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My Prey

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Judy tossed and turned in the night, her thoughts not slowing down after the day she just had. Going from sitting at her family's produce stall to laying her head down on Nick's pillow on his couch. Which did take a lot of convening to have the fox not give up his own bed. Her mind kept running through everything that happened, how close she had gotten them to dying that she couldn't apologize enough to the fox while an EMT bandaged up her leg. Then almost getting him shot with nighthowler, she pulled her ears over her face. If Nick hadn't come up with the idea to switch the pellets with those blueberries... she didn't want to think of what could have happened. But they did pull the wool over that sheep's eyes, a small giggle escaping her to sound in the dark den where she lay. And Nick! She never thought he could act like that, so wild and powerful. That fake deer never stood a chance against him, another giggle from the bunny echoed in the dark. But then all that filled her mind was what happened next, a deep growl, feral eyes and... teeth. Her paw reached up and brushed the soft fur of her neck a shiver ran down her spine, making her tail twitch against the cushions of the couch. Her dull claws raked through her fur down the side of her neck and the image of Nick standing over her, teeth clenched around her neck. Holding her down with his musky fox scent encompassing her, she whined out louder than she expected. Quickly covering her muzzle she looked towards Nick's door, hoping that he didn't hear anything. Her body hot and ears on fire she tried to relax herself back down into the soft cushions, pulling the blanket up over her. It was going to be a long night for the bunny with thoughts of sexy biting foxes running through her mind.

The morning took forever to come for the frustrated bunny. She couldn't shake the feel that her own claws gave her when she ran them down her neck, and that only fueled the thought of Nick's teeth and claws all over her. The fox pinning her down and having his way with her fueled her desire throughout the night. But as soon as the light started to shine through the dark curtains of the fox's den she shook off the blanket and slowly wandered towards the bathroom, hoping a cold shower would help cool down the inflamed bunny. As the water splashed against her she lowered her head and let the water trail down her fur.

Nick awoke groggy as he usually did, but this time because of a certain bunny the day prior ran him ragged. But sounds from the den was something he wasn't use to, especially giggles and...other sounds certainly didn't help relax him after a day like they had. Sitting up on the side of the wolf size bed his ear swiveled to the sound of his shower turning on and he flopped back down to the bed, his first idea of waking himself being taken by his little gray guest. Slowly lifting himself up, he felt more like a zombie than a fox as he drug his paws shirtlessly towards the kitchen to his only hope left, his coffee maker. Soon enough his den filled with the smell of fresh brewed coffee, the fox soon would be fully awake. Leaning against the counter he sipped the life giving brew and looked toward the sound of the water cutting off and the door to his bathroom opening, a half covered up bunny walking out shaking some remaining water from her ears. Her eyes meeting his and his looking her up and down, taking in her exposed breasts and towel covered hips, all he could say was, “Morning Carrots, morning Carrots' breasts.” And to keep himself looking calm he took a sip from his mug as the rabbit darted back into the bathroom, a loud squeak and crash sounding as the door slowly clicked back shut. Nick now considered getting up this early was very worth it.

Judy found herself on her back, in the bathroom, on the wet floor. If the shower had helped her cool off, her absentminded thinking had just revved her back up to 11. She had just gave Nick a good morning peep show, 'good going showing off the bunny stereotype,' Judy through to herself. She took her time drying completely off and finding her old clothes, she was not about to go back out in just a towel. She slowly cracked the door and took a tentative step out into the fox's den with ears burning and blush showing on the large appendages.

“Well good morning again Carrots.” Nick said from the kitchen, only have moved to behind the counter and leaning over it and leaning onto a paw.

“...I'm really sorry about that, Nick. I'm so use to being at home, and well it just not that big of-” Nick cut her off.

“It's fine Carrots, a lot of things happened yesterday. I won't deny it wasn't a welcome sight but, we can forget it happened if I get a least 2 jokes from it.” The fox held up two fingers and shined his teeth in his signature smarmy smile. Judy did her best to act mad, indignant, or just frustrated but all she could do is lock in on Nick's teeth. After her thoughts all night, seeing them again, even if from across the room didn't do her any favors.

“F-Fine, just 2 and more. Dumb fox.” The bunny crossed her arms and walked into the kitchen and as she looked over the fox she noticed just why he had moved behind the kitchens counter, his pants had a noticeable tent in them. She didn't look long enough to tell if it had been a full tent but she knew the fox had certainly liked what he seen at least, giving the bunny some hope. She tried to reach up to get a glass, but still finding her bandaged leg keeping her from hopping up to the counter, she felt Nick's presence behind her, his fluffy stomach lightly pressing against the back of her head.

“Need some help Fluff?” Nick leaned down and his muzzle brushed up against her ears, “Seems like a more fitting name than Carrots now, don't you think?” His voice was deep and sultry, Judy bit her lip, this fox would never play fair would he.

“Yes, please.” She couldn't help but shiver at the touch on her ears, the thought of those teeth of his so close to her sensitive ears made her fight back a moan. But thanks to the fox's sense of smell, she couldn't stop what kind of scent she was giving off. A mug was suddenly brought in front of her face and she gingerly took it.

“If you insist, F-l-u-f-f.” He drug out the nick name, bringing the pot of coffee to the bunny's mug and pouring her, his eyes focus solely on the bunny's face. Trying to match the intensity of the fox's look she put on her bravest face that she could conjure.

“T-Thats two, Slick. You losing your edge?” To keep her paws steady she brought the full mug to her lips, taking a slow sip. Bringing her eyes back up to the fox, she was suddenly brought back to the museum, in the fake bushes and those eyes. The eyes of a hunting, primal fox staring back at her. Gripping the mug was the only thing keeping it from crashing to the ground as the fox moved forward and Judy never felt so small. Not even at the museum, that had all been an act of desperation. But this, this was brought on by something that she had accidentally done.

“Maybe so, you did do a number on me Fluff.” The whole body of the bunny twitched as he kept that nickname up, thinking he was going to go back to Carrots after his 'jokes' were done. “You.” His claw poked her twitching nose softly. “got to me. Out of everyone in Zootopia, only took you 48 hours after a lifetime.” His paw slid from her nose to her cheek, cupping and gently rubbing a thumb through the soft fur and plush, she couldn't help but lean into the padded paw, eyes closing. Her paw lifting and cover his on her cheek.

“Nick, I meant what I said back then, n-not the new conference of course. That was so stupid-”

“I know Judy, and I've forgiven you for that.” A sweet smile on his muzzle and she nodded to him.

“Back on the gondolas, after you told me about those...horrible kits. You are so much more than what they think you are. And..I want to get to know the fox you really are..” Her heart was beating in her chest as she suddenly took a deep breath and nothing but the smell of fox musk filled her nose. The heat was back, radiating throughout her body, and it hazed her mind. The heavy scent of fox musk making harder to think as Nick brought up another paw and gripped her hips. She suddenly found herself sitting on the counter overlooking the den that Nick had been behind before, both paws on her hips.

“Are you sure Fluff.” Her idled mind made it impossible to hide the shiver than ran through the bunny at the name again, the different tone Nick used for it making her melt.

“Yes Nick. Y-you were my first real friend here in the city. I trust you, and after everything yesterday...” Judy tried to look away, but a quick fox pad lifted her chin back up to him, his confident smirk showing a fang making the bunny gulp. “I don't want to lose you again.” She reached up and pulled the fox by the shoulders into a hard hug, burring her muzzle into the neck of the fox. Not able to help herself and taking in the fresh musk of the fox, her paw gripping tightly to the thick fluff on his back. She felt the padded fox paws lay on her back and pull her in.

“You don't have to worry about that, I'm not letting you go so easily this time.” Nick lowered his muzzle, nuzzling his head against hers. “I'm sorry for what I did at that conference, I should have stayed.”

The two stayed like that for uncounted minutes, paws rubbing along each others back and many sweet words till the fox again picked up the bunny and carried her to the couch. Resting on Nick's lap, Judy brushed an ear back behind her head, giggling nervously.

“I do think we have a few things left to talk through though, Fluff.” There was that bunny shuddering tone, biting her lip she nodded to the tod. “Like, this sweet scent that I keep smelling, it keeps coming off from you.” His smile was all fangs, eyes of a predator that had just cornered their pray and was closing in for the kill. Nick took an exaggerated sniff just inches away from Judy's chest, a deep thundering growl emanating from the fox's throat. “I smelt it at the museum, just a small trace, but it has me addicted. I find myself hunting for it more and more.” Judy was breathing heavily, panting, this had taken such a sharp turn and she absolutely loved it. Her paw pressed up against his chest, feeling the thick, soft fox fur against her paw, looking up at Nick lifting her head just a little to high to show him her exposed neck. Her paw snaked its way up to the fox's neck and pulled him closer, his nose just inches away from her neck. She wanted to give a clear show of consent to the fox, and he got the signal loud and clear. With a growl that rivaled the ones he gave back at the museum, he had her on her back on the couch, towering over her and slowly licks his muzzle, showing off his teeth to his pray. With a heaving chest, he lowered himself, body pressing against hers letting her feel his erection against her thigh on her good leg. In a deep, precise voice, “My Prey.” And Judy's world exploded as teeth clamped down on her neck.

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In a deep, precise voice, “My Prey.” And Judy's world exploded as teeth clamped down on her neck.

The rabbit was in such a haze that she didn't register that the fox had made his move until the sharp canines of the vulpine were around her neck, his paws gripping her hips and digging his claws into her fur as he lifted her hips up against him. Nick was hit with a new, heavier wave of Judy's scent that drove him further. His jaw clenching just to the point that Judy let out a moan mixed with equal pleasure and pain. Grinding his hips against her raised body his tongue lapped out and tasted the meal that he had caught in his den. Judy's paws dug into the back of the fox, her small claws racking against his thick pelt, mumbling and whimpering out to her fox. She tried to shift her legs up, but his paws raking down them, shredding her pants kept them down. Her head tilted trying to get a better angle and a deep threatening growl stopped her in her tracks. In this moment, she was Nick's and he was going to do what he wanted with her, and she didn't think she had ever been more turned on in her life. She kept her paws where he let her and held on for what he would do next.

After making sure that this bunny wasn't going anywhere, Nick slowly released her neck, giving sensual licks to his marks as he leaned up and looked down at what he just claimed. A panting, exacerbated rabbit at his will, his throbbing foxhood tenting in his sleeper pants just above her thighs bounced and begged for release. Looking down at the damage on her pants his claws had done, a devious grin grew on his muzzle. He hooked his claws at the seams of her pants and dragged them with the sounds of ripped seams popping as his claw raked down her thighs. A quick pull and Judy was in just her shirt and panties, that were completely soaked through and Nick was almost knocked over by the full force of the scent that he had been hunting. Willing, needy, in heat bunny.

'Just a little more to see what she would do, just a little more teasing to break this bunny' he thought.

His paw moved close to her panty soaked covered mound and he swore he could feel the heat radiating from the panting prey. Licking his lips he drug the back of his claw along the lips between her legs, the poor bunny arching her back and moaning out for him.

“Oh Frith! Nick!”

The needy lagomorph felt lightening shoot through her at the touch of claw on her, this feeling of submission, of helplessness driving a deep desire through her she never felt before. If she could think of one thing in her musk addled mind that she need more.

A new pop from fabric brought her back for a moment, her body trembling as the predatory gaze of her fox never left her eyes as he slowly drug that same claw back down her outer labia. Ripping her silk panties as it went, but stopped dead on an inch down. Judy looked down between her legs and back up at Nick, back and forth. Eyes begging the fox to continue, but a sharp, toothy, and of course smarmy grin told her exactly what the vulpine wanted. He wanted her to beg. The prideful, indomitable Judy Hopps to beg under him was the only way for him to continue and in her state she knew she would give in. She wanted to give in to him, ever since she first those teeth on her, she knew that she had to give in to this fox, her friend and now much much more.

“Please..” Judy whined. Her hips shifting and grinding up to the claw, her own paws gripping the couch for support as her hurt leg couldn't help push her hips up. A satisfied growling, yip, came from Nick and he shook his head.

“Please what, Fluff.” His paw was slowly pulling away from her, thin little threads broke as his claw moved slowly back up towards her stomach.

“Please, please tear my panties off.” Judy fully begged to the fox, her tail felt like it would dig a hole in the couch with it's needful twitching if this fox didn't take her now. But it worked the claw stopped moving towards her stomach, but didn't move back down. The bunny grunted in frustration and tried to move her hips in the right angle to get the claw to move back down.

“Mm music to my ears, Bunny. But tear my panties off, Master, Fluff.” Nick's tone was set and made no room for arguments from the bunny, he watched her bucked teeth bite her lip as she gave him a sultry look.

“Please, Master, tear my panties off.” The fox's fur looked like it was standing on end at her words, and with torturing slow speed his paw worked down her panties, each broken thread of the silk cloth like music to the two mammal's ears. As the cloth fell and ripped Nick was greeted to a new level of Judy's scent, with absolutely nothing between him and the source of the heavinly smell, he gripped and tore away the last barrier. Leaving his bunny with only her shirt on and looking even more delicious than ever before. Licking his lip he lowered his muzzle, his nose meeting Judy's twitching one and gave a slow lick to her lips before dragging his nose down. Taking note how her scent changed as he moved lowers, his hot breath washing over Judy's exposed belly, gaining a excited gasp as his nose reached right between her legs. She could hear him take in her smell this time, he dug in with his muzzle, the cold nose making her shriek and bite her paw to keep from being to loud. Nick, growling out his displeasure, pulled her paw away from her mouth.

“Oh no, I want to hear ever little bit from you Prey.” Opening his muzzle as wide as he can he slide his tongue along her opening, flicking and sliding the long muscle along her outer and inner labia. Not wanting to waste a single flick of his tongue from tasting his prize, his jaw slowly closed. Nick's teeth pressing against her ass and stomach.

Nick had wanted to hear everything and got his with with the closure of his muzzle around her. The sounds coming from the bunny as he teased her pussy, only just pushing deep enough before pulling back to grind Judy's clitoris with the broad of his tongue. A loud purr rumbled through Nick's throat ate the taste of his bunny, His, the thought made him clench his jaw tighter around Judy, teeth digging into her fur and flesh. He would never get enough of this taste, if only his ancient ancestors know what they were missing, and he would take his time to make sure he knew every inch of his bunny.

Said bunny was in Heaven and Hell at the paws, or rather mouth, of this fox. The tease of his tongue filling her deeper only to be pulled back, the feeling of such a broad appendage flicking and grinding against her clitoris. Judy did not know if she would last at this treatment, being literally eaten by Nick. Squeaks, moans, incoherent begging for more. All poured out of Judy to just get a little more, that small push to release that she needed. Growing louder and louder as the teeth dug in deeper to her stomach and ass cheeks, grinding her hips into Nick led to nothing but the fox backing off a little and growling. He didn't want her to move and if it meant him continuing his assault to her bunny burrow, she would be obedient.

Minute after agonizing minute, Nick took his time savoring the taste and sweet scent of his bunny. The poor bunny had ripped her own claw marks in the couch from the treatment. But slowly Nick released her from his muzzle and his tongue gave is last lick to her lips. Looking down at the panting, whimpering bunny he licked his muzzle clean and took the time to relieve himself his own last article of clothing. His thick musky foxhood bouncing and throbbing with need above Judy. Nick wasn't as cruel to claim her right then and there, least not for their first time. Taking a deep breath, shuddering from the heavy aroma of bunny in the air, he stopped a moment to recoup, and he switched himself off from his dominate persona for a second.

Judy felt the paw on her cheek, she leaned her head to the side into the rough pads of her fox, opening her eyes to the fox leaning over her and looking at her with warm, if not a little concerned, eyes.

“You doing alright Carrots?” The stern tone gone from his voice.

“Mm Nick?”

“Yeah Carrots, little break to make sure you're alright. Got a little ahead of ourselves.” He lied down beside the bunny, letting her catch her breath, but he couldn't help but tease her a little with his erection rubbing up against her thigh.

“Maybe a little, but I trust you.” She brought a paw up to his cheek, stroking along his muzzle. “I knew you'd stop if I said something.” The fox took the paw from his cheek in his own and kissed it.

“Absolutely Carrots. But if we are continuing this, and I do hope we are, we are gonna set some rules before we go any further. I have so many ideas for my sweet little Fluff, and I don't want to scare her off.” The ever teasing Nick couldn't help himself and nibbled on her paw. Judy swatted at him with the held paw, getting it released from the devilish fox.

“Nuh uh, rules first, then you can chew on me all you'd like.” She was starting to get her engergy back, being held back from release and kept on edge for so long had taken its toll, but without fully getting off, she still had plenty of energy to spare.

“Oh I intend to do just that. But first,” His arms wrapped around her and pulled her into his chest, Nick taking special care of her leg as he pet her ears and down the back of her head. “We'll call this a little in-between care.” Judy felt the soft bushy fox tail wrap her up along her back, just now noticing that her shirt had ridden up close to her shoulders during her “torture” at the fox. Shifting in his arms she freed herself from the clothing and pressed herself up against her fox's chest. “Mm there you go Judy. You did so well.” Nick kissed the top of her head and held her protectively to him, feeling the bunny try to burrow into his warmth even deeper. “You need anything sweetheart, water?” Feeling a nod against his chest, he made the attempt to move but small paws gripped his chest fluff.

“In a bit.” She said, muffled by the all surrounding fox.

“You got it Carrots.” Nick continued to stroke his bunny's ears, whispering to her that everything is ok and how proud he is of her as they cuddled and let themselves relax from the spontaneous rough experience they both took part in. Both needing the break and reassurance in their own way, but still very much eager for more.

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Judy sat, leaning against Nick while sipping a glass of water. Their cuddling simmering the fires while they collected themselves and talk through what they wanted from what they had started.

“So... Nick, would you consider us dating now?” Hopeful bunny eyes looked up at the fox. A chuckle was her response along with the fox's tail wrapping tighter around her.

“I would certainly hope so Carrots, this just adds a different dynamic to it is all.” A padded paw rubbed along her back, the fox leaning down and giving the Judy a lick between her ears, earning a happy chitter from the bunny.

“Got a boyfriend and Master in the same day. My parents always said I never do things in halfway.”

“Overachiever bunny,” Nick pulled her into his lap, making sure she felt how hard he still was as he rested her down, his cock pressed up against her ass and tail. The twitching of the soft fluff making his erection twitch at the light touch on the tip. “Mmm now how about we get down to business, so I can get back to my prey.” Judy moans softly, grinding her hips back against the hot fox cock against her cheeks, nodding. “How about some hard noes for you, Carrots, to start with.” His claw gently scritching along her cheek as he leaned back against the couch, enjoying his bunny grinding down on his lap.

Judy leaned her head into the feeling on her cheek, closing her eyes, taking a moment to enjoy the affection. “I'm honestly not sure of my limits, I've never done anything like this. My past relationships were pretty typical, if not a bit boring. But some of my sisters have told me of times where they asked their partners to tied them up, spank them, be a little rough with them and it peaked my interest. But no buck I was ever with either went far enough or I just didn't feel the excitement that my sisters did.”

“I see. You just needed a predator to show you your place, my little bunny.” A deep growl rumbled through Judy as Nick licked her cheek. Leaving a blushing bunny shuddering in his lap.

“Ha, I guess I did.” She leaned in to his chest and nuzzle in, taking another whiff of his musky violet scent. “I honestly can't think of any hard limits, but I do have some hard yes's.” Nick suddenly found the bunny's paw on his muzzle and lifting his lip with a finger, tracking along his fangs. “These, you can use anytime anywhere, along with those magic claws of yours.” Nick took hold of her wrist and held her paw to his muzzle, kissing the soft furred paw before taking a firm bite at the wrist.

“Mm I do love the noises you make, what about leaving lasting bite or claw marks.” Nick wanted to keep going up her arm, trailing his fangs through her fur, but knew if he did they wouldn't get any further in setting up these important rules. He always heard that the anticipation makes it even better in the end, and now he was putting that to the test.

“Oh! That sounds so hot Nick. But can they be places where my clothes would cover them?”

“Mm dirty little secrets right under your clothes, none knowing that your are my little prey as you walk down the street.”

“This might be a little further down the road, but I do love the idea of showing off to everyone that I'm yours. So maybe in the future, you could mark me anywhere on me.” It was the fox's turn to shudder at the bunny's words.

“Oh you have no idea Carrots.” His paws slide down her back to rub over her hips and give a firm squeeze her her plump bunny rump. “So how about marking, leaving different scents on you?”

“I think its apparent how much I love your scent.” She laughed, pushing her hips back against the groping paws.

“Heh, yes it is, but not exactly what I'm talking about. I'm thinking of marking you as my property Carrots.” Her head tiled in confusion. “Right, male thing. Talking about marking my territory.” A questioning eyebrow raised on the bunny, Nick continued a little embarrassed. “Watersports, marking you that way is what I mean.” Judy's eyes widen in surprised and she goes quiet for a bit, contemplating and imagining the situations coming from the idea. Walking around with that deep scent, anyone able to smell her knowing she was property of a fox; her in the shower with the water suddenly turned of and the fox stepping in, his cock pointed down at her and...

“Maybe..” She looked up, “It's definitely in the maybe pile. Just don't think I'm ready for that yet.” Nick squeezed her close to him again by her, holding her to his chest.

“That's why we are talking right now, I don't want to go to far. Push your buttons for sure, but it's why safe words are so important. Speaking of, any ideas of what would be a good one for us to use?”

“Oh I have the perfect one, I know it'll stop you in your tracks. It has before.” Nick tilted his head this time, taking his turn at being the confused one before, “Taxes.” Judy said firmly, a shudder running through the tod.

“That certainly does it.” Grunting the fox shifted on the couch and ground his hips against her rear, getting himself back up. Judy moved her hips back in turn, biting her lip feeling the foxhood harden back up between her cheeks, feeling a little bit of wet fur with the hot member pressed against her.

“Think that is enough for now? The basic ground rules set?” The bunny whined, having waited so long after being denied was starting to get to her. She wanted her fox, and wanted him deep inside.

“Mmm, I think so Fluff.” Claws coming out and gripping into the cheeks of his bunny, digging into the fur to press to the skin. Judy moaned sweetly, hips wiggling in his grip, taking hold on his shoulders with her paws she nuzzled up against his neck and chin.

Nick growled low, exhaling slowly he took one of her ears into his muzzle and trailed his long fang along the appendage, taking in the sweet sounds his bunny made. The whimpering bunny melting in the arms of her predator, just before Nick bit down. Judy's body stiffened out, gasping for breath and claws digging into the fox's shoulders as her body trembles against her predator's, her slick pussy dripping juices onto the fox's crotch. Strong fox paws moved her hips up, Nick moving up on the couch and dragging the tip of his cock against Judy's entrance. Judy whined and tried to pull her hips down onto the member but the fox's paws kept her in place. He pulled the bunny's ear to the side and ground the tip against her labia, the heat of the bunny mixing with his own. Nick slowly lowered his prey's hips down, his tip slowly spreading her open, a begging whine came from the bunny, her tail wiggling wildly. Just only a few inches in, Judy felt stretched open already, her fox was certainly the largest male that she had been with. She waited for me, biting her lip in anticipation, but more never came, but a deep guttural growl right in her ear did.

“Show me how much you love this prey.” A smack to her round ass sounded through the quiet apartment. “I want to see how much you love this predator cock.” His deep, stern voice right in her ear making her clench around the penetrating fox cock. Her back arching up and she moved her hips side to side around the fox's member, panting at the stretched feeling inside her.

“Y-yes Master.”

Judy slowly pushed her hips down, panting with every inch she was able to take in, her legs shaking from the pleasure radiating through her. As she took what she could, Nick bit down again on her ear with a firmer pull to her ear, making her legs slip and she fell to her chest, nose pressed up against the musky fox. With deep breaths she took in the thick scent take hold of her mind again, letting her self go to the fox's orders. Shifting to her knees she pressed down her hips hard, meeting his hips with her ass, taking her Master's cock completely inside her.

Nick groaned with each shift and movement from his bunny, dragging his muzzle up her ear and letting if go to fall down over her face against his chest. The tight confines of his prey almost overwelming him as his hips jerked up to meet hers. Feeling her breath panting out against his chest, he gave her a moment to get use to his size before another firm slap to her ass pulling her back to sitting up on his lap.

“Well dumb bunny! Show me!” He barked out, his eyes had that predatory glint again making Judy feel so small to him. She put her paws onto his chest and lifted herself on her knees, sliding the thick cock out of her, and then letting herself fall back down filling her back up. With each time taking Nick to the hilt she gripped his chest fur, a small whimper rolling through her. “Good girl. Now tell me, who do you belong to!” Judy felt claws on her ass scrap up to her lower back, making her arch her back and quiver, tightening up around the thick fox shaft.

“I belong to you, Master! I'm...” Judy took a shaking breath,” I'm your bunny.” Claws moved again on her back, digging deeper, the sharp pin like pain sending shocks up her spine and an explosion between her legs as she came around Nick sliding in and out of her shaking hips. “Nnngg.” She bit down on her lip until a claws spank came to her ass cheek.

“What did I say you dumb bunny!” His feral eyes were right in front of her, a threatening growl on each word. “I.” A paw pad spanked her again, “Want.” Spank. “Every.” Spank. “Sound.” Spank. With Judy riding through her orgasm, she cried out as her body felt each spank rock her body and enhancing her euphoria with a loud unhindered cry for her Master. Nick ground his hips to hers at her tightening, quivering embrace around his cock, he could feel his knot swelling at her lips. “That's my good girl.”

Judy was left panting like she hadn't ever before. Bucks had made her cum before, but she had never came that hard before. Her legs felt like jello, if she could feel them at all, all she could do is grind her hips along the forming bulb under her. Her mind addled by fox musk and her orgasm, all she could think was please for her fox, for her Master. Grinding hips, thick fox cock stretching her so good and claws raking through her, she begged for him.

“Please Master..” Her hips quicked, shifting side to side to circle his cock around inside her. Clenching her muscled down around him with affectionate kisses and licks to his chest and neck. She wanted to feel him fill her, claim her, breed her. Her instincts coming alive to let this male take her and fill her with his kits.

“Please what, Fluff. Tell me what you want.” Nick dug in his claws and came up along her back, taking a quick look over her shoulder at the marks. Just deep enough to leave scratches that would be there hidden under her fur for a day or two. The begging lagomorph in his arms pulled back his attention.

“Breed me, let me have you kits Master.” Judy was lost to her submission to the fox, instincts loudly screaming in her head to breed. Not to let this male get away and take another mate, she had to be his. To say Nick was thrown off was an understatement, left speechless for a moment to collect his thoughts.

'That kink certainly never came up.' He thought, but could definitely roll with it.

“You have to earn that privilege, Prey.” His hips thrust up hard into her, the ballooning knot pressing and stretching Judy wide. To wide as she cried out and pulled her hips away for the first time since he penetrated her. “You haven't even earned my knot yet!” His hips continued to pound away at her, hard powerful thrusts rocking the bunny forward into his chest. Nick rolled to his side and had her down on the couch, looking up at him with dreamy eyes as her breasts bouncing with each thrust. Nick held himself behind his knot as his hips slapped against her, bunny legs lifted in the air. He leaned down and ran his nose along her body, taking in her heated scent till he reached her neck. Fox tongue lapped at her fur, hot breath flowed over her as she panted below him. His fangs pressed against her skin and trailed along her collarbone till, he bit down on her shoulder, hard.

Judy was already on edge again, under her predator. Letting him use her for his pleasure and rocking against his thrusts. Then her vision was filled with stars as teeth met her skin and pressed down. Sharp pain mixing with pleasure, her body arched as she came again. The body of the shuddering bunny held down by paw, cock and teeth, Nick growled and screamed into Judy's shoulder. Pulling himself out of her pussy and coating her belly and breasts with his seed, a faint taste of copper on his tongue as he held her down with his jaws, letting them both relish the glow of release together.