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Wasted Love

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Hope was in love with you for as long as she can remember, but she never got the courage to ask you out. Plus, her best friend was Penelope, your older sister by two years, she would tear Hope's eyes out if she found out about her best friend's crush on her little sister. So she kept it a secret... but she is starting to think that she should start to take some risks and see where it leads her.

You were walking down the hall of the school when you saw Hope and Penelope walking in the opposite way.

You go to the Salvatore school since you were eight, you don't have any powers even while having two witch parents but you never got your powers. You followed your sister when she developed hers, you didn't want to be left behind. So, you learned to live with supernatural beings and succeed to survive all this time without any powers.

"Hey sis, hi hope." You greet them.

When your sister sees you, she grabs you in a, too tight, hug while Hope greets you with a small wave and one of her best smiles. You loved when she smiles, there is just something about it that makes your heart pound in your chest three times faster than normal each time you see it but you can't quite figure out why.

"Did you eat? You look tired." Penelope asks you when she finished hugging you.

"Thanks, Penny..." You replied. You were the only one allowed to call her that even Josie couldn't, not if she wanted to keep her girlfriend at least. "I did eat, it's just been a rough night." You lean your head down not making eye contact with either of them.

"Do you want to talk about it? We could skip school and go to the coffee shop you like." Penelope asks you, knowing about your knight terrors.

You started having them four years ago when your parents were killed in a car crash. You were in the back row of the car when it happened, a truck T-boned the car and everything went black. When you woke up you were at the hospital and your sister was holding your hand while crying. She couldn't say the worlds but you knew, you were the only survivor.

"No, thanks Pen I'll just go to class, don't worry." You put a kiss on her cheek and wave at Hope before heading toward your first class. Your sister frowns worriedly but lets you go anyway knowing that she shouldn't push too much when you are like that.

The first part of the hour goes by as usual, you sat beside Josie with whom you were in the same class. You were looking through the window lost in your thoughts when a flashback of your nightmare came back into your mind. You suddenly start to have trouble breathing; you can't hear anything around you.

When Josie turned toward you hearing your harsh breathing, she sees your distress and tries to get your attention. She knows you often have panic attacks but they never happened in class before. She tries slowly touching your arm to not scare you but the movement gets you to jump. You went out of your trance and get up without warning, running toward the door after toppling your chair. All the class watches the scene not really knowing what happened while Josie goes running after you. She sees you walking out the front gate and tries to catch up to you but you are too fast. You are running into the forest searching for your favorite place, the lake. You sit on a rock and try to calm your breathing.


Hope and Penelope were still hanging out with each other not knowing what just happened. They were talking in Hope's room; their courses didn't start until a few hours later. The two best friends were talking about all and nothing when the conversation landed on Penelope's relationship with Josie, her girlfriend.

"Do you remember that time when you knocked at my door at one in the morning because you could not sleep? It was when you started realizing your feelings for Josie, the first thing you said was "I think I love her". You looked like a lost puppy, that was so cute." Hope told.

"Yeah, I do remember that. I am so cheesy sometimes... I will murder you in your sleep if you ever repeat what I just said to anyone Mikaelson."

"I am the only tribrid in the world I think I could handle you miss Cheesy Penny."

"What did you just call me?"

"Miss Cheesy penny?"

"I will strangle you."

"You can try." Hope said knowing she would win.

Penelope did not reply knowing it was a lost battle for her, Hope always wins when they biker, from the outside you could think that the brunette could stand her ground before anyone but in reality, she is just a big teddy bear. There was a comfortable silence a few seconds before Hope started to talk.

"Pen, I have something to tell you. It's been on my mind for quite a while now." Penelope arched a brow at her friend but let her continue. "I like someone, very deeply, and I've been waiting to tell you because I was afraid of your reaction."

"Afraid of my reaction? Why? You know can tell me anything right? That's what friends are for."

"I know but this... this is different. I...I like your sister."

"You like who now?" Penelope replied to Hope not really pleased with what she just heard.

"Hear me out please." Hope says sitting herself up. "I like her, maybe even more than that, I have for a while now, I just didn't have the courage to tell you until now."

"Since when do you like her?"

"Well... Since the first day you two arrived here."

"What the hell Hope! And you didn't think to inform me, your best friend AND her sister?"

"I'm sorry Pen, I was just worried you would react like that."

Pen seemed to calm a bit after a few seconds and looks at Hope.

"You know what? I am not mad at you, I'm just a little hurt that you thought you couldn't tell me about it before."

"You are just so protective over your sister; I didn't want to blow things up between us if you didn't approve. You know you are like family to me I couldn't stand the idea of losing you."

"You are my family too you know, and that's why I think there wouldn't be anyone better than you to ask Y/n out." Penelope says with a sweet smile.

"Really?" Hope says with surprise in her voice. Penelope just nods and leans towards her to hug her and the auburn girl accepts happily.

"If she says yes and you hurt her, I will hunt you down even if you are my best friend, understood?" The brunette warns Hope still holding her tightly between her arms.

"Yes ma'am."

The two friends continued talking about Hope's crush on you for a couple of minutes before Josie suddenly enters the room looking worried.

"Y/n just ran out into the woods. She blacked out in class and ran out; I don't know where she is."

You were starting to breathe normally again, you don't really know how much time it's been since you were there, you tend to lose track of the time when you have panic attacks; everything just becomes blurry and you can't think about anything except the car accident.

You began to stand up forecasting to return to the Salvatore school but you were stopped in your movement hearing a branch crack behind you. You turn rapidly toward the noise but don't see anything. Knowing how dangerous it could be for a human to be in those woods you head toward the school as fast as you can, literally, anyone and anything in this place could kill you so are really careful most of the time. Your sister would kick your ass if she found out you were in there all by yourself.

You were halfway there when you cut yourself on a branch, cursing to yourself knowing it could attract some vampire, baby vampires not able to control themselves completely yet.

Your fears were not unfounded because just seconds after a vampire was standing just in front of you. He looked young sixteen maybe and seemed to try keeping his fangs in his mouth but in vain. You didn't even have the time to try to calm him, within seconds he pushed you violently into a tree and your head hits it hard. You don't have the time to scream before he bits onto your neck sucking with force, you try to push him away but he is too strong. Your eyes start to close and your legs give up, the last thing you hear is someone screaming your name while darkness surrounds you.


Penelope and Hope were searching for you in the woods. Penelope told her about your favorite places there and they split hoping to find you faster this way.

Your sister was the one heading toward the lake, she walked fast for some minutes towards her destination when she heard someone swearing not that far away. She started running when she recognized your voice and went your way.

The first thing she saw was not you but a vampire she saw in the hallways not long ago, he was new at the school. He was leaning onto something but Penelope couldn't see much from where she was standing. She started walking toward him when she saw a hand gripping his jacket trying to get him off of them and that's when she recognized your ring, she gave it to you three years ago and you wear it every day.

She screams your name just before seeing you fall dawn and she knocks out the new vampire with her magic.

She runs toward you, shaking you to wake you up, but you don't move.

"Come on Y/n, wake up!" She slaps you in the face to make you react but nothing happens. That's when she starts crying hysterically beginning you to wake up.

Hope hears Penelope's cries and comes running in her direction but stops in choc seeing the scene before her eyes. You were lying in your sister's arms; blood was running down your neck from the two holes of the vampire bite. Hope went to give you her blood hoping you would heal thanks to it but stopped in her tracks when she didn't hear a heartbeat through her heightened hearing.

She fell to her knees in realization of what was in front of her, you were dead, and her blood wouldn't do anything to bring you back.

When Penelope began to acknowledge her best friend's presence, she begged her to help you.

"Hope, do something! Give her your blood come on!"


"Hurry Hope, she needs your blood, please." She was crying like she never had before begging her friend for the impossible.

"Pen-, I- I can't, she is already dead. I'm sorry." Hope tried to rich for the brunette but she shoved her hand away.

"No! She can't be dead Hope! She is gonna make it!"

"Pen...her heart stopped; touch her wrist you'll see that there is no pulse."

Pen did as Hope said not wanting to believe it but when she felt your cold wrist, she knew it was true. She cried holding onto your dead body for what seemed like hours while Hope was holding her and had your other hand in hers, crying too. She didn't even have time to tell you about how she loved you neither did she know if it was mutual.

After some long minutes, Josie walked toward you three not finding you at the old mill, where she went looking for you.

She ran back into the school, running toward her dad's office when she understood what happened.

Penelope held on to your dead body, crying deeply for her baby sister, her last family member. She finished by falling into Hope's arms and pass out from exhaustion memories of you two laughing together flowing into her mind.