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a couple of months, not a couple of years

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It didn’t take a couple of years to them to see each other again like Ellie had thought. Instead, only a couple of months had passed until the day Ellie was sitting on a train back home for the Christmas holidays, and she then found Aster waiting for her outside by the train station, beside her father.


When she had left, Aster had thought a lot about everything, and then once again began to text Ellie, and then asked for her real number. And after that, everything bloomed. They could text for hours each day, and every time they did, Ellie had a smile on her face.


They could talk about literally anything, and after a few weeks, they began to actually call each other and talk over the phone, and oh, Aster’s voice had never sounded so sweet. Every time she heard it, Ellie swore that she was about to drown.


And soon, the question came. After a few weeks, Ellie had asked Aster if they were actually dating now, since their talks slowly had become much more affectionate. And her answer had been, “if you want to.”


Her answer had been yes, and the two had officially become girlfriends, a title that had met Ellie almost swoon. And soon, they were counting down the days until she would come back for Christmas break, having almost an entire month off.


And now it was finally happening, the train stopped at her station. Ellie actually saw her house, her dad, and her girlfriend, and literally ran out of the train. She ran into Aster’s arms first, and then pressed a kiss onto her lips, something she hadn’t done in months. And that, was their first kiss as a couple, in a sweet, warm embrace.


Aster giggled.


“Missed me that much?”


“That’s just the beginning of it.”