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Blind For Your Love

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Aaron moaned a little too loudly in between thrusting gently into Camille

Camille threw her head back neck exposed while her husband ravished her

Aaron slowly began to pull out after he finished entering her with his girth emitting a guttural noise from a Camille as she orgasmed

Aaron chuckled to himself

“Aaron,keep quiet!”Camille Rose her voice at her husband

“I’m not going to disturb the peace”Aaron reassured her

“There’s people next door”Camille hushed him

“Well they can put headphones on”Aaron argues with her

“You really need to lower your voice”Camille muttered

“I can hear you from a mile away”Aaron says

“Don’t make me regret getting back together with you”Camille nagged

“You came to me for some midnight fun”Aaron says panting slightly

“So sue me for wanting a little nightcap action”Camille said

“You’re incorrigible you know that”Aaron muttered