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"Was everything all right?" Thomas asked with a yawn.

"No, a group of foxes nearby raped her. Is Chase up yet?"

"Didn't he die?" Judy asked.

"He dies around four times a year," Thomas said. "I called in sick already because I'm dealing with a dead roommate. Once Chase wakes up, he'll call in sick for dealing with death."

Judy was utterly confused. "So, he's asleep."

"Right now, yes. Opossums are allowed to use death as an excuse for not showing up to work once a week."

"So, I need new clothes. The ones I'm wearing are dirty, Ritchie, can you shop for me?"

"Bad idea," Thomas said. "Wait until Chase wakes up, then we'll shop for you to make it up to you. I should've been cleaning, and Chase shouldn't have died."

"I'm sorry about what happened to you, if there's anything that you need, just let me know," Ritchie said.

"Thanks," Judy replied.

She had to wait an hour for Chase to wake up. Once he did, he clarified what happened to him. Dying was a biological reaction for opossums to fear.

To her displeasure, Ritchie recounted what happened to her in its entirety to his roommates. He even included the part about how she willingly submitted to one of the foxes. Once again, he apologized for what happened to her, and to let him know if she needed anything.

There were a few hours until most of the shops closed. She gave his roommates a list of what she wanted to wear, and they went shopping for her.

Unfortunately, Ritchie kept apologizing from time to time to the point that it was aggravating. At least, he wasn't foolish enough to follow her into the bathroom. That gave her some peace and quiet as she tried to remove the permanent dye from her fur. There were only a few strands of discolored fur on her body left after she rinsed. Her voice was nearly back to normal as well.

"I hope that Nick will recognize me as the real one," Judy said when she stopped out.

At least, Ritchie didn't utter yet another apology, thus saving her sanity. "If you want to meet him, I'll drive you there."


"If there's anything else you need, just let me know."

Judy resisted the urge to scream because the raccoon wouldn't take a hint! Her patience was at an end when his roommates returned with a fresh set of clothes for her to wear. She wasn't even sure how the errand could take hours. They were similar enough to the ones that she usually wore so Nick would more easily recognize her as the real one.

"Let's go," Judy said.

Ritchie drove Judy to Nick's place with the police cruiser. She thought that she was close enough that Nick wouldn't hesitate in accepting her so that she could use her time more productively. The fox was home just as expected on Thursday night.

She rang the doorbell and waited for Nick to answer.

"Why are you here?" Nick stepped outside to greet them, not even letting them inside.

"You still don't recognize me?" Judy said.

"Not going to do this again. Going to meet everyone who still didn't drop the act on Sunday. There are consequences for impersonation. The max penalty in prison is ten years."

"And that will be a safer environment compared to a brothel. Can you keep me safe until then?"

"Is something wrong with your current arrangement?"

"No." Judy decided not to mention that she was recently raped. Considering that every rabbit had their own sob story, it would likely work against her at this moment.

"You're not going to tell him what happened today?" Ritchie said.

"Do you really think it would help?" Judy retorted. "I need him to believe me so I can access police resources and start investigating."

"What are you hiding?" Nick said.

Ritchie gave an account of what happened between her and the foxes nearby. He thankfully did leave out the one consensual sex act that she had with them. "She thought that you would believe her even less if she told you."

"Don't suppose I can talk to those foxes?" Nick said.

"I can't believe you," Judy hissed. "How can you not recognize me as the real one?"

"Good day to you, imposter. The real Judy would understand. Bet you're not brave enough to show up Sunday."

"Dumb fox, it's unfortunate that I need you. If only I didn't. Unless if they capture me again, I will be there. Bet you're going to regret losing me again. That otter will love to gloat about that."

"Otter?" Nick said.

"Sidney, the one who ran the last brothel that I was in."

"Don't suppose you know the last name?"

"No idea. Although I could think of ways to find his name, you know, need access to police resources for that."

"Keep her safe until then, Ritchie," Nick said.

"I will," the raccoon replied.

The meeting left her disappointed that Nick didn't immediately accept her. Although, her voice was still a bit off, and her fur wasn't completely back to normal yet. She was able to imagine why – her imposters must be really convincing. It made sense in a way that her comment last Sunday would hold – she had asked for a week back then.

"So, who's going to rape me next?" Judy asked once they were back in the police cruiser.

"Don't joke about that," Ritchie said.

"Oh, fine. Thanks for taking me to see him. It's only a few more days then I'll be out of your fur."

They were back home – where every house had a garbage can for an entrance. Despite living here for a few days, she never got used to that. It didn't matter that the inside was clean but entering a garbage can to enter the house felt wrong.

At least, she didn't have to use the entrance often. There wasn't much of a reason for her to leave the place – however she smelled something extremely foul upon her return.

"Gah!" she cried.

"Maybe, you should wait outside so I can clean up?" Ritchie suggested.

"How does it not bother you?"

"It does. He died again during a movie; I wager."

The scent bothered her, but still, she followed the raccoon inside. If she stayed outside, there was a non-zero chance that someone could rape her. Not that abductions on the street were common, but they still existed. She watched Ritchie take off the opossum's pants and wipe the opossum's tailhole of greenish fluid all the while the skunk was enjoying the horror movie on television.

Thomas unexpectedly hightailed it out of the house as if he had great urgency to leave. There was screaming from the mammal being eaten alive on television.

"You're just going to leave him like that?" Judy glanced at the opossum without pants.

"It's what he prefers," Ritchie said. "Does it bother you?"

'Yes, I guess I'll just spend time in a different room."

Gazing at the computer screen meant that she didn't need to look at the pantless unmoving opossum. The imposters were certainly making a public effort to claim the name Judy. Some of them went on radio shows to tell their story and complain how Nick didn't believe them.

Nick did make her mad earlier by not recognizing her, but still, she decided to apologize for how she acted earlier.

She went to find Ritchie. "Can I have your phone?" Judy asked the raccoon who was currently watching television beside an unmoving opossum.


"I'm sorry about how I acted today. I understand how hard it must be for you. See you on Sunday."

It wasn't likely that he would respond, but he might see it. She gave the cell phone back to Ritchie and continued reading the news on the computer. Although, since she wasn't expecting any danger, it made it easy for someone to sneak up on her. She didn't notice until the collar was already on.

She turned around to see Chase whispering behind her.

"You're going to do everything I say."

"What the hell?" she said.

"I can't finish watching the good horror movies and you're going to help."

"What the hell does that have to do with me? And why did you put a collar on me?" Judy figured that it was probably a shock collar, but it wouldn't do her good to be hostile just yet.

"Assurances that you'll cooperate."

"And that is?"

"Rimming me while I watch a movie."

"Fine," Judy said. She needed an opportunity to overpower the opossum. Ritchie might help her as well. With any luck, he would see her before she had to rim the opossum. Although, the opossum didn't regard her as a threat anymore or so it seemed because he let her walk so close to him.

She tried to take advantage of that by taking the remote away from him, but that earned her a nasty shock that caused her to scream.

"Judy?" Ritchie yelled in a panicky voice. "What are you doing?'

Judy was on the floor twitching, but she heard the raccoon's righteous anger.

"I was thinking that she could help me watch a horror movie," Chase said.

"Are you insane? My career is on the line."

"One that hardly won you any favors. You know what they think of you."

"I worked hard for this, and I'm starting to win them over."

"Are you going to stop me?"


Judy had some hope that she might be freed.

Chase sighed. "Guess you've changed more than I thought."

"Now, give me the remote."

"Fine, let me try one more time. This bunny is worth five hundred thousand. That's multiple years of your salary. If we sell her, you can finally move out of this place. Plus, do you really have the heart to send me to prison? I stopped paying for prostitutes just for you and look at how that turned out for you. Your career isn't going anywhere. Plus, don't you want to experience a blowjob? It would be your first time as well. You did a vivid recounting of what she did with those foxes."

Ritchie remained silent for a few seconds.

"Please don't do this," Judy begged.

"Quiet." Chase pressed the remote and she screamed.

"Don't you think that if I were the one who saved Judy Hopps that it would go somewhere? Hmm?" Ritchie said.

"Don't tell me you actually believe that. There are forty rabbits. What are the odds that she is the real one? You work twice as hard for half the recognition. Hey, Thomas, Ritchie still has doubts."

"Give him some time. Let's just watch a movie," Thomas said.

"I'm sure that if you change your mind, the rabbit will still be eternally grateful to you, so it isn't too late."

"Fine," Ritchie agreed.

"Look, I'll give you a blowjob and won't even turn you in if you let me go," Judy said to Ritchie. She wasn't going to keep that promise, but he didn't need to know that. Although her feelings were mixed if he stopped this after it formally began.

"You're going to blow him anyway if he wants it," Chase said. "Let's watch this movie. You're going to be punished if I don't see the ending."

"What does that have to do with me?"

Thomas explained what her role was – opossums routinely required assistance so they could finish watching horror movies. She had to provide enough pleasure, so Chase didn't end up playing possum. Rimming would also allow her to swallow any fluids that Chase might produce if he became catatonic which would greatly limit the unpleasant smell.

"Please let me go. I get those movies are important to him but aren't there other methods?" Judy cried, trying to appeal to their sympathy once more. "I thought you all cared."

"You knew we were poor, and you didn't tell us how much you were worth."

"There are other movie watching aids. They're just uncomfortable," Chase said. "You're worth money, and I need someone to help me watch movies."

"How should I know?" She knew that she was worth more than the amount they were selling her for at least. "Plus, you rejected an offer of ten thousand earlier."

"Because it was only ten thousand. I had no idea that you were worth five hundred thousand."

"Maybe we can wait a day?" Ritchie suggested. "Are you sure that you want to do this? Plus, we might get caught."

"He wants her tomorrow. Relax, will you? Who's going to not believe us if we said Judy ran away? The real one ran away to meet Nick leading to her first capture. Some imposters already ended their arrangements with their respective officers. No one's going to be the wiser."

And so it happened that while they were watching a movie, she had to deal with Chase sitting on her face so she could lick his tailhole.

When the movie started, Chase said, "Start licking."

She still didn't move her tongue, so he activated the shock collar which made her scream. The bitter taste and musky scent of the opossum's tailhole filled her senses. He wasn't even paying attention to her, so she slowed the pace of her licks. That earned her another nasty shock when Chase activated the remote. Her screams joined the unfortunate victims in the movie.

At least, in the past when someone abused her, she was the center of their attention. Now, no one cared, and she suffered just as much. It humiliated her that she had to keep servicing him if she didn't want painful shocks. She missed not being the center of her abuser's attention.

This went on for a rather long time, she wasn't even sure if the opossum received any pleasure from her licks, but anytime she wasn't fervent enough, she received a painful shock that made her scream. She couldn't even zone out since he required enough dedication that she had to focus. Suddenly, he clenched his ass around her tongue, trapping it inside.

From what she could hear, that seemed to be an extremely scary part of the movie. The movie had to be at its climax. When his muscles relaxed, the movie was about to end.

"Shall we watch another?"

"Please no," Judy wailed. The first movie went on for more than an hour. She could hardly imagine doing the same thing again.

Chase moved enough so that Judy took it as permission to sit on the sofa.

"I'd like a blowjob now." Ritchie was extremely nervous.

"You're going to give him one, aren't you?" Chase said.

"As if I have a choice." Judy was miserable.

"O-okay, just like how you gave one to the foxes," Ritchie said.

"Why are you forcing yourself through this? Arrest them."

The opossum activated her collar again, shocking her. "Get to it."

Judy was on her knees waiting while the raccoon took his time in undressing. From how he moved, she could see that he was reluctant, yet he was still going through the motions. Soon enough, he had his dick in front of her nose.

"You even saved me earlier, why do this?" she cried.

That earned her another shock from the opossum.

"Shock her again, and I'm arresting you," Ritchie said.

"Fine." Chase tossed him the remote. "You can do it then."

"Look, please don't make me do this," Judy pleaded since she felt like it was working.

"Why don't we watch another movie?" Ritchie suggested.

His casual suggestion made her a lot more willing since she didn't want to spend another hour under the opossum's tailhole.

"I would be happy to give you a blowjob." Judy put on her best fake smile.

"O-okay then."

Judy started sniffing his balls. She inhaled his musky scent – everyone's was slightly different. He moaned from pleasure when she started sucking them. However, once she moved to his cock he said, "Get back there." His voice was shaky and lacking any authority.

His wish was her command, so she resumed playing with his balls. He shot his seed across her back.

"Really, you wanted that to be your first time?" Chase said with disapproval.

"Don't judge me. Let's watch The Tell-Tale Heart next," Ritchie suggested.

Again, Judy had to take her position as an opossum's tailhole licker. "Please, I need a break," Judy begged. "Maybe a few hours?"

"We could spend the rest of the day shocking you," Thomas said. "Would you like that instead?"

Her captors were less than understanding, so she had to experience another session like the first. At least, this time she didn't receive any shocks while the movie was on. However, when she heard an extremely loud heartbeat, a particularly foul fluid flowed into her mouth. She couldn't really see what it was and her struggles to break free proved fruitless. In the end, she swallowed since it was better than letting it remain in her mouth.

"He died because of you," Thomas said.

"How's that my fault?" Judy said.

"Not enough pleasure so he got frightened out of mind. You don't care about others. It's an ability his species has, but it doesn't make it any less traumatic. I'm going to teach you a lesson."

Thomas had her lie on the floor while he sat on top of her face.

"If you know that's good for you, swallow everything."

"Please no," Judy imagined the worst. One of the kinks that she outright abhorred. "Ritchie? Help please?"

If her ears were correct, the raccoon left the room. Reality had a way of disappointing her. The worst was even worse than the kink that she imagined. The skunk activated the collar to make her scream then marked the inside of her mouth with his spray.

As soon as she was able to move, she tried to spit the foul concoction out. Skunks had a reputation of marking things and now all that was inside her mouth. She doubted that eating tomatoes would help in any capacity. Eventually, she gave in since the skunk sealed off her nose and clamped her muzzle shut.

"Do you need another lesson? Dying is just as unpleasant for him."

She spent the next few minutes futilely heaving since her stomach was in pain. Nothing would come out of her mouth despite her efforts to throw up. The taste of a skunk's marking was permanently seared into her brain. Joining the list of unpleasant things that she would always remember. Every time she said something, she would smell her breath.

After Chase returned from the dead, he wanted to watch the same movie again. Ritchie came back from whatever he was doing. She became much more focused in her job of assisting the opossum in watching a horror movie. The desire to avoid another mouthful of opossum death fluid further spurred her on. This time, she didn't fail in her task.

"Look at the time, I think it's time to sell her," Chase said. It was morning now.

Thomas remained home while Ritchie and Chase escorted Judy into the car. She looked for moments to escape but didn't find any. They even left Zootopia and drove into the woods. Even after they parked, they walked some distance.

"Maybe we should keep her?" Ritchie said nervously.

"And miss the money?" Chase said. "Not much further."

Sure, she tried to run a few times, but painful shocks put an end to that. Eventually, they got to the designated meeting spot where she saw Sidney again. She hadn't imagined that the otter would be here. There were two panther guards.

Chase led her outside to greet the otter.

"You!" Judy raged. Even now, she winced when she got a whiff of her breath.

"Aww, you don't miss me?" the otter said.

"Of course not!"

"What's your name?" Sidney asked the raccoon. "Didn't expect to see you here."


"Showing up in uniform, not in a police car. Hmm." Sidney rubbed his chin. "So, here's the money." He gave the raccoon the briefcase. "Glad to play with you again, Judy."

"Let me go!" Judy yelled.

"Do you want to return with them?"


Sidney laughed. "Take him."

"Huh?" Chase said.

Panthers arrived behind them and tackled the opossum to the ground.

"That wasn't part of the deal!" Chase protested.

"Don't think you're in any position to protest." Sidney laughed at the struggling opossum. "Glad to do business with you, Officer Ringtail."

"Let him go," Ritchie said.

Judy noted that Ritchie never told him that detail. Yet he knew the raccoon's last name already.

"Well, you have a few friends that can help with that, do you not? If you're not going to call your friends, I suggest you leave."

Ritchie slowly walked back towards where they came from. He had a cell phone on him but didn't call anyone as far as she could see before he walked out of sight.

"What are your plans for him?" Judy asked,

"You mean, what are your plans for him," Sidney said.

It was only then the otter held a chloroform rag in front of Judy's nose till she succumbed to unconsciousness.

The problem with being on a team was that he had a team. Nick didn't get to do what he wanted most because it wasn't the best use of resources. As much as he wanted to question Sasha herself, someone else had that task and he didn't feel right to insist that it would be his. That was even if they could locate the rabbit in the first place. There were a lot of hospitals in Zootopia, and they had no address.

He was doing something productive, yet it felt like a waste of time because it wasn't what he wanted right now. They were going to arrest a panther for his role of bribing someone to be Judy Hopps. The police department was doing everything it can to eliminate the imposters. If he was lucky, by Sunday, there would only be the real Judy left.

They stopped in front of a treehouse that didn't look well maintained. It was leafless just like the other trees on the block. "ZPD! Open up!" Nadine yelled.

"Coming." A panther named Leonardo came to greet them. "I guess you're here because I bribed someone to be Judy Hopps. Guilty as charged, lock me up for a few months.


"Don't mind doing good deeds and receiving cheaper medical treatment."

"Good deeds?" Nick echoed. He hadn't seen someone so eager to go to prison yet.

"Someone gave me money. I gave it to someone else that needed it."

"Someone is suffering because of your actions."

"Unfortunate, you'll find all the details at this website address. They found my email somehow, so I went with it. Didn't receive any more information, didn't care. Got the money, gave it to someone in need along with their set of instructions."

"Don't you see something wrong?" Nadine asked.

"No, I don't see anything wrong with lending a paw to someone in need. Anyhow, send me off to prison. Guilty as charged. Put paws around my cuffs and take me away."

"Is there something that you can do to help us find Judy Hopps?"

"Unfortunately, no."

He made progress yet he still felt empty. He was closer to finding Judy which he knew was among them thanks to Mr. Big. They took the panther to the station and had other mammals to bring in.

By the end of the day's work, only thirty viable Judys remained. The rest were ruled out but still received protected status since they might be runaway sex slaves. Nadine sent him an update on what her charge was doing – how she seemed more like the real Judy. Although, that wasn't the only one. Some had persuaded their respective officers to let them go on radio shows, and they used that to try to convince him. Some dared to appear on television networks.

It wasn't that he sought the content out, but they had a way of finding him. Some had quite lewd suggestions on what they wanted to do with him. All this culminated in him imagining himself in those positions with a rabbit taking care of his needs. To make matters worse, one of the Judys dared to stop by his house, and this one refused to admit that she was a fake even when he labeled her as one.

She was the same one who suggested that he should cancel the "who is the real Judy Hopps" meetings. Initially, he entertained that she was the real Judy, despite saying that he would deal with the issue later. He did imagine how much he would enjoy having sex with her, imagining her in detailed fantasies that the other rabbits had. Although, that illusion didn't last long. He was nearly certain that rabbit was an imposter when he made her leave. Yet he was certain that Officer Ringtail was telling the truth about her being raped by the foxes nearby.

The thoughts wouldn't leave him alone even while after she left. He decided that he did want to have sex with a rabbit – just some quick fling to get rid of his pent-up frustrations. It was too late to do anything about it now, so he had to wait until tomorrow.

The next day, he learned that the doe suspected to be Sasha made less than revealing statements about what happened to her. It was plausible enough, so the interrogating officer left her alone. Not satisfied with that answer, he went there personally despite Chief Bogo being against it, but he didn't stop him.

Nick and Nadine spent most of the day waiting for Sasha to wake. Once, she woke up, the doe repeated the same statements that she told the previous officer. How it was a kinky play that went slightly too far, and how she forgot to use the safe word. Who was he to accuse the doe about lying without any evidence? And he could hardly imagine a kink like this.

If there was any animosity between the rabbit and the panther that brought her in, he didn't see it.

Chief Bogo was less than happy at the turn of events because there was nothing productive done. At least, the rest of the force had considerable progress – there were only twenty viable Judys left.

After Nick parted ways with Nadine, he stopped by Mystic Springs Oasis in Sahara Square. If anyone knew how to take care of his problem, Yax did. It didn't feel right to call up a simple prostitute, and the fact that someone might be a sex slave made it even less appealing.

"Can you help me with something, Yax?" Nick said.

"Oh, certainly."

"Can we talk somewhere private?"

Nick was grateful that Yax led him to a place where no one should be able to hear. A soundproof room that he even demonstrated how it worked by screaming inside.

"Not everyone's as comfortable with activities like these. And we do get certain requests from time to time. You can speak your mind here. There's no need to hide from your urges. It's normal and healthy to express them."

"So, since you run this place, do you know where I might be able to have sex with a rabbit?" Nick knew where he could find illegally operating brothels, but it wasn't the same. The fact that it was illegal was a minor note since he was certain that he could be discreet. Even then, brazenly breaking the law for this just felt wrong.

"Sure, check out Deviant Springs Oasis in the Canals ran by my friend Zax. Government certification. Good reputation. Discount by being a member here too."

"Thank you," Nick said. "Are you sure there won't be any problems?"

"It'll be fine. You're not the first nor the only one."

Nick went home after his shameful detour. He had a few things that he wanted to try with a rabbit. With any luck, no one would even know that he was there. Yax was a trusted friend, it wasn't illegal, and he would enjoy himself. He read and heard too many detailed sexual fantasies as of late.