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domestic bliss

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“Nick honey, I’m home.” Judy said as she opened the door to the apartment she shared with her boyfriend. She was wearing her police uniform, it was dirty after a long chase after a pair of wolves that tried to rob a jewelry store, but in the end she had gotten them. And in her arms she was carrying grocery bags. “Sorry for being late, I went to the store before going home.”


She saw how the fox came out into the hallway, rocking a sleeping baby fox in his arm, it was their adopted daughter, she had only lived with them for three months so far, and until she was old enough to start going to daycare Nick would be a stay at home dad, and then come back to the police force.


“Hey Carrots, it’s totally fine. Did you get more diapers? She’s running out.”


Judy nodded, taking the package out of the bag.


“Of course. I got her some more mashed bugs too, those specifically made for baby canines, so that we can move her onto solids better. She can’t get too attached to the fox formula, you know a lot of babies refuse to try solids because they think milk is easier.”


“Hah, tell me about it. My mom had to try for months to get me to start eating actual food.” he said, while he kept rocking their daughter and scratching the red fur of her neck. “Good call. I can pack up the bags if you take her for a bit.”


Judy nodded and put the bags down, and then walked up to Nick and kissed his muzzle, before taking their daughter. She was so large, as a fox she was much bigger than a rabbit even twice her age would be, and so heavy, but Judy managed.

“Come to mommy, my little Bonnie.” she said and kissed the baby on her head, while making sure to not wake her. She always loved to come home to this domestic bliss, making the day truly perfect.