadine wasn't able to hide her distaste but licked it clean anyway.

"Got a better seat for you, kitty." Raymond sat where Nadine did with his erect dick pointing upwards. She slowly lowered herself onto it. She moaned as it penetrated her ass.

Koslov's father walked out of the room. "That was horrible to watch." He scanned the room. "I trust kitty is now part of our family?"

"Good kitty." He rubbed between her ears.

"Anyway, as I was saying, he's received a new job offer that seemed too good to be true. One month ago." Koslov's father flicked the cell phone over to Nick and Nadine.

"What was he going to work as?"

"Bedroom mural painter. No experience needed. Training provided. An excellent start to a new career combined with some cash in advance. Given his previous occupation, I can understand his excitement. It did require him to relocate to Bunnyburrow. Morris started living with me as a result. We weren't comfortable entering a bear cub into a school filled with bunnies."

Nick dropped his jaw in shock. He didn't think he would learn this little bit.

"Nick, someone sent you a few text messages," Nadine said.

He had seven messages in total. "Let me see."

The first three were in all lower case. They were separate words. "rainforest. chief. bad."

A mere twenty seconds later, there was another message, "Ten minutes Sheldon's." The sender sent another message consisting solely of the word "from."

About a minute later, the sender sent, "16969 Shady Place." They hastily added, "Mr. Fang."

"From the timestamps, the sender might be in distress," Nadine said. "The last one-" she moaned, "two messages might be typed by a different mammal. Why give a vague location then a more precise one later?"

"Great, so a trap for me." Nick tried not to let the scent of sex bother him.

"Seeing as the chief might be involved, I don't think we can inform Chief Bogo," her voice quivered since Raymond was fucking her in the process.

"Kitty will keep fox safe, won't she?" Raymond shot his load into Nadine's ass.

"Yes, kitty will. I have a friend that can help us."

"Time for kitty to go."

Nick couldn't believe the chain of events that happened, and how he didn't try to stop it. She didn't even bother to clean up before gathering her garments and putting them on. Bear cum was still leaking out of her when she put her panties on. They walked outside to the cars and she acted as if nothing was amiss.

"Get in, I'm driving." Nadine insisted on taking hers since his was a bit too small for a tiger.

"About what just happened… you just."

"If you were in their position, would you have wanted in? Keep in mind, you didn't stop it," After a minute, Nadine said, "Don't answer that. We have work to do."

"What are you going to do about them?" Nick asked.

"Whatever I want. Now, let's talk about you. Do I need to keep an eye on you?"

"Why are you so eager to go there anyway?" Nick asked. "The trap is for me."

"It could be Judy sending the messages."

"Maybe, but it's still bait."

"That you're going to take anyway. If I didn't misjudge you."

"This is going to make our jobs awkward if we assume that Chief Bogo can't be trusted," Nadine said.

"The message just said chief. Not which."

"True, but I'm working on the assumption that it's Judy sending the message. Unless if you have any friends that might be in distress? This would be a good time to let me know."

It was surprising to see her drive them to Precinct Five.

"That's your big plan? May I remind you that the text was about the Rainforest District?" Nick thought asking other sources would be better.

"If you think it's too risky, I'll do it without you."

Nick followed her. It was the best shot that he had.

"Can I talk to Chief Growley?" Nadine said when she saw the officer at the front desk.

Nick had reservations since he thought that she was a bit too hasty to assume that it was Chief Bogo and not anyone else.

"I need a favor," Nadine said.

"Of course." The chief reached into the drawer for a large baby bottle filled with white fluid. He passed it to Nadine.

She squeezed some onto her tongue. "So, my friend here received these text messages. We don't think that Chief Bogo can be trusted." She placed Nick's cell phone on the desk. She took another sip from the bottle.

As Nick studied Nadine, she didn't seem to dislike the taste either. Part of him wanted to know what she was drinking yet another part wanted to remain ignorant. Some secrets were best left unsaid. The lion's face didn't give away anything either.

"I wonder if these two things are related. We did receive this message about ten minutes ago," Chief Growley said. "We've been trying to glean something from it given its priority. Caller ID shows it as the same mammal. We had to adjust the volume a bit to prevent it from shattering eardrums. Our technicians are trying to isolate background noise for something."

"I'm Judy H-Hopps. I'm being raped by an – an otter." There was a primal scream. "And a w-wolf. Near some computer hardware –"

"Well, we have a location. We need to go now," Nadine placed the half-empty baby bottle on the desk. The chief took it and put it back in the drawer.

Nick couldn't believe that, that was Judy. It sounded like they were actively raping her while the call was going on.

"She probably won't be there anymore by the time we arrive. I'll have mammals pouring over the traffic cam footage too," Chief Growley said. "Let's move."

The chief provided them with proper equipment for the mission. He even assigned them a police cruiser. They drove towards the indicated location with a team.

16969 Shady Place was the address of a Cyber Shop. The police wasted no time in smashing the door open. Nick sniffed the air for anything unusual, but there was nothing. It was a normal computer hardware store. Sure, there were a few strands of fur here and there, but that was expected.

"So, what's next? Analyze every strand of fur?" Nick said. He inspected the contents of the computer store so far. "A bit dated. Low tech."

"Just because it's above the precious time of Precinct One, it doesn't mean that it's a waste," a panther said.

Nick stared at the officer incredulously. "I never said that."

"You might want to look at this," a jaguar said. "Look at this stairway."

It was a trap door that someone chose to leave open.

"And that would be a trap," Nick said. "Bet they have explosives rigged somewhere."

"I think you've been watching too many movies." The jaguar went inside.

"Why else would they leave it open?"

"Cause they're sloppy."

"Nadine, can't you stop him?"

"Chief, what are your orders?" Nadine said. "We found a trap door, and Nick thinks that it's a trap. Officer Speedy went on in."

"Officer Speedy reporting, There's so much death."

"Not again!" Chief Growley snarled. He stomped on in. "Search everything."

"Again? Do you know what he's talking about?" Nick said.

"Come on," Nadine said.

He followed her inside while thinking it was a bad idea. The only reason he felt this was because the trap door was open. Otherwise, it would blend in seamlessly into the floor.

They already encountered one puddle of sexual fluids. As they advanced deeper into the complex. He saw some rabbits with their throats slit. There were a few squirrels. Judging by their bodies, they were sexually active and all of them were naked. At least, the corpses belonged to mammals he didn't recognize.

"There's a dead panther that's wearing something," Nick said. The other corpses they encountered so far were prey. Every single body he encountered, made him terrified. There was always a chance that Judy was among the dead.

"I've got a live panther," an officer said over the radio.

Chapter Text

An hour was just sixty minutes. Sixty minutes was only three thousand and six hundred seconds. There are twenty-four hours in a day. No matter how Judy tried to speed up the passage of time, it simply wasn't working.

A lion's cock was impaling her pussy. She also had to continuously sniff his armpits and drink his sweat. The lion also fed her globs of cum. Her mouth was still on fire.

Judy was in a trance. Every single time the lion fed her cum, she swallowed it obediently. There wasn't much else she could do.

Suddenly, the lion lifted her off his cock. She didn't know what to say when he rubbed her nose into the cum that dribbled out of her pussy on the floor.

He walked out of the room.

She was still on the ground when the otter arrived in the room with a pet bowl filled with water.

"Let me help you with that." The otter placed his paw into the pool of cum.

Judy thought he was going to feed it to her, so she opened her mouth. Unexpectedly, he used his digits to smear globs of cum into her nostrils.

"No," Judy protested. When she inhaled instinctively, she got a whiff of lion musk.

"Stay, or no water."

She remained still until the otter was happy with his work. If she disobeyed, harsher punishments would follow, and she wouldn't have any water then. The otter slowly coated the insides of her nose with cum.

"Drink up."

Judy looked at the water with dead bugs floating inside. She figured that she didn't have a choice, so she just drank what she could. Eating bugs would be another challenge and she didn't know how it would go since she was an herbivore. At least, he didn't ask her to eat the bugs left in the bowl. She was thankful for that.

"The lion didn't complain during the remainder of his visit."

"What do you want?" Judy cried, thinking that he wanted something horrible. Her nose kept breathing in lion musk. She dared to wipe the cum off her nose since it was bothering her. It didn't even make a dent in the scent that she was breathing in, but it was the most that she dared to do in his presence. Part of her expected him to ask her to lick it off her paws given what he did to her earlier.


Judy followed while thinking that the otter had something nefarious planned. She took careful note of the doors they passed on by, the only thing that looked different was the number on them. The potent scent of lion musk was an unwelcome distraction at times. Her ears could pick up that some of the rooms were still in use. There were two guards at the end of this wing.

"I hope you know what you're doing, boss," the panther said.

"Thank you for your concern," the otter said.

The otter showed her around the place. "This is the dining room and there's a kitchen inside too." She could see naked prey animals eating and talking to each other. A few of them were wearing wet diapers. They were eating real food, a nearby clock showed that it was eleven at night. "Go on, say hello."

"Hi," she said.

A naked bunny got up from the table and walked next to her. She sniffed her. "How was the lion?"

"Smart girl," the otter rubbed that bunny's head affectionately.

"Not my kind of thing," Judy said.

"That's a shame. Name's Pearl. Maybe you can trade it away next time."


"Yeah, so you end up with something better."

Judy watched the brown bunny walk back to her table.

"Come, I have places to show you still," the otter said. The rabbit returned to her table and continued eating.

She had no idea what trading even meant, and felt that it was unwise to ask. The idea that she would be able to pick and choose seemed crazy.

The otter showed her the bathroom, they didn't go inside but she did hear crying and pleading. "That is the bathroom."

"Can I go clean myself?" She wanted relief from the scent of lion cum.

"After I finish giving you the tour." The otter showed her another room that had games. It was disconcerting to see naked animals playing card games together as if nothing was amiss. She also noted that some of them wore diapers yet again. "If you can't find a game, don't hesitate to ask."

There were computers in that room, and she hypothesized that they didn't have access to the internet. Although, there was always a chance that she was wrong. The very idea of playing games in this place was absurd.

"There are beds in this wing." The otter gestured to a hall that led to multiple rooms. "You may use them to sleep."

"Which bed is mine?"


The otter guided her to the entrance. There were two white bunnies booking mammals for their stay. The bunnies were wearing used diapers but otherwise naked. She counted the number of panthers that she saw in the lobby, there were at least ten. The visitors had no qualms about outlining what they wanted to experience.

A few of their requests were quite graphic and some of them seemed extremely painful. Judy hoped that she wouldn't have one of those clients. It was disturbing enough that she regretted not staying with the panthers.

"Umm, just tell me now, do I have a chance of dying here?" Judy asked.

"If you behave," one diapered bunny said.

"You will never see the grave," the other diapered bunny said.

They were both naked white rabbits that wore soaked diapers.

"The same cannot be said for pain."

'That might drive you insane."

Judy was shaking visibly now upon learning all that. This place seemed far worse compared to the mammals that enslaved her before.

"Can I go to the bathroom? Is the tour over yet?" She didn't know if she would lose control of her bladder and the potent scent of lion cum was still bothering her.

One of the diapered bunnies licked her ass.

"Eep!" She didn't expect that.

The bunny shoved her nose into Judy's ass and sniffed. "Wrong end?"

"Aren't you happy, friend?"

Judy blinked. These two bunnies talked in rhyme so far.

"Let her fill in the form first then you can show her a good time," the otter said.

"She better not get things wet."

"We will never forget," the one that licked her ass said.

The bunny hopped off the stool and motioned for her to sit. It was dripping with piss that leaked from her diaper.

"Do not hesitate."

"For we control your fate."

Judy knew that she couldn't avoid sitting on the soaked stool. With some slight hesitation, she leaped onto the seat. The computer displayed her profile. She noted that one of the bunnies resumed working at the counter.

"Check everything that you're into, and we'll go from there," the otter said.

"What if I'm not into anything? I wouldn't be here if it was my choice and I didn't consent to what happened earlier."

"Then check every service that you're willing to perform. Certainly, you must have some preferences. It would be a shame if something like that were to repeat itself."

"Say, I leave everything blank, what happens then?"

"Then you'll end up with requests that you can't trade away. The more you check, the more choice you potentially have."

"Some of these terms are unfamiliar to me, like 'boofing' and a 'devil's triangle.'"

"Why haven't you two added a dictionary to that?" the otter asked.

"It is not our intention."

"Some terms happened to be beyond her comprehension."

"We do recommend leaving those clear."

"One doesn't want to unwillingly consume beer."

"Are you two just forcing out rhymes or something?" Judy didn't know why they would bring up alcohol.

"There are enough requests for a glossary."

"We have been convinced that it is necessary."

"If it's any consolation."

"It will be there after the next iteration."

Judy checked everything that she thought was bearable. It wasn't like there was ever a correct answer to "how do you want to be raped?"

"Done," Judy said. She filled out the fetish preferences table to the best of her ability.

"All right, you two may play with her," the otter said.

"It's time to play."

"We can make her want to stay."

The two diapered bunnies escorted her to the middle of the lobby. It was unsettling how everyone in the lobby moved towards the walls to observe including the few that were waiting in line. A few had sense and decided to leave. Not a single mammal dared to complain.

The bunny that licked her ass earlier was now drinking piss out of her fur since the stool got her wet. The other got down on her knees in front of her and started licking her pussy.

"Little bunny wanted to use the toilet."

"Just let go like a feral rabbit."

"Nearly everything here is by consent."

"Unless if you need to repent."

"I don't have the luxury of voluntary consent here." Judy couldn't stop herself from moaning from their licks. "I'm a sex slave and not by choice."

"There is no need for escape."

"If one happens to enjoy rape."

"This is wrong." Judy said. "You two can't enjoy this."

"If we hated it, don't you think we want it to be over?"

"If we liked it, why hold it from us?"

"Maybe it's an act."

"Maybe it's a fact."

Judy moaned from their licks. "I won't."

"You will."

"Anyone will."

"Are all you freaks just going to watch this?" Judy shouted at the mammals watching the perverted display.

"Give us our supper."

"Or you will suffer."

"A plug will work quite well."

"As your body experiences hell."

"There is nothing wrong with finding joy."

"While living as a toy."

"You may walk away."

"But you will pay."

"We will always have our way," they said in unison.

"I can't do this to you," Judy said.

"You don't care about us."

"Quit making such a fuss."

"Maybe we want it to end."

"Or we are beyond your ability to comprehend."

"Every bunny has some honey."

"That you can give to us without feeling funny."

"It's quite a shame.

"That you don't enjoy this game."

"Will we be in pain?

"While you remain sane."

"You can rejoice."

"For making this choice."

"Just let go."

"So, they can enjoy the show."

"We sentence them to burn."

"Maybe it's our turn."

They cackled madly.

Judy didn't know if that was just part of their desperation for rhymes or if they actually sentenced mammals to burn. It wasn't on the fetish form that she just filled out. She pissed, aiming to make them uncomfortable.

"What delicious drink," the bunny in front said after swallowing the piss without any hesitation. That bunny resumed licking her pussy in between their rhymes.

"It's my turn don't you think?" the one behind said.

"All mammals need is proper motivation."

"To perform in any situation."

"Wait he tortured you both? To this?" Judy had a suspicion that was what happened.

"Are we broken?"

"Or simply outspoken?"

"I want a meal."

"A shame you still can't see the appeal."

The otter decided this went on long enough. He advanced towards the bunny in front and spanked her once. "Let's see if her suffering will change your mind."

"All you need to do is perform."

"We are more than happy to conform."

"Two," the otter swatted her again.

"Will you watch me cry?"

"Because you don't want to try?"

"Three." The otter swung his paw on her ass again.

This time the rabbit seemed to be in genuine discomfort.

"What if I decide to leave?" Judy asked.

"Oh, save your breath."

"Maybe you'll condemn us to death."

"Rabbit flesh has a succulent taste."

"It certainly would not be a waste."

"How can you two not be afraid?" Judy said.

"Do we not display fear?"

"Or do we simply not act like deer?"

"There are ways to cope."

"Maybe we've simply lost all hope."

"What I know is true."

"Is that you only care about you."

"That might be a sin."

"But we count it as a win."

Judy finally gave in to their demands. She watched the rabbit behind her chew and swallow. The rabbit didn't seem to dislike what she was doing. There were no signs of distress from her pink eyes. That rabbit even licked her clean. It was completely different compared to her encounter with Becky.

"A great performance out of the gate."

"Your stay here is going to be great."

"Do you think a bunny centipede can survive?" the otter asked.

It was quite unsettling how fast everything changed. The bunny in front of her took off her soaked diaper. She tackled the otter to the floor and wrapped it around his face. "We are NOT going there. I don't care what octopus god you worship planted that idea into your head. Get it through your head that it's not happening, Sidney!"

The other bunny cuffed the otter's paws together after retrieving a set of cuffs from his pocket.

Judy blinked. "Are you sure that was a smart move? He's already shouting lots of threats." She also carefully noted the otter's name even though it didn't mean anything to her yet.

They both shredded the otter's clothes. "Oh, he's got one of these too."


"Let her do the honors."

She approached Judy with the vibrator coated in hot sauce. If Judy wasn't mistaken, it might've been the same one that the otter shoved into her mouth earlier. It looked the same even though it was dry.

"You want to, don't you?"

"Won't something horrible happen to me?" Judy asked.

"We choose what happens here. You are safe."

The two rabbits worked together to pry the otter's mouth open. Judy's paws trembled as she approached the restrained otter. She wondered if he was pleading for mercy.

"Shouldn't you ask him first?" Judy said.

"Are you sure that he's the boss around here? Maybe he's a simple slave just like you. Go on, unless if you want to disappoint us. Maybe you want his treat instead."

The memories of what the otter did to her gave her the resolve to proceed. She shoved the vibrator into his mouth with a vengeance. The otter started crying as he struggled pitifully on the floor.

"Have fun with him." The rabbit dragged the otter to the middle of the floor. "I'm Sasha."

Sasha was the one that drank Judy's piss.

"And I'm Tasha," the other rabbit said. Tasha was the one that gave her the vibrator.

A panther started fucking the otter. He thrusted his dick in and out of his ass.

"You can watch this, but you do have a client at nine. It's currently two in the morning."

"Is there any way that I can leave?" Judy asked.

"What do you think? I wouldn't walk out there for the night is dark and full of terrors. None of us will stop you."

"If you want some stress relief, just wait until it's your turn with Sidney," Tasha said.

Judy decided that leaving this place wasn't the smartest move since she was tired. She went to the bathroom to clean herself up. Thankfully, there wasn't anything depraved happening in front of her since earlier she heard crying and pleading from within.

The bathroom was unexpectedly clean compared to how she expected it would be. She spent forever in the shower trying to rid herself of the lion cum. That the otter wedged into her nostrils earlier today. It didn't seem to help no matter how much she cleaned; every breath she took she inhaled that lion's scent. The frustrated bunny gave up, she brushed her teeth and headed off to bed.

On the way there, she did see one rabbit with her face buried in a squirrel's pussy while they were sleeping. Some of the occupants in the other rooms had similar sleeping positions. There was one bed that no one was using, and it seemed devoid of sexual fluids from what she could see.

She jumped on the bed to sleep. It had been a long and tiring day. Her mind wouldn't stop replaying her encounter with Sasha and Tasha. It was unthinkable to her that the otter managed to train them to such a degree. The other possibility was that those two actually enjoyed what they did, and she didn't know which one terrified her more. They did take down the otter in a flash, and the panthers didn't step in to save him.

There had to be a way to leave before they turned her into someone like that. They forced her to endure so far, but not to enjoy. Anyone could tell her smiles and performances were fake, but she couldn't tell if theirs were. The amount of torture that someone had to endure to turn into that terrified her.

There were so many dead mammals within this place. They counted thirty different prey animals so far. Most of them were rabbits and squirrels along with the odd chipmunk. Nick and Nadine advanced deeper into the complex together.

"I recognize her," Nadine said. It was one of the streamers that they failed to rescue. "She's one of the first streamers to go missing."

"The room looked as if it was made for streaming." Nick turned the computer on.

"This is going to take quite some time to investigate. Her last performance was earlier today."

"Wilde, you'll want to hear this," an officer said over the radio. "Hopps was here earlier."

Nadine went with Nick to where that officer was. They found a naked panther on the bed with three officers along with Chief Growley.

"Tell me what happened," Nick said.

Rafael recounted what happened to him recently, including the cruel game that they forced him to play. "I was going to be her slave, and I do not doubt that she would make me suffer."

"You're lying," Nick said. "I don't believe you." The idea that Judy would treat someone like that was unfathomable. "Do we have anything that can corroborate his lie?"

"Have you checked the footage?" Rafael told them where the footage was.

"Come." Chief Growley made them go outside so the panther was out of hearing range. "You two are dismissed. Wouldn't want to keep Precinct One's precious officers from their sacred duty of ticketing parked cars."

"I don't like those assignments either," Nick said.

"We are rather ill-equipped to tackle a case of this magnitude. Additional assistance is required for timely results."

"I can persuade Chief Bogo to provide assistance," Nadine said.

"Given what the text messages seemed to imply, are you certain that it's the right call?"

"Yes, it's not like we have much choice. He's not someone that can be replaced on such short notice. We didn't find any conclusive evidence of corruption yet."

"Good luck, Fangmeyer."

Nick and Nadine walked out of the base they discovered. Nick partially wanted to linger and help, but the odds of uncovering something were low, and he had work tomorrow too. They were going to stop by the precinct to return the gear and retrieve their civilian clothes.

"Your car is still in Tundratown. I guess I'll drop you off there?" Nadine said.

"Sure, what's your plan regarding Chief Bogo?"

"Just leave it to me."

Nick felt it was time to bring up this topic again given the lull in the conversation. "So, did you enjoy what you did with those polar bears earlier?"

"Does it change what happened if I did? You and I both know what could've easily happened. It was only a matter of time. Males are easier to persuade before they make their minds up."

"I'm sorry," Nick said.

"There's no need to be. That just makes you like everyone else."

After a quick stop at the precinct, they headed to Tundratown. As they drew closer to where he parked the car, Nick said, "Are you sure that you want to get that close?"

"My relationship with them is my own concern. What, are you scared that you might witness another show? I still don't know if you enjoyed the first one."

"I did not."

"But would you enjoy the second?"


"What you think is true, might not be so."

The car was there just as he left it. He couldn't believe that she was brave enough to drive him back there. The tiger dropped him off and headed home.

They were in the bullpen while waiting for Chief Bogo to give out assignments. Nick kept thinking about what Nadine said to him yesterday. He couldn't rationalize it in such a way that he wasn't partially responsible for Nadine being raped. The tigress didn't seem to care too much, but it was still his fault.

"May I speak for a moment?" Nadine asked. After receiving permission, she said, "Last night, Officer Wilde received a few suspicious text messages. We brought them to Chief Growley of Precinct Five. The location turned out to be a base of sorts. There were so many bodies that the precinct needs additional help to analyze everything promptly. Our best guess is that Officer Hopps sent those messages considering she used the same number for a phone call while in distress."

"What's the meaning of this, Fangmeyer?"

"Those very messages implicated that you were corrupt, Chief Bogo. Good luck trying to bury this," Nadine smiled. "You wouldn't have any idea why this happened, would you?"

"Why confront me here then?"

"Because even corrupt police are useful and it's better to work with you than your theoretical replacement. The other possibility is that it's a tactic for our enemies to sow distrust and division within our ranks. I do not know if you're corrupt but I need to be prepared for the possibility that you might be."

There were several gasps in the room.

Nick studied Chief Bogo for any hints of surprise, but his stern face gave away nothing.

"I do not know why Officer Hopps would choose to send those messages. Regardless, we will utilize all the resources we can for this case. The assignments I had planned are no longer appropriate. Fangmeyer, Wilde, please come into my office."

They went into Chief Bogo's office. It was clear that he was not happy about the turn of events.

"This stunt of yours wasted valuable time," Chief Bogo said.

"Better that than have something buried forever. It wouldn't be hard for you to make someone disappear," Nadine said.

"That does not happen."

"No? A few deaths here and there. A tragedy sure if you didn't have an ulterior motive. There are ways to silence someone. Let me see what you have planned for today."

"No, you tell me what happened first."

They briefed Chief Bogo on what happened during that raid. Nick watched as Fangmeyer worked out a plan. He noted how she split McHorn and Delgato up. The chief did not visibly react to that bit of information. Even with everything going on, the Chief had allocated quite a few cops to parking duty. Fangmeyer saw those as non-essential so she reassigned them to various tasks within the Rainforest District.

"Is this agreeable?" Nadine asked.

"Yes," Chief Bogo said. "However, we cannot maintain it for too long though since Parking Duty is essential for taking care of minor crimes. Your plan is politically unviable in the long run."

"Then you better hope that it doesn't take too long."

"They'll simply replace me with someone that sees eye to eye with them."

"Is there something useful that you can do?" Nadine asked.

"There might be districts dealing with lighter than expected caseloads, those resources might be freely given. However, that requires dealing with other chiefs. It's a complicated process that doesn't significantly improve the rate at which cases are solved. Usually, it's not worth bothering with."

"All the chiefs within Zootopia are your subordinates, and I'm hearing that you don't like interacting with them? Isn't that your primary job?"

"I like to leave them to their own devices. It works out better that way, usually."

"Do something useful, and get us those resources," Nadine said.

"All right, all right. We've kept everyone waiting long enough."

They went back into the bullpen. Chief Bogo declared, "Starting from today we are prioritizing our resources in rescuing Officer Hopps. This position is not politically viable so we only have a few weeks at most. Assignments –"

Chapter Text

Time passed way too quickly. She had such a good night's sleep that it was noon already. Panic set in since she wasn't sure how much trouble she was in. Quickly, she dashed to the room assigned to her hoping that they would show her mercy. The scent of lion cum was still on her mind every time she took a breath.

"You finally showed up." A panther was waiting for her in her room.

"How much trouble am I in?" Judy asked.

"That depends on you."

"What do I need to do?"

"Let me explain how our system works. Every single day we will give you different tasks to complete. These tasks are sorted by different colors. Purple ones must be completed by someone else but the points are yours. Yellow ones are tasks that you can trade away or give to someone else but whoever completed it will receive the points. Red ones must be completed by you. And if you ever receive a blue one that means we'll force you to complete it even if you do not want to."

Judy didn't like the idea of blue tasks. "Do I have a choice of what color tasks I receive?"

"Under normal circumstances, you'll be receiving purple and yellow tasks. I think they limit it to two red tasks per week which you can refuse. You may receive a few blue tasks if the points you have were insufficient last week. Failure to complete tasks leads to a deduction of points."

"Great, so how many points do I need per week to not receive any blue tasks?"

"A thousand which you will be able to meet if you complete all your assigned tasks." The panther passed her a piece of paper with three cards on top of it. There was a big zero on the piece of paper. "You may receive tasks that add up to more than a thousand, but it will never be less on weekly basis. Although, they've been known to make a few mistakes here and there. Regardless of administrative errors, it is your responsibility to maintain your point total. Excess points may be carried over for future weeks or spent on certain perks. Please go to the entrance if you have any questions. Sasha and Tasha can help you further or if you need to beg for more tasks."

She reflected on what she just learned. Sasha and Tasha really did run this place. "Won't this paper easily get lost?" The cards she received also seemed to be part of a collectible card game that she didn't recognize. Although she theorized that the rules were probably in the game room.

"It may, that is not my problem. All your daily tasks will be delivered here until further notice. If you wish to change this arrangement, Sasha and Tasha may be of help."

"How many points have I lost so far?"

"I do not know, but you will receive an updated point total tomorrow." The panther walked away leaving her with a piece of paper and three cards with tasks on them.

She saw that the tiger she missed wanted a blowjob along with some hot wax play. It was a yellow task that was worth fifty points. There was one purple and one yellow one for her to complete today still. The purple one had a time, a short description and a few fetishes listed. It required whomever to eat a bar of soap at the very minimum.

Her yellow task involved a rabbit and vaginal sex. That sounded like a bad idea since she didn't want to get pregnant. She had tons of free time it seemed although she had to find a way to get rid of both of those cards. The yellow one was worth a hundred points and the purple one was worth only forty.

She headed to the bathroom first to brush her teeth. The sounds of pleading and begging that she heard the day before became clear. There was a leopard that held the rabbit's head underneath the toilet water while she blew bubbles in an open stall.

"Please no more," she said.

"Again." He pushed the rabbit's head underneath the water once more.

At least, it looked clean per her observations. Judy tried to put it out of her mind as she brushed her teeth.

The leopard yelled from the stall, "Do you want to join in?"

Judy reflexively spat out the water in her mouth from shock. Once she regained her composure, she just focused on rinsing her mouth with the intent of leaving as soon as she finished.

"I'm talking to you."

"What do you mean?" Judy asked.

"Like have her clean your paws or something. You know, stuff like that."

"What's in it for me?"

"Forget it."

Judy didn't hear any sound of struggling for the last minute so she checked on that stall again. The doe wasn't moving, and the leopard was still holding the doe's head underwater. "Are you killing her?" If the leopard did, she thought of ways that she could take down the unarmed predator.

"Oh, no, she's still alive. Don't you worry," the leopard said dismissively. "Can I play with you? I'm offering fifty points."

"Alive, how?"

"Like this." The leopard placed the unmoving doe onto the floor. He kicked her stomach which caused her to gasp and spit out some water. "See? Still alive."

The doe was hacking and coughing on all fours. "Please I'll do anything else even if I have to play with you for two more hours."

"Now, you're talking. We do have an hour left still."

The doe cried upon hearing that. "How can that be possible?" Her ears pointed downwards and she looked pitiful.

"Now, what are you willing to do for me? or you go back in." The leopard turned towards Judy "Hey, rabbit, last chance, do you want to join in?"

"No, thank you." Judy hightailed it out of there. The bathrooms were a scary place. Part of her wondered if that was the reason why some of the prey animals were wearing diapers. She also learned that tasks might be prolonged due to spontaneous arrangements.

She went to the dining room to get rid of her cards along with her piece of paper.

"You're new here," a squirrel said. "Come with me." The squirrel took her arm and dragged her to the game room. "Find your name and put stuff in your binder. Oh, and there is one strict rule around here. If you steal, you have a high chance of dying."


"Yes, they burned the last thief alive. Sometimes they do nothing." The squirrel shivered.

Her memory quickly jumped back to that twisted rhyme. "Isn't that a bit extreme? What is there to steal?"

"The cards. Sasha and Tasha sometimes like to play, anyone who wins against them gets a reward. Everyone's cards are in this room. None of us can stop you, but they might."

"Do we keep the cards after servicing mammals?"

"No, they'll confiscate those. A few of us have begged Sasha and Tasha for more cards as a result."

"Is this worth anything?" Judy pointed to the piece of paper she was holding.

"Yes, they might lie about the points you have if you don't keep track."

Judy placed the piece of paper in the binder. "This one's useless, it expired already. The other side says, 'Ancient Bunnyburrow.' Is that worth anything?"

"I don't really keep up with it. I just know it exists and that some of us play. It would take over a year to get a full deck by yourself."

"Did they enslave everyone? Has anyone escaped? What's the longest one that's been here?"

"I think someone's been here for five years already. Don't know if any have escaped or if anyone's here willingly, but I hope no one is. If anyone's here willingly, it would be Sasha and Tasha."

Judy placed the Ancient Bunnyburrow card into the binder. She kept the other two in her paws. "I need to get rid of these two."

"Good luck, you have about an hour left to decide to do something with your purple one."

"How long have you been here?"

"Three years."

"Have you tried to escape?"

"Not yet. Life could be so much worse. The two that returned here unwillingly had their tongues removed. They hadn't tried to run away since. All they ask is that we have sex a few times a day, it's not so bad. We get a place to live and good food and some games. Well, see you around." The squirrel walked away.

She didn't like the sound of that. The squirrel sounded somewhat hopeful as if she liked living here. Although the penalty for failing to escape was harsh. She went back to the dining room, looking to get rid of the two cards that she had. Quite a few mammals were trying to trade cards, some of them were willing to barter sexual favors in addition to the trade.

"I'll take this one," a rabbit said.

"Do you want anything?" Judy studied the grey rabbit.

"Just do me a favor later. The name's Marina." She took the purple card.

She traded her yellow card away for one that required her to service a fox along with preferences of anal and oral listed and cum. It was only worth forty points, however.

The fox would be waiting for her in about thirty minutes. Maybe, it was an unwise decision, but she decided to eat lunch – a quick salad to quench her hunger. As unexpected as it was – the food here was good.

After a quick bite, she went to the room and waited for the fox to arrive.

"Hello," she greeted the fox. "What can I do for you?"

"Put this on." He took out a diaper.

"I'm out of here."

The fox tried to tackle her, but she kicked him in the face and ran to the nearest panther.

"This fox is causing problems. He tried to diaper me." She showed the panther the yellow card in her paw.

"Go to the front desk."

She went to the front desk as instructed. The panther brought the complaining fox here as well.

"Hey, Judy," Sasha said. "Do you want to play again?"

"He's causing problems," the panther said. "Tried to ask for extra service."

"Giving you twenty points for that."

"She wasn't willing to play," the fox complained.

"And you tried to make her provide extra service. Will you pay the fine?" Tasha asked.

"She's the problem here."

"Is she now? Shall we watch the video?"

"You're going to trust her?" The fox was angry. "She's a good for nothing slut."

"I'll take that as a yes. Sasha, this will take a few minutes." Tasha led them to a room with a ton of surveillance cameras.

Judy noted that the room had two panther guards stationed outside.

The footage displayed the fox trying to put a diaper on Judy.

"So, are you going to pay the fine?" Tasha asked.

"How much?"

"A thousand."

"That's outrageous. Go to hell."

"Sounds like a fabulous idea. Let's go to hell." Tasha giggled.

They went to the bathroom next where there was a trap door. Other mammals were having sex in the stalls but that wasn't even a concern to them. The fox did want to linger, but Tasha didn't permit it.

"Welcome to hell. Foxes were made by the devil or I think that's how the legend goes. You might survive."

"Isn't this a bit harsh?" Judy said. She can't believe they were about to toss the protesting fox into the furnace.

"Are you saying that you want to be raped?"

"Well no, but I don't think he should die."

"See? The slut misses me," the fox said. "She can't live without my intoxicating scent."

"Actually, can I toss him in?" Judy asked.

"Sure!" Tasha said.

Judy tossed the fox into the furnace. The devil didn't make this fox after all. She enjoyed the sounds the fox made before he became silent.

"I knew you'd like it here."

"No, I actually want to leave."

"You can leave at any time. Once beyond these premises, it might be quite unsafe. I think there's a wolf that collects tongues."

"Why don't you provide me with an escort then?" Judy knew they wouldn't let her go, but she wanted to try to persuade them anyway. "At least, long enough until I meet my friends."

"Because I don't want to risk losing them. Anyway, let me know if someone else gives you trouble."

Judy took that as her cue to leave. She was on the lookout for yet another yellow card. This time, she didn't have one to trade. Part of her wondered if she had to offer sexual favors to receive one.

"Anyone have yellow cards?" she asked in the dining room.

"I'll give you these two," a squirrel said.

One was a purple card that she would receive no points for. Another was a yellow card. The yellow card was worth sixty points and the purple one was worth eighty. Judy inspected the fetishes on them and thought if she was fine with them.


There was an hour for her to waste. She tried to trade the cards she had once again for something better. The hour went by without her completing a single trade and it was time for her to perform again.

She waited in the room for the wolf to arrive.

Oh no. She recognized this wolf as Marvin. "What are you doing here?" her voice quivered.

"Listen, I was… I went… maybe a bit overboard," Marvin said. "Please allow me to apologize."

"Don't suppose you can get me out of here?"

"Can't do that even if I wanted to."

"Go on, enjoy the rest of your day. I consider this finished."

"You're letting me go?" Judy asked.

"Do you want to play with me?"

Judy simply walked out of the room. If the wolf wasn't lying then he didn't have the same power as he did before. Back then, he acted as if he owned the place. She didn't expect to see him here again.

There were three hours until the task on the yellow card. She went to the dining room to pick out some food to eat once more. There were mammals bartering cards back and forth just like always. The entire place probably had about fifty slaves.

She decided to eat some pineapple. There were utensils so she used them to cut it into chunks.

"Can you help me?" a rabbit asked. "I still have this."

Judy inspected the purple card. It was quite the ask and worth three hundred points. "Sorry." Two hours and no limits with a fox sounded like a really bad time.

"I'll be your slave," the rabbit offered.

"Not into that."

"No, I mean for a month."

"I'll pass." Judy resumed eating the pineapple she picked out.

"I tried everyone; I think. You're my last hope."

"Not interested."

"I'm going to get a blue card next week because of this."

"Why's that so bad?"

"You get on their bad side, and those tasks usually lead to alternative bargains. Sometimes those deals end up lasting a month. Then once you're free of that, they assign you even harder tasks the following week."

Judy wondered if the rabbit she saw the leopard torturing in the toilet earlier was on a blue task. "I can't help you with that. Did you ever piss them off?"

"I didn't want to play with them when we first met. I think they're still angry about that. It's been over a year."

"So, you've completed blue tasks before?"

The rabbit shook her head. "No, I just took up a ton of yellow cards to avoid it. They keep on giving me higher and higher purple cards and no one wants to do them. I just don't know how I'll manage this week."

It could've easily been her. She nearly turned those two down. "I'm sorry."

"Thanks for listening. Maybe, it won't be that bad." The rabbit smiled pitifully. She went towards other tables hoping for someone to help her.

She went to the computer room – it had no online access just as she imagined. It would be way too ludicrous if it did. They had a decent selection of offline games, however.

Her final client was a fox that wanted her for two hours. Once again, she was in a room waiting for a client to show up.

The fox had an empty water bottle in his paw. "Fill it with your cum. I don't care how."

Judy blinked. "How much of it?"

"All of it. I want it full."

"I might not be able to do what you want within the allotted time."

"That doesn't sound like my problem. Shouldn't you get started?"

"What happens if I fail?" Judy asked.

"That depends, doesn't it?"

She started pleasuring herself. Her first orgasm was fine – she produced a small amount of fluid. "I don't think this is going to work."

"Looks like you're going to fail," the fox said.

Judy wasn't sure if this was her problem or if it qualified as abuse. She knew that she wasn't going to succeed within the timeframe. "Let me see what I can do."

The fox followed her outside. She hoped that the panthers would be able to help her. "His request seems impossible for me to fulfill."

"Come." The panthers led her to the front desk once more.

Judy explained the problem as best as she could. Sasha took the card and took time to think.

"Tricky," Sasha said. "It's not unreasonable, but that doesn't mean it's reasonable for you to fulfill. Do you have any alternate plans?"

The fox shook his head.

"I'll take care of this one then. Come."

Sasha led them to another room. The room seemed to provide an easy way to play involving electricity. The fox excused himself, "I'll be outside. Just let me know when you're done."

"Umm, I'm scared," Judy said. She didn't include that on her kink list.

"Don't be. Nearly everything here is by consent after all," Sasha said. "Wear this for me." The rabbit took off her diaper.

"It's wet," Judy said.

"And? You did list it as one of your fetishes."

"Is it too late to edit?"

"You may if you're willing to pay a cost but only after this."


"We roll two twenty-sided dice and multiply it together. That's how many points it'll cost you to remove something. There's no shame in going negative then we can really have fun."

Judy put the wet diaper on since she didn't have much choice in the matter.

Sasha instructed her how to set everything up. Under her guidance, Judy strapped Sasha to the chair and attached metal clamps to her nipples and clitoris. She gagged Sasha with a ball gag. There was a container to catch any fluids that Sasha might excrete. With some hesitation, she flicked everything on.

Judy watched Sasha writhe in agony as the contraption made her climax over and over again. She could see tears running down the rabbit's eyes. The goal was to leave Sasha there for an hour. It wasn't to her taste so she chose not to watch. Her thoughts also drifted to how unsafe everything was – it wouldn't take much for an accident to occur and Sasha could easily die.

There were no guards, so was Sasha gullible, or was she suicidal? It wouldn't take much for Sasha to order one of the panthers to set everything up instead. She was so vulnerable in her current position. It didn't make sense.

Judy joined the fox outside the room. "It's been on my mind, how come not a single one of you reports this to the police? You know we're all slaves here, right?"

"Oh, but some do, just not ones at this level," the fox said. "I think this is classified as level four. Police might get level three once in a while. Being here is a privilege."

"So, do you just get off on sexually abusing others?"

"I prefer to think of it as paying for entertainment."

"I wouldn't be here if I had a choice."

"Many mammals don't like the jobs that they do. They do it out of necessity. I don't see why I should care so much for this specific one. Your particular background may be less than ideal."

"Have you considered paying for prostitutes legally?"

"They don't provide as high quality of service, and there's limited selection also highly inconvenient at times. Sometimes it's illegal to purchase but not to sell. Mammals use Pawmazon for delivery despite what they ask their workers to do. Their employees pee in bottles because of limited toilet breaks. The only difference here is that the law chooses not to recognize this as legal yet."

Judy couldn't believe that he compared this place to an online retailer. "Probably because it involves kitnapping and slavery?"

"Which is horrible, I'm sure, but unpayable debt isn't much better. Both mammals work in jobs they would not want to. The difference is that society is willing to help one, but not the other. Maybe society blames them for predicaments beyond their control. You get free food here, access to shelter, and some games. Why is it so much better if money was actually involved, and you're left with even less? You might not be receiving money, but you're having a better life than the poorest of the poor. That's not even considering other countries. Anyway, this place provides superior services, so I'm here. As far as I'm concerned, one is illegal and the other isn't for arbitrary reasons. Both involve forcing mammals to work against their will. This place has quite the selection in what you can experience."

"They could find other jobs," Judy said.

"Just like you can run away, but you choose not to."

"They'll stop me."

"And what makes you think that they're going to be successful in finding a better job? Who would willingly tolerate horrible working conditions if they had a choice?"

"Is there any way I can persuade you to help me escape?"

"Too risky, and there's nothing that you can offer me."

Judy sighed. She couldn't leave this room unattended either since if something went wrong. She was sure that they would find her responsible. It was probably one way to die if another mammal came in and messed with the settings if they didn't find an even worse fate for her.

Time passed slowly and given the few sound she did pick up, if Sasha wasn't gagged, the screams would be extremely loud. It was strange that Sasha did this of her own volition. The torture couldn't end soon enough, since she thought that Sasha would be vengeful. It was better to aim for slightly under an hour than even a second over so she stopped it at fifty-nine minutes.

She flicked off the electricity. There was more than enough liquid to fill a water bottle, so the fox should be happy. The bound rabbit had dried tears around her reddened eyes. She removed the gag from Sasha, expecting a few curse words.

Sasha moaned from what she experienced.

Judy removed all the restraints.

It took Sasha ten minutes to compose herself enough to move off the chair. She kept moaning in ecstasy.

"That was something," Sasha said. "Looks like we have some extra to play with." She filled the water bottle, and there was still some left. "Here you go." She passed the water bottle to the fox.

"I want to see you find someone willing to drink it."

"I would do that for a price," Sasha said. "Now, what to do with the rest of this? Quite a waste to throw it away." She scratched her chin in thought. "Come." She brought the container with her.

They went to the dining room where Sasha took an empty water bottle. She poured the remaining fluid into the bottle filling it halfway. Their next stop was the initial room that Judy was in.

"Get down on all fours and put your ass in the air. Stay still," Sasha instructed. She poured her cum into Judy's asshole.

"What are you doing?" Judy asked.

"I did something for you, so it's only fair that you do something for me." Sasha took a butt plug from the wall and jammed it into Judy's ass, sealing her cum inside. "Now, keep that in for the rest of the day. You still need to find someone to drink the cum that I produced. I think you have ten minutes left. Better hurry if you don't want to fail. Of course, I can drink it if you're willing to do something else for me."

Judy rushed to the dining room hoping to find someone. The butt plug in her ass rubbed against her insides with every step, but she was able to ignore the discomfort. The rabbit struggling to find someone to fulfill the task on her purple card was more than willing to do so without any conditions.

"Thank you." Judy thought that the rabbit was hoping that she would have a change of heart.

The rabbit didn't seem to enjoy the taste when she drank the cum. The fox was busy pawing himself off during that. His cum landed on the floor.

"Now, was that so hard, Holly?" Sasha said.

"Does this mean, that you don't hate me anymore?" Holly asked. "And that I don't have to do this?" She pointed to the purple card.

"You never had to do that in the first place if you're willing to accept the penalty. It's your choice. Clean the floor up, will you? Cum shouldn't be here."

Holly started licking the floor obediently. She made a face with every lick.

"Thanks for visiting, Cameron," Sasha said to the fox. She turned to Judy. "Come to the front desk at midnight to get the plug removed."

There were still two hours until midnight. Judy could remove the plug on her own, but there would be severe consequences if she did. Whenever she moved, it bothered her.

She went to the bathroom to clean herself and get ready for bed. It was a bit strange trying to shower with a butt plug in her ass, but she managed it. The plug made it impossible for her to enjoy other activities. She went to the front desk an hour early.

"You're here early," Sasha said.

"I don't have anything else to do. I just want to get this over with and sleep."

"I guess I don't need to ask you to wait another hour." Sasha pointed to the empty glass on the counter. "Get up here and empty yourself into that glass. I recommend clenching so you don't spill or I will be very angry."

Judy hopped on the counter. She had to clench ass when Sasha removed the plug. Sasha instructed her to slowly relax her muscles. The cum pouring out of her ass eventually filled the glass. Her aim was good enough so that it didn't land outside.



"Allowable within your list of kinks. There isn't a problem, is there?"

"No." Judy shook her head. She looked at the cloudy milky fluid that was in the glass. Hesitantly, she lifted the glass to her lips. A slight taste made her grimace which was only natural considering where it was from.

Sasha tapped her foot impatiently but remained silent.

Thinking that one big swallow would make her suffer less than slowly sipping it. She poured it all into her mouth. "Eww."

"Open your mouth," Tasha said. She used her tongue to probe the inside of Judy's mouth. "Tasty."

The rabbits called for two panthers to take over their jobs. They escorted Judy to the beds where they made her sleep with her nose in Tasha's pussy and most of her head in Tasha's clean diaper. Her butt was near Tasha's mouth as a result.

"I'm not into this," Judy could breathe but it was difficult. With every breath she took, she inhaled Tasha's scent.

"Well, the form you filled out says you are. Good night." Tasha licked Judy's asshole. "I can still taste my sister. You had more in you."

"It's my turn tomorrow." Sasha was sleeping just beside them.

"What about consent and all that?" Judy asked.

It didn't help that Tasha was continuously probing Judy's asshole with her tongue.

"I hope you will tomorrow. Consider today's events payment for the favor I did for you."

"I thought that was drinking that glass."

"No, it ends when we finish playing with my cum. I think my sister is swallowing it and enjoying herself though. Go to sleep."

"How can I sleep like this? My nose Is in her pussy, and she's licking me still."

"Fine, then just wait until it's morning. Make sure your nose remains where it is as a way of thanking her. You do enjoy her tongue, do you not?"

"Somewhat enjoyable, but I can't sleep."

"Sister, stop please, and allow her to rest."

Tasha stopped licking. "Aww."

"There we go. Good night."

Judy couldn't sleep in her current position. All she could smell was Tasha's scent. Tasha moved her nose to Judy's asshole and started inhaling and rubbing her nose against it. Sasha was already asleep or seemed like it, so waking her would be unwise.

Time passed very slowly for Judy, and she was aware of Tasha's antics. Part of her wondered if she would be in trouble if she cummed.

There were lots of mammals to interrogate as a result of what they uncovered yesterday. The criminals did a poor job of destroying the surveillance room which allowed them to recover valuable data. Nick and Nadine were going to bring one of those panthers. They had the panther there on camera at times, just cleaning.

"We would like to talk to you at the station," Nick said.

The panther didn't try to run away. He went with them willingly to the police station. They had the escort the panther to the interrogation room. Nick and Nadine sat together while they talked to the panther.

"Do you know why you're here, Logan?" Nick asked.

"Of course, it's the one time that the authorities actually care," Logan said. "What do you want?"

"Can you explain to us why you were there?" Nadine asked.

"I worked there as a janitor. They suddenly decided to fire me."

"Did you know that was a sex trafficking ring?"


Nick couldn't believe that the panther gave them a straight answer. "Why didn't you report it?"

"Oh, I simply decided not to. It hasn't really worked out for me in the past. Every so often you stumble on to mammals getting it on. Sure, it probably wasn't consensual, talk it over with the girl involved, sometimes we lodge a complaint and both of us lose our jobs. I also met girls that repeatedly proclaim that 'it wasn't rape.' And that I was mistaken. Anyway, help mammals long enough, nothing changes, and I end up needing a new job. Besides, a sex trafficking ring with a computer hardware store as a front, who would believe that? It sounds even less plausible than the cybercafé that I reported which also didn't get investigated. They're still open."

"Are you claiming that you didn't take advantage of anyone there? And what's still open?" Nick said.

"It's a horrible thing that no one should enjoy. You never forget their wails even if they look just fine the next morning. The difference between this place and the other ones I've worked at was that they weren't trying to hide it. Even so, they provided reasonable accommodations that allowed me to avoid nearly all of it. No matter what happens, they usually start smiling again."

"What's still open?" Nick couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Sanguine Delight located in the Nocturnal District. I worked there for two months."

"We'll have someone check that out," Nick said. "Let's get back to our current topic. Are you aware of how many they have killed?"

Logan shook his head. "Killing someone is serious – it might finally persuade authorities to not turn a blind eye. Sexual assault is not a big deal after all."

"They decided to kill a lot of the mammals that they've been trafficking."

"So, does that mean the authorities have finally decided to care? That's why I'm here, I guess?"

"Can you help us identify any of these mammals?" Nick showed him a series of images on a tablet.

"That's Baxter, he's a sadist." Logan also gave them the address where Baxter lived.

Nick swiped over a few images until Logan pointed something else out.

"That's Mr. Fang. Don't know where he lives, but he did interview me for the job. Those of us who didn't live at the job used public transit to arrive."

"Thank you."

"Please, let me know if there's anything else I can help with."

"Don't leave the Rainforest District. We'll be in touch if we need anything else."

Nick and Nadine escorted Logan out of the police station. They entered their cruiser to plan their next move.

Nick said, "I guess it's time we pay our friend Baxter a visit."

Once they were in the cruiser, Nadine said, "I've been thinking about the comment he made regarding Sanguine Delights in the Nocturnal District. Was Logan telling the truth? If he was, why did nothing happen after all this time?"

"You want to check that out? I was thinking we could just pass it along to Precinct Eleven."

"If we don't keep an eye on it, maybe it'll be open a year later without any changes. We'll need to keep tabs on it if we just pass along the information that it exists. I also wonder why nothing happened the first time. Who ignored him, and why was he ignored?"

"We'll worry about that later. Baxter's house is just up ahead."

The house blended in with nature since it was part of an ancient tree. Since nature wasn't valued, it had to be cheap despite its rarity.

"ZPD! Open up!" Nadine said.

Since there was no response, Nadine broke down the door. The place was extremely tiny with a single bed and a laptop that was still on. Someone happened to send Baxter an email that seemed to solicit a transaction for something.

"So, someone wants to buy something from him, and they're using cryptocurrency," Nadine said. "Past email records have been purged except the most recent message and one that contained this link. I guess our suspect hasn't returned home since the incident." She entered the link, seeing where it would lead. "Really? Another link?" Another link greeted her when she went to the next address. "Again?" The process went on until it led to a video.

The video featured a twisted game between Judy and Rafael. It was over six hours long. Unfortunately, turned off during the first minute due to a power surge.

"Really?" Nick said. "And it won't turn back on. We are taking it with us. Do you remember the link to the video?"

Nadine shook her head.

"Do we wait for Baxter to come home or do we take off?"

"Would be good to have someone here waiting for him, if he does return. He hasn't been home since last night. I do believe our friend would've deleted that email message if he was here. Equally plausible that our friend fled and won't ever return."

Despite repeated attempts, the laptop refused to turn back on. They waited for backup to arrive before taking the laptop with them for further analysis.

Chapter Text

A technical failure was all it took for their lead to vanish. The laptop they retrieved wouldn't turn on. Even with the aid of technicians, they didn't manage to recover the link to the video. Single-use website addresses covered their tracks.

"Well, there goes our lead," Nick said.

"You realize that we aren't working on this case alone, don't you?" Nadine pointed out. "They've found more mammals for us to question, tomorrow."

"Another day goes by without success."

Nadine sighed.

They went back to Precinct One since it was the end of the day. Nadine personally informed Chief Bogo about Sanguine Delights. Even though she already passed it along the appropriate channels, it was a good idea to put extra eyes on the situation.

"Fangmeyer, are you certain? It remained open after all this time?"

"Yes, sir."

"We will shut this place down even if I have to lead the raid myself if what you claim is true."

Nick did suspect that Chief Bogo was corrupt, but seeing him act like this, made him question if that was actually true. They had no evidence that something was amiss. Just a simple text from a number that they did not know.

"I would like to use this opportunity to root out any corrupt officers within the Nocturnal District," Chief Bogo said. "We will finish investigating this place within a week, and if the accusations have merit, we will shut it down. Good work."

Nick wanted to utter a highly inappropriate remark. "Maybe it would be best if you investigated yourself first."

Nick and Nadine took their leave from Chief Bogo's office. It was only the first day of their collaboration with Precinct Five and the case was becoming ever more complicated as one suspect revealed another to save themselves.

When he arrived home, he realized that he was in trouble. Mr. Big's polar bears were there waiting at his house. The way they acted implied that he had no choice. It was either that he was going with them willingly or they would use force to drag him there.

He was at Mr. Big's mansion within thirty minutes. Mr. Big was not happy to see him.

"Nicky, it's been a while. Did you forget?"

"About?" Nick scratched his head.

Kevin held Nick's paw in his.

"Do you need a reminder?" Mr. Big said.

"Please, I never meant to do any harm." He tried pleading as best as he could while he dangled in the air.

"But you did. Maybe pain would jog your memory. Can they reattach limbs yet?"

"I'll make it up to you, please," Nick said. The thought of them ripping his arm off, then he had to bring it to a hospital to reattach it sounded terrifying.

"Call the tiger. Ask her to come here, let's see if she could be of use to the family."

Kevin released Nick from his grasp.

He tried calling Nadine, "I need your help! Please!"

"What can I do?"

"Mr. Big is going to tear off my arm if you don't come here. I don't know why he's so angry. You have forty minutes." He also included the address.

"I'll be there."

"She's coming," Nick said.

"Nicky, did that jog your memory?"

Nick shook his head.


"Can't you explain?"

"You caused me to waste time. Valuable time."

"I'll just go and be out of your way then?" Nick smiled. He tried to shift his body towards the exit.

A polar bear grabbed him before he even got close to leaving.

"Stay," Mr. Big instructed.

Nick knew that he wasn't leaving in one piece if Nadine didn't hurry, and if she came, he wasn't sure if they would rape her again. He tried to think of why the shrew would be so angry with him. Nothing came to his mind.

It was a miracle when Nadine walked in with two polar bears escorting her.

"What's this about?"

"Nicky disappointed me."

"How?" she asked.

"I asked him to keep me up to date. Why did I need to learn from connections that one of Mr. Fang's places was taken out? He was going to help me, and I was going to help him. I ask of you to do the same."

"That's not going to work. If anything, I'm more likely to arrest you." Nadine didn't bother hiding that she was a cop.

"We give you contacts. You give us who you arrest. Judy is precious to us, that's all I ask. Foxy has a bad memory."

"I didn't think you meant it that way," Nick said. At the time, he thought it only referred to anything he learned regarding Koslov, but then his enforcers showed up, so he thought that was unnecessary.

"She's been missing for five months. Do not make her suffer more."

"Do you have anything useful for us?" Nadine asked.

"Do not approach." Mr. Big gave her a list of addresses. "He kills everyone that he acquired if police are on to him. You cannot save. Need to find Judy first."

"So, if Judy is not there, we could raid the place."

"No, my child. Life is still better than death."

"And what? Let them take more from the streets? No, if Judy is not there, they are going down. Nick, let's go. We'll be in touch."

"Do not make a mistake with her life."

"I won't."

Nadine guided Nick out of Mr. Big's mansion. He couldn't believe that Mr. Big let Nadine walk away just like that.

"Are you sure that was a smart move?" Nick said.

"How about a thank you first? I saved you."

"But to tell him your plans like that?"

"Better now than after. We're going to be very busy it seems. Claim him as a confidential informant and pass everything along."

"Did you know that he wasn't going to rape you?"

"Life is full of surprises. That is one of them. See you around, Nick." She went into her car and drove off.

Nick couldn't believe that Nadine was willing to risk being raped just to potentially save him. He was so lucky that she was willing to help him. He headed home once more, hoping that there wouldn't be any more unpleasant surprises today.

"Wake up! You two," Sasha said. "It's your lucky day, Judy. We don't have much time."

Judy groaned. Her nose was still in Tasha's pussy. She didn't dare move her head and felt very tired.

"What's up?" Tasha started fiddling with her diaper, freeing Judy's head from the confines.

Even though the diaper was gone, Judy didn't dare to move her nose.

"She's been booked for a task at ten, for only two hours. It's worth a thousand points!" Sasha said.

"May I move my nose now?" Judy was extremely tired due to what Tasha did throughout the night. She even cummed several times on Tasha's body during the night. If Tasha cared, she didn't show it.

"You may." Tasha got up from the bed. She took off her old diaper and Sasha placed a new one on her. The old one was still clean or so it looked. Although, Judy could imagine Tasha climaxing at least once during the night.

"Just give it to someone else. I just want to sleep." She struggled to keep her eyes open.

"Oh…" Sasha's ears pointed downwards. "I didn't realize you were that tired. Maybe some coffee would fix you right up?" She gave Judy her cards, and the points she had as of today.

"Negative eighty? That can't be right." She knew that she put in quite the effort yesterday. It didn't make sense how her current point total was negative.

"You missed one task."

Her tired eyes glanced at the cards she received. The red one was worth a thousand points, and the other two were insignificant compared to that. "Why did I get a red one that's worth so much? I thought you two liked me." She rubbed her nose, trying to get rid of Tasha's scent.

"We do like you. We assign points based on a variety of factors. The primary one is how much someone is willing to pay. You ended up receiving a red one under our current guidelines," Sasha explained.

"Can't you cancel it or reschedule?" Judy said with her eyes closed.

"Well, I do think that it's within your ability to do so. I cannot cancel it. it's in your best interest to complete the task since if you choose not to, you'll probably need to whore yourself out sixty to ninety times just to mend relations this week."

"What's the worst that can happen?" Judy asked.

"You know how you filled out the form? We might try to broaden your horizons. For the truly irredeemable, we've auctioned off body parts or placed them to mammals with exotic interests. Some of them like making love with a corpse."

A burst of adrenaline jolted Judy awake. She breathed heavily. "You won't let that happen to me, would you?"

"I like you." Tasha kissed Judy on the lips. "Just wish that you were into certain things. You do have quite a unique taste. You're not our toy yet, but I wouldn't mind turning you into one. We do want to try to be fair. Anyone with negative points to their name has been slacking."

"All I did was miss one task." Judy could taste her ass when Tasha kissed her. Tasha rimmed her a lot throughout the night.

"Yes, and you received the appropriate penalty. We are fair to those that are willing to try."

"isn't this task unreasonable?"

"It is a bit cruel, but I have faith in you. Some coffee should perk you right up. Maybe give the bear some access to disciplinary tools."

"Disciplinary tools?"

"Yeah, if you doze off, he'll have the proper tools to keep you awake. Like cattle prods and similar stuff."

"Hey, I didn't include electricity as part of my kinks."

Tasha's ears pointed downwards. "Sorry. We'll think of appropriate ones. The point is, they will hurt a lot. Do you want me to make it up to you by rimming you later? I can't believe that I forgot that electricity wasn't on your list of kinks."

"You did that during most of the night anyway."

"And you liked it." Tasha licked her paw and traced it around her neck. "You made quite a mess. Rather delicious." She winked. "We can play after you finish with the bear unless if you think it'll motivate you. Coffee is in the dining room. You can sleep for three hours at most, and we'll prepare appropriate disciplinary tools for him to use."

"Do I need to do anything specific?" Judy said.

"Please read the card carefully," Sasha said.

"Sexy outfit? Where do I get clothes here? I haven't seen anyone with them except for the occasional diaper."

"Everything you need will be in the room."

"We're off."

Sasha and Tasha left Judy alone in the bedroom. After thirty in the bathroom, Judy went to the dining room for some coffee. The shower didn't make her alert, but it did wash away most of Tasha's scent. As usual, multiple mammals were trying to trade for something better.

She found the nearby pot of coffee before she knew it, she downed three cups already. A sudden cold sensation on her tailhole caused her to spit out a mouthful of coffee.

"Eek. What are you doing?" Judy saw that the rabbit seemed to be stretching her tongue inside her butt but it didn't feel like she was licking. Quickly, she got up from her chair. The doe's mouth was full of cum or so it seemed. It was spilling on the floor.

The doe swallowed. "Sorry, he asked me to do that. Do I need to do something to make it up to you?"

Judy blinked. The rabbit tried to insert some of the wolf's cum into her tailhole. "Just go." Her tailhole felt sticky as a result. Another shower would probably take too long.

The doe breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks."

Based on how that rabbit acted, Judy wondered if that rabbit thought she would ask for a sexual apology of some sort. Maybe, it already happened.

The wolf made the doe clean up the spilled cum on the floor with her tongue. "You're supposed to mark two of them. I guess you'll need to try again."

"They keep moving away," the doe complained.

"Because you don't know how to hunt. Let's see if you can learn. We'll keep doing this until you get it right."

Judy got the gist of the task that the rabbit had to do. Part of her wondered if she could report the wolf for harassment. It wasn't that big of a deal, so she chose to let it slide. There was probably some punishment for trivial complaints anyway.

She made herself breakfast – hoping that she would be awake by the end of it all. The kitchen did have a wide variety of food for her to choose from. That was one upside. It didn't take too long for her to finish eating, so she listened in on the chatter – hoping that something would give her more knowledge about this place. She didn't overhear anything too outrageous – at least upfront. It was almost time for her to service the bear so she headed to that room.

The room was slightly different since it actually had a desk and chairs. There were four boxes of clothes for her to choose from – all were seemingly brand new. She picked out a red and black outfit. The longer she spent stripping was less time that the bear had to fuck her.

There were three different motivational tools for her. One was a spiked dildo that would probably draw blood. Another was a vibrator coated with hot sauce, and the third was a device she didn't recognize. Probably best described as metal underpants?

Her heart pounded once she realized who the customer was – it was Koslov. She didn't expect to see him here – dressed in his mafia attire still.

"You hide from me," Koslov said through gritted teeth. He was angry.

"I didn't mean to?"

"You were my pet. You run away."


"Apologize." Koslov hastily took off his clothes. He whipped his dick in her face. "Suck."

While giving him a blowjob, she dozed off it seemed.

"You closed eyes," Koslov snarled.

"I'm tired. Didn't get to sleep."

"Take off all."

She quickly took off everything.

"You played with wolf." He sniffed her panties.

"I didn't."

"Liar. Bad pet."

"A rabbit inserted some wolf cum into my tailhole."

"Slut. Fuck too many."

"It wasn't my choice."

"You strong. Your choice."

"She snuck up on me!"

"Sit." Koslov pointed to the metal chair with a hole in it. He also made her put on the metal underpants. "Wait here."

The bear left.

After the burst of adrenaline faded, Judy closed her eyes again.

"I wonder if this actually works… hopefully there are no permanent injuries." Sasha giggled madly. "We'll light a fire under you, and see if that keeps you awake. We might end up with some roasted rabbit instead. It's rather experimental."

"What?" Judy's ears perked up in terror.

"You'll survive – maybe."

"No," Judy said. "Not this. Please."

"It hasn't even started yet! Well, here goes."

Koslov put his cock on Judy's tongue again. She started sucking immediately.

The fire was on, but there wasn't painful yet.

"Maybe I need to turn up the heat. I don't know," Sasha said. "Just scream if it gets too hot. Does it leave a mark then? Will you still be pretty?"

Judy could feel the heat increasing but it wasn't painful yet. She didn't want to wait until it was too late. "Just get me out of this, I'll play with him for two more hours if I have to."

"Fine, we'll add take this off your fetish list."

"I didn't even check that!"

"True, it wasn't in the database yet. I should do trials before testing on you. We'll just go with the stuff we know." Sasha freed Judy from the experimental device before there was any damage or pain. Judy had to play with Koslov for two more hours as a result. She shoved the vibrator coated with hot sauce into her pussy and turned it on.

"Suck him off now."

"Take it out please." Judy's pussy was on fire.

"No, you suck him off. It'll keep you awake. Perfectly, safe. Maybe not mentally, but safe regardless!"

Judy sucked Koslov's cock as best as she could while there was a painful sensation in her pussy. She started crying from the pain and Koslov hadn't orgasmed yet. Tears clouded her vision. She tried her best to focus her tongue. It was such a relief when he shot cum into her mouth. He had enough to give that her mouth overflowed.

Koslov removed the vibrator, causing Judy to sigh in relief. "Are you awake?"

"Yes." Judy knew if she closed her eyes inadvertently again, that she would be in another world of pain. Her pussy was burning so she tried fingering herself to soothe it. Apparently, in her maddened state, Sasha walked out without her noticing.

"Do not run. Again. Ever."

"Okay," Judy lied. She had no intention of keeping that promise.

Koslov inserted his claw into Judy's tailhole. He wiggled it around then presented it to her mouth. "Clean."

Judy sucked the foul appendage clean. She could taste a hint of wolf cum along with her ass.

The bear decided to fuck her anally. Of course, his dick was far too large to fit completely, so he pulled it out halfway and repeated the process.

Judy groaned in pain throughout the process. All she could do was take it. He shot his load into her ass. The bear took several deep breaths. His dick was still inside of her.

"Three hours left."

"Do you hate me?" Judy asked.


"Then why?"

Koslov did not answer that question. He walked with his cock impaling Judy to the butt plugs on the wall. It was only after he selected something that he pulled out. He quickly sealed his gift inside.

They had so much time left – the bear had other plans for her. He positioned his cock in front of her pussy next. The hot sauce earlier made his entry extremely painful that it caused Judy to cry, "Please stop. It hurts."


The brutal thrusting continued despite her complaints. He didn't care that she was crying. All she could do was wait for his eventual climax. He shot his load before the pain would drive her mad.

Koslov took a vaginal plug from the nearby wall and used that to seal his gift inside. A bit of it started leaking out due to movement. They learned that Judy had to clench her pussy if she didn't want any to leak out. He adjusted the toy once more. "If floor. I spank."

She relaxed her muscles just a bit since they were sore. A tiny drop landed on the ground. The bear was true to his word. He swatted Judy's butt hard, sending waves of pain across her body. She learned that clenching her pussy was more important than anything else.

"Round four." Unexpectedly, he decided to use a condom this time. He made Judy worship his balls while he pleasured himself.

She had her pussy and ass both plugged with his cum inside. She just wanted the session to end, but he wasn't tired yet. A glance at the clock told her there were still three hours to go. Part of her regretted not risking permanent damage since this was pure torture. At least, there was no chance of disfigurement even though she was miserable.

"Louder!" Koslov roared, reminding Judy that she had to put effort into smelling his musky balls. "Quiet again, break arm."

Judy was in a state of terror. She focused all her efforts on making the loudest sniffs that she could. Unfortunately, her pussy sprung a leak again. The bear was all too happy to deliver another stinging blow to her rear. Even though breaking her arm was against the rules, he could very well do it before she succeeded in calling for assistance. They might even toss him in the fire, but that wouldn't change that her arm would be broken and that was if the psychotic bear didn't try to kill her. There were two high-priority tasks for her terrified mind to focus on.

"Aah." Koslov sighed with pleasure. He took off the condom filled with cum then he did his best in inserting it into her ear. His digits did the best to transfer the cum from the condom to her ear. The cum prevented that ear from hearing as clearly. She also didn't know if her ear would be fine after she cleaned it out.

"Round five."

Judy wanted to scream. That bear wanted to keep going. "How much longer?"

"Two hours." He had her stuff her face into his armpit. "Lick."

"When was the last time you showered?"

"Too long ago. Busy. Lick or break something."

Judy had no choice but to try her best to lick his armpit. The stench made her eyes water. It seemed like forever until Koslov managed to orgasm somehow. She hoped that he was running out of steam. This time, he tried to spread the cum into her other ear.

She really wanted to tell him to fuck off at this point.

"Wait here. I go ask." Koslov put on his clothes then he walked out of the room.

It was an unspoken rule that she wasn't supposed to clean cum out of her ears. At this point, she wondered if she should defy him. If he took it further, Sasha and Tasha would probably chuck him into the furnace. She certainly would have for the threats that he uttered already.

Koslov returned far too soon with Sasha and Tasha. He took off all his clothes, then had Judy start servicing him again.

"Round six." He placed a condom on his dick yet again. This time he had Judy lick his other armpit. "Want her. Competition in month."

"He's threatened to break my arm already, can't you do something?" Judy said.

"But your arm isn't broken." Tasha pointed out.

"No talk. Lick or lose arm."

"You're rather brave," Sasha said.

Judy kept licking his armpit.

"Not fast enough." Koslov punched Judy's stomach.

"Oh, nice. She still kept it all in," Sasha remarked. They were referring to the cum in her pussy she figured. She focused on clenching that part of her body when the blow landed. "Try punching her again.

Koslov punched her just above her pussy. She focused on clenching her pussy around the toy. Her body hurt like hell but none of the fluid escaped. The bear only gave herself a minute to clutch her body in pain before demanding her to lick again.


Judy redoubled her efforts to lick the sadistic bear. Another punch would be too much.

"She performs well. I want her. For competition."

"You know, it's not about which one does it most efficiently. It's about pleasing the crowd. Failing to do something might actually win," Sasha said.

"Do not care. Cost." He was also in the process of pawing himself.

"Why her though? We have better," Tasha said.

"She improve. I believe." He shot his load into the condom. Only then did he allow Judy to stop licking. "Pack in nose."

She had the otter do it to her before, but to do so herself was quite a tall order.


She hesitated still.

This earned her a slap on her face from the bear.

There was no choice but to go along with his sadistic plan. She coated her claws with cum and did the best to insert it into her nostrils just like the otter did to her recently. His scent got stronger and stronger as more cum entered her nose.

He poured all the leftover cum into her mouth.

"Round seven. Lick." He put another condom on his dick.

This time he sat on a chair and had Judy lick his dirty hind paws. His paws had dried mud on them.

"I don't think this is edible," Judy said.

Sasha inspected Koslov's paw. "Aren't you the picky little princess? Start licking!"

Judy slowly collected bits of mud until she had a mouthful to swallow. The mud did not go down easily. "I don't feel good."

"Quit complaining," Tasha said. "Do you need training in this area? Do I need to get a heated cattle prod to motivate you? Does come with scarring."

That scared Judy enough for her to continue licking and accumulating the unwelcome filth into her mouth. She tried swallowing more than her body could handle at once so she spent the next minute coughing.

Koslov decided to punch Judy's stomach. "Oh, shut up."

Her eyes were glazed with pain. She clutched her stomach.

"She seems like such a poor pick," Sasha said. "Others should perform better."

"Do not care. What is cost?"

"Six hundred thousand. I can't promise that she'll still be available by then. I do expect her to try to escape sometime, and then something quite unfortunate might happen to her. You could do better. Why just look at the mess she made."

There was a small pool around her pussy. The unexpected punch caused her to relax her muscles enough for a bit of fluid to escape.

"Time for spanking." Koslov got up from the chair. He went to the wall to fetch a paddle.

"I can't take this anymore," Judy said.

Sasha lowered her eyes down to her level. "You can, and will."

Judy didn't see any malice in Sasha's eyes. It gave her a slight confidence boost that Tasha quickly shattered it with her suggestion.

"What's the fun in just a few spanks?" Tasha proposed a new idea. "We'll take turns spanking her. She needs to yell our names. If she calls out the wrong one, it doesn't count. Better hope nothing else leaks out. We might as well go all the way, sister. All you need to do is count up to five."

They wasted no time in collecting all the paddles from the walls.

Judy tried turning her head to see the incoming swats.

"No cheating or we'll pull a blindfold on you."


Judy yelled, "Koslov." After a blistering sensation hit her rear because it was Koslov's voice.

"Two," Sasha said.

She did the same. The paddle had spikes, and she felt that her butt was bleeding. Calling out names based on who was counting turned out to be ineffective. They were at eight, and she had no idea how many she got right.

It took all her concentration not to leak even more fluids from her pussy. "Tasha," she yelled.

She realized that the one speaking probably couldn't be spanking her based on where the voice came from. The cruel game ended after the eleventh swat. "Sasha!"

Her butt was burning from all the abuse she took and her pussy was extremely sore with all the clenching. While they were spanking her, she was terrified that they would any leaks she made as a reason to spank her even more leading to a vicious cycle that wouldn't end.

Koslov eyed the pathetic rabbit. "Start cleaning again."

Judy forced her aching body to comply with the demand. What made it worse was that since Koslov moved around, the paw she nearly finished cleaning was messy again.

"Will book in advance. I see potential."

"Can't say I didn't warn you. A fool and his money are so easily parted," Sasha said.

"Do not insult me."

"That was uncalled for," Tasha said. "Maybe you need to motivate her some more. She's rather slow."

The thought of another punch to her stomach made her redouble her efforts. They were watching her cleaning the polar bear's paw.

"It seems Judy finished cleaning one paw. Maybe, you're right."

"Do you want to book her between now and the competition for training purposes?" Sasha said.

"She needs none." Koslov started rubbing his paw against her nose, smushing filth against it. "Hurry up."

Not only was she swallowing dirt, but he also wanted her to do it faster too. She tried for frequent licks and swallows hoping that Koslov wouldn't hit her again. The bear cum she massaged into her nose earlier made this task slightly more bearable since it diminished the odor of his paw. This one smelled much worse than the previous one.

Only the toes remained. She was at the finishing line. Part of her worried that he would decide to take another walk around the room.

"Good pet." Koslov rubbed her head affectionately. "Mouth open."

He took off the condom he was wearing. Her eye twitched erratically when he coated his digits with cum and started to rub it into her mouth. It was as if he was trying to brush her teeth, spreading his sperm in between the crevices. She didn't dare try closing her mouth since she was sure that he would do something even worse.

"Pay when?" Koslov asked.

"A week from now?" Sasha offered. "If she's available, you can take her to the competition that's still a month away."

"Agree." Koslov emptied the remaining cum into her mouth once more.

"What about the toys?" Judy asked when it looked like Koslov was leaving. She knew that Koslov had asked her to hold his cum in her mouth before his next visit in the past. There was no way she could do something similar here. Since he was present, she didn't dare spit out his cum yet nor lick her teeth clean of the substance.

"Do not care. Do what you want." Koslov walked away.

"I want to take paws off my list," Judy said. She couldn't imagine licking other paws if they were similar to Koslov's.

"That'll come at a price. We'll roll two twenty-sided dice and multiply it as we've said before. But, since we can't trust you any more to know your preferences, you'll need to pass a few tests if you want to keep your other preferences," Sasha said.

"Can I do that later? My stomach is killing me. I just want to shower and clean myself. My mouth tastes like bear cum."

"Do you want me to rim you now, or later?" Tasha licked her lips. "You've got his nice gift within you. Don't know if you should waste that."

Sasha didn't bother to ask for permission. She yanked the plug out of Judy's tailhole and started licking. Feasting on the sperm or so it seemed except Judy was sure that Sasha disliked the taste.

Judy laid on her back to give Sasha easier access.

"Hey! That was mine," Tasha pouted. She took an interest in Judy's pussy instead. She instructed Judy to relax around the vaginal plug and her mouth was there to catch any bear cum that would spill out.

Judy wondered why they chose to do this considering they were grimacing from the taste.

"Clench," Tasha instructed.

Tasha removed her mouth from Judy's pussy before Judy was satisfied.

"Why do this?" Judy asked. "You don't like it."

"Sister, let's make this more fun." Tasha held the vaginal plug dripping with bear cum. She inserted it into Sasha's pussy then diapered her again. Sasha decided to take the recently removed butt plug glistening with bear cum and inserted it into Tasha's tailhole likewise.

They resumed their efforts of cleaning Judy's pussy and tailhole. She moaned with pleasure from their ministrations. Her pussy squirted right into Tasha's mouth. Tasha moved her mouth above Judy's and decided to give her a taste of herself. The way that the bunny's mouth opened and closed as she moaned was cute.

Her eyes were closed while she basked in the sensation of heavenly licks from their tongues. She moaned continuously from pleasure. "Bleh!" Judy sputtered with surprise at what entered her mouth. She swallowed unwillingly since she was sure that if she spat it out, they would do something else instead. There was a healthy dose of bear cum because she tried to talk. "I'm not into any of this."

"Except being rimmed or having your pussy licked," Tasha said.

"Good performance today. We'll let you go now." Sasha licked Judy's face.

They walked out of the room.

There was still cum in her nose and ears. Her butt was still burning and she lacked the strength to move. She simply allowed herself to stare at the ceiling and its many lights. Every time she tried to move her tongue, she got another taste of bear cum. The bits of dirt on her nose didn't help either.

Chapter Text

Chief Bogo finished giving out assignments.  Nick and Nadine decided it was time to enlighten him with what they learned yesterday.

"These are the addresses of all establishments owned by Mr. Fang," Nadine said. "What do you think we should do?"

Nick added, "Our informant tells us everyone being trafficked will die if we try a conventional raid. The informant also does not know if Judy is within those premises."

"How reliable is this source, Fangmeyer?" Chief Bogo narrowed his eyes.

"Reliable enough. We cannot trust you to not sabotage us, so we'll keep the identity secret for now," Nadine said.

"Are these places dangerous?"

"It's a brothel or something similar I doubt it," Nick said. "Pretty sure they have enough safeguards in place that visiting while working for the police would be a bad idea. We can't do undercover operations though since you might get us killed."

"I was just hoping for your opinion if it was a good idea to raid or not," Nadine said.

"And your willing to risk the life of Officer Hopps?" Chief Bogo said.

"Statistically speaking, she is just one mammal. You need to look at it objectively. If they remain open, they'll snatch more innocents to work for them. If the informant knew where Officer Hopps was, they would've told us. Either she's not there, or if she's there, they do not know."

"We're going to find out before making any sudden moves. You two will visit this one, posing yourself as regular customers. We're going to dye your fur enough so that no one recognizes you. Meanwhile, I'll assemble a team for the other locations."

Nick narrowed his eyes. "In a place where we could die if you reveal to them that we are the police?"

"The other option is that we simply raid the place. Would you like that better? You're skeptical of me due to a single text message. That may or may not have been sent by Officer Hopps."

"Tons of mammals will die."

"Alternatively, we leave them alone and they cause even more mammals to suffer. Who's to say that they haven't killed anyone they snatched up. Your goals are to ascertain if Officer Hopps is there and do whatever it takes to blend in. Do not get separated because there's a chance that they're hostile and if you both are together, one of you can provide us with valuable intel before your unfortunate demise. It may require you to pay for sexual services."

"Lovely, undercover visiting a brothel with a chance of death. What's not to like?"

"It may be paranoia, but we do need to take precautions. If I thought that you had a high chance of dying, I wouldn't be sending you both there."

"The thought of inflicting such trauma on someone else doesn't sit well with me, sir," Nadine said. "I'm not comfortable in doing what you ask. You should ask someone else."

"That is reasonable. You both are needed in the Rainforest District."

"Yes, sir."

Nick and Nadine took their leave. They headed to the Rainforest District as the chief instructed to assist with the odds and ends of the ongoing case.

"Quick thinking there, Nadine," Nick said. "You got us out of that."

"I'm disappointed that you didn't. The last thing you want to happen is for Hopps to be free and you end up captured somewhere by being reckless. Let's see what we need to do today."

They received orders to arrest a wolf when they visited the precinct. One of the panthers claimed that the wolf purchased sexual services every month. The wolf didn't run away to their surprise. He was tending to the lawn when they arrived.

"What can I do for you?" The wolf was wearing everyday clothes.

"Wesley, you are under arrest. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law," Nadine said.

"What's this about?"

"You have routinely visited 16969 Shady Place every month," Nick said.

"That was supposed to be secure! Safe!"

"And what gave you that idea?"

Wesley became silent. Despite repeated questioning on the way there, the wolf never said a word. They brought him to one of the many interrogation rooms within the station.

"Are you going to talk? You're easily going away for five years," Nick said.

"Give it up," Wesley said.

"Fine, we've more to round up anyway," Nadine said.

They apprehended four more mammals all of which refused to talk. Despite their success, Nick didn't feel like they were making progress. Judy's location remained elusive despite the amount of evidence they've uncovered so far. Upon returning to Precinct One, Chief Bogo gave them some bad news.

"I've assembled twenty officers to check out those addresses. We've confirmed that Officer Hopps was not there in seven of them. The other six officers have yet to return from their assignments. I fear the worst." Chief Bogo did not look happy. "We will take out all ten places at once tomorrow."

"Was there anything unique about those six?" Nick asked.

"Nothing that I can think of. They might still return."

"And that could've easily been us," Nadine said.

"Maybe, they're kept as slaves?" Nick offered a grim smile.

“The fault lies with me alone,” Chief Bogo said.  “I knew the risks, and I was the one who sent them there.”

This brief moment made Nick doubt that Chief Bogo was actually corrupt again. They still hadn’t found any evidence.

Nick and Nadine decided to confront Mr. Big when they left the precinct. The shrew had to have known more than he let on. His polar bear guards were all too happy to escort them into his presence.

"What brings you here?" Mr. Big said.

"You got us killed!" Nick said.

"We investigated those places. Six of us did not return, and Judy was not there in the other seven," Nadine said.

"Shame. I told you to leave them alone. How did you lose six?"

"They went undercover. We will raid all tomorrow."

"Idiot! I give you enough information to stay away. I had not anticipated that you would use such stupid measures. What I can say is that they do not know that you were police if you did your jobs properly. I have recently learned that Judy is no longer in his possession. Had that not been the case, I would've broken every single bone in your body upon learning about your foolish plans. We will make sure the Fang has nowhere to hide."

"How did you know that? We don't know if she's at the other three." Nick paid attention to the threat if things turned out differently. Mr. Big had no problems breaking their bones if he thought it would stall the raid and give Judy more time to live.

"Methods that I will not reveal. Judy is not expendable, she is family. Give me a list of all that you arrest."

Nadine gave Mr. Big a list of names of who they've arrested so far.

"No one useful. Strike fast so that the Fang does not reacquire Judy."

"If you gave us more information, wouldn't that speed up her rescue?" Nick said. "You're hiding something."

"You are not ready. Do whatever it is cops do."

Mr. Big allowed them to leave since their plans were not dangerous to Judy's survival. They had a big raid planned for tomorrow.

"Move." The panther interrupted her restless sleep.

Judy blinked to adjust her eyes to the light. A glance at the clock told her that two hours passed. She still had two cards to get rid of since she wasn't in the mood for anything else. There wasn't much time left for her to get rid of the cards. Penalties in this place were extremely harsh.

Unsteadily, she rose to her feet and lumbered out of the room. Her nose kept inhaling the scent of bear cum and her mouth kept tasting it. She went to the dining room looking for someone that would help her. It didn't take long at all for her to find mammals who wanted what she had.

Her next priority was a long shower to clean everything. As usual, there were acts of casual brutality happening nearby. A wolf was forcing a rabbit to eat soap. A fox was busy drowning a squirrel. She paid them no mind and focused on cleaning herself.

It wasn't easy for her to wash the bear cum out of her ears and just like before, the scent of bear cum lingered in her nostrils when she took a breath. Her mouth suffered from the same problem when she brushed her teeth. The bear managed to wedge his cum deep in the crevices of her teeth so the taste lingered. After the tenth rinse, she figured that she would just have to live with the taste until it went away since she didn't feel like she was making progress.

She wasn't hungry since she consumed so much dirt earlier today, so she went to the next important task – removing paws from her list of fetishes. The very idea that someone could force her to do that again was appalling.

"Hi," she said. Sasha and Tasha were working at the front desk. "I want to remove paws from my list of fetishes."

Sasha said, "Are you certain?"


They both took out twenty-sided dice and rolled. Luck was on her side since it only cost her ten points to remove it.

"Thank you." Judy turned to leave, thinking that she could handle the consequences later.

"Where do you think you're going?" Sasha asked. "It's time to talk about your other preferences. Now, see this list?"


"Since you decided to remove one fetish, and that you complained when asked to perform which makes us look bad. How are we supposed to know that you won't do the same for the rest?"

"I thought that went beyond the scope of what I signed up for."

"You thought wrong, and that makes us look bad especially if you had to fetch a panther to complain. It was rather fortunate that we were there. So, here's what's going to happen, we're going to educate you on what you signed up for. If it happens to be too much, we'll remove that fetish and move on to related ones. This will continue until we're confident that you won't complain for frivolous reasons."

"I intended to do this part later."

"You may, but we'll deduct five-hundred points per day until you agree to reevaluation. As of right now, it's not safe to ask you to do anything. Thus, you're banned from fulfilling any client requests."

"Can't I add paws back on my list, and we'll forget about it all?" Judy asked. This seemed to be way more trouble than it was worth.

"If you can prove that you're willing to clean paws, we'll consider it. If you happen to fail, it'll stay removed and we'll move on to reevaluating everything else that you've signed up for." Sasha giggled. "I love this process."

"What about my point total that I need to meet before the end of the week? If I knew, I would've done it after I completed my quota for this week."

"Don't worry about that, you'll have enough points by going through this process. I suggest that you agree to this process before the end of today to prevent a penalty. You are free to leave."

Judy walked away. She decided it was best for her to rest. The reevaluation could wait a while. A long nap in a clean bed was wonderful. The embrace of sleep took her.

Only a few hours remained before she had to agree to the deal. A decent meal wouldn't hurt at all given what she had to do in this place so far. The facilities on the premises were still free for her to use. She fixed herself up a nice meal.

After she finished eating, it was time to agree to Sasha's plans.

"I've been looking forward to playing with you," Sasha said.

"Do you two play with everyone or just me?" Judy narrowed her eyes.

"Don't act like you don't enjoy it." Tasha licked her lips.

"I don't enjoy everything."

"If you had a choice that we would treat you just like everyone else. Would you take it? We give you some special treatment currently. Of course, your life here may be harder as a result."

"So, just bombard the ones who disappoint you with impossible tasks until you could force them to play with you anyway. What choice." Judy remembered how badly they treated Holly.

"Do you think that would happen to you? Even if you denied us," Sasha asked.

"No, but you two have no issue with asking me to do stuff that I'm completely against. Like earlier today."

"But you still succeeded."

"Because I didn't have a choice."

"You do – with your list of fetishes. Which we're going to reevaluate to make sure that it's right for you."

There was no sense in delaying further. "I'm ready now," Judy said.

"Let's play."

Sasha and Tasha called the panthers to take over their jobs once more. They escorted her to the dining room. Judy noted that Tasha and Sasha's diapers were filled with something but they were still white.

"Do you want her to clean your tailhole?" Sasha asked a bunny.

"Sure." The brown bunny had a few loads of cum in her tailhole.

"Well, get to it." Tasha guided Judy's face down to the bunny's rear.

"No thanks," Judy said.

"Then, shall we remove rimming from your list? That counts for both giving and receiving. Think about how good it felt. We can work on something else then if that's what you want."

"How often does this happen?"

"Probably not very often, but you still need to be able to do it. If it's too much, we'll simply take it off the list. If someone's tailhole was in that state, we do not expect you to back out. Are you going to lick or are we going to move on?"

"And if we go on hypothetically, what happens?"

"We move on to the next preference until we find that you're capable of performing three of them. If you end up with less than three, then we'll provide training in one area until you feel comfortable enough to perform. If you only have three preferences, you might not make the point total each week, and we'll end up forcing you to do certain things anyway until you discover more services that you're willing to provide.

Judy realized that she was trapped. Everything probably had unpleasant edge scenarios that they expected her to fulfill. "I'll lick." She didn't want to remove rimming under her list of preferences over this.

Slowly, her tongue licked the sloppy tailhole. The bitter taste of cum filled her mouth and her nose inhaled the scent of potent bunny musk. "What's your name?" Judy asked.

"I'm Rebecca."

Tasha said, "Maybe we should give you a time limit? Think most customers would be impatient if you were this slow."

Her tongue scooped out more cum from Rebecca's tailhole and she shuddered at the taste. Rebecca happened to fart while she was licking, sending cum onto Judy's face and burning her nostrils. She pulled away.

"It's understandable that you would pull back, but you took too long of a break. Farting happens sometimes. Start licking again."

Judy thought that would be a brilliant idea if she farted while Sasha or Tasha was licking her tailhole just to get revenge.

"Sorry," Rebecca said.

Judy continued licking with tears in her eyes. Her tongue scooped out more bitter cum for her to swallow. The taste of Koslov's cum seemed pleasant by comparison.

"You need to lick faster," Sasha said. "She won't orgasm this way. Not even close."

Judy tried to speed up the pace, giving Rebecca's tailhole quick frenzied licks. It was by some miracle that Rebecca managed to cum.

"Well, your performance is subpar, you were reluctant which isn't exactly a bad thing since that can be part of the charm. However, you did take too long."

"So, what, am I going to undergo more training or something?" Judy didn't like the idea of rimming more mammals just to improve her speed.

"Maybe after a customer lodges a valid complaint, but if they lodge an invalid complaint, we ban them from this place or worse. You probably know what you need to work on if you can't captivate their interest through other means."

"Thank you." Rebecca kissed Judy. She was happy and sincere. "Don't suppose we can do it again?"

Judy shook her head, part of her felt bad for not nodding.

"Aww, I really liked it. It was a first for me. Let me know if you change your mind."

"Why not just ask those two? They'll probably be more than happy." Judy pointed to Sasha and Tasha.

"They never gave me such an offer, but I'll be happy to let them play."

"And why not?"

"We change and she's not new," Sasha said. "Anyway, go clean yourself up unless if you want to stay that way. We still have more tests to go through."

"Can't we do those tomorrow?" Judy didn't want another restless night. "And you could let me sleep peacefully?"

"Go clean yourself up first. We'll talk after. I know that you don't like the cum on your nose."

Judy headed to the bathroom to clean herself – casual depraved acts became easier to ignore while she washed her face. She brushed her teeth yet again because she just rimmed someone. It gave her a momentary respite from the taste. Sasha and Tasha were waiting right outside the bathroom for her.

"Do you want to wear a diaper to bed?" Sasha asked.

"I'm not sticking my head in one if that's what you're asking," Judy said.

"We already know you can do that, there's no need to test you again. We do have other concerns, however. If customers ask you to eat, we do expect it. Some might have special requests from time to time."

"Scat isn't on my list of kinks."

"True, we're not talking about that." Sasha led her to the dining room. She spread a white diaper on the table. "What do you want to eat tomorrow morning?"

"That sounds really uncomfortable." Judy thought they wanted her to wear her breakfast. Sleeping with strawberries did not seem fun.

"Still, what would you like to eat?"

Judy listed what she wanted for breakfast. Sasha escorted her out of the dining room and told her to go to bed. "Good night, Judy."

The rabbits let her sleep peacefully which she was grateful for. They didn't ask her to participate in one of those twisted schemes of theirs. Part of her realized that Sasha forgot to bribe her with something so that she could play with her. It probably slipped her mind and that wasn't reassuring.

"Wake up!" Breakfast is ready." Sasha prodded Judy until she was awake. There were multiple berries laced with what seemed to be cum in a diaper just next to her. "It took quite a while to prepare. I hope you enjoy it."

Judy tentatively picked up a blueberry. She sniffed it. it smelled as good as she thought it would. The taste was foul just the same. "What if I remove this fetish?"

"Well, we'll be checking three more of your preferences in addition to the remaining two. You can if you really don't want to do this. Think about how rare this would be and if it would be worth it to remove it just to not experience this. It might be better to just go through with it while praying that it doesn't happen."

"Why is there cum on food anyway?"

Tasha said, "Well, after taking loads up the tail, cum will fall in the diaper sometimes. We just tried our best to recreate that experience. It wasn't that easy finding participants on such short notice, but we managed."

"So, all this cum is from someone's tailhole?"

"Multiple actually. Is it going down the hatch or are you backing out?"

"I think I want to back out." She had no appetite to eat what was in front of her. It was way too revolting.

"We'll be able to explore your limits with everything. Are you sure that's what you want? You'll undergo tests for five of your preferences as a result. Say for example, how much hot wax can you handle in your pussy?"

"Mammals don't really do that."

"No, but you need to be able to satisfy the rare customer. It is on your list of kinks."

"I was thinking about hot wax landing on my body."

"Well, that's not your choice. That's just an example of how we can test you. What you think you need to do and what we expect you to be able to do, can be quite different. There won't be any issues if someone doesn't complain and if they do, then we'll either train you or start the same process."

"So, you're saying I should've kept paws on my list," Judy said.

"No, because you balked at a routine thing. We're testing you for edge scenarios now. It's far more likely that you lick similar paws than find someone that wants you to do this. Enough talk, is all this going down the hatch, or are you giving up?"

Judy plucked another blueberry from the diaper to eat. Knowing that all the cum came out of the tailholes of multiple mammals was revolting.

"I'll feed it to you. All you need to do is chew," Sasha said

Sasha took her time picking out one fruit after another to feed to Judy. Since Sasha got jealous of watching they took turns in feeding her.

Judy took several deep breaths. "At least, rabbits couldn't throw up."

"Quite the advantage when it comes to stuff like this. Come on, you still have stuff left to eat."

Eventually, Judy finished the meal that they so lovingly prepared.

"Time for your next test. You took a bit longer than anticipated for this one, so we're running late. Come on!"

"Don't you have to work at the front desk?" Judy asked, not wanting further torment.

"Because we need to observe you, we can't."

Sasha and Tasha led her to a room where a wolf was waiting. It seemed like she was servicing clients again.

"Sorry that we were a bit late," Sasha said.

"It's fine really. I appreciate the discount," the wolf said.

"She also might not provide proper service. We're testing her."

"Don't worry about it. Take my pants off with your mouth," the wolf instructed.

The wolf's pants were off with some difficulty. She had to remove his underwear next with her mouth, it wasn't clean and she smelled the filth when she got closer to his tailhole. There were bits and pieces just dangling nearby.

"Lick his tailhole," Sasha instructed.

Judy closely inspected the wolf's tailhole. "It's too dirty."

"Yes, and that's expected. Not everyone is spotless. Go on, clean him, or are you backing out of this?"

Tasha licked Judy's tailhole once. "Think of what you're going to miss out on." She licked her again. "I know you love how this feels."

"You're not going to do that for me often enough."

"Did you try asking?"

"Fine, how often will that happen? It's a rarity and only by you two so far."

"Enough to make it worthwhile for you. Now, start eating or walk out of this room."

"I haven't done this before, ever."

"Everyone starts somewhere."

With great reluctance and hesitation, she gathered up a small piece of wolf dung dangling from his tailhole into her mouth. It was her first time doing that. Her body shook and she fought her instincts to spit it out, but she managed to swallow. She took several deep breaths.

Tasha took one of the bigger pieces into her mouth. She chewed it up.

Judy noted that Tasha was still reluctant in doing so based on how her body trembled and how her face contorted with grimaces. Her paws even clutched her mouth as if to prevent her own gag reflex.

"Open your mouth. She's helping you," Sasha instructed.

She couldn't force her mouth open so Sasha pried it open with her fingers. Tasha moved her trembling mouth next to Judy. She started transferring the foul mess into Judy's maw. There were two trembling bunnies now as they forced themselves to go through with this, defying what was natural to them both. Once half of the mess was inside Judy's mouth, Sasha pulled Judy away. She whispered into her sister's ear, "Swallow."

Tasha cried but forced herself to swallow regardless. Sasha focused on holding Judy's mouth shut. Once Tasha regained her composure, she rubbed Judy's throat until she swallowed.

"Why do you do things that you hate?" Judy clutched her stomach.

"Because I thought the payoff was worth it. You didn't have to do that to me, sister," Tasha said. "He still needs some cleaning."

"Think of it as practice," Sasha said dismissively. "You needed it."

There were two more pieces for Judy to consume.

"We can add those to my diaper then you can eat it later," Sasha offered.

"No!" Judy yelled. That would be even worse. The offer motivated Judy enough to take those two pieces into her mouth. She focused on chewing the foul mess. The bitter taste became all too familiar to her. Her eyes watered from the torment. She managed to force it down. Now, she had to rim the wolf. That went on for two minutes before Sasha and Tasha were happy with her performance. At least, the wolf didn't need to climax before they called it off.

"Not bad for your first time." Tasha licked Judy's lips.

"And hopefully last," Judy said.

"It's not too common, but not all that uncommon. We have one more test for you in this category."

"And, I guess it's going to be even worse." Judy's ears drooped.

"Thanks for booking us, Victory."

"No problem."

Judy figured that was the wolf's mob name. It seemed far too unlikely to be his real one.

Sasha and Tasha led her to the bathroom next. Judy noted that the casual depravity they walked past didn't catch the interest of Sasha and Tasha. However, those two inspected every stall as if looking for something. They found a dirty toilet bowl filled with urine. Sasha took off her diaper which was filled with oatmeal it seemed and possibly cum. Tasha went to great lengths to place that in a clean spot by the sink while threatening everyone with harm if they made it dirty. Sasha still had that vaginal plug from yesterday in her pussy or something that looked just the same. She positioned herself so that her butt fell into the toilet. After she climbed out of the toilet, she said, "Lick my tailhole." Her fur was dripping with piss and had globs of oatmeal around it.


"Are you really going to back out now?" Sasha asked. She leaned close to Judy's ear. "Just think of what you ate earlier."

That made Judy rationalize that she should lick despite her reservations. Sasha's tailhole was dripping with urine from multiple mammals it seemed. It certainly smelled like it, but she had a few questions.

"So, is that toilet always clogged, or are we just lucky?" Judy wondered how far they went to plan her torment. It seemed rather excessive if they meticulously planned it.

"Not too hard to find something that we could use. Don't know why it's like that, don't really care. An overflowing urinal would've worked just the same."

Judy tried to insert her tongue into Sasha's tailhole. The taste was salty and sour and there was some oatmeal for her to eat.

"Clean around the area first," Tasha said. "It should be easy relatively speaking."


"If someone wants a rim job, it's reasonable to assume that they want you to clean the surrounding area."

Judy had to drink from Sasha's fur because it was drenched considering where she was mere moments ago. The bits of sour milky oatmeal did not make it better either. Sour milk bothered her more than the piss since that was supposed to be pleasant and palatable.

"Not like that," Tasha said. "When cleaning the surrounding area, if you can easily do so, you want to make sure that your nose bumps against or into their tailhole. Especially, if it's messy. Then you take a few sniffs."

"But it's wet. With urine."

"So? That's what they want."

"They won't tell the difference."

"Unless if you take too long to get them off, then they might complain."

The lecture caused her ears to burn. She tried doing as Tasha suggested. Her movements were a bit unsteady since she didn't want to use her paws.

"You should put your paws around her legs to steady yourself."

Sasha's legs were wet with urine too considering what she did earlier. Judy did as Tasha asked even though that would've been routine for her. Her nose was buried in Sasha's tail. She took a few sniffs as instructed while her mouth sucked out the urine.

A few droplets of urine got into her nose as a result and her nose was wet. The process was long and arduous. She became well acquainted with the scent of Sasha's tailhole. Her nose sometimes bumped into oatmeal coated with sour milk and urine and she inhaled that potent scent just the same.

She cried because it was taking so long. It was only slightly better when she moved on to inserting her tongue into Sasha's musky rear and gobbling up pieces of oatmeal coated with sour milk and piss.

Before Judy finished rimming her, Sasha began pushing, as if she had to defecate. She panicked and sped up her licks, hoping that anyone would tell her to stop. Her tongue collided with the bitter mass that Sasha was trying to expel from her body.

Judy pulled away and her shoulders sagged thinking that she failed the final test and that it was all for nothing. Her nose and paws were wet with urine. No one comforted or reassured her for several seconds.

"You passed," Sasha said after she finished emptying herself.

"Really?" Judy felt hopeful.

Tasha ate Sasha's droppings off the bathroom floor.

"That would be above and beyond what we ask of you. If this happens, you may leave the customer behind," Sasha said. "Or provide the customer with extra service, but it would be your choice. If they force you, you're free to report the abuse later and something quite unfortunate might happen to them. The fear of death tends to have a way of making mammals behave."

Judy smiled with relief. "So, what separates this from the wolf?" She thought it was similar.

"Based on species and if it falls under poor hygiene. A wolf's pile is much bigger so a few pieces aren't that much of a concern. Complain about that unjustly and we'll train you until you accept it or remove it from your list of kinks. We are reasonable though, so do use your best judgment. Do not take advantage of our generosity, but don't be too afraid to speak out if you feel abused."

"This entire place is abusive," Judy said. "And I bet this will become routine whenever you force me to participate in one of your twisted games."

"Well, more than reasonable, then. We're also not that cruel. This is just procedure, not desire."

Sasha took a shower while still holding her vaginal plug in place. She cleaned herself and they were just waiting for her.

"Can I clean myself? My paws are wet with urine and some of it is in my nose."

"Use the sink."

While she cleaned up, she said, "I don't understand the angle of making yourself suffer so you can see me suffer. Like how you chewed up that wolf's dung earlier today."

"I have my motivations, and causing you discomfort isn't the primary one," Tasha said. "Cecotropes are much easier to consume since it was part of our diet in the past. Didn't realize wolf would taste like that or that Sasha would ask me to swallow."

"How are they different?"

"It's rather difficult to describe how they taste differently; you'll need to try it yourself."

"I'm happy not knowing the answer to that." Judy hoped that she would never learn how they tasted differently. "And don't you two work together and love each other?""

"We do, but we don't agree on everything. Sometimes it is fun exploring limits. I do have an idea if you're willing to help."

"Oh?" Judy raised an eyebrow.

Tasha whispered into her ear.

"That's… dirty. Aren't you afraid that I might do I to you?"

"Would she protect you if you did that to me? I will protect you from her. It is your choice. Glad that we're expanding what you're willing to consider."

"No, that's not happening." Judy couldn't believe she entertained that idea. "I'm not doing that."

"You might after the end of your reevaluation. Try to imagine the look on her face."

Sasha stepped out of the shower with her fur clean. They took extra care in drying her since it was easy for rabbits to catch a cold. "I'm sure you know that this will eventually be your meal." Sasha pulled up the oatmeal-laden diaper she was wearing before. "Don't want it wet with piss at all. This would be so much easier if it was on your list of kinks."

"You just made me eat oatmeal dipped in piss and sour milk. I even ate the ones that were in your tailhole. Don't pretend you actually care."

"We have different limits for everything. Sour milk may be pushing it. I'll need to think it over."

"At least, there are only two more disgusting things to consume," Judy said.

"Five actually," Tasha said. "We're testing you in three categories, remember? If you give up on one, we need to plan nine more tests."

Judy cried, "I just want to be back home. I miss Nick, I miss everyone."

"If you want a meeting with Nick, I'm sure we can arrange that."

"You're not enslaving him, capturing him, or harming him!" Judy exclaimed. "I will kill you if you try."

"You're not supposed to tell her that," Sasha said.

"If he goes along with it, I'm sure she'll find out anyway. If he insists on us maintaining the charade, it would be easier to fake if Judy knew the truth," Tasha said. "Don't worry, you'll see your fox friend in an unharmed state."

"And I don't think you've suddenly developed a change of heart, and decided to let me go?"

"I hope you end up staying with us," Tasha said.

"There's no way that Nick will leave me here." Judy couldn't imagine that Nick would abandon her here.

"That is quite the problem, isn't it? But I don't think it's impossible to solve. If everything goes according to plan, you will hate him."

"What? Force him to rape me at gunpoint?"

"Oh no, choices must be made willingly. It's still a plan in progress. We're going to have so much fun before that happens anyway. We still have five tests to go."

It seemed impossible that they could somehow convince her to hate Nick. She didn't trust them to keep their promise about not harming him. If she tried, she could probably take out one of those two rabbits before her untimely demise.

Chapter Text

There was so much death, and life depended on how fast they were. One panther's only interest seemed to be slashing the necks of rabbits. A few of the more sensible ones tried to use the nearby prey animals as hostages. The even more insane ones tried to use prey animals as ambush opportunities. If the officer lowered their guard enough, they would try to overpower the officer involved. Panther fought against panther more than they fought against the invading police force.

Someone died because he was too slow. Nick finally hit that panther with a tranquilizer, stopping his rampage. There was another scream nearby so he couldn't rest. Another panther was down, but another rabbit was dead.

The next room had a panther and a rabbit sitting together closely. The rabbit was naked, but the panther was wearing a security guard uniform just like most of the panthers in this place.

"It's okay," the panther whispered. "It's going to be okay."

It was the first room that Nick found with a rabbit still alive – probably moments before the panther would end her life. He pointed his tranquilizer gun at the panther.

"You don't need to shoot him. Kyle would never hurt me," the doe said.

Solely due to protocol and what he had seen already, he shot the panther – which wasn't threatening the rabbit in any way but that could change in mere moments. Tranquilizers weren't lethal, that didn't mean someone wanted to be shot.

"If I let you fuck me, will you let him go?" the doe said.

Nick blinked. "Why would you do that?"

"Because he did so much for me, and that's all I'm good for."

"We're freeing you from this place."

"I want to stay with him." The doe sniffed. "I know that you're sending him to prison. He was there for me; I want to be there for him."

"It's better for you if you stay away from him."

"Are you really going to pretend that you care about me and that you know what I need? I'm asking you how many I need to fuck or what I need to do so I can stay with him. You would understand if you know someone like me."

"What's your name?" Nick asked. He also wondered what he would do if Judy suffered from the same problem. "And I do know someone like you – someone that I'm trying to save. It's been months since I last saw her. I still don't know where she is."

"I'm Candy. Maybe you would treat me differently if I was her."

"You can use your real name now." Nick thought that was from abuse and conditioning. It was unlikely that it was her real name.

Candy was struggling to contain her rage. "Just leave me alone. I wish you never came here. You don't care about me at all. It's your job, I get it. Foxes specialize in making someone miserable."

The rabbit wasn't completely off base, but the problem was that he wasn't trying to make her miserable. "I'm sorry. I just thought it was unlikely that someone would be named Candy out of all the names in the world." Nick waved his tail in front of her. He knew that Judy liked it.

She pushed it away.

"Nick, you managed to save someone," Nadine said.

"Well, she's not happy," Nick said.

"Why would I be happy if you take someone important in my life away for my 'own good'? You can't even answer how many mammals I need to fuck or what I need to do so I can stay with him," Candy cried.

"What does he mean to you? Why do you feel this way?" Nadine placed a comforting paw behind Candy's head.

Nick gave them some space.

"He was there for me when I was new there. Maybe, I was the first crying rabbit that he saw," Candy said. "I remember how surprised he was. He even tried to help me escape. We didn't get far, but we tried. If I needed someone to talk to, he was there. If I wanted to cry, he was there to listen. On special nights, I even got to sleep against his soft fur. What do I need to do so I can be with him?"

"I will try my best to do something," Nadine said.

"But you won't succeed, right? That's how it goes. If only you two didn't come here. Just let me stay with him before you forcibly separate us."

"We do need to bring him to the station. Before he wakes up." Nick figured the tranquilizer probably had an hour left.

"Just let me stay with him as long as possible," Candy said.

As they made their way out of the hideout, Candy tried to comfort herself with the sleeping panther's body. The officers allowed her to remain close even when they placed the panther in the back of the cruiser.

Nadine was driving them to the station.

"I don't know what to do if Judy turns out like that." Nick had a lot on his mind due to that encounter earlier.

"He might've been horrible to others. Actually, I'm willing to bet that he was, but he wasn't horrible to me," Candy said. She positioned herself so that the sleeping panther's nose was in her pussy.

"Nick, that won't happen," Nadine lied.

"There's no need to lie about it. We simply don't know," Nick said. He admonished Candy for what she was doing. "Just don't have sex in the cruiser. Don't make me regret this."

Candy adjusted her position so that her tailhole was above the panther's nose instead.

Nick thought they would be in trouble if the panther suddenly woke up. It was certainly against procedure to allow Candy so much freedom. Not to mention unsafe and the lack of seat belts. They weren't sure if Candy's claims were credible still. However, Nadine did persuade him to break protocol, and here they were. The cruiser can't arrive fast enough.

"Maybe you two can be reunited after a month," Nadine said. "Assuming if you're still willing by then."

"Is that the best you can do? Better than nothing, I guess. We'll have so much more time together surrounded by iron bars."

When the police station finally came into view, Candy asked, "Can I mark him somewhere? Don't want to get your cruiser dirty."

"Haven't you done that already with how you rubbed your chin all over him?" Nick asked. He had a good idea what she was referring to though.

"Only if he approves after he wakes up," Nadine said.

"'Kay." Candy sounded defeated.

They moved the unconscious panther into one of the cells at the station with Candy following them obediently.

"Do you have any relatives or family?" Nick asked.

"Not that I'm willing to live with," Candy said. "I survived in Mulina before. My wolf friend named Owen needed medical treatment, so I ended up with the panthers to pay the bills. It's been three years. You're bound to get sick sometime if you eat trash every day."


"Find a half-finished burger from Bug-Burga from the garbage if you're lucky. And if you can't find anything, you don't eat at all. Other days, you can assemble six of them."

"I'm sorry, I need a moment." Nick rushed to the bathroom.

Nadine continued the questioning.

He imagined such a revolting image that he had to vomit. If he lived in a different place, that could've easily been him, and that made it so much worse. It took him quite some time before he thought he could rejoin Nadine right outside the cell.

His nose told him that Nadine must've allowed the bunny to mark the panther. They weren't killing each other, so he thought that the panther agreed.

"See? He won't harm me."

Even though the panther's paws were cuffed together, his jaws could still cause injuries.

"Why did you allow her to do that?" Nick said.

"Because I thought it was right. You're not cleaning this place up anyway," Nadine replied. "I think his fur absorbed most of it. Let's talk to the chief and see what we can do for these two. This would be easier if Chief Growley was in charge, but this isn't the night shift."

"Please don't have sex while we're gone. This place is under surveillance."

The other teams were returning from their respective raids by now. Nick only saw a few prey animals taken to the station. The majority were panthers. He supposed that they arrested so many mammals in a day that the other precincts had to handle the processing. There was no way that they could fit everyone in this police station.

"What can I do for you, Fangmeyer and Wilde?" Chief Zipes said.

They explained to the tiger of the rather unique situation they've encountered. It wasn't exactly a case of Stagholm Syndrome, but similar. In the end, the chief decided it would be best for Candy to attend two weeks of therapy then reevaluate her desires and possibly set up an agreeable arrangement between them both.

Nick and Nadine returned to give Candy the news.

"Mandatory therapy sessions will only last two weeks now," Nick said.

"Really? Then I can be with him?" Candy's face lit up with hope.

"Apparently." Nick still wasn't sold on the idea of letting those two remain together. At least, the panther didn't take advantage of the rabbit only others. He was afraid if Judy would feel the same way towards someone who treated her horribly.

"I also want to know if my wolf friend is okay."

"A last name would help."

"He never revealed that to me."

Even though they made so much progress, Nick still felt that it wasn't enough since they still haven't found Judy yet. There would be plenty of leads for everyone to follow up. At least, one of the teams managed to save one of the streamers that went missing in the early days.

They decided to give her a break for three hours before the tests would resume. She also received explicit instructions not to eat anything. Her breakfast earlier today consisted of blueberries and cum from the tailholes of multiple mammals, and it seemed like she was going to skip lunch unless if they had another disgusting meal prepared.

She wasn't sure if it was better to remain hungry or eat something. Part of her wanted to defy them and eat something anyway just to test what they were willing to do. It wasn't like they could go too far and keep the pretense that they actually cared about consent.

Even though there was some entertainment in this place, it still felt wrong on some level to actually enjoy them. She decided to chat with the other slaves in this place – hopefully to glean some insight about how everything worked.

On the way to the dining room, she saw a tiger pleading, "I'm sorry, please. It was an accident, I swear. I won't tell anyone." Sasha and Tasha were escorting the tiger along with four panthers. Based on the tiger's clothes, he seemed just like a regular civilian.

"What did he do?" Judy inquired.

"Went where he wasn't supposed to. Didn't have proper identification," Sasha said. "Unfortunate, but necessary."

"What identification do you need to come here?"

"You're less observant than I thought you were. Disappointing, really."

"Can't you just turn him into a slave or something?"

"Too much trouble. You need to break him, train him, and then he has to earn money. Plus, he'll also be a flight risk," Tasha said.

"You threatened me with training. I don't see why this tiger can't partake in the same process."

The tiger to his credit was busy pleading for his life. "Yes, make me into a slave. I just want to live."

"I'm more of a security risk than him, don't you think?"

"Sorry, but it's not the same. We know who you are. We do not know who he is," Sasha said. "You know what's going to happen. You don't have to watch this."

Judy felt obligated to tag along with them as they went to the furnace. The four panthers tossed the remorseful tiger inside.

"Wish you didn't see that. If only the circumstances were different. I know this one disturbed you. He was an unwelcome distraction; your training is further delayed by thirty minutes."

"Why didn't you stop me from tagging along?" Judy asked.

"Figure that out for yourself."

Judy went to the dining room – trying to put everything that she just saw out of her mind. She was powerless to stop all that, but she felt like she had to somehow. This tiger wasn't even a customer and she wasn't sure how he ended up here. She spent the remaining time listening to mammals trading cards with one another.

The two diapered bunnies came to fetch her when it was time.

"Let's talk in the realm of hypotheticals. This card has the following fetishes listed, if it wasn't red or white, how many points would it take you to agree to do it?" Sasha said.

The duration was four hours, and it has the following fetishes listed, diapers and cum. It also required her to wear huge mittens that would limit her mobility and shoes that would greatly increase the difficulty of her moving. There was another restriction that she couldn't talk. Cries and moans were allowed.

"Actually, the point total doesn't matter because there is a number that will make you accept, right?"

"Yes." Judy didn't know how much specifically. It was quite the tall order, but that didn't mean never.

"Good, so time to make this tiger happy," Sasha said.

Tasha whispered into her ear, "We wouldn't give you any red cards like this either unless if they're a trusted customer or if you have a special relationship with them."

"Why tell me that?" Judy said.

"You'll find out."

The room was already set up with the shoes and mittens. There was a diaper filled with chopped carrots and broccoli. Judy knew that she was going to eat those later as part of the test. She figured that they were going to be watching television most of the time.

"Thought you needed some vegetables," Sasha said.

They diapered her then helped her put on the gloves as well as the shoes. The two bunnies walked out of the room and she had to wait for the tiger to arrive. There wasn't much she could do. Moving was difficult, she was essentially immobile with these restraints. The sensation of carrots and broccoli against her butt was different.

The tiger arrived with some clothes on.

"Daddy's come home after a long day at work," the tiger said.

Judy nodded.

The tiger placed several baby bottles on the nearby counter which Judy assumed had cum inside of them. He fetched a nearby baby bottle and moved it towards her mouth. Her mouth remained closed just to see what would happen.

"Fussy babies get spankings."

Due to her interactions with Koslov, she knew that threats were fine, but acting on them was not.

The tiger positioned her across his lap so that he could spank her. He spanked her once, which felt odd against the carrots and broccoli in her diapers.

"You are not allowed to do that," Judy said. "It isn't on the list of kinks that you signed up for. Get me out of this."

The tiger leaned close to her ear. "The next time you talk, I'm ripping out your tongue. Nod if we understand each other."

Judy nodded.

He delivered four more swats to her diapered butt.

She opened her mouth so the tiger could put the baby bottle in. Her suspicions were correct when cum poured onto her tongue.

The tiger turned on the television and she just sucked the bottle. Every so often, he would squeeze another glob of cum into her mouth. He was watching foreign news of some politician that she didn't care about. It was boring – maybe that was the point. The globs of cum came into her mouth often enough to distract her from sleeping.

Apparently, the tiger moved on to some show for babies now. The first bottle was empty, so he took the second one from the counter. Again, it was cum much to her displeasure. Swallowing cum was routine for her at this point but it still wasn't actual food.

There was a problem – she needed to piss and she was too afraid to talk. Not that it was a problem on its own but rather what she had to eat later. Although, she hoped that Sasha and Tasha would show mercy. She cried and nudged the tiger to show that she needed something.

The tiger positioned her that she was lying across his lap once more. He delivered five more blows. Judy allowed herself to pee and stopped trying to hold it in. She was going to cry, but there was a bottle in her mouth. Tears flowed out of her eyes as she endured the torment in silence.

She was on the third bottle of cum now – and it tasted foul in such a way that it reminded her of what she ate for breakfast. It had to be specially prepared if that was the case. The tiger decided to make her drink this bottle faster than usual adding to the problem.

The tiger switched shows yet again.

The anchor said, "It's just too horrific beyond words. There were so many dead bodies after the police decided to bust a trafficking ring. We are still awaiting details if they've managed to rescue anyone."

Judy wanted to cry. That could've easily been her. The images of all those prey animals were shocking. They had their throats slit. On the bright side, the police did capture a lot of panthers, but the more progress they made, the more danger she was in.

It made her think what was better – life in this place or the release of death. She didn't know the answer to that question. The tiger put the fourth baby bottle in her mouth, disrupting her thoughts.

Once again, periodically he fed her cum from the bottle that she had to swallow. There was an issue thought – she was going to mess her diaper at this rate and was too afraid to ask for permission to use the toilet. The thought of losing her tongue was terrifying and he could very well cut it out with his claws even if there was retribution later.

Although, maybe that was what the bunnies were testing her on – that her price tag for this type of task should be impossible for anyone to meet. If it was just a test – did that tiger even have permission to harm her permanently? She wished she knew how Sasha and Tasha were involved.

At least, the tiger wasn't doing anything truly abusive just yet – just feeding her cum from baby bottles. He only had one left so it was soon over. The final bottle of cum might've been from someone's tailhole yet again. Her suspicions seemed confirmed when the tiger fed her some raspberries that somehow got inside it.

There were no more bottles for her to drink so she hoped that the tiger was going to leave. Unfortunately, the tiger moved on to the next phase of his plan. He took off her diaper – the stench hit her nose immediately. The tiger didn't give any indication that it bothered him. He alternated between a fork and a spoon when he started feeding her.

"Choo-choo, here comes the train." The tiger acted as if he was feeding a baby.

She didn't dare complain still and this went way beyond anything she deemed reasonable. The idea of losing her tongue was enough to make her comply. Even so, she couldn't prevent the grimaces she made from the taste.

Bit by bit, the tiger fed her everything that was in the diaper. She ate her scat unwillingly. It was scat wasn't it instead of just cecotropes? She couldn't really tell and it was all smushed from being inside her diaper anyway. The taste was revolting so she certainly hoped that it wasn't part of their diet in the past. At least, it wasn't as bad as wolf dung.

She tried to indicate that she was full but that got her a few spanks then the tiger started feeding her again. All the while – she didn't dare try to talk for fear of losing her tongue. It was such a relief when a panther walked in, and the tiger walked out of the room.

"He – he abused me," she cried. "I was so scared. I felt like he would kill me."

After freeing her from her restraints, the panther carried her – as if she was someone precious to the front desk.

Sasha and Tasha once again took time off their jobs just to attend to her. They took her to another room with a clean bed. The panther carefully placed her on the sheets.

"So, what happened?" Sasha asked.

Judy recounted everything that the tiger did to her.

"Yes, we were testing you," Tasha said. "Nothing will happen to the tiger because this was a special case. And yes, you drank cum from tailholes again."

"What if he actually ripped out my tongue?

"Well, then we wouldn't need to reveal this to you, would we? Would you even be alive if that was the case?"

"Please never do that," Judy said.

"Now, here's the problem. What if you thought we were involved, but we actually weren't? You would lose something – maybe your life and the abuser would lose his. The correct amount of points for that type of request should not exist without someone supervising all of it or if you trust them implicitly.

"Why do they exist?" Judy asked. "Why put it out there in this place?"

"It's a high-risk task that might turn abusive, but it doesn't mean that it will. This was to show you how easily it can. Not everyone likes being watched for safety measures."

"If someone receives one of those, either we think they enjoy it or they've disappointed us," Sasha said. "You'll live, Judy. If it were anyone else, we would allow you to torture them for a few days before we put them out of their misery."

"We'll start your next test at midnight. We're going to give you some time to recuperate from this experience," Tasha said. "Try to get in the mood for a midnight snack."

Judy went to the bathroom. It took several rounds of brushing her teeth and rinses before she felt clean. An extra long shower was also welcome. The entire ordeal was over – and she was alive. She had about six hours to waste until her next test.

This time she visited the computers – hoping that she could find something to amuse herself with until it was time. The computer had some books for her to read which made her lose track of time. Sasha and Tasha came to fetch her – this time they were not wearing any diapers.

She had a sinking feeling about this.

"Come," Sasha said. "I hope that you'll want to play."

"Play?" Judy asked. "You act as if I'm able to reject whatever you planned."

"This time, we're giving you choice," Tasha said.

They led her to a bedroom where she saw two open diapers on the bed. There were two piles of scat in addition to food underneath. She wasn't sure how much urine the diapers contained either.

"Respectfully, this is beyond what I've signed up for," Judy had a good idea of what they had planned. "Count me out."

"Actually, this is reasonable because it's a simulated experience. Imagine if you're servicing someone for say an hour, and you had to use your diaper due to food poisoning which they planned to feed you. If you lost control of your bladder or your bowels why should they receive an inferior experience?"

"I thought you ruled it as abuse as evidenced by what the tiger did."

"Because that was for four hours, which made it unreasonable for you to consume everything if you had to wet or messed your diaper. This is rather reasonable although an extremely unlikely scenario. Since it's a simulation, the scat and urine didn't have to be your own," Tasha explained.

"Justify why there's two then." Judy crossed her arms. "If it was a simulation, there would only be one."

"We wanted to play with you, so we filled two diapers. We would like you to identify which came from which. Maybe, we swapped diapers mid-way. Maybe, we pissed in both for one of them. All sorts of interesting combinations." Tasha licked Judy's ear, making her shiver.

She backed away because that conjured up such a revolting task.

"Identify where the pee and the scat came from, and you win," Sasha said.

"Since you were going to give me a choice, here's my answer: I'm not playing." Judy found the idea of eating out of just one diaper repulsive, but to subject herself to two, and to even more scat and urine by playing this game of their sounded appalling. These things weren't in her list of kinks, and they knew that.

"But we'll make it worth your time."

"Say, I identify wrong which is very likely, then I get nothing again. Not happening and I doubt you can offer something to change my mind."

"As long as you try your best, you're guaranteed the minimum prize. If you need a fresh taste of something, we're right here. Just compare the scents and tastes. Try your very best not to get anything wrong." Sasha stared into Judy's eyes.

Judy knew that involved even more piss and scat from the way they worded it. "What can you possibly offer me?"

"How about dropping you off within reasonable distance of Precinct Five. You'll be naked of course. We'll protect you too in a way so that other mammals don't take advantage of you if you choose to go there. After you meet the police, we just leave it to them. You might even be able to meet Nick."

"And if I don't go to the police?"

"Well, the world is full of unfriendly mammals. Who knows what might happen? But it is your choice."

"Is this happening so far into the future where I'll be sure to escape on my own or get rescued before then?"

"I was thinking within a week. If that does not happen, then you don't need to service anyone here ever again."

Judy thought that sounded way too good to be true. "No thanks, I'm unlikely to get everything right."

"That's why it's the minimum prize for trying your best."

"What incentive do I have for getting something right then? If freedom is already the minimum prize. Consuming everything would be logical, but I doubt you two would find that as fun. Then you'll probably find a way to revoke the prize that you were going to offer."

"Oh, but we didn't offer freedom. We offered you a chance to visit Precinct Five," Tasha said.

"So, just to get this straight, you expect me to clean those two diapers, name where it came from, and I'll need to consume two more piles of scat and drink piss from you both so I can become familiar with how each of you taste. The alternative would be just one diaper, I guess?" Judy said.

"Nah, if you're a genius or you get lucky and can name where it came from, you don't need to eat anything at all but if you make even one mistake, the deal for freedom is off because then there's only one prize, the grand prize."

"Right, but what's the prize structure if I try my best? Freedom is the guaranteed minimum prize, and I'm not sure what else you can offer me."

Sasha scratched her head. "You're right. Let's call this off for now. Time to move on to the next test. A bit unplanned, but it'll work. We'll go back to the drawing board."

They led Judy out of the bedroom and into another one. There were two foul-smelling objects on the counter – a vaginal plug and a butt plug that's coated with brown stains.

"These plugs have been inside of us ever since you took them out. Well except for rare occasions. One is going inside your mouth, and the other is going into the appropriate hole," Tasha said. "Which one do you want in your mouth?"

The thought of inserting a stained butt plug into her mouth at this time didn't seem like a good idea, so she chose the vaginal plug. It was the least repulsive option. Tasha took the butt plug and slowly inserted it into Judy's tailhole. Judy moaned from the sensation.

Sasha announced that she was going to get some equipment.

Tasha took the vaginal plug on the counter and inserted it into Judy's pussy which surprised her.

"Why?" Judy asked.

"I wanted to have some fun. Just think of how much better it would taste. Imagine sticking this in your mouth after knowing all the places that it's been. Doesn't that sound delicious?" Tasha's breath was hot on her ear.

"What on earth gave you that idea?" Judy recoiled from revulsion.

Tasha started playfully nibbling on Judy's nipples while she moved the plug in and out of her pussy. Judy moaned involuntarily during that process. "You seemed to enjoy that," Tasha whispered into her other ear. She continued playing with Judy's body. Sometimes her paws played with Judy's nipples while her mouth licked her pussy or she switch it up. "Glad that we're seeing eye to eye."

"That's – that's," Judy moaned. "St-stop." Her entire body quivered with pleasure from Tasha's extreme efforts. "You shouldn't."

"Maybe I'm not doing much at all. You probably like how dirty it is. We can both smell it from here. It's been inside your pussy when you were filled with bear cum. Sasha put it into her pussy and she only took it out when the urge to pee became unbearable. It probably spent a great deal of time resting in her piss. And, now, it's going in and out of you," Tasha nibbled on Judy's ear. "Quite the dirty bunny you are for getting off to this. Once Sasha comes back, I'm going to add my flavor before sticking it into your mouth."

Judy found it extremely distracting that Tasha's paws were playing with her nipples along with her tongue on her pussy. "The – problem- is."

"Would you like it better if I stuck it in my tailhole too?" Tasha whispered.

Judy hated that very idea. It was worse than what Tasha originally planned. "You c-can –"

"Better yet, would you like it if you added the flavors yourself?" Tasha licked Judy's other ear.

Tasha pleasured Judy enough so that she cummed. Some of the cum landed on the toy while the rest landed on the bedsheets.

"Oh, you dirty horny bunny."

It was then Sasha returned to the room carrying what seemed to be adjustable bondage gear.

"Was it a mistake to let her out of diapers?" Sasha asked.

"Hey, that's not!" Judy recovered enough to speak coherently.

"She just loved the idea of this so much that she cummed," Tasha said. "Go on then." She gave Judy the plug then laid on the bed, giving Judy easy access to her pussy and tailhole. "Move it in and out three times for the best taste."

Judy with as much enthusiasm as she could muster and moved the toy in and out of Tasha's tailhole three times. Since Tasha wasn't clean, there were some noticeable brown stains that only got worse when she repeated the process. "I think I'm going to be sick."

"But you loved the idea earlier."

"I did not!"

"The sheets say otherwise." Tasha pointed to the wet patch on the bed. "You still have one more flavor to add."

Judy repeated the process with Tasha's pussy, and it just so happened that Tasha decided that it was the time to piss, making it spray everywhere.

"None of this is on my kink list."

"No, but we do expect you to clean this if they ask," Sasha said. "You'll get used to it throughout the night." She took the plug from Judy then she attached it to some bondage gear so it turned into a mouth gag. "Open up, I heard you loved the treat."

As Sasha approached Judy's mouth with the gag, the scent became stronger as it was just inches away from her nose. She shook her head. Her eyes watered from the smell.

"Are you lying to me, Tasha? She doesn't look like she loved the idea. Maybe this should be your treat instead."

"She wants me to do it. I did promise her." Tasha took the gag from Sasha. She put the tip of the toy on Judy's nose, smearing it with something. "Open up."

Judy was busy shaking her head. The scent wouldn't go away since it was on her nose now.

"I think your touch did something to it. Maybe you should taste it first just to make sure that it's still suitable to suck. You know what I want, sister."

Sasha instead moved her face next to Judy's pussy. "I think we need to get her into the mood." She started licking.

"No, sister, she doesn't seem to like it anymore. You did something to it."

An unexpected nibble on her pussy caused Judy to moan which Tasha used that opportunity to jam the plug inside. Judy's body shook uncontrollably when she tasted that foul plug. Her cum, bear cum, the piss from two bunnies, Tasha’s scat, and maybe even Sasha’s cum too created such an unholy mixture, especially when considering how long it had been in use.

Sasha started helping Tasha put the gag in place.

Once they were far away enough, Judy tried to take the gag off, but Sasha stopped her. "I guess we need to watch you for the rest of the night."

Judy tried her best to avoid touching the foul object with her tongue.

"Let's take turns, sister," Tasha said.

"Only if it's your turn first."


They moved her body so that her head was lying on top of the wet patch created by Tasha's piss. Meanwhile, Sasha was busy hunting for drops of urine that splashed on Judy's body with her nose then licking it up with her tongue.

"If you take the gag off without resorting to violence, you get a reward."

"Just wait until it's her shift, then do it," Tasha said. "We swap every hour."

Every so often, their activities caused Judy to moan which caused her tongue to bump against the toy. The taste made her body shudder with revulsion. She dared to try wiping her nose, and to her surprise, Sasha sucked her finger clean of the mess while making a face.

It was going to be another restless night for Judy while Sasha and Tasha had their fun.

Chapter Text

Everyone had to tire eventually including those two bunnies. It didn't help Judy much though since they threatened to sit on her face if she tried to remove the plug in her mouth. Only when she communicated that she wasn't, did they relent and that deal lasted for an hour. That bunny quickly fell asleep until it was time for the next shift which they miraculously woke up in time for. The bunny quickly negotiated a new agreement then fell asleep again.

She didn't get any rest since every time she relaxed her muscles, a taste of the toy in her mouth jolted her awake and made her body convulse from disgust. The bunnies stopped playing with her, and that didn't really help.

After a few hours, she realized that the only way she was going to get any rest was if she made a conscious effort to clean the plug. Else her body would convulse whenever she got a taste, and she would be wide awake again, trying to avoid contact. Then she would give in to sleep only for the cycle to start again.

The mere thought of what coated the toy upset her stomach. She was keenly aware that it was coated with bear cum, piss from those two bunnies, her cum, and maybe Sasha's as well with a nice helping of Tasha's scat. There was no way that she was getting out of it, so she tried to fight her reflexes to clean the toy.

It was harder than she thought it was – and she hoped that she was making some progress given the effort she was putting in. She didn't feel like she was making any progress even though she licked for quite some time while trying to control her body's reflexes. The taste remained extremely foul. A single lick was torture and she was putting herself through that process.

Throughout her efforts, it seemed the bunnies were asleep for longer than their respective shifts, so she took off the gag. She was grateful for the reprieve since the taste was driving her crazy. Her eyes closed and she slept while trying to imagine what kind of a reward they would give her.

It didn't feel like a lot of time passed, but Sasha was prodding her incessantly. "You lied to me," Sasha said.

Judy blinked. "What are you talking about?" She was still extremely tired.

"Come on." Sasha didn't care that Judy was still tired. She dragged her out of bed.

The plug in Judy's tailhole made movements a bit uncomfortable.

They arrived in the surveillance room where Sasha showed her the footage.

Judy could see how she struck a deal with Sasha a few minutes after six in the morning, then she took off the gag fifty minutes later. If she waited eleven minutes more, she would've won.

"What are we going to do about this? You lied to me."

"I'm sorry," Judy cried. "I just wanted to sleep. What are you going to do to me?"

"You deserve to be punished, don't you think?"

Judy nodded.

"Good, I'm glad that we agree. Remember to ask for your punishment when you feel that you're ready. You may go back to bed." Sasha walked with her until they were back in that bedroom. She inspected the plug that was in Judy's mouth. "Not even remotely clean."

Judy could see brown patches on it still. Her licks didn't seem to do anything. "You didn't ask me to clean it."

"Let's get you set up for bed again. Open your mouth."

"I can't sleep with that," Judy said.

"We'll take care of it later then." Sasha took the plug and inserted it into her pussy. "Remember to beg for your punishment when you feel well-rested. Can you sleep with the butt plug inside of you?"

"That's fine." Judy laid on the bed to sleep.

Sasha covered Judy with blankets. She whispered into her ear, "Sweet dreams, Judy. Your preferences do not matter when it comes to punishments."

Judy couldn't really sleep anymore due to that statement. She watched the white rabbit walk away. Her mind imagined one scenario after another. Eventually, her body gave in to exhaustion and the boundaries between nightmares and reality faded.

She was back in the other establishment with the sadistic wolf. Marvin loomed over her while whipping her mercilessly since she was too exhausted to lick up urine that she spat out. The blows didn't stop and only this time, no one came to save her.

Only an hour passed. There was no way she could sleep with that lingering on her mind. It was probably a bad idea, but she had to know her chances of survival. Even though she wasn't remotely ready, she went to the front desk to find Sasha.

They seemed to be back to their regular selves, wearing diapers, working at the counter, and booking mammals for their stay or letting them in.

"Well?" Sasha looked at her expectantly.

"I came to ask – what are my chances of surviving?"

"What did you do to her?" Tasha did not look happy.

"I didn't realize it would scare her that much, simply informed her that her preferences didn't matter when it comes to punishments and I wished her sweet dreams."

"I'll help our bunny get some rest." Tasha walked with Judy back to the bedroom. "Punishments tend to be very cruel but your life is not in danger at all."

"I can't sleep because I dreamed that I would die. This time, no one came to save me when the wolf mercilessly rained blows on my body," Judy said.

"Remember your recent encounter with the bear? Think of how intense that was, and imagine something else just like that. She'll push you to your limit, but you'll live."

Judy realized why she was in this mess in the first place. "That's the reason why I'm going through hell again! Is it possible to get a restraining order? It's not even because of him, but everything that happens after he visits!"

"No, sorry. Especially since you're his pet. Although there is something that you should know, I think they kill the worst performing pet and another one that the victor names. That's what happened last year, I think? Didn't enter anyone, didn't pay too much attention to the results."

"Aren't you supposed to help me sleep?" Judy said.

"Sorry, I'll be here to make it all better. It's unlikely that you would die there, so don't worry about it. Come on."

They finally reached the bedroom. Tasha held Judy as the little spoon while she slept.

Tasha wetting her diaper woke Judy up. Judy glanced at the clock, and it seemed six hours have gone by. There was a small wet sensation when she bumped against it.

"How do you feel?" Tasha asked.

"Better, I think?" Judy said.

"I've decided that we're going to move on to another test first then return to your punishment."

"What's this one going to be about?"

"I'll bring Sasha here first. Don't want you getting too anxious."

Judy waited until Tasha returned with her sister. She was well-rested as can be with impending torture looming on the horizon. It didn't take too long for Tasha to return with Sasha.

"You feel that plug in your rear? How long do you think it'll take to lick it all clean?" Tasha asked.

"Umm." Judy couldn't believe that Tasha would ask her that question. "I don't know?"

"We'll make it easier." Tasha slowly removed the butt plug from Judy's tailhole. "Sniff it, don't lick."

Tasha had her lie on the bed while she sat on her back. She placed the toy just inches from Judy's nose.

Judy looked at how much scat it was stained with and she could see dry bear cum too. It did not look appetizing or easy to clean. She sniffed the foul toy.


"I don't know."

"Get on with it so I can punish her," Sasha said.

"Here's a fun idea: either we give you a time that we think is reasonable then I get to punish you if you fail or Sasha's going to bring you gifts from the toilet with her mouth that you need to swallow. She said I needed more training, let's see her do something similar. If her gifts ever become too much for you to swallow, I get to punish you. If Sasha is too slow in her delivery, she needs more training." Tasha licked her lips.

"Sorry to interrupt your fantasy dear, sister. Her preferences still apply here. Don't you think you should apologize?"

Judy breathed a sigh of relief.

"But there's so much for her to do," Tasha said. "Apologies take time. Lots of time."

"Hmm." Sasha scratched her chin. "I know, we'll do what I have planned first, then we'll do this tomorrow and after that, we'll pleasure her for the remainder of the day after she finishes cleaning the plug. To avoid distracting her, I'll just wear it for safekeeping. Let's go."

Judy followed them, what surprised her was that they were in the lobby and not somewhere else. They led her to the middle of the room. About twenty mammals were loitering around and going about their business.

"We're not doing that," Tasha said. "It's unexpected to make her beg for her punishment right now."

"I was thinking about selling the show," Sasha said. "It'll cost two thousand for anyone that wants to watch her go through her punishment. No complaining about her performance, but we might let the lucky mammal have a go at her."

"Can we do anything to her?" a fox asked.


"What's she going to do?"

"Yet to be revealed. These are the terms, take it or leave it."

Five mammals were interested. Sasha collected the money and led everyone inside. They stopped by a room to pick up a blindfold. For the rest of the way, Judy couldn't see anything with it over her eyes. She overheard a few chuckles from the mammals following them and that made her feel worse. Her nose could smell the stench of piss that she figured they were in the bathroom.

"Since she didn't like the taste of the plug we put in her mouth last night and removed it when she wasn't supposed to. I thought it would be fitting if she had to retrieve the plug from one of the two toilets with her mouth. Every single time she comes up for breath without the plug, we'll add something else to her punishment," Sasha said.

"How's this fair? I can't see anything and I don't know which toilet the plug is in."

"Life isn't fair. You better start before we decide to force you in. We'll let you switch between toilets as often as you like. If we need to pull you out to save you from drowning, you're really not going to like what happens next. Do you want to search the toilet in front of you or do you want to start with toilet two?"

"I'll start with toilet two." Judy figured that was a trick to make her suffer more.

Sasha guided her to toilet two. "I'm sure you can smell where the toilet is."

Judy hesitated.

"Time is running out."

She took a deep breath and went in with her mouth closed, hoping to bump her nose against the plug so she could snatch it with her mouth. Her nose bumped against something so she tried snatching that up with her mouth only for her teeth to bite it in half. She came up for air without anything in her mouth.

Her nose was clogged with urine so she tried to clear that by sniffing. The rest of the time she tried spitting out the urine within her mouth.

"I didn't want it to be too easy, so I placed a few pieces of scat within the toilets. If you happen to come up with one of those in your mouth, you're going to eat it. Do you want to try toilet two again or will you try toilet one?"

"Toilet one." Judy was sure that she didn't miss the plug in the bowl since it simply wasn't there.

Once again, she tried a similar approach. This time, she realized what was in her mouth was scat so she let it go before coming up for air. She wasn't stupid enough to think that was the plug that she was seeking.

She spat out the urine within her mouth and cleared her nostrils. "How do I know that you're not lying to me? I can't see anything. Is it in toilet three?"

"Are you that willing to accuse me of lying?" Sasha said. "The accusations are quite severe."

A few of the accompanying mammals laughed.

"Yes, I am." Judy was certain that she didn't miss it.

"Aww." A few of the mammals groaned.

Sasha took off the blindfold. "You were right." She led everyone to a bedroom. "So, I was thinking about tossing it in the overflowing toilet, but I don't think that would really work since I think the main issue is that some of the fluids are dry. Tossing it into the toilet would make it easier."

"The first act was disappointing," the fox said.

"Don't you worry, there's more to come," Tasha reassured him.

"You are going to lick this clean." Sasha moved the toy in front of Judy's nose then she addressed the other mammals. "Our hardworking bunny deserves some cream for her reward. The longer she works, the more dessert she gets. I'll go get a bowl, so we can get started."

Sasha walked out of the room.

"You should start cleaning," Tasha whispered into Judy's ear.

Judy hesitantly moved the toy to her lips. It tasted just as foul as before, but since it wasn't completely in her mouth, she could make herself nibble. Her body shuddered with revulsion just the same.

Sasha returned to the room with a pet bowl, and the five predators that accompanied them started pawing themselves off.

The longer she took, the more cum she was going to eat. That didn't make it easy to clean the toy. Some of the fluids were dry already so she had to moisten it with her tongue to clean it. It wasn't as easy as licking it off and swallowing.

Judy saw Sasha leave the room again for something. Someone already shot their cum into the pet bowl. She was running out of time. Despite her efforts, there were still stains on the purple toy. The taste was slightly less repulsive at least. Maybe, she became acquainted.

It took her several more minutes before the toy could be deemed satisfactorily clean. By then, the bowl of cum was full to the brim.

"Does anyone want a go at her still? You get to fuck her in the ass."

"I do," a wolf offered.

Sasha instructed Judy to position herself on all fours while the wolf took her from behind. He wasn't gentle with his thrust even though she cried out in pain. Judy felt the wolf squirt cum into her ass.

"I've never done this before. Let's see what happens if I try." The wolf yanked his knot free before waiting for it to deflate. That made Judy scream in pain.

She gasped for breath and feared that she suffered some permanent injuries. It was just painful, thankfully.

"Umm, I need to pee," a fox said.

"Just do it inside her," Sasha said.

"That's not on my list of kinks," Judy protested.

"And this is part of your punishment. Bad sluts don't get to choose."

The fox thrust his dick into Judy's asshole. He pissed inside her.

She could feel liquid entering her bowels. Once the fox finished, Sasha removed the butt plug from herself and put it into Judy's asshole, sealing everything inside.

"Doesn't that sound like a lovely drink? Wolf cum mixed with fox piss. You still have a bowl of cum to consume right in front of you, given by these five kind mammals. Aren't you lucky?"

Judy shook her head. It sounded utterly disgusting.

"Maybe, it would taste better if we poured it into someone's tailhole first? You do like rimming, don't you?"

That threat motivated Judy to lap up the bowl of cum as best as she could. Cum wasn't even the issue here just what she experienced prior. The bitter gooey fluid slowly traveled down her throat into her stomach while everyone watched.

"You're in far better shape than I thought you would be," Sasha said. "I'm getting a glass, I'm sure you know what happens next. You've done it before. Although I don't think that would be enough, we'll see."

"Hold that thought, I have a better idea." Tasha took off her diaper. She also took out Judy's butt plug and instructed her to release the mess into the open diaper.

Judy could see some brown flakes from her tailhole when she let it all out. She couldn't tell if it was her own or from the dirty butt plug that she was wearing.

"Quicker, and more efficient." Tasha put the diaper on Judy. "Now, you need to clean this."

Judy stared at the butt plug in front of her face.

"To make things a bit more interesting. If anyone needs to pee, just use her diaper. She won't mind. Sasha, go and bring some bottled water here."

Sasha dashed out of the room.

"Can't we just go on her?" the lion asked.

"Need I remind you of our strict policies? Go use the toilet if you want." Tasha looked Judy right in the eyes. "You should really start licking."

Judy couldn't see the purpose from reading Tasha's pink eyes. She didn't know how Tasha felt about all this even though she intervened. Maybe it was to save her from something worse.

Interrupting her thoughts, a leopard lifted Judy's diaper and slid his cock inside to piss. She felt humiliated that someone else was using her diaper, and she still didn't start licking yet. No one was going to force her to lick. It had to be of her own free will. Things would get worse the longer she took. It was very likely that Tasha would ask her to clean the diaper she was wearing with her tongue. That was if they didn't come up with something even worse than that.

Judy started trying to clean the butt plug in front of her. The taste was bitter and unpleasant. It didn't sit well with her that she could taste three slightly different flavors. That shouldn't be something that she was able to do.

Sasha returned with a package of bottled water. The predators that accompanied them each took one to drink. There was no doubt that her diaper would get soggier the longer this went on.

It had three different types of scat combined with bear cum. Her stomach churned at the thought of licking it. While she was busy mentally preparing herself for this, a lion decided that it was the perfect time to pee in her diaper.

That motivated Judy enough to start licking despite how disgusting it was. She slowly swallowed the mess on the plug, and the fox decided that he had to pee again. Once more, Judy felt warmth against her butt as the fox pissed.

After twenty long agonizing minutes, she finally cleaned the toy enough so the next part of their plan could begin.

"You're going to clean this." Tasha took off the soggy diaper that Judy was wearing. She placed it in the middle of the floor. Not only that, but she shoved Judy's face in it and forced her to lie on the ground. "Clean it with your mouth. Meanwhile, everyone can cum on the bunny if they want."

"Can we use her tailhole?" a tiger asked.

"With your fingers, yes."

Judy had no choice but to keep sucking the soggy fabric. Every so often strands of cum would land on her face or her back. Some of them decided to spread the cum into her other orifices. At least, they restricted the activity to cumming since someone wanted to pee, and Sasha strongly suggested that he shouldn't.

That didn't help much since she still had a lot to drink. There were bits of her scat laced with wolf cum in the middle of the diaper for her to consume. The problem was that the diaper was stained yellow from the piss and she had to suck it enough until Tasha deemed it "acceptable."

There was enough cum on her body that the tiger decided to slowly relocate cum deep into her tailhole with his finger. The sensation was distracting enough that she cummed from the experience, drawing laughs from her live audience.

"Such a slut," the fox snickered. "You should do her pussy next."

"Gladly." The tiger repeated the same process of inserting cum into her pussy. After there was enough there, he moved on to her belly button briefly then her ears. All the while she was busy sucking on a diaper soaked with piss.

The main course of wolf cum topped with flakes of bunny scat didn't wasn't too difficult compared to everything she consumed already. Fox piss already blended in with everything else she drank. There was still so much more for her to clean and if she wasn't careful, cum would land on the already clean parts of the diaper and she would need to reclean it. Some of the mammals shooting cum had terrible aim so it happened anyway.

There was so much cum on her body and face by the time she was done. The predators relocated enough of the cum into her other holes to make her feel completely filthy. She lost track of how many times she had to reclean something to their satisfaction. It was such a relief when she heard that it was over.

"Thanks for coming," Sasha said. Once again, she thanks everyone by name individually. "Please come again."

Judy lacked the will to move with her face still resting on the mostly clean diaper.

"I got some good news – you don't get to shower until we say so. I hope you learned your lesson about breaking promises."

"I would touch you but your fur is matted with cum," Tasha said. "Let me wash you off."

"I did have something far worse for you planned, but I thought it may break your mind, so I decided not to. You do have one test left. Thank me for my generosity."

"Thank you," Judy uttered with her waning strength.

They both unceremoniously urinated on her body and walked away.

Judy cried into the diaper – not bothering to get up. She was a filthy slut and nothing more.

The events of what happened yesterday were still fresh on his mind. How one of the teams suffered substantial losses because a few of the panthers used explosives to cause the underground complex to partially cave in. It didn't matter that the panthers were caught, the damage was done. There was a plus that they managed to secure Mr. Fang in custody.

How Nadine had the dangerous task of keeping Mr. Big informed. If she failed, he was certain that there would be another round of rape and that's if he didn't ice her. Even though it wasn't his responsibility anymore, he had to make sure that she remembered to relay the information.

There was a surprise during roll call today. Chief Bogo was in the middle of handing out assignments when two rabbits barged in along with an out-of-breath Clawhauser. Nick recognized them as Judy's parents.

"I couldn't stop them." The cheetah panted. "Who knew those two could be so fast?"

"We want our daughter back right now," Bonnie said.

"This undercover mission went on way too long," Stu said.

Nick was speechless. He had no idea why they would think that way. The reports of Judy being captured weren't that rare when it was a hot topic.

"That's not exactly possible, Mr. and Mrs. Hopps," Chief Bogo said. "She's obtaining vital information for us."

"And why not? You said that she could back out at a moment's notice," Bonnie said. "We want her back, now."

"Just give us two more months so we can find everything."

"I don't care about that. You either let her come home or we'll talk to the city council and see if we can get you replaced," Stu said. "You promised us that she could be extracted at any time. And that the media reports were just a cover story. After seeing so much death on television, I want her out."

Nick decided it was time to reveal the truth. It seemed like Chief Bogo would do so anyway. He might as well get credit. "Truth is, she's been missing for months and we haven't found her yet. She's been captured and very likely a sex slave at this point."

Bonnie and Stu both fainted from the news.

"Good work, Wilde," Chief Bogo said sarcastically. "Do you know how much harder it would be to find Judy now? Those two would meddle constantly, and we won't get anything done."

"You lied to them, sir?" Clawhauser was in disbelief.

"Why did you lie to them all this time?" Nick said.

"I did what had to be done. If I didn't, our precinct wouldn't be functional anymore. You don't want them involved. This could turn very bad, very fast." Chief Bogo defended his actions.

"Explain yourself," Nadine said.

"No one cares, Fangmeyer. We'll tell them that it's just a dream when they wake up."

The officers all voice some form of support for Fangmeyer.

"Imagine someone who has no idea how to do the job there watching you at every moment. Every single suggestion needs to be followed because they have enough influence at the city council. It would be a complete misallocation of resources. It would be Chief Hopps and Chief Hopps or whomever they decide to send in their place. This will go on until someone convinces them that they might be hindering progress."

"Do they bring anything useful?" Officer Grizzoli said.

"Depends. They can mobilize some mammals and resources."

"I'm sure they're not that unreasonable," Nick said.

"Wilde, thank you for volunteering. Your job will be to diplomatically communicate to them or whomever they send, the importance of my decisions. Fangmeyer will do the same – in case they decide to send two."

"Isn't this a bit overkill?" Nick understood what Chief Bogo wanted but it still seemed excessive.

"We won't let you down, sir," Nadine said.

"Now, before we were so rudely interrupted, here are the assignments for today." Chief Bogo continued with the assignments he had planned.

Nick and Nadine had to remain behind and wait for the two bunnies to wake up thanks to their new assignments. Just like yesterday, Chief Bogo sent most of the officers to the Rainforest District. There were plenty of leads for everyone to follow up on.

The two bunnies were waking up.

"That was just a nightmare, wasn't it?" Bonnie said.

"If only that were true." Nick remembered how surreal it felt back then.

"Why haven't you found her in five months?"

"It's not that easy."

"You lied to us," Stu said. "Why?"

"Just to clarify," Nadine said. "He lied to you, and apparently, he thought that you would interfere enough with normal procedures to render this entire place dysfunctional. Now, he expects you two to remain here to be a pest or send someone else to pester him constantly. Seeing as Clawhauser failed to stop you two, we are here to help. I don't suppose you two would return home like good little rabbits so we can get on with doing something useful."

Nick flinched when he heard Nadine speak this way. That shouldn't go over well at all.

Stu sighed. "Don't know where he got that idea. We could've helped if we knew our daughter was taken. When he told us that she was undercover, we believed him. He acted as if he wasn't supposed to be telling us, but did it anyway to quell our anxieties."

"And we were able to believe him despite all evidence to the contrary. Why wouldn't they run fake reports now and then to fool the public?" Bonnie said. "All this time, we could've been doing something to help her."

"So, what now?" Nick asked.

"We'll provide aid and stay out of your way. We want results," Stu said.

"And you're not going to send someone over to pester him every day?"

"For now."

"We just want our daughter back, even though we're upset with what happened, fighting with him won't speed up her rescue," Bonnie said. "We'll do everything we can to help. We're rather well-connected within Bunnyburrow."

"I guess this place will be swarming with rabbits now." Nick knew that Bunnyburrow had a massive population.

"Speaking of that, how many can you make use of?" Bonnie asked. "We can provide equipment as well."

"We're better off deferring to the chief on that one."

They went into Chief Bogo's office to talk. He was currently looking over various reports on his desk.

"How much assistance would you be able to make use of from Bunnyburrow?" Nick asked.

"It's not that easy – there aren't that many jobs where ones from Bunnyburrow would be qualified to do. They cannot work within the field because they lack training," Chief Bogo said. "We could use more administrative staff, but that would be about it."

"Give us a week to provide you with what you need," Stu said.

"I might have misjudged them."

The two bunnies walked out of the office peacefully.

Chapter Text

Paw steps woke Judy up, making her think that even more torment was going to happen. She saw Sasha and Tasha approach. During all this time, Judy hadn't bothered to move her face from the diaper.

"So, time for your next test," Sasha said.

Judy flinched.

"Do you think it's appropriate to use sex toys coated with hot sauce?" Tasha asked.

"Yes," Judy said fearfully. She wasn't ready for something like that, but she didn't have much choice. The two bunnies didn't seem to like her scent, so she hoped they would allow her to bathe or shower.

"Actually, it is not. We use that as a disciplinary measure only. If anyone's misusing hot sauce, feel free to request help."

"Can I clean myself now?" Judy didn't like how her body felt sticky.

"Not yet," Sasha said.

"And why not?" Tasha asked. "It's not like we like the scent either."

"It's complicated."

"So, why are you here?" Judy said.

"Taking care of my favorite bunny. I'll go get food and feed it to you. Was planning on bathing you, but Sasha disagreed." Tasha left the room.

"While she's gone, can I piss on you?" Sasha asked.

"What? Of course not!" Judy said.

"Let's clean you up. Come."

Judy eagerly followed Sasha out of the room. Although, she was suspicious since Sasha commanded for the two panther guards to follow her. They made their way to the bathroom where they stopped in front of an overflowing toilet filled with piss.

"Bathe," Sasha said.

"What?" Judy couldn't believe that command. It was so unexpected.

Sasha sighed. "Wash her." She just stood there at a distance watching it all.

The panthers didn't treat Judy well at all when they forced her head into the toilet. If there was even a strand of fur that wasn't wet with piss before, there certainly wasn't any now. Her entire body was dripping with piss when it was over. This was so unexpected and so sudden. It took a few licks of her lips to sanitize her mouth of the taste of piss. She didn't dare spit it out either for fear of even more actions like this.

"What was that for?" Judy said.

"Complain more, and I'll make you drink everything," Sasha said coldly.

Judy couldn't figure out why it happened. She hadn't done anything that deserved such treatment from Sasha. They were leading her dripping body out of the bathroom to the disgust of everyone they went past yet no one dared to openly complain. Eventually, they ran into Tasha who had a delicious plate of food prepared.

"What have you done, sister?" Tasha asked.

"She wanted it." Sasha shrugged.

Judy whispered to Tasha, "No, I did not."

"Leave." Tasha glared at her sister.

"Don't forget, she's not getting a bath," Sasha said as she walked away.

"What's going on?" Judy asked.

"I would love to know," Tasha fumed. "Can't believe she did that to you. Against your kinks, without your consent."

"So, what happens now? Do I get some form of compensation? Can't you give me a bath?"

"The most I can force her to do is give you a rim job. Remember that idea I had two days ago? This would be a perfect chance of getting back at her. As for what I can do for you right now, well, there's food and I can rim you as well as lick your pussy. Can't groom your fur nor let you do the same because Sasha doesn't want you to shower. We should probably get going."

Judy was keenly aware that the scent she gave off was horrible. "Why do you even follow her wishes that I remain dirty?"

"Because it's just how we do things here."

"And doesn't she like rimming me?"

"You do like it, don't you?"

They walked to the bedroom once more. Upon leaping on the bed, her body stained the sheets yellow. At least, that was one way to remove some of the fluid from her fur, she just couldn't do anything blatant.

"Do you want me to feed you or pleasure you while you eat?" Tasha tried to avoid breathing Judy's scent.

"Why are you here? You don't like my scent."

"If you want me to leave, I can. I want to apologize to you for forgetting your kinks yesterday, and you are my favorite bunny."

"Feed it to me." Judy wanted to avoid testing any urine as much as possible. If she was going to eat herself, her paws would probably drip something onto the plate or food. "I want to avoid tasting piss."

"Sure." Tasha took great care in feeding Judy.

Untainted food wasn't a rarity in this place, but it certainly felt like it was after her recent experiences. Judy ate the fruits and vegetables that Tasha prepared without complaint.

"Where do you want me to lick first? Your tailhole or your pussy?"

Judy had to think about which one she found more pleasurable. They were both dirty due to recent activities. She pointed to her tailhole.

Tasha started drinking piss from the fur surrounding Judy's tailhole while making cute little noises of disgust. There was a proper way to rim someone as they recently taught her. Tasha was following that process too. Her nose bumped against her tailhole every so often, and she sniffed even though it caused her to cough at times. Judy wished that she could see the look on Tasha's face. The way she imagined how Tasha's face grimaced and how her lips quivered with every swallow aroused her.

Once Tasha started probing Judy's tailhole with her tongue, the noises of discomfort intensified to Judy's delight. Judy cried out in pleasure from the sensation. She still didn't really understand why Tasha chose to put herself through all of this. It was delightful imagining Tasha suffering for her sake even though it happened in the past. Only this time, she wasn't suffering because of her actions in the process.

As time went on, Tasha sped up the pace of her licks, as if she was back in her element. It didn't take long for Judy to cum from Tasha's licking. Judy sighed in ecstasy.

"Can you keep going?" Judy was disappointed that Tasha suddenly decided to stop.

The only reason Tasha seemingly backed off was that Judy cummed since she was eager to get back to rimming her tailhole. It didn't take long for Judy to climax again from Tasha's frenzied licks.

Once again, Tasha stopped.

"Can you just keep going?"

"Just don't be afraid to tell me to stop. I want this to be pleasurable for you."

"Why didn't I think of this before?" Judy adjusted her position so that she was lying on her back and she moved away from the wet patch on the bedsheets This would allow her to see Tasha's face as she licked her tailhole. "I wish I could see the look on your face when you were cleaning my tailhole filled with cum."

"Well, I could go grab some bottles filled with cum if that's what you want." Tasha also finally wiped the cum off her pink nose.

"But you hate it though."

"Isn't that why you like it?"

"Yes – but–"

"Then don't worry about what I want, just think about what you want. When you get close enough to mammals the boundaries start to fade, only for them to snap back with a vengeance."

Judy blinked. "What do you mean?"

"Do you think this changes anything between us? I am what I am, you are what you are. We both know that."

"Are you saying that I shouldn't ask you to do what you offered?"

"No, but sometimes the boundaries become blurred, and you might not know where the boundaries lie. And by then you learn that it isn't your place to ask but to go along, ever fearful that you don't cross the line."

"Okay…" Judy said.

"Ah forget about what I said. I'll go get the bottle filled with cum."

"Wait a second." Judy moved towards Tasha's face to sniff. It smelled as well as she thought it would since she was busy licking her tailhole. "Ugh." She moved away again.

As if ashamed, Tasha's ears quickly fell from their previous upright positions. She walked out of the room. Judy wondered why Tasha would go so far for her. The two sisters did give her preferential treatment as well as preferential abuse

Tasha returned with a squeezable bottle of cum. "Do you want to put it in or should I?"

"I will." Judy took the bottle and did her best to fill her tailhole with cum just so Tasha could lick it out. She used her fingers to further push it inside. She also squeezed a good portion of cum around her ass as well for Tasha to clean up. Once she was happy, she placed her fingers in front of Tasha's lips. Tasha sucked them clean while making seductive noises in the process.

It was just as hot as Judy imagined it – oh how Tasha's lips quivered and how her face soured with disgust as she went through the motions of licking up cum around her tailhole. Every so often her nose would bump against her tailhole or into it and she would make a loud sniff which filled her nostrils with cum. She took a few moments to try to clear her sinuses before starting the entire process again. That wouldn't get rid of the white cum coating her pink nose. The best part didn't even start yet. Judy already cummed from that perverted display, drenching the hardworking bunny with cum.

Tasha finally started licking her tailhole in earnest. Her tongue easily drove Judy over the edge once more, sending another torrent of cum on top of her head.

"Again!" Judy cried.

Tasha let Judy set everything up once more. Judy filled her tailhole with cum and squirted several patches around her ass just like before. A panther walked in after Tasha finished cleaning Judy's fingers. He whispered something into Tasha's ears.

"Sorry about this, looks like we'll need to pick this up later," Tasha said. "I do have one bit of advice – do everything you think that will please him. It'll be easier for you later, hopefully."

"Am I back to servicing clients?" Judy asked, didn't expect it at all.

"No, just wait here. You'll see. I'll be back."

It took a few minutes for Tasha to return with a diapered otter who Judy recognized as Sidney. Sasha was there by her side as well. They had two panthers with them as well. The otter had a gag with a sign in front of his mouth. "Remove this and I will grant your wish." His eyes were red with pain with dried tears nearby. It seemed like the otter was actively in pain with every passing second as the bunnies prodded him forwards with chains in their paws. If the otter tried to run, he wasn't getting far.

"What you see is not an act," Tasha said.

"His sanity might remain intact." Sasha giggled.

"Anyone can change their mind after enough pain."

"Though it's questionable if they remain sane."

"The card is true."

"To become free, he must satisfy you."

"Umm, what do you mean?" Judy said.

"Remove the card, save him for his fate."

"We could always do this at a later date."

The otter shook his head violently and tried to protest as much as he could.

"His mouth is on fire."

"The situation isn't really dire."

"You can walk away."

"If you don't want to play."

"What do I get out of it?" Judy asked.

"Everything is just a game."

"Always chasing the fifteen seconds of fame."

"Nearly anything you wish."

"Including the world's most expensive fish."

"Set him free if you must."

"This is something you can trust."

"What if I'm not happy?" Judy asked.

"He might dream of the open sky."

"But he will simply die."

"Remember he is the captor."

"And still your tormentor."

"I don't lose anything if I set him free?" Judy asked.

"Nothing is ever truly free."

"It can cost more than you can see."

"You are out of time."

"Will you commit this crime?"

"And if I don't?" Judy said.

"His body succumbs to decay."

"For the game, he tried to play."

It seemed like it was a good deal, so Judy removed the gag from Sidney. The gag seemed to be holding a dildo coated with hot sauce in place. Tasha and Sasha took their turns urinating into his mouth. Providing the parched otter with some moisture.

"You two can handle it. Fill me in later." Sidney collapsed on the bed.

"Will you accept being allowed to visit Precinct Five as your wish?" Tasha asked.

"Then, I'm free, aren't I?"

"Maybe?" Tasha shrugged. "But is that good enough for you or do you want something more?"

"Didn't you offer that to me recently?"

"Oh yes, because that means you were receiving nothing since this was bound to happen sooner or later."

"Isn't there anything better?" Judy asked.

Tasha went over the list of locations while including the possibility of near-immediate recapture. She did offer to drop her off in Bunnyburrow, but recapturing her would be trivial. The best location they had in mind was Precinct Five given the police presence there.

"I accept."

"Well, bad news," Tasha said.

"How so?"

"Well, you know what we allow when considering your kinks. You're going to need to make the otter extremely happy if you want to survive with your sanity intact until then."

"Can't I just … not take the offer?"

"Too late for that. Remember, he remains alive because of you."

"You better start pleasing Sidney," Sasha said. "And I've got just the list of things in mind…" She spelled out the risk of tasks for Judy to do.

Sasha and Tasha took their leave while two panther guards remained behind.

They were going to watch her apparently if she tried to do what Sasha and Tasha suggested. It was within her abilities to do so, but it didn't mean that she liked it. The first step was to remove his diaper. His diaper contained tons of cum that seemed to be in his tailhole at some point since it had brown flecks. He was wearing a butt plug too and that had to go inside her as well. However, once she removed it, she could see tons of cum in his well-used hole.

She quickly shoved the dirty butt plug up her tailhole and made herself wear the messy diaper. Time was important since she had to lick his tailhole clean. If he suddenly woke up, some slight movement might make the cum in his tailhole flow onto the bedsheets and that would likely get her in trouble. Even though they taught her to clean the area surrounding the tailhole first, and to give the mammal a good show. There was no need to use the same technique on a sleeping otter.

Sidney began to stir just as she was starting to scoop the foul cum onto her tongue. "So, what do I need to do for your wish?"

Judy quickly swallowed the bit of cum she gathered. "They said you would let me visit Precinct Five."

"Is that what you really want? Let me tell you what else is on the table." Sidney went over the list of things that he was willing to grant. She saw some of them as opportunities for advancement within this place where she would no longer be a slave, but simply train others, but once in a while, she would need to satisfy him.

"Is that what you offered to those two bunnies?" Judy asked.

"No. Forget about them, this is about you. Does any of this interest you?"

Judy shook her head.

"Well, can't blame me for trying. You are still mine forever and always."

"What do you want me to do?"

Judy couldn't believe what she was hearing. Sidney wanted her to gather the cum in his tailhole and feed it to him with her mouth.

"Are you sure?" Judy didn't think he was serious.

"I don't mind sharing if you want to drink it too."

It was better than gathering it up in her mouth and swallowing. She started lapping at the otter's tailhole once more.

"Always remember to sniff first. Based on the mammal's reactions, you might want to pause between your licks and sniff again once in a while."

He was in charge and she had no choice to obey. It was slightly different from how the rabbits taught her earlier. She supposed that it was always better to sniff the tailholes first before she started licking regardless if they were messy or not. She inhaled his horrible scent and started licking again.

"Not like that, you want to shove your nose as far as it can go before you sniff."

His tailhole was messy still so she inhaled quite a bit of cum in her nostrils. He moaned while she coughed. She resumed gathering cum in her mouth again.

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

She took that as a command to sniff his tailhole again.

After what seemed like forever, she finally had a pool of cum to feed the otter. It didn't help that she had to stop licking every once in a while and take another whiff of his tailhole. Sidney didn't threaten punishment, but his tone heavily implied it. He seemed to enjoy the taste when she fed it to him for her quivering mouth.

"Are you confident in remembering everything that I've taught you today?" Sidney asked.

Judy shook her head.

"I'll think over it later. Don't know if I want to train you in that aspect yet. Just relax for a bit since you've performed exceptionally so far." Sidney started licking her fur.

Judy found it a welcoming sensation especially since Sasha forced her to take a bath in an overflowing toilet earlier. If the otter disliked the taste at all, she didn't notice. The otter took his time licking all of her body. After an hour the only part that he didn't lick was covered by her diaper.

"Now, what should we do about this?"

"I could clean it with my tongue," she said what he thought she wanted.

"You're not very bright. Not what you desire nor the path of least torment." Sidney opened her diaper long enough for him to grab Judy's butt plug. "Clean this."

Judy stared at the plug in her paw. It had traces of cum and otter scat. From what she could tell, the plug was used for multiple days. Hesitantly, she slowly extended her tongue to touch the foul toy.

"Now, you see, your performance is pathetic. Which isn't entirely your fault, but you placed yourself in that position. For that, I can blame you."

"What do you mean?" Judy said.

Sidney swiped his tongue across the toy and then motioned for Judy to keep her mouth open while he explored hers, giving her a good taste in the process. "I hope you're smart enough to know what could have happened instead. Now, you need to clean faster before I force it into your mouth and gag you with it."

"I can't do it," Judy admitted.

"Just keep your mouth open then. If we need to use gags, I will punish you later."

Judy opened her mouth as best as she could. However, the instinct to close her mouth was too strong when the otter approached her mouth with the toy.

"Well, it looks like we need one. Follow me."

"No, wait, let's try again. Please?" Judy begged.

"Fine, this time, keep your mouth open."

It took all her willpower to hold her mouth open while the otter used her tongue to clean the toy to his satisfaction. The cum and scat came from multiple different uses so there were many different flavors for her to savor.

"Now, what should we do about this?" Sidney pointed to the diaper she was wearing.

"You could clean it." Judy didn't think it would be that easy, but it didn't hurt to try.

"True, but it would be a waste for me to taste it alone."

"Find someone else to share it with?" Judy had a feeling that was out of line, but she didn't have anything to lose by suggesting that.

"Brilliant idea. Let's go."

Judy was so happy that she got off easy. Sidney led her to the front desk where Sasha and Tasha were working once more.

"Teach her how to check on everyone," Sidney said to Sasha.

Sasha didn't speak, but she pointed with her fingers where to move the cursor. Judy saw a table of mammals that were currently here along with their preferred kinks and fetishes. Something she didn't expect was Sasha and Tasha were open to everything yet she highly doubted that they could adequately perform in all those categories.

"Now, you can offer someone points to do this if you can't otherwise find a willing participant," Sidney said. "I trust you have a good idea on who you can ask?"

"Yes," Judy said.

They went to the dining room next where it didn't take long for someone to be a willing participant in the otter's plans. Whether it was to curry favor or they actually liked it, she couldn't tell. Sidney placed her diaper on the floor then he gathered up the mess with his mouth easily. Next, he tried to kiss the previously willing rabbit that was busy running away.

Judy just watched – she could've prevented the rabbit from leaving, but she chose not to. Sidney slowly moved in the direction the rabbit ran while gesturing to the panthers they came across of what he needed help with.

Two panthers were at his side when they approached the rabbit that couldn't run anywhere else since it was a dead end. The rabbit sought refuge in the bathroom. The trap door was open. There were terrifying screams when they approached – to see the rabbit in her last few moments of life before the flames consumed her body. It was only then the otter swallowed.

"Such a pity," Sidney said.

"She – she killed herself." Judy was shaking from what she saw. "What were you going to do to her when you caught her?"

"Do you really want to know? The rabbit volunteered then disappointed me greatly. I wouldn't kill her though. If you wish such knowledge, give me a blowjob."

Judy shook her head. It wasn't worth giving him a blowjob over that knowledge. Whatever it was – the doe chose death rather than suffer through it.

"If you stopped her, you wouldn't be sleeping well tonight either. You're free to do what you want for the rest of the day."

She needed someone to talk to – someone that could understand. It was unlikely that Tasha was serious about spending more time with her later, but she could really use it so she went to the front desk.

They went to a bedroom.

"What went wrong?" Tasha asked.

Judy blinked. She thought she hid the reason that she wanted to spend time with her well enough. "What do you mean?"

"Your pussy and tailhole are still dirty, so something interrupted your fun."

"I saw a rabbit leap into the furnace of her own will."

"Let me guess, she volunteered for something, her instincts caused her to run. Once she realized, that happened, she decided to leap into the flames."

"How did you know?"

"Because if you know what happens, it's understandable. Let this be a lesson to you: never volunteer to do something for free. And if you do, do not back out. Well, I still don't know if death is the preferable alternative. Sidney is merciless on offenses of this type."

"What happens then?"

"It's better for you not to know, and hopefully, never witness. Enough of that, why don't we continue where we left off earlier?"

"Can we just sleep together?" Judy asked.

"Not with a dirty tailhole and pussy. Either I'm cleaning it or taking you to the bathroom to clean it. You want to keep those areas clean in case someone decides they want to have fun."

"Isn't that against policy?"

"Not if you consent."

There was no arguing against Tasha so they went to the bathroom. Tasha's paws felt wonderful on her body. It was also the first time she had a bath instead of a shower here. The doe could've gone further if she wanted, but she focused on cleaning instead. When it came to cleaning her tailhole and pussy, Tasha's paws didn't arouse her.

"It's a shame that you don't want to play," Tasha said. "But I'm glad that we've grown closer."

Of all the ways she could've spent her time, she chose to spend it with Tasha. She wasn't sure if she liked that development.

An unwelcome otter made his presence known while they were bathing.

"What are you doing here?" Tasha asked icily.

"Oh, just to remind you that Sasha needs to give Judy a rim job at ten. I will be there watching." Sidney walked away after delivering that message.

"You know about the plan I suggested? Now would be the perfect time."

"But…" Judy had second thoughts about that.

"Unless if you want her to get away with that of which I still don't know why she gave the order. I can help if you want so you don't accidentally go overboard."

"Fine." Judy didn't enjoy it when Sasha forced her to bathe in the toilet.

"We should eat first then begin collecting everything."

Judy spent the next six hours under Tasha's careful guidance. They finished up in the bathroom then had a bite to eat which Tasha took her delicate time to prepare.

"This recipe takes thirty minutes, you realize, right?" Judy said.

"I do. You don't need to help if you don't want to. Just enjoy it."

It was less preparing food, more akin to an art project where Tasha took her time placing every fruit and vegetable in its place. Judy just watched Tasha work. Under normal circumstances, Judy grabbed a few raw vegetables and fruits to munch on before she moved on to something else.

The salad reminded her of the outside world of which she hadn't been a part of for so long. What Tasha created was something more suited for a fine dining restaurant than anything else. They ate the delicately prepared meal together.

Once they finished eating, their next activity was something that Judy came to associate with this place. She agreed to it, but still held reservations. "Won't she make my life difficult?"

"She won't. Just let me take care of everything."

They headed to the bathroom once more where Tasha could find what she needed for her plan. As if there was an art to torment, Tasha paid extreme attention to detail when decorating Judy's body. They were going to make her tailhole the vilest they possibly could under what this place would allow for a rim job.

"She has to take the diaper off with her mouth, so she'll get a good taste of that." Tasha took her time smearing scat along Judy's belly where the diaper's edge would be.

Judy could smell that it wasn't bunny scat so Sasha would struggle more. They also added urine from an overflowing toilet. Tasha used her paws to smear different types of scat which she fished out from the toilet onto Judy's tail and even into Judy's tailhole.

"Are you sure this is okay?" Judy asked.

"Yes, if someone was as messy as this, you would be expected to perform the same."

"Isn't this wrong? It's far from a normal rim job."

"Some mammals love to stash some fruits up their tailholes for bunnies to eat. We're just doing something similar. Unless if you changed your mind?"

"No – it's fine."

"She'll learn not to pull something like this after today." Tasha fished some condoms out of an overflowing urinal. She emptied some of the cum onto the scat before covering it up. Then she buried the scat with cum filling into Judy's tail which Sasha would need to eat when the time came.

Judy couldn't believe how fast time passed. They had five hours before, and now only minutes remained. Her tail and tailhole were a mess and she watched it all happen.

"Don't want to be late. It's time for you to get ready." Tasha fished out a messy diaper from the garbage that still looked fine on the outside. She put that around Judy.

Tasha escorted Judy to the bedroom where they waited for Sasha to arrive. It didn't take long for Sasha to arrive along with the otter who wanted to observe all this.

"This is just a formality; you know that I enjoy this. Don't see why you want to watch," Sasha said.

"Just want to make sure you haven't forgotten the proper techniques," Sidney said.

Sasha proceeded to remove Judy's diaper with her mouth. Judy could see Sasha flinch when her teeth touched the mess.

"There isn't a problem, is there?" Sidney asked.

"No, no problem." Sasha smiled nervously. The first step was sniffing Judy's tailhole which made her inhale the odors from different types of scat. She started licking Judy's tail which Tasha took her time to bury some scat within.

Judy couldn't help but moan from what Sasha did, so she had to do it again periodically.

"Bleh." Sasha spat out the foul-tasting scat.

"That's not supposed to happen," Tasha said. "Go gobble it up again."

Sasha managed to force one of those foul treats down, only for her to find another within Judy's tail. Once again, she spat out the scat instead of swallowing it. She hadn't even started rimming Judy's tailhole yet. When she found the third ball of scat, she lifted her head from Judy's tail and used her paws to prevent herself from spitting it out.

"That's not correct at all," Sidney admonished. "Your head needs to be down there, and you need to be licking. Much faster too. To atone for your mistakes, you're going to serve as her pet for a week."

Up until that point, Tasha had been reveling in Sasha's discomfort. "Isn't that a bit unfair?"

"It's perfectly fair given her abysmal performance," Sidney said.

"Judy, don't kill her please?"

"What?" Judy blinked.

"The only limits with her are no permanent damage," Sidney said. "All of your clients during the week could make use of her freely. Well, you're rather inexperienced so we'll probably overlook most cases of unintentional permanent injury. And no, you are not allowed to kill her, so don't think about it."

Tasha clarified what the otter would allow Judy to do. It was quite a lot and he would probably turn a blind eye if something went slightly too far that resulted in a fatality. "I never wanted this to happen."

"Oh? You thought your sister could handle it?"

"I just wanted to teach her a lesson. That's all."

"Please forgive me for what I did earlier today." Sasha didn't finish cleaning Judy's tailhole yet. Her tongue was lazily moving and out, just going through the motions.

"Can you tell me why you did it?" Tasha asked.

Sasha shook her head. "I won't do it again. That I can promise."

Tasha pushed Sasha's face into Judy's tailhole. "Well, aren't you one unapologetic mammal. Start licking and swallowing in earnest." She didn't let up until Judy climaxed from Sasha's efforts. Not even a few sobs from her sister swayed her heart.

Judy didn't think that Sasha could look any more miserable. There was scat on her nose, and tears in her eyes.

"You better hope that she's a forgiving mammal." Sidney walked out of the room, leaving them alone.

Sasha starting licking Judy's pussy of her own volition, trying her best to pleasure the bunny.

"You're getting my pussy dirty with your nose," Judy said.

Sasha sniffled and wiped her nose in shame before resuming her task.

"Not like that," Tasha said. "You need to swallow it."

All Sasha dared to do was comply.

Nick couldn’t ever imagine a scenario where he didn’t want more leads that helped in saving someone before today. He wasn’t happy with what they received from Mr. Fang so far.  The boss gave up the location of one minor establishment and called it a day.  They either went by his terms or he wouldn't help them at all. All these leads were distractions from his main objective.  The ZPD had to divert some time and resources towards investigating these obvious dead ends.

Sure, they rescued ten mammals in another district, but Judy's location remained elusive. Nick believed that Mr. Fang would know where Judy currently was and that he was hiding it from him. They couldn't justifiably assault their prisoner if they cared about following the law.

"Cheer up, at least, we're not being asked to follow up on those leads," Nadine said.

"That doesn't really make it much better. Sure, we're cleaning this place up but it doesn't feel like we're making any progress. One mammal gives up another, leaving us in a never-ending cycle."

"We could always request a break. Maybe you need one?"

They worked during last weekend. This was the ninth consecutive day that they showed up for work. Chief Bogo sometimes allowed it for the sake of convenience because there were more pressing matters to attend to. Although, he forced others to take breaks at times if they were too overzealous.

"It's fine," Nick said. A day where he wasn't working was one where he wouldn't make any progress on finding Judy. "We finally have all these leads. I should be happy, but instead, I'm not. If only Judy was here."

Today, they were going to arrest a fox.

The fox lived in one of those concrete buildings in the rainforest which were prohibitively expensive compared to a similar dwelling made by nature.

"ZPD! Open up!" Nick knocked on the door.

The fox opened the door to see Nick and Nadine. "What brings you here?"

"I believe you have a pretty good idea. Is there a reason why you didn't run to another district, Zeke?" Nick said.

"Thought I could persuade the one fox within the ZPD to let me off easy. You try to understand all foxes, don't you?"

"And, I'm sure you realize that they still went to prison."

"Right, but what about recidivism?"

Nick narrowed his eyes. "You don't have to get arrested first to have a normal life."

"No, but it's not that much of a downside. Think of it as playing the lottery which I might as well have been. Didn't manage to win. Never managed to fuck Judy. Tried quite a few places, not that cheap on my income."

The next thing he knew was Nadine was physically restraining him. "Let me go." Nick struggled futilely against the tiger's grasp.

"Not when you tried to punch him."

"Moved around quite a bit, never saw that bunny. Really wanted to ask her stuff."

"Are you going to come quietly?" Nick asked once he calmed down.

"Don't suppose you'll let me go after I tell you this? I was two visits away from achieving level four."

"What does that mean?"

"Well, you hear about level one and two from places, I'm sure you can think of where. They only allow approved mammals to enter level three. After a certain number of visits, you get to receive the privilege of visiting level four. Was only level three that I earned the privilege of marking a squirrel's mouth and have her thank me for it. She managed with a few tears in her eyes. It was so hot when she swallowed. At first, I wasn't sure if that was serious so it was quite surreal when it all happened. I even witnessed the owners spank the squirrel for not providing quality service. My apologies, I think I got carried away. The point is, level four is rather exclusive. Already saw one mammal die for lacking credentials and that was only level three."

Nick imagined one nightmarish scenario after another. He wasn't sure what Judy would be like when he finally rescued her. The amount of torment that she had to go through would've changed her a lot. "Is there a reason why you started all this?"

"No would bat an eye if I fucked Judy Hopps. They would most certainly care if I found some random rabbit. Just the way of things. Thought she was available, so I tried to find her. Met a few cute squirrels along the way. Was planning to brag to all my friends."

"And, of course, he has friends," Nick cackled madly. "This day just keeps getting better and better."

"Do any of your friends share similar interests?" Nadine asked.

"I know one that played a bird dating simulator, then a dragon dating simulator. He might've found someone three-dimensional," Zeke said.

"Are any of them involved in stuff like this?"

"Not to my knowledge, but they might be, just like I was. What I'm sure of is that none of them wanted to fuck a rabbit at all. You can have access to my Muzzlebook profile and my Legends of Animalia account."

"We'll put some mammals on it," Nadine said.

They escorted Zeke to the police station. The fox didn't seem unhappy being caught at all. It was as if he expected it to happen. Nick and Nadine were back in their cruiser in no time.

"So, if they indiscriminately kill anyone without identification, it made sense why we lost some officers when they were checking if Judy Hopps was in one of those establishments," Nadine said.

"That also meant Mr. Big must have known more than he was letting on. There's no way that he'll help us."

"Probably not, but I'm sure I can convince them to talk."

"Do you enjoy doing stuff like this?"

"It's just practical sometimes. Mr. Big is withholding enough information that puts us in peril. He had to have known about the level system that they used."

"Guess we should stop by after work. Hopefully, they're willing to talk and don't ask too much from you."

"Don't worry about me when it comes to this," Nadine said.

"Can you just tell me if you enjoy it?"

"You are allowed to think yes. Maybe, we'll learn something else that gives me a better plan. We've still two more mammals to apprehend today."

Nick had to focus on the job if only to prevent Nadine from offering her body as a way to advance the case again. Who was he to tell her no despite being against it? He didn't have a better plan, and it did make sense. What they really needed was a more enticing lead.

Chapter Text

There were no new promising leads for the case so Nick and Nadine went to confront Mr. Big after their shift. Nadine expected that she would need to have sex with the bears again.

Nadine gave the report that Mr. Big expected along with accusing him of withholding vital information that could get them killed. He had to have known about the level system that they used. It was the only way to explain how they lost officers that day.

"You are not capable of staying your paw. It is dangerous to give you too much information," Mr. Big said.

"What do you mean?" Nick asked.

Mr. Big gave them an address of a brothel in the Rainforest District. "Do not go there. I do not know if Judy is there or not. I want to see it still standing untouched after a week."

"Why do you not want us to go there? Judy might be there."

"Nicky, I am aware. Infiltration will fail. It takes time to bribe the correct mammals. Stay away. You cannot do anything. Don't even think about raiding the place as I'm sure you've witnessed some employ protocol that involves killing most of them."

"We'll stay away," Nadine said. "For now. How much time do you need? Even though there might be casualties, it's better than letting them remain in operation, creating even more victims. Given the unlikely odds that Judy would be there, it would be an acceptable loss."

"A week."

Nick was surprised that Mr. Big allowed them to leave.

Luck certainly wasn't on their side in the morning. Nick noted that Chief Bogo assigned two officers to investigate that very brothel – the one that Mr. Big gave them. The chief gave the task to two officers that were originally from the Nocturnal District since they were complaining about parking duty. Both Nick and Nadine didn't inform Chief Bogo of what they knew.

It wasn't like they could make Chief Bogo agree to Mr. Big's plan, and if the ZPD got suspicious of them, then their chances of rescuing Judy dwindled significantly. On the bright side, those two officers weren't someone they knew well, and they seemed eager for the assignment.

They questioned plenty of suspects within the past few days. It wasn't improbable that they would've stumbled on the same lead by themselves. Without Mr. Big's explicit instructions, nothing would've been amiss.

Nick and Nadine were in the cruiser going to the Rainforest District again.

"Was it right to remain silent?" Nadine asked.

"About?" Nick feigned innocence. He knew what she was getting at.

"You know what I'm talking about. About those two officers and their assignment to investigate that very brothel."

"We couldn't have done anything – if either of us talked, we would've been in prison probably. The chief didn't even think it was one of those establishments."

"But they would be alive?"

"Don't suppose there's the chance that Mr. Big made everything up and there was no risk at all?" Nick laughed pitifully. "We have our job to do."

It was routine at this point. After arresting or questioning mammals, they had more leads to follow all of which didn't seem to lead them anywhere. Nick just wanted to save Judy at this point. Nadine was still happy with their daily progress. They were either obtaining more information or putting someone away. Under normal circumstances, Nick would've liked a day like this one.

Nadine had to inform Mr. Big of the unfortunate turn of events, and Nick had to be there too. Even though it was Nadine's job to inform Mr. Big, he had to be present for every visit just the same. It wasn't their fault that Chief Bogo ordered two officers to investigate that place, but he doubted that Mr. Big would be happy about it.

They were once again visiting his mansion. This time to give him the bad news.

"And you did nothing when the chief sent two officers to investigate?" Mr. Big said. "Those two officers would meet their untimely demise thanks to you."

"What did you expect?" Nadine said. "It's not like I could've dropped your name there."

"What is stopping you? You betrayed your family and your new family."

Nadine pointed to Nick. "He didn't say anything either."

"It was a collective decision," Nick said.

"An incorrect one, but I do not expect much from you," Mr. Big said. "Fortunately, I was able to uncover that Judy Hopps is not there, however, I cannot let this transgression go unpunished. You will watch."

Raymond commanded Nadine to follow who didn't protest.

"What do you want to do today?" Nadine asked seductively.

"No harm done, just let her go." Nick did not want to see the polar bears rape Nadine.

A polar bear grabbed him from behind – suddenly.

"We'll do better." Nick struggled futilely in the polar bear's grasp.

"You remain unharmed due to Judy Hopps," Mr. Big said. "You will watch. Take him away."

The polar bear confiscated his cell phone and carried him to a separate room where Nadine was naked. Raymond and Kevin were surrounding her. There were so many sex toys and other kinky things on the walls.

"Smart kitty knows what to do." Raymond shoved his tailhole in her face.

Kevin mounted her from behind.

Nick had to watch all this. It might be rape but was she enjoying it given her lack of protest? The lustful moans and grunts that Nadine gave off didn't seem to indicate that she hated it.

Kevin moaned with satisfaction. That was probably his first climax which would coat Nadine's tailhole with his seed.

The bears switched places and Nadine had to lick Kevin's cum-stained cock clean. Nick noted that she disliked the taste, but did it anyway. As soon as she finished cleaning, Kevin made her lick his tailhole. She was still able to put on a show that she was enjoying most of it.

"I can keep going all night, boys," Nadine said.

"Good, we'll hold you to that," Kevin said.

After Raymond shot his seed into Nadine's tailhole, they switched once more. This time, Nadine had to clean his cock, and then he started fucking her mouth as soon as it was clean. If Nadine disliked that part, she didn't show it.

The bears kept switching after every time they climaxed. Sometimes they shot cum on her face instead of into her mouth. Nick couldn't believe that it went on for so long – and without anyone taking a break.

A polar bear walked in with a diaper filled with four fish.

"That's it?" Nadine asked with a cum-stained face.

The polar bears were clearly worn out after numerous rounds. Nick lost track of how long they had been fucking.

"Clench." Raymond had her empty the cum in her ass into the diaper filled with fish. He diapered the tiger. "That's your supper when you get home."

"Anything else?" Nadine said.

The third polar bear decided to take a paddle from the wall and he began spanking Nadine with it as hard as he could. "Count."

If it wasn't for the diaper, Nick was certain that Nadine would be crying but the diaper and fish in the way lessened the force of the impact.

"Is that all you got?" Nadine said.

The swats didn't appear to inflict any pain.

Even she couldn't keep up that façade forever. By the twentieth, she was begging for them to stop and crying her eyes out. The polar bear spanked her still.

Nick broke his silence to plead on her behalf but the swats continued, and they forced the miserable tigress to count with threats of restarting if she faltered. They even told him to shut up unless if he wanted to suffer as well. Every single blow he wondered if Nadine would fail to say the next number. The bear stopped after ten swats.

Mr. Big came to greet them – aided by the paws of a fourth polar bear. "The chief will no doubt order a raid on the place after the deaths of the ones he chose to die. You do not need to stop the raid, but I trust you learned not to disappoint family again."

"Even if it means giving you away?" Nadine asked through the pain.

Nick would never forget how pitiful Nadine looked right now.

"Depends who you value more. Do not disappoint both. A test to see if you both can follow orders. Eat the fish and record it. You might have divided loyalties, at very least, I expect you to be loyal to one," Mr. Big said. "Show it to me tomorrow."

"Both?" Nick questioned. He felt like this went too far, but it wasn't like he could turn Mr. Big in without losing valuable aid in finding Judy. If there was any chance of retribution, it had to be after they saved Judy.

"Better angle if you hold the cell phone up."

"Can she clean up?"

Mr. Big shook his head.

Now, this was a problem – her face was stained with cum and if they ran into anyone – they would certainly ask questions. Slowly, they made their way out of the mansion. They were in front of the cars they used to drive here.

"Help me clean up."

Nick blinked. "How?"

"Gather the cum up with your finger and feed it to me. If you want to make me feel better, lick me clean. I'm not going home like this."

"Can't you do it?"

"Do you want to make this harder for me?"

Nick did not like the idea at all, but he gave in – remembering how miserable she looked. It was the least that he could do. There was a lot of cum on her face so it took several rounds of her sucking Nick's finger clean before she decided that she was presentable. A mask wasn't needed, so she didn't hesitate to show her disgust at the taste of cum. After thirty minutes, they were finally on their way to Nadine's place.

They had to take his car since she was in no state to drive. Her car had to remain at the mansion which was a risk that neither of them liked but they couldn't do anything about it.

Nadine tried her best to make herself comfortable within his tiny car. A slight attempt to sit made her wince in pain. In the end, she laid across the backseats. And she had to give Nick directions since he didn't know where she lived. Of all the places to live, she had to live in an apartment.

Nick was apprehensive since she was wearing a diaper filled with fish although her regular clothes shouldn't give anything away. A few mammals with keen noses could probably tell what she did. They arrived within her tiny one-room apartment without incident.

The first thing Nadine did was take off her clothes and the diaper she was wearing. "Let's get this over with. Make sure you get a good angle."

Nick could see the fish had bear cum on it along with brown flakes. Nadine's butt was red even though all those harsh spanks were on her diaper. She did get thirty hard swats from a polar bear.

"Record it." Nadine gave him her phone which was a bit unwieldy for a fox. She held the cum-soaked fish dripping with cum and brown bits in front of her mouth.

Nick recorded the entire movement so far – of her picking up the fish from the diaper and holding it in front of her mouth.

When she took a bite, she grimaced from the taste. She was putting on a mask again since the display of displeasure was only momentary. Once she finished chewing, Nick got a clear shot of her tongue. He could still make out the cum and brown flakes from the diaper. Her body convulsed momentarily when she swallowed.

"Ta-da," she proclaimed, showing off her clean tongue.

There were three more fish for her to eat. Nadine repeated the entire process for the camera. Mr. Big wanted to see the entire performance. He noted that Nadine struggled more with the second act – even though her mask was still mostly flawless. Again, she was able to show off her clean tongue and proclaim success.

The third time was the charm or so mammals often said. Her entire performance was for the camera only – not that she enjoyed doing it. It was even harder on her for the third act – her displeasure was far more evident throughout the entire process. Nevertheless, she managed to show off her mouth after swallowing the fish. She said, "Nick, I don't think I can eat the fourth one."

"What are we going to do?" He was still recording this – so everything they said would be In the video.

"Eat it for me."

Nick blinked.

"It's not like we can ring him up on speed dial. And I think he would want this in one video rather than one later. Do you really want to see what he does next if we fail this?"

"Fine." Nick knew this was a stretch as well, but maybe it would placate Mr. Big more so than a separate shot later or if Nadine didn't eat the fourth fish at all. With much hesitation, he plucked the fourth fish from the diaper. It smelled as unappetizing as it looked with bear cum, and a dash of tiger droppings. His skill performing in front of the camera was far worse than Nadine's.

He wasn't able to hide the awful taste. The bitter taste of tiger droppings and bear cum filled his mouth. It only got worse the more he chewed. Nadine was able to show off the mush on her tongue but he wouldn't be able to do the same.

The urge to spit it out was so strong that he motioned for Nadine to help. With one paw holding the phone, Nadine did her best to hold Nick's muzzle shut with her other paw. His body went into contortions when he swallowed. Once Nick displayed his now clean mouth in front of the camera, Nadine quickly shut the video off.

The camera was off and Nick quickly vomited everything he swallowed. He spent the next few moments gasping for breath. "That was horrible."

"And you only had to eat one," Nadine said. "We still have work tomorrow."

"I'll be fine by then – I think." Nick wasn't looking forward to tomorrow at all.

They wasted the time away watching television before heading to bed – which Nick opted to sleep on the floor rather than have Nadine suffer more.

The next day wasn't any easier. Throughout roll call, Nick could tell that Nadine was in pain from just sitting down. Even though they knew it was coming – having it confirmed was something else. Chief Bogo informed them that one of the officers they sent to investigate the place in the Rainforest District had been killed. The chief played the last message they received from the two officers sent to investigate that place.

"Oh – God they killed him. They killed him." She was in a state of panic. They heard a few screams and pleas from her before the call abruptly ended.

Chief Bogo said. "What they did is unforgivable."

It was a grim reminder that someone died because of their hesitation to reveal what they knew. Not that revealing it would be free of consequences since Nick couldn't imagine them overlooking his close ties with the mafia. The other officer was presumed dead, and they were going to raid the place.

Chief Bogo picked Nick and Nadine as part of the team selected in raiding the place. If Mr. Big wanted them to stop the raid – Nick wasn't sure what he could've done. At least, Mr. Big no longer cared since Judy wasn't there.

With enough persistence, Judy had to agree eventually. Tasha also employed a dash of guilt and implied threats to get what she wanted. The end result was that Judy couldn't do anything to Sasha without her approval. However, there were no such limits for clients that Judy had to service though. Sasha was there as a bonus for them to use. After Tasha was happy with the arrangement, Judy drifted off to sleep with Sasha still licking her tailhole. It wasn't that much of a change since Tasha was pretty angry with Sasha.

In the morning, Judy noticed that Sasha was sleeping and her nose was buried in her tailhole. That had to have been by Tasha's direct orders. Part of her body was lying in a filthy diaper. Tasha was nowhere to be seen, she probably went to work at the front desk already.

Her slight movements woke Sasha up from her slumber.

"May I please move my nose?" Sasha asked.

"Why are you asking?" Judy said.

"Tasha's going to check the cameras."

That explained a lot.

"Can we please go to the bathroom to clean up?"

"Sure," Judy said.

They went to the bathroom. Since Sasha's body was a mess given her activities yesterday, they used separate baths. Although once Sasha deemed that her fur was clean, she visited Judy asking if she wanted her services.

"How do you feel about this arrangement?" Judy asked.

"Did not expect it, but will manage. Not like you can hurt me that much. Tasha wouldn't approve anything too drastic, and I don't think you would do anything either if she didn't interfere. We should probably get going so you don't miss anything they assigned to you today."

"I'm getting out of here within a week if the otter keeps his word. Points don't matter anymore."

"He promised you a visit to Precinct Five, not freedom. Maybe, he'll bribe all the officers to have sex with you instead. How much would it take for all the officers to turn a blind eye?"

"That won't happen." Judy refused to consider that. "He might get a few, but everyone? I doubt it."

"Just need the majority to win."

"So, show up with enough firepower and literally storm the precinct and then fight a war that you'll lose?"

"Well, guess that's two plans that wouldn't work."

They went to the dining room for some food to eat. Before they finished eating, a panther notified them that Tasha wanted to see them.

"Why do I have a blue card?" Judy asked.

"Well, given your deal with Sidney, we realized that since points wouldn't matter to you anymore, you don't have any incentive to deal with the old system," Tasha said.

Judy looked at the blue card. It required her to service two mammals at once. "Why do I get this then?"

"Based on your interests, I thought this would be the one that you chose. Also, keep in mind that it's worth enough to satisfy your quota for the next two days. Better hurry up, you've ten minutes."

"Hopefully, I can persuade one of them to have fun with Sasha instead."

"You may. She's signed up everything so the clients get more than what they paid for. If they choose to have sex with you, they're limited to doing what they said they will. Don't disappoint me, sister."

"As if that was ever a concern. I would've been fine without your trick," Sasha said.

They went to the room to set Judy up. There was only a single metal cuff locking Judy's tail in place. Other than that, there were no restraints. She was able to move her body freely for the most part.

A snow leopard and wolf walked in together which was a rarity. He was the first snow leopard that she saw around here. They were smaller so it would probably hurt less. However, they were extremely horny judging by how fast they ditched their clothes. They were completely naked under a minute.

Sasha greeted them, "Hello, Derek and Evan, I'm also here to serve you. You may do what you want to me. Normal limits do not apply."

"We're just interested in the slut," Evan the wolf said.

"Don't worry about a thing, Sasha, we won't do anything to you," Derek the snow leopard said.

Even though Sasha was available, it was clear that those two wouldn't take advantage of her, probably due to her authority once this phase was over. Judy wondered if Sasha could make their future visits extremely difficult. She couldn't imagine that these mammals had some semblance of compassion.

"Why do you want to play with me instead of Sasha which doesn't have any restrictions?" Judy asked. "At least, take advantage of her since it doesn't cost you anything."

"Get to work." Derek sat on top of her, with his tailhole right above her face. The scat dangling from his tailhole was close enough for her to smell.

"Not so fast, let me set her up first," Evan said.

"Fine." Derek stood up, giving Judy a slight reprieve.

He coated Judy's tailhole with lube then smeared the residue on her nose before asking her to suck his fingers clean. They haven't even started and she had a good taste of her ass already. Her scent would linger around her nose too until the snow leopard's musk overpowered it.

"Is there anything I can help with?" Sasha asked.

"Don't suppose you could overlook some of the things?" Evan asked.

"Suggest that again, and I will chuck you into the furnace. If you go slightly overboard, I will condemn you to the furnace just the same. You know our rules, follow them."

"Okay, okay, no need to get mad about it."

Evan thrust his dick into her ass while the snow leopard wanted a rim job. Her tongue extended towards the clumps of scat. The bitter taste of scat was on her tongue then Sasha decided to reprimand her for not following proper procedures.

"You need to sniff him first," Sasha said. "Get your nose in as far as you can manage."

It didn't matter that the snow leopard's tailhole was dirty – that was the whole point. His white fur had a few brown patches next to it. She tried to insert her nose as far as she could manage within the snow leopard's hole before sniffing. No doubt scat stained her nose from her efforts. The scent was far from pleasant.

"Since he liked it, do it again."

Following Sasha's directions, she took another whiff of his scent. While she was doing that, it seemed like the wolf was pleasuring himself, so she didn't need to pay much attention to him. it was only slightly uncomfortable with a wolf cock up her tailhole.

The first clump of snow leopard scat made her eyes water from the taste. There was another patch for her to consume.

"Hurry up or I'll stick a vibrator coated with hot sauce in your pussy and see if that motivates you," Sasha said.

"Aren't you supposed to be my pet?" Judy asked.

"Yes, and they're free to do as they want with me as well. However, I'm also here to ensure that you provide quality service. You do not give me orders during these sessions. As for afterward, we'll see what Tasha thinks."

Judy moved her tongue towards the other clump of scat.

"You need to sniff him again. Don't you ever learn?"

"Does that mean I can complain if others don't do the same?" Derek asked. "Sometimes they haven't done everything you suggested."

"You can complain but we might find your complaints invalid. There are certain risks to lodging invalid complaints. We find a spectrum of performances acceptable. Someone being less skilled than another is hardly a reason for someone to complain. Take your chances if you wish, just keep in mind the penalties," Sasha said.

Judy managed to scoop another clump of snow leopard scat into her mouth. She had to chew so she could swallow. It seemed the wolf was squirting cum into her tailhole, adding one more distraction from her efforts to service the snow leopard above her.

She had to inhale the snow leopard's potent musk once more because it was procedure to sniff his tailhole. After two loud sniffs, she finally got to lick the edges of his tailhole.

"How loud do you think this slut will scream?" Evan asked.

"I think the record was being heard eight rooms away," Derek said.

Judy didn't like the sound of that at all.

"You've managed ten in the past," Sasha said.

"Can't you pull some strings and get me out of this? Please?" Judy had a very bad feeling about this.

"I had nothing to do with setting you up, and you'll be fine. They just like making mammals scream. You do have a snow leopard's tailhole to lick. I think is over after the snow leopard climaxes twice and the wolf climaxes three times."

Judy focused on pleasuring the snow leopard with her tongue. She didn’t get very far. The wolf decided to pull out his cock before his knot deflated, making Judy scream like never before.

“Stop, please,” Judy yelled.

If that had any effect, it seemed to turn them on. As if she gave him the idea of thrusting his knot and out of her. Her pleas made her endure even more brutal treatment.  The second time felt even worse than the first and he kept going with no signs of abating.

"That's a nine, I think," Sasha said.

She couldn't even protect herself with the bindings in place, and she was certainly in no position to rim the snow leopard. All her efforts to beg for them to stop didn't do anything. The brutal pounding continued. It was only when the wolf presented his dick for her to lick that she realized he wasn't pounding her anymore.

From the tears that blurred her vision, she could make out that his dick had brown stains from her ass and the cum he shot in her earlier.

"Lick or I'll just muzzlefuck you."

She extended her tongue to lick feebly, trying to spare herself further torment. Her tailhole was in immense pain from the wolf's earlier efforts. While she was doing that, it seemed the snow leopard took an interest in her ass.

His dick slowly entered her tailhole which was stretched by the wolf's knot. When the snow leopard was taking his time, the penile spines already hurt when they made contact with her flesh. This was nothing compared to the sensation when the snow leopard decided to thrust in and out of her tailhole. The spines tore everything they made contact with.

She pulled back from licking the wolf's cock so she could scream and beg for them to stop. If she injured someone, the consequences would probably be terrible.

The wolf only gave her ten seconds before deciding that was enough and he started fucking her muzzle. Her desire to scream provided him with easy access to her mouth. It was by some miracle that the wolf remained unharmed throughout all the rough pounding. This continued until they both shot their respective loads.

Wolf cum pooled in her mouth. She was sure that her tailhole was bleeding.

"Aren't you happy that you have the next two days off?" Sasha said.

Apparently, the customers have already left and she wasn't aware due to all the pain.

"I'm not going to be in a position to move, am I? When the otter takes me to the precinct," Judy said.

"Oh no, that won't happen. Don't worry about that."

Tasha walked into the room and started lapping at Judy's tailhole.

"Stop, please," Judy said, "It hurts. Am I still bleeding?" Rimming wasn't pleasurable in her current state.

"Well, this is my fault." Tasha stopped what she was doing. "Did not realize this would happen. The good news is you'll heal just in time." She decided to start licking Judy's pussy instead.

Judy was somewhat sure that it would take longer than just two days for her tailhole to recover. At least, if they didn't include anal, she should be fine. "If you're going to lick something, lick my nose. Then rinse your mouth if you want to do other stuff. I can still smell the snow leopard's scat."

"Sasha, lick her nose," Tasha instructed.

"I should've thought of that," Sasha said as if ashamed that she didn't.

"Are you still pretending that you care about me?" Judy snapped.

"I do care about you. It's complicated." Sasha licked Judy's nose while grimacing at the taste.

Tasha decided to pleasure Judy's pussy which she did enjoy.

They spent the remainder of the day and all of tomorrow just having fun with Judy as much as they could within this place. She never imagined that she would play multiplayer console games for so long. Tasha delicately prepared every single meal they ate.

Their plans to lessen Judy's suffering were for naught. A bored Sidney decided that playing with Judy was a perfect way to spend Friday and he released Sasha from her duties temporarily. An extra day would be tacked on of course for fairness. He rationalized that it didn't matter when Judy got the time off as long as she did and it was her last day off anyway. When Judy raised the possibility of her leaving, and that extra day from Sasha wouldn't mean anything, the otter redefined it as days spent as her pet instead of simply a week. If her escape attempt failed, she had a pet waiting for her to return. The otter did agree to their request of not aggravating her tailhole injuries.

Sidney made her carry a plate of food that seemed much too large for her to eat in one sitting in her paws and led her everywhere around the place. They arrived just at the end of a rabbit being fucked anally. He instructed Judy to place the plate under the slut so that the cum from her ass would fall onto the food.

She watched as the cum with bits of scat slowly fell onto her impending meal. This made her regret having food on her list of kinks, but it wasn't like removing something was easy, and with any luck, she would escape within just a few days. All she had to do was not give a reason for the otter to rescind his decision in escorting her to Precinct Five.

The cum from only one rabbit was not enough so he led her to another room where they were at the end of someone else's session. Once again, she used the plate to catch the cum from the slut's tailhole. Sure, she ate food covered by cum collected from multiple tailholes before, it was a different kind of repulsive experience watching it fall onto the plate. Not all of them were exactly clean so she could see bits of fecal matter floating in the mix.

The otter had her visit a squirrel next saying that it was part of a well-balanced diet to get as many types as possible. It didn't help that the squirrel was filthy so she got an extra dose of fecal matter from this one. She was feeling queasy from just looking at it.

It wouldn't be complete without a dash of chipmunk so she had her visit one as well. The chipmunk sang a song in her squeaky voice while being fucked. She didn't exactly sing well, so the fox fucking her complained.

"We're doing this again," the fox said. "Sing the Christmas song correctly this time."

"It's not even Christmas, and that song was for three chipmunks," she complained.

"Now, now, give our fox the proper treatment. Your parents were big fans of them, that's why they named you Brittany, isn't it?" Sidney said.

"They like a different group!"

Judy tried to tune her next performance out as much as possible – the last thing she wanted was for music to be associated with torment. At least, that chipmunk wasn't singing Gazelle.

"Place the plate under her or she needs to go another five rounds," Sidney said.

Judy turned the entire performance out that it was a shock that it was over. She quickly placed the plate so the chipmunk could empty the gathered cum onto the plate else it would be more torment for them both.

The cum from four mammals wasn't enough, so they visited another rabbit next. There were three predators in the room. One was currently fucking the rabbit while she groaned in pain. After the predator pulled out, from the amount that spewed out of her tailhole, Judy figured the rabbit took ten loads up her tail already.

"Do be quiet or you'll need to help me make bunny vomit again," Sidney said.

When the next round started, Judy noted that the rabbit didn't dare make a sound.

"You should feel lucky that you're going to drink six hours of my hard work."

She should've known by now that there was no end to the cruel and unusual treatments that they could devise, but this was a shock to her. "Bunny vomit? Hard work?" Judy dared to utter.

Sidney was all too happy to explain the process in extreme detail. He had the bunny drink tons of cum then punched the rabbit in the stomach to force it out of the mouth. Then he collected the amount and repeated the process. "Doesn't it sound delicious?"

Judy shook her head. The process of helping the otter collect vomit sounded far worse than simply consuming it.

They went to the bathroom next. Judy thought the otter wanted to add something else to it and that it still wasn't enough. Of course, all the trap doors were in the bathroom from what she had seen. She found herself in a room with multiple bottles that had extremely disturbing labels such as vomit, sewer water, snot.

The otter picked up the freshly gathered bottle of bunny vomit. "It's very important to stay hydrated. Pick another one."

"Why are you making me do this?" she cried.

"I'm potentially setting you free. Don't you think you should prove that you deserve it? Just be happy that I don't go back on my word."

Judy nodded sadly. She shook one of the older bottles – it didn't seem liquid. In the end, she settled on a recently gathered bottle of panther sweat and snot. It was the most fluid of them all which wasn't saying much.

They went to the dining room – it seemed to be lunchtime already.

"This took longer than I expected – lucky you to have such a wonderful meal in front of you. Eat up." Sidney even provided a fork, spoon, and knife. He even supplied Judy with a bendy straw for the bunny vomit and a bottle of water to make the panther sweat and snot easier to drink.

He had her pour a fresh dose of panther sweat and snot on the food before allowing Judy to take the first bite. Of course, the unappetizing meal did not go down easily or well at all. There were so many foul flavors all at once that it took multiple attempts to get her gagging reflex under control. The bunny vomit that she had to drink was the easiest to deal with. It was half gone when she barely made a dent in the other two. The bottle of aged panther sweat and snot had to be the reason she found it so hard. Since she had eaten meals coated with cum from multiple tailholes already.

"I'm going to fetch a vibrator and coat it with hot sauce. It seems like you need motivation." Sidney stepped out of the room.

There was no way she could eat or drink all of it, so she thought of a daring plan. She had no idea if it would work, but she guessed that her odds of remaining sane or alive by just going through with it were extremely low that it was worth the risk. Once the otter was far enough away, she dumped everything into the garbage which was filthy enough that he wouldn't be able to tell if it was hers or not. She rushed to the front desk, hoping that they could help her.

First, she tried to solicit the services of her pet even though she was on better terms with Tasha.

"Sasha, I need a favor, please." Her voice was filled with desperation.

Sasha was happy to step away from the front desk to hear her out. Judy gave a frenzied explanation that she needed footage from the last ten minutes deleted since the otter was crazy. She didn't even know if it was possible or not.

"It'll be done. Don't you worry about it," Sasha said.

It was such a relief to hear her say that. Even so, Judy had to rush back to the dining room where she waited for the otter at an empty table. She had to hope that the otter didn't catch on to what happened.

He walked in with a spiked vibrator one that went slightly beyond standard feline barbs. One that would cause immense pain if turned on. The hot sauce coating every spike ensured maximum discomfort.

"I ate it all, and cleaned up too," Judy lied. She tried to hide her fear and nervousness about him finding out the truth. If he only rescinded her possible ticket to freedom, she would be lucky.

"I guess I won't need this after all. Good bunny." Sidney petted her on the head. "I thought it would take you a few hours at first seems like I misjudged you. What to do with all this spare time?" He scratched his chin in thought.

She shuddered when he led her to a room with sex toys, not knowing if he was falsely praising her. He put a diaper on himself and made her wear one as well. That was the only thing they did in that room, making her breathe a sigh of relief.

His grand plan was for them to watch the complete trilogy of "Lady of the Anal Beads." It was OnlyBunny's most infamous production that was impossible to escape the talk of. Everyone knew about it in some form. The total runtime was just under twelve hours and it was currently noon.

"I already watched every part twice," Judy said.

"But did you see it all in one sitting?"

"No, but I know the trilogy very well."

The diapers they wore would alleviate the need for them to ever get up from their seats.

The plot was about a rag-tag group of animals living in an impoverished nation working in unison to reassemble the world's most powerful sex toy. Legends claimed that the beads themselves were indestructible. It had the mythical properties of converting pain into magical power and that's why the mammals scattered all seven beads around the world during a peaceful age. Attempts at using the beads weren't always successful since the pain had a chance of driving someone mad.

The greater the pain that someone was willing to endure, the stronger they became. Beads by themselves were powerless so their assigned guardians misplaced them over time or thought that trading it away wouldn't do any harm. Everyone unfortunately had the same idea.

When diplomacy fails, only power could prevail.

This was more palatable than his other interests, so they spent the rest of the day watching the infamous trilogy. At least, they weren't watching "Dances with Chairs."

Judy couldn't catch a break – the very next day – there was a bear that ordered a red task for her. One that was worth sixty thousand points. The limits were hers, and the bear had her for the entire day. Sasha informed Judy that she made the decision of giving away her other two tasks already, saving her the trouble.

It certainly wasn't a surprise when she found out that it was Koslov of all mammals. They were in the room with "Prance Prance Revolution" set up. The game wasn't for bunnies but horses.

Sasha once again gave her spiel that she was available for him to use, and she didn't have the same limits as Judy. Just as before, it seemed like Sasha would be ignored once more.

"Dance for me." He looked at Judy.

It was tiresome but not impossible for a bunny to play. He had her dance to Gazelle's song, "Try Everything."

She thought if she did her best, Koslov won't get any sordid ideas. After merely one round, he excused himself which was good because time ticked down even though she started the session at nine in the morning and it could last till midnight at the latest. She neglected to eat breakfast – thinking that he might force her to consume something foul. It was about a day she went without eating given her stunt at lunch yesterday and that she skipped breakfast and supper.

Koslov returned with two white popsicles. He placed one deep into her pussy, making her shiver. The other one he placed deep into her tailhole. "Made with bear cum. Dance. Do not drop." He also gave Sasha a command. "You lick." His paw pointed to his tailhole.

Sasha blinked as if taken aback by such an order.

Never mind the blistering pain in her still injured tailhole, the popsicles fell out by themselves. Judy learned the hard way of the consequences for displeasing Koslov.

"Bad bunny." Koslov delivered ten swats to her butt and replaced the frozen treats in the respective orifices.

The swats set her butt on fire even though the impact was dulled by the diaper. Judy had to grip both of them with her muscles. It was torture forcing herself to clench so hard so they wouldn't fall out. Her entire body was shivering and her teeth were chattering. The alternative was worse and thanks to the wolf and snow leopard on Wednesday, her tailhole still needed time to recover.

"Now." Koslov turned to Sasha.

Sasha started licking his tailhole while sniffing audibly from time to time. Judy danced to another round of "Try Everything" with her entire body shivering from the frozen treats. When the song ended, her score was much lower compared to the first round.

"You are not trying," Koslov said.

"I can't really dance like this," Judy said through chattering teeth. She pointed to the cumsicles in her pussy and tailhole.

"Do better or punishment." Koslov also instructed Sasha to be faster.

Once again, Judy started dancing to the music. Koslov also decided this was the perfect time to defecate into Sasha's mouth. It was way too much for the bunny to swallow so there was a nice big pile in front of her. The act distracted Judy's dancing enough so she ended with an even lower score.

"Better. Go again."

At least, he wasn't paying enough attention to her that he didn't realize that she scored lower than her previous try. Judy had to dance even more while she was getting tired.

Koslov warned Sasha that if she didn't finish, she would be punished. That didn't make the bear dung any easier to consume. Judy thought it was too much to ask a bunny to eat in one sitting as in beyond the point of something considered reasonable. Since Sasha didn't outright refuse, it was probably within the realm of reasonable expectations, but did she struggle at forcing the scat down her throat.

As soon as the round ended, the bear made her begin a new one. The cumsicles started to melt, so bear cum leaked out of her pussy and tailhole down to the dance mat. It was easier to dance since her body was no longer shivering.

By the time the bear told her to stop, she resolved that she would ask Gazelle if "Try Everything" literally meant "Try Everything." If that was the case, she wouldn't mind broadening Gazelle's horizons. Sasha still had a clump of scat in front of her left, and she was clutching her aching stomach. It was strange how Koslov didn't even climax once throughout all of this.

"You failed," Koslov said. "Come."

Sasha didn't even protest and her ears were pointing downwards.

Koslov led them to the front desk where by coincidence Sidney was there. He complained how Sasha was unable to do what he expected him to do so.

"Are you accusing her?" Tasha asked.

"Yes. I punish her."

"Let's check the evidence first," Sidney said.

They went into the surveillance room to review the footage.

"You are right," Sidney said.

"Set her up. Ceiling."

They went into the lobby where a team of panthers got to work. Within minutes, Sasha was dangling from the ceiling. Judy could see that Sasha was afraid, but she didn't say anything yet.

Koslov approached the dangling rabbit. Judy thought he would spank Sasha but what happened was much worse. He took one of her fingers and carefully broke it, causing her to scream.

"Thank me."

"Hey, no permanent damage," Sasha said. "Chuck him into the furnace."

"Is this how you do it?" Sidney asked.

Koslov shook his head. "No. Not test subject."

Judy couldn't believe what was happening – she thought permanent damage was off-limits, but Koslov clearly broke Sasha's finger. Tasha also remained silent but she was afraid just the same.

Koslov broke two fingers at once this time, making Sasha wail in agony. "Thank me."

"What the fuck is wrong with you all? Chuck him into the furnace. Judy, you can take him, can't you?"

If it was him alone, maybe she would stand a chance, and that's assuming no one else intervened. Koslov broke two more fingers, then that paw. "Thank me."

Once again, Sasha wailed in pain. "Fight him, Judy, please?"

It also wasn't lost on her, that out of everyone that Sasha could've asked, she chose her. Judy was running over scenarios in her head of what she could do. The problem was there were other mammals nearby and she didn't know if they were a threat.

"Don't even think about it," Tasha said.

"She's your sister. Don't you care?" Judy said.

Tasha whispered in her ear, "Do you think I can show how I really feel?"

The show had attracted the attention of quite a few mammals. Which Judy found equally odd since they weren't charging for it – just giving it away for free.

Koslov moved onto Sasha's right paw and repeated the process while demanding to be thanked. Thus far, Sasha screamed in pain and uttered threats or pleas but didn't thank him yet.

Her defiance earned her a slap on the face from Sidney. "Ungrateful. Thank him! He's spending his valuable time teaching you.

"Thank you," Sasha uttered in defeat. Her right paw still had four fingers unbroken.

Koslov proceeded in breaking her next finger while repeating the demand. "Thank me."

"Thank you," Sasha said immediately.

He broke yet another finger and repeated his demand again.

"What do you want?"

"Thank me."

The otter slapped her other cheek because she didn't thank him.

There were two fingers left on her right paw, and sure enough, he broke them.  Sasha wailed in pain and tried to mutter, “Th-thank you for d-disciplining me.”

She was in a haze of pain from the agony of her poor paw. However, Koslov wasn’t done yet. Her body shook with fright when he took hold of her right paw.  As if searching for the magic words, she thanked him before he even struck.   “Thank you for disciplining this slut.”

The bear smiled which made her hopeful, however, a moment later, he broke her paw just the same and demanded that she show gratitude.

“Thank you for disciplining this bitch,” Sasha said.

Her eyes had another glimmer of hope when Koslov said, "Get her down. Bring a table. Keep her conscious."

Judy thought the display was over.

The panthers went to work at once. A team of them brought a table here while they also went through the process of releasing Sasha from her shackles. Her paws dangled uselessly. One panther gave Sasha two pills which she had to swallow with some water.

Now, she was on a table.

"No permanent injury. If stay," Koslov said. He took her arm into his paw and snapped it. "Thank me."

Sasha's thanks became even more creative and debasing after every scream of pain. If Sasha took too long to thank him, he decided to reward her with a punch to the stomach. He broke her other arm too.

It was an extremely long and agonizing process. Koslov moved on to her foot then her legs. Every single time to broke bones in her body, he demanded that he thank her.

"Please stop," Judy said.

"Break yours instead?" Koslov questioned.

Judy shook her head, and Sasha's torment continued. There were still more bones to break. The bear wasn't satisfied until all her toes, her foot, and her legs were broken.

"If you run." Koslov pointed at Sasha's mostly broken body. Sasha was crying from all the pain. He delivered a punch above Sasha's pussy causing her to wail louder. "Still good." He finally took his leave from this place, unharmed.

"Why didn't you stop him?" Judy demanded.

"She'll be fine after six weeks. Bones heal," Sidney said. "He's the master torturer for the shrew. You might want to reconsider your visit to Precinct Five. The bear might be angry enough to do the same to you."

"She didn't sign up for that," Tasha said.

"That's why it can only happen as a punishment."

"He won't touch me after I go to the precinct. I'll have him behind bars," Judy said.

"Oh, sweet summer child." Sasha giggled madly despite all her limbs being broken. Judy guessed the only reason Sasha didn't pass out from pain was due to the pills she took.

A panther arrived with some medical supplies to wrap Sasha's broken limbs together.

Chapter Text

For as long as he could remember, the first time he caused someone despair gave him such a thrill. Sidney chased that high ever since. That couldn't last forever – just inflicting misery lost its charm. It was too easy to break someone and have them become obedient.

His collection of female slaves grew with his quest to find joy in life. There was one time that she held him in such high esteem despite everything he did because the alternative would've been worse. That added a new facet to his obsession. He wanted to be their savior and tormentor at the same time.

Another time he discovered something new was when Sasha and Tasha beat him to an inch of his life for mentioning his fantasy about a bunny centipede. Defiance had its charm and he enjoyed the intensity and the despair that something might just go wrong. Somehow, they had a few panthers rape him too until his loyal guards found him. Instead of disciplining them for what they did, it became a game of sorts that they would play. Every time he shared that fantasy, he wanted rough treatment and if they went too far or didn't go far enough, he made his displeasure known. If they met his expectations he rewarded them well so they had the motivation to try their best.

They had the complex task of satisfying him although he didn't play with them much and relieved them of most of their previous duties. He was once again roaming everywhere in the search of someone new and exciting. That led him to Judy Hopps.

She was someone that allowed him to combine everything he liked. Someone who knew despair but still had a flame of hope that he could rekindle. The day he acquired her, let him indulge in his fantasy of flaunting his skills and narrow escapes. The small chance that something might go drastically wrong turned him on oh so much.

He did share his plans for her with Sasha and Tasha – he wanted to drop her off at the precinct and reacquire her at a later date without her reentering the police force. Only then would she know true despair. The problem was he didn't know how he would make the fantasy come true only that he wanted it within a month. Sasha and Tasha were part of his brainstorming team. They floated around several possibilities all of which seemed flawed in one way or another.

However, his plans had to change – he accidentally mentioned his fantasy about a bunny centipede again. Sasha and Tasha took that as their cue in tormenting him immediately. Even though it was his error – it didn't feel right for him to stop the game.

The panthers fucked him and used him as a cum dump without pause during that ordeal and once he wanted it to end – he had to send Judy Hopps to the precinct within a week. He didn't even have a concrete plan of how he wanted it to happen only that he did. He had to focus his mind within brief moments of respite or torment that allowed him to think. Once he was ready, they did something unexpected that filled him with such joy. They even dared to let Judy Hopps condemn him to death if she so chooses – that brought him the greatest joy when she set him free.

He had a plan that should work – he wanted Judy Hopps to leave the precinct of her own free will or by the force of the police. It was the best idea that he had at the time – drop her off at the precinct and have the police do the rest. Although, he had to create the conditions which gave them a reason to do so.

Over countless iterations, he picked his best idea. With enough money, he could bribe bunnies to pose as Judy Hopps the same day that he planned to send her to the precinct. He had his panthers make the arrangements of finding bunnies that had purple eyes that were willing to follow his script, which included fucking Nick Wilde if the opportunity came to it. He imagined the look of despair on Judy's face and that made it worth it.

She had been missing for quite some time so they would probably accept anything with open arms. Five months at the paws of her captors was an extremely long time. Although, one such potential rabbit dared to report his plan leading to a period of heightened security that he had to take some time off from his scheme.

He spent Friday playing with Judy Hopps who he wanted to watch struggle and consume foul stuff. It should've been beyond her ability but she ate everything and defied his expectations despite struggling at the start. There went his empty threat of revoking her privilege to visit the precinct since there was no way Sasha and Tasha would allow that to happen. But she didn't know it was an empty threat so the look of despair on her face would've been priceless. Since he had to change his plans, he rewarded her by having them watching OnlyBunny's most infamous production.

The next day, he had such tremendous success in recruiting conspirators that he had extra time left over. He was there to approve and witness Koslov breaking Sasha's limbs. It was only because of who Koslov was that he permitted it. After a few weeks, she would be fine if she received proper medical treatment which he had a few panthers agree to send her to the hospital. To ensure that she would return, he gave her the address of this place and promised to kill Tasha if she didn't. Not that he planned to do so, but she didn't need to know that. They should be trustworthy enough not to need such threats, but it was a bit out of his comfort zone.

The stage was set, and all he had to do was wait for tomorrow. It wouldn't hurt to linger around the area just to observe what he could. Who would recapture her since he asked a few to do so? How would she actually react compared to how he instructed the fake ones to act as if they were her? Would they actually accept one of the later ones as real? The possibilities were endless.

It seemed like Nick couldn't catch a break. During the raid a few days ago, the female police officer died in front of their very eyes. And today, the criminals were pulling a stunt. From what they gathered so far, more than one rabbit should be showing up to the precinct and acting as if they were Judy Hopps. The worst part was, despite their attempts to trace who was behind this, they only got one panther that didn't talk.

He knew it was going to happen, and he knew they weren't going to be Judy Hopps. Even so, he felt like he could probably use his charm to make them reveal where Judy Hopps was. Hopefully, at least one mammal had additional information about Judy. Even though it was Sunday, he had to be there in his off-duty clothes.

The first rabbit strode into the precinct with a seemingly prepared speech.

“Chief Bogo is corrupt, and he’s been sexually abusing me,” the rabbit said.  She pointed at an officer nearby.

The rabbit looked and sounded nothing like Judy.

“Drop the act,” Nick said. “If you want to help us, tell us what you know.”

“How can you not believe me?” The rabbit slapped him.  Her blow was way softer than Judy’s.

“Because you don’t look like Judy nor sound like her.” Nick didn’t feel that he had to let her know that he was expecting this to happen.

“I’ve been a sex slave. They’ve dyed my fur. I don’t even know what drugs they’ve fed me.”

“Unlikely,” Nick said. It was plausible, and if it wasn’t for the intel that he had, he would’ve accepted her explanations.

“We can take it from here, Wilde,” an officer said. They planned to take blood and saliva samples from every rabbit that arrived even though DNA would take time to process. A blood test could be done within a few minutes.

“Sure thing. I knew it was going to be like this, and I showed up here anyway. Why do I do this to myself?” Nick complained.

He called Nadine to tell her about his first encounter. She was enjoying her day off while he was at the precinct waiting for imposters to arrive.

"What are the odds that they send the real Judy Hopps along with the fake ones?" Nadine mused.

"I believe I would know the real Judy."

"What disqualified her then? Ask her something that both of you know."

There was nothing concrete that he could use to prove that she wasn't Judy. "She gave up anyway once the officers threatened her with jail time," Nick said. "Will keep that in mind for the next one. Doubt that's the only one."

Nick loitered near the precinct waiting for the next imposter to show up. The rabbit recited a similar speech to the first, mentioning how Chief Bogo was corrupt. This one pointed to a different officer as that she claimed who sexually abused her. This one had slightly more credibility given that she pointed to a panther.

"All right, tell me something that only you should know about me."

The rabbit blinked. "What the hell is wrong with you? I expected a warm welcome, not an interrogation."

"Well, you don't look like Judy Hopps."

"That's because of the fur dye genius! Do you even know what they did to me? Chief Bogo refused to buy me for ten dollars! If you don't believe me, just give me your phone so I can call my parents. Are you willing to do that, at least?"

Nick didn't know if he was being unreasonable in asking something that only they should know. "Fine." He passed his phone to the rabbit.

"Can you stop leaning over my shoulder?" The rabbit went and dialed Judy's parents and recited her speech with precision and added extremely graphic details of her slavery. The details made Nick feel uneasy because it was all so plausible. She added how Nick didn't believe her and how it broke her heart that someone she trusted acted just like that.

Grieving parents unaware of the plot readily accepted the rabbit as their daughter.

"Look, Bonnie, she's not the real Judy Hopps," Nick informed Judy's parents of what he knew about the day's events. "She doesn't remember something special that we shared in the past."

Bonnie said, "I know my daughter when I see her. Show some consideration for her trauma. Haven't you heard of amnesia?"

"Isn't that awfully convenient?" Nick snapped.

"Just keep her there and we'll come pick her up right away. Do that for us, at least?"

"Fine, don't see why you would want a fake."

"She's the real Judy."

Nick remained unconvinced. "I guess when Judy number three arrives, you'll both change your mind but sure come pick up the fraud. I know that it's difficult for you to accept that she isn't Judy."

"Just keep her there," Bonnie said with restrained anger. "Do that for us."

Nick called Nadine next to inform her about his encounter with the second one.

"You know, you really can't rule out amnesia. We don't know what she's been through," Nadine said.

Nick hated how she was willing to consider even unlikely possibilities. Even though they know it was a setup. "Why don't you come over here and try your luck in picking the correct Judy? I'm sure there's going to be a few more before the day is over. Doubt they'd actually send the real one."

At least, Nadine would be on her way to keep him company.

The third rabbit had blue fur. She proclaimed that she was Judy Hopps recounted his embarrassing days at the academy. Ones that he told her in the past at some point.

"So, say I believe you, what do you want to do next?" Nick asked.

There was another rabbit that Bonnie insisted was Judy Hopps waiting around nearby. Bonnie arrived with Stu in tow to collect their daughter. The second daughter rushed up to her. Both rabbits rushed up to their "mother" and cried.

"I've missed you so much."

"She's the real Judy Hopps." Nick pointed to the third rabbit. He couldn't imagine that another rabbit would be able to have such a vivid recollection of what he had been through. Sure, she exaggerated both his exploits and faults, but it was all for a good tale.

"As if." Bonnie gestured towards the second rabbit. "Come, let's go home."

"There's no way that she's the real one," Nick said.

"We know her better than you," Bonnie said.

"Are so afraid to admit that you're wrong that you'll go home with a fake?"

"You're wrong about her."

"Nick, can we have sex?" The third rabbit's ears pointed downwards. "I realize that it's a huge ask and you might not be in the mood. I just want to start associating these acts with happy memories."

Her request sounded so sincere that Nick had to agree. "Of course, we can. Let's go find a hotel nearby."

Bonnie and Stu took the second rabbit home. Before they could leave for the hotel, Nadine came over to assist him. To the third rabbit's credit, she was willing to explain everything to Nadine as if she was shopping for another seal of approval that she was the real Judy.

During that time, a fourth rabbit came and claimed they were Judy Hopps. This one sported a few visible scars and missing patches of fur. Something caused both Nick and Nadine to reject the fourth that they couldn't explain in words. Nadine wasn't sold on the third being real, so she was going to wait for even more to come.

"Just be prepared for the moment that you might be wrong. At least, you're going to have some fun having sex with a rabbit, so it won't be that bad regardless."

"How can you even say that?" Nick said.

"Nothing proves that she isn't her, but there are not enough points that prove that she is. Just keep that in mind."

Nick wanted Judy to feel better, so they left for a hotel.

"Can we stop and buy some toys first? They made me use a lot of those. I Just want to turn those associations with positive memories."

"Of course, we can."

"Thanks for believing in me when my parents didn't."

"Don't worry about it, Carrots." Nick thought of something even though he was pretty sure that she was the real Judy Hopps. "Say, think we can wash the fur dye off first?"

The rabbit's ears pointed downwards again. "it'll take a few days to remove. I don't want to wait that long. Please, Nick."

When they arrived at the toy store, Nick licked her cheek, thinking that he could lick the dye off with his tongue, but she was right that it held firm.

"You taste awful."

"What was that for?"

"Was thinking more confirmation that you are Judy Hopps wouldn't hurt."

"Nick, if you're having second thoughts, we don't have to do this."

Nick and the rabbit went into the store and bought quite a few toys – more than Nick thought they would be using at once. Some plugs and a few paddles and a whip too.

"Just what do you plan to do with all those?" Nick felt apprehensive. It wasn't out of the realm of plausibility that Judy would want to hit him.

"If you're willing, I want you to hit me while we're playing around. That's only if you're comfortable. Tons of mammals hurt me, Nick, and they didn't care about me."

"Maybe a paddle, I don't feel comfortable using anything else yet. The only one that I've spanked so far is Finnick."

Nadine sent a message informing him that a fifth imposter showed up. They too claimed that they were Judy Hopps along with various others. She disqualified that one based on how she acted.

If the rabbit was bothered at all by that, she didn't show it. They drove towards a hotel with the trunk full of sex toys.

After twenty minutes they were finally in the bedroom with all the toys nearby.

The rabbit explained what she wanted to do.

"Isn't that unpleasant for you?" Nick said.

"No, because I'm going to be licking your tailhole. Your pleasure will make it worth it for me."

"If it gets too much for you. You could stop at any time. I just want you to be happy."

The rabbit got to work immediately. She insisted on undressing him with her mouth since that was what she did back then.

She licked around his tailhole which should be clean and sniffed audibly.

Nick moaned involuntarily from the sensations of her tongue. It was so hot imaging Judy worshipping his musky tailhole and that was the problem. He knew that it was therapeutic for her, but it didn't change that he felt it was wrong for him to enjoy this.

"Can you stop?" Nick asked. "I don't feel comfortable with this."

"Am I not good enough?" The third rabbit stopped her licks and sniffs. "I thought I was doing a good job too."

Nick tried to articulate why he wasn't comfortable. "I enjoy how your tongue feels but that's the problem. Even though you're willing, I still imagine that you're suffering because of this, and it turns me on, and I don't like it. A tailhole could never be clean enough. I just don't want it to be you."

"What do you want to do?"

"What are you willing to do?" Nick asked.

The rabbit had no qualms giving Nick a list of things that she was willing to do. "Any of those would mean a lot to me. I just want to form some pleasant associations with these terms."

His cell phone beeped again. It seemed yet another Judy stopped by the precinct This one didn't even have purple eyes.

It was rather vanilla or so Nick thought, having Judy bathe his paws. She was rather ecstatic about that.

"You know that the first time I licked someone's paws, I tried to have it removed from my list of preferences and that was horrible. The amount of grime that I had to swallow was so difficult. And Koslov showed no mercy."

"The bear with Mr. Big?"

"He treated me the worst of all. Every single time he visited; he made my life hell. The day before they let me see you, I saw him breaking a rabbit's arms and legs. And if I stepped out of line again, that could've been me."

"And you're willing to give mine a tongue bath." Nick sat on the bed while the rabbit kneeled on the floor for easy access to his paws.

"Because it was the worst of all. It would mean a lot to me." The rabbit struggled with the filth from Nick's toes, but she insisted that she would keep going despite her visible suffering.

"You don't need to push yourself." Nick enjoyed how her tongue felt.

"But I want to," the rabbit said with tear-filled eyes. "You don't know how much this means to me. Please don't ask me to stop. I know how uncomfortable you are with this. Please, Nick."

"It doesn't seem like that you do want to."

"Don't make me act like I need to put on a fake smile, but I will if that's what you want."

"It's okay." Nick didn't exactly understand why she wanted to put herself through this. The way she licked and made herself do all this aroused him to his shame. As much as he hated it, he was unable to stop himself from climaxing due to how much her suffering turned him on. She didn't even finish the first foot yet. It made him sick that he enjoyed that. He didn't want to relish in her suffering.

"Much better than the cum from everyone else that they made me swallow." The rabbit licked her fingers with a smile. She didn't even finish cleaning his toes. "Is something bothering you?"

"Umm." Nick wanted her to finish cleaning his toes despite her current apparent lack of interest. "Umm." And how much she suffered doing that.

"Spit it out."

"Can you finish licking my toes?" Nick was ashamed that he even asked that of Judy.

The rabbit did so with an apparent distaste for the task of cleaning his remaining three toes. She moved her mouth towards his balls next.

"Can you clean my other foot first?" Nick asked. "It feels weird that you only did one."

The rabbit shook her head.

It was wrong on so many levels, but Nick moved his paw towards the paddle that they bought. He dropped the paddle once he realized what he was doing. "Sorry."

"Keep going, Nick," the rabbit said. "Make me clean your other foot. Teach this slut her place."

Despite his aversion, he continued for her sake. He spanked her lightly at first with light taps, but she wanted it harder. He increased the force until she was crying, but she wanted more hits. It was clear that she was suffering, but she kept saying that she wanted more swats.

In the end, the rabbit licked his other foot with much more hesitation. "Can I give you a blowjob now?"

Nick shook his head. "I thought you were going to worship my balls first."

It was incredible how her nose moved against his balls. So hot how she worshipped his scent. Soon enough, he shot his seed on top of her head. The rabbit still wanted more but he was spent. He sighed in orgasmic bliss.

The rabbit moved to suck his cock next. He told her to back off since he wanted a break.

He took the brief reprieve to see the list of messages. Apparently, two more Judy's showed up. One that Nadine felt was the real Judy. "Can we go back to the precinct? Nadine found someone that she thinks is Judy."

"I'll just wait for you to return," the rabbit said.

He was convinced that the rabbit was an imposter based on what she said just now. Yet, he didn't think that arresting her would be the right move. If anything, it showed that she was a prostitute in the past and really needed money. "Sure," Nick said with no intention of returning.

By the time he arrived, four rabbits claimed they were Judy. One of them even seemed to be sick with a sore throat.

"Which one of these do you think is the real one? I have already been tricked by one of them. She was a prostitute that needed money, so I let her go after having sex with her, at her request."

"You did what?" the bunny with black fur and red stars on her pelt exclaimed.

Judy couldn't believe that Sidney asked her if she wanted Sasha to receive treatment at a hospital because she was still her pet. If she denied it to Sasha, then Sasha wouldn't get any at all and probably end up crippled for life.

"Please, Judy? I know she was horrible to you," Tasha said. "But she's still my sister."

"Get her help."

Once she gave Sidney permission, panthers carried Sasha away towards the exit. Apparently, this place didn't come with its own hospital.

With Sasha gone, they wanted to properly prepare her for her visit to the precinct. She knew there was going to be a catch but this one wasn't even that bad. It was still freedom from this place. All they wanted to do was dye her fur so that she wouldn't be a grey rabbit anymore.

"That's your only condition?" Judy asked with surprise. She expected some humiliating detail or something involving sex toys, but this seemed far too benign.

"We did look up helium and thought of sending you there after you inhaled some but the effects would wear off way too quickly, so that was a non-starter," Sidney said.

"You realize I'm going to put you behind bars, right?"

"Considering the police were looking for you the last five months, I'm not too concerned."

"And I get a fresh set of clothes too. Wow."

The clothes the otter picked out were fairly normal for nerds to wear.

"Thought you were going to send her there naked, what changed?" Tasha asked.

"Well, I did want to do that," Sidney admitted. "But it just wouldn't work. She would attract way too much attention."

"Let me paint your body," Tasha led her into a room that already had several cans of paint for her to use.

As usual, they didn't need to worry about making a mess, which had a bit of a downside since that meant Tasha didn't need precision with how she painted.

"Hey!" Judy screeched at the sudden cold sensation across her naked body.

Tasha dumped an entire can of black paint onto Judy's fur. "Thought you wanted it done as fast as possible. I could take it slow."

Of course, Tasha had to go to the other extreme. She went extremely slowly, and every stroke of the brush stimulated Judy. Never did Judy think that painting could be so erotic.

"You don't need to paint there. No one's going to even see," Judy complained as Tasha moved the paintbrush near her pussy.

"They would if you took off your clothes."

"As if I'm going to do that!"

Tasha shrugged. "Then don't. It still needs a coat of paint regardless. You should be grateful that it's his only condition."

Soon enough Tasha finished coating all of Judy's fur black. There wasn't a spec of grey fur left on her.

"Finally," Judy said.

"We're not done yet. Now, hold still. I don't want to mess up the next part. Close your eyes."

"You're painting my eyelids too?"

"Would you prefer torture or sex slavery instead?" Tasha asked. "I expected you to be more grateful."

Judy sighed. "You're right." It didn't change that the entire process made her restless. She just wanted it to be over.

Tasha painted Judy's eyelids black and then added two red stars. She moved on to the rest of Judy's body, covering her fur with red stars periodically. Stars required a much more delicate touch to paint.

"Don't you dare move." Tasha's voice implied something awful would happen if Judy dared to mess up her masterpiece.

Judy did her best to remain still until Tasha decorated her entire body even her privates with red stars.

"Finished," Tasha said. "Why don't we take a look in the bathroom? There's a mirror for us to use."

Judy didn't feel like that was necessary but Tasha could very well make her life hell if she didn't go along with it.

Once they were there, Judy reminded herself even though she was getting out of here, there were many still trapped in this place.

"Say, I want to come back here, how do I do that?" Judy asked.

"Don't know," Tasha said. "It's never crossed my mind."

From the mirror, she realized that she looked like a comic book villain. Even though she knew what Tasha was doing, she hadn't made the connection until now. At least, it was a fictional genocidal maniac that some mammals dared to cosplay in the past at sci-fi conventions.

"I just realized that I'm a comic book villain. The Shatterstar Bunny."

"Didn't realize you knew that series. She cleaves planets in two."

"I might've watched an episode in the past. That's hardly going to stop me from being free."

"Oh, it's not his only plan, I'm sure. It's just part of it. Filling someone with hope before making them experience despair is one of his hobbies. If you don't think that you're going to be free, you're less likely to be disappointed. I just thought of an idea. Maybe you shouldn't go to the precinct after all. It's going to disappoint him greatly, so maybe he'll set you free without any of his plans in motion. Of course, that would mean that you need to live as a slave until he makes that offer."

Judy couldn't believe what Tasha was suggesting. Turning down her chance at freedom for another one that she might receive under better circumstances. "I'm getting out of here tomorrow."

"Well, can't say I didn't try to stop you from walking into a trap. I don't know how it will work, only that it will. You should refuse to go."

"Give it a rest, I'm going to be free, and there's nothing he can do about it unless if he backtracks on his promise."

It was just her luck that Sidney eavesdropped on the last bit of his conversation. "Try your best not to disappoint me. I want a worthy opponent."

"I look forward to seeing you in a cell."

"It would surprise me if it went that far. I could hardly wait." Sidney walked close and licked her cheek. "There's still hours until the planned event. I want to play with you more, but that would probably leave you unable to meet my expectations."

"Why don't we watch a movie?" Judy didn't want to do anything remotely sexual.

"We did that yesterday."

"Let's go to a better place to chat." Judy thought that moving away from the bathroom would decrease the chances of them doing something she didn't want.

Sidney instead went towards the room that stored many foul liquids.

Judy resolved that if the otter was going to make her drink any of that, she would throw it in his face. From what she gathered; he was looking forward to her release just as much as she was. That made obeying him far less important. They waited for Sidney to return.

The otter came back with a bottle of regurgitated ass cum. "So, I was thinking, would you be interested in watching Tasha drink this?" it wasn't even liquid anymore since so long passed. It had a brown, white and yellow mix of colors.

"I would love to," Tasha said. "Feed it to me, Judy."

Even though Tasha was trying her best, Judy could see hesitation hidden behind the façade she put on.

"No." Judy shook her head.

"Aww," Tasha said. "I was looking forward to it."

"Fine, you're free for the rest of the day." Sidney brought the bottle back to the room.

The otter injected her with something. That wasn't part of the plan, but it wasn't like she could object. The next time she opened her eyes, she was in a car off the side of the road. There was no sign of the place that held her captive for so long.

"We're going to drop you off near the precinct. I would prefer it if you cooperated," the panther said.

"No catches, no restraints, just like that?" Judy said with a pounding headache and sore throat. No one would recognize her as Judy Hopps anyway with her fur dyed black and red stars on her pelt. Going to the precinct in a cosplay getup was highly inappropriate too, but there wasn't much she could do about that unless if she wanted to enter the place naked.

"That is correct."


A sore throat shouldn't be enough to stop her. It would make speaking difficult.

The panthers drove near the precinct. They made her leave the car then drove off. The only thing she was able to discern of the car was that it was a black Jaguar. She didn't catch the license plate as it sped off. It took her a few minutes to arrive at the precinct without incident. A couple of mammals gave her odd looks given her getup that was more appropriate for a sci-fi convention.

Judy arrived at the police station. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. There were three rabbits around Nadine Fangmeyer that all claimed they were Judy Hopps.

"What makes you more Judy than the others?" Nadine asked. "She's my current selection." The tiger pointed to the rabbit with green fur.

"So that's what the otter had in mind," Judy said.

"Shut up imposter," the green rabbit said. "Stop trying to steal my life."

"Which one of these do you think is the real one? I have already been tricked by one of them. She was a prostitute that needed money, so I let her go after having sex with her, at her request." Nick recently arrived on the scene.

"You did what?" Judy muttered.

"You dumb fox. How can you not tell that she wasn't the real one?"

"That's my line!"

"As I was saying, sparring is the best way to determine which one is the real one."

Judy shook her head. "Foolish, I'm not in my prime condition and there have been multiple rabbits through the ZPA by now. That wouldn't tell us much."

"See? There's no way imposters can replicate that. That's why the real Judy Hopps would agree."

"Low chance, but the odds are in my favor. If anything, I would guess that the otter found the few bunnies that attended the ZPA and roped them into this. That would be a poor way to decide who is real. Besides, similar training programs probably exist. Look, we should just wash the dye out and the truth will reveal itself. More so after I regain my voice. Failing that, DNA would tell all, but that takes time. Maybe more time than the otter decided on letting me remain free."

"Nick, if you're up for it, I want to have sex with you, so the bad memories go away."

"Just know that rabbit isn't me," Judy said. "Nick, I rather you wouldn't have sex with an imposter. She doesn't even sound like me."

"Drugs do that."

"They could, but I'm sure that you normally sound like that." Judy decided that dealing with imposters could wait. Her safety was her primary concern. "I don't even about proving that I'm the real one right now. I just don't want to be a sex slave again. You can make that happen, can't you? If anything, after a week goes by, you will all realize that I'm the real Judy."

"Why don't we spend some time together?" Nick said to the green-furred rabbit. "Nadine, you can keep them safe while I see if this one is the real one."

"Better than your last pick," Nadine said. "And definitely not these two."

"Of course, I missed you so much," the rabbit said.

They went away while Judy remained at the precinct. She could've tried harder to fight it, but if she lost, something worse might happen.

"So, Nadine, what have you been up to?" Judy said.

It didn't matter that Nadine didn't favor her at the moment, she could still have a conversation. Nadine did assign protective detail to the other two rabbits that she was sure wasn't Judy Hopps.

"Look, I don't feel comfortable talking about police stuff since you might not be the real Judy. Judy's parents already made their choice." Nadine prepared to collect Judy's blood and saliva.

"My mom and dad are probably grief-stricken. I probably shouldn't blame them. Doesn't hurt any less though." Judy realized that she couldn't even count on her family for her plight.

More rabbits claiming that they were Judy arrived like clockwork. Some were naked others weren't. None of them sounded like her at all, but they all had purple eyes. Every single one had a quasi-believable story if she analyzed this from a neutral standpoint. If she wasn't receiving protective detail, she was going to commit a crime just so that she would end up in prison. That would be better than being on her own since the otter might just decide to reacquire her. In prison, she might be raped but at least, it wouldn't be by the otter. Maybe, that was his plan, but she doubted it. Less the desirable prison conditions were a fact of Zootopia, not something that the otter put in place.

Judy didn't talk much with the other rabbits claiming to be Judy for fear that Nadine would disqualify her. She was so risk-averse. When it was time for supper, she got to eat some real food, but still, they waited at the precinct for someone to make a decision.

Seven more arrived over time claiming they were Judy by ten at night. Nadine didn't favor her still, she favored some rainbow-colored bitch, but at least, Nadine didn't outright disqualify her. Nadine only arranged protective detail for one of them specifically since the tiger was sure that one wasn't Judy. There were nine contenders for who was the real Judy still if she counted the one with her parents and the one that Nick was probably fucking.

Nadine brought them all to Chief Growley. They discussed what to do with the remaining Judys. The tiger wasn't willing to label one of them as not it. It also wasn't out of the question that the criminals would pull something on them since even if they weren't Judy, they might still be sex slaves.

"In addition to that, I need a favor. Can you arrange the same protective detail for any additional rabbits that might arrive?" Nadine said.

Judy couldn't believe that the tiger pulled out a baby bottle filled with white liquid, and Nadine took a few sips. If Nadine didn't like the taste, there was no indication.

"It will be done," Chief Growley said.

Judy observed the exchanges between the two tigers. She guessed that it might be cum, but something so perverted happening right in front of them was a bit farfetched.

Chief Growley explained to them what the plan was. They were going to be split up among his officers. It just so happened that the chief assigned a panther to her since he was one of his trusted subordinates. She was the fourth one to receive protective detail since she was the fourth most likely to be Judy.

"In a world where Chief Bogo wouldn't spend ten dollars to save me, I'm not going with a panther!" Judy said. "If anything, he's part of one of those rings."

"Fine, take your pick since you don't trust my subordinate," Chief Growley said.

"From all of them?" Judy blinked.

"Is there something wrong now?"

"No." Judy shook her head. She didn't imagine that she would be able to choose. "Are they all from the Rainforest?"

"Chief Bogo pulled some strings and this case received very high priority. All precincts are sending anyone they could spare to tackle this," Nadine said.

"What will it take for you to be my guard?" Judy asked, even though Nadine already picked a rainbow-colored rabbit.

"Not a possibility. There's so many for you to choose, do you not like all of them?"

"Here's the other mammals that I trust," Chief Growley said.

She decided that she wasn't going to pick them given his initial suggestion that a panther would guard her. If anything, it would be a trap especially since she pissed him off by rejecting the panther that he had in mind.

In the end, she decided to pick a raccoon.

"Me?" the raccoon said.

"Yes, you." Judy picked the raccoon both because she envisioned that he was someone like Nick that had to prove himself and because if it came to it, she could probably tranquilize him and escape. "Protect me."

"Can I receive some help with this?"

"I'm not going to agree to a trap," Judy declined the suggestion. "You alone."

"I fucked up, didn't I?" Chief Growley said. "Judy suspects me, but I just want to protect her." The rest of the Judys all declined Chief Growley's assigned guards.

"Maybe you shouldn't ask panthers to protect someone to prevent this from reoccurring," Nadine suggested. "It's unfair but it is what it is."

The remaining Judys took a book from her page and also decided to pick their own officers for protection.

"Come." The raccoon led Judy to his car so they could go home. "I will do my best to protect you."

They were going to the Nocturnal District which was better than the Rainforest.

Chapter Text

Nick drove them to a hotel to get to know the rabbit better.

"Why are we here?" the green rabbit asked.

"Where do you want to go?"

"Thought we would go to your place. Why waste money on a hotel?"


When they arrived at his place, he saw Mr. Big's polar bears waiting there for them.

"Who are they?" the rabbit said which was loud enough for the bears to hear.

That was when he recognized the rabbit wasn't Judy. If the bears were smart, they wouldn't show their allegiance either. He thought that the police were involved enough that if the green rabbit suddenly disappeared, he would be in trouble. His heart was pounding as he thought of a way to explain the situation.

"We're here to play poker," Kevin said. "Nick, it was your turn to host poker night."

"Oh right, things have been so busy lately. I forgot." Nick tried his best to play along.

"Are you sure that's not because of the hundred that you lost last week?" Raymond said.

"You got lucky," Nick said.

"What about me?" the green rabbit asked. "I thought we were going to spend some quality time together."

"Sorry, I did promise them poker. Can't turn that down, Judy," Nick said.

"They matter to you more than me?"

"Poker night is a sacred tradition," Nick lied. "You can play too if you want."

"I've never played poker. Teach me?"

"Fine." Nick wanted to preserve the act in front of the bears at the very least.

They headed inside. Not that he cared much about poker, but they had enough spare cash around to make it work. It was a low-stakes game just to pass the time. And he thought they would leave after just one round.

The rabbit that pretended to be Judy became increasingly agitated since Nick wasn't paying attention to her at all. "Do you even care about me?"

"The world doesn't revolve around you, sorry," Nick said. "I'll raise." He focused on the game once more. Even though it was low stakes, it was a matter of pride for him to win. Initially, he thought the bears would just play a quick round before deciding to leave, but they lingered for so long.

There wasn't much of a point to the charade from his point of view, but at least, he wasn't alone with the green rabbit. It was delaying an unpleasant confrontation but delaying it, nonetheless. The bears dictated what happened, and he had to go along with it (while wasting precious time that he could be doing something.)

The bears only left at midnight, keeping him company even through supper. The rabbit pretending to be Judy failed to hide her aggravation.

"Finally," she exclaimed.

"Actually, I've decided that you're not Judy. You can stop trying to fool me," Nick said.

"And why is that?"

"I don't need to justify myself to you."

"Fuck you then, I'll find someone that believes me."

"Good luck." Nick watched the rabbit leave in a huff. It was far too late to visit Mr. Big but he supposed that he should stop by as soon as he had time. Tomorrow after work sounded like a perfect opportunity.

Despite the overwhelming number of complaints from the rabbits that claimed to be Judy, Chief Bogo retained his position, claiming that those were all plots designed to make it harder to save Judy. Not that anyone could disagree given the claims that the Judys made. There were still more Judys arriving with the last one just thirty minutes ago.

A few even took the unusual route of blaming him as the reason she was captured. To drive the division further, they even had access to Judy's social media accounts. A password and maybe a code sent to an account was all it took to take control of Judy's online presence.

Nick wholly expected Chief Bogo to order him to wait by the precinct and continue a task that he took of his own volition, sorting out who is the real Judy. At least, of ones who would accept him. He instantly dismissed the idea that Judy would harbor such hatred against him so someone else had to process them. With any luck, some of the rabbits would be a match to someone they had on file.

"Fangmeyer, Wilde – keep watch at Precinct Five. As you're aware, the latest stunt they're pulling is sending multiple rabbits to claim as if they were Judy Hopps."

They left for Precinct Five immediately. Nick learned upon arrival that five rabbits arrived through the night and received officers to keep them safe. He tried to treat the incoming Judys as he had the day before, but it was too emotionally draining especially since he knew there were so many more rabbits that he didn't see yet. Every single one came with emotionally charged stories and claims. The incoming rabbits were less than understanding of his needs.

He tried to process one of those rabbits as a regular officer, but they were emotionally manipulative so that he couldn't do that. In the end, they took up parking duty to pass the time since Nick thought it would be better to meet all the rabbits claiming to be Judy all at once. Only one time worked for everyone given the different shifts the officers took. They scheduled the meeting for eight at night. If he were lucky, one of them would be the obvious pick.

When it was eight at night, there were over thirty rabbits by that time. Every single one had unrealistic colors, so it was evident that someone dyed their fur. Although, one seemed to have successfully washed the dye off revealing its natural grey color. He had thought of just calling everything off and getting to know that one personally, but that would be playing right into their paws. It was also plausible that the real one wasn't among them.

He decided to give the rabbits a number and randomly draw one to talk to. It was the most neutral method that came to mind.

The raccoon was driving them towards his home.

"So, what's your name?" Judy asked.

"Ritchie Ringtail," the raccoon said. "Why did you pick me?"

"Figured that your species received the same judgmental attitudes that a fox would." Judy wasn't about to tell him the other reason was that she envisioned that she stood a good chance at overpowering the raccoon if it came to it.

The architecture of the Nocturnal District was unsettling. Of all the places that he could live, he lived in a house with a stylized garbage can for an entrance. If anything was an eyesore, that was. Despite its exterior appearance, it wasn't dirty but just by going inside, she felt unclean. It led to a really cramped space with four rooms.

She wondered why he lived here but elected not to offend her chosen guard.

"Where can I sleep?" Judy asked. "It's been a long day."

"Just sleep on the bed. There's only one." Ritchie pointed to the only bed in the rather tiny room.

Judy jumped on the bed to sleep. From what her nose told her; three mammals slept here regularly in addition to just the raccoon. Rather than confront the raccoon now, she decided to sleep since if he had ill intent, he would've attempted it by now or so she figured.

A terrifying scream nearby jolted Judy awake. Her attempts to tune them out proved fruitless, so she got up.

Three mammals were watching a horror flick. The raccoon, a skunk, and an opossum. Judy debated on telling them to tone it down so she could try sleeping again. After debating for a moment, Judy decided on eating something. Normal food might become a rarity.

"Is there anything to eat?" Judy said.

Ritchie pointed to the fridge in the corner of the room.

"So, who is she?" the opossum asked.

"A rabbit that might be Judy Hopps. We're unsure at the moment," Ritchie said.

"I am Judy Hopps, and you two are?" Judy insisted on setting the record straight.

"You haven't introduced us again? Are you ashamed of us?" the skunk said. "It happens to anyone that you bring home. What was your plan? Have her leave before we return?"

"She's not my girlfriend," Ritchie said.

"Never said she was."

"Anyway, the pissed-off skunk is Thomas, and the opossum is Chase Shorttail."

Judy failed to hold back a laugh. The opossum's name sounded so ridiculous.

"Yea, yea, laugh it up," the opossum said.

"Sorry," she said.

"Anyway, it's time for us to sleep."

"About that," Ritchie said. "Don't wander off. I don't want you to be captured because of it. Stay within the house."

"Can I have a cell phone to use?" Judy asked.

"Sure." Ritchie gave Judy his cell phone.

She figured it wouldn't hurt trying to talk to her parents or Nick once more to try to persuade him that she was the real Judy. The first call went nowhere since she figured that her parents chose a new phone number or upgraded their phones. Next, she tried calling her siblings, "Erica? It's me, Judy."

"I don't want to deal with it. You aren't the first Judy that tried to call. I can't live with the guilt if I made the wrong choice."

"I understand." Judy hung up instead of insisting that she was the real one.

Her call with Nick went directly to voice mail. She decided not to leave any. Next, she tried to leverage her social media accounts – something that she should've thought of sooner. To her dismay, apparently, her captors managed to obtain access and started using them already. Well, the rabbits they gave the accounts to.

The internet was having a go at speculating on which Judy Hopps was the real one too. One of them already washed the dye off her fur and could claim Judy Hopps in form. It wasn't like she was the only grey rabbit with purple eyes in existence, so that shouldn't have been a surprise. As much as that enraged her, she decided that she should be happy that she was free, and hopefully thwarted the otter's plans.

Later that day, she attended a "who's the real Judy Hopps" meeting at the precinct where they gathered all the Judys that were willing to show up. Apparently, there were over thirty rabbits by now. It was sheer insanity. At least, Nick decided the green rabbit from yesterday wasn't her.

Nick suggested something absurd – interviewing each Judy for ten minutes each. That alone would take several hours and maybe multiple days.

At first, she waited for her turn, but then when her turn came, she had a better plan.

"So, I've decided that I'm not dealing with this. Fiction is more compelling than reality, so whatever," Judy said when it was her turn to talk to Nick. "To win, they just need to tell the most convincing lie. Let's go, Ritchie."

"Wouldn't the real Judy stay?" Ritchie asked.

"For what purpose? Humiliate myself and possibly lose because lies are more convincing than truth? Reality is boring. Just need time to return my voice and the dye to fade. The captors even went the extra mile somehow by taking control of my social media accounts. A Muzzlebook account isn't the first thing that comes to mind when proving that you are who you are. Wonder if it would've made a difference."

"But you get to talk to Nick."

"Yes, talk to the dumb fox who failed to recognize the real Judy twice. Certainly, the third time is the charm. Just give me a few days for everything to return to normal. Not in a rush to claim the mantle of Judy, more interested in staying safe. So, let's go, we're out of here." She had some parting words for Nick, "Stop holding these meetings, you could find yourself a rabbit if that's what you really want. There's no need to pretend." She sniffed the fox disdainfully.

Her words had some effect since Nick decided to cancel the event. A few of the rabbits seemed rather desperate with their complaints.

"Recapturing me won't be that easy," Judy said to herself as she walked out of the precinct with Ritchie.

Chapter Text

Their schedules didn't match before since when Judy was awake, he recently woke up. Only during a few brief hours were they awake together. When she woke up, he was preparing to go to bed shortly after. Not only was her schedule in conflict with the raccoon, but also everyone else that lived with them.

She had to adjust her sleeping schedule if she wanted to get anything done. It felt odd if she asked him to accommodate hers. She had considered online delivery for everything she needed, but extravagant costs and the necessity of time put that thought to rest. The raccoon was too nervous to mess up, so he didn't dare shop for her despite her reassurances.

Wednesday, they went shopping together just before midnight for supplies to clean out the permanent fur dye. If done wrong, she could be left with a different pelt entirely thus greatly diminishing her chances of reclaiming the name Judy again. Apparently, for this occasion, the skunk and opossum even took a day off work so they could shop together. Judy didn't see the point. Surely, work was more important than shopping for her needs.

At the first store, a badger followed them everywhere while they shopped. After a few minutes, Ritchie asked, "What do you want, Warrick?"

"To talk to you alone."

"Fine," Ritchie grunted.

Judy's presence attracted quite a few curious looks. This wasn't anything resembling a sci-fi convention, but she still looked like someone going there. "I really need new clothes."

They kept on shopping for everything they needed with the badger tagging along without a complaint. She had everything she needed to remove the dye she figured. Even then, the process would take a few days.

They walked out of the store and put everything in the car. What she didn't expect was for Warrick to invite himself in.

"You can talk now," Ritchie said.

"Only after we stop," Warrick said.

Judy didn't believe that the badger came home with them from what seemed like a chance encounter. How sweet of the badger to help them carry everything inside too.

"So, I was thinking of buying your bunny for ten thousand. What do you say?" Warrick asked.

Judy's fur rose at the suggestion. If they turned hostile, she couldn't do anything about it. However, Ritchie's speedy response put her mind at ease.

"Are you out of your mind?" Ritchie said.

"Think of everything that you could have if you had the money."

"I think you should leave," Chase said.

"You know that you miss the old times."

"Do I need to blast you?" Thomas said.

"Okay, okay." Warrick put his paws up. "No need to get hostile." He left the building.

"Umm, explain that to me?" Judy said. "What did he mean by that?"

"In the past, I might've done a few things," Ritchie said.

"And did you ever enslave others?"

"There's no point in answering that one. Mammals believe what they want to, and there's no way that you can convince them otherwise. Do you want someone else to guard you?"

"What he didn't say is that it would look bad on his record, and limit future opportunities. His current position gives him a salary that leaves him unable to afford better accommodations than this trashcan," Thomas said.

"So that's why you lived here," Judy said.

"If he was a normal raccoon, he would love this place, but he isn't, so he hates it. Accommodations due to history, long story short, this place is the most affordable place for us to live."

With her worries quelled, Judy decided to start using everything she bought to remove the dye in the shower. Even then, it would take quite some time before her fur returned to its natural grey color. She applied the mixture with extreme care.

The process required to wait for several painstaking minutes to let the mixture do its work. Her fur seemed unchanged even though she saw some dye run off when she washed her body. It would take several days as advertised.

Once she finished cleaning up, she joined them outside for horror movies. Apparently, they enjoyed watching stuff that contained excessive gore.

"Can you help me with something?" Judy asked after the movie was over.

"With?" Ritchie asked.

"There's this bunny that I know that's in a hospital with broken arms and legs. I was thinking that might lead to who captured me, but I don't know which hospital she is in. Maybe, you can help me find her? Her name is Sasha."

"I'm afraid that'll have to wait. The ZPD can't divert that many resources to every claim all of you make."

"Then, let me text Nick the same information."


That would give Nick a clue potentially if he decided to follow up on it. Even though she felt safe now, she still wasn't sure if she was truly in the clear. She fired off a text message, not expecting a response or an answer since there were too many Judys still.

The four of them resumed the horror movie binge. Judy didn't particularly like horror movies, but she didn't dare voice her complaints. At least, she could lament how stupid it was at times. Watching movies even ones that weren't to her taste was better than being a sex slave.

Not every movie was a blockbuster hit. A few of the movies were quite obscure too. She wondered what the point was. Although, she didn't want to risk offending her hosts just yet. The movie marathon continued until morning. They stayed up watching more movies even when she decided to sleep.

An extremely unpleasant scent interrupted her slumber. If she had to label it, it smelled worse than anything she had the misfortune of inhaling thus far even during her time as a sex slave. She tried to nudge the raccoon awake, but after a few minutes, she gave up. A glance at the clock told her it was one in the afternoon. At most, she got five hours of sleep, and they had even less if they woke up now. There was no way she could remain here and remain sane, so she decided to visit the neighbors. In a few hours, she could talk to Ritchie hopefully and explain her situation.

She walked out of the building and visited the equally unappealing house next door. Every single house within her sights had a garbage can for an entrance. Of course, her plan to find a new place to stay temporarily had a flaw, everyone in that house seemed to be asleep. No one answered when she pressed the doorbell – she wasn't even sure if a garbage can lid can be called a door. The next one was the same since it was only one in the afternoon. No one was on the streets – just like midnight in some places.

After at least eight houses, she finally found one that had a resident that was awake. A fox came to greet her.

"So, I can't stay at my place due to the awful stench. Can I stay here until they wake up? Then I can figure out something else," Judy said.

"Sure, come on in," the fox gestured. "You're one of the Judys, aren't you?"

"I am Judy. The rest are imposters."

"Of course, you are," the fox said sarcastically. "There are what, forty of you?"

"Fine, let's not talk about it."

The fox showed her around the house. They were currently in the art room where the fox had quite a collection of paintings. However, while the fox was showing her various pieces, her ears heard such an unearthly wail that reminded her of her time as a sex slave.

"I realized I forgot something. I'll be right back." Judy made calm movements to leave. The exit was relatively far away.

There were two foxes in her path on the way out.

"Excuse me."

The foxes made enough of a gap for her to fit through. Once, she had her back to them, they tackled her to the floor.

"Let me go!" Judy felt something metallic slide around her neck.

"No one's going to miss you. You're just another lying whore. There's a much better place to use your talents," the fox whispered into her ear. "Are you going to come willingly?"

"Sure," Judy said.

Once they let her go, she broke into a run only for painful shocks to course through her body.

"Tsk-tsk, lying doesn't suit you." The fox grinned. "Are you going to obey now? Or do you need more punishment?"

Judy hissed, "What do you want?" She tried removing the collar, but it wouldn't come off.

"Our current sex slave has trouble keeping stuff down still. Plus, she's kinda boring by now. No one's going to look for a lying whore like you. Come." The fox showed her the remote then led her downstairs.

She saw a female tiger busy licking up cum on the floor. Not just any tiger, it was the first mammal that she failed to find. Eventually, the case got shelved because there were more pressing concerns.

"Claire?" Judy uttered in disbelief. The tiger was missing for three years.

The tiger just vomited again. She also screeched in pain as her collar activated.

"How do you know my name?" the tiger said with surprise.

"How touching. You still have cleaning to do," the naked fox behind the tiger said.

"What do you want from me?" Judy whimpered.

The one naked fox pointed to his cock.

Judy felt slightly relieved that it was only a blowjob. She got down on her knees and started sniffing his balls first. It wasn't what he asked for, but she figured if she showed initiative that it would be better for her. Playing with someone's balls was close enough to sucking someone's cock that they were unlikely to complain. With any luck, the raccoon would find her before things got too far.

The scent was unpleasant but better than the ones she served during her time back then. She rubbed her nose against his sack. From how his body convulsed, she figured that it was something both new and pleasurable for the fox. Still, this couldn't last too long. She did drag it out by licking his balls a few times, washing them with her saliva.

With great care, she took his member into her mouth and gave a tiny lick. It already swelled from its initial size.

"How's that?" she said seductively.

"Keep going," the fox said desperately.

"Not until I get some assurances first."

The fox behind her with the remote said, "Funny, you think you're in charge." He had his claw above the button.

"Shock me, and I promise you that you'll never experience what he just did."

"Fred, stop," the naked fox said.

"That good, huh? Andrew."

This was progress, she learned two of their names so far. "And you two are?" she gestured towards the two foxes whose names she didn't know yet. They were the ones that previously blocked her way out. If anything, it'll help her put them behind bars once she escaped.

"I'm Grant – something that a fox can never get."

"And I'm Paul."

"As I was saying, I want some assurances before I continue," Judy said.

"What?" Andrew asked.

"I will not be licking any floors."

"Deal," Andrew said all too easily.

"And anything else I can think of."


Judy reinitiated the process. She started with Andrew's balls again, rubbing her nose against his sack once more and inhaling the musky scent. Her tongue grazed those orbs again too for good measure. She licked his cock three times before stopping. "Oh, and I want normal food too. Three times a day."

"Anything," Andrew said in the throes of pleasure.

"What do all three of you think?"

One by one, they gave her approval.

Once again, Judy restarted the process since a couple of minutes passed. She rubbed her nose against his sack for the third time while sniffing its scent. Next, she licked the rather enlarged cock with her tongue five times.

An audible retch from the tiger shook her concentration.

"Can we move elsewhere? She's distracting me."

"The floor better be clean when we get back," Fred said.

That earned Claire a few shocks. She followed the four foxes into a different room that was much cleaner, leaving the tiger to lick the floor clean without an audience.

Andrew sat on the edge of the bed while she was on her knees in front of him. Judy wanted to find a reason to not let Andrew climax yet again, but she could tell that he was frustrated at this point. For the fourth time, she started her process again. Starting with the fox's balls before taking delicate licks with her tongue. It didn't take long for the overstimulated fox to shoot his seed into her mouth.

Despite its bitter taste, she held it in her mouth to show everyone. She swallowed the cum down once they finished looking at her mouth.

"That was amazing," Andrew said.

Another pitiful wail came from the tiger.

"Is she really having that much trouble?" Judy said with disbelief. "Can we go to a place where we can't hear her at all?"

"Think you could do better?" Fred said.

"Make me clean the floor and you'll never experience what he did, and yes."

"The lowest number of times that she threw up was three, and the highest was eight. Give me a blowjob next."

"So you can make me clean the floor? You were the one who tricked me. If you want your turn, you're going to wait for it like a good little fox."

"Fine. Do Paul next."

Judy shook her head. "I will do Grant."

They headed to a different room first that was far enough away from the tiger. Although they didn't live in a large enough area, so they moved the table out of the way since they usually ate here. Grant sat on a chair and Judy was on her knees again to give him a blowjob. This fox's musk wasn't as sharp as Andrew's which made it slightly better. It didn't offend her nose as much when she went through the motions.

She played with his balls until his knot inflated, only then did she start licking the cock. Without any distractions, it didn't take long for Grant to shoot his seed into her mouth. The taste was different yet unique compared to Andrew's.

"This rabbit knows what she's doing," Grant said with a dreamy smile.

"I'm not escaping anyway, so how about you four tell me, how did you kitnap Claire?" Judy asked. She didn't expect an answer so easily, as if they were bragging about their exploits.

They even named the middlemammals they used and the services. It was quite a comprehensive account of their crime.

Paul took Grant's spot so Judy could give him a blowjob. While she was worshipping his balls, the tiger dared to come into this recently repurposed room.

"Please feed this to me tomorrow." Claire was on her knees begging. Judy figured that since the tiger kept throwing up, that eventually she gave up and spat it into a bottle instead of continuously licking it up and hurling. It had an unpleasant shade of white and brown with hints of yellow.

"You said you could keep it down?" Fred remarked. "Prove it."

"I'm busy." Judy pleasured Paul enough for his knot to swell.

"I don't mind. You can continue after. Drink it for us," Paul said.

She read the room, and unfortunately, more foxes were in favor of her drinking that. If she protested, it would probably undo the progress she made and set her status in their eyes back down to earth. "Gimmie that. Why did you even come here? You worthless slut."

Claire cried.

When the foul taste of tiger vomit hit her mouth, she struggled to control her reflexes. As much as she wanted to spit it out, she didn't dare to do so. It was only thanks to her species saving grace that they couldn't vomit that saved her when she swallowed. Her stomach still protested from the action.

"And she's better than you already," Fred sneered.

Judy rubbed her stomach to make her feel better. She couldn't vomit, but that didn't mean swallowing foul things was easy. She also spent the next few minutes heaving.

"Show her how to give a blowjob," Paul said.

That was her cue to start the process again. Judy rubbed her nose against the fox's balls once more. She started lecturing because she needed more motivation to give Paul a blowjob. A lecture that showed off her talents and knowledge would do that, and she would feel even more superior to Claire. "You do this because it not only causes a lovely sensation, but it turns them on. After enough foreplay, only then do you take their cock into your mouth."

"I know how to do it," Claire complained.

"She's way better than you," Andrew said.

"However, not everyone enjoys foreplay, but if they don't complain, you should always offer it at first. It might be something new for them and they'll get off that much quicker. If you show initiative, good things can happen." Judy started sucking on Paul's cock now. Once she received his cum, she showed it to all the foxes. An idea popped into her head that allowed her to get some revenge in the process. She moved her mouth full of cum towards Claire and tried kissing her with it.

Of course, the tiger backed away, so she received a few painful shocks that rendered her twitching on the floor. Judy used her tongue to scoop the cum into the tiger's reluctantly open mouth. The girl's mouth had its own unique taste of unpleasant flavors. At least, it was still better than swallowing the fox's seed.

The tiger couldn't keep Judy's gift down, so she hurled it onto the floor after initially gulping it down.

"I'm sure I could tell the difference between all your cum from taste alone," Judy said.

"My turn," Fred said, but someone was at the door.

"I'll be back," Andrew said.

"I'll wait until he's back. You can wait a while longer." Judy sat back and watched Claire's feeble attempts at cleaning up her vomit. Part of her was glad to see Claire suffer since she had to drink the tiger's vomit earlier.

It was a pleasant surprise when she heard Ritchie's voice calling for her. The foxes weren't brave enough to strike a uniformed officer of the law, so they submitted to Ritchie. She noticed that the foxes had their paws uncuffed still. They did get dressed, however, except for Fred who was going to be the center of her attention until this happened.

"Look, I'll let both of you go. I just want a blowjob from her," Fred said.

"Why would I do that?" Judy said. "If you didn't notice, Ritchie is right behind me. And you're going to jail."

"I'll tell you everything that I know. Please, just give me a blowjob."

"And why would I care? I can just walk out of here right now."

"What do you want?"

"The collar removed for one. Let's start with that." She could remove it but having him do it was a bit different.

Fred removed the collar without hesitation. "Done."

"She sexually abused me!" Claire cried out.

"That's what you're going to focus on?" Judy said with disbelief. "And I thought you would enjoy getting rescued."

"No thanks to you!" the tiger said with hate.

If there was one mammal that she didn't mind seeing enslaved, it would be this tiger. The tiger hadn't even made progress in licking up her vomit. She was simply pathetic.

"Look, Judy, I'm so sorry that this happened to you. It's my fault," Ritchie said.

"Don't blame yourself for this." Judy placed a reassuring paw on the raccoon's shoulder.

"Please wait," Fred said. "All I want is a blowjob from you." He started listing one name after another as if that would persuade her.

"There are other rabbits you know."

"But they're not you! You gave one to everyone else already." Fred resumed naming everyone that he ever knew.

"Can we leave already?" Claire said.

"No one's stopping you," Judy said.

"Except the lack of clothes. I can't just like walk out of here."

"Shouldn't we get going?" Ritchie said. "I'll call for backup to escort the foxes to the station."

It just so happened that Fred's attempt at listing everyone that he knows caught Judy's interest.

"Tell me about Sasha and Tasha," Judy said. "And you got a deal. I want to know everything."

"Are you fucking serious?" Claire said.

"Not saying another word until I feel your tongue."

"Fine," Judy said.

"Are you really doing this?" Ritchie failed to hide his nervousness.

"Are you going to stop me?" Judy didn't care that Ritchie was watching. "You haven't called for backup yet so no one's going to come to stop us."

"Can we please leave?" Claire said.

Ritchie was insistent on watching even though he was nervous.

Judy started rubbing her nose against Fred's balls. She used her tongue to bathe them too just as she did with the other foxes.

"We went to Grassview College together. Sasha was obsessed with programming. Tasha had no affinity for art, but she loved to draw. Yet she had no trouble showing off her horrid masterpieces to everyone."

Predictably, he moaned with pleasure while recounting what he knew about Sasha and Tasha. "Keep going…"

"Tell me more. Their grades, their hobbies, who they hung out with. Everything. Once I hear enough, I'll start again."

"They loved the Legends of Zootopia card game, but never managed to win any money."

Judy started the process again. Fred seemed to be struggling for details as he searched his memory for anything that would satisfy her curiosity. From the way that he acted and what she knew, Fred wasn't lying so that was good. With any luck, she could find where that brothel was.

"And that's all I know."

Judy licked his cock a few more times. Claire was getting impatient.

"Can't you hurry up?" Claire said with much annoyance.

"Good point. We should get going."

"But I didn't cum yet," Fred whined.

"Bad foxes don't get to cum," Judy whispered in his ear. "Enjoy your stay in prison." She had to admit that it felt good seeing the sour look on his face.

"So if I become a good fox?"

"I'll believe it when I see it."

They walked to the building's entrance where Ritchie reported on everything that happened so far when he called for backup. Officers were on the way to pick up the foxes.

After the officers arrived, the tiger pointed out what Judy made her do. While the foxes had her as a slave, she went into greater detail about Judy's actions. How that bunny was a slut. Judy's anger was rising so went home with Ritchie. She did wish that ungrateful tiger was still a sex slave with the foxes. It would be great if Mr. Big still cared about her since he might be able to make that happen.

When they were walking home, Judy asked, “What was that smell that I ran away from? Is it still there?”

Ritchie said, “So, the reason that Chase and Thomas watch horror moves so much was because of their species. Opossums are banned from horror movies in theaters. Skunks are afraid of losing control. The opossum happened to die while watching the last horror movie.”

“Died from watching a movie?”

“It happens.” Ritchie shrugged. “You learn to live with it. Thomas was busy cleaning up when I woke up and started looking for you. Should be a lot better now.”

Judy didn’t understand the raccoon’s nonchalant attitude towards death. Considering he just saved her, she didn’t feel like she was in danger.

When they arrived home, she could smell tons of cleaning products and traces of that foul scent from earlier today. Thomas was still busy spraying the room with air fresheners.

Two uneventful days passed since a Judy told him off. Someone disturbed his slumber in the middle of the night by incessantly ringing his doorbell. One of the Judys was outside his house. Once he saw who was there, he didn't even bother opening the door. It wasn't worth it since no doubt she would try to manipulate his emotions.

The ringing became more incessant when he turned away.

"Take the hint, will you? Scram."

"I lied about being Judy, but he raped me. I don't know where to go. My real name is Wendy."

"Who?" Nick doubted that the rabbit was lying now.

"Officer Fastfur." Wendy had been one of the rabbits that chose their own officers after one of the Judys convinced the others not to trust Chief Growley. "He said that no one would believe a lying whore like me. That he had a one in forty shot of being wrong. Please help me."

"And he let you leave?'

Wendy sniffled. "No one would believe me anyway, so it didn't matter to him."

"Why did you lie about being Judy?"

"I needed the money. A thousand was a lot. Plus, if I managed to become her, I would be living a better life." The rabbit took the extra step of undressing to show him the tiger's semen still in her pussy. "I'm not lying about this, you can smell it, can't you?"

Despite what the rabbit showed her, he was mad still at what she did earlier. Yet he also felt pity for the recently raped rabbit. "You can stay tonight." Part of him was afraid of what Judy would go through because of his inability to tell the real one from the fake ones. He could only hope that the real Judy would reveal herself convincingly after a week.

At least, the police department wasn't wasting any time with their plethora of leads – treating every single Judy as a potential suspect and victim. However, none of the mammals they arrested so far were willing to talk.

"I just didn't know that the plan they had would actually work so well. Act like Judy, keep the money and then I realized what a prize her life would be compared to my own, so I kept at it. No one wants a poor bunny, so I never even had sex before."

"You can save your sob story for the morning. I'm going back to sleep." He didn't allow himself to get too attached. Despite what he learned, she still ranked low on the list of important mammals in his mind.

"Okay." Wendy's ears drooped.

Nick went back to bed and tried to put the rabbit out of his mind. It didn't help that the newly induced nightmares tormented his mind with visions of Judy suffering, and this time it was something that he could've prevented if he knew how to tell her apart. He also doubted that she was the only Judy that was raped. Maybe the only one that dared to come forth. The implications made him sick.

After one restless night thanks to Wendy, he checked his cell phone in the morning – it had way too many messages which was the norm since all this began. Most Judys sent him various things that they thought would persuade him that she was the real one.

One of the more unique approaches requested his help in locating a white rabbit named Sasha with pink eyes that had her arms and legs broken. This Judy believed that she was in a hospital somewhere. She was unable to search herself since the officer didn't believe her and it was unsafe for her to be out alone.

Nick decided that even though the rabbit likely wasn't Judy, it wouldn't hurt to follow up on this lead since it might lead to some valuable information. A rabbit that had that many broken ones would be difficult to hide. Although, he doubted that they would use her real name if she was in a hospital. There were over a thousand hospitals within Zootopia. And that was assuming that the information was correct, and Sasha wasn't staying in some other treatment facility. It didn't help that now that image entered his mind, he would have nightmares that the same could happen to Judy.

"Can we talk now?" Wendy asked.

"You'll accompany me to the precinct. We'll take care of your sexual assault accusation then other police officers can take over your case," Nick said.

"O-okay," Wendy said.

Nick didn't particularly care about this rabbit's case, just enough to see that her abuser didn't get off scot-free. After breakfast, they headed to the precinct.

There was an issue since nearly all the rabbits came with some spiel about Chief Bogo being corrupt – yet he was the chief of the precinct still.

Wendy didn't react well to seeing Chief Bogo. "Are you out of your mind? He's corrupt."

"And you're a liar who admitted to lying about being Judy." Nick felt that he had to defend the buffalo. "Chief Bogo is the most capable mammal for the position."

"They did say I would be more Judy-like if I said something about that. I do believe that it's true."

"Until you have proof."

"Ahem, Wilde, what's this about?" Chief Bogo said.

Nick did his best to explain Wendy's situation to Chief Bogo. He also said that he smelled the scent of tiger when Wendy volunteered without asking to show him the evidence of her receiving abuse. "And so, even though she's a liar, I believe this specific allegation against Officer Fastfur."

Chief Bogo decided that he would dole out today's assignments before soliciting other government services to help with Wendy.

"One more thing," Nick explained the text message he received today in the morning detailing what happened to a specific rabbit. Even though the one who sent the message might not be Judy, he believed that there was a white rabbit with broken arms and legs in a hospital that might be able to give them the location of either a trafficking ring or a brothel.

Once again, Nick and Nadine received a general assignment to assist Precinct Five, just like most of the officers they worked with. Chief Bogo assigned a token force to parking duty to placate the city as usual.

Chapter Text

"Was everything all right?" Thomas asked with a yawn.

"No, a group of foxes nearby raped her. Is Chase up yet?"

"Didn't he die?" Judy asked.

"He dies around four times a year," Thomas said. "I called in sick already because I'm dealing with a dead roommate. Once Chase wakes up, he'll call in sick for dealing with death."

Judy was utterly confused. "So, he's asleep."

"Right now, yes. Opossums are allowed to use death as an excuse for not showing up to work once a week."

"So, I need new clothes. The ones I'm wearing are dirty, Ritchie, can you shop for me?"

"Bad idea," Thomas said. "Wait until Chase wakes up, then we'll shop for you to make it up to you. I should've been cleaning, and Chase shouldn't have died."

"I'm sorry about what happened to you, if there's anything that you need, just let me know," Ritchie said.

"Thanks," Judy replied.

She had to wait an hour for Chase to wake up. Once he did, he clarified what happened to him. Dying was a biological reaction for opossums to fear.

To her displeasure, Ritchie recounted what happened to her in its entirety to his roommates. He even included the part about how she willingly submitted to one of the foxes. Once again, he apologized for what happened to her, and to let him know if she needed anything.

There were a few hours until most of the shops closed. She gave his roommates a list of what she wanted to wear, and they went shopping for her.

Unfortunately, Ritchie kept apologizing from time to time to the point that it was aggravating. At least, he wasn't foolish enough to follow her into the bathroom. That gave her some peace and quiet as she tried to remove the permanent dye from her fur. There were only a few strands of discolored fur on her body left after she rinsed. Her voice was nearly back to normal as well.

"I hope that Nick will recognize me as the real one," Judy said when she stopped out.

At least, Ritchie didn't utter yet another apology, thus saving her sanity. "If you want to meet him, I'll drive you there."


"If there's anything else you need, just let me know."

Judy resisted the urge to scream because the raccoon wouldn't take a hint! Her patience was at an end when his roommates returned with a fresh set of clothes for her to wear. She wasn't even sure how the errand could take hours. They were similar enough to the ones that she usually wore so Nick would more easily recognize her as the real one.

"Let's go," Judy said.

Ritchie drove Judy to Nick's place with the police cruiser. She thought that she was close enough that Nick wouldn't hesitate in accepting her so that she could use her time more productively. The fox was home just as expected on Thursday night.

She rang the doorbell and waited for Nick to answer.

"Why are you here?" Nick stepped outside to greet them, not even letting them inside.

"You still don't recognize me?" Judy said.

"Not going to do this again. Going to meet everyone who still didn't drop the act on Sunday. There are consequences for impersonation. The max penalty in prison is ten years."

"And that will be a safer environment compared to a brothel. Can you keep me safe until then?"

"Is something wrong with your current arrangement?"

"No." Judy decided not to mention that she was recently raped. Considering that every rabbit had their own sob story, it would likely work against her at this moment.

"You're not going to tell him what happened today?" Ritchie said.

"Do you really think it would help?" Judy retorted. "I need him to believe me so I can access police resources and start investigating."

"What are you hiding?" Nick said.

Ritchie gave an account of what happened between her and the foxes nearby. He thankfully did leave out the one consensual sex act that she had with them. "She thought that you would believe her even less if she told you."

"Don't suppose I can talk to those foxes?" Nick said.

"I can't believe you," Judy hissed. "How can you not recognize me as the real one?"

"Good day to you, imposter. The real Judy would understand. Bet you're not brave enough to show up Sunday."

"Dumb fox, it's unfortunate that I need you. If only I didn't. Unless if they capture me again, I will be there. Bet you're going to regret losing me again. That otter will love to gloat about that."

"Otter?" Nick said.

"Sidney, the one who ran the last brothel that I was in."

"Don't suppose you know the last name?"

"No idea. Although I could think of ways to find his name, you know, need access to police resources for that."

"Keep her safe until then, Ritchie," Nick said.

"I will," the raccoon replied.

The meeting left her disappointed that Nick didn't immediately accept her. Although, her voice was still a bit off, and her fur wasn't completely back to normal yet. She was able to imagine why – her imposters must be really convincing. It made sense in a way that her comment last Sunday would hold – she had asked for a week back then.

"So, who's going to rape me next?" Judy asked once they were back in the police cruiser.

"Don't joke about that," Ritchie said.

"Oh, fine. Thanks for taking me to see him. It's only a few more days then I'll be out of your fur."

They were back home – where every house had a garbage can for an entrance. Despite living here for a few days, she never got used to that. It didn't matter that the inside was clean but entering a garbage can to enter the house felt wrong.

At least, she didn't have to use the entrance often. There wasn't much of a reason for her to leave the place – however she smelled something extremely foul upon her return.

"Gah!" she cried.

"Maybe, you should wait outside so I can clean up?" Ritchie suggested.

"How does it not bother you?"

"It does. He died again during a movie; I wager."

The scent bothered her, but still, she followed the raccoon inside. If she stayed outside, there was a non-zero chance that someone could rape her. Not that abductions on the street were common, but they still existed. She watched Ritchie take off the opossum's pants and wipe the opossum's tailhole of greenish fluid all the while the skunk was enjoying the horror movie on television.

Thomas unexpectedly hightailed it out of the house as if he had great urgency to leave. There was screaming from the mammal being eaten alive on television.

"You're just going to leave him like that?" Judy glanced at the opossum without pants.

"It's what he prefers," Ritchie said. "Does it bother you?"

'Yes, I guess I'll just spend time in a different room."

Gazing at the computer screen meant that she didn't need to look at the pantless unmoving opossum. The imposters were certainly making a public effort to claim the name Judy. Some of them went on radio shows to tell their story and complain how Nick didn't believe them.

Nick did make her mad earlier by not recognizing her, but still, she decided to apologize for how she acted earlier.

She went to find Ritchie. "Can I have your phone?" Judy asked the raccoon who was currently watching television beside an unmoving opossum.


"I'm sorry about how I acted today. I understand how hard it must be for you. See you on Sunday."

It wasn't likely that he would respond, but he might see it. She gave the cell phone back to Ritchie and continued reading the news on the computer. Although, since she wasn't expecting any danger, it made it easy for someone to sneak up on her. She didn't notice until the collar was already on.

She turned around to see Chase whispering behind her.

"You're going to do everything I say."

"What the hell?" she said.

"I can't finish watching the good horror movies and you're going to help."

"What the hell does that have to do with me? And why did you put a collar on me?" Judy figured that it was probably a shock collar, but it wouldn't do her good to be hostile just yet.

"Assurances that you'll cooperate."

"And that is?"

"Rimming me while I watch a movie."

"Fine," Judy said. She needed an opportunity to overpower the opossum. Ritchie might help her as well. With any luck, he would see her before she had to rim the opossum. Although, the opossum didn't regard her as a threat anymore or so it seemed because he let her walk so close to him.

She tried to take advantage of that by taking the remote away from him, but that earned her a nasty shock that caused her to scream.

"Judy?" Ritchie yelled in a panicky voice. "What are you doing?'

Judy was on the floor twitching, but she heard the raccoon's righteous anger.

"I was thinking that she could help me watch a horror movie," Chase said.

"Are you insane? My career is on the line."

"One that hardly won you any favors. You know what they think of you."

"I worked hard for this, and I'm starting to win them over."

"Are you going to stop me?"


Judy had some hope that she might be freed.

Chase sighed. "Guess you've changed more than I thought."

"Now, give me the remote."

"Fine, let me try one more time. This bunny is worth five hundred thousand. That's multiple years of your salary. If we sell her, you can finally move out of this place. Plus, do you really have the heart to send me to prison? I stopped paying for prostitutes just for you and look at how that turned out for you. Your career isn't going anywhere. Plus, don't you want to experience a blowjob? It would be your first time as well. You did a vivid recounting of what she did with those foxes."

Ritchie remained silent for a few seconds.

"Please don't do this," Judy begged.

"Quiet." Chase pressed the remote and she screamed.

"Don't you think that if I were the one who saved Judy Hopps that it would go somewhere? Hmm?" Ritchie said.

"Don't tell me you actually believe that. There are forty rabbits. What are the odds that she is the real one? You work twice as hard for half the recognition. Hey, Thomas, Ritchie still has doubts."

"Give him some time. Let's just watch a movie," Thomas said.

"I'm sure that if you change your mind, the rabbit will still be eternally grateful to you, so it isn't too late."

"Fine," Ritchie agreed.

"Look, I'll give you a blowjob and won't even turn you in if you let me go," Judy said to Ritchie. She wasn't going to keep that promise, but he didn't need to know that. Although her feelings were mixed if he stopped this after it formally began.

"You're going to blow him anyway if he wants it," Chase said. "Let's watch this movie. You're going to be punished if I don't see the ending."

"What does that have to do with me?"

Thomas explained what her role was – opossums routinely required assistance so they could finish watching horror movies. She had to provide enough pleasure, so Chase didn't end up playing possum. Rimming would also allow her to swallow any fluids that Chase might produce if he became catatonic which would greatly limit the unpleasant smell.

"Please let me go. I get those movies are important to him but aren't there other methods?" Judy cried, trying to appeal to their sympathy once more. "I thought you all cared."

"You knew we were poor, and you didn't tell us how much you were worth."

"There are other movie watching aids. They're just uncomfortable," Chase said. "You're worth money, and I need someone to help me watch movies."

"How should I know?" She knew that she was worth more than the amount they were selling her for at least. "Plus, you rejected an offer of ten thousand earlier."

"Because it was only ten thousand. I had no idea that you were worth five hundred thousand."

"Maybe we can wait a day?" Ritchie suggested. "Are you sure that you want to do this? Plus, we might get caught."

"He wants her tomorrow. Relax, will you? Who's going to not believe us if we said Judy ran away? The real one ran away to meet Nick leading to her first capture. Some imposters already ended their arrangements with their respective officers. No one's going to be the wiser."

And so it happened that while they were watching a movie, she had to deal with Chase sitting on her face so she could lick his tailhole.

When the movie started, Chase said, "Start licking."

She still didn't move her tongue, so he activated the shock collar which made her scream. The bitter taste and musky scent of the opossum's tailhole filled her senses. He wasn't even paying attention to her, so she slowed the pace of her licks. That earned her another nasty shock when Chase activated the remote. Her screams joined the unfortunate victims in the movie.

At least, in the past when someone abused her, she was the center of their attention. Now, no one cared, and she suffered just as much. It humiliated her that she had to keep servicing him if she didn't want painful shocks. She missed not being the center of her abuser's attention.

This went on for a rather long time, she wasn't even sure if the opossum received any pleasure from her licks, but anytime she wasn't fervent enough, she received a painful shock that made her scream. She couldn't even zone out since he required enough dedication that she had to focus. Suddenly, he clenched his ass around her tongue, trapping it inside.

From what she could hear, that seemed to be an extremely scary part of the movie. The movie had to be at its climax. When his muscles relaxed, the movie was about to end.

"Shall we watch another?"

"Please no," Judy wailed. The first movie went on for more than an hour. She could hardly imagine doing the same thing again.

Chase moved enough so that Judy took it as permission to sit on the sofa.

"I'd like a blowjob now." Ritchie was extremely nervous.

"You're going to give him one, aren't you?" Chase said.

"As if I have a choice." Judy was miserable.

"O-okay, just like how you gave one to the foxes," Ritchie said.

"Why are you forcing yourself through this? Arrest them."

The opossum activated her collar again, shocking her. "Get to it."

Judy was on her knees waiting while the raccoon took his time in undressing. From how he moved, she could see that he was reluctant, yet he was still going through the motions. Soon enough, he had his dick in front of her nose.

"You even saved me earlier, why do this?" she cried.

That earned her another shock from the opossum.

"Shock her again, and I'm arresting you," Ritchie said.

"Fine." Chase tossed him the remote. "You can do it then."

"Look, please don't make me do this," Judy pleaded since she felt like it was working.

"Why don't we watch another movie?" Ritchie suggested.

His casual suggestion made her a lot more willing since she didn't want to spend another hour under the opossum's tailhole.

"I would be happy to give you a blowjob." Judy put on her best fake smile.

"O-okay then."

Judy started sniffing his balls. She inhaled his musky scent – everyone's was slightly different. He moaned from pleasure when she started sucking them. However, once she moved to his cock he said, "Get back there." His voice was shaky and lacking any authority.

His wish was her command, so she resumed playing with his balls. He shot his seed across her back.

"Really, you wanted that to be your first time?" Chase said with disapproval.

"Don't judge me. Let's watch The Tell-Tale Heart next," Ritchie suggested.

Again, Judy had to take her position as an opossum's tailhole licker. "Please, I need a break," Judy begged. "Maybe a few hours?"

"We could spend the rest of the day shocking you," Thomas said. "Would you like that instead?"

Her captors were less than understanding, so she had to experience another session like the first. At least, this time she didn't receive any shocks while the movie was on. However, when she heard an extremely loud heartbeat, a particularly foul fluid flowed into her mouth. She couldn't really see what it was and her struggles to break free proved fruitless. In the end, she swallowed since it was better than letting it remain in her mouth.

"He died because of you," Thomas said.

"How's that my fault?" Judy said.

"Not enough pleasure so he got frightened out of mind. You don't care about others. It's an ability his species has, but it doesn't make it any less traumatic. I'm going to teach you a lesson."

Thomas had her lie on the floor while he sat on top of her face.

"If you know that's good for you, swallow everything."

"Please no," Judy imagined the worst. One of the kinks that she outright abhorred. "Ritchie? Help please?"

If her ears were correct, the raccoon left the room. Reality had a way of disappointing her. The worst was even worse than the kink that she imagined. The skunk activated the collar to make her scream then marked the inside of her mouth with his spray.

As soon as she was able to move, she tried to spit the foul concoction out. Skunks had a reputation of marking things and now all that was inside her mouth. She doubted that eating tomatoes would help in any capacity. Eventually, she gave in since the skunk sealed off her nose and clamped her muzzle shut.

"Do you need another lesson? Dying is just as unpleasant for him."

She spent the next few minutes futilely heaving since her stomach was in pain. Nothing would come out of her mouth despite her efforts to throw up. The taste of a skunk's marking was permanently seared into her brain. Joining the list of unpleasant things that she would always remember. Every time she said something, she would smell her breath.

After Chase returned from the dead, he wanted to watch the same movie again. Ritchie came back from whatever he was doing. She became much more focused in her job of assisting the opossum in watching a horror movie. The desire to avoid another mouthful of opossum death fluid further spurred her on. This time, she didn't fail in her task.

"Look at the time, I think it's time to sell her," Chase said. It was morning now.

Thomas remained home while Ritchie and Chase escorted Judy into the car. She looked for moments to escape but didn't find any. They even left Zootopia and drove into the woods. Even after they parked, they walked some distance.

"Maybe we should keep her?" Ritchie said nervously.

"And miss the money?" Chase said. "Not much further."

Sure, she tried to run a few times, but painful shocks put an end to that. Eventually, they got to the designated meeting spot where she saw Sidney again. She hadn't imagined that the otter would be here. There were two panther guards.

Chase led her outside to greet the otter.

"You!" Judy raged. Even now, she winced when she got a whiff of her breath.

"Aww, you don't miss me?" the otter said.

"Of course not!"

"What's your name?" Sidney asked the raccoon. "Didn't expect to see you here."


"Showing up in uniform, not in a police car. Hmm." Sidney rubbed his chin. "So, here's the money." He gave the raccoon the briefcase. "Glad to play with you again, Judy."

"Let me go!" Judy yelled.

"Do you want to return with them?"


Sidney laughed. "Take him."

"Huh?" Chase said.

Panthers arrived behind them and tackled the opossum to the ground.

"That wasn't part of the deal!" Chase protested.

"Don't think you're in any position to protest." Sidney laughed at the struggling opossum. "Glad to do business with you, Officer Ringtail."

"Let him go," Ritchie said.

Judy noted that Ritchie never told him that detail. Yet he knew the raccoon's last name already.

"Well, you have a few friends that can help with that, do you not? If you're not going to call your friends, I suggest you leave."

Ritchie slowly walked back towards where they came from. He had a cell phone on him but didn't call anyone as far as she could see before he walked out of sight.

"What are your plans for him?" Judy asked,

"You mean, what are your plans for him," Sidney said.

It was only then the otter held a chloroform rag in front of Judy's nose till she succumbed to unconsciousness.

The problem with being on a team was that he had a team. Nick didn't get to do what he wanted most because it wasn't the best use of resources. As much as he wanted to question Sasha herself, someone else had that task and he didn't feel right to insist that it would be his. That was even if they could locate the rabbit in the first place. There were a lot of hospitals in Zootopia, and they had no address.

He was doing something productive, yet it felt like a waste of time because it wasn't what he wanted right now. They were going to arrest a panther for his role of bribing someone to be Judy Hopps. The police department was doing everything it can to eliminate the imposters. If he was lucky, by Sunday, there would only be the real Judy left.

They stopped in front of a treehouse that didn't look well maintained. It was leafless just like the other trees on the block. "ZPD! Open up!" Nadine yelled.

"Coming." A panther named Leonardo came to greet them. "I guess you're here because I bribed someone to be Judy Hopps. Guilty as charged, lock me up for a few months.


"Don't mind doing good deeds and receiving cheaper medical treatment."

"Good deeds?" Nick echoed. He hadn't seen someone so eager to go to prison yet.

"Someone gave me money. I gave it to someone else that needed it."

"Someone is suffering because of your actions."

"Unfortunate, you'll find all the details at this website address. They found my email somehow, so I went with it. Didn't receive any more information, didn't care. Got the money, gave it to someone in need along with their set of instructions."

"Don't you see something wrong?" Nadine asked.

"No, I don't see anything wrong with lending a paw to someone in need. Anyhow, send me off to prison. Guilty as charged. Put paws around my cuffs and take me away."

"Is there something that you can do to help us find Judy Hopps?"

"Unfortunately, no."

He made progress yet he still felt empty. He was closer to finding Judy which he knew was among them thanks to Mr. Big. They took the panther to the station and had other mammals to bring in.

By the end of the day's work, only thirty viable Judys remained. The rest were ruled out but still received protected status since they might be runaway sex slaves. Nadine sent him an update on what her charge was doing – how she seemed more like the real Judy. Although, that wasn't the only one. Some had persuaded their respective officers to let them go on radio shows, and they used that to try to convince him. Some dared to appear on television networks.

It wasn't that he sought the content out, but they had a way of finding him. Some had quite lewd suggestions on what they wanted to do with him. All this culminated in him imagining himself in those positions with a rabbit taking care of his needs. To make matters worse, one of the Judys dared to stop by his house, and this one refused to admit that she was a fake even when he labeled her as one.

She was the same one who suggested that he should cancel the "who is the real Judy Hopps" meetings. Initially, he entertained that she was the real Judy, despite saying that he would deal with the issue later. He did imagine how much he would enjoy having sex with her, imagining her in detailed fantasies that the other rabbits had. Although, that illusion didn't last long. He was nearly certain that rabbit was an imposter when he made her leave. Yet he was certain that Officer Ringtail was telling the truth about her being raped by the foxes nearby.

The thoughts wouldn't leave him alone even while after she left. He decided that he did want to have sex with a rabbit – just some quick fling to get rid of his pent-up frustrations. It was too late to do anything about it now, so he had to wait until tomorrow.

The next day, he learned that the doe suspected to be Sasha made less than revealing statements about what happened to her. It was plausible enough, so the interrogating officer left her alone. Not satisfied with that answer, he went there personally despite Chief Bogo being against it, but he didn't stop him.

Nick and Nadine spent most of the day waiting for Sasha to wake. Once, she woke up, the doe repeated the same statements that she told the previous officer. How it was a kinky play that went slightly too far, and how she forgot to use the safe word. Who was he to accuse the doe about lying without any evidence? And he could hardly imagine a kink like this.

If there was any animosity between the rabbit and the panther that brought her in, he didn't see it.

Chief Bogo was less than happy at the turn of events because there was nothing productive done. At least, the rest of the force had considerable progress – there were only twenty viable Judys left.

After Nick parted ways with Nadine, he stopped by Mystic Springs Oasis in Sahara Square. If anyone knew how to take care of his problem, Yax did. It didn't feel right to call up a simple prostitute, and the fact that someone might be a sex slave made it even less appealing.

"Can you help me with something, Yax?" Nick said.

"Oh, certainly."

"Can we talk somewhere private?"

Nick was grateful that Yax led him to a place where no one should be able to hear. A soundproof room that he even demonstrated how it worked by screaming inside.

"Not everyone's as comfortable with activities like these. And we do get certain requests from time to time. You can speak your mind here. There's no need to hide from your urges. It's normal and healthy to express them."

"So, since you run this place, do you know where I might be able to have sex with a rabbit?" Nick knew where he could find illegally operating brothels, but it wasn't the same. The fact that it was illegal was a minor note since he was certain that he could be discreet. Even then, brazenly breaking the law for this just felt wrong.

"Sure, check out Deviant Springs Oasis in the Canals ran by my friend Zax. Government certification. Good reputation. Discount by being a member here too."

"Thank you," Nick said. "Are you sure there won't be any problems?"

"It'll be fine. You're not the first nor the only one."

Nick went home after his shameful detour. He had a few things that he wanted to try with a rabbit. With any luck, no one would even know that he was there. Yax was a trusted friend, it wasn't illegal, and he would enjoy himself. He read and heard too many detailed sexual fantasies as of late.

Chapter Text

There was no doubt about it. She was back in the place that Sidney ran. What she didn't expect was for it to happen in such a way. Tasha was there waiting by the bed. The only thing she was wearing was a diaper just like most times.

"Well, it seems like you returned," Tasha said. "Did you miss this place that much?"

"Not by choice." Judy saw that she was naked once more.

"Considering what you were able to do the past few days, it was certainly your choice to return."

"Excuse me? They sold me with a shock collar!"

"I don't care about your excuses. You chose to return. Anyway, do you want to stay?"

"As if I have a choice," Judy said. "My once chance to escape, ruined."

"You do. If you want to leave, then we can prepare you again. Your breath really stinks, we need to do something about that. I can smell you from over here."

"A skunk sprayed my mouth, and I had to swallow it. What's the otter's game this time?"

"I'm so sorry." Tasha hugged her. "Well, if you beg him to stay, he'll set you free after a year or we can move on to the next phase of his plan."

"Drop me off at the precinct again?"

"That would be boring. It's a surprise. Are you going to beg him to let you stay here? This might be the only time he gives you this offer."

"As if!"

"Let me show you what you get for staying." Tasha guided Judy out of the bedroom. She led him to a room where Chase was. The opossum was strapped to a rack – rendered immobile and naked. "You can do anything you want to him provided it doesn't involve permanent damage. This isn't a no, it just means you need to ask permission. And you'll have Sasha's old job."

"Judy, look, I'm sorry, can you help me get out of here?" Chase pleaded.

"Well, he's quite talkative for now. We can gag him or you can apply to have his tongue removed."

"Removed?" Chase screeched.

"And if I want to set him free?" Judy asked as a hypothetical. "Am I able to do that?"

"You can choose to submit to him if that's your fantasy. As for freeing him from this place – well, you'll need to ask Sidney. He has as much control as you're willing to give. And since you're rather inexperienced, you can have a few guards nearby to prevent any accidents that might happen when playing with him. Wouldn't want him to accidentally end up on top."

"What happens to him if I leave?"

"We'll try to keep his sanity intact as much as possible, and then you can still have the fun of breaking him in when you return."

"As if I'll ever return again."

"You didn't plan on returning this time, but you did anyway. Why can't it happen again? Anyway, do you want to stay?"

Judy shook her head.

"He was hoping for that. Let's get you ready, shall we?" Tasha led Judy to the bathroom. Judy remembered the place all too well even though she had only left it for a few days. Tasha fetched a bar of soap. "Open your mouth."

She scrubbed Judy's mouth with soap then told her to rinse.

It wasn't that unpleasant, a far more extreme version of brushing her teeth, so Judy didn't complain.

Tasha sniffed Judy's mouth. Her nose wrinkled from the scent. "That didn't work, hmm. Take a big bite." She held a large bar of soap in front of Judy's mouth. It smelled like vanilla.

"Why?" Judy narrowed her eyes.

"You can either do it willingly or I can fetch the disciplinary tools."

"No, why are you doing this? I thought you cared about me."

"Giving you motivation not to return and getting your breath back to tolerable levels. You didn't try hard enough to stay away. Now, take a big bite. Every time you return, I will do something even worse unless if you agree to stay. His terms might change though."

"Go too far and there's no way that he'll be able to set me free and escape."

"Consider it upping the difficulty. Now, are you going to take a bite willingly? Don't forget, I can always find something worse for you to eat or drink. This is a bathroom after all."

Judy hesitantly took a nibble out of the soap. The bitter taste was strong enough to make her gag.

"Do you want to be punished?"

Judy shook her head. That didn't mean she actually wanted to eat soap though. She just wanted to ease herself into it. Unwilling to risk displeasing Tasha, Judy took a big bite that she thought Tasha wanted her to.

Her mouth was burning from the bitter taste and tears flowed from her eyes. Tasha clamped her mouth shut so she had no choice but to chew and swallow. The soap did not go down easily.

Tasha sniffed her mouth again. "Not good enough. I can still smell bad breath." She fetched another bar of soap nearby with a different scent. This one had the fragrance of oatmeal, milk, and honey. "Take a bite."

"I need a break," Judy said.

"If you don't suffer enough, you'll just return here again by accident since you won't try hard enough to stay away. Now, take a bite." Tasha held the bar of soap in front of her mouth.

Judy reluctantly took another bite. The bitter taste filled her mouth again. And just like before, she had no choice but to swallow the soap. The thick viscous substance uneasily traveled down her throat just like before.

Tasha sniffed Judy's mouth once more. Again, she found the scent disagreeable. She presented another bar of soap.

"Please, no more," Judy begged.

"Fine. Come with me." She placed the bar of soap back where it was.

"Thank you."

"I'll give you my lunch."


Tasha instructed Judy to lie on the floor of the bathroom – which wasn't spotless.

"No," Judy said.

"Fine. If you make a mess elsewhere, you will lick it up."

They went to one of the rooms filled with sex toys – usually used for servicing clients. She had Judy lie on the floor once more. Tasha removed her diaper and Judy saw that she was wearing a butt plug. Slowly, Tasha removed the plug while moaning from the process. She put the recently removed plug into Judy's tailhole which required a few pushes to make it go in entirely.

"Keep your mouth open," Tasha instructed as she positioned her tailhole above Judy's mouth.

"That's not on my list of preferences." Judy hoped that still held some sway even though she doubted that it would since she did "escape."

"Oh, don't worry, it's not that. Take a look And that's within what you signed up for. So you better perform adequately."

From what Judy could see, Tasha's tailhole had food stuffed into it and some white fluids which she assumed to be cum. It didn't make the act any less revolting – she was holding her mouth open for something that was going to come out of someone's tailhole. Part of her feared that something extra would come out of Tasha's tailhole.

"Remember, this was going to be my lunch."

The unpleasant taste hit her tongue and there was still a lot more to come. She did manage to chew and swallow the bitter musky mess in her mouth without spitting it out.

"After how much I rimmed you, I think it's only fair that you rim me. Don't you think?" Tasha said.

It was her choice this time – and she agreed to it whether to preserve some twisted friendship or for future favors she didn't know why exactly but something compelled her to do so. Judy used her tongue to clean Tasha's tailhole of any residue.

"Don't forget to sniff," Tasha said. "Or we're going to have to train you before you get to leave."

That threat made Judy remember the proper way to give someone a rim job. She had to lick, and she had to sniff every so often while she cleaned the tailhole of any residue. There were still traces of cum for her to gobble up and if her tastebuds were correct, they weren't all from the same day. Tasha made Judy keep licking until she climaxed from pleasure.

"And you're not done." Tasha pulled the stained toy out of Judy's tailhole and had her lick that clean too.

Judy had no choice but to obey this time. She had to clean traces of food and cum from the foul object. It didn't taste good at all.

"So, Sidney decided that a panther and a rabbit working at the front desk didn't look good, so I had to do extra work. It's been days since I had untainted real food. Even then, I still have to service clients from time to time."

Judy felt some measure of pity for Tasha even though she had it comfortable before and could be labeled as a slaver in the past. "I'm sorry," she said. She hated that she felt this way. What she heard shouldn't bring forth such conflicting emotions.

"If you stay, I get my old job back, and you end up with a better one too. He'll also free you after a year."

"I won't be back here."

"When you do come back, he might not offer the same terms again. Now, we need to feed you some soap again."

They went back to the bathroom where Tasha made Judy eat soap. After a single bite, a rather enraged wolf came looking for Tasha in the bathroom. "You're late, whore."

"Marvin?" Judy thought she recognized that voice.

"Slut, glad to see that you remember me. I'm training this one for the competition."

"Sidney will take care of the rest at the front desk," Tasha said as the wolf led her to have some fun.

Judy went to the front desk by herself, and the otter was waiting for her.

"So, what's your plan this time?" Judy asked.

"I want you to watch something first." Sidney led her to the surveillance room. Within that room, he made her watch Tasha and her session with Marvin.

Judy could see that Tasha was in pain from a sex toy in her pussy as the wolf made her give him a blowjob. From her vantage point, she could see every detail of her suffering. It also didn't help that she could see everything that the other mammals are doing too. Some of them were suffering way worse than Tasha was.

"Why?" Judy asked.

"Figured you need some motivation. Tasha's going to go through this because you didn't decide to stay. You made this happen." Sidney held a chloroform rag to her face until she passed out.

The next time Judy awoke, she was in the car with the otter. They were in front of a building called Deviant Springs Oasis which Judy figured was related to Mystic Springs Oasis in some way.

"I'm setting you free here. If you leave too soon, well, I can't guarantee your continued freedom."

"And do they own sex slaves?"

"Not at all. The game isn't fun if there's no chance that you can win. Enjoy. Better get off if you want freedom."

Judy was wearing clothes, but just like before, the otter completely dyed her body. Now, she had a part blue and part rainbow coat. Once she got out of the car, she noted that it was a green Jaguar along with the license plates which was more than she had last time.

She had no choice but to enter the building – hoping that someone would help her. Her eye twitched when she saw the banner of "Judy Hopps Auditions."

"Excuse me, I'm Judy Hopps – not here for the audition. I would like to talk to the police and report details of mammals who kitnapped me."

"Wow, a method actor!" the yak said.

"No, I'm a recently abducted sex slave that's been set free. I'm the real Judy Hopps. I want a cell phone so I can call the police."

"All right, here's your phone. If you need a room to stay in, you can find it in the back to the right upstairs or you can come back tomorrow for your shift."

"Really? I want to call the police."

"Then go call the police. Leave if you want. The pay is one thousand five hundred a day. Here's a list of things that we expect you to do. Name's Zax, I'm the manager." Zax gave her a piece of paper that detailed various sex positions and fetishes. It also noted that she would have to wear a shock collar. "Glad to have you here if you want to stay."

"And if I don't enjoy any of this because I don't want to be a sex slave?"

"We're not keeping you here by force. You have a phone. There's no shame in being a prostitute which is different from being a sex slave."

"I need an escort because the bad mammals that captured me might be lurking around still."

"Call the police already then."

"Is there any food?"

"Yeah, can't miss it. Just go to the residential section."'

Judy checked out the residential section where she saw quite a few rabbits roaming around. There was a distinct lack of other species.

"Are you here for the role of Judy Hopps too?" a grey doe with brown eyes said.

"I'm the real Judy Hopps that's trapped here."

"Whoa, no need to stay in character. And no one's trapped here, we can all leave."

"In character?"

"Yeah, turns out many mammals want to fuck Judy Hopps, and well, any rabbit can be Judy Hopps. So, this was his latest smart idea. We get better pay than other species. Well, starting one day ago. Pretty sweet gig. I dyed my fur, bought some contacts, and hoped they would accept me. Turns out they take any rabbit."

"How did it come to this?" Judy said.

"Well, there's a demand for a service, this place provided it. Might be a bit unethical but cleared all the legal hurdles already."

"I'm calling the police and everyone that I know," Judy said.

"Go ahead, just don't expect an answer. We all did – part of our character."

Just as the rabbit said – no one answered any of her calls or texts. Even so, she didn't dare leave this place because the otter might be lurking in the shadows. Certainly, there were laws against rape, so she thought her first customer would be understanding and help her reach safety. Asking another prostitute to escort her, would likely get them both captured.

Morning came and she was still tired although her fellow rabbits woke her up saying that it was time. Some were naked, some had clothes on. The only thing they had in common was the shock collar that Zax was going to put on them. None of them seemed apprehensive about it at all even though the collar wasn't coming off without his key.

They went to greet the customers. Many mammals wanted to experience a round with Judy Hopps – and there weren't enough rabbits to go around so they had the luxury to pick and choose.

"Ralph Wolford, what the fuck are you doing here?" Judy Hopps yelled.

"Not interested in you."

"Don't ignore me! I'm Judy Hopps your co-worker, and they made me a sex slave."

"Yeah, yeah, save your spiel for someone else or I'll call security." Ralph glanced at a nearby grey doe. "Hey, Judy, why don't you show me a good time?"

"I would love to," the grey doe replied.

Those two walked away to have fun together.

Judy waited for someone to catch her interest – if no one did, she could always walk out of here and leave despite the chance of capture. At least she wasn't the only rabbit being selective. It took an hour, but she wasn't sure if she could be happy or enraged that she saw Nick in this place.

"Nick!" Judy tried along with several other rabbits. "Please tell me that you've come to save me. I tried calling and texting everyone. You're my only hope."

"Come on then," Nick said as he glanced in her direction. He picked up the remote for her collar then they went by the oasis where tons of mammals were having sex openly. There were a few chairs on the sand. They each took a seat.

"Officer Ringtail's friend sold me again, so I look different. They made me do horrible things before setting me free in this place. I just want to visit the precinct."

"Impressive. Not really into foreplay right now, just want to have sex. Do you know how many of those imposters sent me lewd messages? And nearly everything I tuned into had some way too in-depth lewd fantasy at some point. Can't help but imagine myself trying some of these things that I'm sure the real Judy wouldn't, but there's no problem here."

"I know that you're scared of muzzles."

"So that makes you the fifth?" Nick took off his clothes. "Kneel and start sucking." He pointed to his cock.

"Like hell I will."

He held his paw above the remote. "Do I need to use this?"

"I dare you."


Electricity coursed through her body, making her scream.

"Are you willing to suck now?"

Judy shook her head. She noticed that his paw was shaking.

"You know, this really isn't doing it for me, so I'll find someone else."

"No wait, I'll do it. The first time we had sex was on stream, do you really want our second time to be this?"

"Except, you're not her. Just an actor. Plus, we've had sex plenty of times."

"Are you intentionally being dense? And why are you lying to me?"

"Yeah, I think this won't work out." Nick got up and started walking away.

"Guess, I'll need to convince you." She tackled him to the floor. Since he was naked, she started rubbing her nose against his balls and sniffing loudly periodically for good measure. It wasn't really consensual on her part, but it was better than the alternative. Because it was Nick, she found his scent special. She licked his balls a few times. "Isn't it obvious that someone trained me?"

Their previous encounter involved anal, and she got to know Finnick much more than Nick. They were on stream, and she foolishly joined in on the festivities only to have Finnick's pissy diaper strapped to her face for most of the event.

"I guess, but that doesn't mean anything. Bunnies are good at multiplying."

Despite the circumstances, she wanted it to be pleasurable for him. He was a possible future mate, and more importantly, someone that could save her if she played her cards right.

She moved on to his cock after giving his balls a thorough wash. This was the first time that she tasted Nick in such a manner even though the dumb fox didn't recognize her. His cock pulsed with every lick. It didn't take long for his seed to fill her mouth.

Maybe because it was Nick or her desire to please Nick, she didn't find the taste particularly offensive compared to the other foxes that she sucked off. She made a show of the cum gathered in her mouth. To make it even more erotic, she dipped her fingers with cum and smeared it on her nose and into her nostrils.

"Not about to blurt out our secrets where everyone can hear. Let's go somewhere private," Judy said after she swallowed his load.

Before they reached a secluded place, they ran into Ralph with his grey doe.

"Hey, Nick, fancy seeing you here. Why did you pick her?" Ralph walked by them with a grey doe at his side. "She sounded like she'll be a lot of trouble."

"She sounded like Judy."

"Are you still looking for her here? Just relax and have some fun."

"When we save her, should I be worried about you?" Nick asked.

"Don't worry. This is just a fantasy. Bet I got the better rabbit."

"We were on our way to somewhere private so I can prove that I'm the real Judy," Judy said.

"Oh, I got to hear this," Ralph said.

"You're not invited. Nick, let's go."

"Mine's willing to do this, is yours?" Ralph guided the grey doe's mouth to his tailhole. "Aah, that's the spot. She really has a way with her tongue."

"Doubt it," Judy said. "She doesn't look like she had any training. The technique is all wrong, and you're not getting stimulated enough."

"And you could do better?'

"Yes, but anyway, Nick, we should get going."

"Actually, I do want to experience this. I'll find someone willing to do this, then we can go."

"Remember that time we got stuck in traffic for two days during winter?" Judy said.

"Yeah, join the lonely club of seven. Got anything more to convince me?"

"Yes, but we need to be alone."

Ralph moaned periodically from the doe's efforts.

"That can wait a while. Ralph sounds like he's enjoying it. I'll find someone, experience this, then you can try to convince me," Nick said.

"I'll wait until you find someone then we can have a race," Ralph said. "The first one to cum."

The grey doe took a break from servicing his tailhole.

Judy followed Nick around while he went to find a new partner. There were no rabbits around this time for him to choose from. Among the available mammals, he found a deer willing to satisfy him. They went back to where Ralph was waiting.

Those two explained what they wanted. And the deer and rabbit both started rimming their respective predators. They both lacked technique and even though the predators were moaning from pleasure, it was still taking too long even though only two minutes passed. Nick was losing interest in her – and she could tell. There was always a chance that he would renege on their deal again because something else captivated his attention.

"Out of the way, novice. Looks like I'm going to need to take matters into my own paws if I want this to end sometime this century," Judy said.

The doe moved aside.

It wasn't that she liked what she was doing – but she needed him to keep his promise. She took a sniff of his backside which was clean, thankfully. Nick was moaning from pleasure when her nose made contact with the doe's saliva and his tailhole.

She shuddered at the taste but continued regardless. And she couldn't believe that she disliked the doe's saliva more than Nick's ass. She noticed that Nick seemed to enjoy when she used her nose more than her tongue, so she did more of that. Her nose became quite familiar with the scent of Nick's tailhole. It didn't take long before Nick had an orgasm.

"There, can we go now?"

Ralph decided that was the perfect time to shock his doe for lackluster performance.

"You're free to go," Nick said to the deer.

Nick finally led Judy to a secluded corner – about as private as they could get in this place.

"Will this do?" Nick said.

"So, how many Judys told you about Mr. Big?" she asked. This was the secret that she never told anyone, and he had to have common sense enough to do the same. It was her trump card, so her heart was pounding while waiting for his reaction.

Nick remained silent. He blinked several times as if caught in a daze. "I'm sorry for what I did, and I believe you."

"Why on earth would you do that anyway?"

"So, this place is for consensual non-consent. If things ever got too far, they just yell, 'Xylophone.' Yax suggested this place. Government certified too."

"That explains a few things except Zax never told me that word. Couldn't you see that I was unwilling from my face?"

"Eh, that's all part of the act. So uh, I guess I need to find another bunny for my needs."

"You're still thinking of sex?"

"Didn't expect to find you here, and well, I heard way too many sexual fantasies recently. And since we're here…"

"The bunnies here might be sex slaves. Just like I was."

"I'm sure that your case was just a mistake. We can check. Let's get back to Ralph, shall we?"

They returned to see Ralph shooting his cum onto the sand while still being rimmed by the grey doe that he chose.

"Good news, this one is the real Judy. And I have a question to ask your bunny," Nick said.

"Really?" Ralph said. "How did you convince him?"

"I have my ways," Judy said.

"I'm asking this as an officer of the ZPD. What's your safe word?" Nick said.

"Xylophone," the grey doe said. "Is something wrong?'

"No, just checking."

"So, I know that she's trying and all, but it just isn't doing it for me. Can you lick my tailhole instead?" Ralph asked Judy.

"You're a smart wolf. What do you think the answer's going to be?" Judy asked.

"Yes?" Ralph smiled nervously. His ears pointed downwards after a few moments of silence from Judy.

"No way in hell!" Judy tugged on Nick's arm. "Come on, there's something I want to do."

Nick followed Judy – who wasn't walking towards the exit. "Don't you want to leave?"

"Not yet."

They found a tiger that was punching a bunny in the stomach who was crying.

"Can't tell me that's consensual," Judy said.

"Fine. I'll go ask." Nick walked up to the tiger and bunny. "Sorry to interrupt, I'm off duty, but I'm still an officer of the ZPD. I'm checking if the rabbit knows her safe word."

"You had to ruin it," the tiger grumbled. The tiger punched the rabbit hard once more. "Give her a minute or so."

After a few seconds, the doe said, "It's Xylophone."

"See? Everything's fine." Nick and Judy were walking towards the exit.

"Nick, didn't expect to see you around here still." Ralph had a brown bunny at his side this time. "Keep your mouth open, Judy."

"Really?" Judy couldn't believe Ralph was preparing to urinate into another bunny's mouth. "Do I need to file a restraining order?"

"Come on, Judy, it's all in good fun. Do you want to take her place?"

Judy sighed. "Do you enjoy being an idiot?"

"So, while I was looking for you, one of the foxes we arrested, bragged about how he pissed in a squirrel's mouth graphically," Nick said. "I do want to try it."

"Fine," Judy accompanied Nick as he went to find a mammal to satisfy his desire.

This time, Nick approached a bunny playing the role of Judy.

"Really?" Judy said incredulously. "You have me already."

"Yes, and these, allow me to take out some pent-up frustrations."

They guided the bunny to where Ralph was. Apparently, he had the brown bunny hold his urine in her mouth without swallowing.

Once Nick's new bunny saw that she quickly declined, leaving him unsatisfied.

"Well, not everyone's into that," Judy said. She felt a measure of satisfaction that the bunny rejected Nick.

Undeterred by just one failure, they went to find another bunny again to satisfy his needs.

Judy wished this was over, but she didn't dare complain since it probably wouldn't get her anywhere. She was grateful that Nick found her – and recognized her for who she was. She smiled when the second bunny he found also turned him down once she saw what he wanted.

"Give up yet?" Judy said smugly.

"I'll help your friend if that's okay." The brown bunny swallowed the wolf's urine.

"Sure," Ralph said.

Judy watched Nick point his dick at the doe's open mouth. After watching his stream land in the doe's mouth for just five seconds, Judy decided to intercept the stream with her mouth which caused Nick to direct it away.

She only got a slight taste of Nick's urine. Most of it landed on her clothes and the sand.

"You didn't have to do that, Carrots," Nick said.

"Thought I would be fine watching, apparently, not. You do need to drink more water," Judy said. "Anything else you want to try?" What little she tasted was extra pungent.

She thought Nick wanted to say something but decided not to.

"We can leave now," he said.

They went to retrieve Nick's clothes then they made their way towards the exit. Of course, Judy wasn't comfortable wearing urine-soaked clothes, so she had to change and take a shower. Nick didn't leave her side when she did that. It only slightly bothered her that he was watching.

After she cleaned up, they made their way towards the lobby.

"So, Zax, I believe that this Judy is the real one, and what's more, is that you didn't tell her, her safe word," Nick said.

“A mistake.” Zax acted as if it wasn’t a big deal. “It happens.”

“Mistake?” Nick said, enraged.

“Let’s just go,” Judy said.

They walked out of Deviant Springs Oasis together.

Chapter Text

They just arrived at Nick's house where another rabbit calling herself Judy was waiting.

"Hey, Nick. It's Judy," she said. "I've missed you. You don't know how hard it was." This one had the same fur colors as her. Half of her fur was blue, and the other was rainbow. The imposter was a bit thinner than the real Judy along with a different set of clothes.

"Yeah, heard it a dozen times before. Please leave."

"Look, I know that someone dyed my fur, but you got to believe me."

"I know that you're someone trying to steal Judy's life. Run along before I call the police."

"You better do what he says," Judy said.

"Who is she?"

"I'm the real one. Stop trying to steal my life, get your own."

"That's it. I'm calling the police." Nick reached into his pocket for his keys. His phone wasn't on him.

"Nick, give me a chance, please. I can prove it."

"Prove it then."

The imposter took off her clothes without hesitation and assumed a kneeling position.

"What are you trying to do?"

"They gave away so many details of my life. I can't think of a better way to convince you. Let me suck you off just like the good old times."

"Clearly, whatever they told you was wrong. Now, I'm going to call the police." Nick went to his bedroom to retrieve his phone. Meanwhile, he made sure the real Judy was in front of him as if he would somehow misplace the rabbit. The police were on their way after a quick call. Then he abandoned his cell phone in his bedroom again. "Please put on your clothes before the police arrive to pick you up."

"You're making a big mistake." The imposter did comply with Nick's request.

"So, why don't you keep your phone on you?" Judy said.

"You already know why. Take a look if you want," Nick said.

Judy looked over Nick's cell phone and he received a lot of messages recently. Some of them were quite lewd sexual fantasies, and most of them were from other police officers letting their respective charges use their cell phones. She had an idea before, but not that it was to this extent. There were so many rabbits vying for him to recognize them as the real one, so it made sense.

"How did she trick you?" the imposter said.

"You can try lying to the cops coming to pick you up and DNA will prove you wrong once it's analyzed," Nick said. "But since you neglected to leave, I'm making sure they arrest you. Do I need to physically restrain you until they arrive?"

The imposter shook her head. "They'll see the truth."

After a few minutes, the officers arrived to take the imposter off their paws. They were a wolf and a bear that she didn't recognize.

"So, who is she?" The wolf officer gestured towards the real Judy.

"Someone that I believe is Judy," Nick said. "And I'm not wrong this time."

"We still need to process her."

"So, who are you? I haven't seen you before," Judy said.

"I'm Officer Howl, and my partner is Officer Whiteroar. Pleased to meet you. We originally work in Precinct Three."

"Nick doesn't believe that I'm Judy. I don't know what to do," the imposter sniffled.

"Not lying would be a start," Officer Howl grumbled.

Even though the initial call was for them to take the imposter away, they all went to the precinct. Meanwhile, the imposter didn't cease proclaiming that she was the real Judy, and how he was making a big mistake.

They arrived at Precinct One soon enough. It was comforting that Nick refused to leave her alone for the entire process. She had a quick blood test that she passed, and they took some DNA again that would take weeks to analyze.

Officer Howl was the one processing her at the precinct. They had to record her claims and her story. She gave told them a tale of her brief release, subsequent recapture along with implicating Chief Bogo, Officer McHorn, Officer Delgato, and Officer Ritchie.

"Is there anything more you would like to add?"

"Everything else can wait. I don't feel like telling you my life story right now," Judy said. She saw Chief Bogo when she walked out of the room. He didn't go to work on Saturdays usually, but this was not one of those days.

"Just one question, Chief Bogo, why are you still here?" Judy asked.

"You managed to trick deceive Officer Wilde in your attempt to prevent the rescue of Judy Hopps," he said. "He will realize his mistake soon enough." Buffalos had horns, and she wondered if he was made by the devil himself. Never had she seen someone act this way before. It was quite an act to speak so resolutely without a hint of doubt in his voice considering what he did to her. Leaving her as a sex slave because he didn't want to set her free for the mere price of ten dollars.

"I am not mistaken this time, sir," Nick said.

"What are you doing about the situation then? If you're so certain that I'm a fraud," Judy asked.

"Let us talk in my office." Chief Bogo led him to his office.

It was nostalgic, sitting in the chair like she had many times before. There was one slight problem – Chief Bogo declined to rescue her for the price of ten dollars and was probably behind her initial capture as well. And he was sitting right in front of them. There was some comfort that Nick was by her side. If there was any hostility between Nick and Chief Bogo, she didn't see it.

"After much political wrangling, Mayor Lionheart saw the wisdom in allocating a budget for alternative crime reduction methods. You can receive three thousand dollars as well as a place to live and a job all for renouncing your claim as Judy Hopps. The crime of identity theft will be pardoned."

"Not a bad plan," Judy admitted. "Won't work on me. So, when are you planning on resigning? Need I remind you that I'm far from the only one that implicated you."

"I trust you will see the wisdom in accepting this offer when the time comes. The alternative is spending years in prison. Officer Wilde will see to your safety."

"A plan to get rid of two thorns in your side?"

"You are receiving the same protection afforded to everyone who made such a claim thus far. If you were to vanish, I would fall under suspicion."

Nick picked up his gear since he was officially guarding Judy. Judy didn't have access to her equipment yet since there was still doubt that she might not be the real one. They went back to his place. Nadine was apparently waiting for him along with her charge. She was in uniform and everything. Judy could smell Nadine's scent all over the rabbit. She figured that the rabbit ate the tiger out, but she didn't know if the rabbit was willing.

"Can I talk to you, alone?" Judy asked the rabbit.

"Not going to happen," Nadine said. "What's this I hear about you finding the real Judy? You don't answer your phone anymore, so I came to visit you."

"That one is the real one. And I'm certain this time," Nick said.

"You've been wrong before. What's makes her so different?"

"You've also been wrong before."

"I just said it was likely."

"She doesn't even look anything like me," the imposter said.

"No, but we do sound alike," Judy said.

"So, tell me, what makes her so different instead of just a likely candidate?" Nadine asked.

That was a problem since the one secret she shared with Nick, Nick couldn't possibly reveal to her.

"You know the secret, the one that you found out because you followed me one day?" Nick said. "She knows that."

"Don't suppose you can say anything in your favor?" Nadine asked her rabbit.

"That's all it takes?' the rabbit said.

"Then say something."

"Just give me a minute with him," the rabbit said.

"Nadine, keep an eye on Judy," Nick said.

Judy shook her head. "I can smell her scent all over the rabbit. Not going to take that chance."

"She misses the taste of tiger pussy. Once she asked, I obliged her," Nadine said.

"Right, didn't obey out of fear."

"Did you have to say it like that?" the imposter said.

"There's no reason for her to tell the truth when you can overpower us all," Judy said even though Nadine and Nick stood a good shot of disabling each other, it came down to who fired the first shot.

"It's not like you care about hiding it. You didn't even clean up after the last round," Nadine said.

"You know DNA will reveal all, so your time is running out."

"As is yours."

Judy didn't trust Nadine due to what she smelled even though the tiger would've been her top pick as her guard before. And yet the imposter might have known her darkest secret that she didn't dare say because Nadine was here as unlikely as it was. If the fake knew her secret, they were in trouble. With that alone, she would have so much leverage over them. She also didn't like the fact that Nadine knew about Mr. Big.

"You can say anything you want to convince me in front of Nadine," Nick said.

The imposter shook her head. "Not in front of Nadine. We get to meet you one-on-one at the precinct on Sunday. I'll wait until then."

"Judy just spend a minute with Nadine, it'll be fine."

"No." Judy shook her head. "If she wants to keep impersonating me for one extra day, let her." Her plan hinged on Chief Bogo's and Mayor Lionheart's idea working. If the fake decided to reveal their connection with Mr. Big at the precinct, they would be in so much trouble. The bribe or incentive to relinquish their claims should be adequate. It was also plausible that the imposter didn't believe that anything applied to their connection with the mafia.

"Why doesn't Nick give you his tranquilizer gun?" Nadine suggested.

"And if that goes south, I'll need to chase her down?" Nick said. "That's just asking for trouble."

Nadine said, "Why don't we pick up a shock collar? I would give you my tranquilizer gun, but it's a bit large for a rabbit. Do you think I want to waste more time looking after someone impersonating Judy?"

The four of them went to the nearest store that sold shock collars in Nadine's car. Since it would be quite uncomfortable for a tiger to sit in Nick's car. It was just something to equalize the power difference between them. Judy knew that the tiger still stood a good shot of overpowering her regardless, but it was a symbolic move.

Once they arrived, buying the collar was a relatively quick affair. Within a few minutes, Nadine had a shock collar for Judy to use. It was the best they could do on such short notice. Judy couldn't render Nadine completely helpless, since the tiger was supposed to protect her from unforeseen problems.

"I'll tell you now."

They went inside the car. Judy watched from afar with her heart pounding as they had their secret meeting. As improbable as it was, Mr. Big wasn't exactly an unknown.

"She failed," Nick said after stepping outside.

Judy felt extreme relief.

"He just doesn't want me because I ate you out. He refuses to recognize me as the real Judy," the imposter said to Nadine.

"What did you tell him?" Nadine said.

"Our relationship with Marvin."

"And that's someone that I don't know," Nick said.

"We're going to the precinct to drop her off." Nadine started driving to Precinct One.

Judy wanted to ask the imposter if she knew where the wolf lived – although Nick probably heard it already. It wouldn't be good to give the imposter any ideas, so she held her tongue. After they dropped the imposter off, she could ask her questions afterward. Failing that, once she regained her authority, she could question the imposter in a professional setting.

On the way there, the imposter said, "So, I'm sorry for lying to you, Nadine. Can you still feed me like before? We both enjoyed it."

"I admire your audacity, but no," Nadine said.

Upon arrival, Nadine escorted the rabbit into the precinct while they waited inside the car. She came out thirty minutes later.

Working at Precinct One came with choice – and they could pass off a lot of undesirable work to other precincts. Nadine did just that by transferring her protective custody to another officer. If something happened to the imposter, she wouldn't be at fault anymore.

Nadine was driving them back to Nick's house. She also informed them that she was now another one of Judy's guards.

Judy felt it was the perfect time to ask, "So, how did you come to learn about Mr. Big?"

"She has a thing against foxes, so she followed me one day," Nick said. "Shifty foxes can't be trusted. You know how it is."

"What he means is that he made a hasty excuse to leave, so I tailed him," Nadine corrected Nick.

"And why is he still on the force?" Judy asked. Overlooking mafia ties was a big deal.

"He hasn't done anything that I deem worthy of reporting for yet. Plus, with Chief Bogo still in charge that might not be the best choice. Do something too egregious, and I will turn you in."

"To Chief Bogo?"

"Even he must put on a public façade like you two."

"Gee, thanks." Judy wasn't sure if she should be happy that Nadine didn't turn him in. She doubted that Nadine would approve of her threat to ice Duke Weaselton in the past. Which might've ended with Duke's death if things went awry. Either Duke never reported the incident, or no one cared to investigate– she didn't know, but there were no reprimands or any fallout as far as she was aware. There was honor among thieves, she supposed, that might be the reason that Duke held his tongue.

"I do think that Nick should get his taste of bunny, so he will always be able to recognize you. Eat her out," Nadine said.

"Really? Just like that?" Judy couldn't believe what she was hearing. "He could just give me a hickey, leave a mark or something. It's somewhat impractical for that to be the way that he recognizes me. I also don't think that would help much."

"Doesn't last long enough. He can do both. Don't tell me that you would disapprove. It might be your only chance. And who's to say there wouldn't be another bunny that tries to take your place?"

"Can we talk about this later?" Nick said.

"Like in your bedroom in about ten minutes?"

"I'm rather hungry," Judy said to distract Nadine. The tiger was right that the future was unpredictable.

"Then we'll grab something to eat first."

They made a quick detour at a Bug-Burga joint. Which was promoting its own special abominable creation, pineapple fries with melted cheese. It was sure to be one of those failed fast food experiments when they had to do something in the name of progress.

The stop was mostly forgettable except Nick had to order that special item. It tasted as well as it looked which was not well at all. Even so, Nick managed to mostly maintain his mask that he made a wise choice in trying something new. She could tell that he hated it.

They were finally going to his place again.

"So, Nick, do you still have an appetite for bunny?" Nadine asked.

Of course, Nadine hadn't forgotten that part.

"Why are you so insistent?" Judy said.

"Wouldn't the meeting be a perfect time for him to lose track of you?" Nadine said. "I'll have a taste of you too if you don't mind."

"No thanks." Judy had certain limits.

"I've other ideas."

Nick groaned.

"Save it for the bedroom," Judy said.

That unfortunately did not help since they were in the bedroom in a matter of minutes. And just like before, Nadine remembered.

"I'm not going to let you watch," Judy said.

"Fine." Nadine left the bedroom. "I'll give you two some privacy."

At least, she didn't have to fight Nadine for that to happen.

"Are you sure that you want to do this?" Nick asked.

"Not really, rather wish my first experience with you is when my fur is back to its natural color. After what happened today, wouldn't put it past them to send someone that happened to guess our mafia affiliations. It's just practical and if you failed to recognize me, at least, I had this experience with you." Judy knew that if Nick had a taste of her, it would diminish her odds of becoming a sex slave again. That was very thin justification, but justification nonetheless. Although letting Nick eat her out seemed to border on paranoia. Considering the first time how the otter recaptured her, something might happen beyond her control again. If Nick failed to recognize her, having it happen by intent would better than by accident. "Here's my best idea so far, that Zax is in league with them. He picked up me revealing that I knew Mr. Big to you because the entire place is bugged then he sends someone that looks exactly like me – with my current colors and that rabbit tries to take my place with that knowledge."


Judy offered her neck to Nick. It was both for practical purposes and pleasure.

He moved his mouth near her neck. She knew that it was coming yet still felt somewhat apprehensive. He started sucking just below her neck. Suddenly, she screamed when his fangs seemed to penetrate her skin. It was rather painful. He carefully withdrew his mouth.

"Are you okay?" he said shakily. "Did I hurt you?"

"I'll be fine. Let's not do that again." She took off her clothes so Nick could get a good taste of her. "Let's try this." It was something that she wanted to do in the past.

Nick did something unexpected – he probed her pussy with a claw first and licked it. It somewhat uncomfortable, but that was okay because it was brief and this was new for them, so she didn't complain.

At least, he didn't seem to hate the taste that alleviated her guilt about asking him to do this. It was supposed to be something that they enjoyed despite the very thin justification that Nadine gave. Sure, some mammals did this for pleasure but that didn't mean he would be one of those that enjoyed it. He was probably only doing it for practical purposes instead of enjoying the act itself.

She just wished that her fur was back to normal – instead what Nick got to lick was half blue and half rainbow. It just looked odd. At least, she hadn't begun removing the fur dye yet, having her fur become a discolored mess would be even worse if it went wrong.

Her fox proceeded to sniff and lick her pussy with great gusto. Despite how eager he was, she found it lacking. Something was missing compared to how Sasha and Tasha licked her in the past. Not like she could convey how those two ate her out in the past.

"Can you stop?" Judy said. "You're familiar with my scent and taste by now, I'd imagine."

"What's wrong?"

"It just doesn't feel good. Something is missing compared to what I've experienced before."

"Can you give me any pointers?"

Judy shook her head.

"Let me try again." Nick altered how he licked.

After a minute, Judy stopped him yet again. "I'm sorry, Nick."

Nick pulled away with his ears lowered.

Since Nadine was outside her room, she saw this as the perfect opportunity to reenter. "Do you want me to try?"

Judy briefly considered it before turning her down. "Maybe in a few months or years?" She wasn't completely opposed, but it would remind her of her time as a sex slave.

"Understandable. I have another idea." Nadine went on to explain her next "great" plan. She went on to explain how she wanted Judy to cum, and that she would drink it.

"Are you serious?"

"What? Surely you can pleasure yourself."

"Isn't this just paranoia?"

"Somewhat, but what do you have to lose?"

"Do you want to do this?" Judy asked. There were many things they could do to not lose track of her again, Nadine just happened to suggest this.

"What do you think?"

That was a roundabout way of saying yes. "I never got an inkling that you liked me romantically," Judy said.

"Oh, I don't."

"Nick, any suggestions?" She noted how Nick remained silent thus far throughout all this. He was just witnessing their exchange.

"When you're her partner, you learn things," Nick said.

"Does that mean you had sex with her?"

"Not yet." Nadine licked her lips mischievously.

"Doubt that's going to happen anytime soon," Nick said.

Judy rationalized her choices – Nadine drinking her cum didn't affect her at all. She could pleasure herself and enjoy it – even though Nadine's justification for it seemed extremely thin. Even so, it was still there. If Nadine got to taste her cum, it increased the odds of the tiger recognizing her again. Not that pussy detective Nadine was ever going to make headlines or plausibly work.

She did briefly remember the diaper test that Sasha and Tasha proposed – in the end, they decided not to put her through that kind of torture due to the failure of providing adequate incentives. So, even if Nadine got a taste of her cum, it was plausible that she could still make a mistake.

"Don't suppose you're a bunny cum connoisseur?" Judy asked.

"Does that mean there's a position available?" Nadine winked. "You do have a lot of siblings."

"Really funny," Judy said sarcastically.

"Glad you think so."

"Fine, just give me a bowl or something. You don't get to watch."

"Right." Nick walked out of the room.

Soon enough, she was alone in his bedroom with a bowl. She was no stranger to pleasuring herself, but it still felt wrong – knowing where it was going to end up. Even so, she still went through the motions and eventually squirted into the bowl. Not that it was much, at least, she didn't have to fill it. That brought back a memory of when Sasha stepped in to save her from that request.

She brought the bowl to Nadine who was currently chatting with Nick about the recent ongoing events. "Here."

Her eyes paid careful attention to Nadine's face when she swallowed the cum. If there was any indication that Nadine disliked it, she didn't see. In fact, the tiger seemed to savor the taste. Which was probably a bad thing, Nadine might just want to kitnap her and make her, her sex slave. The fleeting thought was there for a moment before she realized how unlikely that would be.

They spent the rest of the day making plans for what to do once Judy's claim to her name gained greater acceptance. There was so much to investigate.

Of course, Nick had to leave her for the plan to take place. He had to be there at the precinct early to welcome everyone. As unlikely as it was, he had to see it through even though he was nearly certain that she was the real Judy. This left her alone with Nadine protecting her which she suspected was another way for her recapture.

The tiger did volunteer to wear the shock collar again, and this time, Judy had Nick's tranquilizer gun too. If she wanted, she could turn on the tiger. Nadine was her protector, and there was no one that Nick trusted more at the moment, so it stayed that way despite her unease. The last officer she chose ended up raping her.

If the plan worked, she would be the only Judy left out of everyone, then they had to take her concerns seriously. Although, she wasn't sure how it would work exactly since the others couldn't exactly blab about their mafia connections in the police precinct. Although, if they knew about it, maybe they actually would so Nick could end up in prison and maybe herself too. Prison should be preferable to life in a brothel.

This time, Nadine had to take her to the precinct at an appointed time – which was probably better than the massive gathering they had recently. Once enough time passed, Nadine escorted her to the precinct at the appointed time.

They were going to Precinct Five. There was still a chance of something going wrong although Nadine was more than willing to treat her as the real Judy. The precinct seemed to go for some redecorating for just this purpose. She had fifteen minutes to make a choice, or they would arrest her.

"Welcome, you must be aware of the ongoing events. How multiple rabbits impersonated Judy," Chief Growley said. "Take a look at the respective doors."

There were two doors in front of her – one which promised exoneration for the crime of impersonation, and offered money, a place to live as well as potential employment. It would be far too good for any of the imposters not to accept or so she thought. Although, successfully claiming the name Judy Hopps was probably a bigger prize.

"Take a moment to decide which door you wish to choose. The maximum penalty for impersonation is ten years in prison. With such a high-profile case, I'm certain that we would have no problem pushing for that."

"It doesn't seem to be working very well," Judy said. There were two counters. One for the number of Judy Hopps currently in the building, another for the number rejected by Nick. She put her ears next to the door that led Nick where she heard nothing on the other side. Her nose didn't pick up the scent of ten rabbits on the doorknob either, only two.

"Do what you need to do," Nadine said. "I will not hold it against you."

"Is that doubt?" Judy said.

"Well, you haven't rushed through that door yet. I thought you would be more upset."

She figured the reason why the counts were so high was that this was the precinct. The criteria for being potentially Judy here had to be lower compared to if they were in private. If they were sane, they wouldn't reveal ties to the mafia needlessly.

"DNA evidence will reveal all," Chief Growley said.

"Yes, so Zootopia will recognize me as the real one even if I relinquish it right now," Judy said. "Who would be foolish enough to turn this down? Don't suppose Chief Bogo sent some of them?"

"It's very likely that Chief Bogo will need to be replaced. May I remind you that your time is running out."

She had a few minutes left to make her choice. She spent the remaining time just studying both Nadine and Chief Growley. Once the time was nearly up, she strode in the door to find only Nick.

"Where's the other five?" Judy asked.

Instead of replying, Nick inspected her neck to make sure that the hickey was there. He said, "They didn't exist. What took you so long? Do you know worried I was that something happened to you?"

"And if something did, you wouldn't even know until it was too late. I was chatting with them."

Even though she was with Nick, they still had to wait until the event was officially over before they could leave. There were still six rabbits to go, and she hoped that no one would join them. Without much to do in the room, she took possession of Nick's tail.

Chapter Text

The remaining hours passed extremely slowly with a rabbit that was likely Judy by his side. She knew about Mr. Big and sounded just like her, yet Nick still felt some measure of doubt that it wasn't really her. He hedged his bets when he licked and sniffed her pussy on the very likely chance that she was the real one. If someone walked through those doors, he didn't know what he would do. Not like he could inquire them about Mr. Big and maintain his job or freedom.

There was no one else when the event ended. She was the only rabbit with him which made sense since it was a huge risk to lie with all the incentives in place then they would lose anyway after DNA analysis. That still meant there was another rabbit that was Judy left – the one that lived with her family unless if her parents decided to kick that one out. Although he doubted it since they should've done something if that was the case.

"So, I'm the only one left," Judy said. "No one else came."

"Not exactly, there's still the one in Bunnyburrow," Nick said.

"I'll call my parents and hopefully, they'll agree. They can't be that oblivious, I hope?"

Nick didn't have his cell phone on him, so they had to borrow someone else's phone. A nearby panther officer was happy to oblige. Just as before, her parents didn't pick up.

On the way out, they ran into Chief Growley and Nadine. "You need to show up to the press conference at noon. Don't miss it," Chief Growley said. "Mayor Lionheart wants to announce his plan's success. Officer Fangmeyer will remain as your protective detail until then at the very least."

"What happens to all my claims then?" Judy asked.

"The mammals implicated will be temporarily suspended pending DNA evidence."

"What of the one that Judy's family recognizes?" Nick asked.

"Ill-advised announcement if you ask me, but politicians will do what they want to. We don't have anything conclusive yet. Even so, regrettably, you will have access to everything that Judy did after the announcement."

"That's good to know," Judy said.


They walked out of the precinct to go home. Nick thought it was too easy for him to have Judy back so easily. There wasn't even a rescue operation needed, she was just there, and nothing has happened since then.

"Isn't this too easy?" Nick said.

"Yes, it is," Judy said.

"So, is this the time where I tell you that I've sold you to the highest bidder?" Nadine laughed.

"Can you not joke about that?"


It didn't take long for them to arrive at Nick's house in two separate cars. Judy was with him or a rabbit nearly certain to be Judy. Ninety-nine percent wasn't a hundred, however. Nadine was there for added protection in case something went wrong.

Just like before, Judy snuggled with Nick when it was time to sleep. Nick didn't mind since that meant no one could take her away without disturbing him.

After breakfast, Judy decided to over Nick's cell phone messages with him. Apparently, someone sent him a message that said she was poisoned with something untraceable and that he had to deliver her to them if she were to survive. That message was a day old, and according to the message, she would be dead four hours ago.

"That's a new one," Nick said. "Did they really think that would work? One more place for us to investigate."

They skipped past every sexual fantasy sent by the imposters. There was also one that informed Nick that someone was willing to pay two million dollars for her.

"You're worth that much?" Nick raised an eyebrow.

Judy started crying. "You're going to sell me too, aren't you?"

"Of course not!"

"You sounded surprised."

"That's because I am. Two million whereas discreet slave markets in other countries sell mammals off for less than a thousand. After Lionheart's announcement, we should see if we can set up a sting."

"Only if you stay by my side the entire way."

"Of course."

Nadine opened the door to their room. "Hey, you two, we need to go to the city hall now."

"Time sure does fly." Nick took his cell phone with him again finally since he stopped receiving spam.

After one quick drive, they were at the city hall. It didn't take them long to find Mayor Lionheart.

"Welcome, Officer Hopps, Wilde, and Fangmeyer." Mayor Lionheart addressed Judy Hopps specifically, "Allow me to apologize for what you've been through. Since Chief Bogo answers to me, that makes me at fault. And for the recent ongoing events, they targeted mammals trapped in poverty because we failed them."

"And I thought you would look for any way to absolve yourself of responsibility," Judy said.

"You don't remain in positions of power by doing nothing."

"Have you considered the possibility of things going wrong? You know how that one press conference went," Nick said.

"Nick, that was years ago!" Judy Hopps yelled.

"You didn't have to bring that up," Nadine said.

"Sorry," Nick apologized.

"Not to worry," Mayor Lionheart said. "She doesn't have to answer any question that she doesn't want to, and you'll be by her side. Officer Fangmeyer if you don't mind, would you take your place in the audience instead?"

"If that's what you want." Nadine obeyed but it was clear that she didn't like the order.

They headed to the room where everything was already set up. Reporters were waiting for them to arrive.

Mayor Lionheart took his place behind the podium. "As Mayor of Zootopia, it has come to my attention that our society doesn't work for everyone. We can see this by what happened recently concerning Judy Hopps. From what we know is that most of the rabbits involved received only a thousand dollars for their participation. Our existing social programs are inadequate after we reviewed the backgrounds of those involved. My Alternative Crime Reduction Initiative aims to address these issues. As a testament to its success, it has revealed to us the real Judy Hopps. She implicated several police officers for their part in her disappearance. They are suspended pending a full investigation. Zootopia is a place where anyone can be anything. No one should feel like they need to break the law so they can have a shot at achieving their dreams."

Mayor Lionheart fielded most of the questions. There were a few aimed at Judy who was right beside Nick.

"What was it like during all those months?"

"I'd rather not say," Judy said.

"And I would appreciate it if you refrained from asking these types of questions." Nick didn't want them to accidentally cause a public scandal that could greatly sap their access to resources. If Judy gave in-depth descriptions of her captivity, that might be one way for that to happen.

There were a few more questions before someone asked one aimed at Judy again.

"How did they rescue you?" another reporter asked.

"Wasn't really a rescue, Sidney set me free because he likes taunting the law," Judy said.

"The king of cryptocurrency?"

"I do not know."

"Next!" Nick thought that was a close one. Directly implicating the rich could diminish their access to resources. He regretted not having a mock press conference session where he would coach Judy on what was appropriate to say.

At least, there weren't any threatening questions for the remainder of the session. The press conference went on for a bit longer than he thought it would.

After a quick lunch, they stopped by Precinct One since Judy formally regained her status as the real one. Nadine was still with them since she was part of Judy's protective detail. Chief Bogo was gone, and the deputy chief assumed his position.

Of course, the chief wanted to see them due to their unique situation.

"Chief Stripes, how good it is to see you," Nick said.

The tiger ignored him. "You make one mistake and you're gone," Chief Stripes said.

"Why the hostility?" Judy asked.

"Mayor Lionheart threw his support behind you for political purposes. As far as I'm concerned, there's still one in Bunnyburrow. Now, it would be great if you would volunteer to sort that out while the lab prioritizes your DNA results, but I suppose that I'm not that lucky."

"Knowing my parents, sir, nothing will change their minds about that one until the lab results come in. I would prefer not to waste time. There are multiple leads that I want to pursue."

"And I'm obligated to assist with those goals, how unfortunate. Care to give us a list?"

"I would like to…" Judy gave the newly promoted deputy chief a rather long list.

Thanks to the way Precinct One was structured, they had officers available for emergency cases usually. The chief wasted no time in contacting seven officers for the sting operation. Someone wanted to buy Judy Hopps for two million, and they would take advantage of that potential lead. After Nick set up the details, they had eight officers to assist them with the goal.

Nadine and Ralph were the only two that Nick recognized. The others were from various precincts. Most of the forces originally station at Precinct One were still helping the Rainforest District pursuing their never-ending leads.

Even though Judy consented to it, it still felt wrong for her to be beside him naked on the job. She had a shock collar and a leash around her to further sell the appearance that he intended to sell her. He was wearing his police uniform along with all his gear. The plan was for him to tranquilize whoever came to buy her after he tried to pry some information out of them. Eight officers were waiting in the wings in case something went wrong.

The chosen spot was a mall currently undergoing renovations, so it was currently unused. He waited there for the target to arrive. The team notified him that a car was approaching right on schedule.

A deer stepped out of the car.

"I don't recognize him," Judy whispered.

"But I do recognize him," Nick said.

"You what?" Judy yelled.

"It's a long story. I doubt he'll be pleased to see me, although maybe he doesn't remember me."

"So, I've brought Judy," Nick said.

"Here's the money." The deer unveiled a briefcase. "Before we proceed, I would like to test that it is really her. That some shifty fox isn't trying to scam me." He produced a jar of white fluid. "Make her drink this."

Nick decided it was the perfect time to tranquilize the deer. "Well, he didn't recognize me. Still hates foxes though even after all this time."

"So, who was he?"

"You know the Junior Ranger Scouts that I tried to join oh so long ago? Toru was part of that group. Add four more mammals that we should visit sometime. Hopefully, one of them has a conscience. Can't imagine that they would all be like this."

They reported what happened back to Chief Stripes who was all too happy to notify them that there wasn't enough time to pursue another one of Judy's leads. Both so that she wouldn't overwork herself and to minimize the potential damage that she could do if she weren't the real one.

Nadine accompanied Nick and Judy back to his place after their shift. Ralph would've accompanied them too, but Nick's house was a bit too small for the four of them to sleep comfortably, which worked in their favor since they ran into polar bears waiting for them outside his house. If he had to introduce yet another police officer to them, it increased the chances of something going wrong. Ever since the Judy Hopps impersonations began, he hadn't visited Mr. Big at all.

"Are you certain she's the real one?" Kevin asked.

"Don't know what you're planning, but I'm not going with you, Kevin," Judy said.

"The boss wants to see you."

"And if he's so inclined, he can visit himself. You and Raymond can go. Force me to come, and I will tell the ZPD everything."

"Your safety is guaranteed," Raymond said.

"As if I'll believe that. Pretty sure he's involved in this over some slight. It's not a coincidence that Koslov manages to find me time and time again."

"He went rogue."

"I wasn't born yesterday."

"I'm sure you can trust them." Nick thought that keeping Mr. Big on friendly terms was in their interest.

"He's been rather helpful to us," Nadine said.

"Regardless, I don't need his assistance. I have no reason to visit him," Judy said. "You both may go."

"The boss won't be happy." Kevin and Raymond took their leave.

"Are you sure that was smart?" Nick said. "He wouldn't hurt you."

"That's what you think," Judy said. "If he decides to visit, I'll deal with it then."

The very next day, Judy took the opportunity to visit Sasha with hopes of obtaining vital information. Nadine and Ralph had to tag along due to the chief's orders. Not that the chief wanted that to happen, but it was the bare minimum he had to do to comply with Lionheart's demands.

"Is there an underground sex ring beneath the hospital?" Judy asked.

"Not from what we know," Nick said.

Nadine said, "So, what are you expecting to happen?"

"Hoping that Sasha will tell me something because she knows me. Something useful," Judy said.

The four of them went to the room where Sasha was staying at. A panther that Judy ran into before was there by her side. She didn't know the name, only that she had seen him before. The rabbit was immobile with all her limbs wrapped in casts due to broken bones.

"You, I know you," Judy said.

"Who is she?" The panther played dumb.

"You were one of the guards in that place."

"Doesn't ring a bell."

"I want to talk to Sasha without you beside her."

"Do you want to talk to her?" the panther asked the bound bunny.

"Yes, Forrest," Sasha said. "Only to you. They can leave." She couldn't move any of her limbs, but it was clear that she was referring to the officers in the room.

Nick shook his head. "No, we're staying."

"Then I'm not talking."

"It'll be fine. What's a crippled bunny going to do to me?" Judy said.

The police officers were much more reluctant to leave Judy alone with Sasha.

"Well, you're still free from what I see," Sasha said.

"Can you tell me anything about Sidney or the place that held me for so long?" Judy asked.

"Can you spit in my mouth?"

"Are you serious?"

"You either do what I say, or you get nothing. Don't think about asking the others for approval either. What's it going to be, officer? Do you care about me or not?"

"Of course, I care about you." Judy wasn't exactly lying given their twisted relationship in that place.

"Then prove it."

Judy found it wrong on so many levels that she was considering spitting into someone else's mouth even though it was at their request while on the job. Given what Sasha was into back in that place, it should be something that she liked or was trained to like. Even if Sasha didn't cooperate, she didn't lose much. With some reservation, she hacked a glob of spit into Sasha's mouth.

"That's more like it," Sasha said triumphantly.


"Won't tell you anything useful because you can't give me what I want."

"And that is?"

"Tasha. Good day to you, slut. That concludes our meeting."

"Do you even know how to go back there?" Judy asked.

"Cutting down a few trees won't cause a problem."

"Do you want him gone?"

"What do you think?"

That told Judy that Sasha knew the way back although she wasn't sure if Sasha wanted the panther gone. Given the cryptic answers, she decided not to order his removal. Even though she obtained no more information from Sasha, it wasn't a completely lost cause since if Sasha ever decided to go back there, the police could follow her. One honest report caused Nick and Judy to receive parking duty for the next three days. The chief was less than happy that Judy spat in someone's mouth on the job. If they had any leads, they couldn't follow it themselves. Nick decided it was best not to enlist the aid of other officers to investigate the mammals who were once part of the Junior Ranger Scouts. Especially since they were less than successful in interrogating Toru. It was unlikely that they were together still anyway.

A week passed and the Judy that he selected was the right one, now backed up by DNA evidence that proved she belonged to the Hopps Family. Due to a lack of attempts to recapture her, Nick and Judy were alone as a team again much to her pleasure. Nick followed Judy's lead to visit Grassview College for some unknown reason. Despite his prodding, she wouldn't reveal why. He had to wait and see.

The grass around the college was green – greener than most grass fields. Many rabbits were nibbling on the grass. Sure, rabbits ate that in the past, but it struck him as wrong now. It seemed like Judy shared his sentiment.

"Why are you eating that?" Judy couldn't hide the revulsion in her voice.

"Best grass ever." The rabbit continued eating. "You should try some."

"Maybe later." Judy declined politely.

They went inside the building to talk to the principal.

"Excuse me, can we look over the school records?" Judy asked.

Nick was rather disappointed that was the thing that she kept from him. He expected something more.

"Is something the matter?" the wolf said.

"Two of the mammals that I met during my captivity studied here in the past. I was hoping that the class list might give me a few potential leads," Judy said.

"Of course." The principal willingly gave them access to the system.

It turned out that Grassview College had an interesting class list during that time frame. Not only did those Junior Ranger Scouts attend this place but so did Sidney. That worked in their favor since Nick wanted to visit them since Toru was less than forthcoming with information. Chuck the woodchuck was their first stop.

"I'll go in and talk to him alone. If he doesn't want to talk to me, then I'll come and get you," Nick said.

"Fine." Judy moved out of sight.

He pressed the doorbell and had to wait for a long ten minutes before anyone came to answer.

"Hello, Chuck, it's been many years. Do you remember me? You certainly took your time to answer the door."

"Don't tell me you wouldn't be apprehensive if you were in my shoes. It is you. To what do I owe this visit? You certainly proved me wrong, a fox can indeed be trustworthy without a muzzle. It was rather difficult to reject my parent's ideals. Come in!" Chuck was rather nervous based on how he spoke.

This was turning out better than he anticipated. Once he walked inside, there was nothing suspicious. It was just an ordinary home like any other.

"So, your friend Toru is in custody." Nick took a seat at the table.

"Whatever for?" Chuck sounded way more confident now.

"He tried to purchase my partner Judy Hopps."

"What do you mean?"

Nick had to explain in detail what went on during the sting operation where they managed to catch Toru.

"There has to be some misunderstanding," Chuck said.

"There is no misunderstanding, unfortunately. Is there anything that you can tell us? He was less than forthcoming with information. Maybe you know something that he's been involved with?"

"Can you walk me through what he did again?" Chuck asked nervously.

Even though he had done so already, he walked Chuck through the entire process of what happened. He made sure that the woodchuck understood and remembered this time. It was annoying to repeat himself, but at least, the woodchuck wasn't hostile.

"We go bowling every Friday night," Chuck said.

"Do you know if Toru is involved in anything suspicious?"

"Sorry. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"This may be a longshot, but since you went to the same college as Sidney, can you tell me anything about him? He was one of the mammals that enslaved my partner."

"I can say that he's my hero, and he gives out useful trading tips. Didn't really know about all this."

"Is there anything you know that can help us?"

"Let me think. Give me some time." The woodchuck closed his eyes.

Nick waited patiently for the woodchuck to respond.

Five minutes passed.

Ten minutes passed with the woodchuck simply lost in his thoughts.

Chuck took several deep breaths. "You know, I didn't envision that it would be this easy. Thought it would take a few attempts to succeed. Here goes, I can tell you where they're holding Judy Hopps."

Chuck had the cruelest grin Nick ever saw.

Chapter Text

Nick blinked as he took in the woodchuck's words. The woodchuck recently said that he could tell him where they were holding Judy Hopps.

"Don't you mean held?" Nick hoped that it was a language proficiency issue instead of what the woodchuck actually said.

"No, I mean holding Judy Hopps. Do you know how unbearable this was? All this pretending to stall for time. They're holding her at 666 Berry Lane. If you want to see her again, go there by yourself in five days. Trade your freedom for hers. It's where foxes belong after all. And the best part? You can't even tell the police because you know what happens when they raid these places. Glad to be of assistance, officer. And you can't even do anything to me since your partner might just die because of it." Chuck laughed.

"Is there something you want?"

"You to stop deceiving everyone. A fox as a police officer? That's ridiculous."

"Why take her then?"

"She's worth money, and I want you to realize the error of your ways."

"Just bring her here, and I'm sure we can work something out."

The last thing he expected was for Judy to show up. "It's been over…" She collapsed right in the doorway.

Judy?" Nick screamed in a panic.

Once he saw the dart sticking out of her, he called for backup and tried to take cover while sparing a second to tranquilize the woodchuck. Moving an immobile bunny with a dart sticking out of her was no easy task which gave the assailants the perfect moment to tranquilize Nick. He thought at least Judy wouldn't be suffering alone this time.

"Wake up!"

Nick blinked his eyes open. He saw Nadine and had a sense of dread. "Are you with them too?"

"What the hell happened? You're safe in Precinct One."

"Where's Judy?"

"We didn't find her. What happened?"

"We were investigating a few leads, and the Junior Ranger Scouts I once tried to join in the past, ambushed us. I saw they tranquilized Judy and dialed for backup."

"Do you know where they might've taken her?"

Nick had a good idea, but he shook his head. The police couldn't find her, it was too risky. He had seen what they did to the other sex slaves when they stormed those places.

"Why weren't you taken?"

"I don't know." Nick had a good idea, but he couldn't tell the police about it.

"Any clues, anything?"

"They dislike foxes. That's all. Not much help I'm afraid. I can't believe that I lost her again! They took her right in front of me!"

"We'll get her back, Nick."

His hardest task was when Chief Stripes came to greet him. The tiger should be on his side, but he couldn't tell him anything. He strongly doubted a request to stay away and not rescue her would go over well.

"It's my fault," Chief Stripes said. "I shouldn't have had both of you alone together."

"Don't blame yourself," Nick said. "It's what we both wanted." He had a feeling that Judy wanted to do stuff to him, but not with Nadine around the house.

"If you can think of anything that can help us, we'll use it."

Nick shook his head once more. He already knew where Judy was, just he couldn't tell the police about it.

The hardest task was faking progress, he had to appear like he believed what he was doing was helpful even though his goal was the opposite. At least, the chief only assigned him to review the traffic camera footage since that was the best lead they had. He had to pray that the police department didn't get warm at all.

As soon as his shift ended, he rushed off to Mr. Big, desperately hoping that he could somehow save her. He knew where she was, but she was beyond his reach unless if he went undercover, and that was likely to fail given what they knew about these places.

The shrew was less than happy to see him. He recounted what happened, and the terms that Chuck gave him. Part of him expected Mr. Big to make sure that he followed through so Judy would be free.

"You allowed what to happen?" Mr. Big yelled. "This would've never happened if you brought her here."

"Can you do anything to save her?"

"Fetch Nadine for me. You will stay here."

He had to wait an agonizingly long time for Nadine to show up here. It was only when she arrived that Mr. Big said, "Keep the police away and give me three days, she'll be safe again."

"Three days?" Nick said. "And I thought you would make sure I accepted their terms."

"You are still family for now. There will be no one to save you if she dies because of the police. Distract them by any means necessary."

"It won't be an issue," Nadine said.

"And make sure Nick doesn't get any foolish ideas about turning himself in."

"Why?" Nick blinked.

"You're smart enough to know why," Mr. Big said.

Her last waking memory was someone tranquilizing her front behind while she was talking to Nick. She didn't know if he was okay since someone took her here. They left her naked inside a tiny cage in an empty room with only a collar on. From what she could smell, there were faint traces of prey animals and very strong traces of wolves and felines.

"Why do I get a rabbit?" someone complained.

"Because your last cat died in less than a week. I don't care if you are Leon Lionheart."

"I'm not interested in rabbits. I didn't join the Fancy Cat club for this. My first one ran away. The second one wasn't my fault."

"Then you can continue watching us the next few months. You only turned eighteen recently."

"What happens if she dies in approved ways?'

'Then you get a new cat."

Judy couldn't see them, but she had a sinking feeling. Her new captor entered the room. It was a lion that was wearing a business suit.

"It looks like I'm stuck with you." The lion glared at her with hatred. "The sooner you die, the better."

"Are you going to kill me right now? What is a cat anyway?"

"If only they allowed it, but no, you need to die in approved ways. How troublesome that I can't simply slit your throat. Come on." The lion freed her from the tiny cage and motioned for her to follow.

Judy could finally stand upright. "Am I going to die soon? Is there anything I can do to change your mind?" If the lion wanted to have sex with her, she would do as he wanted. Although it somewhat bothered her that the lion was significantly younger.

"Hopefully, and I doubt it. I just want a new cat and getting rid of you somehow would be easiest."

"Maybe, I can try to convince him for you? I heard you arguing."

"Come then."

They walked out of the room. She could see tons of wolves, foxes, and felines having sex with each other in various positions. Gender didn't appear to matter since there were both male and female slaves she figured. Although every fox she saw, had a collar on them.


Someone tossed a stained butt plug that bounced off her face.

"Ow," Judy said. It was only slightly painful. Although her fur was a bit wet from the impact with that dirty object.

She could see a wolf make a mad dash on all fours to the stained butt plug. The wolf took it into his mouth with hints of revulsion.

"Sorry, didn't mean to hit you. Please allow my dog to apologize," the wolf yelled while walking towards them.

"Dog?" Judy questioned.

"Term for a wolf who Is the pet of another."

Seeing as this wolf answered her question, she asked, "What is a cat?"

"Term for a feline who is the pet of another. Don't you know anything?"

"Your dog is too dirty to apologize especially with that thing just inside in his mouth," Leon said. "And I need to clean this bunny up for all the trouble you caused."

Judy didn't expect the lion who wanted her dead to care about how clean she was. She thought she would need to deal with that wet patch till who knows when.

"That's perfect," the wolf said. "You can clean your bunny up, and I'll clean my dog so that he's capable of apologizing."

The wolf with the butt plug in his mouth hadn't said a word the entire time.

"I guess I don't have a choice here, let's go." Leon sighed. "Stupid rules."

They were moving as a group towards somewhere. Judy figured they were going to the bathroom. The wolf holding the butt plug in his mouth was walking on all fours all the way.

"What are the rules?" Judy questioned. It would be great to know what her supposed rights were in this place.

"She doesn't know the rules either?" the wolf said.

"No, and he wants me dead, so he could receive a new cat." Judy hoped that the wolf would help her in some way.

"That means I'll need to keep a close eye on him."

"And troubles never cease," Leon groaned. "She won't die unexpectedly."

"But if she does, you become a cat."

"What do you mean?" Leon's voice quivered.

"Do you think you'll get away with killing someone worth four million?" The wolf laughed.

Judy thought she was only worth two million in the past. Apparently, she doubled in price since then. It was probably the otter's doing if anyone.

They headed to the bathroom where Leon made sure she was clean. The bathroom floor was far from clean. Just by stepping on the floor itself, she felt dirty. At least, the lion was taking greater care than she expected when he washed her face. She also so the wolf making the other rinse his mouth and brush his teeth. The wolf having his teeth brushed didn't seem to be hating it, so it wasn't abusive.

"Now he can apologize," the wolf said.

The other wolf said, "But she's a rabbit." His voice was overflowing with disdain.

"So, what if I'm a rabbit?" Judy snapped.

"They're prey. If anything, she should serve me."

Judy didn't like that sound of that. That would make her a pet of a pet.

"If only I can give her to you," Leon said. "And get a cat instead."

"Cats and dogs are precious. Rabbits are expendable. Even ones worth a few million," the wolf said. "You need to prove yourself before they let you have a cat again."

"Sigh, have your dog apologize to my pet and teach him some manners." Leon sounded extremely annoyed. "It's not like I have any other options."

"But she's a rabbit," the other wolf protested.

"Sit down and let him apologize," Leon said.

"I'd rather stand." Judy didn't like the idea of sitting on the dirty bathroom floor. She had mixed feelings about letting the wolf lick her.

"Well, looks like she's not interested. Let's forget this ever happened."

"She doesn't need to sit down then," the wolf said. "Start apologizing, now."

Judy didn't dare run when the other wolf approached. She figured that since she was one of the pets that protesting would land her in trouble. The wolf seemed intent on having his pet do something with her regardless of what she wanted. It might even be pleasurable, so she didn't protest preemptively.

Even though the wolf was going through the motions, it was clear he had no enthusiasm for the task. It was far from pleasurable. At least, Nick was trying back then.

"I'm not enjoying this," Judy said.

"That's not much of an apology, is it?" his owner said.

"It's not my fault she's not into it." The wolf was lying through his teeth.

"Then we'll find something she is into."

Judy didn't like the sound of that.

"Try licking that." The wolf pointed at her backside. "If you fail, you might need more training."

"Who knows how dirty it is," the other wolf complained.

"That's what your tongue is for."

Judy imagined her tailhole was clean, but she doubted that it would be a pleasant experience considering what she had done in the past.

"Now, get to it unless you need more training."

After a forceful command, the wolf started licking her tailhole. This time he was much more enthusiastic. The threat of more training had to be a strong motivator since based on the sounds the wolf made, he hated this task more than licking her pussy. At least, she did enjoy what the wolf was doing this time.

Part of her wondered how Nick's tongue would feel and if he was okay. Considering the mammals that were here, it was plausible that they took him here as well. It was unlikely that he would be safe if they took her. She hated the fact that the thought crept into her mind for a moment, thinking if she could have Nick lick her in such a fashion in this place. But if he wasn't here, where was he?

"How much longer?" Leon said. "This is taking forever."

She forgot the lion was still here, and he sounded extremely bored.

"Can't your dog do any better? It's been ten minutes."

"Are you sure that you want to be a pet owner?" the wolf said. "Wouldn't life be so much easier if you were a cat instead?"

Leon didn't protest further.

Judy wondered if she could delay her orgasm to draw this out if only to spite the lion. The lion wanted her dead, and he made it abundantly clear. Although, it seemed like he was going to be in trouble for something that he might do soon. The wolf probably had horrible things planned for her, but he shouldn't want her dead, so that was a plus as small as it is.

Even though she was determined not to cum, the wolf's efforts eventually brought her to climax.

"Fucking finally," Leon said. "Let's go." The lion wanted to leave without giving her a minute to enjoy the afterglow. At least, the wolf kept rimming her tailhole without pause even after her orgasm.

"Don't suppose you can tell me your name? Wouldn't mind another round with him in the future," Judy said. She didn't exactly hate the idea of this happening again, but she had to do something to obtain his name potentially. It wasn't like she could just ask and receive an answer.

"You can call me master, and he is Pooch," the wolf said.

"Just follow me," Leon said through gritted teeth.

"I'm busy," Judy said. She was uncertain of what the lion could do to her, and if he could force her to comply, she suspected that he be doing that already. "Master is far more interesting than you."

Leon decided to use force, which resulted in her kicking him away. "You little!"

"You should leave," Judy said.

"Help me!"

Judy loomed over the lion on the ground.

"So, what's next on the list? A mouse?" The wolf snickered.


Judy advanced towards the lion.

It was only then that Leon decided to use the shock collar which sent her writhing in agony on the floor. His shaky paw dropped the remote. He forcefully carried her away.

"You can let me go," Judy said.

"So, you can cause more trouble? I don't like using the shock collar."

"And yet you don't care if I die. How ironic."

"Just try to persuade him to give me a cat." Leon sounded extremely frustrated. "Then you get to live, and I don't have to be with you anymore."

"If I'm to help you, can you tell me who he is? What do you expect me to do?" Judy thought a name might help her in the future.

"His name is Chester. He's a snow leopard."

"Does he like anything?" Judy expected a list of sexual acts or something useful.

"No idea."

They arrived in an office where a diminutive snow leopard was receiving a blowjob from a lion under the desk with only a collar on. Even by snow leopard standards, he was small.

It wasn't ideal, but it was something she could use to her advantage. "I bet I can do a better job than him." Judy had no idea how skilled the lion was, but she figured boasting was a safe thing to do. They couldn't really make her life worse considering the lion she belonged to wanted to get rid of her.

"Let's see if Flower is better, Mittens," Chester said.

The lion moved away so Judy could take his place under the desk.

"It's Judy," she said. With every passing moment, her confidence grew since the leopard was able to ignore the lion that was sucking on his cock.

"Shock her for me."

It was unexpected, but Leon didn't shock her. "She is my pet. If you want to discipline her so badly, take her off my paws. You did give her to me."

"Fine, be that way. Judy, let's see what you can do," Chester said.

She didn't think that denying him more would be beneficial, so she got to work. The scent wasn't any better, not when his cock had lion slobber all over it. At least, it wasn't that large, so the size wasn't an issue. Her tongue grazed his orbs first which didn't draw any reaction from the leopard. Since his cock was already hard, she couldn't tell if what she was doing was working either.

"Stop delaying," Chester chastised.

Apparently, this one wasn't into any foreplay. If only she knew that sooner. She took his cock into her mouth and started sucking. The lion saliva coating enhanced the flavor somehow making it worse. At least, that's what she thought it did.

There was no reaction from the leopard when she took his cock into his mouth. He was busy chatting with Leon about how his previous cat died. Apparently, the lion shocked the cat a bit too much.

Since the conversation distracted her, she was unprepared for the snow leopard to piss into her mouth. Instinctively, she pulled away from the vile liquid, letting fall onto her and the floor. Once she realized what she did, she tried to remedy her mistake by opening her mouth for the stream. The horrible taste made her eyes water.

Once the snow leopard finished, she started licking the floor clean of her own volition. She was here to win his favor, and this blunder didn't help. They weren't even paying attention to her. Leon was still chatting with Chester about his previous pet.

"Thankfully, we're not keeping her," Chester said. "But given your track record, I'm sure you'll end up killing her somehow."

"That only happened once," Leon said.

"You know how we said your first cat escaped? That one actually died because of you."

"I didn't know." Leon sounded remorseful.

"Now, you do."

"Let's go," Leon said.

Judy finished cleaning the floor of piss even though no one asked her. She followed him out of the office. If her ears weren't mistaken, Chester said, "Mittens, you should do what Flower did." The snow leopard didn't like her, but it seemed like he liked what she did. It was probably her imagination since they were rather far away.

Leon led her to a room with a bed next. He began undressing. Judy thought that she would need to service him next, but instead, he just changed his clothes and motioned for her to join him on the bed. For someone that wanted her dead well enough, it was strange for him to want them to sleep together especially since she reeked of piss. Not that she minded it much, since it was better than serving him sexually. There was no abuse. They just slept together.

She was awake while the lion was still asleep. It was boring waiting for time to pass, but at least, no one was actively torturing her.

"Wake up, you lazy lion. You're late for cleaning duty," someone said.

Leon remained sleeping peacefully.

"Get up!" A tiger prodded him.

This caused Leon to move, and Judy was afraid that Leon would crush her physically.

She got off the bed. The tiger had a naked cheetah with a collar beside him. This cheetah was female.

After several rounds of poking, Leon finally woke up.

"About time!" the tiger snapped. "Can't wait to see you mess up this time."

"Sorry, I overslept, Edwin," Leon said.

"Sure, you are."

Judy thought Leon didn't sound sincere at all.

"Let's go. We wasted enough time already."

The tiger led the way somewhere. "Can't you do anything right? Your pet is supposed to walk on all fours."

"It's a reward for her," Leon said. "Mind your own business."


Judy didn't expect Leon to countermand the tiger's order.

That drew a hiss from the female cheetah following them on all fours.

Edwin quickly used the shock collar, making her scream. "That's how you're supposed to do it."

They arrived at the bathroom where Judy saw there were both felines and wolves about along with the odd fox. A lot of them were forming a line within this tiny space. The cheetah took her place beside the felines. Judy thought it was her place too, so she lined up beside the cheetah.

"Get back here," Leon said.

"On your marks."

Judy turned around to see a female wolf speaking behind them.

"Get set. Go!"

Everyone except her that had a collar on started licking the bathroom floor. If the lion didn't stop her, she figured that she would be doing that too. From the sounds the mammals were making, it was far from a pleasant experience. The floor was far from clean.

The mammals were slowly cleaning the bathroom with their tongues, and all she was doing was watching so far. Some of them moved on to licking the toilet seats and the urinals.

A panther couldn't hold his stomach contents and threw up on the floor. Seeing a panther throw up made her happy. Once he finished heaving, he started licking the tile again.

"Clean that up, Judy," Leon said. With such vague instructions, Judy headed into the bathroom stall where a wolf was currently licking the toilet seat. There was toilet paper, so she thought of cleaning up the vomit with them. It was only when she returned with toilet paper in her paw that Leon added albeit reluctantly, "With your tongue. Don't make me shock you."

That prompted her to obey since she thought the alternative would be worse. With some reluctance, she moved her mouth towards the puddle of vomit on the floor and started sniffing just to see how horrible it would be.

While she was doing that, she heard someone else throw up in the distance. The pool in front of her consisted of chewed-up insects, muck, bile, and cum. The horrible taste filled her tongue when she got a taste of the puddle. Slowly, she took more and more of the vomit into her mouth. Once she swallowed, her stomach protested badly. It was only because her species couldn't vomit that she was able to keep it down.

"Clean this up!" one of the felines snapped.

That panther that thew up earlier, came back to where she just licked and cleaned up the bunny's traces of saliva with his tongue before moving back to cleaning the bathroom tile he was previously at.

Leon had another task for her predictably, someone else threw up, she had to clean that puddle up too with her mouth.

It wasn't something that she should know, but this puddle from a female wolf tasted better than the previous one from a male panther. She had to lick that puddle up too with the threat of shocks if she didn't obey.

"And if she dies from this, it'll be my fault. How's that fair?" Leon said while she was licking up a wolf's vomit.

As If there was no end to her suffering, her keen ears heard someone else vomiting before she finished dealing with this one. It made her cry, knowing what was going to happen when she finished licking this puddle up.

"Why don't you have her livestream? Then if something happens to her, it isn't your fault anymore."

Judy spared a glance to see it was a female panther talking.

"Would Chester even allow that? She's a rabbit," Leon said.

"Doesn't hurt to ask."

"Thanks. At least, I don't have to shock this one."

Slowly, but surely, she finished cleaning up the wolf's vomit with her stomach feeling even worse by the end of it.

Leon said, "Come."

She followed the lion as he led her into a toilet stall. On the way there, she heard someone else hurl, so she had more to do. The vomit was in the toilet bowl.


Not wanting to do that, she flushed. "Oops, my paw slipped."

She fully expected a shock or some disciplinary measure, instead, there was nothing. Leon simply led her to the next puddle that was on a toilet seat.

This one she cleaned the old-fashioned way, with her tongue, not daring to risk a punishment. Getting away scot-free once was enough.

"And the cats the winners. You dogs need to do better," a wolf said.

That made her hope there were no more puddles after this one. With that, she quickly licked and swallowed this puddle, eager to get the torment over with.

Leon led her out of the bathroom once she finished. Unfortunately, she didn't get the break she wanted, there were many more puddles for her to clean throughout the place.

Puddle after puddle, she didn't realize that she would become full from swallowing vomit. The lion was leading her somewhere else again. She hoped she wouldn't need to complain that she was full, since that would probably lead to some form of punishment even though she had to have swallowed vomit from at least ten different mammals. Maybe it was closer to fifteen or twenty. They had mammals promptly lick up her saliva afterward as if it were unworthy of staining the floor. At least, she hadn't encountered Nick here yet. All the foxes she saw wore collars and were referred to as dogs.

Step after step, she fully expected another puddle for her to clean despite her feeling full already with her stomach complaining along the way. The lion led her to Chester instead.

"I want her to livestream and make me some money," Leon said.

"Why would she listen to anyone there? All we would have endless complaints," Chester said.

"She succeeded in cleaning up after everyone."

"I don't believe you."

They went over the areas she cleaned to inspect them.

"See?" Leon said.

"One more thing to check."

Of course, this place had surveillance cameras, which happened to catch her flushing someone's vomit down the drain.

"You didn't even shock her. At least, she did everything else correctly. I suppose, since she's alive, you are doing better than I expected. Very well, she'll be allowed to livestream if she passes a test."

Chapter Text

After the end of a terrifying shift where the ZPD made remarkable progress, Nick was going home. They had found the hippo William Tusk which was not involved thankfully, and they let him go without a fuss. Since Nick had never seen who attacked him that day, Chief Stripes had officers review traffic cameras of all the nearby intersections. Then they searched everyone who had some criminal history. If it came to it, Nick decided that he would expose his ties with the mafia to possibly save Judy. Not that it was a guarantee. If they kept this up, the ZPD should find Judy in no time.

He had a sinking feeling when he approached his house. William Tusk was waiting right outside, dressed in his Ranger Scouts uniform. Although this was adult-sized. The only reason he even confronted the hippopotamus was that if he didn't, the hippo could use his knowledge to endanger Judy. It was well within in his ability to stay away and call the police instead.

"Hello, Nick."

"Don't suppose you're here to tell me something in secret?" Nick smiled nervously.

"How about this? You show me where foxes belong, and I don't tell the ZPD where to find your bunny."

"And you had convenient alibis."

"If they didn't come by, I would've missed out on all the fun! Why don't you open the door and show me how a brave, loyal, helpful, and trustworthy fox you are?"

From this, he learned that William wasn't involved, but didn't hesitate to join in after what he learned today. His paw shook as he used the key to open the door. He can't believe that he was welcoming a rapist into his house since if they did the deed outside, someone else could see. Whatever Judy went through was worse than whatever he had to do with the hippopotamus today.

William entered the house after Nick.

"So, what do you want me to do?" Nick didn't know if the hippo was going to undress or if he wanted him naked either.

"What do you think a helpful fox would do?"

Nick shrugged. "I don't know what you're into. Can't help you there."

They were still dressed, so his inaction was buying him time if nothing else. The hippo couldn't stay here forever. He doubted that this would go on beyond today.

"Clean me," William said.

"Too stupid to take a bath or shower yourself?" Nick said.

"Too lazy. That's what your tongue is for."

"So, are you going to take your clothes off?"

"Your mouth can do that."

He slowly undressed the hippo with his mouth. There was no need to rush since every second wasted decreased the time the hippo could abuse him. At least, the hippo didn't smell bad.

"So, imagine my surprise when I learned that foxes should be naked. What a fool I was to not know the natural way of things."

"So, the real thing the real reason that you're doing this is that you're gay. Too hard to find another mammal?" Nick said.

"I'll have you know that I'm married."

"Your mate's not good enough, I see. And you think that I could do better. What would she think if she knows that you're here?"

William grabbed Nick's head and shoved it into his armpit. "Know your place or the bunny gets it."

The foul scent burned his nose. He couldn't dislodge the hippo's grip. Meanwhile, he could feel that the hippo was shredding his clothes with his hoof.

"I better feel some tongue."

Nick delayed still, seeing the hippo's next move.

"Let's see if this motivates you." William inserted a digit into Nick's tailhole. "Lick or else."

Nick screamed from the rough insertion. It felt as if the hippo was causing his tailhole to bleed. It terrified him enough to start licking. The hippo was fingering him still, but he wasn't causing him to bleed anymore.

Once he licked enough, the hippo allowed his head to leave and presented the digit that had been in his tailhole to his mouth.

He surrendered his power by choosing to engage with the hippo at all. It was too late to back out now. At least, Judy went through worse and even licked his tailhole. He wrapped his tongue around the digit and got a good taste of his ass. It was only then he realized how much Judy suffered because of him that day.

"That's a good dog."

"Dog?" Nick questioned.

William shoved his face into his other armpit. He started licking immediately, knowing what was going to happen if he didn't. However, he still received a smack on his ass.

"Why?" Nick said.

That rewarded him with another smack.

"What the heck?"

Nick continued servicing the musky armpit, hoping that it would placate the hippo. However, the hippo smacked him a third and then a fourth time. Tears fell from his eyes from the pain. This time, he didn't dare complain, just wanting the abuse to stop.

At least, there wasn't a fifth.

Once he licked enough, the hippo had another idea – he was going to have Nick blow him.

"Is that something your mate won't do for you?" Nick couldn't resist that quip.

William took out his cell phone and entered the first two digits to call the police.

In an attempt to salvage the situation, Nick started sucking the hippo's cock as best as he could. He had to open his muzzle wide for the tip to even fit. It didn't taste pleasant at all.

William began stroking Nick's neck, so he figured that he wasn't as upset with him. However, Nick was unprepared for the onslaught of his cum. Instinctively, Nick spat out what little that got into his mouth but the hippo had a lot to give. There was a giant puddle of cum on the floor. Once he realized what he did, he started licking up the bitter cum on the floor, desperately hoping that the hippo won't call the police.

While Nick was concentrating on the task, he felt liquid splashing onto his head. His nose told him that the hippo was pissing on him. That made him think of what he incentivized Judy to do that day. Even though she did it because she was jealous, he didn't know how awful piss tasted. Not like he could beg her to piss on him to make it up to her. Even though it joined the cum that was already on the floor, he didn't dare stop licking, fearful of what the hippo might do if he did.

"Once you're finished cleaning the floor, you earned the right to clean my tailhole."

That didn't sound pleasant at all, so Nick slowed the speed at which he licked, hoping the hippo wouldn't complain.

Someone was ringing the doorbell.

Nick didn't stop lapping at the puddle since he thought that the hippo wouldn't like that. Although, he heard the hippo walk towards the door.

"Get up! Turn around."

If Nick wasn't imagining things, he heard Kevin. "Can't, he's going to call the police." Nick continued licking at the floor and tasting the bitter cum and sour piss.

Not one to take no for an answer, Kevin took Nick off the ground and turned his head to face him.

"So, do you want him to do something for you?" William asked.

Nick didn't know what the bears would do.

Raymond decided to tackle the hippo to the ground. "Clean, you've made a mess." The bear directed the hippo's snout to where Nick was previously licking.

The hippo grunted in discomfort.

Since the hippo was rather slow, Raymond pushed the hippo's nose into it.

"He's going to tell the ZPD about Judy," Nick said.

"Think about your precious bunny," William said.

"Talking is difficult without a tongue," Raymond said.

It was only then that William started to lick the floor.

"If his friends find him missing, I'm sure that it'll end up with Judy dead as well," Nick said.

"So, he won't go missing, and if he talks, they'll never find him," Kevin said.

"Isn't that a big risk? Why are you here anyway?" Nick said.

"The boss wants to see you."

"I'll go clean myself up." Nick walked towards the bathroom.

"That's what his tongue is for," Raymond said.

Despite the hippo forcing Nick to obey earlier, he didn't know how he felt about this. It was still taking advantage of someone. He doubted that the bears had any qualms about turning it sexual either. The bears saved him, but he was still naked for now.

"Please, let me apologize," William said.

"I'll just go." Nick didn't want to abuse someone even though that mammal abused him earlier.

"No, please, I want to make it up to you."

The hippo was under duress just like he was. Standing aside and doing nothing was one thing, but taking part in abusing someone was another. Yet he didn't feel like testing if the bears would stop if he asked.

"They'll do something worse to me."

Despite the hippo's pleas, Nick couldn't bring himself to allow the hippo to lick him. He continued towards the shower, eager to get rid of the scent of the hippo's piss. The running water drowned out any sounds the hippo and bear might've been making.

He took his time cleaning himself then he got dressed before returning to the bears and the hippo. There was a larger pool of white and yellow. The hippo was busy licking it clean. Apparently, the bears decided to add their own cum into the pool.

"Way too slow," Raymond said.

Nick figured the only reason Raymond did that was that he was there. If he stayed away, he had a feeling that the hippo would still be cleaning that pool. As if the bears wanted him to watch even though he didn't want to participate.

Kevin decided to use the hippo's body as a mop on the remaining pool of piss and cum.

Raymond presented his rump to the hippo who was on the ground. "Lick."

William whimpered but obeyed. When his tusks made contact with the bear's rear, Raymond hissed. The tusks were in the way while the hippo did his best to obey. After his tusks touched the bear again, Raymond decided to fix that problem.

Nick couldn't believe what the bear did next. Raymond ripped both tusks out with his paws that resulted in the hippo losing consciousness.

Raymond had no problem sitting on the unconscious hippo's mouth.

"You did that," Nick said in shock.

"After what he did to you, he deserves worse. No one threatens family."

"What about Judy?"

"Don't worry about her. He won't do a thing."

"Nothing is stopping him from telling the police where she is if you let him go," Nick said.

"He's not brave enough. Anyhow, Mr. Big wants to see you."

"Right." Nick prepared to leave.

"We'll go together when it's time. There's no rush."

Apparently, the bears didn't have their fill of abusing the hippo yet.

"Come get me when you're ready."

"Stay and watch," Kevin said.

Nick didn't dare question why, he simply obeyed.

It took some time before the hippo regained consciousness. The first thing William had to do was clean Raymond's tailhole.

From his vantage point, Nick could hear how uncomfortable the hippo was. Despite that he wanted Nick to do that earlier, Nick felt some pity for the now submissive hippo. Clearly, just rimming Raymond wasn't enough, Kevin wanted his turn next.

Nick just wanted this to end since he was uncomfortable watching, but didn't dare leave or voice any more objections.

"You had an accident while hiking," Raymond said.

"I won't tell anyone," William said.

"You know what happens if you do."

The hippo still had to clean up the residual stains. It was only after that, the bears allowed him to get dressed and made him leave.

The bears allowed the hippo to get dressed and made him leave.

"Now, let's go see him."

"What does he want?" Nick said. It couldn't have been pressing since they spent so long abusing the hippo instead of speeding him there.

None of them answered that question. Nick got into the car and they drove to Mr. Big. It didn't take them long to arrive at the shrew's mansion. The ride on the way there was uncomfortably silent.

The bears reported what happened to Nick before coming here.

"Are you all right, Nicky?" Mr. Big said.

"The bears made me more uncomfortable by making me watch what they did to William," Nick said.

"Unfortunate, but potentially useful. There is a special livestream that will happen tomorrow. We can bid on what the streamer does. The streamer will be Judy. Do you want to bid on her activities?" Mr. Big said. "She will have to do everything that the viewers demand."

"I have work tomorrow," Nick said.

"Call in sick. We can make you sick if need be."

"Do I have a choice?"

"Of course."

"The ZPD was terrifyingly effective today. I'm afraid they might find Judy."

"Nadine will take care of that. She'll find a way. Any more concerns?"

Judy was with Leon in Chester's office, discussing the possibility of having her livestream after passing a test.

"What's in it for me?" Judy said.

Chester shrugged. "Don't ask me."

"How about you do what I want or I shock you until you do." Leon pressed the remote briefly.

"So, what's this test?' Judy gritted her teeth.

Chester reached for a water bottle in his desk and poured it over his pet lion. "You have one hour to fill this water bottle and drink it in front of me. Let's see if you're smart enough to do so. Oh, and if she disobeys during the livestream, you might end up as a cat."

"Come on, let's get this over with," Judy said as she led Leon out of the office. Clearly, the snow leopard didn't want her to drink water, but she wasn't going to drink what he wanted if she had a choice. Given how unspecific he was with the request, she thought it was fine to fill it with water from the sink.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Leon said.

"It's not like you care. Are you going to stop me? If you shock me, I guarantee that you will become a cat."

"Fine, don't blame me if he doesn't like it."

"I don't care if he likes it or not. It's not like he wouldn't do whatever he wanted anyway. Are you going to stop me? That's the real question."

Leon shook his head.

It didn't take long at all for them to fill up the water bottle from the sink. She returned to Chester so she could drink it while he watched.

"Here's the bottle that I'm going to drink." Judy drank it leisurely in front of him.

"She's still alive, you surpassed my expectations," Chester said with an edge of condensation. "Or maybe because you've grown too attached to her, and actually care about her?"

"She threatened not to behave if I shocked her," Leon said. "And I don't want to accidentally kill her. Besides, she did what you asked anyway."

Chester said, "How about this then? Everything you feed her; you can then feed to a cat the next day."

"That's a trap to turn me into a cat when she does the livestream. She's bound to disobey."

"How about this then? That won't matter anymore, and all you need to do is make sure she doesn't die from eating too much."

Judy didn't like where this was going at all. She wanted to stave off her torment if possible. "Don't you want me to perform well? It isn't a good look for you if I disobey."

"We just have to fix that, won't we?" Chester grinned. "Livestreaming is a privilege. Enjoy the rest of your night, and make sure she doesn't run away."

"Am I still on hook if she messes up during the stream?" Leon asked.

Chester shook his head. "No one threatens me. You can feed her anything as long as she doesn't die."

"Well then, it's too early to sleep." Leon grinned.

"Actually, I don't trust you enough to feed her stuff that doesn't kill her. Glad you're looking forward to it."

"Come on, it'll be fine."

Chester shook his head.

"Fine," Leon grumbled.

Despite the looming torment ahead, Judy felt some satisfaction that Chester really didn't trust Leon.

"Let's go to sleep."

Judy walked with Leon however, they weren't going to the bedroom.

"Now, what should we do?" Leon grinned.

"We should go to bed. It's this way, you seem to be lost." Judy walked towards the bedroom, but she didn't get far. The lion activated her shock collar. She writhed in agony on the floor. "Wouldn't it be tragic if I died from those shocks? Just think what would happen to you."

"Obey or the shocks continue."

Judy had no intention of obeying. She crawled once she recovered from the pain.

There was another round of shocks, but Judy ignored them as much as possible. She figured the lion wouldn't take it too far so she had no chance of dying. The lion didn't continue shocking her so she figured she won when she arrived in the bedroom. He was nowhere to be seen so she prepared to sleep. Not that it was ideal since her fur still smelled of Chester's piss from earlier, but she didn't think she could have a bath any time soon.

It didn't take long for her slumber to be disturbed by a punch to her stomach. When she screamed in pain, the lion jammed a bottle into her mouth. The bottle had some white yellow fluid that tasted foul. Her struggles were futile against him.

The foul-tasting liquid filled her mouth but she refused to swallow. Leon didn't like that all so he used his claw to seal her nostrils. Her efforts to dislodge the lion were futile since he was cruel enough to use the shock collar in tandem with brute force. With much difficulty, the bottle's contents eventually disappeared down her throat.

"Take that, Chester." Leon gloated.

"What now?" Judy said miserably.

"I guess I shouldn't push my luck. You try to escape, and I'm ripping off your ears."

Judy figured that the only reason the lion didn't make her suffer more was that he was afraid that she might die on accident. She cried herself to sleep, and he clearly did not care at all.

The next day was where Judy found out that her life didn't matter at all despite having a price tag of four million. She couldn't believe what was happening. These mammals didn't care if their pets died, it was even part of the entertainment.

"Today's event pits the worst-performing cat against the best dog. We will drop Pussy Sniffer into the display behind us. She will need to survive longer than the dog to win. A task so simple that even she should be able to manage!" Chester said.

"Please, I don't want to die. I'll do better," the leopard pleaded.

"You've scored the worst for three weeks running. Even you should be able to outlive the best dog because cats are superior."

The reaction was immediate from the gathered crowd. Every single wolf and fox started pleading with their owners about not picking them for this that would end in certain death.

Judy stayed silent and desperately hoped that she wasn't going to die here and now. She couldn't fight all of them, and she didn't dare talk for fear of giving them any ideas.

"Pickles will take her on," a female wolf said.

"Why? I've done everything you asked," the red fox said.

"Because I want to win."

"You cold-hearted bitch." That promptly earned the fox a zap.

"Remember your place," the wolf said.

Judy watched in horror as they dropped both the fox and leopard into the display. The mammals were watching intently as the animals thrashed around in agony as deadly electricity coursed through them. The fox happened to live two seconds longer.

"Pussy Sniffer couldn't even do this right. Dogs win this round," Chester said. "Moving on. Our next attraction involves this bunny. Not that anyone cares because bunnies are boring. We've partnered with a university for science. They've been wanting to know if piss conducts electricity and if it can be lethal."

"You're crazy if you think I'm going through with that," Judy said. She remained silent until now. If they were planning to kill her, she wasn't going to play along willingly.

"Little bunny thinks she has a choice." Chester laughed. "Leon, prepare her."

"Gladly," Leon said.

Leon quickly tackled her to the floor and reached into his pocket for a butt plug that was too big for her. It didn't matter though, he jammed the toy into her tailhole regardless, causing her to scream in pain.

"Wouldn't want to dirty the display," Chester said.

Leon attached a funnel to her mouth, but strangely enough, they did it in such a way that she could close her mouth if she wanted to. When everything was done, she hung in the air with a funnel holding her up in the glass display. If she somehow fell, she was for sure going to die. The restraints didn't prevent her from moving so she was terrified that she could fall. They attached earbuds to her, so her tormentors could talk to her if they wanted. It was only one-way communication since she couldn't do much to respond.

"Now, pouring expelled enema water," Leon said. "Can't wait to feed that to a cat."

She just wasn't going to open her mouth.

"If you don't drink, I'm going to shock you."

That collar was still around her neck, and she didn't want to risk falling onto the electrified floor. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth. The cloudy mixture flowed into her mouth. Her body shuddered from the foul taste which caused the chain to swing wildly in the air. It was a terrifying experience since she thought she might end up snapping it somehow. At least the liquid was in her stomach where she can't taste it for now.

The day didn't get any better. Periodically more unappetizing fluids entered her mouth, some even used her as a urinal, and that was a relief compared to the same fluid from someone's tailhole. Judy had no choice but to gulp the fluids down with threats of shocks if she didn't.

After drinking so much, it was inevitable that she wanted to pee, but it wasn't safe to do so. Despite her will, she couldn't hold out forever. The first trickle was terrifying since she thought she might get shocked, and if she did, that might be lethal. There were the two bodies from earlier still in the cage, reminding her how dangerous the situation was.

It didn't take long for the lion to return with another vile mixture.

"Snot from dogs, way too good for a bunny to swallow, but it's not like I have a choice." Leon tipped the glass over into the funnel. The fluid caused it to clog. He just left, not even caring to watch her suffer.

After some time passed, a wolf came to unclench his tailhole so piss could flow out of it. That unfortunately was strong enough to dislodge the clog. The vile mixture flowed towards her mouth. She just let it remain there.

That turned out to be a poor choice since her shock collar activated sometime later, forcing her to scream. The vile mixture flowed into her mouth as a result. Unprepared for the liquid, she tried to cough but there was nowhere for the liquid to go. At least she was still alive after that. She learned to keep the funnel clear so that doesn't happen again.

More hours passed, and she was still alive. It seemed that her fluid intake increased compared to before. All the same, she had to control if she wanted to piss, terrified of an electric shock if she didn't do it well enough. What made matters worse was that her stomach felt full from everything she swallowed and no one cared. The fluids kept coming and she was too terrified to disobey since her life was on the line. Leon happened to return with another vile mixture that he gleefully announced, "Cum that had been in a cheetah's tailhole, slurped up by a dog inserted into another dog's tailhole then a kitty gathered that up and spat it into this glass. Such a waste that I have to feed this to you first."

Judy could see the clog in the funnel from the viscous fluid. It wasn't going down, just staying there. The clog remained until a wolf decided to urinate into the funnel. The repulsive mixture fell towards her mouth. Despite her will to consume, her mouth wouldn't obey. However, that quickly changed when she noticed that they were lowering her towards the bottom. She swallowed as quickly as she could, hoping that her captors wouldn't kill her. The sour bitter taste brought tears to her eyes. It was worse knowing where the cum had been throughout the process. She was sure she tasted some residue that it picked up along the way. Leon didn't even care if she suffered, he only did this, so he could do it to someone else later.

Chester came to free her when she didn't know if she could keep this up. She had swallowed a lot of fluids throughout the day. "If you disobey during the livestream, you go back in and you might just fall in inside. I think we could do away with the restraints, and have you hanging by only your mouth. You're strong enough aren't you?"

"I will do anything you say." Judy learned that disobeying the snow leopard might just end up with her dying.

"Open your mouth."

Judy obeyed instantly despite her desire to go to the bathroom.

"Don't swallow." Chester pissed into her mouth. "Go and reward the worst-performing dog."

She quickly followed the snow leopard, hoping that she could use the bathroom soon. It didn't take them long to reach the wolf who obediently took his medicine from the bunny and swallowed the urine without complaints. His nose had someone's cum on it as well.

"You're going to livestream tomorrow. Get some rest."

"Where's the bathroom?" Judy pointed to the plug in her rear.

"Give the dog a bone as well, and follow me."

At least, the plug wasn't going in her mouth this time. The wolf didn't even protest when she put the plug in his mouth. She had to clench on her way to the toilet.

Chapter Text

The knowledge of knowing what was going to happen was a heavy burden. Even though Nick agreed to bid on Judy's activities, it didn't make it any easier. There was always a chance that something could go wrong with his excuse of being sick for work, and that he would have to watch her suffer yet it felt wrong to leave it up to Mr. Big. This wasn't what he wanted, but he felt like it was something that he had to do.

"Do not fail me. Tell me the second if funds are insufficient or if something goes wrong," Mr. Big said.

Nick could tell that if he messed this simple task up, nothing would save him. "Don't worry."

There was a bidding strategy involved – bid in any way to minimize Judy's suffering. As long as he did that, Mr. Big would cover all expenses. Yet since Mr. Big's funds weren't unlimited, he had to be practical about it. That, unfortunately, meant Judy was going to suffer some, and he was going to watch. On top of the one hundred thousand at his disposal, Mr. Big granted him a generous ten thousand to bid however he wanted with stipulations that if Judy received permanent damage, he would too. As if he would put her through stuff for his own enjoyment.

All he had to do was open the application and he was in. There were only ten viewers currently, and he wasn't there for the very start of the show by design. Since if he was there right at the start, it would be suspicious. Even though the program had a chat function, he received explicit instructions not to use it.

Judy was wearing a revealing red outfit. "And these are all the toys we have to play with."

The camera was currently showing a wide selection of sex toys. Some of them already seemed dirty from previous uses. He even saw specks of dust on a few of them.

"I know bunnies are boring, so I hope to make it worth your time."

From the way Judy acted, she didn't seem to be under duress yet Nick surmised she had been threatened to perform. There was no way she would be there if she had a choice.

Judy picked up a brown butt plug that had splotches of white on it. "Look at this toy. My tongue is perfect for cleaning it." She started licking the toy and kissing it too.

Nick could only watch in horror as this happened – and the bidding process didn't even start. She didn't have to do this at all. Despite her performance and apparent eagerness, Nick could see that she was suffering beneath her mask. It pained him to watch. The taste had to have been horrible.

"All clean," Judy said. "Now, it can go where it belongs." The camera has a good shot of her tailhole as she worked the rather large plug inside. "Bet cats and dogs aren't this good. I'll do anything that you pay for. If the existing suggestions aren't good enough, feel free to type a custom request!"

There were fifty viewers when the bidding process began. Nick couldn't believe that someone wanted Judy to cut off her own arm so they could eat it. As the clock ticked down, Judy appeared to be in distress.

"Let me change your minds," Judy said frantically. She took a nearby bottle filled with white fluid and poured it on herself, drenching her from head to toe. "There's so much fun we can have together."

Nick waited until the final moments to bid, so he could see if he needed to take action. The one in second place was for Judy to do nothing for three minutes. It was a far better idea than having her cut her own arm off.

He bumped that to first place since it was a mere hundred. Even if the bidders didn't win, they still paid twenty percent of what they put up.

There were three minutes of reprieve for Judy.

Once the bidding process started again, it was most economical for him to bump the one where she did nothing to the top again. This time, it cost him a thousand. However, something unexpected happened, Judy started crying on stream.

He didn't understand why she was crying – she wasn't receiving any abuse because of the way he bid. All it required her to do was nothing.

Once again, it was more economical to push the "do nothing" activity to the highest bid. That would probably result in Judy crying more so he did something slightly different even though the result should be the same. He bid on a freeform option where Judy got to do whatever she wanted for the stream. He didn't want to hear Judy cry anymore. It would be easier if he knew what was wrong yet she wasn't talking.

Once that went through, Judy stopped crying. She took a nearby dusty pink butt plug and started licking it. This time, Judy failed to hide her distaste and the tears soon started again. Nick didn't understand why this was happening. It made no sense why Judy would do that despite her apparent dislike for the task. She planted a kiss on the toy after it was free of dust then she sucked on it until the next round of bidding began.

"Ten minutes in, and still nothing is happening. What a boring stream," CatTonguesClean typed. "Check out this one instead. Only five minutes passed there."

Nick visited the other stream out of curiosity. He saw a male lion in process of being fucked by a male snow leopard.

The snow leopard was enjoying it at least. "Harder!"

It didn't take long for the snow leopard to cum.

A tiger quickly took the snow leopard's place and began pounding the lion's ass.

Nick kept watching since he thought it would be unusual for someone to have consensual sex there. It wasn't just porn, but for research purposes. The same thing happened before too long and the tiger climaxed into the lion.

The snow leopard placed a bowl underneath the lion. "Push."

He watched the cum slowly pooling into the bowl from the lion's tailhole.

"Now, you're going to drink it," a female voice said.

The lion blinked as if caught in a daze.

"What's wrong? Don't you like the taste of milk?"

"They didn't ask for that," the lion said.

"Oh really?"

Nick saw the camera holder was a female cheetah. She typed a quick question into the chatroom. "The lion needs his milk, don't you agree? He needs to grow up big and strong." She licked her lips.

A flash bidding event commenced where the participants could bid on who had to drink the bowl of cum. Based on what he saw, the cheetah was supposed to drink it initially. It didn't take long for the bids to place the lion in the leading position.

"Drink!" she said authoritatively.

"Make me."

The other felines had no issue forcing the lion into submission.

The cheetah wiggled a claw inside the lion's tailhole to scoop out some residue. She used the lion's tongue to wash her claw while the tiger and snow leopard restrained him.

"You're going to drink your milk like a good little kitten or I'm going to force-feed it to you," the cheetah said. "And you know what would happen if I have to get help."

There was fear in the lion's eyes as he complied while crying. He lowered his face to the cum that was previously in his tailhole.

"Where is Judy?" Raymond said from behind Nick.

Nick was scared out of his fur. He had no excuses, he quickly switched back to Judy's stream, thankful that nothing happened to her. "Sorry, got sidetracked." She was currently doing nothing, but she was crying.

Raymond grunted in response. He remained there observing him.

Nick quickly reviewed the bidding history, apparently, someone else made sure the "do nothing" bid won. Since she was crying, and a new round of bidding was imminent, Nick thought it would be best to spend his bid for Judy to lick the butt plug in her tailhole. That was what she did with her freeform option before, so he assumed that would be what she would do if given the choice. It was cheaper anyway.

Given no one had placed a bid yet, he bid a single dollar on that activity. It went by uncontested.

"What do you think you're doing?" Raymond grabbed Nick as soon as he won the bid.

"Trying to make her happy."

"She's crying more than before."

"I can explain," Nick wheezed out as the polar bear's grip tightened.

"Make it quick."

Nick in a panicked state mumbled out an incoherent response which made the polar bear angrier. The bear applied more pressure on his body. He tried again to placate the polar bear. There wasn't really a way to condense everything he had seen within such a short time frame and he doubted that the polar bear had a few minutes to spare. "You're going to kill me."

Raymond loosened his grip so Nick fell to the ground. The bear focused his attention on the laptop where another round of bidding started. It didn't take much for the "do nothing" activity to win.

"Kevin!" Raymond shouted.

It seems the other polar bear was in shouting distance since Nick heard footsteps coming here.

Kevin arrived and Raymond explained the situation which led to Kevin carrying the fox in his paw to Mr. Big. When Mr. Big was in sight, Kevin conveyed what he learned to Mr. Big.

"You! Did what?" Mr. Big yelled.

"I can explain." Nick had time to explain why he did what he did.

"I believe you, Nicky," Mr. Big said.

Nick didn't seem to be in imminent danger anymore.

"When she is rescued, you will tell her everything that you did. You may resume bidding on her activities."

There was the subtle implication that Judy would be free to do anything to Nick that she wanted. "Thank you," Nick said. He was doing this for her, so he hoped that she was merciful.

Judy couldn't believe that someone was trying to sabotage her efforts. Before the stream began, Chester implied that she might not live if she didn't earn enough money. Given everything that happened so far, she had every reason to believe him. At least, she received some real food and a good night's rest before the stream began.

Bunnies were boring so she had to go the extra mile to show off, but it seemed like someone wanted her to remain obscure while a predator was very eager to eat her even though he didn't win any bids yet. Multiple mammals wanted her to do nothing.

Conveying what she wanted to do on stream was forbidden so she could only cry as a result. Per the most recent bid, she had to lick a butt plug that was in her tailhole for only a single dollar. There was no way she wouldn't be last then.

This would be the third butt plug that she cleaned today. At least the taste of her tailhole was less unpleasant compared to the other two. It didn't take long for her to finish cleaning the plug and giving it a few kisses, hoping that she would attract more of an audience.

It was not to be since the cutthroat bidding between her doing nothing and cutting her own arm off resumed. She could only cry as that happened. Her chance of surviving the entire day was low. There was a chance that the one bidding money to do nothing would stop and there would be no one left to save her. What made it was worse was that outside of crying, she couldn't do anything. Playing with herself or using nearby toys to attract interest wasn't allowed. Complaining vocally that the viewers made a bad decision was against the rules.

Her stream was crashing in popularity as the winning bids sentenced her to do nothing. It didn't really make sense since she thought it couldn't have been interesting for that mammal to watch. Who could possibly enjoy her doing nothing?

The stream was back to only two interested bidders and an all-time low of only five viewers.

"We're taking this over, and showing those cats who's boss." A naked wolf barged into the room. Soon after, another followed him. One had a grey pelt the other had a brown pelt.

CatTonguesClean described what the cats did on their stream vividly. "You can't top that, pathetic dogs. Know your place because cats are superior."

"Wanna bet? Bunny hold the camera for us, that's something so simple even you can't mess up."

Judy complied – she wasn't being sexually abused right now, at least.

"You know what to do," the grey wolf said to the other.

The brown wolf's ears pointed downwards as he raised his tail.

She held the camera and watched as one wolf started ramming his cock into the other's tailhole. Based on the sounds that the wolf was making, it was not a joyous experience.

"Aah." The grey wolf fucking the other relaxed himself.

"What are you doing?" the other cried out in fear.

"Don't spill a drop, or else."

Judy kept the webcam on the two wolves.

"You can't even hold the camera correctly. Here's something even you can do," the wolf said with contempt. "Just lie down and hold your mouth open."

The grey wolf took over the camera, and Judy obeyed out of fear.

She laid down on the floor and expected to swallow cum from the other wolf's tailhole. Unfortunately, what happened next was worse. The other wolf took his position over her mouth. All she could smell was wolf musk. A torrent of piss leaked out of the wolf's tailhole into her mouth, catching her by complete surprise. Her mouth overflowed.

"Worthless bunny can't even do this right," the brown wolf said. He had no problem in flipping Judy over and forcing her face into the mess while the grey wolf got some decent shots of the cleaning process.

There was a loud beep from the computer which caught the grey wolf's attention. "Fuck, this isn't good. They hate it. We're in trouble." He sounded on the verge of panic.

She heard frantic typing sounds.

"This is really bad." He was hyperventilating. "A cat is going to come to discipline us."

The brown wolf wasn't happy that Judy stopped licking to listen to the wolf, he pushed her face into the puddle. Judy quickly resumed licking up the foul liquid.

A few minutes later, Judy heard a cheetah arrive in the room. "Dogs can't do anything right." The female cheetah beckoned Judy to stand up. "And they dared to use you as a substitute dog. Are you better than a dog?"

Judy nodded.

"We'll put that to the test. Delusional bunny. I got to teach this one a lesson." The female cheetah pointed to the puddle left on the floor. "You, clean that up, now."

The brown wolf started licking immediately.

After typing a few messages on the computer, the cheetah left with the whimpering grey wolf. The cheetah wanted the audience to punish the brown wolf harshly.

The bidding process started yet again and heeding the cheetah's instructions, their next act was for the brown wolf to rim Judy. Judy placed the webcam at an angle that could capture the action.

There was clear reluctance in the brown wolf's eyes when he had to do what the audience wanted. Judy was happy that she wasn't the one suffering this time. Although, it was clear that the wolf lacked the desire to perform a proper rim job. He was licking very slowly and unenthusiastically.

"You suck," Judy complained.

The viewers were dwindling while the act went on. It was boring for the audience too. The timer slowly ticked down.

Before the next bidding process could begin, the cheetah returned with the grey wolf who now had a very large plug in his rear.

"You two are pathetic. Only three mammals are left watching you!" The cheetah raged.

"It was his fault." Judy pointed at the brown wolf.

The cheetah typed a few commands on the computer and the viewers jumped to five hundred. Apparently, Judy was going to undergo the wolf trials.

"You're going to tell me what species the cum came from." The cheetah yanked the butt plug out of the wolf, causing him to screech in pain. "Something even a dog can do, certainly you can do that too."

Judy leaned towards the wolf's tailhole to sniff, it was hard to discern among everything else she could smell. Thinking that it would give her a better shot, she slowly extended her tongue and started licking. Once she collected enough cum, she backed away, hoping the vile taste would trigger a memory.

"Snow leopard," Judy guessed. She was clueless but she had to say something. She figured that Chester would have a paw in her torment.

"Wrong. And you?" The cheetah rubbed the butt plug against the brown wolf's nose.

"Not dog or cat, wolf or feline."

"So, you're too stupid to tell me the species too. Do I have to do everything around here?" The cheetah grumbled.

The cheetah approached Judy with a funnel in her paws. She jammed the funnel into Judy's tailhole then led her to the wall where she restrained Judy so her head was sticking out on the other side.

Judy couldn't exactly move while her head stuck out upside down from the wall. She was in a hallway where many wolves and felines went about their business. They didn't even pay attention to her. She couldn't really hear what was going on in the other room from her current position.

A flood of liquid rushed into her tailhole causing her to whimper.

"You make too much noise." A tiger decided this was the perfect time to stuff his cock into Judy's mouth. He had no qualms about pissing into her mouth.

"Hurry up, give me a turn!" a wolf said.

Judy tried closing her mouth as soon as she was able.

"Open or I'm ripping your ear off."

Meanwhile, she felt more stuff pumped into her tailhole.

She opened her mouth, scared that the wolf might follow through on his threat. The wolf wanted something different from the tiger, he began brutally thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. Judy couldn't escape from the wolf.

He only stopped after he shot his load into her mouth.

One after another, Judy had to service any mammal that wanted to use her when she couldn't move. She lost track of how many mammals shot piss or cum into her mouth. Her stomach felt full from everything going into her body. It certainly didn't help that more liquids were going into her tailhole either.

She had to piss but still couldn't move from her current confines. She just let go, and she felt wolves licking her pussy to clean her up.

"Please don't," Judy said to the fox that wanted to use her. "I feel like I'm about to burst."

The fox didn't heed her pleas and still shoved his dick into her mouth.

"Why don't you show her mercy and turn her into your slave?" the wolf suggested.

"You would allow that?" the fox said with surprise.

He nodded. "As long as you can find her when she's freed."

That resulted in the fox pulling out of her mouth and urinating over her face instead, marking her with his scent.

Judy cried, even though that one left, there was bound to be someone else.

The cheetah decided now was the perfect time to free Judy.

"Clench your tailhole and give this dog a nice drink." The cheetah removed the funnel from Judy's tailhole, causing the backed-up liquid to spill out which the brown wolf started licking.

The grey wolf took his place under her butt. Judy overestimated how badly she wanted to let go and rapidly overwhelmed the wolf's ability to swallow. The cheetah had no problem forcing the wolf to lick everything up.

Unfortunately, the wolf vomited in the process and the cheetah made Judy lick that up. The taste was so vile that Judy cried when her tongue made contact with the sour mess. A paw on her head forced her head down. "Useless."

When Judy finished cleaning up the vile mess, the cheetah said, "Well, there's one good use for bunnies, food. All you need to do is sell her off."

The cheetah walked out of the room leaving them alone.

Chapter Text

It was a pleasant surprise that the wolves didn't want to sell her. They tried to make up the deficit pandering to the audience and whoring themselves out. If they won, she would become their pet. Apparently, it still wasn't good enough that one of the cats took control of the stream again. The cat planned a bidding session to sell Judy as food to whoever won.

"All we needed was a dollar," the grey wolf grunted.

"How tragic," the leopard said. "You don't get to keep your bunny toy."

"Seriously? You're going to sell me off as food over one fucking dollar?" Judy said.

The leopard tried clipping a shock collar around Judy's neck, but she kicked her away.

"Go to hell." Judy was extremely angry that the leopard wanted to sell her off as food just because the wolves were one dollar short. Any performance from her would be worth more than that.

"Restrain her," the leopard commanded.

Despite disliking the leopard, the wolves obeyed. Soon enough, Judy had a shock collar around her neck.

Agonizing volts of electricity coursed through Judy's body causing her to scream. The shocks didn't let up even as she feared that she would die.

"I'll lick your pussy." Judy hoped for a reprieve from the electricity.

After what seemed like forever, the current finally stopped and the first thing Judy did was force her aching body to move so she could plant her face in the leopard's pussy. She desperately wanted to live instead of becoming food.

"Please can't we make this work? It was only a dollar short."

"Lean meat fetches a higher price. You need to exercise. Come."

Judy followed the leopard as best as she could, but she wasn't fast enough so the leopard threw in a few motivational shocks along the way.

They arrived at a gym with felines and wolves using the equipment normally. The pets were off to the side licking bathing their masters after a workout. She had an unreasonable workout schedule to follow if only to prolong her life a while longer.

"You don't exercise, and we'll sell you right away."

Three hundred push-ups were just the start for her weary body. While she was exercising, it wasn't good enough for the leopard. The leopard started shocking her. "Can't even do this right. Do you think this is a joke?"

She was trying her best to placate the sadistic leopard without success.

"Let's go, time to enter the microwave," the leopard said.

There was no more strength left in her to struggle. The leopard picked her up and carried her towards the microwave.

"Please, I'll be your pet. I want to live," Judy said. "Think of everything that I can do for you. Allow me to rest and I'll be the best pet ever."

The leopard placed her inside the microwave while activating her shock collar to ensure obedience. Although the leopard didn't turn the microwave on, a polar bear opened the microwave instead. Judy took the opportunity to step outside.

"You ran away," Koslov seethed with anger.

Judy blinked. She didn't expect Koslov to be here of all places. "I'll be the best pet ever. Please save me."

"Time for punishment."

"Anything you want." Judy knew that she would live even though it would be unpleasant.

"You know there are better pets than her, right?" the leopard said.

"Find me better."

"What's so special about her?"

"She can count."

"That's it? What a joke. Come with me."

Judy tagged along with them, desperately hoping that she would remain alive. "Bunnies are good at multiplying."

They walked to Chester's office. After some negotiations, they allowed her to sleep on a bed to recover. If she didn't perform adequately, she was going back on the menu or if they found someone capable of replacing her based on what the bear wanted. All she had to do to live was be better than the alternatives. Apparently, that involved the ability to count.

A foul stench interrupted her sleep. The bear was farting in her face while looming above her body.

Judy groaned in response only to receive another blast of gas in her face.

"Lick!" Koslov commanded.

Judy was a bit too slow so the bear moved his massive body closer, threatening to crush her to death. She screamed preemptively.


Her tongue finally made contact with the musky hole. Hardly any time passed when the bear let her up. There was no way that she made the bear cum yet there were patches on the sheets for her to suck. She realized that that was the mystery cum inside the wolf's tailhole from the day before. That meant Koslov was here during her livestream or some other bear.

"Follow," Koslov said.

They walked to Chester's office there were two other wolves and felines were waiting.

"These pets know how to count. They'll be better than your rabbit."

"Females only," Koslov said.

Judy heard that male pets breathe a sigh of relief that the bear didn't want them. They took the opportunity to leave the office in the process.

"So, now we all count to a hundred?" Judy said, hoping to implant ideas that would make her suffer less.

"Brilliant idea," Koslov said.

Judy blinked.

The other female pets took this as their cue to start counting vocally. Each aimed to be the fastest.

It quickly became a shouting match, and with their haste to reach a hundred, they didn't say every number correctly.

Judy herself tried to join in on the race although she started late.

"Start over," Koslov pointed to the cheetah.

Judy was in the fifties when Koslov yelled, "Quiet."

The polar bear was content to hear the cheetah count to a hundred. The wolf's turn was next. She tried to resume counting where she was before the polar bear called for them to be quiet.

"Start at one," Koslov said.

"What's the point of this?" Chester complained. "Everyone can count to a hundred."

There was no catch when it was Judy's turn. She completed her count successfully.

"Again," Koslov said.

"You're not even going to time them?" Chester said. "What a waste of time. If you do this a third time, I'll just take the rabbit." The snow leopard was angry from watching this. "At least make them to tricks or something."

There was no catch for the second round either. Koslov listened to the three of them count to a hundred.

"Get me bells," Koslov said.

"Bells?" Chester asked.

"Like this." Koslov showed a collar with a bell attached to it. "Need two."

"It will be done. Anything else?" Chester took the moment to bark out an order for someone to buy collars with bells.

"I prepare room." Koslov walked out of the room.

"That fucking bear. What does he see in you anyway?" Chester glared at Judy. "And to think that he thinks you can do better than a cat or a dog."

"I don't know," Judy said.

"And what's with his obsession with counting to a hundred?"

"What? Not abusive enough for you? Playing fetch is simple too. Don't you run this place? Why let him come here?"

"It's not that easy. And you two don't disappoint me."

"Look, we haven't even had a chance to show off our skills," the cheetah said.

"It's going to be fine. A rabbit is no match for us," the wolf said confidently.

"And why didn't that fucking otter take the bait yet?" Chester groaned.

This was important. Apparently, Chester wanted something from Sidney.

"What else can go wrong today?"

They stayed in the office waiting for both the collars with bells to arrive and the bear to finish setting up whatever he planned.

"Do you know what he's planning?" the cheetah asked.

"No, but bunnies do know how to multiply," Judy said. "And I was hoping he was going to give us a math test."

A tiger walked into the room with two collars that have bells on them.

"And how much longer does the bear need?" Chester groaned. He pointed to the cheetah. "You, lick my paws."

The wolf decided to lick his other paw without anyone asking him.

"If you're smart, you know where your mouth belongs."

"You're already going to turn me into food. It's not like you can do anything worse," Judy said. "Go fuck yourself."

This worked to her advantage, the more those two suffered, the less likely they were to best her at whatever the bear planned.

Ten minutes passed and the bear still wasn't ready.

"Taking his sweet time, isn't he?" Chester groaned.

"Why don't we go and see what he's doing?" the wolf said.

"Let's wait a while. It can't be that much longer."

As time wore on, it was clear that the snow leopard was losing his patience. Judy wondered what he would've done if there weren't two mammals occupied licking his paws currently. When the snow leopard was about to confront the bear for taking so long, he returned.

"Room is ready." Koslov came into the room fully clothed.

"If the bunny can't prove that she is better, she belongs to me."

"The fastest wins."

Judy wondered what the bear wanted from them. The next room contained three glass boxes filled with insects. "Insect-eating? That's not fair at all." It was the first idea that came to mind. There was no way that she could win against predators which consumed those as food. Upon closer inspection, the insects were alive.

"Stay one hour. Ring hundred times," Koslov said.

They put the bell collars on the mammals.

Judy was the first to go into the box. She noticed that the bell rang a lot already, she lost track of how many rings the bell had while they were lowering her into the box. The insects crawling on her fur hurt her as well.

It took a few minutes before the bear yelled, "Begin!"

She had to stay in the box for an hour and ring the bell around her neck a hundred times. She planned to quickly ring the bell around her neck first then remain motionless for the remaining time. She counted every single ring that her bell made. As soon as she reached a hundred, she stopped.

That plan failed after the insects crawling on her body made her itch unbearably that she couldn't resist the urge to scratch anymore. The bell rang a few more times, and she was certain that it was over a hundred if she counted correctly.

After what seemed like forever, Koslov took her out of the box. "Failure."

"Give me another chance, please," Judy said.

Her only solace was that everyone else failed as well.

Chester spanked both the cheetah and the wolf. "How can you two fail at this? It's counting to a hundred!"

Koslov led them to another room with three tables this time. He set Judy up on the table first by equipping her with electro-torture devices. A metal clamp was on her clitoris. At least, he was doing the same to the other two.

"Seconds equals rings."

They were in control of the timer for the torture device. Judy had to enter the timer herself which she thought was a hundred and five seconds. As soon as she started the device, she started screaming from pain. The current was more appropriate for a feline than a mere rabbit.

Judy took deep breaths to recover from the shocks she endured.

The bear freed the other two first. "Passed. Next stage."

What they saw next was a picture that someone drew. She thought it was Koslov. The bear wanted them to pleasure one mammal for every sound their mouth made during the first two stages. Then they would go back in the box for an hour to try again.

"You did less. Again!" Koslov growled Judy.

Judy was still stuck on this stage when the other two were busy with the next. She couldn't afford to linger here, so she hoped that overshooting the timer would satisfy the bear. Tearfully, she set the torture device to three minutes.

Despite knowing what the next stage entailed, Judy failed to control her screams as her body convulsed from all the shocks.

"Go." The bear set her free.

Her next task was to pleasure many mammals. Although she didn't know how many she had to. The penalty for doing less was probably starting over before she had another chance at the box. She wanted to play it safe so she decided that she would pleasure thirty mammals before going to see the bear for another chance at the box. In an attempt to further curry favor, she said, "Do you want anything?"

Koslov pointed to his cock. "All fours."

Judy couldn't believe what happened next. The bear impaled her with his cock and started walking around. It seemed like he wanted her to serve others while attached to his cock.

They walked around and she begged anyone that she saw. She had to pleasure them while the bear was impaling her tailhole. A tiger was all too happy to help out. He wanted a blowjob which was rather difficult from her current position. She had to give one while attached to the bear's cock.

A variety of torments followed. Some wanted a rim job others wanted their paws cleaned. She even had the odd taste of pussy from time to time. At least, they weren't short of willing mammals.

When she was giving a rim job, the bear forced her face into that ass. A messy wolf tailhole filled with cum that she had to lick with her tongue. The bear fucked her in the ass to motivate her from time to time since she was slowly licking the tailhole clean.

She wanted to clean her nose with her paw only for the bear to stop her. Cum from the wolf's tailhole was on her nose and she couldn't get it off. It didn't take long for the bear to find the next mammal. She had her face buried in a tiger's pussy next.

Apparently, despite where her nose had been, the tiger had no issue with it. Her tongue had to bring the tiger to climax before Koslov would allow her to move on. He quickly found the next mammal which wanted her tongue to bathe their paws.

After just the tenth one, the bear was going towards the room which contained the box. It took her an hour to pleasure ten different mammals.

"I need to service more." Judy's face was a mess and the scent of cum was all around her.

"Counting is hard." Koslov placed her inside the box with insects once more.

From what she could see, the other two were well into this stage already. Partway through the second round, Judy realized she failed due to the bell around her neck ringing a hundred and one times if she was counting correctly.

Koslov poured hot sauce into her box shortly afterward, tossing any chance of success out of the window. Her body was on fire and so was her mouth. There was no way for her to breathe without swallowing some hot sauce. She couldn't even keep track of how many times the bell ringed or how many sounds came out of her mouth.

After enough time passed, Koslov raised her out of the box and informed her that she failed. At least, the other competitors had the same treatment. The next step involved shocking her clit based on how many sounds she made. She whimpered periodically from the pain that she was in. The others were ahead and she had to catch up.

Unfortunately, she wasn't free to do as she wanted. Koslov guided her forcefully to the bathroom. "Drink." He placed her head in front of the toilet.

At least, it was clear since the other stalls were in use.

"No time," Judy whimpered. Her mouth was on fire, but this was a race.

Apparently, the bear had other ideas and was more than fine forcing her head into the toilet.

She had to drink or risk drowning. Koslov kept her still, and forcibly took her into the shower. The bear wanted her to clean her clit of any of the spicy residue. Either he was going to do it roughly or she had to do it willingly.

"You just want me to lose, don't you?" Judy said.

Koslov didn't reply and took extreme care in drying her fur before allowing her to proceed.

By the time she arrived at the next step, the other two were on the next step already. There was one problem, Judy didn't know if there were enough mammals in this place for her to pleasure. She knew she screamed a lot when the bear decided to pour hot sauce into the box. For every sound, her mouth made here added another one to the count.

To play it safe, Judy decided to set the torture device timer to ten minutes. Overshooting the timer was better than undershooting it.

She didn't even realize that was over until Koslov tossed her aching body roughly into a room filled with wolves. The wolves quickly turned her into a cum dump and she had to lick the floor clean a lot. After quite some time, Koslov came to get her and tossed her roughly into a room filled with felines this time. The same rough treatment repeated itself, only then did Koslov toss her back into the box for another try.

She was on the verge of success when multiple mammals decided it was time to cum into her box which unfortunately caused the bell to ring a few times. That meant she had to repeat the entire process. At least, the ones competing with her were suffering just the same.

"Please, let me rest," Judy begged when Koslov raised her cum-soaked body out of the box and informed her that she failed yet again.

Koslov carried her to the next stage regardless, and she had to set the timer for her torment yet again. Three minutes of torture wasn't long enough apparently, so the bear made her under go another round of torture much to her despair.

Unlike previous times, she was on her own thus needing to guess how many mammals she had to pleasure. As exhausted as she was, she still forced her body onwards, hoping that it wasn't too late. Someone had to have won by now because she spent hours pleasuring mammals since she didn't want to undershoot her count.

It was her fourth time visiting the box. If her exhausted mind was correct, she managed to ring the bell a hundred times. All she had to do was remain motionless while insects crawled on her body. By some miracle, Koslov said, "Success."

Foolishly, she thought that meant she had time to rest. Koslov was quick to change that by smearing hot sauce into her pussy, jolting her awake. Apparently, the bear still wanted more.

"What now?" Judy said.

"You are mine."

"Let me rest. Please."

Koslov placed her on a table and tightly bound her paws so she couldn't escape. It was tight enough so the bindings hurt her. The pain in her pussy was keeping her mind awake despite how much she wanted to lose consciousness. He walked out of the room without a word.

The next time he returned, Judy felt immense heat. It didn't take long for Judy to realize what that was from, a steel object in the shape of a K loomed above her.

"No!" Judy screeched, "Please don't do this."

Koslov pressed the hot object onto her chest, making her scream. Unfortunately for her, that wasn't everything the bear wanted. She had to remain awake for the next brand as well. He had no problem punching her face if he thought she was dozing off. No amount of begging swayed Koslov, by now he spelled out his name on her chest.

It still wasn't over despite the agony that Judy was in. He branded an apostrophe on her chest next. After making sure Judy was still conscious, he pressed an S-shaped brand right beside it.

"Is it over?" Judy asked.

Thanks to Koslov's frequent reminders, she tried to will herself to remain awake. There was still more for her to endure. Koslov branded her with an S-shaped brand next. Eventually, he spelled out the word SLUT right below his name.

"Mine forever," Koslov said.

Only then did Koslov allow Judy to lose consciousness. She was Koslov's slut for life.

Chapter Text

The next time Judy opened her eyes, her chest was still in immense pain from the branding. She was in a bed at least, Koslov carried her here she presumed. Her chest reminded her that she was Koslov's slut. The bear left a permanent mark. Regardless of how much time passed, the brand would never fade away. Part of her worried that the brand might become infected since it was red and puffy.

A visit from Chester interrupted her thoughts. Leon also accompanied him.

"We're going to train your sense of taste. You didn't recognize bear cum before and he was rather upset about that. There are two bottles of bear cum, you're going to drink one then drink the other," Chester said. "And don't think about disobeying, it would be very easy for your wound to become infected."

"I feel like I still need rest," Judy said.

"The bear thinks otherwise."

"Why am I here again?" Leon said.

"To watch and learn," Chester replied. "Drink this and become familiar with its taste."

She didn't dare disobey and proceeded to drink the cum from the bottle. "This tastes like wolf."

"It did come out of a wolf's tailhole."

What she heard couldn't be true. There was no way that she would miss that.

"You're lying." Judy was certain of it.

"Too proud to admit you're wrong," Chester said.

"I don't believe you."

Chester shrugged. "You still need to finish the bottle."

She downed the entire bottle in no time. "What next?"

They led her to a room with a messy floor. There were several pools of cum it seemed. She could see flecks of dirt and grime in the puddles as well.

"You need to lick up the one puddle of bear cum." Chester smiled wickedly.

Judy figured there was going to be more to this. Although, the risk of her chest touching the floor was dangerous enough. An infection could prove fatal.

Chester pushed Judy's face into the first puddle of cum. "Do you think it's this one?"

Judy sniffed the puddle. She couldn't really make out which animal it was from by scent alone, so she licked it. It was better to be safe than sorry even though she hated the bitter taste. A single lick wasn't enough, so she licked it again.

"He's going to be just as angry if you clean everything up," Chester said.

"Look at her licking it up of her own will," Leon remarked. "Let her clean it all up."

"No," she said. "It's not this one."

Chester guided her to the next puddle. "No sense in wasting precious milk. Go lick it up. Now."

It took her a moment to realize that Chester was referring to Leon.

"Do you know who I am?" Leon raged.

"A cat who doesn't know his place. Go lick."

"I'm a lion!"

"Not anymore. Lick. Just be thankful you're getting off lightly for causing more cats to die."

"They're cats!"

"And that's why you should've treated them better. Now, lick!" Chester said forcefully.

Judy watched the exchange. Leon started licking the floor to her amazement without putting up much of a fight. Chester didn't even need to hold him in place, Leon licked without anyone forcing him to do so. If it came down to brute force, Leon could overpower Chester easily.

After Judy analyzed the puddle in front of her, Chester guided her to the next one, then the one after that. Every single puddle that she didn't lick would be one that Leon had to. This puddle tasted similar to the bottle of cum she drank earlier yet she passed on cleaning that one up with her tongue. It was the wrong one despite what mind games Chester tried to play.

"Next," she said. At least, Chester didn't give any indication that she made a mistake which resulted in a boost to her morale.

It took her four puddles later to find one that was possibly bear cum. She wouldn't have the opportunity to sample every single puddle before making a choice. Thus, she started licking this puddle up. The bitter taste of bear cum filled her mouth.

While she was busy licking, Koslov arrived.

"Stupid bunny," Koslov said. "You failed."

"I did not!" Judy raged. "You can't even tell which puddle of cum is yours. They tricked you."

"Stay." Koslov motioned for Leon who was currently licking up a puddle of cum to follow him outside. "Follow."

Leon followed Koslov out of the room obediently.

Judy remained in the room with Chester. "So, looks like your plan failed," she said triumphantly. It was a small victory but a victory nonetheless. Although Chester gave no indication that his plan had failed.

"Aren't you going to clean that up?" Chester pointed to the leftover puddle on the floor.

"No," Judy said. She figured she was safe enough with Koslov nearby. There was no reason for her to suffer more.

"Suit yourself," Chester said disapprovingly. "Come."

She followed Chester – to her surprise, he led her to the kitchen where there was real food.

"You can eat anything you want here."

Judy blinked. She wasn't expecting this. Although based on how Chester grinned, she figured there was something nefarious afoot. "I'm not hungry," she said. However, her stomach disagreed.

Chester took a nearby carrot and proceeded to shove that carrot in her tailhole. "Now, if you get hungry, you can eat. It's probably more to your liking anyway." He snickered.

While Chester was leading her to another room, they ran into Koslov who was with a cheetah and a wolf.

"There you are," Koslov said disapprovingly. "Come, my slut."

She followed the bear into a room where Leon and a wolf awaited. They were naked and had butt plugs in their tailholes.

"Clean up my cum," Koslov said.

"Which one of you did Koslov fuck?" Judy asked. She figured it wouldn't hurt, although she didn't expect Leon or the wolf to answer.

"Me," they both replied at once.

"You're letting them help her?" Chester asked.

"My test," Koslov said. While she was removing the butt plug from Leon, Koslov took the carrot out of her tailhole. "Eat this first."

Judy was partially grateful for the interruption and she devoured the carrot swiftly. The taste of her tailhole didn't really seem to phase her compared to what lay ahead.

At first, she tried to sniff out Koslov's cum by inhaling the air in Leon's tailhole. His musk overpowered any scent of bear cum. That wasn't helpful at all and made gag in the process. It didn't help that Leon decided to fart while she was sniffing, bringing tears to her eyes.

"I'll admit this was more than I expected," someone said. She couldn't see but she figured it was a wolf. "Maybe this won't be a waste of time after all."

She tried to back away from the horrible scent.

"You're not going to let her off easy, are you?" another asked.

That was enough for Koslov to push Judy's face back into Leon's musky tailhole.

She quickly got a taste of the cum within, and to her despair, this tasted like Koslov's cum. It certainly did not help that while she was rimming the lion, he was farting every so often to make things difficult for her and if he wasn't doing that, he was clenching his tailhole to trap her tongue inside. Leon wanted her to suffer.

As much as she wanted to please the bear, Leon's efforts were too much for her.

"Please stop, I'll do anything you want for an hour," Judy begged.

"Hmph." Leon farted in her face again.

"Please…" Judy tried to continue her futile efforts of cleaning his tailhole with her tongue.

"Be mine for two hours, and I'll make sure he goes easy on you," a voice behind her said.

"Deal," she mumbled weakly. She didn't dare turn to see who she made the deal with. At least, Leon stopped farting and trying to trap her tongue so she could get on with the cleaning process by licking up all the cum inside. After many agonizing minutes, she decided that Leon's tailhole was clean. If there was even a speck, she didn't know what they would do to her.

"Little bunny made a mess," someone said after she pulled her face away from Leon's rump.

She saw that Leon managed to cum from her efforts. It was then that Leon decided to piss on the floor as well.

"You know what to do, don't you?"

It was her job to clean the floor. "Can you move?" Judy asked.

Leon refused to budge so she started to crawl underneath him, dreading that task in front of her.

"She is mine," Koslov grunted. He picked her up from the floor and shoved her face in front of a wolf's butt with a plug inside.

She was grateful that Koslov had other plans.

"Good cats clean up after themselves," someone said.

"That's not fair!" Leon said.

Judy could hear that Leon had his face shoved into the puddle. She had her own task to focus on, she started removing the plug. The wolf whimpered from the rough treatment.

After a brief sniff and lick, she decided that the tailhole didn't contain Koslov's cum. It helped since she didn't like the musky scent either. "Happy now?" she said.

"Failure." Koslov lifted Judy, careful not to touch her branded spot. "Disappointing."

"I'm sorry," Judy said. She was suddenly afraid for her immediate future. "Please give me another chance."

"Barbeque rabbit."

"I can do better," Judy cried. "Don't eat me. I am your slut." She pointed to the brand on her chest. It still hurt and no one treated the wound so far. "Doesn't this mean something?"

An agonizing retch reverberated across the room. Judy turned her head to see Leon throwing up in the puddle that he hadn't finished licking. The cheetah pushed Leon's face into it. "Clean that up!"

He whimpered pitifully then proceeded to slowly lick up the mess.

"If you're going to eat her, let me have my time with her first," the wolf said. "She did agree to do anything for two hours."

"Have your fun," Koslov grumbled. He placed Judy on the ground gently.

This surprised her since she expected him to toss her roughly on the ground. It was an unexpected act of kindness that made no sense since the bear did want to eat her.

"Can you save me?" Judy asked.

"Call me Alpha," the wolf said.

"Of course, my alpha," Judy said.

"Everyone gets this wrong. That's my name, not my rank."

"Failing again," Koslov remarked. "Worthless."

"Of course, Alpha." Judy felt that Koslov was being unfair to her. She didn't know previously. Nevertheless, the wolf sounded rather angry because of her mistake. The best thing for her to do was to guess what he wanted. Since he previously deemed her not to be a waste of time back when the lion farted in her face while she was rimming him, she decided that she should offer her services without prompting. The horrid scent filled her nose as she approached his tailhole.

Before she started, someone entered the room, attracting her attention.

"Finally, what took you so long?" Chester said.

"I was busy, anyhow, I'm here for her," Sidney said. Judy turned around to see Sidney and Tasha. Tasha had flecks of brown on her nose.

Judy hoped that Sidney was going to provide her a way out of this, so she paused her efforts. "Are you here for me?" she said with disbelief.

"She's mine for two hours!" Alpha said.

"I want her now," Sidney said.

Judy breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'll give you a pass for a day at my place," Sidney said.

"I'll take it," Alpha said.

Judy glanced at Koslov briefly. However, his angry appearance caused Judy to study his body. His fur was all bristled and he clenched his teeth as if it was taking every effort not to lash out. It had a totally different feeling compared to just moments before where he was calling her worthless. Koslov stomped away without a word to anyone.

"Here." Sidney gave a large briefcase of money to Chester. He approached Judy. "Follow me."

Judy blinked and started following the otter.

"Judy, so happy that you're coming back!" Tasha exclaimed. She gave Judy a big hug. Based on how she smelled, it was evident that she had been busy rimming others. "I hope you're going to stay this time."

"Glad to see you too," Judy said. She decided that being with Sidney was safer than here. At least, back then she didn't have the chance of dying.

After they continued walking for a few steps, Sidney pushed a chloroform rag against her face. "Can't forget this."

Yesterday, Nick bid on Judy's sexual activities, today Mr. Big was supposed to free her. He waited in his mansion as soon as his shift ended, eager for the good news. Nadine was there to join him as well. It was only when there was one hour left from midnight that Mr. Big said, "She will not be joining us today."

"And why not?" Nick hissed.

"I need an extra day. She'll be here tomorrow," Mr. Big said.

"What went wrong?" Nadine asked.

"I cannot tell you. She will be here tomorrow."

"No, you will tell me," Nadine said, "or I'm going to reveal this to the ZPD. We spent three days helping you."

Nick hissed uncomfortably. He couldn't believe that Nadine would threaten Mr. Big like that.

Mr. Big paused for a long time before saying, "There wasn't a window to rescue Judy today. Tomorrow should provide a better chance."

Nick couldn't believe that Mr. Big just let them leave after that exchange. Especially since in the past Mr. Big disciplined Nadine rather harshly.

After that failed meeting, Nick went home. He waited three days already, an extra day wouldn't be too bad. It wasn't like he could save Judy on his own with their protocols in place. If he went undercover, he might have a shot, but that could easily get Judy killed.

Once again after his shift, he wandered into Mr. Big's mansion. This time he convinced Nadine to file all the paperwork for him so he could be there early in case Judy arrived.

"Where is she?" Nick said.

"She will be here before tomorrow," Mr. Big said.

"There won't be any more complications, will there?" Nick asked.

The shrew shook his head. There was a phone call for Mr. Big.

A phone call that Nick wasn't privy to hear at all since the bears escorted him out of the room. It made sense in a way since he was certain that Mr. Big still had shady dealings where it would be his job to bring him in.

He waited until the bears allowed him back inside, but that took forever.

"Bad news, Judy will not be coming here today," Mr. Big said.

"How much more time do you need?" Nick hissed. "I'll take my chances tomorrow and turn myself in." It was likely a trap, but if they honored their end of the deal, she would be free again. Even if they didn't, he would get to see her and maybe help her in some way.

Mr. Big shook his head. "They do not have Judy anymore."

"Where is she?"

Mr. Big sighed. "They ate her."

"Ate?" Nick echoed.

"I am sorry."

"I don't believe you. They said I could trade my freedom for hers in five days."

"It was always a trap. I know it's hard, Nicky."

"Is there something that you can show me?"

Mr. Big shook his head.

"How do you know? Who told you? Who was on the phone?" Nick said.

There was a prolonged period of silence. It took far too long for Mr. Big to answer. It was as if the shrew was busy thinking up how to respond as if his actions derailed the mob boss's plan. The shrew finally spoke, "Leon Lionheart was there. He was the one who ate her."

"Mayor Lionheart's son ate her?" Nick asked.


"You must be joking. Do you take me for a fool?" Nick shouted. He couldn't imagine that Mayor Lionheart's son would be the one to eat Judy.

Nadine happened to walk in during the heated exchange. She quickly used her tranquilizer gun to dart the polar bear guards.

"Nadine?" Nick asked. "What are you doing?"

"Thought you needed some help. How about a thank you?" Nadine said.

"You are misunderstanding the situation," Mr. Big said.

"Am I? Explain it to me and then I'll decide to or not to call for backup."

Slowly, both of them explained the situation to Nadine. "Well, one thing's clear. We're going to take this." She took the cell phone. "We'll be in touch. Come on, Nick, we're leaving."

"You just did that. Aren't you worried about what he's going to do to you?" Nick asked. He was amazed at what just transpired.

"And what's he going to do to me? Another sex session? He's too smart to make a move on me for that. We've plenty to do tomorrow. We're going to my place, and we're going to find Judy."

"Right," Nick said. He had to believe that Judy remained alive. Every single sign pointed to that Mr. Big was lying to him, yet he still felt some doubt that Judy might be gone. Although, without Judy there, nothing was stopping him from raiding the place. Either way, he was going to get some answers tomorrow.

Chapter Text

Judy awoke to see Tasha waiting by the bed. Tasha was only wearing a diaper just like usual.

"You're finally awake. Sidney wrapped your wound up already," Tasha said. "If you don't behave, he's going to send you right back to that place."

"Don't worry," Judy said. "I don't want to go back there."

"You need to make me happy or I will make you wish that you were back there. Do you know what I've been through?"

Judy shook her head.

"Marvin's been training me for the competition, and he wants me to recognize where the cum came from just by tasting it. If I get it wrong, he punishes me. Sometimes he has me rim someone then guess where the cum came from or he times me and then punishes me if I'm not fast enough." Tasha started crying. "All this so I can have a chance to be with Sasha if I win. Then we can be his slaves for life."

"Sasha's in the hospital recovering from broken bones."

"How can you know if she's there still? It's either this or she's a slave somewhere, and I don't get to see her ever again."

"How does he punish you?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Is there something I can do?"

Tasha took that as her cue to get up on the bed. She took off her diaper and hovered her cum filled tailhole in front of Judy's face. "Clean me."

It didn't smell pleasant just like she expected yet she was more willing this compared to the past. She licked the tailhole once.

"Bad bunny, have you forgotten your training already? Do I need to remind you?"

"Yes," Judy said.

"You're supposed to sniff first, and clean the surrounding area too."

The past instructions did come back to her, and she proceeded as she learned in the past. She took a few good whiffs of the musky scent before licking again.

"What species does the cum belong to?"

Judy had no idea – she just knew that it tasted unpleasant. "Lion," Judy guessed.

"Wrong." It was then Tasha made an effort to sit on Judy's face. "Keep your mouth open." Tasha was going to take a dump in her mouth.

Judy tried to say something but all her attempts were muffled by Tasha's white butt. She could close her mouth but she figured the consequences for doing so would be far worse. Nevertheless, as soon as the waste hit her tongue, she closed her mouth involuntarily.

"It was from a quokka. How was I supposed to know that?" Tasha complained. "It was so unfair!" She looked at the scat on Judy's face. "You need to finish everything."

Judy didn't like the smell or taste but based on Tasha's tone, she figured she had to make the effort or there would be dire consequences. It was pure agony, chewing and forcing herself to swallow the clump of scat.

Tasha saw Judy's struggles and decided to help by forcing her mouth to remain closed, so she couldn't spit.

After many agonizing moments, she finally swallowed. Her mouth remained closed for quite some time.

Tasha decided to punch Judy's stomach to her mouth open. Judy screamed in pain, and Tasha used the opportunity to stuff more nearby scat into Judy's mouth. "Do you know how humiliating it was to beg someone to take a dump in your mouth? Quokka scat also tastes far worse. That was a punishment to make sure that I wouldn't make the same mistake. All that because I couldn't recognize where the cum came from! Guessing where stuff came from is the only most reliable way to gain points in the competition. Everything else is by the whims of the audience, and I need to win so I can be with Sasha again. At least, it was better than how it was originally – that I was his pet for the competition, with no motivation at all. And that happened all because of you!" Tasha screamed the last part.

Even though it tasted horrible, how Tasha suffered in her absence prompted Judy to open her mouth. She knew what was coming – Tasha was going to shove more scat into it which she had to swallow. After Tasha finished feeding her, she licked Tasha's paws clean of the residue.

"I'm sorry," Judy said.

"Every single time I failed, I had to beg for either scat or piss as punishment. I'm far better now and can get it right ninety percent of the time. Not that I have much of a choice, but at least, I'll have Sasha by my side again after I win."

"It's time for more training." Marvin walked into the room.

"Yes, master." Tasha put her diaper back on and followed the wolf outside obediently.

Judy thought if she was never here, Tasha would still be together with Sasha, and they would be happier than they were now. Sasha had her bones broken and Tasha was training for a competition. It was also her fault that she failed to remain free when Sidney set her free as part of a twisted game. Her self-loathing thoughts had to wait since Alpha walked into the room.

"I came all the way here just for you, you better make it worth my time," Alpha said.

"And who's fault is that?" Judy said. "You should go back because I will fail to live up to your expectations. Not like you care about any of the other mammals here."

"Start cleaning my tailhole," Alpha said.

"You think you can order me around just like that?" Judy decided if she could send the wolf packing, it would be one less thorn in her side. Even if Sidney punished her, he wouldn't kill her.

It was time for her to go on the offensive, she started punching the wolf with the intent of taking him down. Alpha went down far quicker than she expected. "Are you sure that your parents didn't make a mistake? You made it abundantly clear back then that you didn't like to be called Alpha. How about Omega? You lasted only five seconds. How about you return the favor?" Judy presented her rump to Alpha's face.

Alpha struggled to lick Judy's tailhole but tried nonetheless.

"Don't wolves like sniffing butts? Are you not even a wolf?"

A panther walked in. "Is everything okay?"

Judy had a moment of panic since two mammals were beyond what she initially planned for. Not to mention that she couldn't brute force her way out of this place.

"Everything is fine," Alpha said while Judy was sitting on his face. "Nothing to see here."

"Suit yourself." The panther walked away.

"That's a surprise," Judy said. "You didn't call for help."

"A wolf beaten by a bunny, I'll never live it down," Alpha said.

Judy enjoyed the feeling of the wolf's tongue licking her. It was soothing. However, it was just her luck that a very angry Koslov barged in.

"You ran away," Koslov said, barely containing his anger. "You cause trouble."

"I did not! I just wanted to be safe," Judy contended.

"Training time." Koslov shoved one of his paws in front of Judy's face. "Lick."

"Not on my list. You can find someone else. I have rights here."

There was no way that Judy would give in so easily. She went through hell to remove that specific fetish.

"Obey!" Koslov said forcefully.

Judy decided that despite how she enjoyed the wolf's tongue on her rear, it was time to make a run for it. She had to hope that the panthers were on her side. Koslov was stronger than her physically, so she couldn't take him down unarmed.

This place had ample guards ready to assist anyone and she found one nearby. After quickly explaining the situation, the panther led her to Sidney.

"Koslov is trying to get me to lick his paws," Judy said.

"That won't happen unless if you're willing," Sidney said. "But are you sure that you want others to step in? You do have that mark on your chest."

"If it were my choice, he wouldn't be here at all, but I don't have that luxury, do I?"

"All right, I'll come with you and talk some sense into him."

Judy walked back to the room with Sidney.

"You can't ask her to do that," Sidney said. "It doesn't matter that you marked her as your slut. If she does anything outside of her limits, it will be on her terms."

Koslov sighed angrily. "She needs to win."

"Doesn't matter."

"Hmph." Koslov stomped away angrily.

"It's also my time with her. He just barged in!" Alpha said.

"That's a mistake on my part. Allow me to make it up to you," Sidney said. "You can hang around for the next seven days while Koslov has his fun and maybe participate sometimes. And you get two days without restrictions after he's done with her."

"So, I heard something about stuff not being on her list."

"Don't worry about that, you can do anything you want to her."


"What the hell?" Judy said. "My preferences don't matter?"

"Not when it comes to him considering the previous place."

"And I'll have some guards watch you in case Koslov tries to go over the line again."

"Thank you," Judy said.

A few panthers were watching her in the room now while Sidney took his leave. Alpha resumed rimming Judy meanwhile. That didn't last too long since Koslov returned a few minutes later with equipment. Apparently, he was going to restrain her paws and feet together. She could put up with some bondage. It was better than licking his filthy paws.

Koslov made her wear a gag to keep her mouth sealed. After she settled in her new position, Alpha started licking her paws of his own volition while keeping out of Koslov's way. However, she couldn't enjoy the sensation much since Koslov blocked her nose next so she couldn't breathe. There was no way for her to remove the bear so she could breathe again. The wolf just kept licking her paws, not daring to help her struggles.

Time passed as her struggles against her bindings increased. She thought she was going to die of asphyxiation but the bear allowed her to breathe again just in time. She cried in relief.

"Again?" Koslov questioned.

"Help!" Judy yelled. "He's going to kill me!"

Sure enough, a panther walked towards them. After explaining what was wrong, the panther walked away. "Sorry for interrupting you."

The panthers were going to let the bear do this to her. She could hardly believe it.

"Please don't do this to her," Alpha whimpered. "Can't you think of something else?"


It didn't take much for Koslov to restrict her ability to breathe once more. The same terrifying cycle repeated itself – and it seemed the bear let her linger in such a state for even longer before letting up.

"No more please," Judy said.

"Lick." Koslov pointed to his feet.

Alpha motioned that he was willing to lick Koslov's other foot.

It was either more of this or licking his nasty feet – she chose the latter option since she wouldn't feel like she was on the verge of death.

Her tongue made contact with his paws and she remembered how much she hated this. From the corner of her eye, she saw that Alpha seemed to be fine with his assigned task.

After just merely thirty seconds, Koslov growled, "Faster."

The tone implied more violence was down the line. She tried her best but the bear still seemed disappointed in her. It didn't help that the wolf was having a much easier time.

"Hopeless, come." Koslov withdrew his paws. "Follow." He seemed to be in a rush since he walked faster than normal. "Hurry."

Judy did her best to follow – afraid to displease the bear.

"I'm sorry," Alpha said. "I'll do my best to help you."

They arrived in Sidney's office.

"Where is she?" Koslov growled to Sidney.

Sidney was busy with papers on his desk and the computer in front of him. "You arrived sooner than expected."

"Give me ten minutes," Sidney said. "Wait here." He walked out of the office, leaving them alone.

They just waited in the office for the otter to return. Alpha decided to start licking Judy's pussy.

She enjoyed the sensation of the wolf's tongue. "Keep going!" She placed a paw on the back of his head to hold him in place. It didn't take long for her to squirt into the wolf's mouth and he kept going.

After the ten-minute mark, the bear was getting agitated.

When the otter finally graced the room with his presence, fifteen minutes passed and he was naked this time. "Well then, I decided to have some fun. We do this my way. Show Judy her place."

"Not the same," Koslov growled.

It was only then that the wolf stopped licking Judy and moved out of the way, so Judy could do whatever they planned for her.

"You want her to win, don't you? This will help. Trust me unless if you think you know better."

Koslov made Judy go down on all fours. "Identify." He shoved her face into Sidney's cum filled rear.

"What do you mean?" Judy said.

"What cummed in me?' Sidney said. "Let's see if you're smart enough to avoid punishment."

The horrid smell of the otter's tailhole assaulted her nose but she couldn't identify the species of where it came from. Not even a few licks of the horrid stuff made It any better even so panther was her best bet. "Panther," she said.

"Wrong, you're getting punished when you finish cleaning me."

It wasn't like she didn't rim mammals before, but that didn't make the experience any more pleasant. While she was doing that, Alpha decided to start rimming her which made the process somewhat more bearable. "Thank you," she said.

"Well then, that was from a quokka. You're going to beg for one to piss in your mouth and take a dump in your mouth after. This worked rather well in training Tasha," Sidney said.

"How's that going to help? I need to know what cum tastes like. And what about my preferences?"

"If your tiny brain forgot how it tasted already, beg for one to cum in your mouth too. Think of it as motivation to remember how the cum tastes. As for your preferences, well, you won't need to do this unless you agree. It's your choice. I saw you bathed Koslov's paws already."

"Fine." Judy agreed since she knew what Koslov could do. "Where do I even find a quokka? What do they even look like?"

She continued licking the otter's musky rear until it was clean.

"You're going to need rimming training as well. I didn't cum from that," Sidney said. "We can have lots of fun together. Let's go."

They walked out of the office together. Sidney led them to a room where an unknown animal was having fun with a squirrel. Judy figured that was a quokka. It looked like a mix of a kangaroo, rat, and bear.

"Go on, beg," Sidney said.

"Umm, can you piss in my mouth, please?" Judy said shyly. It was humiliating to ask someone that.

"Hey! That's supposed to be mine," the squirrel said while the quokka was fucking her tailhole.

"Why don't you both show me how much you want it?" the quokka said.

"Are you enjoying this?" Judy asked quizzically.

"What do you think?" the squirrel said.

Soon enough, they were racing to clean the quokka's feet. There was no way that Judy could match the squirrel in speed so she tried to aim for pleasure instead. The only reason she obeyed was the threat of even worse consequences if she didn't try.

She was running out of room to clean and the quokka still didn't cum. Eventually, the paw was as clean as could be, but that didn't it much better.

Even though she finished the paw way slower than the squirrel, the quokka smirked. "A tie. I never said the fastest one wins." The quokka walked around. "What to do? Oh, I know! Hold these two in place for a second."

Sidney and Koslov did their part to restrain both the bunny and the squirrel.

The quokka started pissing in the middle of the floor.

Judy couldn't believe what they expected her to do. She was going to compete against a squirrel to slurp up piss from the floor. This was extremely degrading, but she had to do her best. What made it worse was that the squirrel was eager and already struggling against the otter's paws.

Once they allowed her to move, she slowly moved towards the puddle and sniffed it. It smelled sour and musky just like how she thought it would. She slowly extended her tongue for a tentative lick. The squirrel bumped into her with her nose. Judy realized that the squirrel smelled like the quokka's feet.

The puddle was gone way faster than Judy anticipated.

This was for the best she supposed. She didn't like the taste of the quokka's urine. There was one more thing that Sidney wanted her to do.

"Can you please take a dump in my mouth?" Judy asked shyly. She couldn't believe she was doing this all out of fear.

"You haven't earned it," the quokka said flatly. "Go and clean her up." He pointed to the squirrel's rear.

What choice did Judy have? She moved her face towards the squirrel's cum filled rear. It didn't escape her notice that the quokka was preparing to take a dump into the squirrel's mouth instead of hers. She felt jealous momentarily which seemed ridiculous. This was nothing to be jealous of.

At least, there was one positive was that she got to taste quokka cum again. It was easier to distinguish the taste and scent of cum from the musk of the tailhole that she had to clean. All it took was one lick after another. It was something that she had done before but that didn't make it any more pleasant. The squirrel's rear was otherwise clean thankfully.

"Don't swallow."

It took a moment to realize that it wasn't directed at her. Since she slowed her momentarily, Koslov had no qualms pushing her head against the squirrel's ass. Her nose ended up being coated in cum as a result. She got the notion to keep on licking. The bitter taste of cum assaulted her tastebuds with every lick. After the squirrel's tailhole was clean, she backed away.

"You need lots of practice. She didn't even cum!" Sidney admonished.

"I'm sorry." Judy lowered her ears.

"Thank her for her efforts," the quokka said.

The squirrel approached her and kissed Judy on the lips. In the process, the squirrel transferred the scat in her mouth into Judy's. That didn't happen as planned since Judy kicked the squirrel away once the bitterness hit her tongue. It was truly something else.

Koslov and Sidney decided to restrain Judy so she would get her meal regardless.

"Be happy that I'm sharing this gift with you," the squirrel said. "Now, swallow."

The taste was unbearable, she couldn't force herself to do it. It was the worst thing that she tasted. Koslov blocked off her ability to breathe. After much agony, she finally swallowed. She clutched her stomach and tried to take deep breaths to soothe the pain.

"Well, we need to get you accustomed to the taste of scat too," Sidney said.

"Why?" Judy whimpered.

"Well, you see…"

This was when Sidney decided to explain why they were doing what they were doing. The upcoming competition that Koslov wanted Judy to partake in had various ways of scoring points. It was deemed that the easiest categories to score in were the taste test where the pets would need to identify the taste of cum from tailholes. Then there were other ways to score as well, all of which were too unreliable. Koslov wanted her to win, so they were training her.

"There's no way I'm going to win if you train me like that," Judy said. "If you want me to win, train me my way." Swallowing piss and scat if she got something wrong for points wasn't going to work for her at all even though she thought she could identify cum from tailholes better. "I'm stronger than the others. Why not train me for the tug of war competition?"

"If that's what you want," Sidney said.

They walked around the place where they could gather both mammals and equipment. Apparently, this version required sex toys. Sidney also instructed them to pick up four buckets filled with various things. Judy was carrying a bucket of scat.

For this twisted game, Sidney found three other participants. One bunny and two squirrels. They went into a room where the competition could take place.

Sidney explained the rules. "You will both try to pull this butt plug away with your mouth or your ass. Only the winner of the event gets points. You may coat your end of the butt plug with whatever you want."

Judy dunked her end with snot while the squirrel kept her end clean since that was going into her mouth. The first round was Judy's ass against the squirrel's mouth in pulling the sex toy away. It was over way too quickly as Judy snatched the toy away from the squirrel.

Then she learned that she was against the squirrel yet again but this time it was her mouth against the squirrel's ass and they switched ends. The squirrel decided to dunk the butt plug into a bucket of scat before sticking it into her tailhole while Judy didn't add anything to hers. Not that it was clean since it had recently been in the squirrel's tailhole.

Judy won this round easily too.

There was round three of which featured mouth-to-mouth tug of war and they switched ends again. Judy had to stick the snot and scat-coated end of the butt plug into her mouth.

"Are you serious?" Judy said.

"Are you giving up?" Sidney said.

That was enough for her to stick the snot and scat-coated butt plug in her mouth. Unfortunately, she couldn't keep her composure and lost the round by default.

At least, she won the ass-to-ass tug of war which came afterward, so she ended up beating the squirrel three to one.

Judy quickly learned why this event was so difficult to score points in. The winner got a lot of points, but there was only one winner. The sex toys could be especially dirty and extremely painful as a bonus. Some of them had very painful spikes and they went in mouths and tailholes just the same. Sometimes players coated the toys in hot sauce so their opponents would suffer more.

"And that's why focusing on this is a bad idea," Sidney said. "You might've won this time, but you won't at the actual competition."

"I disagree, I just need practice," Judy said. The event still dealt with scat, but it was better than eating scat outright.

"Well, I have an idea that might help with that."

Sidney had the brilliant idea to finish the day with a speed rimming event. Judy was going up against Tasha who was also training for the competition.

"This is unfair," Judy said. She had to rim Koslov while Tasha got off easy with Marvin. It didn't help that a single whiff of the bear's tailhole was enough to make her swoon. She had never rimmed Koslov before until now.

"Fine, we'll switch," Tasha said.

Her plan didn't get far.

Koslov raised her towards his face. "You are my slut." He squeezed her body enough for it to hurt. The meaning was clear. She was going to rim Koslov or suffer.

She planted her face into the bear's ass and started licking the musky pucker. While she was doing that, Alpha decided to comfort her and started rimming her. Despite her efforts, she didn't feel like was getting anywhere.

It wasn't that she wasn't trying to satisfy the bear, it just wasn't working. What made it worse was that Tasha already managed to make Marvin cum. Alpha's efforts on her tailhole made her cum before she managed to make Koslov cum.

"Punish her," Koslov said.

Judy took that as an instruction to back away from his tailhole. She quickly learned that she was wrong as Koslov made sure that her head remained in his ass.

Soon enough, Sidney shoved a vibrator coated with hot sauce shoved in her pussy. And she still had to lick Koslov's tailhole in the process. Through a haze of pain and teary eyes, she continued her efforts.

After what seemed like an eternity, she had her face shoved into a puddle of cum that she had to lick up. Only then did the otter remove the vibrator.

"Pathetic," Koslov said as he held her head in place. "You need training."

She didn't know how much more of this she could take.

After a few favors, Nick and Nadine, and Ralph were raiding the place where Judy was previously at. An all too convenient tip informed Chief Stripes of the location. This was a much less bloody affair compared to the other raids when the officers stormed the place at 666 Berry Lane. It was a surprise.

They passed many rooms where felines and canines were playing with each other more often than not in sexual ways, completely ignoring the ongoing raid. Given the lack of resistance, Nick kept his eyes out for one mammal: Leon Lionheart. From what he could smell, he didn't think that Leon was enjoying his time here. The lion reeked of piss.

"You ate Judy," Nick accused.

"Eat her? What the hell are you talking about?" Leon said.

"Don't play dumb," Nadine said.

"What haven't you been telling me?" Ralph said.

Nadine glared at Ralph.

"This isn't over."

"I hate rabbits, and I don't know what's happened to her. I should be a pet owner, not a pet," Leon said.

"Look, I'm happy to work with you," a snow leopard said. "My name's Chester and I run the Fancy Pet Club. I'll admit that I did acquire Judy briefly because the money was too tempting. It would be of great assistance to our organization. We provide an opportunity to those in poorer countries. Everyone aside from her is here by choice."

"So, you traffic mammals into Zootopia," Nick said.

"I prefer to think of it as employment with relocation assistance. Our pets are happy here."

"What about Leon?"

"He's a special case. He's not happy right now, but he's happy enough not to leave. He wants to be a part of us."

Nick narrowed his eyes. "Can you leave at any time?"

"Yes," Leon said.

"Come on then," Nadine said. "I'll escort you outside then you can come back here."

Once Nadine left with Leon, Chester said, "If you want to visit Judy, I can make that happen provided that I remain free."

"How?" Nick asked.

"You know, there's an upcoming pet competition. It wouldn't be out of the question for the Fancy Pet Club to submit a team and ours have free reign to check out the competition."

"What's the catch?" Nick said.

"You would need to be a pet if you want to go."

"Why is that?"

"Just our policy on what foxes are. Foxes will always be pets like the sluts they are."

"Why you!" Nick said furiously. "Say that again." His fur bristled from what Chester said.

"Calm down, Nick," Ralph said. "How do we know that we can trust you? Plus, I'm a wolf."

"You were right, he didn't want to leave." Nadine returned with Leon.

"So, I was telling your friend here that I can help him visit Judy," Chester said. "Someone needs to be the pet."

"Go on," Nadine said.

Chester explained what he could do to help them find Judy. It was good enough that Nick, Nadine, and Ralph went to talk to Chief Stripes about it.

"Sir, I believe that he can help us rescue Judy," Nick said.

"How?" Chief Stripes said.

"Well, you see…" Nick knew that this would be hard to sell. He had to hope that the chief didn't authorize a raid that might end up with Judy dead. It was too much of a risk hoping that the ZPD wouldn't put the pieces together themselves. Explaining the plan wasn't much better since it was infiltrating the place to partake in an upcoming pet competition. That unfortunately required Nick to act as a pet.

"Are you insane? Out of the question. He could tell us where Judy is and that's all we'll need."

"I don't suppose you have a better idea? We've seen what happens. Do you really want to be the chief responsible for the death of Judy Hopps?" Ralph said.

"And it will be so much better if he fails to return," Chief Stripes said sarcastically.

"It will be fine," Nadine said. "We'll think of something."

"Let's see if he can convince me."

The four of them went to where Chester was.

Chester once again explained how he could help them meet Judy. His establishment could submit one team in an upcoming pet competition. That would allow the two of them to visit the place where Judy was at.

"Nick is not needed at all for this," Chief Stripes said.

'That is correct," Chester said. "I'm sure you can surmise what type of competition it will be. Someone else can play the role of a pet."

"I can do this, sir." Nick wanted to meet Judy himself. If he was someone else and something went wrong, he would've been thinking that he could've changed the outcome if he was there.

"I don't like this. It's too risky," Chief Stripes said. "But we don't really have a better plan."

"Can you do this? Can any of you?" Chester said. "Why don't you prove it?" He took off his clothes in a flash.

"What do you think you're doing?" Stripes growled.

"They know what to do."

After a minute of silence, Nadine was the one that dropped to her knees and started sucking the cock in front of her since no one moved.

"That's a good kitty." Chester stroked Nadine's head. "Quite talented, aren't you?" He took a minute to relieve himself into Nadine's mouth.

She backed away momentarily in surprise, letting urine fall onto the floor. Quickly, she wrapped her mouth against his cock again, swallowing it all. After that, she just kept shucking until he shot his load into her mouth.

"Not bad. Now, spank her." Chester looked at the wolf.

Ralph made the gentlest of swings, enough for it to be a light tap.

"Okay, you're hopeless." Chester looked at Chief Stripes. "I know this is beyond what I can expect, but what about you?"

"No thanks," Chief Stripes said.

"Well then. We only have one that can play a pet. And since I don't want a bloodbath, I won't reveal where Judy currently is."

"Why doesn't he get a turn?" Nadine pointed to Nick.

"We believe foxes are natural sluts," Chester said. "He's unfit for the role."

"I'm sorry." Nadine pounced on Nick and shoved his face towards the puddle of urine. "Lick!"

"What the hell?" Nick sputtered. He wasn't able to lift his face from the puddle much. Nadine had his body pinned down.

"You will clean," Nadine said with seriousness.

They didn't even have the location of where Judy was. And if Nick didn't, it was unlikely that Chester would provide them one. He licked the foul-tasting puddle, hoping that it would be worth it.

"See? All they need is a little encouragement," Chester said.

"If you're okay with this, Wilde," Chief Stripes said uneasily.

"I'll be fine," Nick said unconvincingly. He slowly lapped up the puddle.

"I'm still not convinced that he's good enough," Chester said.

Nick felt furious as if this sacrifice was for nothing. Meanwhile, Nadine took off her uniform, leaving her naked as fast as she could. Before Nick said anything, Nadine guided his muzzle towards her tailhole. "But it's dirty." It was mostly clean but not completely so. The foul scent was already engulfing his senses.

Nadine shoved his face into the tailhole to stifle any further complaints. Any additional sounds came out muffled.

"Lick like a good slut," Nadine said. Slowly, she relented so Nick could start licking.

"Judy's located at 777 Fog Street. These two can visit there and maybe find a way to get her out of here," Chester said. "In return, I want this place to remain open."

"File the paperwork and we'll consider it," Chief Stripes said. "Last chance to back out of this, Wilde."

Nick sniffed and licked the musky pucker, desperately wishing that they would go away. If he stopped now, there was no telling what would happen to Judy. Especially considering that they knew where Judy was now.

"Fangmeyer, don't screw this up." Chief Stripes and Ralph started walking away. "And, Wilde, you'll report to therapy when this is over."

"You got it, sir," Nadine said.

Nick was still worshipping Nadine's tailhole.

"He's pathetic really. You still didn't cum from that," Chester said. "We can make this work."

They needed new names and disguises to infiltrate Sidney's establishment.

"You can stop now, Skunky," Nadine said.

Apparently, Nadine already decided on his new name. He was thankful that he didn't have to lick Nadine's tailhole anymore yet he still felt like it wasn't his turn to speak. He whimpered with his ears lowered in submission.

"Follow," Chester said. Nick got up from his position and followed them, but first Nadine picked up her scattered clothes. "Aren't you going to correct him?

"For your enjoyment? I don't think so. Nick, we're a team, in this together. Say something, talk," Nadine said. "So, where can we disguise ourselves?"

"This better be worth it," Nick muttered.

"If it's too much for you, we can back out now."

Nick shook his head. "I have to do this, for Judy." Without Mr. Big as an ally, no one was working to save Judy.

They went to a room with fur dye where Nick and Nadine took the opportunity to paint themselves into something different. Nadine opted to paint him into a black fox while he decided to paint Nadine into a white tiger. It still made it awkward when they had to color the area surrounding their privates.

"You will call me mistress, Skunky. If something is getting too much for you, call me Falah but I will need to punish you for that."

"Why don't I get a choice on my name?" Nick complained.

"If this is too much for you already, we might as well go back to the precinct. I will call you whatever I want."

It did make sense but Nick didn't like it at all. He should've had some choice in his pet name yet he opted not to argue. "Yes, mistress," he replied.


They went to the bathroom instead to Nick's surprise.

"Don't flush that," Nadine said to a female wolf peeing in the toilet. She guided Nick to the toilet when the wolf finished. "Drink."

"What the hell?" Nick said. "We should get going."

Nadine wasn't in the mood for backtalk so she used brute force to force his face into the pissy water.

Nick struggled at first, trying to dislodge Nadine without using the full extent of his strength. In the end, he drank some water and Nadine loosen her hold which prompted him to raise his head above the toilet's water.

"Yuck," Nick grunted unhappily.

"You're signing up for stuff like this, just so you know. Nod, if you still want to continue."

Nick nodded. At least they had a bath next, so Nick could be clean again.

They went to Chester to proceed with the plan.

The place was hidden in plain sight. They had to look presentable as if they were going shopping for groceries. It was a normal Zakiva chain store from the outside. As they walked into the store it looked as if it was normal. The secret entrance lay behind a red door which led downstairs to the establishment. Through there they descended into the true purpose of this place. Nick wondered if this place was unique or if all of these stores had the same issue.

There were more mammals than he expected in the lobby just talking to each other about their conquests. A naked diapered white bunny was sitting at the reception desk.

"I have Falah and Skunky over here expressing an interest in the upcoming pet competition. We of the Fancy Pet Club have yet to ever submit a team, but we thought this year's competition would be an excellent way to showcase our skills," Chester said. "May they see how they stack up with the existing competition? So, we don't embarrass ourselves."

"Sidney!" the diapered bunny yelled after pressing a button.

They waited until the otter showed himself. He was popular enough online that others followed his investment advice in the cryptospace. And now, Nick stood face to face with someone that had a direct paw in Judy's torment. The police couldn't rush in with guns blazing since there was a high chance that most would die including Judy if they did.

The diapered bunny explained the situation.

"Very well, I'll allow these two to check out the existing competition. I never thought you'd express an interest."

"Never thought I would either, but a tiger taming a fox is something special," Chester said. "I'll leave these two in your care."

Once they were inside the establishment, Nadine said, "Where will we be staying?"

"You can use any bedroom that you like."

"Anything for us specifically?" Nadine glanced and saw several rabbits sleeping in sexual positions.


"Where can we put our clothes?"

"Let me take care of it."

Nadine and Nick both stripped and gave their clothes to Sidney – that was also their way out since without it, they wouldn't get very far. Nick was having a bad feeling about this already. They didn't have any cell phones on them either so they couldn't even notify anyone of their demise.

"I had to clean Skunky up quite a bit just to get in here. Are there buckets of cum that we could use?"

Nick whimpered. He didn't like the sound of this at all.

They hadn't found Judy just yet, and Nadine wasn't in a rush to find Judy either.

"Right this way." Sidney led them to a room with buckets of cum. There were many buckets containing cum from various species.

Nadine mixed multiple cum sources into a vile white mixture. Nick whimpered again fearing that he was going to have to drink that. Instead, Nadine took a nearby brush and painted Nick's now-black tail with a trail of white – making him look more like a skunk. There was still a lot of cum leftover.

"Are you hungry, Skunky?" Nadine said.

His worst fears came true. "Yes." Nick knew that was the only answer he could give. Even though Nadine was on his side, he still had to play his part.

Nadine held the bucket and poured the vile mixture of cum into Nick's mouth slowly. Some of it landed on the floor when Nick instinctively backed away. The tiger wasn't having any of it and used a more forceful approach to ensure the vile liquid remained in his mouth and eventually traveled down his throat. Her paws clamped his mouth shut every time he got a mouthful.

After much agony, he swallowed all the cum.

"Clean the floor like a good dog."

Nick was already crying while he licked the floor clean of residue.

"I trained you better, Skunky," Nadine said with disappointment.

This wasn't true at all. She didn't train him in the slightest. "I'm sorry," Nick said, he really wanted to question why Nadine was doing this yet he didn't dare to do so. She had to have reasons for treating him so poorly without any coercion.

"Sorry, that took a while," Nadine said when she managed to find Sidney. "I want to see how he stacks up with the competition."

"Let's see how he fares in the taste test," Sidney said. The otter led them around the place looking for animals to join in. They found two female rabbits thus far, none of which were Judy. From the looks on their faces, they didn't seem unhappy to be chosen. The final two mammals Sidney picked up were Judy and Koslov. Judy had her face buried beneath a wolf's tail presently. What Nick found interesting was a wolf was burying his face until Judy's tail as well, rimming her while she rimmed someone else. "Let's see if she improved at all."

He noted that Judy had her chest wrapped in bandages for some reason. Although, she didn’t appear to be in pain. As much as he wanted to ask her what happened, he couldn’t without giving away their cover.

The eight of them went to a vacant room where the event could take place. On the way there, Judy recognized neither of them which aided in their cover. When they arrived in the room, he saw that there were multiple sex toys that someone could play with on the nearby shelves.

Sidney explained that they had to identify where the cum came from and rim someone until they cummed. "Your choice, Skunky," Sidney said while pointing to the rabbits that have their tailholes filled with cum. Nick could see that the other wasn't quite clean.

He had a good feeling that Judy would have to rim the one that he didn't choose. Even so, he couldn't volunteer himself to suffer more on her behalf.

"The one on the left," Nick said since that was the cleanest. He had no desire to taste rabbit droppings if he could avoid it.

Judy took the one on the right which had bits of scat nearby.

Nick started rimming the bunny he picked. He said, "Panther." As soon as he got a whiff. It took quite a while for Judy to say, "Lion."

The rabbit squeezed her tailhole to trap his tongue. It took him an extra effort to dislodge it and start resuming rimming the foul pucker. Then she farted in his face, burning his sinuses. "You deserve far worse," she said with her words laced with venom. Meanwhile, the rabbit that Judy was rimming had already cummed. He was still busy licking and smelling the tailhole in front of him.

"Sorry, I didn't realize that Skunky was so bad at rimming prey," Nadine said. She halted Nick's efforts after a few more minutes passed. "Pathetic dog."

She placed him over his lap and started spanking him. "Count."

"One," Nick said after a very hard smack on his bottom.

"Two," he whimpered after yet another devastating blow.

By the twentieth blow, he was a sobbing mess. "Nineteen."

"And he can't even count! Just what am I wasting time here for?" Nadine said.

"He was faster than Judy, and he was correct," Sidney said. "Maybe you're too hard on him."

"I think you're right," Nadine said. "We did travel all this way."

"I got just the way to make it up to him. It's quite late anyhow."

Sidney pulled a few devices from the wall and led them to the bedroom. He placed Judy's face right under Nick's tailhole. She would be sniffing it throughout the night. "And since you need to learn the taste of fox cum, you better start working. I don't even know how you managed to confuse the two."

Nick was trying to sleep – not that he really could with Judy sniffing and licking his tailhole with her muzzle strapped to it. His cum-stained tail also didn't feel good especially when it bumped against Judy's head.

It was going to be a long night.