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Steph drew in a light breath, eyes closed, teeth gritted with his fingers tightening its grip on the bed sheets. To stray from embarrassment, he kept his back from arching as Klay’s finger crooked upwards, penetrating his prostate gland in the most sadistic way possible. Klay held him down, a palm planted on the small of Steph’s backside to hold him still whilst his finger pumped inwardly, opening him up without much trouble, in response to the brush against his nerves, Steph shivered. A soft rustle of the bedsheets transpired when the male on the bottom rutted forwards, jaw slack against the pillow, heavy breaths allowing his moisture to coat the fabric of the pillow.

Klay withdrew his finger, a small smile on his face as he shifted backwards, raising a hand up to the belt wrapped around Steph’s waist. “You don’t have to hide your noises from me. Come on, you can talk, can you?” 

Steph parted an eye open, only one - squirmed around as he gnawed on nothing but pillow, he didn’t want to give his boyfriend the satisfaction. Klay’s soft palm roamed over the light, fading bruise splayed above Steph’s ass, located at the base of his spine. Very much brought on by him falling on his tailbone during the Rockets/Warriors matchup the other week, the injury still bothering him, giving him troubles with his rear. Steph inhaled sharply when Klay pressed down, putting little pressure on the bruise, but the small push down having it be enough to make the older flush and pant. Klay leant down as he pulled down his sweats, pressing a loving kiss to his bum in apology for aggravating the injury, before reaching over to grasp at the bottle of lubricant set on the side. 

Steph lifted his hips up, shifting a desperate hand down to his groin to feel the straps of the belt wrapped around his thighs, dragging his hand up to the base of his dick where the leather hugged around at. Klay watched earnestly as he did so, a small psychotic smile on his face, lubing himself up while his boyfriend jerked himself off. Steph moaned into the pillow, eventually releasing his teeth from it, and using his other arm as leverage to hold himself upwards while he fucked into his hand. Klay snaked behind him stroking his own self, biting back a grunt as his palm gripped at Steph’s waist to line himself up with the older’s entrance.

Steph hiccoughed, both eyes finally opening wide when it had hit him that Klay was about to fuck him for the first time in a couple of weeks. Right now, the point guard could feel himself pulsing with anticipation, his dick twitching in the hold of his palm while Klay fucked his cock against the crevice of Steph’s ass. 

“Klay,” Steph spoke, actually allowing himself to this time. The sound of his voice immediately triggered the spell of regret. High pitched, a total opposite tone from the usual monotone sound of his voice that shocks people since they’d assume Steph’s voice would be going through its own phase of adolescence from the way he looks. Not only was it high pitched, it shorted out cutely by the end, trembling and wavering with desperation. Steph shuddered at the thick spine of Klay’s dick just fucking against his cheeks, letting the lube catch against his skin, chills all over. 

“Lay down baby, rest your hips. I got you.” Klay said, voice soft with an evil intent behind it. Steph slowly lowered his hips, his hands still curtaining his cock until Klay firmly grabbed it and pulled his hand behind his backside. Steph huffed. 

Once his hips were flushed against the mattress, Klay straddled the back of Steph’s thighs, ignoring the height difference that technically meant he was sitting on the back of Steph’s knees. Right then and there, Klay parted Steph’s cheeks, dragged his thumb against the soft, puckered rim which cashed a high, surprised gasp from Steph.

“God, Steph -“ Klay murmured, a shaky sigh exiting from him as he drew the tip of his cock in, watching as Steph stretched deliciously around his length whilst he slowly pushed inwards. Steph was quiet, still, letting the awkward feeling of intrusion run its course as Klay continued to push himself inside, from afar he could feel Klay trembling against him when everything connected. “ Oh yes. That’s it, good boy.” Klay breathed, moving down so that his chest pressed against Steph’s back, his right hand traveling to the belt latched around Stephen’s thigh. 

Steph rolled his hips, experimentally, eyes immediately  fluttering when he finally adjusted. Klay’s pressing right against it, fuck. Another high pitched, embarrassing moan escaped him before he could stop it - “Klay, you’re pressing against it too much.” He whined, a breathy gasp leaving his lips as Klay thrusted against him, pulling at the leather with one hand as the other dug his nails into his wrist which was still planted behind his back.

Steph let out broken sounds, light and croaky, flexing his free hand against the sheets, twisting them as Klay licked and sucked at the crevice of his neck, leading to his ear so that he could whisper something to him. Klay fucked into him diligently, not wanting to thrust too hard against his already sore ass, the rhythm is similar enough to when they’re just making love with each other, slow and delicate. 

“Do you want me to stop?” Klay breathed dreamily into his ear, pulling at the strap, and bruising Steph’s skin in the process. 

“N-No, just -“ Steph yelped out in mid sentence, squirming in delight as Klay basically pushed his ass back against his dick, using Steph like a toy, just yanking his body back and forth onto himself. Steph tore the expensive sheets, gripping it too harshly, the obnoxious ripping sound resonated hotly throughout the two basketball player’s bodies. “Oh, oh , fuck, please - Klay, Klay , please.” Steph babbled, hand burning from still clawing at the bedsheets as Klay’s cock nestled against his prostate within each thrust in, rutting mindlessly against the sheets which treated his aching own dick. 

“Please what, baby? What do you want?”  Klay groaned out in a not so gathered voice, removing Steph’s wrist from behind his back, snaking his arm around the smaller man’s tiny waist to hug him close as he grinds into him. Steph shuddered loosely from the intimate embrace, murmuring a shy ‘talk’ between heavy and airy gasps that escaped his lips. 

Klay questioned him, even though he already knew the answer. “About?” 

“You know .” 

Klay fucks into him, pace a little faster now, watching as Steph nearly blacked out, his mouth parted open in a silent scream that came out seconds later. His body moves against the bed in time with Klay’s thrust, signifying that he’s gone limp, has totally lost it in the heaps of pleasure.

Steph has never been so vocal until now, crying out Klay’s name like he’s the second coming of Christ, his mind in some type of Klay Thompson clusterfuck. Klay’s touching him, Klay fucking him, Klay’s hand on his dick, Klay’s mouth on his dick - just Klay eating a sandwich as well - everything tied in with Klay. It’s fucking killing him. Steph whimpered, literally, whimpered and buried his face into the pillow while his ass jutted backwards on his own. A question randomly popped up in Steph’s head, have you ever felt so enveloped in pleasure you feel like crying?  

“Look at you taking it all, you feel so good around me, is that what you wanted to hear?” 

Steph closed his eyes. 

“So desperate to make a mess for me, that’s all you’re useful for, just lying down and letting me fuck you until you leak like the gaping hole you are.” 

Oh, yes, please keep talking. Steph’s legs jolted underneath Klay, somewhat kicking, the ripples of pleasure making him squirm around erratically. “God, Klay, please, please just -“ He was cut off, a sudden, swift movement that made Steph mewl out on the verge of being unconscious, having to be manhandled onto his backside. Klay’s brown eyes flashed dangerously with astonishment, possessiveness lurching as his hands combed up Stephen’s stomach and chest, the soft skin making his self control lurch. His boyfriend looked gorgeous, his honey toned skin sheened in sweat, fitted abdomen and slim waist being bruised from the straps fitted around it, fuck he looked so good. 

Steph crumbled at the way Klay’s eyes roamed him, somewhat ready to curl up at first but his breath caught in his throat when he noticed Klay’s hands were trembling. “God?” Klay sneered, “Using his name in vain as you’re getting railed? Still trying that good christian boy act I see, even when you’re getting fucked senseless.” 

Steph’s back arched off the bed, those words sinking in delightfully while Klay began to thrust into him again. Klay hands were on his sides now, piercing into his skin, purposely drawing blood that seeped into the bedding of his nails and dripped a bit onto the sheets. Steph hissed out from the pain, but he fucking loved it, even when he’s currently running away from it by squirming away - it’s all timed directly on cue with the way Klay’s dick just massaged at his prostate. Klay dragged him back, relentless and still talking. “You feel so good for me Steph, fuck.”

“Klay, Klay ,” Steph tried to speak, too in tune with the thrumming feeling inside of him to connect another comprehensive word together, instead he just stilled up and arched his back off of the bed, releasing a herd of moans. Klay stares, on the edge himself when Steph begins to cum all over his stomach - untouched at that, his dick just twitching with the liquid trickling down his straining shaft. 

“Fuck,” Klay moaned out, actually exhibiting how wrecked his voice is for the first time tonight, the warmth and tightness finally getting to him. Chasing his own orgasm, which wasn’t too far ahead, he shifted his position and thrusted in a few times again. “Steph, oh my God.” 

Steph squirmed around, twisting his body, eyes glazed with incoming tears as overstimulation began to defuse his self control, the sensitive pleasure sweeping through him. “Kl- ah !” It feels so good, so fucking good. The heels of Steph’s feet press down against the bed, hips bucking down - there’s some pain in that due to the tailbone -  so he bucks it up right when Klay tails into his ass again and fuck he’s cumming again. Steph cries out, his walls biting down on Klay’s dick in such a way it causes Klay to release a pattern of noises himself, riding into Steph as his orgasm thrones its way through him. 

Klay gasps out, hips stuttering, the sounds of wetness filling his ears as his cum fills Steph up to the brim. Before Steph could prepare himself, Klay pulls out with a small ‘pop’ that makes the smaller man’s head spin almost out of control, brain melting as he twitches limply on the bed. “That’s a good boy,” Klay breathes, collecting his mess from Steph’s clenching rim, drawing the same finger up to catch Steph’s cum and bring it up to his mouth. Steph watched endearingly as Klay’s finger neared his lips, parting his mouth opened to let the man slide his stained finger into his mouth. 

Klay tensed when Steph sucked at his finger, softening dick twitching in interest. “Goddamn.”