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Zilch Love For Kaiju

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“Yes! I knew it! Godzilla for the win!” Ruby jumped from the couch and threw her hands in the air.

“Man I really thought Kong would win that one. Especially the second fight.” Yang’s shoulders slumped momentarily before smiling at her sister, “Still a good movie, right everyone?”

Yang turned to Weiss and Blake who just stared at the screen then at the sisters, than at each other.

“Um... what in the world did we just watch?” Weiss looked more confused than ever.

“What do you mean? Did you sleep trough the movie?!” Ruby looked over to Weiss wide eyed.

“I did. But I don’t get what the excitement is about. Its a big monkey and lizard fighting each other and causing tons of collateral damage in the process.”

“Exactly Snowflake! How can you not get excited about that?!” Ruby shook Weiss by the shoulders, “Not even a bit?” Ruby gave Weiss her best puppy dog eyes.

Weiss flinched and blushed but turned her head away, “That look isn’t enough to make me lie to you.”

Now it was Ruby’s turn to look dejected.

“Blake. You liked it right?” Yang looked over to her girlfriend.

Blake glanced over to Weiss, then turned to Yang.

“It was... fine I think.”

“Your ears are down.” Yang narrowed her eyes at her girlfriend’s cat ears, and as adorable as they are they are also a huge tell, “You’re not being totally honest.”

“I just... It was entertaining but I don’t get why you were so into it.”

Yang gasped dramatically, placed a hand over heart, “I can’t believe my own girlfriend doesn’t get the awesomeness of Kaiju fights.”

“We have been betrayed!” Ruby sighed.

Weiss rolled her eyes at their dramatic display.

“Its just a movie.” Blake said chuckling.

“Its not just a movie. There’s a whole pop couture revolved around it!”

Yang nodded, “Ruby’s right. There are few things in as entertaining as Kaiju fights.”

“You say that about every movie you love.” Weiss picked up the empty bowl of popcorn and walked to the kitchen.

“Wait Weiss, you can’t leave until I’ve convinced you how awesome Kaiju are!” Ruby ran off after Weiss.

Yang flopped down on the couch next to Blake. The faunus leaned her head on the brawlers shoulder.

“Yang you know I love you but I just don’t understand your taste in entertainment.”

“I can say the same about you and your smutty books.” Yang replayed with a smirk watching a blush appear on Blake’s cheeks. She chuckled and placed a kiss between Blake’s cat ears.

Not liking Kaiju films was a surprise but definitely a deal breaker.