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Final Hours

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And so it begins.

Chaos was surging all around us.

The air seemed to be filled with ash as the object above our heads moved closer and closer to Termina. It was a few inches away from hitting Clock Tower, to the point where it would crumble into ruins.
It was getting harder to breathe and oxygen was running out. Everyone seemed to be hiding in the houses and shops, not wanting to feel the pain when it hits.

Not like it would help anyway.

Screams could be heard from the distance. The brave soldiers that usually guard the entrances outside of Termina were nowhere to be seen. The air was getting heavy.

I wondered where Anju and Kafei were. Did they reunite? I had only seen Kafei with his Keaton mask on since the only other time I had caught a glimpse of him, his back was turned. At that time he was tall and handsome. But, he had been transformed into a child by a Skull Kid.

And Anju was a very beautiful woman. I used to talk to Anju when the Inn wasn’t busy and crowded with visitors. She used to have long hair, but cut it short after it got too heavy on her head while working.
Anju was in love with Kafei and they were going to get married soon.
Now they would never get the chance.

Fireworks were going off from the Clock Tower.

I wasn’t sure if they had forgotten to cancel the celebration since there were cowards in the town who didn’t believe the Moon would crash into Termina.

They didn’t help lighten the mood anyway.

The fireworks only seemed to make everything more terrifying, like the sparks were congratulating our soon to be deaths.

The sky had turned red and I fell to the ground coughing violently.

Tears started to pour from my eyes as I had looked up at the Moon’s face.

It looked in pain.

A single blue tear had fallen from one of the Moon’s orange eyes.

It fell right next to where my hand was on the ground, supporting my body while my other was held to my chest.
I used the hand that was held to my chest and picked up the shining gem.

More tears flowed from my eyes as I felt a great sorrow and pity for the Moon.

I didn’t understand this feeling, but it was as if the Moon’s tear were showing me all of the horrible things in the world.
As if I was just an innocent child who was being told all of the things that are wrong with the world.

I felt emptiness.

The Moon seemed just the right size to destroy Termina.

But the impact would destroy the rest of the world.

The Moon, it didn’t want to fall.

Something was forcing it to.

I placed the blue blue gem back from where I picked it up, and stared at the ground.

Something from above my head had hookshotten it from a horizontal angle.
I looked up and saw a boy in a green tunic.

He smiled at me. But his smile was weak and fearful.

Were we finally saved?

Hope had started to emerge from inside me and I smiled back at the boy.

The Moon was getting closer by the second.

The boy in green pulled something from his pocket.

A blue ocarina.

He held the ocarina to his mouth and closed his eyes as he played a sweet song.
The song felt mysterious.
It didn’t seem sad, it just seemed,


The boy finished playing the song on his ocarina and looked around him with a faint smile.

The ground started to shake.
A giant from the East, North, West, and South appeared out of thin air.

I cried tears of joy.

It was the Four Giants.

There was a story that Granny would tell me every year a day before the Carnival of Time.

Long ago the people of Termina lived in a single world, united and blessed by the Four Giants living among them. It was during this time that the Giants befriended a small imp, the Skull Kid. However, there came a time when the Four Giants decided to guard and protect the people while dormant. With the world of Termina now split into four parts by the order of the Four Giants, each of the Giants took one hundred steps towards their respective regions, telling their people that if trouble should befall them, they should call them in a loud voice declaring their predicament. This way, their pleas would carry to them, and the Four Giants would come to their aid.

So we were saved!

The Four Giants walked slowly up to the Moon and held the Moon up.

Their legs shook aggressively underneath them.

I whispered to myself words filled with hope and enthusiasm, but it wouldn’t be enough.
My moment of happiness was over and my heart started to ache again.

They wouldn’t be able to hold it.

I knew now that there was nothing that could save us.

I sat there, in the middle of Clock Town, staring at the Moon, and knowing our only chance of being saved was lost.

They were too late.

I started up at the boy who looked back at me.

Tears ran down both of our faces.



“You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?”