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Tumblr Requests: Obey Me!

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  • Quality time with him is rare. He’s a busy demon after all.
  • But after an unsightly incident a few years back he has been trying to take some time out of the day for himself. It is also the perfect excuse to have some quality time alone with you.
  • He likes to have you sitting on top of him while he lounges. Your weight and heartbeat were soothing. A living noisemaker.
  • It has become a routine now. You come and rest with him and enjoy each other’s company.
  • This time you were a little distant. Your eyes constantly track the motions and actions of his mouth. You seem fixated on every little thing he does. From a sip of his drink to the way he scowls while reading the evening news. You’re mesmerized by something.
  • He takes it as you reliving the taste and feel of his lips on yours. He’d be happy to give you a reenactment. But, when he leans in for a kiss, he senses…fear?
  • No. Surely you had gotten over that little mortal hurdle. For all things unholy, he hasn’t even threatened you in over a year.
  • He’ll pry, demanding a reason for your sudden apprehension. If anything to mask his own fear with righteous indignation.
  • When you tell him it takes a lot of effort not to laugh. It wasn’t a ridiculous notion. He had indulged once or twice in his younger years-not that he would tell you. The thought had crossed his mind not that he would tell you. But really you would have been dog food before he would put any effort into it.
  • He’ll brush your concern off. He has no interest in your flesh in such a rudimentary form. Now that pretty little soul of yours was another matter…

“You seem- distracted.” Lucifer’s purrs against your temple kissing it tenderly. His deep rumble resonates down your spine. “What are you thinking about γλυκιά μου?”  He drags a razor-sharp canine down your neck teasingly. “Something good perhaps?”  

“No, sorry.” You burrow closer to his chest. “Just had a… thought.” Lucifer’s thumb stills, halting the teasing pattern he had been tracing into your thigh. He scowls brushing his nose across the crown of your head. If you were thinking of anything other than him, then he was doing this wrong.

That thought was… offending. He had carved out a spot for you in his already ridiculous schedule, and yet you seemed miles away. Normally these precious moments were spent with you snuggling close loving his undivided attention, and him loving yours in kind.

Tonight your demeanor was so demure. You clung to him as usual, soft lips trailing down his jaw to the little sliver of exposed skin from where he had loosened his tie hours ago. But, it just felt like you were just going through the motions. “Speak.” A request and order in one.

“If given the chance, would you eat me?”

“What?” Lucifer cups the back of your head and pulls you away to make eye contact. “What?” He balks, eyes wide. His expression was completely undignified. That certainly wasn’t what he was expecting.

You explain to him about a conversation you had overheard in your early days of the exchange program. For some reason, it just hit you then at the feel of his mouth on you.

“I- hmmm. Personally, I would have fed you to Cerberus. I don’t particularly enjoy the taste of human flesh.” He settles back into his office chair unfazed. He thought he had something to worry about. “Besides, I have come to find I like you warm and breathing.” He pinches your side teasingly ready to get the evening back on track.

“Wait! You thought about it!?” His blasé tone takes you aback.

Lucifer knocks his forehead into yours with a snicker. “Not too hard. Besides you’d probably give my pups indigestion with all the trouble you’ve turned out to be.”


  • He likes to spend time with you at his favorite cafe. The one with the little tea cakes and great sandwiches.
  • Normally you will spend a weeknight there studying and munching together. One hand scribbling away in your notebook and the other engulfed in his large hand. By the end of the night though, you always find your legs interwoven with his and his ginger head resting on top of yours.
  • He is full and happy. So happy in fact, he steals a kiss, and then another.
  • It’s a good thing he picked a booth in the back so the rest of the cafe can ignore the couple nestled closer and closer in the back. He sneaks a few more peaks in here and there, whispering softly. It was going great until- He hadn’t expected to feel you lock up. Was it something he said?
  • You’re embarrassed when he pulls away and tries to brush it off. You just got swept up in some thoughts, no biggie.
  • He won’t pry, he gets it, it happens to him too. But, when you untangle yourself from him he has to know what’s up.
  • When you tell him he is distraught. Because he 100% has and probably still will eat a person. He might have munched on a witch that had pissed him off just the other day…
  • What he hates most is he can’t really lie and deny that he hasn’t thought about it.  

“You taste amazing.” His words ghost over your lips as he savors the sweet mix of your coffee and natural flavor. You always taste like spiced oranges and honey when your lips brush. It’s intoxicating. Suddenly the flavor of you changes, a sour note hits his tongue. You go still and look out across the small cafe.“Are you ok?”

You pull away blinking rapidly. “Yeah-sorry.” You chuckle humorlessly. “Just…had a thought.” You try to move back into his arms but he stops you.    

“What’s the matter?” He tilts your chin up with a callous finger. You turn your head away and answer. “What?” He could hear you just fine. Superhuman hearing and all, but he just couldn’t comprehend what he heard.

“Do you consider me as a food?” You repeat yourself. “I know demons eat people, and like you’ve mentioned it before. I guess, I don’t know. Shouldn’t I be scared?” You’ve never seen a demon wilt before. Beel recoils and tucks in on himself. His hand flops down to sit on his thigh.

Of Course, he did think about it. Hell’s he had considered it. Aside from being a demon, he was the avatar of gluttony. How many nights had he laid in bed, stomach growling, and your scent filling his nose when you first arrived. Mammon had a workout the first few weeks of school dragging him away from your immediate vicinity. It was fortunate for the both of you that you had bonded so quickly or else he could have ruined everything.

His silence was enough for you to know. “Crazy how things turn out right?” You try to lighten the mood. You stroke his hair gently trying to comfort him. “Sorry, I kinda ruined date night huh?”

“No, no this is good.” He chuckles rubbing his neck awkwardly. “Or I mean. We should talk about this. Before Diavolo started working on the exchange program, human souls and flesh were pretty common delicacies.” Beel collects his thoughts with a sigh. “The verdict didn’t go over well at first. I wasn’t too happy either if I’m being honest. But, I’m happy he did it in the long run.” He meets your gaze with a warm smile. “You’re the kinda treat I want to enjoy for eternity.”


  • A deviant. An absolute terror when it comes to PDA. He doesn’t care if it’s class time. If he wants to be in your lap then that’s where he’ll be.
  • He’ll nuzzle the crook of your neck whenever he finds his way onto your thighs. He always has a compliment ready for you. New perfume or cologne? Is that shirt the one he bought you? He’ll dote on you for hours until you are a blushing mess.
  • He schedules out movie nights with you. Just the two of you, some good drinks, plenty of pillows, and no bothersome brothers.
  • The movie he picked tonight was an oldie from the Devildom. He was feeling a little sentimental and thought you would enjoy seeing some culture. You agree, but forget one little thing.
  • Old Devildom culture was…pretty graphic.
  • Asmo doesn’t notice how your mind drifted off during the opening act. He is busy creating a new trail of hickies along your shoulder and upper arm around his pact.
  • He does notice when he hits the sensitive spot of your neck that normally has you squirming but-nothing. Huh? Was he losing his touch? He is usually so aware of his partner’s mood. He asks what’s wrong.
  • Your question comes out of left field. He panics, figuring the movie wasn’t the best for this conversation. He turns it off and gives you his full attention.
  • Has he eaten a human or two before. Yes, back when he was young and would get swept up in the heat of the moment. Crimson was a lovely color on him.
  • You try to console him. Really you get it, it was an errant thought. You know he won’t eat you.
  • Can he still call you a snack tho?

You watch the movie in dead silence. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you figure you should probably be disturbed by what you see on screen. Were you that desensitized? Probably. Should that worry you? Maybe? You try to weigh it out in your hand. The black and white feature flashing across your eyes.
You have seen worse in crappy human B rated horror movies. But, those were special effects and pints of red-colored slime and food coloring. You had a nagging suspicion that the scene in front of you was real. You glance down at the slim demon trying to fuse his body into yours. His body flickering in and out of focus in the flickering lights of the movie. You try to focus on him, his warm body nestling closer to you under the blankets. It worked for a moment before another loud roar from the screen dragged your eyes back up.

The contrast between the violence on the projector and the soft innocents of Asmodeus’s lips on the corners of yours was wild. He wasn’t even paying attention to the film. Typical. This was his normal ploy to have you all to himself. It worked though, and you loved it. Oh- You watch with wrapped attention as the human on screen was consumed both body and soul by a horde of demons.

“Is the film more magnetic than me?” Asmodeus pulls away licking his lips. His rose-colored gloss was smeared across his cheek. You shudder blinking past the sudden thought of what that soft red color also looked like.  

“Nah,” You huff wrapping your arms around him to press your chest to his. He purrs practically preening from your attention. “Just thinking.”

“Oh~” You can feel his playful smile stretching along your hairline. “Care to share.” He nips your earlobe.

“I just, humans really are just kinda food to you guys huh?”

You’ve never seen Asmodeus move so fast before in your life. One moment he is doing his best impression of an octopus and the next he is standing several feet away from you, hands raised in a mix of shock and defense. “Where would you-” He trails off hearing the sound of violence and death behind him. “Oh Hells.” He clicks off the projector in a panic. “I am so sorry honey! I did not think that through.”

You laugh awkwardly. “Would this be an inappropriate time to say I would go straight to your thighs?”

Asmodeus snorts in the dark. “Hips more like. You are nothing but sugar and fluff.” He flips the lights back on and he comes back to kneel next to you. He cups your face. “You know I would never do that right? I can’t say I haven’t done it before but I’ve never thought that about you.”

You hum kissing his warm palm. “Should I be offended or thankful?”

He hits you playfully. “That’s not funny!” You laugh taking his light swats, grateful that the mood in the room was already lightning.  

“It is and you know it.” You scoop him back into your lap and snatch the remote up from where he had tossed it. “Come on let’s finish movie night. I’m picking the show this time.”