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Finding Kara Danvers.

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(Over in National City, CA over at Catco Magazine William and Nia are standing around talking and he tells her he can't believe that Kara would take off without saying

anything to him as Nia looks at him and wants to say something to him but doesn't as their conversation continues Mark walks up to them and says what Nia was


Mark: I have a feeling the only reason why Kara didn't tell you anything is because you're not as important to her as someone i know. Don't you agree Nia.

(She nods her head at him.)

William: Why you here?
Mark: Why are you here? See unlike you I'm liked.

(He looks at him and then walks off as Mark laughs at him and Nia does the same thing.)

Nia: I've been wanting say to something but.
Mark: I know. So what's going on?
Nia: Kara didn't leave willingly.

(Mark looks at her confused.)

Mark: Excuse me?
Nia: Kara didn't leave willingly.
Mark: Where the hell is she?
Nia: In the one place she didn't think she'd ever end up again.

(Mark looks at her and knows where Kara is and then looks off.)

Mark: Oh god.
Nia: Please tell me you guys have found Kate?
Mark: Kate's dead.

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Nia: Oh god. You sure?
Mark: Julia said they found body parts floating and they ran the DNA on one of them and well.
Nia: No I get it. I'm just worried that once we get Kara back.
Mark: I know he'll strike. On Kara faster then she can fly to Lena's office on a bus.

(She starts laughing then calms down.)

Mark: How is Lena doing?
Nia: She's good. She's worried and scared we'll never see Kara again.
Mark: I think at this point we all are.
Nia: Yeah.
Mark: Anyway.
Nia: Hey.
Mark: I know she said there was DNA proof. But I just I don't believe Kate's dead there's no way.

(Then Mark's phone goes off he grabs it out to see who it is seeing a number he hasn't seen in over six months since her plane came down Mark answers it.)

Mark: Kate!

(Nia looks at him.)

Kate: Hi.
Mark: Hi. Tell me it's you and not someone pretending. Because I don't think I could handle it if I was being messed with.
Kate: It's me. You want me to prove it.
Mark: Whose the biggest pain in the ass in your family?
Kate: Me but I know that's not the question you wanted to ask me.
Mark: It isn't.
Kate: I know who Supergirl is.

(Mark looks at Nia.)

Mark: Who is it?
Kate: It's Kara Danvers.

(He looks off not sure of what to say.)

Kate: And I know you. You're still trying to figure out if I'm still pretending.
Mark: Can we meet?
Kate: Yeah. Where are you?
Mark: National City. I'm visiting some friends here.
Kate: Well I'm not getting back onto a plane anytime soon.

(He laughs on the other end.)

Mark: I'll fly back to Gotham.
Kate: Okay. Be careful.
Mark: I will be.
Kate: Okay.

(Then he hangs up with her and looks at Nia.)

Nia: Mark!
Mark: I sure do hope that was Kate and not someone screwing with me. I don't think i could handle it.
Nia: Where is she?
Mark: She's still in Gotham. I'm going to.
Nia: Yeah okay. Call and let us know.
Mark: I will.

(He turns and shoves past William as he rushes over to the elevator. Later back over in Gotham Mark's walking up and down the river walk looking for her as his phone

goes off he grabs it out to see who it is seeing the number he checks the text and looks across the street to see someone standing there and walks over to her as he

gets there she looks at him and smiles as he grabs her into a hug getting her to smile even more at him then he pulls away from her.)

Mark: Where the hell have you been?
Kate: After my plane came down I got attacked I was able to fight most of them off but then it got to hard and they were able get the upper hand and well.
Mark: Okay.
Kate: Mark I was being held by Black Mask.
Mark: So your the one who went after your father and why Angelique was taken from Crow custody?
Kate: I had no memory of anyone of my friends.
Mark: When did you get your memory back?
Kate: It's been coming back to me over the last three or four days.
Mark: And now?
Kate: It's still coming back to me.
Mark: Think Black Mask knows?
Kate: I doubt it. He's been more interested in pushing out Snakebite then he is on trying to figure out if I still don't remember anyone in my life before the crash.
Mark: You said you knew who Supergirl was.
Kate: I do and no I haven't told anyone.
Mark: Well that's always good to know.
Kate: Yeah. And you just said was.
Mark: I was in National City because i got a call from Nia.

(Kate looks at him and then looks behind her to make sure no one sees her there with him.)

Kate: What's going on?
Mark: Kara's missing.

(She looks at him and her heart breaks for the woman she had found herself falling for.)

Kate: What the hell happened?
Mark: I don't really know. All Nia told me was that Kara had gone somewhere she wish she never had to see again.
Kate: Oh god. Kara told me about that. And how long she was stuck there.
Mark: Yeah. As I walked up to her and well it.
Kate: It being William Dey.
Mark: Oh you remembered him too.
Kate: I did. And I can't tell you how happy I'll be to one day tell him how many times me and Kara did it before i left to come back here.

(Mark looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: Yup your definitely Kate Kane.

(She laughs at him.)

Kate: I told you.
Mark: And I'm glad I really am.
Kate: Anyway. Look I can't stay out here to much longer i don't want him to send out a search party for me. Do me a favor.
Mark: Name it.
Kate: Don't tell anyone you saw me until we can finally bring Black Mask down.
Mark: I won't. But Kate i have to tell someone.
Kate: Tell Mary and the other's.
Mark: You even want the New Batwoman to know.
Kate: Why not. She's trust worthy.
Mark: She is.
Kate: Okay.
Mark: Try and keep in contact.
Kate: I will. And once we take him down we'll go to National City to find Kara.
Mark: Okay.

(She smiles at him as she puts the mask back on and he laughs at her.)

Mark: Go ahead.

(She punches him sending him down as he goes down she turns and runs off as she runs off he sits up then gets up and walks off. As he grabs out his phone and calls

Nia who answers on the first ring.)

Nia: Was it her?
Mark: Yeah. She even brought up the number of times her and Kara did it before she was supposed to come back to Gotham.

(She laughs on the other end.)

Nia: Yeah that sounds like Kate.
Mark: Yeah. Anyway. I'm going to head back to her building and talk to Luke Fox.
Nia: Okay. We'll keep up the search for Kara here.
Mark: Are right. Thanks.
Nia: Anytime.

(Then they hang up as Mark turns and walks off to go back to Wayne Tower. Minutes later over at Wayne tower down in the Bat cave Mark walks up to them.)

Mark: Hey.

(They look up at him.)

Ryan: Hey you're back early.
Mark: Yeah.
Luke: You are right?
Mark: No.

(They look at him.)

Mary: What's wrong?
Mark: Supergirl is missing.

(They look at him and then to each other.)

Mary: They know what happened to her?
Mark: No.
Luke: So why'd you come back so early?
Mark: While i was talking with my friend i got a call.
Ryan: From who?
Mark: Well that's just the thing.
Mary: Mark!
Mark: It was Kate.

(They all look at him and then to each other.)

Mary: But Julia said?
Mark: She was going by what the DNA said. And.
Luke: Mark!
Mark: I saw her.

(He quickly stands up and goes towards him as Ryan grabs him and pulls him back.)

Mary: How'd she look?
Mark: Alive.

(She smiles at him.)

Luke: Where the hell is she?
Mark: She's working along side Black Mask.
Mary: Why?
Mark: He's the one who found her. She said she was able to hold off his men until she got hit from behind.
Ryan: So why hasn't she shown herself until now?
Mark: She had her memory wiped.

(They look off annoyed.)

Luke: So was she missing any body parts?
Mark: No. She has both arms and legs.
Ryan: But Julia said she found.
Mark: I know Julia said she found body parts and they matched the DNA to Kate's. But thing is.
Luke: They could of taken Kate's blood and dumped them onto the body parts that were floating in the ocean.
Mark: Yeah. And given where she found said body parts.
Mary: Where?
Mark: Well we were all just there.
Ryan: Coryana!
Mark: The very same.
Luke: So like Mary asked?
Mark: She looked fine. I told her about Supergirl being missing and she got upset.
Ryan: Why would she care about Supergirl going missing?
Mark: Because Supergirl is Kara Danvers.

(Ryan looks at him and then looks off.)

Mary: She was also someone Kate had been falling really hard for. But someone just had to go and tell Kate she couldn't have a girlfriend.

(Luke looks at her and then looks off.)

Ryan: Okay new rule then.
Mark: What?
Ryan: Batwoman can date whoever the hell she wants too.

(Luke looks at her and then looks off as Mark and Mary are trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: Anyway.
Mary: She say anything else?
Mark: Yeah that she trusted Ryan.

(Ryan looks at him and smiles.)

Ryan: She trusts me.
Mary: Yeah and Kate doesn't really trust easy.
Mark: And I don't just mean her as the new Batwoman.

(Mary looks at him and then to Ryan.)

Ryan: Oh boy.
Mark: She knows how close you've gotten to Sophie due the whole thing with Angelique.
Ryan: Yeah she's been trying to help us find away to.
Mark: Yeah about that.
Ryan: What?
Mark: Kate's the reason why your dad got hooked onto Snake bite.
Mary: What?
Mark: She had no memory of you guys Mary.
Mary: So he used my sister to inject our father with snake bite.
Mark: Yes. And she's also the reason why the False Face Society got to Angelique.

(Ryan looks at him and then looks off.)

Luke: Why?
Mark: You know why?
Luke: No memory.
Mark: Yeah.
Mary: Well Angelique wasn't hurt so that's a good thing.
Ryan: Yeah it is. But thanks to Black Mask she almost died.
Mark: Ryan she's going to be okay.
Ryan: I know that.
Mary: Mark!
Mark: She's slowly getting her memory back. He doesn't know it. And she wants to keep it that way.
Luke: For how long?
Mark: Until we can finally get Black Mask off of the streets.

(He nods his head at him.)

Mark: But then she says she wants to go to National City and help them try and find Kara.

(They smile at him and can tell he's still upset over Kara being missing and doesn't know what to do in order to find her but with Kate still being alive they can

finally find and bring Kara back it's just the matter of knowing when. Over the next couple of weeks the Crows along with the Bat team do everything they can to

finally bring down Black Mask and they finally get their chance and they storm his hide out as they storm in Kate makes a grab for Angelique and they run off before

they get spotted as they run off they both run into the room Black Mask had Kate in for the first several months he had her until he had her memory wiped of her

friends and family. In the room Kate has her hand on Angelique's mouth trying to keep from her speaking as Black Mask and Enigma run by the room their in once their

out of ear shot she let's her go and looks at her.)

Angelique: Why'd you do that?
Kate: Let's just say it's a thank you.
Angelique: For what? You're the reason why I'm even in this position again.
Kate: You're right I am. And when you realized i started remembering you kept quiet. In order to get back at me. You could of told Black Mask and Enigma that I was

remembering but you didn't.

(She looks at her and smiles at her.)

Kate: You've done one hell of a job Angelique. You could of as easily told them.
Angelique: I'm trying to change.
Kate: There a reason for that?
Angelique: My ex.

(Kate looks at her and laughs.)

Kate: Ryan's your ex?
Angelique: How'd you?
Kate: You've apologized to her a number of times when you didn't think anyone was listening.
Angelique: I still love her.

(Kate smiles at her.)

Kate: I know that.
Angelique: She's in love with someone else isn't she?
Kate: I don't know.

(She nods her head at her as Kate opens the door to find Mark there and smiles at him.)

Mark: You are right?
Kate: Yeah. Black Mask?
Mark: Taken care of.

(She walks out of the room and sees Kara's team there and smiles at them.)

Mark: Angelique!

(She walks out of the room and they walk off towards them. Not wanting to let on that they know her Sophie walks forward and pick him up.)

Black Mask: This isn't over.
Mark: Boy if we had a penny for every time we heard.
Kate: You mean for every Pennyworth.

(Both Sophie and Julia look at each other when they hear the voice but don't let him know they know it's her as they walk out of the room as Mark walks over to Alex

and hugs her getting her to smile at him then she pulls away from him.)

Mark: Let's get back to Wayne Tower and I'll explain.

(They nod their heads as they walk off. Minutes later over at Wayne Tower Mark walks into Kate's office followed by Kate and Alex seeing them Mary rushes over to her


Mary: Kate!

(She smiled at her as she hugged her as their hugging Mark smiled at them.)

Kate: I'm are right.

(As she continues to hug her Alex feels bad for her because they all thought she was dead.)

Mark: We're going to find Kara Alex.
Alex: I know.

(Then they pull away from each other as Luke walks up to her and does the same thing getting her to laugh at her then he pulls away from her.)

Luke: When Julia told us.
Kate: It's okay. Believe me.
Mary: Kate why'd you?
Kate: I had too. I had no memory of any of you. And when i started getting it back I had to reach out to someone and the one person i knew who would answer and not

give me to much trouble.

(Mark smiled at her. Seeing Ryan Kate walked over to her.)

Kate: You must be Ryan.

(She looks at her and smiles.)

Ryan: I am.
Kate: I have someone who wants to see you.
Ryan: Who?

(Then her answer walks into the room followed by Julia and Sophie. Seeing her Ryan rushed over to her and hugged her as their hugging Mary looks off upset but Kate

grabs her into her and hugs her again then she pulls away from her as Ryan pulls away from Angelique and smiles at her.)

Angelique: You okay?
Ryan: I am now.

(She laughs at her as she hugs her again then she pulls away from her and sees the look on Mary's face and knows Mary's in love with Ryan she just isn't wanting to

say anything due to how she knows Ryan still feels about Angelique.)

Angelique: She likes you Ry.

(Ryan looks at her and then over at Mary.)

Ryan: And i really like her. I'm sorry.
Angelique: No it's fine. Kate's cute.

(Kate looks at her and laughs.)

Ryan: Yeah well from what Mark said.
Angelique: I know she's in love with someone else.
Ryan: She is. I'm sure you'll find someone to be with.
Angelique: I sure hope so.
Sophie: Kate!

(She looks at her and smiles as she walks over to her ex and hugs her getting her to smile at her then she pulls away from her.)

Kate: Hi.
Sophie: Hi.
Kate: And you.
Julia: I thought.

(Kate grabs her in and hugs her getting her to laugh at her. Then she pulled away from her.)

Julia: I'm so glad you're okay.
Kate: So am I. Hey Alex.
Alex: Hi.

(As she reunites with her family and her friends Alex and the other's got them caught up on the whole thing with Kara and where they think she might be. But what they

don't know is that she's in the very same sewer Kate was in until Black Mask found her and locked her up into a room.)

Sophie: You think she's in this.
Mark: Phantom zone. It's where her pod was sent to when her's and Superman's home planet had blown up.
Julia: How'd she come to this earth?
Mark: Her ship woke up and it landed not to far from the Danvers household.

(Alex smiles at him.)

Mark: And I remember this story because Alex would throw in there how she told Kara to stick her hand into a bee hive.
Alex: Well of all honesty I didn't think she'd actually do it.
Mark: See she's mean.
Alex: I'm a sister.
Mark: True. But then again we've got a Kane here who flirted with Kara.
Kate: What?
Mark: And those are just the ones that you can see.
Kate: I thought she was cute.
Mark: And that just happen to come out.
Kate: Hey it was funny damn it.
Mark: Oh it was. Her face turned the same shade of red as her cape.

(They start laughing then calm down. Over the next couple of weeks them along with the other heroes look for Kara and hope they can find her before any other bad guy

can find her and do what Black Mask and Enigma did to her and nearly cost her life. Over in National City, CA over at Catco Magazine William's still trying to get a

hold of Kara but isn't having any luck with that. As he keeps trying Nia walks by him and looks off annoyed. Over at the tower Mark and Kate walk off of the elevator

and look around the room.)

Mark: Wow.
Brainy: Yeah I know right.
Mark: Brainy!

(He walks over to him and hugs him then pulls away from him.)

Mark: Is it Brainy or Barney.

(Kate looks at him and laughs.)

Brainy: Kate!
Kate: Hey. How's it going?
Brainy: Good I'm glad you're okay.
Kate: Oh so am i. Anything?
Alex: No and we've been trying to find away to get into the Phantom zone but there is no way. Into it.
Mark: With it in being space.
Kate: Yeah no human being would survive there.
Mark: No they wouldn't. But Clark would be able too.
Alex: I thought about asking him. And i did. But even said not even he would be able to survive there at least not without the pod.

(Mark nods his head at her.)

Kate: Okay so how the hell do we get to Kara?
Alex: I don't know. I'm sorry Kate.

(Kate smiles at her and then walks out onto the balcony. Seeing her walk off Mark looks at Alex.)

Alex: She really loves her?
Mark: More then William will ever know.
Alex: We're going to find her Mark.
Mark: I know. I think someone deserves a happy ending and that person should be Kate given the hell she went through.
Alex: I know that. Nia told me what you told William.
Mark: Yeah well it was long over do. Kara could do so much better.
Alex: She can and she's been holding out hope that she'll finally get her chance with Kate.
Mark: Really?
Alex: Yeah. William found out that she's in love with someone else and he wasn't to happy with it.
Mark: So Kara's in love with?
Alex: She is. In fact she has been since the whole thing with Oliver and Barry switching body's.
Mark: Right where Oliver was The Flash and Barry was the Green Arrow.
Alex: Yeah. How you doing?
Mark: I just want another one of my best friends back Alex. I mean i missed Kate like crazy while she was missing. It's even worse with Kara being gone.

(She hugs him getting him to smile at her. As their hugging Kelly walks off of the elevator with Lena right behind her hearing the elevator open Mark turns and looks

at him.)

Mark: Kelly Olsen!

(She looks at him and smiles as she hugs him then pulls away from him.)

Kelly: How you doing?
Mark: I've been better. I still like you more then your brother.
Kelly: Well thank you.
Mark: You're welcome. Hey Lena.
Lena: Hi.

(He hugs her then pulls away from her. Out on the balcony Kate's phone goes off and she grabs it out seeing the number she answers hearing what she did she hangs up

and rushes back inside tells them. They all rush off to go back to Gotham. Hours later back in Gotham down in the sewer Mark and Kate are looking around for her as

their looking they both call out for her. Over by Kara she starts coming too and looks around the area.)

Kara: What? How did i end up here. I was just in.

(Over by Mark and Kate as their search continues she calls out for her. Over by Kara she can hear the voice of the woman she thought was dead.)

Kara: Kate!

(She goes to get up but falls back down to the floor and looks at her leg and sees what's sticking out of it and goes to grab it but can't due to it being Kryptonite.

Still hearing Kate's voice.)

Kara: Kate!

(Hearing something both her and Mark stop walking and she calls out for her again.)

Mark: Kara!
Kara: Kate! Mark!

(Kate runs off ahead of him with Mark right behind her along with Alex and J'onn. Up by Kate she reaches where she is and goes to run by her but Kara calls out for

her getting her to turn and look at her.)

Kate: Kara!

(She rushes over to her and she grabs her into a hug as Mark Alex and J'onn get to them.)

Kara: Oh thank Rao I thought you were dead.
Kate: I'm not.

(She pulls away from her and looks at her.)

Kara: You look different.
Kate: But still the same smartass.

(She laughs as she looks down at her leg and sees something sticking out of it and Kara nods her head at her and she pulls it out of it and her leg quickly heals up

as she grabs her friend into another hug as the other's reach them.)

Barry: Kara!

(She looks at him and smiles.)

Kara: Hi.
Barry: Hi.
Kate: Barry help me.

(He walks over to them and he helps Kate stand Kara up then sits her down.)

Mark: I thought?
Kara: So did I. But then I woke up here like we did when earth was restored.
Mark: You are right?
Kara: I'm are right. Where am i anyway?
Mark: Gotham!

(She looks at him and laughs off the shock.)

Kara: Okay then.

(She looks at Kate and smiles at her. Alex seeing the look laughs at her.)

Alex: Okay stop staring at Kate like you wanna get her out of her cloths. And Mark shut up.
Mark: Yes dear.

(He walks over to them and helps Barry with Kara and they walk off towards the exit for the sewer.)

A couple of days later.

(It's been a couple of days since they found and brought Kara back to National City safely and since then Kate has spent every chance she can with her hoping she's

not being over barring but all it's really done for Kara is gotten her to fall even more in love with Kate who has done the same thing with Kara but is to afraid of

telling her until one day Kara tells her how she feels about her and Kate looks at her then looks off as she stands up to go and look out of the window then she turns

and looks at her.)

Kate: And here I thought my feelings were going to be one sided.

(Kara looks at her and smiles at her Kate walks back over to her and sits down next to her.)

Kara: You.
Kate: Ever since we met. I mean i know that's a long time to have feelings for someone i had just met and then having her look under the suit in order to see if i'm

the one behind the mask. And then went future south.
Kara: I couldn't help it.
Kate: Yeah sure you couldn't.

(Kara laughs at her as Kate grabs her hand and kisses the back of it as Kara kisses her as their kissing Kate smiles in it as their kiss continues Kara's phone goes

off getting them to pull away from each other.)

Kara: I'm sorry.
Kate: No it's fine.

(She reaches over to grab up her phone seeing the number she mutes it and then puts the phone down as Kate kisses her again as their kissing they both fall back onto

her couch as they land on it Kara deepens it sending them into a love making session. Later their both in her room on her bed under the covers kissing after making

love to each other as their kiss continues Kara deepens it sending them into another love making session later that afternoon both asleep after a number of times of

making love to each other as their sleeping Kara turns over in her sleep and wraps her arm around Kate's waste as she wraps her arm around her waste Kara can't help

but smile knowing that she finally got the woman she loves and had wanted to be with since the day they met even if they met all because Kate paid for their bail and

had to help lock up all of the in mates in Arkham again. But after they both did become friends quickly and found herself falling in love with the woman who once wore

the Bat suit and hopes one day she'll put it back on but if she doesn't Kara won't be to upset with her. Because Gotham once again has a Bat to help protect it from

all of the bad guys there and is willing to someday work along side the Crows. But even if Kate isn't the one in the suit Kara still loves and wants to be with her.

And there was nothing William could do about it.