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The next time Judy opened her eyes, her chest was still in immense pain from the branding. She was in a bed at least, Koslov carried her here she presumed. Her chest reminded her that she was Koslov's slut. The bear left a permanent mark. Regardless of how much time passed, the brand would never fade away. Part of her worried that the brand might become infected since it was red and puffy.

A visit from Chester interrupted her thoughts. Leon also accompanied him.

"We're going to train your sense of taste. You didn't recognize bear cum before and he was rather upset about that. There are two bottles of bear cum, you're going to drink one then drink the other," Chester said. "And don't think about disobeying, it would be very easy for your wound to become infected."

"I feel like I still need rest," Judy said.

"The bear thinks otherwise."

"Why am I here again?" Leon said.

"To watch and learn," Chester replied. "Drink this and become familiar with its taste."

She didn't dare disobey and proceeded to drink the cum from the bottle. "This tastes like wolf."

"It did come out of a wolf's tailhole."

What she heard couldn't be true. There was no way that she would miss that.

"You're lying." Judy was certain of it.

"Too proud to admit you're wrong," Chester said.

"I don't believe you."

Chester shrugged. "You still need to finish the bottle."

She downed the entire bottle in no time. "What next?"

They led her to a room with a messy floor. There were several pools of cum it seemed. She could see flecks of dirt and grime in the puddles as well.

"You need to lick up the one puddle of bear cum." Chester smiled wickedly.

Judy figured there was going to be more to this. Although, the risk of her chest touching the floor was dangerous enough. An infection could prove fatal.

Chester pushed Judy's face into the first puddle of cum. "Do you think it's this one?"

Judy sniffed the puddle. She couldn't really make out which animal it was from by scent alone, so she licked it. It was better to be safe than sorry even though she hated the bitter taste. A single lick wasn't enough, so she licked it again.

"He's going to be just as angry if you clean everything up," Chester said.

"Look at her licking it up of her own will," Leon remarked. "Let her clean it all up."

"No," she said. "It's not this one."

Chester guided her to the next puddle. "No sense in wasting precious milk. Go lick it up. Now."

It took her a moment to realize that Chester was referring to Leon.

"Do you know who I am?" Leon raged.

"A cat who doesn't know his place. Go lick."

"I'm a lion!"

"Not anymore. Lick. Just be thankful you're getting off lightly for causing more cats to die."

"They're cats!"

"And that's why you should've treated them better. Now, lick!" Chester said forcefully.

Judy watched the exchange. Leon started licking the floor to her amazement without putting up much of a fight. Chester didn't even need to hold him in place, Leon licked without anyone forcing him to do so. If it came down to brute force, Leon could overpower Chester easily.

After Judy analyzed the puddle in front of her, Chester guided her to the next one, then the one after that. Every single puddle that she didn't lick would be one that Leon had to. This puddle tasted similar to the bottle of cum she drank earlier yet she passed on cleaning that one up with her tongue. It was the wrong one despite what mind games Chester tried to play.

"Next," she said. At least, Chester didn't give any indication that she made a mistake which resulted in a boost to her morale.

It took her four puddles later to find one that was possibly bear cum. She wouldn't have the opportunity to sample every single puddle before making a choice. Thus, she started licking this puddle up. The bitter taste of bear cum filled her mouth.

While she was busy licking, Koslov arrived.

"Stupid bunny," Koslov said. "You failed."

"I did not!" Judy raged. "You can't even tell which puddle of cum is yours. They tricked you."

"Stay." Koslov motioned for Leon who was currently licking up a puddle of cum to follow him outside. "Follow."

Leon followed Koslov out of the room obediently.

Judy remained in the room with Chester. "So, looks like your plan failed," she said triumphantly. It was a small victory but a victory nonetheless. Although Chester gave no indication that his plan had failed.

"Aren't you going to clean that up?" Chester pointed to the leftover puddle on the floor.

"No," Judy said. She figured she was safe enough with Koslov nearby. There was no reason for her to suffer more.

"Suit yourself," Chester said disapprovingly. "Come."

She followed Chester – to her surprise, he led her to the kitchen where there was real food.

"You can eat anything you want here."

Judy blinked. She wasn't expecting this. Although based on how Chester grinned, she figured there was something nefarious afoot. "I'm not hungry," she said. However, her stomach disagreed.

Chester took a nearby carrot and proceeded to shove that carrot in her tailhole. "Now, if you get hungry, you can eat. It's probably more to your liking anyway." He snickered.

While Chester was leading her to another room, they ran into Koslov who was with a cheetah and a wolf.

"There you are," Koslov said disapprovingly. "Come, my slut."

She followed the bear into a room where Leon and a wolf awaited. They were naked and had butt plugs in their tailholes.

"Clean up my cum," Koslov said.

"Which one of you did Koslov fuck?" Judy asked. She figured it wouldn't hurt, although she didn't expect Leon or the wolf to answer.

"Me," they both replied at once.

"You're letting them help her?" Chester asked.

"My test," Koslov said. While she was removing the butt plug from Leon, Koslov took the carrot out of her tailhole. "Eat this first."

Judy was partially grateful for the interruption and she devoured the carrot swiftly. The taste of her tailhole didn't really seem to phase her compared to what lay ahead.

At first, she tried to sniff out Koslov's cum by inhaling the air in Leon's tailhole. His musk overpowered any scent of bear cum. That wasn't helpful at all and made gag in the process. It didn't help that Leon decided to fart while she was sniffing, bringing tears to her eyes.

"I'll admit this was more than I expected," someone said. She couldn't see but she figured it was a wolf. "Maybe this won't be a waste of time after all."

She tried to back away from the horrible scent.

"You're not going to let her off easy, are you?" another asked.

That was enough for Koslov to push Judy's face back into Leon's musky tailhole.

She quickly got a taste of the cum within, and to her despair, this tasted like Koslov's cum. It certainly did not help that while she was rimming the lion, he was farting every so often to make things difficult for her and if he wasn't doing that, he was clenching his tailhole to trap her tongue inside. Leon wanted her to suffer.

As much as she wanted to please the bear, Leon's efforts were too much for her.

"Please stop, I'll do anything you want for an hour," Judy begged.

"Hmph." Leon farted in her face again.

"Please…" Judy tried to continue her futile efforts of cleaning his tailhole with her tongue.

"Be mine for two hours, and I'll make sure he goes easy on you," a voice behind her said.

"Deal," she mumbled weakly. She didn't dare turn to see who she made the deal with. At least, Leon stopped farting and trying to trap her tongue so she could get on with the cleaning process by licking up all the cum inside. After many agonizing minutes, she decided that Leon's tailhole was clean. If there was even a speck, she didn't know what they would do to her.

"Little bunny made a mess," someone said after she pulled her face away from Leon's rump.

She saw that Leon managed to cum from her efforts. It was then that Leon decided to piss on the floor as well.

"You know what to do, don't you?"

It was her job to clean the floor. "Can you move?" Judy asked.

Leon refused to budge so she started to crawl underneath him, dreading that task in front of her.

"She is mine," Koslov grunted. He picked her up from the floor and shoved her face in front of a wolf's butt with a plug inside.

She was grateful that Koslov had other plans.

"Good cats clean up after themselves," someone said.

"That's not fair!" Leon said.

Judy could hear that Leon had his face shoved into the puddle. She had her own task to focus on, she started removing the plug. The wolf whimpered from the rough treatment.

After a brief sniff and lick, she decided that the tailhole didn't contain Koslov's cum. It helped since she didn't like the musky scent either. "Happy now?" she said.

"Failure." Koslov lifted Judy, careful not to touch her branded spot. "Disappointing."

"I'm sorry," Judy said. She was suddenly afraid for her immediate future. "Please give me another chance."

"Barbeque rabbit."

"I can do better," Judy cried. "Don't eat me. I am your slut." She pointed to the brand on her chest. It still hurt and no one treated the wound so far. "Doesn't this mean something?"

An agonizing retch reverberated across the room. Judy turned her head to see Leon throwing up in the puddle that he hadn't finished licking. The cheetah pushed Leon's face into it. "Clean that up!"

He whimpered pitifully then proceeded to slowly lick up the mess.

"If you're going to eat her, let me have my time with her first," the wolf said. "She did agree to do anything for two hours."

"Have your fun," Koslov grumbled. He placed Judy on the ground gently.

This surprised her since she expected him to toss her roughly on the ground. It was an unexpected act of kindness that made no sense since the bear did want to eat her.

"Can you save me?" Judy asked.

"Call me Alpha," the wolf said.

"Of course, my alpha," Judy said.

"Everyone gets this wrong. That's my name, not my rank."

"Failing again," Koslov remarked. "Worthless."

"Of course, Alpha." Judy felt that Koslov was being unfair to her. She didn't know previously. Nevertheless, the wolf sounded rather angry because of her mistake. The best thing for her to do was to guess what he wanted. Since he previously deemed her not to be a waste of time back when the lion farted in her face while she was rimming him, she decided that she should offer her services without prompting. The horrid scent filled her nose as she approached his tailhole.

Before she started, someone entered the room, attracting her attention.

"Finally, what took you so long?" Chester said.

"I was busy, anyhow, I'm here for her," Sidney said. Judy turned around to see Sidney and Tasha. Tasha had flecks of brown on her nose.

Judy hoped that Sidney was going to provide her a way out of this, so she paused her efforts. "Are you here for me?" she said with disbelief.

"She's mine for two hours!" Alpha said.

"I want her now," Sidney said.

Judy breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'll give you a pass for a day at my place," Sidney said.

"I'll take it," Alpha said.

Judy glanced at Koslov briefly. However, his angry appearance caused Judy to study his body. His fur was all bristled and he clenched his teeth as if it was taking every effort not to lash out. It had a totally different feeling compared to just moments before where he was calling her worthless. Koslov stomped away without a word to anyone.

"Here." Sidney gave a large briefcase of money to Chester. He approached Judy. "Follow me."

Judy blinked and started following the otter.

"Judy, so happy that you're coming back!" Tasha exclaimed. She gave Judy a big hug. Based on how she smelled, it was evident that she had been busy rimming others. "I hope you're going to stay this time."

"Glad to see you too," Judy said. She decided that being with Sidney was safer than here. At least, back then she didn't have the chance of dying.

After they continued walking for a few steps, Sidney pushed a chloroform rag against her face. "Can't forget this."

Yesterday, Nick bid on Judy's sexual activities, today Mr. Big was supposed to free her. He waited in his mansion as soon as his shift ended, eager for the good news. Nadine was there to join him as well. It was only when there was one hour left from midnight that Mr. Big said, "She will not be joining us today."

"And why not?" Nick hissed.

"I need an extra day. She'll be here tomorrow," Mr. Big said.

"What went wrong?" Nadine asked.

"I cannot tell you. She will be here tomorrow."

"No, you will tell me," Nadine said, "or I'm going to reveal this to the ZPD. We spent three days helping you."

Nick hissed uncomfortably. He couldn't believe that Nadine would threaten Mr. Big like that.

Mr. Big paused for a long time before saying, "There wasn't a window to rescue Judy today. Tomorrow should provide a better chance."

Nick couldn't believe that Mr. Big just let them leave after that exchange. Especially since in the past Mr. Big disciplined Nadine rather harshly.

After that failed meeting, Nick went home. He waited three days already, an extra day wouldn't be too bad. It wasn't like he could save Judy on his own with their protocols in place. If he went undercover, he might have a shot, but that could easily get Judy killed.

Once again after his shift, he wandered into Mr. Big's mansion. This time he convinced Nadine to file all the paperwork for him so he could be there early in case Judy arrived.

"Where is she?" Nick said.

"She will be here before tomorrow," Mr. Big said.

"There won't be any more complications, will there?" Nick asked.

The shrew shook his head. There was a phone call for Mr. Big.

A phone call that Nick wasn't privy to hear at all since the bears escorted him out of the room. It made sense in a way since he was certain that Mr. Big still had shady dealings where it would be his job to bring him in.

He waited until the bears allowed him back inside, but that took forever.

"Bad news, Judy will not be coming here today," Mr. Big said.

"How much more time do you need?" Nick hissed. "I'll take my chances tomorrow and turn myself in." It was likely a trap, but if they honored their end of the deal, she would be free again. Even if they didn't, he would get to see her and maybe help her in some way.

Mr. Big shook his head. "They do not have Judy anymore."

"Where is she?"

Mr. Big sighed. "They ate her."

"Ate?" Nick echoed.

"I am sorry."

"I don't believe you. They said I could trade my freedom for hers in five days."

"It was always a trap. I know it's hard, Nicky."

"Is there something that you can show me?"

Mr. Big shook his head.

"How do you know? Who told you? Who was on the phone?" Nick said.

There was a prolonged period of silence. It took far too long for Mr. Big to answer. It was as if the shrew was busy thinking up how to respond as if his actions derailed the mob boss's plan. The shrew finally spoke, "Leon Lionheart was there. He was the one who ate her."

"Mayor Lionheart's son ate her?" Nick asked.


"You must be joking. Do you take me for a fool?" Nick shouted. He couldn't imagine that Mayor Lionheart's son would be the one to eat Judy.

Nadine happened to walk in during the heated exchange. She quickly used her tranquilizer gun to dart the polar bear guards.

"Nadine?" Nick asked. "What are you doing?"

"Thought you needed some help. How about a thank you?" Nadine said.

"You are misunderstanding the situation," Mr. Big said.

"Am I? Explain it to me and then I'll decide to or not to call for backup."

Slowly, both of them explained the situation to Nadine. "Well, one thing's clear. We're going to take this." She took the cell phone. "We'll be in touch. Come on, Nick, we're leaving."

"You just did that. Aren't you worried about what he's going to do to you?" Nick asked. He was amazed at what just transpired.

"And what's he going to do to me? Another sex session? He's too smart to make a move on me for that. We've plenty to do tomorrow. We're going to my place, and we're going to find Judy."

"Right," Nick said. He had to believe that Judy remained alive. Every single sign pointed to that Mr. Big was lying to him, yet he still felt some doubt that Judy might be gone. Although, without Judy there, nothing was stopping him from raiding the place. Either way, he was going to get some answers tomorrow.