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With you? I would run into any fire.

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For the firefighters at station 19 Grey Sloan was like a second home, they go there every single day dropping off patients, stopping at the coffee stand because honestly? Theirs is way better. They know every single hallway, every entrance, every stair, elevator, wing, ORs, rooms everything, and actually, have spent countless of hours pouring over the plans of the hospital so in the off chance it were to need them they would know exactly what to do, where to go, how to help. And now, now they were waiting, hoping the doctors who somehow have become some kind of comrades in arms in between patients and crazy stories told at the bar just across the street, could help save the life of their captain.
- Captain Maya Bishop – the resident wasn’t even speaking loudly but they heard it as clear as if someone yelled to their ears.
- I’m her lieutenant – and her best friend but that wasn’t relevant.
- The Captain has sustained really severe burns, smoke inhalation and broke her left shoulder. Dr. Lincoln is trying to fix it while Dr. Avery debrides the burnt skin.
- Is she going to be fine? - Victoria Hughes didn’t really understand or care for that matter what all that meant, she only wanted to know that her friend was gonna make it out of surgery and kick her ass again at running.
- As I said her injuries are quite severe and extend so we won’t know till they finish.
- How come you won’t know? Where did you study eh?
- Hey, Miller stop it, you are not helping – the burly man was almost towering over the petit guy and yes, Andy Herrera wanted answers as much as anyone else but, starting a fist fight with the poor kid would only get them thrown out – Sorry, she is not just our captain she is like family to us, is there anything we can do to help?
- Umm, yes that’s actually why I’m here, we need her POA – absolute horror appeared in their faces, some even became white as ghosts, when you join the Fire Academy they make you do all sorts of paperwork, paperwork you were told would only become necessary if doctors deemed your situation critical enough a foot has been placed in the other side – Okay okay, I’m not saying anything by it, but because of the nature of her injuries is hospital protocol to at least have the number in case its needed which right now is most definitely not – and not a single firefighter there believed the man, they all had injuries, surgeries, scary life-death moments and POA has never been brought up.
- All right, Gibson! Go to the station her papers should be on the red file behind her desk – the man nodded rapidly before storming out of the room.
Minutes passed without any noise except for the squeaky sound of the boots wandering around aimlessly, here and there someone would let out a sob or sigh but it went mostly unnoticed, they could not afford to lose their composure, their captain needed them and they would not let her down, until the startling ringtone of Andy’s phone made them all jump on their seats.
- Tell me Gibson
- Who the hell is Carina DeLuca?
- Who?
- Maya’s POA is someone called Carina DeLuca.
- What?
- Yes, it says it here in Maya’s handwriting “if something were ever to happen to me I, Maya Claire Bishop, grant power of attorney to Dr. Carina Lucia DeLuca”. Who the fuck is she?
- I…I… I don’t know – Andy could feel how her phone was taken from her grasp but her shock made it impossible to respond, she was her best friend, she knew even the darkest details about her childhood, but she didn’t know the person who was granted the right to make decisions about her life? How could that be possible?
- Gibson it’s Warren, is there any number that we can use to reach out to this person?
- Umm, let me see…yes there is one but is international – oh my god Maya, who is this freaking person?
- Okay, bring it here I’ll talk to Miranda, she’ll know how to proceed – POA’s needed to be contacted by the police or a doctor, normally they would already be here or if not, someone from SPD would go fetch them, but given the fact that this person didn’t appear to live at least in the States, then, how do they tell them?
Miranda Bailey thought she had seen it all in all her years at Grey Sloan but it seemed this place still had some tricks up its sleeves to surprise her. How did she end up with Interpol at the other side of the phone? Tracking an unknown number from an unknown person who was the POA of her husband’s boss? Yeah, how did it Yang called it? Oh, yes Seattle Grace Mercy West strikes again.
- Dr. Bailey?
- Yes, I’m here.
- Okay mam we’ve located Dr. Carina DeLuca, she is an OB at a hospital in Italy. Right know her boss has summoned her to her office so you can talk to her in privet, hope everything goes alright.
- Thank you, sir – and again, silence, she had wanted to catch up on some work while dealing with this mess but, turns out, having to tell someone that a really important person to them is in pretty bad shape is not the most productive situation, who would have thought so?
- Hello?
- Yes!! Dr. Carina DeLuca?
- Yes it’s me, who I’m talking to?
- My name is Miranda Bailey and I’m chief of surgery at Grey Sloan Hospital in Seattle
- OH MY GOD, what’s happened to Maya?
- Dr. DeLuca, Captain Bishop has been injured while putting out a fire, right now she is in surgery to help fix her shoulders and debride the burns she’s sustained but she is stable. I’m calling because by hospital protocols we need her POA on standby and…
- And I’m hers, I know Dr. Bailey, I’ll be there as soon as I can, please take care of her for me till I’m able to be by her side.
- Of course – and then the mysterious person hanged up.