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It's the one time the entity has given them a day off and while others are sleeping in, Dwight, Meg, Jake and Claudette are around the campfire, grinning mischievously at each other. Dwight sits across from Meg, Jake from Claudette, all in a circular fashion. Meg starts off with a strong, "You know." She's smiling so wide that it makes Dwight's own grin widen. Even Jake's eyes seem to sparkle more. But it means that she's going to go for the jugular. "I've never talked to you guys about relationships, especially not from- well you know, before." She motions behind her with her thumb. Claudette shakes her head, "Nope." "Aw, come on, Claudette. We never get us time anymore. This is the one time we can share with each other, while everyone else is asleep." 

"Or seemingly asleep," Jake scoffs, a teasing smile on his face when Claudette frowns at him. "Not funny." "I'll go first, and anyone else can go, and I mean it." She looks directly at Claudette and Dwight. Dwight sheepishly smiles.

"So, I only dated one person before- all of this. I didn't really have time to date, you know, because of... yeah." They nod, listening to her quietly speak. "They were kind, so kind. With beautiful brown eyes, oh man!" Meg is grinning, her cheeks red. Then her smile falters a little. "They helped me through a lot, but I had to end it. Mom got too sick, and I didn't want to do that to them. It was a mutual breakup. But I really liked them." Clearing her throat, she gestures to the other three. Jake sighs, "I dated a few people, just so I didn't have to focus on studies. They were all great, honestly. I usually broke up with them though. Because of my dad's pressure to break up with them." Jake neither looks upset nor happy to relive those memories. Claudette tilts her head slightly at Meg and Jake. "You guys keep using 'they'." The why goes unsaid. Jake shrugs, "Because I've dated all." "Men... and women?," Claudette questions, carefully. "Sure," Jake nods, "and those who didn't want to be considered either. Or wanted to be considered both. Never mattered to me all that much." Jake glances at Meg. "Aha.. well I didn't realize we were gonna be that open. But I- well, she was a girl," Meg says, though quickly adds, "but I like dudes too. Just so we're clear." 

Claudette nods, internalizing this information. Her heartbeat had quickened when Meg confessed that she likes women and men and she isn't quite sure what that means for her. Dwight glances at Claudette who seems in to have spaced out. "I'll say now, I never dated anyone," Dwight laughs, quietly, which brings Claudette's attention back. "But uh, I wanted to. There was- a uh. Person? It was a man. I like men. Sometimes women are cool. Anyway. I wanted to get to know him, right? As one does. And uh, I asked him to- God. This is embarrassing. I asked him if he needed someone to do errands for him." Meg bursts out laughing. "That's your idea of flirting?" Dwight turns bright red. "Hey." It's a weak protest as he places his head in his hands. "Can't be worse than what Ash does, honestly," Jake sighs, leaning over to pat Dwight's shoulder. Dwight couldn't disagree more but he appreciates Jake's efforts to make him feel better. "What about you Claudette?," Meg asks finally, leaning in with a smirk. "Ever date anyone?" With a shake of her head, Claudette laughs. 

"No, no, ah, dating never really, occurred to me. I had a lot of trouble in school when I was younger until one of my teachers helped me, and to make my mom feel better, I studied harder and harder. I wanted to make her happy. I, well, never thought of it." Claudette laughs softly and Meg's expression softens. Dwight glances at Claudette, putting his hand on her shoulder gently. She squeezes his hand, a small smile on her face. "But it's okay! I mean, now I have you guys. All of you. So... I couldn't ask for more than that." "Did you ever have a crush on anyone at least?," Jake asks, leaning back. Claudette thinks back to her past. "No, not until-" Claudette's eyes widen. "Nope!" "No, no, what was that?" "Moving on," Claudette brushes off Meg's question. "Do you guys have... you know, a type?"

"A type?," Jake repeats, gazing off into the distance. "Mine was always the more quiet ones. Ones who I could sit in silence with, that's what I enjoy." Meg deadpans, "Like Mister Myers?" Jake's lips twitch into a smile but he shakes his head. "Mind yours, Meg." Meg jokingly flips him off. "What about you, Meg? What's your type?" 

Anyone could see Meg look at Claudette before turning back to Jake, except Claudette who's seemingly thinking of her own answer. Dwight feels a twinge of jealousy in his chest. Oh to be in an equally requited love. Though, Dwight thinks, it's not like either of them know the other likes them. Dwight was never the brightest, but even he could see the way they snuck looks of the other one. It was endearing at first, now he just wants them to hurry up and get together. But he wouldn't out them to each other. It was not his place, and it never will be. Oh well. Eventually they'll realize. 

"My type are the people who are kind, giving and loyal. The ones who give everything expecting nothing in return, even when they deserve it. They've got brown eyes that leak warmth." "Okay," Jake says after a moment, "that was pretty cheesy." Meg shoves his shoulder, not hard at all, but enough to make him move. "I thought it was cute," Dwight says. "You're a hopeless romantic, Dwight." It's a true statement but it still makes Dwight cringe. "Yeah okay." They both glance at Claudette who has yet to connect the dots, but takes their eyes on her as an invitation to share her type. "Um, my type? I don't know. I guess someone who's brave and willing to fight for what they want. Freckles are always cute, too." Jake and Dwight exchange glances. "Wow, whoever's like that would be lucky to have you Claudette!," Meg grins. Jake bites back a groan and pinches the bridge of his nose. Meg looks confused but shrugs it off and looks at Dwight. "What's your type?" Even though they all knew.

"My type?," Dwight echoes Meg's question. Then he thinks about it, really thinks about before flushing and shrugging. "I don't really have one."

They all roll their eyes.

"Yeah, sure." Dwight looks at Jake, perplexed. "What? What, like, what do you mean?" Claudette offers Dwight a sympathetic smile, "He means we know your type." Dwight looks at Meg for confirmation which she nods, smiling bashfully. "No. No way, I thought-" "Yeah, somehow you're more obvious than those two," Jake says, dryly, pointing at Claudette and Meg. They look at each other for a second before looking away just as quickly. Dwight hides his face. "Blondies really have got you, huh." Dwight pushes his shoulder, not enough even to move Jake, which makes him laugh. "Okay, I moved on from, you know, uh, her." Dwight mumbles into his hands and Meg nods sympathetically before a teasing smile appears on her face.

"Dwight, if I dyed my hair blonde, would you like me, do you think?" Jake barks out a laugh, adding on, "How about me or Claudette, huh?" Dwight hides further into his self. "You guys are, by far, the worst. Except Claudette." Claudette brightens, smiling. "Yeah, Claudette's the best out of us," Meg agrees. "But anyway," Jake continues with a lowered voice, "How's the whole I'm-in-love-with-Felix-Richter-the-pretty-blonde-from-Germany thing going for you?" Dwight blanches. Oh God, how obvious had he been? "Don't worry, it's only us that notice your little puppy-dog eyes," Meg says. "Hey, it's okay, Dwight, at least you aren't into a killer," Claudette offers, giving Jake a smirk- though from Claudette, Jake can't help but chuckle. "Hey now, Claudette. Low blow." Dwight glances at his close friends. "You guys... won't, uh, say anything right?" He knows they won't, but his nerves won't rest until they say. Meg and Claudette and Jake all nod simultaneously, saying an arrays of 'of course not'. 

Dwight smiles at his friends. "Thanks. I, um. I know you guys won't, I'm just, I dunno, worried."

Meg walks over, Claudette following, and Jake scooting closer. They sit on the floor like that, squished together, Meg's arms around Claudette and Jake, Claudette's hand holding Dwight's.

Meg flops onto her back, bringing them with her. They look at the faux sky created by the entity. "Even if this never ends," Claudette whispers, "I'm glad to have met you. I'm glad I won't be alone." "If this ends, I'm taking you guys with me," Meg declares, triumphantly. "I'd miss my forest," Jake halfheartedly objects to which Meg rolls her eyes. "Fine, you'll take us with you." Dwight smiles warmly at the Entity generated night sky. They made this the best outcome for such a shit situation. He'd follow them no matter where. Silence follows as each of them fall asleep, all in each other's arms.


"Don't wake them up. They stayed up all of yesterday while we were sleeping," Bill whispers, gruffly, carefully avoiding the sleeping four on the ground. Kate, Jeff and Jane look on with a soft gaze. "They're so cute," Kate gushes quietly, Jane nodding in agreement. "They sleep so peacefully together," Jeff says in awe. "Let's leave them to it," Jane says, leaving with Kate and Jeff at her side.

They sleep through the entire day. The Entity is feeling kinder today.