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It all started when there was a string of disappearances involving streamers on OnlyBunny. The popular Bunnyburrow-sponsored platform that only allowed rabbits to create an account. During the investigation, Nick discovered this was a lucrative way of making money, and he wanted in. Chief Bogo threw his support behind the stunt after Nick found enough willing participants.

The plan was for Nick and Finnick to get it on with one of her siblings providing an account since she refused. Judy was one of the many officers on their protective detail. Throughout the stream, she became jealous and partook in the activities.

Chief Bogo was kind enough to provide a set of guards for her given her unexpected participation. McHorn and Delgato betrayed her, and she ended up as a sex slave. She would never forget that rhino's grin when he tranquilized her.

A few months passed since her captivity and her hopes were dwindling. Every single day they asked her to perform sexual acts, and today was no different. Although, it was the first time that she recognized someone. She was wearing a revealing pink outfit as mandated by the crime boss.

Koslov was standing in front of her, and he was naked. He pointed to his dick. "Suck."

"Please get me out of here," Judy cried. The first time a client tried to bring her outside, she dashed for freedom when she thought it was safe to do so. She recognized the outdoors as the Rainforest District. Not only did she not get far, but they also showed her what would happen if she tried again. They escorted a rabbit in front of her and amputated a limb every single week until she died. Even in the rabbit's disfigured state, she still had to service clients. When other clients took her outside, she didn't dare try again since they emphasized that she would live. Although given Koslov's connections, she dared to beg. "I'm sure Fru Fru will be happy."


"No." She knocked his member away. It was one thing to service random mammals that she didn't know, another to service someone that she did.

Koslov lifted the disobedient rabbit and held her ear in his mouth. "Be a good pet, or lose an ear." His teeth grazed her ear, enough to draw blood. He had to pervert the term pet too. The mammals who used in the past generally treated her slightly better than average.

She cried and nodded.

He was both the first bear and the first polar bear as the first mammal that she knew.

Slowly, she moved her tongue towards the tip of his cock. The taste had its unique way of being unpleasant. It was different enough from the other mammals she serviced before.

Although, he suddenly withdrew and shoved his balls into her face. "Sniff and rub your nose."

She was avoiding that command, thinking that he couldn't tell regardless. She did rub her nose around his balls, however.

"Louder or lose an arm. Your choice, pet."

There was no way of avoiding that dreaded task now. He had to use the term pet again, twisting the things that she came to associate with that word. She tried her best to placate the bear even though the scent made her eyes water.

"Please, tell me is Nick okay?" She had a burning question on her mind ever since her captivity. There was some chance that he knew what he was doing. It was unlikely that he would reply, but she didn't have anything to lose by asking.

"Safe, alive. Depressed busy fox. Continue."

The knowledge that Nick was safe and alive rekindled her resolve to survive. It gave her a slight hope that he might one day find a way to save her. Even though she had been here for a few months. Chief Bogo was no doubt obstructing the investigation.

Her nose was getting sore from all the rubbing she forced herself to do. It didn't help that she had to sniff audibly every so often to satisfy the bear. He retreated before her breaking point.

There was no time for her to cry, he had another command for her. "Lick, now." His member was in front of her mouth again.

Once again, she obeyed the bear as best as she could. She lapsed into a routine of just obeying since it made the experience slightly more bearable. The sessions were always videotaped and the owner would punish her for anything he deemed an infraction.

The only consolation was that he was aroused and it shouldn't be too long until he climaxed. He didn't insist on deepthroating her and she wasn't sure if she would survive. He started moaning from her ministrations instead of towering over her with passive indifference.

"Mouth open. Don't swallow."

Judy knew what was coming next. Bear cum landed on her tongue filling her mouth with the pungent taste. Swallowing would be preferable to letting it remain in her mouth.

"Undress. All fours." Koslov retrieved a nearby paddle.

She removed her outfit as seductively as possible while taking extreme care not to swallow the load of sperm in her mouth. Since she knew what was coming, she tried to prolong the undressing part.

Koslov swung the paddle at her butt. "One."

In the past, she always cried out when this happened, but she couldn't this time. Not with Koslov's sacred gift on her tongue. A few moments passed and he swung again. "Two."

The fourth swing caused her to spill some of the cum on the ground.

"Rub your nose. Don't swallow." Koslov pointed to the mess on the floor.

It was simply degrading, following his commands. She had been holding his load in her mouth for ten minutes by now. She rubbed her nose against the floor because she was too afraid to disobey. After some time, she pointed to her mouth, hoping that he would understand that she was begging for permission to swallow.

"Stand up. Mouth open."

Judy thought she might finally receive the command to swallow. Unfortunately, she was mistaken.

Koslov blew his nose into her mouth and hocked a glob of spit. This disgusted her more than the cum that was already in her mouth. "Don't swallow. We try again. All fours."

Once again, Koslov started spanking her again. This time even though her resolve was stronger, she faltered by the third smack.

He looked at her expectantly, and she knew what he wanted and rubbed her nose into the cum of her own volition this time. After a few minutes of that, he gave her another command.

"Mouth open."

This time he used his paws to pleasure himself until shot his load right into her cum-filled mouth.

"Show me tomorrow or lose paw."

He walked out of the room, leaving her alone.

She had no idea how to fulfill this request since there were other clients before his next visit. The thought of just not swallowing or spitting out that offensive concoction was challenging enough on its own.