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Teenage crush - Hermione Granger AU

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She stood at the doorway and watched him; his head thrown back as he laughed heartily at something his father James had said. He was every girl’s teenage dream, fit, athletic, smart, downright dreamy with those bedroom eyes dipped in emerald pools and that windswept hair.

Everyone knew the Gryffindor Head Boy was a romantic at heart and was single, choosing to focus on his studies. He had great ambition, much like herself. Everything he did, everything he said had an effect on her, he mesmerized her. She wanted him, craved him even. She wanted to have a whirlwind romance with him, like in those trashy novels she read when she was alone. She wanted to be owned by him, taken against the wall, in a broom closet, the love seat in the Gryffindor common room but most of all she wanted to be the first on his bed in his ancestry home. She wanted him to be her first and only.
But fantasy is completely different from the realm of the living, she was younger than him, two years to be exact. She was Jasmine's best friend, his younger sister and by association, she was his little sister.

They Potter’s loved her like their own and she reciprocated the sentiment. Lily had taken her under her wing as her magical guardian. Her parents also loved the Potter’s, the fact that Lily was a Muggleborn made them more relatable. Jasmine and Hermione were always joined at the hip so, it made perfect sense that they would spend time at each other’s home.

Then puberty hit, she and Jasmine always humored each other with ‘what if’s’ Jasmine admitted she had crushed on the Cormac McClaggen and Hermione had almost fainted at the confession. Cormac was a notorious lady’s man and it was no secret that Harry and many other Gryffindor’s disliked him. When it was her turn, she didn’t know how to divulge that she had developed a major crush on her brother.


‘I’ve seen you looking at him you know; when you think no one else is looking. I understand, what’s not to like?’ she smirked and she was stunned. ‘I can explain’ she stammered.

‘Oh, come on, he’s my brother. He’s a great guy, everyone has a crush on him’ She blushed and nodded.

‘It’s a pity really, if you were serious about him, I know my parents would be ecstatic to officially have you be a Potter’ Jasmine smirked and she turned an even darker shade of red.

‘If you’re worried about me and our friendship, don’t stress. Nothing will ever happen! You have my permission to be with Harry, in fact, I’ll even help you.’
It was subtle, skanky bikinis at the pool when their parents were out of town and Harry was home with his friends. It caught his attention alright, he stared at her intensely that day. His expression unreadable and she considered it a victory.

They were coerced into a game of pool volleyball, as the Potter’s were very much in-tuned with Lily’s muggle roots. She was on his team and couldn’t help shudder under his intense gaze. They played wildly and she was downright hopeless and it didn’t help that he was constantly brushing against her. It was that last serve of the game and they needed the point to win, he served, the ball stayed up for a while before Ron spiked the ball and it went hurtling towards her. In her state of shock, she stuck her arms out and the ball ricocheted off her arms and Harry leapt up and spiked the ball over the net, landing in the water, earning them the victory. In a rush of pure adrenaline, he had hoisted her onto his shoulders and laughed. She had been in heaven for those few minutes and couldn't help wishing would turn his head and nuzzle her heat. She brushed her fingers on his lips as he lowered her into the water, they had felt so soft and malleable. Since then, she had dreamt of his lips doing wondrous thing to her body.


She always had eyes for him, but things started to change, towards the first part of the second half of her fourth year (and his sixth), Hogwarts had been buzzing with news of Harry going on a Hogsmeade date with Cho Chang. She was heartbroken! They had grown close and they had always gone to Hogsmeade together, as a unit anyways. Jasmine was furious with him because she hated Cho, she was the Ravenclaw seeker and resident ice queen. She had comforted her and had the bright idea to make him jealous. She was tired of the games and decided to finally accept reality, she would never be with Harry.

After what felt like a break-up, she was coincidently asked out to Hogsmeade by Matthew Longbottom, Neville’s younger brother. She was reluctant but Jasmin had all but forced her to. Their mutual best friend Caelum Black invited Jasmine and then she had the wonderfully bright idea to double date.

Matt was great, sweet and attentive but something was amiss. She didn’t know what it was but she went on anyway. Jasmine and Caelum hit it off immediately, Caelum’s was the son of Sirius Black and Amelia Bones-Black. She knew that their parents would love this development.

They were on their way to Zonko’s and ran into Cho and an irate Harry. He glared at them all and clenched his teeth when his eyes landed on her and Matt.

‘Hey big brother, isn’t it a great that Hermione and I on our first dates’ she asked in a sickeningly sweet, tooth rotting voice. His voice turned cold, ‘wonderful’ he spat. Cho had reached for his hand but he pulled his hand away, as if burnt. She smiled when Matt nudged her and pointed towards the door, they excused themselves.

They later met their parents at the Hogshead pub, it was less busy and they could have some privacy. She introduced Matt to her parents and her father was ready to have an aneurysm. Matt and Hermione convinced him that they were just friends and the elder Granger was somewhat pacified.

They enjoyed lunch when James entered and plonked down beside them. ‘I ran into Harry, he’s in a right mood. He was with that Claw but it seemed as if he wanted to be anywhere else’ James said to his wife as he busied himself with his steak.

She and Matt had gotten on well, not to go on another date but enough to be friends, it was a pity that it didn’t filter down to the rest of the school. Harry on the other hand had steered clear of Cho, word got out that she had apparently blackmailed him to be her boyfriend. No one knew what she had blackmailed him with, but it had died down by the end of the term. Harry was back to his usual self except now he hardly interacted with them. He hardly paid her any mind anymore and it hurt. Her crush on him slowly dwindled.

She was fifteen now, in her fifth year and staring at him, lusting after him, an adult. She thought about love potion, but it was morbid, she couldn’t do that to him. She wasn’t sure if she ever should act on it. Those fantasies of them would only ever be that, a fucking fantasy. She headed home for her few days before school.
Her parents had gone to work for an emergency. Her parents had given her money for take-out and promised to be home as soon as they could and with that, she was alone. She missed the liveliness of Potter Manor and she missed Jasmine already.

She made her way to the the bathroom for a quick shower. She stripped off her sundress and panties and slipped under the hot shower. She hummed orgasmically as the hot water loosened her muscles. She was unaware that there was another presence in the bathroom, devouring the sight.

He was methodically stripping off his clothes, staring darkly at over her figure. He gripped his cock, stroking gently as he watched her hands run over her b cups.

Unable to withstand anymore, he silently slid opened the shower door and kissed her neck from behind. She froze, she almost screamed but she caught a wiff of his scent, she that scent, the magic, all too familiar. It was too good to be true.

‘You’re not surprised’ his voice husky, she never heard him speak like that way.

‘I... Your magic, I can feel it’ she whimpered as his hand caressed her nipples.

‘You feel if too. Merlin, Hermione, your magic has been driving me crazy; I can’t stop thinking about you. I thought I would get through this year and get over this infatuation if have for you, but you had to go and make yourself irresistible’ he continued to tug on her nipples while the other hand caressed her mound. Her breathe caught in her throat as he spoke.

‘Harry’ she moaned his name and he groaned, his cock hardening as his name fell from her lips.

‘Oh Hermione, do you want me?’ he ground his cock on her round arse.

‘Yes Harry’ she whimpered.

‘I can’t have you just once Hermione, once I taste you, I won’t be able to stop’ she gasped when his finger grazed her nub.

‘I don’t want you too stop’ she breathlessly whispered. He pulled his hand away and looked deep into her eyes.

‘What about Matt?’

‘He’s just my friend, I don’t like him like that.’

‘What? All this time. Please be sure Hermione, you’re younger than me. I don’t want you to regret this.’

‘I am sure Harry; I’ve had a huge crush on you ever since I met you. I’ve been trying to get your attention for ages and when you went out with Cho, I…..’ she trailed off. His eyes softened and he lifted her chin.

‘She found a picture in my textbook that she nicked. A picture of you and me from last summer. She caught me wanking in the locker room and it was your name that I called out, she wanted to report me to Dumbledore. I agreed to take her out and then I obliviated her. She remembers nothing’ his eyes darkened as he recollected that horrible memory. Hermione’s jaw dropped; she couldn’t believe he had spoke so openly about this and that she wasn't floundering like the giggling girl she was on the inside.

‘Once we start this, it will have to be a secret until you graduate. You are not of age and it would be highly inappropriate of me as Head boy. Plus, I doubt your parents will allow you anywhere near Potter Manor if they know what we are doing’ he explained as if he had thought about this for ages.

‘What exactly are we starting, Harry?’

‘You are mine, Hermione. My girlfriend, my intended, my lover. Whatever label you want to give us’ he smiled. She looked up into his eyes, was dwarfed by him. She couldn't believe that her dreams were coming true.

‘I want you to be mine in everything, Harry’ she bit her lip and his eyes darkened. He turned off the water and apparated her into her bedroom.

‘Your parents?’ he asked.

‘Are away on an emergency’ she said nervously as she looked at his erect cock. She didn’t have time to dwell on the size as he swooped in and kissed her hard.

He picked her up and placed her on the bed, placing kisses down her neck. She had fantasied about this so many times, but nothing compared to the real thing

He suckled her tits hungrily, he didn’t want to wait any longer, he needed to be in her. He moved to her cunt and almost whimpered at the site.

‘I’ve been dreaming of this, Hermione, your pussy in my mouth’ he moaned as he licked her. She was in ecstasy as he ate her pussy. She gripped his hair egging him on.

He pulled on her clit and slipped his finger into her wet heat. He slipped in a second and worked her into her first orgasm. He licked he cunt and without stopping his fingers, he brought her to a second orgasm.

He sat back on is haunches and watched her pant hard.

He nudged her legs further apart and rubbed his cock in her folds. He looked deep into her eyes and saw what he needed, ‘I love you, Hermione Jane Granger’ he whispered as he sank into her, shredding her innocence.

She cried at the intrusion and Harry held her in place and gently kissed away her tears.

He moved gently, with barely there thrusts. Her hips moved with him and he knew that she was ready.

His tip kissed her cervix with every move, his cock was so big in her cunt that it hit all the right spots with each stroke.

‘Come on Hermione, talk to me’ he panted and she cried out when he gave her a particularly hard thrust.

‘oh Harry, you’re so big in me. It feels like you split me in half’ she panted each word.

‘That’s right Hermione, your pussy is mine now. I should fuck you until my seed spills from your cunt, fuck you until you’re pregnant with our baby. Tell the world that you’re mine’ he hissed as he pounded into her. She clawed his back as he hammered into her.

‘Do you want me Hermione? Do you want me to fuck a baby into you?’ he demanded and she cried out yes,
He rubbed her clit furiously as they both fell over the edge and Harry spilled his seed into her welcoming womb. They panted heavily as Harry crushed her with his weight, she didn’t mind, it was a comfortable feeling.

‘Did you mean it?’ she asked after he rolled over and pulled her to him. He had her rest on him, her legs on either side of him. She could hear his heartbeat.

‘Mean what?’ he asked as he caressed her back, smiling in content.

‘That you loved me.’

‘I did. Does it bother you? I know what I feel for you Hermione, it’s been there for years. It’s not a passing fancy. I was furious when I saw you with Matt, he was taking you away from me’ he admitted and she smiled and kissed his chest over his heart.

‘No, it doesn’t, I love you too Harry’ she kissed him.

They kissed and Harry slipped into her and he gently rocked into her pussy, languidly. He held her in place and thrust into her, enjoying her and she him. When he felt her flutter around him, he picked up his thrusts and slammed into her until they both came, hard.

Harry cast a contraceptive after a while and gave her a chaste kiss explaining that they were not ready for a baby. He could end up in Azkaban for having sex with a minor and she kissed him, falling deeper in-love with him.

When they returned to Hogwarts, Harry and shown her is prized possession, his invisibility cloak. He gave it to her to come into his Head boy quarters. They made love and fucked all over Hogwarts without arousing any suspicion. When boys showed interest in asking her out, she politely declined, saying she had a Muggle boyfriend back home. She managed to convince Jasmine as well, who was bummed that she moved on from Harry.

Once Harry graduated, they continued their secret romance. She would go over to Potter Manor and they would sneak around after everyone was asleep. He had fulfilled her fantasy by making love to her on his bed in his ancestral home. She would stay with him until the morning came and they would separate. They had a few close calls, but they were never found out. They even had a pregnancy scare when she was Head Girl in her last year at Hogwarts. They had met in Hogsmeade and did the test, three times to be sure, which turned out negative. It turned out that her studying habits were making her ill.

After she graduated, she moved out of her parent’s home and into her own place. Harry insisted that she move in with him, but she was adamant they wait a few months to reveal their relationship and a few more before they move in together.

She introduced Harry as her boyfriend to her parents when they went to dinner, one night. The Grangers looked on in confusion. Hermione explained that they worked together, learnt that they had a lot in common. They went on a few dates and then they decided to make it official. Even though the Gramgers loved Harry they had their reservations about their relationship. They they had no other option but to welcome Harry as her boyfriend because their daughter looked genuinely happy.

The Potters however wanted to have them married that very night, unable to contain their glee that she would officially be Potter. Jasmine was ecstatic that she finally got her brother.


Harry was pounding into her; he had waited for them to be official for so long now. He pulled her leg over his shoulder and hissed as he slipped deeper. He couldn’t believe how fucking tight she was, even after all these years together. They fucked like rabbits at times.

He knew after tonight he was going to fuck a baby into her, he always wanted to and the time was finally right. It was in his DNA as a Potter,. He came deep in her fertile womb, knowing that in a few months, their baby will be born, whether she liked it or not.