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first time tasting of this sweet tea

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As the CEO of Shining Star Entertainment, Eichi's schedule is almost always packed to the brim. It's like an abyss deep in the ocean, a seemingly never ending dive into a vast array of appointments and meetings and what not.

It's hard managing the biggest entertainment company in the country, but it does come with many benefits too. He's rich and powerful, able to have people be at his beck and call with a wave of paper money. He can buy anything and everything if he willed to, though he surely isn't that greedy. He is constantly trailed by money-hungry, horny-driven suitors despite already engaged with the brother of UNDEAD Dining Co.'s CEO, Ritsu Sakuma, who he dearly loves and can open up to during their rare free moments together. 

None of those wishing to pursue his heart can match with the bond he shares with Ritsu, it was something unbreakable and specially intimate with the two of them.

Yet despite all the positives that come with being at the top, Eichi doesn't feel so...fulfilled, and his dearest Ritsu shares the same sentiment. All this money flooding in, though could be spent on anything they wanted, didn't feel as satisfying as he hoped.

So when he heard about the Crimson Cloths' co-CEOs' rather interesting lifestyle that they've thrown themselves into, Eichi can't help but want to partake in it as well. The temptation to dip his feet into uncharted waters is always so exhilarating, and his dearest Ritsu felt the same way, a curious glint in his eyes. Together, they started to research whatever they could about said lifestyle. 

The lifestyle of sugaring, where one treats the other with financial assistance while the other is expected to spend quality time with their benefactor, the two parties are bound in a mutually beneficial relationship. Though in Eichi and Ritsu's case, they've decided to both participate in one relationship together, not wanting to be separated from each other to some young strangers.

Now the difficult part is recruitment, and Eichi preferred if it would be with someone who had close ties with those that his fellow friends are sugaring. He's heard some of their friends seemed interested in trying it out, and they wouldn't hesitate to recommend one of them to Eichi. Thankfully there were only three that he's become acquainted with, making it easier for Eichi to learn more and find a candidate.

The first two, consisting of an orange-haired boy who's with one of the most famous actors under his company label and the odd-eyed one who's with one of the Crimson Cloths' CEO, didn't particularly have any close friends that are eye-catching. But it's when he gets to the list of acquaintances of the blonde one who's with the other CEO of Crimson Cloths, does someone catch his eye.

An adorable face with the softest purple eyes and pale skin, Hajime Shino is the visual representation of an angel from heaven. Both Eichi and Ritsu find themselves smitten by him, wanting to immediately spoil this rare and beautiful gem with everything they had. It had taken a while after, going to the point of receiving permission from said blonde, till Eichi and Ritsu finally came into contact with Hajime.

Hajime presented himself a shy and soft-spoken boy, but his smile radiates so bright he can melt away the heaviness in one’s heart. Eichi and Ritsu really found themselves lucky to spoil someone this endearing. Almost immediately, they shower him with many gifts and praises and, of course, money . Bless Hajime’s soul, who initially felt overwhelmed by the constant attention he had given them, but he slowly and surely took down those walls to let them in, let the couple do as they pleased.

Their spoils towards the boy increased in quantity and price, and perhaps their intent slowly changed too. From wanting to see him don the most charming and adorable outfits, their gifts slowly shift to be a little more risque. At first, Hajime can’t help but be shocked by the more...suggestive items given to them, but he slowly finds himself likening to it. This was most probably the boy’s first dive to something like this, he looks so innocent after all, and both Eichi and Ritsu knew that they wanted to help him learn more about these things.

Which all leads to tonight.

Inside his bedroom, sitting at the edge of his and Ritsu’s shared fancy four-poster bed and only in his boxers, Eichi waits quietly for both Ritsu and Hajime to leave the bathroom together. Tonight would be the first taste of little Hajime to the wonders of lovemaking. It was Ritsu who had suggested it to him during one of their dates, and Hajime couldn’t stop blushing as he nodded, proclaiming that he wanted to gain more experience just like a certain senior of his. Eichi chuckles sweetly at the honesty Hajime gives him, patting him and agreeing that they will do his best to teach him things.

Eichi hears the click of the bathroom door opening.

“Ecchan, Haakun is ready~” Ritsu calls out to him, coming out of the bathroom in his own underwear as well. The blonde’s eyes look up at the sound of his name, and is greeted to the cutest and simultaneously seducing sight in the world.

Hajime stands before him, wearing the lacy, light purple lingerie both he and Ritsu bought from the fanciest lingerie store in the city. The bra had an intricate floral stitching on the cups, but the fabric itself barely concealed Hajime’s nipples however, partly seen through the translucent nature of the material. His panties were a g-string, sharing the same floral stitching as his bra and it too barely concealed his already half hard cock. Hajime’s cheeks flushed a bright red as Eichi’s eyes drank in every inch of him. Ritsu stands right behind him, his hands on Hajime’s shoulders and occasionally caressing it like he tries to comfort the boy.

“H-Hello...Eichi onii-chan…” Hajime greets him, clenched hands together raised up to his chest like he’s in prayer.

Eichi can feel the irritating aching in between his pants, already wanting to devour Hajime up. But he is a patient man, and good things always come to those who wait after all.

“Hajime-kun.” Eichi smiles and raises a hand to beckon for him, “Come closer.”

Hajime takes small steps closer to Eichi’s side, until he’s standing right in front of him. Standing up from where he sat, there’s a sugary sweet on Eichi’s lips while his eyes can’t help ogling at every single part of what he’s seeing. God , he looks absolutely sweet right now. He truly can’t wait to let his hands touch Hajime all over, feel up this body he’s been blessed to have for him and Ritsu and just them .

So that’s what he does, and he receives a tiny squeak from Hajime’s lips.


Eichi can't help but chuckle softly at the sound, letting his hands run through the pale, supple skin of Hajime's waist and moving down to the lacy fabric of the panties he had gifted him. His face presses close against the top of Hajime's hair, taking in that sweet lavender scent on it, most likely from the shampoo he also gifted him. 

Ah, for Hajime to be decorated with nothing but everything he and Ritsu have given him, it felt like a marking of theirs of sorts. That Hajime is their sweet little baby that they spoil, and no one else’s.

His eyes look down to Ritsu, who has his face buried at the crook of Hajime's neck and lips peppering sweet kisses on it. 

"Haakun smells so nice~" Ritsu comments, his hand moving down and he squeezes his asscheek, causing the boy to squeak, "You really are such a lewd boy~"

“R-Ritsu onii-chan…” Hajime mumbles softly, his hands pressing on Eichi’s chest and occasionally gripping tightly onto his shirt while Ritsu continues to fondle his ass. Eichi laughs softly, caressing Hajime’s side locks then cupping his chin to lift it up and stare right into his eyes.

“Oh, Hajime-kun.” Eichi cooes at him, pressing a kiss to his forehead, “Don’t be so shy now, tonight Ritsu and I will make sure to spoil you with a good time.”

“I...really look forward to it, Eichi onii-chan…” Though the tone of Hajime’s voice sounds so meek and timid, his eyes tell a different story. Those purple orbs that Eichi sees are hazy with an untapped lust that needs to awaken.

Taking hold of Hajime's wrist, he guides him on the bed he and Ritsu share and lets him get comfortable. Eichi sits upright, his body reclining against the soft bundle of pillows. Hajime follows after him by crawling on all fours, a curious expression etched on his face as he comes closer to the older man. Ritsu follows closely behind the boy, a cute smirk bearing on his mouth and unable to take his eyes off Hajime. The boy stops right in front of Eichi, moving to kneel down in between Eichi’s spread out legs and upper body upright enough that he’s at an eye-level with the blonde. 

Ritsu gets at a decent distance close enough to Hajime and presses his face against his bare back, inhaling the sweet lavender before kissing on the pale skin. Meanwhile Eichi’s and Hajime’s hands become intertwined together, the boy shyly looking up to Eichi expectantly with parted lips that are desperate for a taste of the blonde’s. The corners of Eichi’s lips curve upwards, can’t help but lick his own lips as subtly as he could before diving his head down to kiss him. 

Hajime’s lips tasted so sweet and reminded Eichi that an hour before, the couple had treated him out to a fancy cafe that served the fanciest of teas. During their little date, Hajime had ordered himself a cup of jasmine tea and Eichi could only assume the taste of it had stuck to his lips all throughout the return to his and Ritsu’s mansion. Eichi didn’t mind it at all, cherishing with a pleased hum how much he’s enjoying this intimate moment he has with Hajime. The blonde can’t help poke his tongue at the partition of Hajime’s lips, and the boy easily opens his small mouth up for Eichi to taste him. 

Goodness, even inside those pretty lips of his, Hajime remains as sweet as always.

“You guys really are enjoying yourselves, huh~” Ritsu stops his gentle assault of kisses behind Hajime, unable to help himself but whine at the two kissing in front of him.

Eichi pulls away from Hajime, taking in first the lewd expression his face bears. Half-lidded eyes and mouth breathing rather heavily with a tinge of saliva at the corners of his lips, he chuckles softly to himself just how intensely the boy had reacted.

“All in good time, Ritsu-kun.” Eichi assures the impatient Ritsu before turning around to look at Hajime, “Did that feel good Hajime-kun? Did you like that?”

Hajime nods quickly, his cheeks remaining warm and body like is on fire, “I never kissed...Eichi onii-chan like that.”

“Good.” Eichi smiles at him, a hand reaching out to cup the back of his head with care and he pulls him close enough that his lips brush against Hajime’s ear lobe. In a quiet voice, he whispers, “I’ll be sure that you’ll only crave for us, my adorable baby.”

“H-Hah…” Hajime whimpers at the affectionate nickname, hands quivering lightly as it remains clasped with Eichi’s. He shortly nods, agreeing that he does want more and Eichi chuckles softly so close to his ear that Hajime can’t help but feel blood rush so quickly down in between the cute panties his onii-chans had gifted him.

“Haakun~ I want you too, you know~” Ritsu sings his name and Hajime suddenly feels greedy hands slip up against the bra he’s wearing, fingers playing with his already erect nipples. The boy squeaks loudly at the sudden contact, his face heating up like fire and letting his hold with Eichi’s hands go as Ritsu plays with his cute chest with no hesitation. Moans escape his soft lips, chanting Ritsu’s name in gasps and mumbles. 

“R-Ritsu onii-chan…” Hajime turns to look at Ritsu with half-lidded eyes with tears nearly falling from his cheeks. Ritsu finds that expression so cute, knowing he’s doing such an amazing job with Hajime. 

Their faces are so close to each other, that Ritsu just internally goes fuck it and lets his lips meet with Hajime’s, now tasting that jasmine Eichi had taken earlier as well as little hints of his own lover too. Unlike Eichi, who is calm and gentle with his attack, Ritsu is quite relentless. Hajime feels his tongue poking greedily and he barely opens his mouth before Ritsu’s tongue begins to ravish itself so intensely against his own. Hajime moans loudly in their passionate kiss, and Ritsu drinks in those moans like his life depends on it.

With every touch the two make with Hajime’s body, the boy finds it harder and harder to restrain himself to beg for more, not wanting to sound so greedy. But little do they know, that’s exactly what the couple wants.

Eichi chuckles watching his two loves enjoying themselves, his erection getting harder and harder to contain itself. This truly was heaven, and he can’t help himself but enjoy the show Ritsu’s putting on. Hajime and Ritsu’s lips crashing together, with his hands teasing that small chest of his, and of course , Hajime’s cute cock already so hard that his panties can barely conceal it. He can see where the tip is, a small wet spot pointing at the end of it indicating that Hajime's began leaking precum already after just touching him. 

It goes to show just how sensitive he is, how easily they can make him succumb hard to their touch and surely no one else can.

The blonde can barely take it anymore, standing up to his knees while not taking his eyes off them and pulling down his boxers. His cock comes out free and Eichi begins to stroke himself. The action immediately gets Ritsu's attention, red eyes darting towards Eichi's light blue eyes. He pulls himself away from kissing Hajime, noting a string of saliva in between their lips as they part, before turning around and ogling at Eichi while his hands continue pinching and playing Hajime's nipples.

"Ah~ so Ecchan really likes it when I kiss Haakun, hm?" Ritsu teases, "Look Haakun, look how much Ecchan wants you~"

Ritsu holds onto Hajime's chin and directs his gaze towards Eichi's shaft, the boy immediately blushing at the sight. Truthfully, he's never seen one before aside from his own, so coming to eye contact with one from one of the men that treats him no less sends the blood rushing down in between his legs. His lips quiver, mouth actually watering just staring at it and it goes unnoticed by Ritsu.

"Oh dear, looks like little Haakun is horny~" Ritsu teases, hands moving down from Hajime's waist to his crotch, cupping his erection. Hajime just gasps softly with Ritsu's touch, the black-haired man humming in delight at the noise before letting his hand grab for the band and pull it down, exposing Hajime's own hardness for them all to see.

"R-Ritsu onii-chan…" Hajime feels a little embarrassed for being so exposed, but well they're all bound to be naked sooner or later so it didn't really matter. 

However, his eyes can't stop staring at Eichi and how hard he is, his cock twitching just staring at it longer than he liked. Ritsu's definitely taken notice of the way he's unable to turn away from Eichi's dick, leaning his body close to Hajime and whispering in his ear.

"Ahh, Haakun~" Ritsu chuckles, "You wanna taste his dick, don't you?"

Hajime nervously nods with Ritsu's inquiry, and Ritsu grins mischievously at him.

"Then go for it! Ah, I bet Ecchan wants you just as badly...your pretty mouth sucking him cute~"

Ritsu guides Hajime through the process, instructing him to be on all fours and to make sure his face is directly in front of Eichi's waiting cock, who’s now no longer stroking it as Hajime's face inches closer to it. Eichi can feel his hot breath against the tip, biting his lip from the ecstasy he's getting with how close Hajime's lips are with his cock. Ritsu tells him to first take him in his hand, give Eichi a wonderful treatment by curling his fingers around the shaft and give it a nice, good stroke.

Hajime follows Ritsu's instructions to a T and Eichi watches with enamoured eyes, unable to look away from Hajime who's servicing him. He hears Ritsu tell Hajime that once he gets comfortable, the boy can begin licking and sucking him off. Ritsu assures him that he just needs to do what he knows is best for Eichi and himself, wanting the two to enjoy each other as much as they could.

Eichi watches as Hajime's eyes fixate intensely at his cock, his strokes on him starting to move faster that cause Eichi to moan, his hand reaching out to stroke Hajime's soft hair. The boy hums softly at the affection given to him, and decides that now is probably good to have a taste of his Eichi onii-chan. 

Mouth eagerly open and tongue sticking out, Hajime licks experimentally at the tip and eyes turn up to see Eichi’s lips let out soft gasps, praising Hajime and mumbling begs for more. The little tongue touches right at the base and moves upwards to lick Eichi’s shaft with one clean swipe, the sensation making the blonde’s toes curl and throw his head back just a bit.

This view Eichi has with Hajime’s mouth pleasuring his eager cock, he can’t believe how this is a dream come true. He’s quietly fantasized about this so many times, since first meeting the little boy with Ritsu, and a part of him can’t believe this is actually happening. His eyes don’t ever stray away from such a beautiful sight, and it all goes more intense from there, as Hajime wraps his lips around Eichi’s cock and begins to suck him off.

Ritsu who has been watching all this time, smiles happily as he watches his dear Ecchan get the experience of a lifetime with their precious baby finally have a taste of his dick. With this, he sets his plan into motion as he reaches for under the bed and pulls out a cylindrical container from below. He crawls back immediately right behind Hajime, who has his ass left defenseless while all his attention is preoccupied with Eichi. Humming to himself, he pops the cap off and lathers a generous amount of lube on his hands, before dropping the bottle to the side. Using his free hand, he gently pulls down Hajime’s adorable panties, exposing his ass to him and without warning, presses his wet digit against the ring of muscle of Hajime’s hole.

“M-Mmmnn…?!” Hajime squeaks at the sudden chill, wanting to turn around and see what Ritsu is up to. But before he can, Ritsu quickly reassures his worries with a stroke at the back.

“Relax, Haakun~ this will feel good soon. Concentrate sucking Ecchan for me, ‘kay?” Ritsu comforts Hajime, and all Hajime can do is nod before returning to suck off Eichi. His head bobs up and down, hand still around Eichi and stroking in time with the movement of his lips. Eichi watches him in awe, continuing to stroke his fingers through the soft strands of Hajime’s hair.

With Hajime relatively calmed down, Ritsu continues his plan and slowly presses his finger in a little deeper. He can definitely hear Hajime whine a little, often stopping his sucking with Eichi to adjust to whatever Ritsu’s up to, but overall he’s been good so far. He digs his finger further in causing Hajime to let out a whine, but Ritsu pays no attention to it and presses on, watching Hajime’s hole suck in his finger so greedily.

“R-Ritsu...o-onii-chan…” Hajime moves his lips out of Eichi’s cock momentarily to call out his name, “Feels...good…”

“Yeah?” Ritsu chuckles, “I’m so glad~ Ecchan, he really is our cute, little whore baby, huh?”

“He really is.” Eichi replies happily, tugging slightly on Hajime’s hair which causes the boy to moan, “I’m so glad we have you, Hajime-kun. You’re the only one who makes us feel this way.”

Hajime doesn’t answer as his attention returns to sucking Eichi off again, and that’s incentive enough for Ritsu to keep going. He adds in another finger, letting it curl inside Hajime and stretching it as much as he could. Hajime lets out breathy moans muffled because of the dick wrapped on his lips, but he can see from the way he’s shivering that he’s feeling good.

“I think Haakun is ready now~” Ritsu sings happily after moving his fingers around for a few more moments, pulling it out and wiping his hand against his hand. Hastily, he takes off his boxers, revealing his own hard cock that he just can’t wait anymore to let Hajime have.

Eichi’s hands gently stroke Hajime’s hair, like a comfort of sorts of what is to come. This position is really ideal for them, since they can let Hajime have a taste of them in different ways. While the blonde has Hajime’s pretty little mouth all to himself, Ritsu can make him feel good with just the stab of his dick inside him. 

Ritsu’s hands squeeze the soft cheeks of Hajime’s cheeks, earning a muffled moan from the boy who’s still got his mouth full of Eichi dick. The black-haired man hums a soft tune for them to listen as he pokes the tip of his cock up at Hajime’s eager hole. With no hesitation or warning, Ritsu slowly and gently sinks himself inside Hajime. At the same time, Hajime begins to moan louder, albeit muffled still, but his body can’t help shuddering over the pleasure he’s getting. 

Ahh...who knew something as good as this exists.

“Haakun, you’re so tight~” Ritsu praises Hajime, thrusting a little further to make sure all of his cock sinks inside Hajime, “A-Ahh...I love this so much…”

Ritsu can’t help himself anymore and he begins to rock his hips hard inside Hajime, the slick sounds due to his thrusting increasing as he keeps going and going. Eichi, who’s watched everything so patiently, finds himself unable to hold himself back anymore and starts to thrust his hips as well. His hands grip a little more tighter than usual on Hajime’s hair while his dick sheathes itself repeatedly in Hajime’s lips. 

Hajime can do nothing but be used by his two onii-chans, while succumbing so hard to such an immense pleasure not found anywhere. He didn’t realize just how good this feels, having his body feel sensations he had no idea existed till now. Gone is sweet innocent Hajime who just hops through his day blissfully, and here awakens this now untamed beast that he’s got roaring inside.

Everything feels so hazy, the only sounds in this room where no one can disturb them is the continuous slapping of slick skin against each other, and the ragged moans let out by both Eichi and Ritsu. Their bodies feel so sticky with sweat by now, but they can barely care about it when they’re feeling so good right now.

Ritsu’s pace begins to increase relentlessly, his cock brushing up hard against Hajime’s prostrate and that earns a loud yet slightly dampened moan from Hajime. A signal to Ritsu that this is where Hajime likes it, he hits hard in that spot more and more and red eyes watch with a smile as Hajime’s body convulses so intensely. Below them where none of the two can see, his cock bounces eagerly to the rhythm of Ritsu’s fucking. His legs are nearly giving out too from the intensity of it all, reaching much closer to that peak.

“H-Hajime-kun…” Eichi calls out to Hajime, thrusting his hips harder than ever, “I’m so’ll let me cum in that pretty mouth of y-yours, right?”

“M-Mmm…” is all Hajime can reply with, but his purple eyes that dart up to gaze at Eichi are telling that he most certainly wants it.

Eichi happily nods seeing that expression, and that’s all he needs before he finally climaxes at last, stilling as he does one hard thrust inside Hajime’s mouth and can feel himself spilling inside his hole. Hajime can’t help but moan, feeling himself get filled up so much that some of the cum slowly trickles down the corners of his mouth, but he tries as he could to swallow as much as he can eagerly. The blonde happily gasps at the sensation, pulling out from Hajime and slumping his body back to the bed and watching as Ritsu starts to fuck Hajime faster into the bed.

“O-Oh, that was so hot, Ecchan...~” Ritsu sings, the grip he has on Hajime’s ass going tighter suddenly, “A-Ahh...I’m gonna cum too, Haakun. T-Take all of me, okay...?~”

Just like that as well, Ritsu thrusts so deeply a few more times until he finally reaches his peak as well, throwing his head back as he comes deeply inside Hajime. 

The boy convulses under him, head bent down and hands gripping the sheets hard and the hit after hit combo he’s received finally makes him come too. He moans so loudly, cock twitching as it spills onto the sheets right below him, staining the white with his own. 

The couple stay still after a few moments, letting the pleasure they’ve had bask and settle down around them. When they’re finally ready, Ritsu pulls himself out of Hajime and can’t help notice how some of his own cum starts to leak out of his now wrecked hole. Ahh, knowing that he’s the one to make him feel like this brings a smile to his face.

Having recovered slightly from his own climax, Eichi brings Hajime into his own arms and carries him higher up the bed so his head rests against the pillows. He discards the panties to the side but lets him keep the bra on him, running his fingers through the lacy fabric again. The blonde lies down on one side of Hajime, and Ritsu occupies the other side.

“Hajime-kun.” Eichi speaks up after a few moments, “Did you enjoy that?”

“...Y-Yes, Eichi onii-chan.” Hajime nods, a sweet smile on his face. Ritsu chuckles and wraps his arms around his waist.

“Ah, that’s good, Haakun~ I’m glad we met, you know. Happy to have you with me.”

“And I share the same.” Eichi chimes in, raising a hand to caress the boy’s cheek, “Now, why not rest up now. You must be tired.”

“Yeah, yeah~ you want to have more energy for tomorrow.” Ritsu teases, “We can definitely do more.”

“Haha, well only if Hajime-kun is willing, Ritsu-kun.” Eichi laughs, “Anyway, Hajime-kun, sleep now, alright?”

“Mm.” Hajime nods tiredly, his eyes slowly fluttering, “Good night, Eichi onii-chan...Ritsu onii-chan…”

The couple watch as their precious baby falls asleep in between them, a warm smile on his lips as his chest rises and falls in a slow and steady pace. Both Eichi and Ritsu smile at each other, a small expression of their happiness not just being with each other, but now having Hajime along with them.