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Blind For Your Love

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Aaron moaned a little too loudly in between thrusting gently into Camille

Camille threw her head back neck exposed while her husband ravished her

Aaron slowly began to pull out after he finished entering her with his girth emitting a guttural noise from a Camille as she orgasmed

Aaron chuckled to himself

“Aaron,keep quiet!”Camille Rose her voice at her husband

“I’m not going to disturb the peace”Aaron reassured her

“There’s people next door”Camille hushed him

“Well they can put headphones on”Aaron argues with her

“You really need to lower your voice”Camille muttered

“I can hear you from a mile away”Aaron says

“Don’t make me regret getting back together with you”Camille nagged

“You came to me for some midnight fun”Aaron says panting slightly

“So sue me for wanting a little nightcap action”Camille said

“You’re incorrigible you know that”Aaron muttered

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“It’s freezing! Mind giving me your coat,Rosie ?”Annalise asked her boyfriend

"Well, how about a hug instead? Plus the coat, if you want.”Beaumont replied

“This is not the time to be a smart aleck”Annalise sharply cuts him off

“You know that I give the best hugs”Beaumont snuck up on her from behind wrapping his arms around her waist

“I could get used to this”Annalise began to him softly

“You’ve made me the happiest man alive”Beaumont nuzzled his head against the crook of her neck

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“Maybe you could kiss me more?”Malcolm gently chided to his wife

“You’re propositioning me”Ashley earnestly gazed up towards the man she loved

“Yes I am”Malcolm pulled her closer to him

“Well, today is your lucky day”Ashley hung her arm around his neck

“I’ve got my lucky lady by my side”Malcolm said

“You’re making me swoon”Ashley says

Malcolm leaned in letting his forehead gently brush against hers

Ashley slowly moved her rose colored lips towards his own entrapping him in a soft but sweet motion picture

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“Someone’s anxious”Jesse notes the quietness coming from his other half

“I’ve been feeling stressed around you”Jolene answers back to him

“Why are you worried?”He addressed her

“The last time that we saw each other,when you came back we kinda got into a pretty nasty fight”Jolene expressed opening up to him

“I was off-base for taking off and not telling you where I’d be going and I own up to my own mistakes”Jesse says to her

“I am not losing you again!”Jolene sharply told him

Jesse eyes her attentively with concern composed on his confront “You've never lost me”

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“I’ve never met someone like you before”Noa told her fiancé

“If the roles were reversed,would you still be mine?”Daniel questioned her

“Sometimes I wish I wasn’t this big Hollywood icon, that way we could just easily settle down”Noa says to him

“We’re already on that path”Daniel brought his hand up pointing at his ring finger

“Charming and witty, exactly why I like you”Noa caressed his face with a free hand

“I can’t wait to be able to call the most beautiful woman in the world my wife”Daniel responded

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“I don’t have many friends”Aaron says

“Maybe it’s time to change that”Lisa says to Aaron

Aaron watched as Lisa extended her hand towards his

Lisa bit her lips as she gazed up at the man
“I guess it wouldn’t be so bad”Aaron reluctantly admitted before reaching for her hand and shaking it firmly

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?”Lisa asked him

“Baby steps”Aaron muttered

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“So when’s your flight leaving?”Phillip inquires

“You’re gonna stalk me now”Kathryn jokes

“I was thinking I’d be there to wish you farewell”Phillip answers

“You know me by heart”Kathryn rose her hand teasingly toward her chest

“The way you’ve gotten on my nerves,I’d have to be an expert when it comes to you”Phillip says

“Thanks for caring about me”Kathryn said

“Well what are friends for”Philip says

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“How about we Netflix and chill?”Boogie smirked

“Boy, you are such a smooth talker”Eleanor says

“Isn’t it obvious?”Boogie asked her

“You practically drool at the very sight of me”Eleanor teased him

“I thought I was more stealthier than that”Boogie laughed at his own expense

“You can’t flirt for your life”Eleanor bashfully nudges his arm

“I’ve got you smiling”Boogie notes her sudden change of expression

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“Tell me what’s been on your mind”Fang inquires

“I’ve been lonely while you were gone”Li said to her husband

“I’m sorry I put you through that feeling”Fang tells his wife

“You have nothing to apologize for”Li assured him

“I had to do my job as a cop”Fang said

“You got hurt and I feel guilty for not being there for you”Li says

“You don’t need to feel’s not your fault”Li told him

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“When I met you,I felt a spark of electricity between us”Kathryn informed her new friend

“You ignited a fire in me”Danny said

“I’ve honestly never felt so alive”Kathryn says

“I don’t regret kissing you in that elevator”Danny says to her

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“So what do you think about Carmen?””Malcolm asked his longtime friend

”Shes a smartass”Duc mentioned to his brother in law

”So you definitely like her?”Malcolm raised a brow over at his wife's brother
”Carmen tells it like it is she takes crap from no man”Duc was amazed by the beautiful woman he probably was way out of her league ”Don't tell my sister she will never let me hear the end of it” Duc sent him a gaze that was full of warning

”You have my word man”Malcolm grinned

”Theres something about her she's different but a good different I feel calm I probably don't make any sense right now but you know what I mean”Duc told him

”The same feeling I got when I laid eyes on your sister for the first time”Malcolm told his best friend

“You two are good together”Duc smiles at him

“Yeah we sure are she’s my rock”Malcolm said getting all warm and fuzzy on the inside when he thought about his wife he loved her so much it could kill him

“Maybe one day I can have a relationship like you two have one where it’s a not just a relationship but a genuine partnership”Duc told him

”Carmen is a good person we've been friends for years she has a good heart don't take it for granted”Malcolm didn’t let him go without a friendly word of warning


“Don’t worry I won’t take anything for granted”Duc tells his friend

“Good because otherwise I’d have to give you the you hurt her I’ll kill you speech”Malcolm jokes

“My sister already gave me that speech”Duc mentioned

“Ashley and Carmen are pretty inseparable”Malcolm muttered

“As if they are conjoined twins”Duc added on

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“If I disappeared, would you still remember me?”Hye Na asked her boyfriend

“You’ll always be in my heart”Woo Joo said to Hye Na

“As long as I’ve got you I’m fine”Hye Na reassured him


“Well that’s a relief”Woo Joo says

“You’re adorable”Hye Na kisses his cheek lightly

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“If I said something to upset you,I’m sorry.”Tony said

“I’m fine,I promise!”Kim exclaimed

“I know we got off on the wrong foot but I actually think you’re a pretty cool person”Tony says to him

“Flattery is always welcomed”Kim laughed

“I’m an asshole but I apologize for my rudeness”Tony says

“I appreciate that you own up to your downfalls”Kim said

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Could the man that Ji Won hovered over even be equipped for really focusing on her?

"Hyun Soo-Ah, do you realize that Eun Ha truly misses you?"Ji Won referenced their girl

The very girl that she realized her better half had appreciated as though she was his justification living regardless of being in torment from concealing his actual personality

"I'm not the similar person from before...I may have failed to remember how to be a decent dad"Hyun Soo answers icily

'I don't have the right to be a parent when I'm unequipped for feeling such a human feeling.' Hyun Soo quietly thought to himself

"She would,in any case,focus on you either way."Ji Won was attempting to associate with the male through raising their little girl

"You put your profession at risk to remain by my side"Hyun Soo sees the forfeits his better half made to attempt to ensure him

When Ji Won understood her spouses real essence she had an inclination that she needed to guard him

"On the day we got hitched we took a vow, Jagiya"Ji Won gazed out the vehicle window

"Till death do us part"Hyun Soo delicately mumbled the words

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“Is it wrong if I don’t want to be babied?”Aaron asked his wife

“It’s only natural that people are worried about you after you had your aneurism”Camille says to him

“Still it doesn’t mean I want to be treated inhumanely”Aaron sighed out of frustration

“I wouldn’t call wanting to help out a friend in need as being in humane behavior”Camille chuckles

“There’s nothing funny about this”Aaron pouted

“I’m not making fun of you”Camille said

“None of this is amusing to me Cam”Aaron says

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“This isn’t exactly the most comfortable spot”Jack says

“We are in a crowded elevator”Lisa reminds him

“Are you doing okay?”Jack asked her

“I’m getting adjusted quite well actually”Lisa tells him

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“Motherfucker you need to stop being so reckless”Fei Hong scolded the younger man

“I was merely doing what I thought was right”Bu Er replies

“You ruined the plans that were put in place”Fei Hong says

“I disagree strongly with you on that”Bu Er told his older counterpart

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“You can’t die. Please don’t die.”Charlie told his partner

“You know I’m awake right?”Joe gazed up at him from his hospital bed

“I thought I lost you”Charlie warily remarked

“I felt like I met the big man above himself and let me tell you the feeling of being able to touch the sky was pretty scary”Joe says

“The doc wants to keep you here overnight”Charlie told him

“I do like not having to work”Joe referenced his newfound leisure time

“Joe,I regret not trusting you”Charlie’s lips turned downward forming a sad still line

“It’s always nice being able to see that ridiculously handsome mug of yours”Joe winked at him

“You haven’t changed”Charlie laughed at the compliment

“Being able to be alive is a gift” Joe motioned for him to sit next to him

Charlie say himself down in the chair next to the bedside “Any pain?”

“It seemed to vanish when I woke up and saw you”Joe flashed him a toothy grin

Charlie stares down at his friends hand before reaching for it

Joe didn’t mind the contact from the other males hand slowly touching his

“Guess I’ve managed to cure you”Charlie cracked his own cheap joke

“You need to let loose once in a while”Joe says giving his hand a tight squeeze before intertwining their fingers together

“Whatever makes you happy”Charlie says

“So that’s a yes”Joe gazed up at him

“Once you heal up maybe I could treat you to dinner?”Charlie offered

“Never knew you were such a gentleman”Joe muttered

“You’re making me feel like a damn schoolboy”Charlie admitted

Joe watched as his partners face reddened slightly “If this is your way of trying to court me then I’m all yours”

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Su-Jin could have sworn there was something that was supposed to happen that day

“It’s our anniversary today”Chul-soo told her


“I’m so sorry I keep forgetting”Su-jin replies

“You remember what you’re able to”Chul-soo kisses her on her forehead

“You’re so understanding”Su-Jin says

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“I know I shouldn’t be here”Woo-yeon apologized for the sudden appearance at her doorstep

“Can we talk?”Seung-Hee asked him

“I’m sorry I broke your heart”Woo-yeon said

“I really thought we had a chance”Seung-hee responded

“If you hate me I’d understand completely”Woo-yeon says

“I still care about you”Seung-hee says

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“We need a bigger home”Jin Hee mentioned to her husband

“I heard sky castle is accepting new people”Yang Woo says

“That’s only for the wealthy and powerful”Jin Hee knew their social status may get in the way of that positioning

“I could use my influence at the hospital to get us a spot there”Yang Woo’s face lit up

“It’s either gonna work out or be an incredibly stupid idea”Jin Hee says

“It doesn’t hurt to try yeobo”Yang Woo tried chiding her

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“Jimmy are you sure you’re okay?”Yolanda asked him

Jimmy had been thinking about how beautiful she was he couldn’t help but stare at her

“Just thinking”Jimmy said

“About what?”Yolanda asked him

“Life and shit”Jimmy replies

“You know you can talk to me?”Yolanda reminded the man

“Thanks for being a good friend Rodriguez”Jimmy grinned over at her

“Well what are partners for anyways”Yolanda quipped

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“Gambling is usually fun but it’s becoming overwhelming ”Saeko said

“Is the thrill disappearing?”Muraki asked the pretty woman


“The stakes are so high”Saeko says

“The pressure it can eat you alive”Muraki interjected

“You read me like a book”Saeko smirked

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“You made quite a mess at the office?”Tony bagged at his partner

“The Yakuza knew about Black Lotus”Kim says

“Beating them half to death could have gotten us killed”Tony scolded him

“You can’t be civil with them”Kim replies

“You’re fucking crazy,Inspector Kim”Tony couldn’t work with a madman

‘This man will end up killing me’Tony thought to himself

“Detective Luca you aren’t the first person whom has called me that”Kim coldly says

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"Let’s start over "An expression heard occasionally

In spite of the fact that the other male was a thistle on Lai-Fei’s side for a few reasons unbeknownst to him Po-Wing still cared profoundly for him

A once cherishing relationship gradually soured with forcefulness and cynicism

“I’m sorry for squandering the cash on cigarettes”The words were whispered as Po-Wing looked down at the mess his accomplice had made

“I’ve gone overboard and I forgive you”a quiet recognized referral uttered by Yiu-fai reminiscent of ‘let’s begin again’ being articulated all over once more

Time and time again Po-Wing would still find crawling back to Yiu-fai no matter how bad things got between the two

Even in times of torment and conflict they were each other’s secure safe house but they were too able to demolish each other within the most tremendous of ways

No matter what happened they would always find their way back to one another

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“Are you still awake…?”Ryan asked his girlfriend

“Yes I am”Deok Mi replies

“I feel like everything was a lie”Ryan told her after a few minutes of silence

“That’s a natural feeling one would have in a situation like that”Deok Mi assured him

“I feel better talking with you about this”Ryan softly muttered

“Are you open to talking to her?”Deok Mi referred to her boyfriends biological mother

“In all honesty I’m not sure”Ryan nervously replied

“I support you either way”Deok Mi softened her voice

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“Aren’t we working for the same side inspector?”Alan quipped

“Only I’m not in disguise”Tequila said looking towards the other male

Law enforcement in a way was like a brotherhood a shape of family with its claim ethics and whatnot when covert at least

it was critical for a plain dress undercover officer to stay in disguise and remain within the part they were doled out to depict

A cop and an covert officer together was a interesting turn of occasions

Needless to say Alan didn’t intellect the company of the individual brother in arms

“They won’t get me I can guarantee you that”Alan guarantees his accomplice

“I already lost one person I care about”Tequila referees to his now deceased former partner

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“The letter you wrote was pretty sweet”Teresa gave him a lopsided grin

“I do have a way with words you know?”Tequila winked suggestively

“You make me want to do all kind of things to you”Teresa fingered his tie twirling it here and there

“Baby that’s music to my ears”Tequila says

“You’re my idiot”Teresa looked deeply into her lovers eyes fondly

“Loving you is easy”Tequila said as he rested his arm around the back of her waist

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“You don’t strike me as the art type”Maria observed

“Let’s just say my interests tend to very”Toshi says

“You’ve got some taste” Maria complimented her newfound friend

“Thank you for letting me stay”Toshi thanked his hostess

“Please you’re welcome to stay anytime”Maria said

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“Sorry for interrupting you gentlemen”Tosgi apologizes to the Gang leader

“You’re a little green newbie”Hawk smokes his cigarette looking at Toshi

“I’m not exactly the best at being discreet am I?”Toshi muttered

“You need to loosen up man”Hawk tried to get him to not be so stiff and out of place

“I can be fun”Toshi argues with him

“This could easily be the beginning of a beautiful friendship”Hawk said to the newcomer

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“We meet again”Tequila cornered his rival


“I know that voice”Alan said as he turned around to face the source of the male voice


“I’m surprised you’re not offering me a drink or a cigarette”Tequila laughed dryly

“Why are you here?”Alan questioned his intruding visitor

“Tell me everything that you know about the triads”Tequila spit out at him

“I can’t fill you in on the details of my undercover work”Alan said to the other cop

“Asshole you are getting in the way of an ongoing investigation”Tequila pointed his gun at him erratically

“You are trespassing on my property”Alan’s brows furrowed angrily

“Fuck You”Tequila yelled at him

“You’re really playing a dangerous game here inspector”Alan warned him coming next closer to him

“If you want me to leave so badly then why
don’t you make me tough guy?”Tequila came even closer their faces only inches apart but they both stared one another down

Maybe Tequila would get what he wanted out of playing dirty he wasn’t afraid to use whatever means necessary

“Do not push my buttons I’m warning you”Alan let’s his tone lower in a threatening manner

“Let’s play a game”Tequila closes the space between them by pressing his own lips softly upon the unsuspecting hitman

Although Alan was taken aback by the sudden contact made by lips brushing against his he welcomed it

It was more so about control showing how much power one could have over the other

Almost engraved in a dreamlike state of seduction brought on by sheer lust for human contact

“I wasn’t expecting you to be taking charge like this”Alan says in between lingering heated kisses which turned even more hotter when Tequila peppered his neck ferociously sucking and nipping at the skin

This was an unexpected change of pace and form of tactic for questioning but Alan was consenting to tequilas boldness

“Inspector you won’t win this battle”Alan says to his occupational rival

Maybe a part of Alan was a little too enthused by the passionate embrace he was currently entertaining from the other male

Tequila couldn’t deny the intensity of the environment after the subtle mood change where their confrontation became an amorous exchange

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“It’s a new day”Toshi told himself

After the massive shootout that happened with the Italians and latin gang members whom used to work with Hawk he had to start over

Toshi couldn’t lie to Maria anymore about himself

All she knows is the coverstory that he made up the one that he fed her claiming he wasn’t supposed to even be in the damn country but not the truth

The truth was that Toshi was a fed worst of all an undercover fed and people didn’t look too kindly on those kind of feds

Toshi was no longer the clean shaven green starry eyed rookie he’s been through hell after losing so many close Cop friends to the gang violence over the past week

Above all of that he just lost someone he had grown close to which was Hawk he was Maria’s brother

Hawk wasn’t necessarily a bad guy once Toshi got to know him. The only one among the gang whom had treated him with some level of respect instead of bad mouthing him

Suddenly Toshi’s train of thought was interrupted when he heard a gentle knock on the door of his car

Maria stood there by the window waiting for him to open it and when he did she slowly opened her mouth to speak to him “Thanks for the flowers”

“I wanted to get you something nice”Toshi mentioned giving her a once over noting how gorgeous she looked

Maria wore a black floral printed dress that made her look ethereal and she was for sure a sight for sore eyes

“You’re very sweet Toshi”Maria said her voice was sickeningly sweet in a good way that made toshis heart melt

Toshi opened his door to step outside to talk to the woman he adored so dearly


“I’m sorry about your brother”Toshi mentioned his late friend Hawk

“Hawk was worried you were a fed before he passed”Maria clues him in on what’s been gnawing at her mind

“Hawk was right and I never meant to deceive you Maria”Toshi apologized to her

“I’m just glad you’re alive safe and healthy”Maria says


“I know this won’t bring him back but I’m sorry”Toshi was trying to smooth everything over


“Well I guess the cats out of the bag now”Maria tried to poke fun at the irony of her beloved brothers cryptid premonition

“I wouldn’t blame if you hated me for lying to you”Toshi says to her

“I could never hate you”Maria exclaimed

“I lied about being illegal and I’m sorry for playing with your heart like that”Toshi eagerly states as he apologized again

“We all fib a little after all no ones a hundred percent perfect”Maria told him

“I cost your brother his life”Toshi blames himself for Hawk getting shot

‘It should have been me’ Toshi thought to himself

“I always feared the brotherhood would ultimately lead to geraldos demise”Maria said to him

“He would still be here if I hadn’t been so reckless”Toshi finally broke snapping at Maria

Tears slowly began rolling down Toshis face as he bared his own vulnerability for all the world to ses


Maria caressed his cheek with her hand affectionately forcing him to look up at her

Toshis eyes met hers “There’s nothing else I can say but sorry”

“My brothers death is not because of you”Maria says softly

“Hawk didn’t deserve any of this”Toshis voice hitched as he spoke

“Don’t feel like you have to carry that burden of survivors guilt”Maria sternly relayed to him

“I hate myself for what happened”Toshi admitted

“I care about you as a person Cop or no Cop”Maria says

“That brings me a sense of relief”Toshi sighed

“Please don’t leave New York”Maria pleaded with him

“I promised Hawk I’d be there for you and I’m keeping that promise”Toshi informed her

“So you’re not leaving?”Maria asked her eyes hesitantly meeting his

“I want to be with you”Toshi answers her reaching for her hand

“You’ve just made me the happiest woman in the entire world”Maria says

“Thanks for not turning your back on me”Toshi was afraid she’d reject him after he told her the truth

“I love that enough reassurance for you?”Maria asked him wrapping her arms around him

Toshi let himself be embraced in the comforting hug given to him by her

It was nice being able to be close to Maria again

“Oh it’s more than enough for me”Toshi pressed his lips to her forehead holding onto her just as tightly as she held him

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‘Life’s a song and we are all just going along for the ride’Teresa’s sweet voice filled Tequilas head

Tequila had to leave his office otherwise he’d go batshit crazy being all by his lonesome

Nevertheless as if by some bizarre miracle his train of thought suffered an interruption in the form of his girlfriend knocking on the door

“Darling you’re in deep”Teresa chided him warningly her soft doe like eyes fluttering shut then open again blink after blink

“As if I didn’t know that already”Tequila replies staring her way

“Just be careful for me”Teresa squeezed his shoulder gently in an endearing manner offering comfort to gum

“I’ll try to stay alive for you”Tequila tells her

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“You should have a drink with me”Fu offered the other male

“As long as you’re paying”Ko muttered giving him a toothy grin

Fu made small talk with a waiter whom quickly returned with two glasses of wine

“Thanks for the drink”Ko says gratefully

“Don’t mention it brother”Fu tells him

The two men had been getting pretty close

Fu was becoming a really good friend of Ko’s and he felt like they had some things in common

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“Suddenly I’m feeling very creative”Deok Mi said as she slid closer to her beau

“Tell me more”Ryan lingered on seductively challenging her

“You’re the perfect canvas”Deok Mi caressed his face

“It’s a pleasure to be in the presence of such a beautiful artist”Ryan smiles widely gazing up into her beautiful eyes

“You’re such a charmer”Deok Mi leaned in pressing her lips to his in a playful manner

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Don’t worry about me”Jang-Soo told the man accompanying him


Even if Jang-Soo was ailing and not in good health it was nice having some type of company around

“Are you sure you’re alright on your own?”Yeong-Gi asked him

“I’m fine really”Jang-Soo welcomed the curiosity into his well being not many people cared to ask that of him lately

“We can talk or whatever”Yeong-Gi says

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“You may be a fed but I think you’re a decent man”Shuji said to him

“I’m flattered by your commentary”Nick laughed

“There’s nothing funny about what I said”Shuji stared at him in pure confusion

“You’re pretty adorable when you’re confused” Nick said

They were in this thing together no matter how hard things got

Nick may have been a nuisance at times to Shuji but there was somebody level of mutual respect in a weird sense

Chapter Text

Nick should have noticed the signs earlier on

As much as Nick tried to ignore it he couldn’t

Nick was being wooed by a covert hopeless romantic obliviously unbeknownst to him


Shuji had developed quite a liking to the younger male and it was becoming painfully obvious to nick that here was something deeper underneath his interest in him

This would explain why Shuji not only bought him the apartment but also offered to keep him company when he was alone

Nick quickly noticed how Shuji would move himself closer to be nearer to Nick sitting side by side with him

Shujis leg brushing slightly against nicks own leg

Nick looked down and noticed that Shuji placed his palm on his leg rubbing it almost affectionately back and forth

“You’ve been very loyal to me”Shuji muttered on a happy almost sickening sweet manner as he eyed nick up and down with a slight glaze of lust in his eyes

“I appreciate the company Shu”Nick replies trying to pretend not to notice the pass Shuji made towards him

“You like the place?”Shuji asked him his hand running up and down the thigh suggestively

Nick noticed that the older man wasn’t phased by Nicks obliviousness in fact it encouraged Shuji even more

“Earth to Nick”Shuji waves two fingers into his face

“Sorry I zoned out”Nick apologized

“It happens to the best of us”Shuji said empathetically

“I’ve gotten adjusted to living here”Nick replies which pleased his companion

“I had a feeling you would”Shuji places one hand to nicks face caressing his cheek fondly

“Thank you for the kindness that you’ve shown me”Nick thanked him with sincerity

Shuji responded by leaning in resting his forehead against nicks before gently brushing his own lips against nicks lips

Nick felt the lips massage against his own gently almost needing and slowly reciprocated the show of affection by opening his own mouth up for the older man

Shuji was relieved when the object of his blatant affection began to react in response to his bold move of rewarding him with a tender kiss

Chapter Text

“Do you want me to pick you up?”Duncan asked Hallie

“Sure you are the one whom asked me out after all”Hallie told him

“For some reason I feel like we’re soulmates”Duncan muses

“I can’t say no to you”Hallie mentioned coming closer wrapping her arms around his waist

“You’re kind of hard to resist”Duncan says

Chapter Text

“I hope that I haven’t offended you”Shuji mentioned slightly concerned

“You haven’t”Nick assured him

“You were awfully quiet which concerned me”Shuji tells him

“Talking can be hard for me at times”Nick replies

“That’s something we share in common”Shuji says

“I’m a lone wolf”Nick states

“Family is important”Shuji reiterates his firm stance on the balance of family

“I may be an outsider but it means a lot that you’ve instilled so much trust in me”Nick says

“I feel like fate brought us together”Shuji told his new acquaintance

“Fate is a funny thing”Nick muttered

“You never know who to trust these days”Shuji brought up

“I’ve got your back Shu”Nick promised him

Chapter Text

In spite of the fact that the more youthful man tended to press Jang-Soos buttons with how energetic and rough he was

Jang-Soo delighted in the company given to him by his newly discovered buddy beyond any doubt he was sort of crazy and possibly lost a number of marbles but he wasn’t that terrible of a individual

“I think you’re a great man”The senior man communicates to his more youthful caretaker

“I don’t truly have any other individuals in my life but you now”Yeong-Gi shared with him

“You won’t be everyone’s container of tea all the time”The words gotten away streaming from Jang-Soos lips nearly like a warm winter breeze that calmed the storm of anxiousness entering him

“You sounds like you’ve got a few involvement in that department”Yeong-Gi rose a brow lines showing on his forehead as his brows began furrowing slightly marginally upturning the corners of his mouth

“I’ve been around on this planet for a long time”Jang Soo mutters

“Just like an annoying record”Yeong-Gi says


“Respect your elder”Jang-Soo cautioned him hesitantly grinning

“You adore to utilize that against me”Yeong-Gi says

Chapter Text

Nick felt a presence next to him as he laid down in the bed turned over to see the back of someone

All he remembers was drinking with Shu and they talked for hours before things became hazy and unclear to his own memory

“Good morning beautiful”Nick mumbles sheepishly before leaning in to place a kiss to his bedmates shoulder

Shuji slowly opened his eyes turning over to face his partner “Morning to you handsome”

“Shu you’re pretty much a lightweight”Nick referred to how seamlessly Shuji seems to meld against his naked figure

“You were a very bad boy last night”Shuji seductively lingered pawing at his chest


“I didn’t think you’d be so feisty”Nick chuckled in response

“You're a beast”Shuji drew out in a lower voice register showing him he was pleased with his sexual

“Guess we went a little overboard last night”Nick replies noticing that they were in bed together

Nick had nothing against him nor the idea that he had drunkenly hooked up with the older man which now looking back would explain the loss of memory he had acquired

“A few drinks never hurt anyone”Shuji says back to him staring into his eyes

Shuji was interested in Nick and he had taken a bold move by making an advance on his new friend

At first what began as an innocent schoolboy crush became into feelings of love attraction mixed with admiration and desire Shuji wanted Nick all to himself

Shuji snuggled against him resting his head on on him slightly

“Let’s stay like this for a while”Nick mentioned

“My schedule is already cleared anyways”Shuji hinted he had infinite free time meaning he could be with him as long as he desired

Chapter Text

Even though Gina Hayes despised the yakuza for killing her son she newbie intended to find herself falling in love with a member herself

“I don’t trust easily”Gina says

“I know you don’t Gina”Seiji says to her as they laid in bed together

Gina did have hazy memories from her first memory with the attractive young man mostly stemming from their first meeting with one another

Although it’s no surprise that she ended up in bed with the man

Chapter Text

Lovers they were lovers something a little bit more intimate than merely just friends with benefits

Nick had already been dragged deeper into the criminal underwood of the yakuza and the police department once he had met Shujis nephew Toshi as well as his girlfriend Maria

Toshi was a young inquisitive Japanese cop whom bore a slight resemblance to his uncle although mainly because his mother was Shujis sister which meant they shared some sort of inheritance and then in contrast to the girlfriend whom was a beautiful petite blonde haired Latina whom joyfully spoke about her passion for art and her job as an artist she mentioned she had a high school friend from where Nick was from so they bonded over that shared connection

“You asked me earlier about what would ever become of us and I think I know the answer now”Nick mentioned

“Tell me the answer hotshot”Shuji teasingly said encouraging him to speak up

“We aren’t just fuck buddies...we both know that there’s something deeper behind all of that”Nick told him

“I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to be in a relationship with you”Shuji admitted not shying away from his desire to claim Nick as his

“I want to date you”Nick blurted out his own confession in turn although it’s a thought that’s been eating at his mind for quite sometime


“Nick if we do this you have to be committed”Shuji says slow and softly making sure the other heard every single word he said

“Shu will you be mines?”Nick asked him

Shuji blushes heavily a bit at the idea of being asked out so formally but he felt butterflies in his stomach at the same time but he nodded before speaking “Yes I’ll be yours”

“You’ve made me a happy man”Nick told him

“Kid listen you’re young you’ve got your whole entire life ahead of you and you don’t need someone as old as I am to stop you from enjoying your youth”Shuji told him

“Don’t give me that kind of crap Shu”Nick replies worried at the sudden hesitance from his lover

“I’m giving you a chance to make a choice”Shuji grabbed his hands

Nick squeezed Shujis hand as he held them “you don’t need to worry about me”

“Saying that won’t make me worry any less”Shuji says

“You’re a sweetheart”Nick said

Shuji was anxious he knew he was older than his younger friend which did put some pressure on him to be extra youthful to please him


“I don’t mind the age difference between the two of us honestly”Nick reassures him trying to soothe his partner


“Are you sure that this is what you want?”Shuji asked the younger man


“I want to be with you as corny as it may sound”Nick sheepishly replies

“Do you know what you want?”Shuji asked him empathetically he was giving him an out just in case he was regretting their whirlwind romance

“I’m a grown ass man whom can make decisions for himself and I am telling you that I want to be your boyfriend so yes I know what I want Shu”Nick replies

“I’ll take good care of you as long as you do the same to me in return”Shuji tells him

As long as they had each other everything was okay they made each other better people

Nick could see himself settling down with Shuji maybe even starting a family one day if they were able to figure out how to adopt which would be their one way of possibly starting a family in the future


This was next level serious for nick he usually ran away from relationships once they became serious but Shuji was different it felt natural falling in love with him

Nick leaned in pressing a soft kiss to his lovers temple and then to his lips which seemed to help calm down the anxiety he was going through


Shuji usually was used to initiating any sort of intimacy whether it be romantic or merely sexual so it was a nice but also a pleasant exchange to be the one receiving instead of giving this time around

Nick wrapped an arm around his boyfriends waist while softly kissing him tenderly Shuji opened his mouth allowing him further permission to explore the crevasses in his mouth

Shuji smiles slightly into the sudden lip lock but he was more than happy to oblige by letting Nick lead and take charge for a change

Nick could feel Shujis hand resting at his waist before it lowered to cop a feel of his ass squeezing his cheek hard


Shuji moaned every once in a while which drove nick crazy nicks tongue intertwined with Shujis as they fought each other for dominance

Shuji pulled away for a moment to begin peppering kisses up and down the sides of Nicks neck taking control again

Nick basked in the pleasure from his hot boyfriend whom seemed more than eager to thrill him

Making that next step by making things official between them rejuvenated the relationship and made things feel brand new they were like a couple of teenagers right now enthusiastically sneaking off to make out with one another

Chapter Text

After her ex had let a murderer on the loose Hong Joo feared for her life

In her dream she saw this murderer find her and his sister in order to try to kill them both he was intent on making the two of them his last victims

“I can’t sleep”Hong Joo mumbled before grabbing her phone and dialing Jae’s number

“Pick up..pick up”Hong Joo repeated as she waited for him to answer her

Each ring sent a shiver down her spine in the midst of her anxiety

It wasn’t too long till she heard a familiar male voice on the other line saying “What’s up doc?”

“This isn’t a time to be funny”Hong Joo scolded him

“I’m guessing you’re having a rough night”Jae Chan reasoned as her need for calling him during his own slumber

“I could barely sleep at all”Hong Joo exclaimed exasperatedly

“The man was in your dream wasn’t he?”Jae Chan asked her

“I wish I could get it out of my head”Hong Joo pouted slightly becoming a little upset

“We can talk as long as you want Hong Joo”Jae Chan tells her patiently

“Your voice is like heaven to my ears right now”Hong Joo informed him

Jae Chan made her feel safe and she liked feeling that way with him

“Are you still there?”Jae Chan asked becoming concerned when he heard silence on her end

“I’m just thinking about how you saved my life”Hong Joo recalled almost wistfully

Jae Chan was her knight in shining armor as cliche as it sounded without him she could have died

Chapter Text

“Would you be willing to be my plus one to a college friends wedding?”Lisa asked Jack

“Am I hearing this right”Jack says confusedly

“I’m single and it’s gonna be awkward if I don’t show up with someone”Lisa says

“You want me to be your stand in for an imaginary lover?”Jack asked her amusedly

“In simpler terminology yes”Lisa answered

“This will be a one time thing okay”Jack told her

“You are a gift to me”Lisa wrapped her arm around him embracing him in a hug

Chapter Text

“I might have to put in notice for a transfer soon”Nick says

“You don’t need to think about transferring simply y because of us”Shuji said to him

“What other choice do I have?”Nick asked the older male

“You’re good at what you do”Shuji says

“That’s not enough to secure me a stable job”Nick said

“You really can’t tell me what to do”Nick said exasperatedly

“Don’t transfer if you don’t want to but I’m not gonna stop if that’s what you want to do”Shuji says

“You’re being a little hypocritical now aren’t you”Nick says

“I’m not a hypocrite”Shuji was only trying to help offfer a solution to his boyfriend

“You just told me what to do with my own career”Nick printed out to him

“I’m sorry Nick”Shuji says

Shuji may have overreacted earlier and went a little overboard

Now that the two were officially an item after having made their relationship official by confessing they wanted to be in a relationship together there was this weirdness between them

It would take time adjusting to this new normal of the change in their relationship from friends to lovers

“We need to be able to communicate with one another”Nick pointed out the one elephant in the room

“You’re sacrificing your work because of me and I don’t want to see you in agony”Shuji replies

“You think any of this was easy for me”Nick laughed before staring into the others eyes

“Don’t put words in my mouth”Shuji says passively but in a stern manner

“I had to tell my boss that I knocked boots with the quote on quote enemy and fell in love with them”Nick snapped at him

“Maybe you aren’t as ready as I thought you were”Shuji yelled back at him

“What’s that supposed to mean?”Nick stated confusefly

“I don’t know you tell me”Shuji crosses his arms expectantly glaring slightly at him

“We have one little disagreement and you’re already ready to run for the hills”Nick rolled his eyes trying to reach toward Shuji to try to calm him down

“Don’t”Shu warned him moving away from Nicks attempt at grabbing him by the arm

“Relax”Nick says trying to soothe him

“Just stop”Shuji whispered to him

“Shu I didn’t mean it like that”Nick tried to apologize

“I asked you multiple times if you were ready for a relationship and I thought I could trust you to know what you want”Shuji rose his own voice at him becoming angry

“I told you that I know what I wanted and I wanted you”Nick says

“It matters more than you think”Shuji says

“Just because you’re mad doesn’t mean you can talk down to me like this”Nick tried to set boundaries

“Face it kid I’m calling it out like I see it I’m just an experiment for you and you don’t even know what you want out of a fucking relationship”Shuji had been biting his tongue back but he had to say what was on his mind

“You’re undermining me because of my youthfulness”Nick answers

“When you know what you want you know where to find me”Shuji muttered ready to head up to the bedroom they shared at Nicks apartment

“I shouldn’t have called you a hypocrite and yelled at you like I did”Nick realized he was at fault for shujis sudden anger towards him

“Look I’m going to go before I say something I’m gonna regret later on”Shuji stepped back trying to distance himself from the younger man

“Let’s talk about this”Nick pleaded trying to get Shuji to stay with him

“Give me some space”Shuji coldly says warning I’m again

“I love you”Nick says softly to his boyfriend wrapping his arms around him hugging him from behind

“I’m pretty angry and upset with you right now”Shuji relaxed into the hug but he still refused to give in that easily

“I shouldn’t have said what I said earlier and I realize I fucked everything up”Nick apologized pressing his lips to shujis cheek kissing him lightly

“You still said it”Shuji whispered again his voice cracked a little as if he wanted to cry but he wasn’t going to cry in front of Nick

“If you’re having second thoughts let me know”Nick reassured him letting him know he cared about him

“Partners are supposed to be able to share everything with one another but you bottle so much up inside I can’t read you”Shuji replies

“If you want space I’ll give you space and what you’re feeling right now is valid”Nick wasn’t going to deny his lover a right to be frustrated with him

“That’s very mature of you”Shuji acknowledged

“Don’t feel like you need to change to please me”Nick said trying to clear the air between them

“I don’t know if I can give you whatever it is you want from me I’m trying but I feel like that’s not even enough“Shuji tells him

“Does our age difference really bother you that much?”Nick concernedly asked him

“Not at all I’ve dated younger women in the past so I’m not one to discriminate”Shuji admitted opening up to him

“I won’t leave you for someone else younger if that’s what you’re afraid of Shu”Nick wasn’t going to push him into admitting that he had felt insecure about their relationship due to Shuji being much older than Nick

“Sometimes I worry about you growing tired of me irrational I know but it’s a nagging thought in my head”Shuji blushed slightly as he finally admitted his own insecurity

“I have never really done the whole commitment thing before with anyone so I’ll admit this is new for me but I want to give you everything you want and be yours forever”Nick told him

“I just want to know that you are in it with me all the way”Shuji needed that reassurance so desperately

“I’m with you”Nick presses closer to him almost cuddling him as he held the older male in his arms

“I love you too kid”Shuji says affectionately even though he was mad at Nick he couldn’t help but love him

Nick liked shujis cute little habit of endearingly referring to him as kid it was sort of their thing

“I have a long way to go with making everything up to you”Nick knew he made mistakes but he was trying to be a bigger person owning up to the new

“You’ll figure out how to earn my forgiveness”Shuji hummed a little speaking turning around to face his younger lover

“I know me saying sorry won’t fix anything but I know I was an ass to you and I was awful”Nick regretfully said

“It takes a lot to admit when you’re in the wrong”Shuji caressed his face a free hand cupping nicks cheek before leaning in to peck his lips sweetly

“Even when you’re mad at me I still think you’re beautiful Shu”Nick muttered after Shuji pulled away from pecking his lips

“You look very handsome today by the way”Shuji wrapped an arm around Nicks neck

“Well you did pick out my clothing today”Nick remarked

“I have great taste right”Shuji chuckled before nuzzling into the nook of nicks shoulder

Chapter Text

Camille was sitting behind her desk. She felt the tears well up in her eyes . After their last adventure, Camille found out just exactly how cruel people could be. How nasty and inconsiderate real humans actually were. Camille stared at a picture of a polar bear. A magnificent beast who would not hesitate to kill her but at least it would be quick. Not a overlong conspiracy of many years, just to be unleashed on her when she was at her weakest and darkest moment. When she needed her friends the most.

But there had been one tiny ray of light in this whole . Camille remembered fondly the day she discovered it. It was a tuesday morning she rememberanced. The memories surfaced before her mind's eye and took the most wonderful shapes. Before Camille well knew it, a single tear welled up in her eyes and trickled down her cheek.
Because even when all her 'friends' betrayed her, there was one consistant factor in her life: Aaron.

And Camille knew that the rising aspirations between them could never become true, the feelings Camille had for Aaron were the only thing in this world that still felt true to him. No lies, just that single, pure sense and feeling for Aaron.Their relationship would probably only ever be physical.

Alas, Camille thought to herself hopelessly. Why must they battle? Why must Camille be destined to destroy Aaron? Can she ever tell Aaron how much Aaron means to Camille?

If only she could. Then all her pain would be over. No more betrayal. No more suffering under the laughter from (her ex boyfriend well more of a fling who told her he loved her, only to stab her right inti the heart at valentines day!). No, only Aaron and Camille's true feelings for Him.

Chapter Text

“Don’t you think we are being little loud Kathryn”Phillip asked me

“Shut your trap”I moaned out in between oceans of pleasure rushing through me as Phillip kissed me deeply

My throat was so full of giggle stick and baby gravy, the gentleman's relish was leaching down my chin and onto my bare bosom.

Within no time, I could feel the shitty cock custard sliming from my other vagina and all over my vertical smile.

It was bliss having his sperminator plunged inside me again; stuffing my cod canyon with a 15" spiked vibrator just didn't get my one slice toaster surging like it used to.

After having my hatchet wound thrusted, he then proceeded to raid my black hole. The mixture of hardened fudge nugget and steamin' semen in my cocoa channel created the delicious rectoplasm that he was so fond of.

Leaving my panties sunny side up on the floor was the least of my worries as his clunger stuffed deeper into my marmite motorway. There was cock snot frothing from his giggle stick and I was wetter than a bathmaid's elbow.

We were ready for more.

If I don't get a stinky pinky to get my shrimp sap slobbering from my spunk dungeon, his long-dong silver is going to leave my flappy meal resembling that bathroom door in The Shining.

Hours of plowing like this would leave any girl's furburger looking like a hippo's yawn, and I was no different! The hammering of my old dirt road was so vigorous, he soon found his hairy walnuts joining his skeleton king deep in my tradesman's entrance.

My throat was so full of timed slimer and steamin' semen, the steamin' semen was dripping down my chin and onto my mosquito bites. The unrelenting orgasms from his muffbuster raiding my hatchet wound made me come so hard, I began sweating like a white mouse in a tampon factory.

There was cock snot slobbering from his one-eyed milkman and I was wetter than a bathmaid's elbow.

When he removed his clunger from my balloon knot, he was pleasantly surprised to see a stink pickle staring back as him. He knew I couldn't wait to chow down on the butt nugget off his flesh gordon.

The raiding makes me flood my beige slime all over his balony pony.

The feeling of his love mayonnaise frothing down my throat got my vertical moisture flowing quicker than a greased weasel shit.

Phillip eased out a giant colon cobra on my fiery biscuits just so he could lap it up like a pig at a trough.

I can't wait to gobble the love mayonnaise from his cheese-crusted cock.

The seemingly never-ending streams of Da Vinci load emanating from his cunt plunger soon had me coated like a plasterer's radio. I awoke the next morning with my clam-flavoured pothole still flowing. I thought it was over but his greasy slimelight had other ideas.

He knew I couldn't wait to consume the toilet twinkie off his purple beaver buster.

The feeling of his man fat dripping down my throat got my minge mucus flowing quicker than snot off a whip.

The fucking of my soft tight anus was so vigorous, he soon found his clock weights joining his spunk-filled spam rocket deep in my rusty sherif's badge.

Chapter Text

On a dark moonless summer night, with only occasional bolts of heat lightning to relieve the blackness, Sung stretched her stiff legs as best as she could while driving the rented moving van.

All her worldly possessions were stuffed behind her as she drove the long five hour trip.

She turned left onto a gravel road, almost there now, almost to her new home in the country and to her new life in nearby New York.

Off in the distance, an orange, yellow, and red glow flickered on the horizon.

A fire! Oh no! Sung pulled into the long winding driveway as flames leaped, dancing in the wind, while devouring the old weathered wood barn.

She jumped from the van and ran toward the blaze. That barn was supposed to be an animal shelter and headquarters for her new job.

Sung felt like she was watching a funeral pyre for her new life.

What kind of sign was this for her new beginning?

The fire, hot as the hinges of hell, singed her brown hair as she ran into the choking cloud of billowing black smoke.

She collided into what had felt like a brick wall and her knees slowly buckled.

"Whoa, little lady." Large gentle hands clasped her shoulders to stop her from falling upon impact, and then guided her back out of the heat.

Sung's heart caught at the sound of the deep, rich unfamiliar voice.

His chocolate eyes locked onto her brown ones then widened with surprise. Or was it appreciation?

Perhaps the scorching heat was roasting her thinking processes?

Something soft squirmed against her chest before she realized his brawny arms were filled with whimpering pups.

He was rescuing the cute baby animals!

Although glistening with sweat and smudged with charcoal, too sooty to distinguish his features, he seemed like a knight in not-quite shimmering armor.

"Who are you?" Sung whispered.

"I'm Ryan ." Ryan remembered his manners at the same time as the wiggling weights in arms. "Here." He thrust the bundle of panicky pups into her arms before brushing a stray lock of brown hair from her lovely oval face. He took a giant step back, away from the temptation of her feminine and voluptuous form.

Ryan wondered why no one warned him that she was such a beauty. "You must be Sung, the new vet," he tossed back over his shoulder as he again ran toward the barn to save more animal shelter strays.

Sung settled the newborn pups on the grass, well away from the blazing barn, as fire engines roared into the driveway. Firemen hollered out directions to each other, working in harmony with hoses to blast water into flames.

Ryan hauled out the baby pup's mother, handing it and three more strays to Sung, before dashing back for another rescue.

Professionals that they were, the firemen had the inferno down to a smolder in no time.

One of the fire fighters led Sung to a large neighboring ranch house at the end of the lane and told her the owner said for her take care of the rescued animals there.

Although she kept her hands busy by washing the smoky scent from the pups, her mind zoomed from one worry to another with the speed of a Nascar race. What would she do now? What about her job at the animal shelter? Now that the barn burned, where would she live if not in the loft? Did God have something personal against her, for her fresh start to begin with disaster? Wasn't it all but a flashing neon sign advertising that she'd made a wrong decision to move here?

Oh no.

Would her new veterinarian partner want to rebuild the animal shelter?

She'd never spoken with him directly, but had been interviewed by the relocating vet who was to hire a replacement partner.

What did the future hold for her?

Sung sighed deeply.

Only two hours ago she was giddy with glee, full of positive attitude, and excited at the potential for the new direction she was taking with her life.

Despite the animal shelter in ashes down the lane, again and again, she wondered just Who precisely was Ryan ?

Where had he come from and would she see him again?

He wasn't what she would call handsome, covered head to toe in grime, but there was something about him -- something she liked.

Something she hadn't felt for a very long time.

Something that happened instantly when their gaze met.

Well, Sung conceded, their head-on collision could have knocked her senses out of whack. She'd simply misread their physical impact.
Nah. It wasn't chemistry.

She no sooner settled the pups into a make-shift bed, than she heard the smooth baritone that Sung recalled from earlier.

She turned her head toward its source and her mouth went dry.

Surely this wasn't Ryan ? This man was freshly showered, his features no longer smudged and indistinguishable.

She inhaled deeply as she detected the pleasant sensation of his pure masculine scent.

With his distinct coloring, black hair, and chocolate eyes that also held a mixture of humor, wisdom, and kindness, the man before her could give any number of professional male models a run for their money in the fluttering-of-the-female heart department.

The smoky voice was saying something, but her heart was thudding too unevenly to hear. This man couldn't possibly be Ryan -the-pup-rescuer, could he?

Yet he smiled slowly at her gaping mouth and that rich deep tone rumbled, "You okay, Sung?"

Wow! Swallowing hard, she forced her gaze away from his chocolate one before her face could betray her thoughts. He looked like a modern-day gladiator with broad shoulders, corded neck, and perfectly sculpted face. When she dared another glance, he stared at her for a moment.

From the twitching at the corner of his mouth, Sung guessed he was trying to hold back a laugh. She wasn't sure if she wanted to slap him or kiss him now. Instead, she cleared her throat. Twice. "I'm fine thanks."

Ryan leaned his back against the wall and stuck his hands in his belt loops, regarding her with that same lazy, sexy smile. Disturbed, Sung looked away.

Ryan held out one large hand. "I'm Ryan Gold by the way."

When her much smaller hand gripped his in a handshake, Ryan attempted to regulate his breathing.

He'd prayed for God to make the way clear, to make the path obvious in the direction Ryan should take his life.

Now this woman was fresh-out of places to live until the barn was reconstructed. How did you invite a gorgeous woman you've just met to spend the night without making it sound like a pick-up line? "Welcome to New York, Sung."

She snorted ineloquently. "Yeah sure. I arrive just in time for heat lightning to strike and start an inferno. Some omen, huh?"

Ryan tried to catch his breath, reminding himself of why he couldn't let himself like her.
Or touch her voluptuous body.

Yet he couldn't release the smooth tan hand in his. Her touch was affecting him like being struck with a white-hot bolt of heat lightning. "Hmm. Start an inferno is right."

He reluctantly released her hand when she tugged. She nibbled on her bottom lip as her brown eyes narrowed on him.

Her honey-sweet voice seemed to pick up a little spice when she asked, "How was it that you were there at the fire so quickly?"

"I live here."

She swallowed hard, then practically squeaked her realization. "You live have got to be freaking kidding me."

It wasn't a question. For the first time, Ryan wondered if the attraction went both ways.

She didn't sound exactly necessarily pleased about it. In fact, her next statement sounded more like an accusation. "You are my new partner!"

Ryan nodded. "Yes, ma'am. Dr. Ryan Gold D.V.M. at your service." When she all but growled her frustration, he added, "Don't worry. We'll rebuild."

She tossed her hands in the air before hitching a thumb back toward the lane. "I can't exactly live in that moving van while the shelter is under construction."

Ryan took a step toward her and closed the gap. He watched her breathing speed up. "You can live with me until then. There's lots of rooms to choose from. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship."

She shook her head, flipping her brown hair back over her shoulder, then tipped her stubborn chin in the air. "That's partnership, mister. Not relationship."

"Yes," Ryan agreed. "That too. It takes an equal partnership for any relationship to work. After you interviewed for the job, the vet you're replacing told me you're sweet, big-hearted, and a good doctor. He failed, however, to mention how beautiful you are."

She grumbled, "He failed to mention my future partner could double for a male model if he needed a change of employment." She whipped her eyes off his form-fitting t-shirt.

Ryan shook his head. Oh yes, this would be interesting. She was definitely interested in him whether she wished it so or not. God had definitely handed Ryan a blessing when He sent Sung. The animal shelter burning down was like a flashing neon sign for Ryan 's life, sending Sung into more than his business, sending her into his home as well. God was looking out for Sung, too. She just didn't realize it yet.

Ryan motioned toward the hallway. "Pick a room, any room, for your stay. Then I'll help you carry in your suitcases so you can shower away the smoke and soot from the fire. In the morning, I'll help you unload the moving van." He dropped his voice to a whisper. "Welcome home, Dr. Sung Deok-Mi."

With that, Sung spun around and practically stomped toward the hallway.

Ryan smiled after her. Feisty. Dang but if he didn't like that about her too.

Chapter Text

“Even though there were times I wish I could strange you during our marriage it warms my heart seeing you with our son”Kim mentioned to him

“It wasn’t that bad Kim”Jimmy scoffed

“Try being married to a man like you for a change”Kim crossed her arms amusedly bantering with her ex

“Deep down you know you love me?”Jimmy teased her at her own expense

“Low blow for a fair shot”Kim Answers

Chapter Text

“I’ve reduced that the only therapy I need is getting back to work”Aaron told Camille

“It’s good to keep yourself busy”Camille says

“I found something that finally makes me happy”Aaron replies

“I like seeing you happy Aaron”Camille had never seen Aaron seem so full of life till now

Chapter Text

“Movie night is tonight”Nick reminded his much older boyfriend

“I’ve been waiting for tonight”Shuji replies kissing nick on his cheek sweetly

“They’ve got that one movie you been wanting to see I think it’s airing tonight?”Nick mentioned

“I can tell someone’s excited to see me”Shuji teased pointing out the present bulge forming in nicks jeans as

“You sorta have an effect on me”Nick smirked suggestively

“We’re both friends here”Shu assures the younger male

“I don’t know if I should feel embarrassed or flattered right now”Nick says

“Let me take care of you”Shu offered up hid own services

Shujis mouth wrapped around the forth of the penis protruding into the crevasses of his jugular vessel


Nick was surprised

Shuji wants to take care of him in anyway possible and he wasn’t ashamed to help take care of a boner

“You’re a pretty sight down on your knees like that ”Nick smirked as he muttered out the words

“Damn baby”Nick bit back a series of moans that threatened to scream out

Shuji savored the taste of Nicks seeds mixed with his cum that filled his open lips enjoying the feeling of helping his lover get off

“Don’t stop now”Nick mumbles out sighing a few times in pleasure as Shuji opened up his inner core making him feel sensations he never felt before

Shuji sucked on the head waiting for the cum to formulate onto his seed covered tongue his head bobbing up and down furiously before taking out the girth that filled his mouth

Nick snapped out of his lust driven faze when the pleasurable sensation began to stop “Why’d you quit Shu?”


“Who said anything about me stopping?”Shuji says coming closer before preparing himself for another round of sucking his partner off

“You are utterly insatiable”Nick moaned the words out one syllable at a time

Chapter Text

“Come here”Sofia called him from the couch

Gabe walked over to find his girlfriend dressed casually in a t shirt and pair of sweatpants her hair up in a messy bun

“What are you up to Sofia?”Gabe asked her

“Debriefing while watching tv”Sofia said smiled on her face


“Reality tv”He rose a brow at her choice in viewing selection

“It’s entertaining to me to say the least”She shrugged

“Guilty pleasure?”Gabe asked her

“Catfish”Sofia said to him

“What about real housewives?”Gabe asked her

“Don’t tell me you’re a reality buff yourself?”Sofia got excited

“I like what I like”Gabe said

“I have someone I can gossip and talk with about my shows now”Sofia exclaimed

“Youll never let me hear of this now will you?”Gabe asked her slightly amused by her enthusiasm

“Like hell I will”Sofia laughed

Chapter Text

“Just letting you know there’s a woman whom booked an appointment with you for Monday”Jolene told her boyfriend

“Did you get a memo of some sort?”Jesse questioned her

“She rang the landline a few time but I answered because you were busy in the shower”Jolene says

“If it isn’t the loveliest girl in the place”Jesse perks up at the sight of his girlfriend


“You always were a charmer”Jolene says to hi

“I can manage being a charmer”Jesse smirks

Chapter Text

“I’m going to be doing some more undercover work”Toshi had said to her while getting ready

Maria watched from the bed the blanket covering her nude body

The previous night was full of romping around and love making before a joyful afterglow

“I don’t mind you watching me get dressed”Toshi muttered cheekily

“You’re hot with and without clothing”Maria smirked enjoying the sight of his bare back and buttocks

“That applies to you too babe”Toshi says

“Be safe for me”Maria said to her boyfriend

“Oh I will”Toshi says before leaning down to give her a peck on her lips

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“Do you forgive me?”Toshi asked her

“Geraldo was always a stubborn one and yes I forgive you”Maria answers him

“If you want I can leave?”Toshi inquired curiously out of his own concern for Maria’s wellbeing during her grieving period


“I want you by my side”Maria assures Toshi

“I feel like I’m making things worse by staying in anew York”Toshi tells the blonde woman

“What does that mean?”Maria stares back confusedly

“I put in a transfer for another city”Toshi says

“First I lose my brother and now I’m losing the man that I love”Maria squinted her eyes at him furiously pained by the sudden omission from her boyfriend

“I keep thinking about Hawk and I’m distraught with guilt over what happened”Toshi tells her

“Bullshit”Maria spat out at him

“What?”Toshi rose a brow over in her directions

“You heard me!”Maria sharply bellowed

“I can’t do this”Toshi couldn’t continue to fight his own guilt for feeling responsible for hawks death

“Don’t run away when things get hard”Maria was trying to plead with Toshi to get him to decide to stay

“He wasn’t only your brother But hawk was also my friend”Toshi has been dealing with his own fairness share of friend over the loss of hawk

“I’m going through the same thing as you are Toshi”Maria said grabbing his hand in hers

“It’s not the same thing”Toshi laughed dryly

“We both lost someone whom was immensely important to the two of us”Maria tried sympathizing with him

“Your loss is worse than mines”Toshi replies grimacing as he looked downward

“Grief is not easy for anyone”Maria says


“I can help with money for you to cover his funeral”Toshi offered her

“Even in a time like this you’re thinking of others”Maria liked how kind hearted he was

It was one of the many reasons Maria was drawn towards Toshi and it made her instantly attracted to the man

“I want to help you during this time”Toshi says to Maria in response

“You could help me by not transferring”Maria replies coyly

“You're very tempting”Toshi told her

“Promise me you won’t leave me?”Maria asked him

“I won’t”Toshi held her tightly