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I want you to meet someone

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"Okay, why are you dragging me to a retirement home?"
Skeptically, Sam raised an eyebrow. They stood in front of a picturesque retirement home near Central Park. Despite the fact that the building was in the middle of busy New York City, it exuded a peaceful atmosphere. It had a bright exterior and around the property was a green garden with colourful flowers. It was a really beautiful retirement home, admittedly.

Bucky fixed the building with his usual intense blue eyes, his hands buried deep in the pockets of his leather jacket. In the back of his mind, Sam wondered how Bucky could stand in this jacket at these spring temperatures and not melt miserably – it was probably a supersoldier's thing.

"I want you to meet someone," Bucky finally replied, turning his head to Sam.

That aroused Sam's curiosity. Since they finally finished the story with Walker, the Shield, Karli and the Flaggsmashers, and the swirl around all this had subsided a little, Sam and Bucky had been hiding for a time in Louisiana with Sam's sister Sarah to relax. Well, at least as much as was possible for the two of them. Neither could sit still for a long time without going stir-crazy.
At least they had been productive. The Wilson boat looked brand new again, thanks to the energetic support of Bucky and a lot of neighbors, all of whom still owned a favor with Sam's parents.

"Okay?" said Sam, somewhat unsure, and looked back to the retirement home.

During their time together in Louisiana, the two had talked a lot, shared stories, and generally got much closer.

"Who are we visiting?" asked Sam curiously, looking back at Bucky.

The older man bit his lower lip slightly before telling Sam to follow him with a nod to his head.

They entered the building through a large double door that opened automatically as they approached. The foyer was modernly furnished, with bright furniture, framed pictures on the walls and potted plants in the corners. It made a very inviting impression.
Sam followed silently as Bucky approached the counter, which was facing the front doors. Behind it was a busy-looking nurse. Sam estimated that she was around age 40, with dark hair tied to a strict knot and equally strict facial features. Distracted, she looked up at them briefly and back to their papers, before surprisingly raising her head again and smiling at Bucky in a friendly manner.

"Oh, hello, Mr. Barnes! How nice to see you again," The woman greeted Bucky friendly.
Bucky smiled kindly at her: "Hello, Marion. Also nice to see you again. Is she-"
"Oh, yes! She sits outside in the garden and enjoys the freshly blossomed flowers. Just go to her." The nurse’s gaze then changed to Sam and she looked at him inquiringly.
"Uh," Sam stammered, a little overwhelmed with the situation.
"That's Sam Wilson. he... Is a friend." Bucky said with a nod to Sam.
The nurse nodded in understanding and then pointed to a door to her left. "You know your way around, Mr. Barnes."
Bucky nodded again and waved at Sam to follow him.
"How often do you come here?" Sam asked curiously, given Bucky's obvious familiarity with the staff, or at least with this one nurse.
"Since I've been back in New York, I've been coming by three times a week," Bucky answered as he led them through the corridors. "At first I wasn't sure if I should do it, but when I knew she was here, I couldn't stay away. "
Astonished, Sam curled his forehead. *She?*

Bucky led them through the building once, until they finally stepped into a large room that looked like a common room. Like everything else in the retirement home, the room was decorated with bright, friendly colors. There were tables with chairs everywhere, where many elderly people sat, some with younger people, who were probably their relatives. Many looked curiously as Sam and Bucky stepped in, and some of the old people cheerfully waved to Bucky and greeted him.

"Your high school class?" Sam jokingly asked, which earned him an eye roll from his friend.
Bucky crossed the room and led Sam through the open terrace doors at the other end. Sam was astonished when a colorful garden opened up in front of them. On the grounds there were small garden tables and chairs as well as a few benches. There was also a small pond, which was situated in the back of the garden.
"It's nice here," Sam commented as he looked around. "You almost forget that you're in the middle of New York."
Bucky nodded: "It's peaceful."

The older man looked around briefly before his gaze turned on the pond.
"Come on, Sam," he said and went ahead.
Curiously, the other man followed him. By now, he already suspected that Bucky wanted to introduce him to someone from his past. It was kind of obvious with the retirement home and all, and since Bucky came here so many times, it had to mean that this person was very important to him. Sam felt honored that Bucky trusted him with this.

As the men approached the pond, Sam noticed that there was only one other person present. It was an elderly woman sitting in a wheelchair. Her long silver hair blew slightly in the breeze and her blue eyes looked absentminded into the water.

Sam respectfully stopped a few steps near the woman as Bucky continued to approach her, then knelt next to her and grabbed her hand. The woman turned her head to Bucky and smiled brightly when she saw him.
"Well, this is not our usual time," the woman said, smiling, addressing Bucky.
Bucky smiled and kissed the woman's back of the hand: "I know, forgive me, but I wanted to introduce you to someone."

Automatically, Sam straightened up a little further. He couldn't say why he was suddenly so nervous.
At this the woman looked up at Sam and blue eyes looked at him curiously.
Sam swallowed lightly and politely nodded to her: "Ma'am."
"You're Jimmy's friend?" the woman asked and smiled warmly at him.
Sam blinked perplexed, thrown by the way she addressed Bucky.
"That's Sam Wilson," Bucky introduced him, rising to put a hand on Sam's shoulder. "I told you about him."
Sam looked at Bucky with a raised eyebrow. He talked to old women about him?
The woman laughed slightly: "I remember. I'm old, not senile, Jimmy.'
Bucky smiled and then walked over to the woman. He grabbed her hand with his left and placed his right arm over her shoulders.
"Sam, if I may introduce you, this is Rebecca Barnes – my sister."

Once again, Sam blinked perplexed. His gaze switched from Bucky to the woman, Rebecca, and back again. Now that he was paying attention, he noticed the family similarities between the two. They had the same blue eyes and the facial features were also similar. Rebecca had shoulder-length hair and even though it was grey now, Sam could imagine her with dark brown hair, sparkling blue eyes and a teasing smile on her lips. Much like Bucky had looked in an old photo that Steve had once shown him.

"I'm very happy to meet you, Miss Barnes," Sam said, reaching out his hand.
Rebecca grabbed his hand smiling and shook her head slightly: "Please, call me Rebecca. Every friend of Jimmy is also a friend of mine."
Sam nodded with a smile. There was something about her, which made him immediately like her.
"You said you don’t believe me that I actually have friends," Bucky said, addressing Rebecca, while gently rubbing over her shoulder. "Here he is."
"You have a friend, Jimmy, not several," Rebecca said with a teasing smile, reaching for Bucky's hand on her shoulder.

With an amused smile, Sam watched the siblings. That was a side of Bucky that he hadn't seen too often before. Actually only with Sam's nephews. It was obvious that Rebecca meant a lot to Bucky and he could remember how Steve had once told him that Bucky had been very fond and proud of his younger sisters. Sam couldn't imagine how relieved Bucky must have been when he learned that at least one of them was still alive. That raised a question for Sam.

"Apparently longevity lies in the family," Sam said smiling. "If I may say, at 100 years old you look much better than your brother, Rebecca."
"Hey!" shouted Bucky indignantly.
Rebecca laughed exuberantly: "Thank you for the compliment, Sam. I wish I could put it on our age difference, but that's not much to make a difference."
"How big is it?" Sam asked before hastily adding. "If I may ask." He couldn't help but be extremely curious. Bucky wasn't known for being particularly chatty, even though he was talking a lot more now than he did in the beginning.

Rebecca and Bucky exchanged a look and seemed to have some kind of silent conversation. Sam was mildly impressed. The connection between the two was impressive, especially considering that they had only found each other again a few weeks ago and had been separated for 80 years.

"13," Bucky and Rebecca replied simultaneous.
Perplexed Sam asked: "13. 13, what? Months, years?"
The siblings snorted.
"Minutes," they replied, again in perfect synch.
The younger man frowned before raising his eyebrows in amazement: "You are twins?"
Bucky und Rebecca nodded.

Okay, that was kind of cool, Sam had give them that.
"I want to know everything!" He said excited and sat cross legged on the grass in front of Rebecca. "Serious, all embarrassing childhood stories. Tell me everything, Rebecca."
"Hey!" shouted Bucky again, but couldn't hide a broad smile.