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Blind For Your Love

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“Do you forgive me?”Toshi asked her

“Geraldo was always a stubborn one and yes I forgive you”Maria answers him

“If you want I can leave?”Toshi inquired curiously out of his own concern for Maria’s wellbeing during her grieving period


“I want you by my side”Maria assures Toshi

“I feel like I’m making things worse by staying in anew York”Toshi tells the blonde woman

“What does that mean?”Maria stares back confusedly

“I put in a transfer for another city”Toshi says

“First I lose my brother and now I’m losing the man that I love”Maria squinted her eyes at him furiously pained by the sudden omission from her boyfriend

“I keep thinking about Hawk and I’m distraught with guilt over what happened”Toshi tells her

“Bullshit”Maria spat out at him

“What?”Toshi rose a brow over in her directions

“You heard me!”Maria sharply bellowed

“I can’t do this”Toshi couldn’t continue to fight his own guilt for feeling responsible for hawks death

“Don’t run away when things get hard”Maria was trying to plead with Toshi to get him to decide to stay

“He wasn’t only your brother But hawk was also my friend”Toshi has been dealing with his own fairness share of friend over the loss of hawk

“I’m going through the same thing as you are Toshi”Maria said grabbing his hand in hers

“It’s not the same thing”Toshi laughed dryly

“We both lost someone whom was immensely important to the two of us”Maria tried sympathizing with him

“Your loss is worse than mines”Toshi replies grimacing as he looked downward

“Grief is not easy for anyone”Maria says


“I can help with money for you to cover his funeral”Toshi offered her

“Even in a time like this you’re thinking of others”Maria liked how kind hearted he was

It was one of the many reasons Maria was drawn towards Toshi and it made her instantly attracted to the man

“I want to help you during this time”Toshi says to Maria in response

“You could help me by not transferring”Maria replies coyly

“You're very tempting”Toshi told her

“Promise me you won’t leave me?”Maria asked him

“I won’t”Toshi held her tightly