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This day just got much worse. The next customer that walked in was a well-dressed rabbit.  Judy hated rabbits since they were the one species that could get her pregnant.  She gave them special treatment usually by giving them humiliating or painful ideas so they wouldn’t try to impregnate her.  A few went ahead with their plans regardless and nothing came of it, but it was no less frightening.

All she could smell and taste was bear cum that she didn’t dare swallow. Sometimes she got the opportunity to clean up after lunch, but that was only a maybe dependent on the whims of her tormentors.

“Suck me off, bitch,” the rabbit sneered.

Judy opened her mouth and pointed to it.  She couldn’t really talk without spilling what was in her mouth. After the rabbit got a good look, she closed it once more.

“Oh, let’s see what else we can do.” The rabbit scanned the room. “Oh, this should be fun.” He took a candle from the shelf. “Lie down.”

She laid on the floor as instructed.

The rabbit lit the candle. “Let’s see you keep all that in your mouth.” He grinned cruelly.

There were no refills this time if she messed up. The candle was also looming above her face, making her afraid that there might be permanent damage. If a single drop got in her eye, she might end up blind.  She closed her eyes and waited for the pain.

“Open your eyes.”

The wax fell on her nose, and she wanted to scream, but she couldn’t. It took all her resolve not to spill the bear’s gift.

“Not bad.” He moved the candle above her left eye.

She shut her eyes on instinct, hoping that it would protect her.

“Close your eyes again and I’ll blind you.”

Her captors might not allow this form of play, but it wasn’t like she could do something to stop him. He went further than her previous abusers. A drop fell from the candle and just landed right above her left eye. The second drop was harder than the first, she wanted to scream since it was very painful.

“Impressive.” The rabbit moved the candle above her right eye. Another drop of wax landed just above. She didn’t think that she could maintain her stance for another drop. “Not bad. Let’s do something else.”

She was scared, but so was he based on how his paw trembled. The consequences for him damaging her likely wouldn’t end well. It was a huge relief when the rabbit put the candle away.  He did walk back to her with nothing in his paws. “Let’s get this over with.” He positioned his cock in front of her pussy.

She struggled between deciding to swallow and pleading for anything else or letting him shoot his cum into her pussy.  He wasted no time, and the deed was done.

“Here’s some extra, whore.” He tossed her a fifty-dollar bill and walked out of the room.

She tried to claw his sperm out of her body futilely, hoping that she could get most of it before the next customer arrived.  It wasn’t very effective, but it kept her occupied.   The few globs of sperm she did get, she wiped her claws on the floor. 

When she heard the sound of footsteps, she sat on the floor and waited for the customer to arrive. Apparently, more time passed than she realized since it was Talon and he had a plate of carrots. She was unsure if that was the panther’s real name or a title. He earned a special place in her memory because he always made her feeding sessions disgusting compared to the other staff.   His first act was to throw the carrots on the stained areas of the floor. It was time for lunch which she couldn’t eat due to the cum in her mouth.  She stood up and opened her mouth, trying to convey that it was an issue.

Talon laughed. “This is too funny. Don’t know what they did to you. I’ll be back. Thanks for the money. You’re the best assignment.” He pocketed the fifty-dollar bill and walked away.

She wasn’t sure if she wanted him to return since right now, she couldn’t eat and he had something devious planned. Time slowly passed while she waited for someone to enter. The panther came back with a cum-stained pet bowl filled with some broccoli.

She recognized the name. “Grace.” Grace was one of the first streamers to go missing. Her captors gave her some valuable information unknowingly.  That rabbit had to be alive still.

“Be creative.” Talon placed the bowl on the ground.  “You do need to eat all your greens or something worse might happen.”

There was only one way to do that, she spat the mixture in her mouth into the bowl.  She moved her paws to the bowl to fish out the broccoli but the panther reprimanded her. 

“Use your mouth.”

It was unwise, but she tried explaining her reason to the panther. “I can’t. I need to show the cum to him tomorrow or he will rip off my paw.”

“What are you willing to do so I don’t take this away?”  He put his paw in front of her mouth when she was about to reply. “Entertain me first by eating your carrots and cleaning up the messes you’ve made. Then, we’ll talk.”

She went to the carrot that landed in some dried cum and moved it towards her mouth.

“Not like that. The carrot needs some honey first.”

“Honey?” She didn’t see any honey nearby. The panther was unpredictable with his commands.

“Let me help, stupid rabbit.” He took the carrot and shoved it in her pussy. “I trust you’re smart enough to do the rest?”

From the way, the panther phrased that, she wanted to scream in frustration. It gave her an idea to hopefully dislodge some of the sperm the rabbit shot in her earlier. She fucked herself with the carrot, hoping to see some of it. The panther was pawing himself off.  Eventually, the panther shot his cum on the floor.

After a minute, he started the process again.  She was still fucking herself with that one carrot.

“You could just beg for my cum you know,” Talon said after he shot two loads on the floor. “You must love the taste.”

She realized that Talon wasn’t going to instruct her to eat the carrot. The room would keep getting worse as time went on. There was a sense of urgency so she brought the unappetizing carrot to her mouth and ate it in a few bites.

There were two more carrots on the floor, so she repeated the process although, this time she just briefly inserted it into her cunt then quickly pulled it out. 

“How terribly inconsiderate of me. You must not like the flavor after all.”

She wanted to lash out. If she tried, she probably stood a good chance against him.

“Rub the carrot in that, and see if it improves the taste.” He pointed to the recent patch of his cum.

She certainly tried to smile and show an act of how good the carrot was when she chewed it up but it seemed insufficient.  He shot another load on the floor while imagining how much she suffered.

“You don’t seem to like that either. What a picky eater you are.”

Only one carrot remained, and she hoped Talon didn’t have any more wicked requests.  She brought the carrot to her mouth.

“What kind of a host would I be if I let you eat that? I suppose you do need the skills of an expert chef.” He took the carrot and started fucking her. 

“Ow,” she said reflexively.

“Sorry, it’s my first time.”

She didn’t know if that was genuine concern or sarcasm.

He slowed the pace making it slightly pleasurable. Every so often, he inspected the carrot then inserted it back in. Once it was sufficient, he took the carrot and jammed it in her ass.

“Ahh!” she yelled from the surprise.

“Carrots take time to cook. You can clean the room.”

She received enemas on a somewhat regular basis, so she hoped the carrot wouldn’t be dirty. He moved up on the scale of repulsiveness. Cleaning the room wasn’t easy, and she did push the carrot out while licking the first patch of dried bear cum.

Talon took the carrot and jammed it in again.  “I’ll need to help you, it seems.” This time, he held the carrot in place.  “Keep cleaning.”

It was an odd sensation trying to continually push out the carrot held in place by the panther’s paw. She proceeded as best as she could with the tasks. There were stains of bear cum and rabbit cum as well as fresh panther cum for her to consume.

Despite the months of doing this, the taste of cum never became something that she liked. It became easier to force herself to consume the substance. She licked the floor because it was her place.  Her teeth had to scrape the floor to clean up the stains of bear cum.

“Good girl.” Talon rubbed his paw between her ears.

There was slightly fresher rabbit cum for her to consume – the globs she clawed out of her pussy. Her tongue made quick work of those. The panther's cum remained.

“Not so fast.”

What now? She didn’t dare voice her complaint.

“You’ve earned the privilege of wearing my cum on your nose. It smells so much better than the horrid scent of bear cum.  If you perform well, I’ll even let you wear something directly from the tap.”

“Thank you for being so kind.” She tried to keep the sarcasm out of her voice.  At least, she didn’t have to smile since he was still keeping that carrot in her ass. 

She rubbed her nose in the drying patch of cum.  It made her rage that Talon was right. The scent was slightly better than bear cum.

“Continue cleaning.” Talon started thrusting the carrot in and out of her ass.

“Hey!” she complained.

“Don’t want the carrots overdone.”

It was harder to lick the floor clean to the panther’s satisfaction with that going on. She tried her best. At least, he didn’t utter any more commands when she moved on to the other two patches.

“Very good girl.  The room is spotless.”

“Is the carrot ready yet?” She wanted that out of her ass.

“Let me go get you a treat. You deserve it for cleaning the room so well.  I hope I can trust you to keep the carrot in the oven while I’m gone. We might need to start again if mess up.”  Talon zipped up his pants and walked out of the room.

Judy understood the implied threat and sat on the floor. She really wanted the carrot gone. It was uncomfortable. It didn’t take too long for the panther to return with a juicer and a lemon.

“You must be thirsty. Thought I’d make you some lemonade myself.”

“Thank you.” Judy watched him turn the lemon into lemonade.


A bit sour, but it was at least something normal.

“Stand up.”  He inspected her ass and saw that the carrot was still inside.  “It looks ready.”

She knew her next test.

He pulled it out of her ass and rested the tip on her nose.

It smelled as good as she thought it would.  At least, it didn’t look dirty. She opened her mouth and waited for the panther to feed it to her. Talon inserted part of the carrot in her mouth which she bit off and chewed. Her eye twitched from the taste.  One of the worst things she had ever eaten and knowing where it had been didn’t help.

“It takes a while to get used to the taste. The next part will be better, trust me.”

She wanted to rip his tongue out, but she didn’t even complain. Instead, she opened her mouth obediently.

The next part was just as repulsive as the first. 

“Third time’s the charm as they always say.”

She finished the carrot, and the final part was better since it hadn’t been inside her ass. “You were right.”

“We still have broccoli left.” Talon drew her attention to the bowl. The semen was drying since it had been in the bowl for so long. She had to remoisturize it soon.

Once again, she reached into the bowl for the broccoli.  The first one certainly didn’t taste good and made her grimace.

“You’ve been such a good girl. It would be horrible to ask you to eat it like that.” He unzipped his pants and pointed his dick to the bowl.

“No!” she shouted. She realized she was in trouble for protesting when the panther shot her a glare.  The panther also took their game further than ever before. “I don’t want to lose my paw.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure he won’t notice a difference. Bears are stupid.” Talon urinated into the bowl. “Your broccoli should taste better now.”

Her instincts wanted her to overpower the panther and turn him into a slave.  She fished for the remaining pieces of broccoli and tried not to grimace when she ate it. It had the worst scent and taste out of all the unpleasant ones.

Talon seemed to enjoy her suffering even though his words suggested otherwise. “That bear is really heartless. I’m sorry you had to go through all that. They might be strong, but they’re stupid.  Stay safe, and I’ll see you again.”

He walked out of the room since he finished feeding her. It seemed like she wasn’t getting a shower after lunch today.

Since the taste of piss was repulsive, she tried to do what she did just before – holding the vile mixture in her mouth since it’s what Koslov expected. During the first attempt, she spat the mixture back into the bowl. Worst of all, she didn’t know if it would even help her keep her paw.  Adding to her worries, she wasn’t sure if it would be dry by the time the bear returned.

There was still time to practice before his return, in between her sessions with customers.