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@TMZ: This is a user-submitted photo. They think it’s David Rose. The hair fits, but a Jays game? And jersey? We’re not convinced. Can anyone verify? [a fuzzy, zoomed-in photo of a dark-haired man in box seats wearing a Jays jersey] 

@ThatzIncorrect replying to @TMZ: Ooh that fits with the T-shirt pic from a few months ago. Secret boyfriend? Does he have a family member on the team? He’s from Canada originally

@JayzNum1Fan replying to @TMZ: My cousin works security at the stadium and said it was David Rose. Said he got into the locker room too

@ILuvDavidRose replying to @TMZ: That’s definitely him. I’d know his hair anywhere


@TorontoTea: David Rose was spotted looking at condos downtown. New show on the horizon? @HGTV fill us in!


David: well

Patrick: uh oh

David: the condo in your building is a leading option

Patrick: 🤣 I knew it

David: I didn’t pick it yet! Slow down

Patrick: told. you.

David: keep this attitude up and I’ll move to the ‘burbs

Patrick: lol I dare you

David: don’t you tempt me

Patrick: I’m sure you can find lots of stuff to decorate your new place from Canadian Tire

David: 🖕🏼

Patrick: 💙




@TMZ: David Rose and Patrick Brewer looking while cozy grabbing lunch at Kensington Market. Opposites attract or is David Rose helping PBrew swap out his baseball posters for contemporary art?

@BreadPitt replying to @TMZ: ohhh myyy goddd. I’d hoped after the whole DR in a Jays shirt thing. But seeing them together?! Best. Day. Everrrrr.

@ThatzIncorrect replying to @TMZ: rumor is That’s Incorrect is moving to Canada. Maybe Patrick Brewer is going to be a guest?

@ILuvDavidRose replying to @ThatzIncorrect: Canada?! No way! Where’d you hear that?

@ThatzIncorrect replying to @ILuvDavidRose: Someone on Tumblr who works for HGTV said it’s happening

@SnarkyBarky replying to @TMZ: I’m shipping David Rose and PBrew so hard. Could you imagine? I’m freaking out


David: Packing is so boring. I wish you were here

Patrick: Me too. Have much left?

David: the consignment person I’m working with came by to pick up all the stuff I’m not taking with me, which is more than I realized. I’m packing up my bedroom now. What are you up to?

Patrick: Just got back to my room a bit ago. Put in a food order and going to relax. A little sore from my slide home

David: I saw that. You okay? Wish I were there to give you a massage

Patrick: I wish you were too. Maybe with that fancy oil you brought over

David: I’ve got another one I’d like to try on you. You might like what I’m currently packing up actually

Patrick: Oh yeah?

David: [photo of sex aids: lubes, oils, vibrators, dildos, plugs, handcuffs, and more]

Patrick: holy shit. 🥵 Please tell me you’re bringing that as luggage when you fly back so we don’t have to wait for the truck to arrive with your stuff

David: I could be convinced. Why don’t you tell me what you want to try first? 😏

Patrick: I want to use the handcuffs and clip you to my headboard. Then I want to lick you until you’re hard and use that cock ring on you. Then finger you until you squirm and I’ll put that prostate massager in you. Make you watch me finger myself open and fuck myself on your hard cock

David: Jesus 

Patrick: my name is Patrick 😏

David: I’m convinced. This is definitely coming on the plane

Patrick: and you’ll definitely be coming when you get back here

**incoming FaceTime call from David 🖤💙**


Stevie: is this from you? [photo of food delivery]

Patrick: yup! Figured you were swamped with finishing your packing early so you could be there while David spirals about his tomorrow

Stevie: god you know him well. That’s literally what’s happening right now [photo of empty living room/kitchen with stacks of boxes]

Patrick: The restaurant only had one slice of the German Chocolate Cake left, so I included dessert in yours not in David’s. Figured you deserved a treat

Stevie: you’re a saint

Patrick: thanks for getting him up here to me

Stevie: don’t you fucking start that sappy shit

Patrick: glad you’re coming up here too. Okay, I’m done. Promise

Stevie: ugh. you're welcome


David: you sent me food?! Omfg why are you so nice

Patrick: 💙 thought you were maybe stressed and forgot to get dinner

David: you’re so good to me  

Patrick: need you at full strength when you get here

David: you love me for my dick

Patrick: I love you *and* your dick

David: thanks for dinner, honey 🖤


David: you sent Stevie dessert and not me?! Wtf 


“Okay, I want it here.” David stood in front of the wall between the two tall living room windows.

“Are you sure this time?” Patrick held his pencil up to mark the wall. He raised an eyebrow before making the mark. He’d already marked two other spots.

“Yes,” David huffed. It was adorable. 

“Really sure?”

Stevie snickered. 


Patrick marked the center point, then held the painting up to mark the spots for the screws.

“Wait. That’s not right.”

Patrick sat the painting down and sighed. “So, this is what it’s like to see the magic happen?”

“Is that what you call getting bossed around by your boyfriend?” Stevie took a sip of her coffee. 

“I’m not bossing him around. He’s helping me set up my place while you’re standing there eating my food.”

Patrick didn’t mind getting bossed around because it meant David was there. He loved watching David’s brain at work. The way he could take a blank canvas and see the final painting. How he knew the way all the pieces fit together, like some sort of aesthetics Tetris master. 

After trying a couple of more spots, David finally settled on where the painting needed to go, Patrick marked the spot and went to drill, but he realized he was missing the drill bit he needed. 

“I don’t have the right piece. Let me run up to my place and see if it’s in my junk drawer.” Patrick kissed David on the cheek and walked to David’s front door and slid his shoes back on.

David tucked his grin into the corner of his mouth. “See you in a few.”

“Be right back.” He loved he could tease David about choosing the condo in his building with a single glance. 

David huffed and rolled his eyes.



@HGTV: Guess what? @HGThatsIncorrect is going international! This season is happening in Canada. Canada, are you ready for David Rose? He’ll be sure to tell you what’s incorrect. New season premiers September 28 [gif of David Rose shaking his head and saying “incorrect”]

@ThatzIncorrect replying to @HGTV: omg! So exciting!!

@JuicyJays replying to @HGTV: Are any Jays players going to be on it?

@PeasForce replying to @JuicyJays: Patrick Brewer! Omg that would be amazing

@BreadPitt replying to @PeasForce: I heard David and PBrew are a couple

@JoeNotExotic replying to @BreadPitt: lolz yeah right

@WaterfowlAbalone replying to @JoeNotExotic: they follow each other on IG

@BelgianWaffelllz replying to @WaterfowlAbalone: David follows Nate and Jarod too 🤷


@PatrickBrewer: Escaping to the lake for a few days of some much-needed R&R [photo of himself swinging in a lake, smiling, water droplets on his face and hair] 


@DavidRose: I love summer. Digging these outdoor pillows I found at an antique store outside of Toronto [photo of Adirondack chairs with water in the background and sunshine reflecting off the surface]



@TMZ: David Rose is really settling in to Toronto life. Big @BlueJays fan? [photo of David on his feet and screaming and clapping]

@PaintballDemon replying to @TMZ: who are the people next to him?

@ThatzIncorrect replying to @PaintballDemon: I think that’s his manager Stevie Budd

@CharcoalOnMahTeeth replying to @PaintballDemon: I went to high school with PBrew. That’s his parents and best friend Mike. And Mike’s wife Becca on David’s other side

@Reinaissance69 replying to @CharcoalOnMahTeeth: OMG why is David with Patrick’s people? 👀

@WkEghf49582 replying to @Reinaissance69: think about it you idiot

@Renaissance69 replying to @WkEghf49582: no need to be rude

@SharkCoochieBored replying to @CharcoalOnMahTeeth: No way! David Rose and PBrew? 

@BreadPitt replying to @TMZ: omfg I knew it. I. KNEW. IT. Y’all. Think about it. David photographed in a Jays shirt. Then David in Toronto in a Jays jersey (unconfirmed as PBrews). Spotted having lunch together. Now he’s with PBrew’s family? What’s the ship name?

@CanadianGuardsman replying to @BreadPitt: PRose? DBrew? Patose? Davrew? Datrick? Patvid? 

@GoalDiggerz22 replying to @CanadianGuardsman: okay this can’t happen because the ship options are TERRIBLE

@Jays28548 replying to @TMZ: here’s another one. It was taken after PBrew hit a home run [photo of David Rose hugging Patrick’s mom]


David: Did you see this? [link to TMZ Twitter thread]

Patrick: I guess it was bound to happen. Maybe we should go public?

David: Yeah, it’s probably time. 

Patrick: Though it’s been kind of fun watching the speculation. First time I haven’t minded my love life being talked about

David: It has, but I’m ready to tag you in posts and make people sick by showing how happy I am

Patrick: You deserve it 💙 Let’s talk tonight and figure out what we want to do

David: let’s give our publicists a heads up. Roxy would kill me if I didn’t loop her in

Patrick: good call. Love you

David: love you too 🖤


@DavidRose: Sometimes you have to travel ten thousand miles to find the love of your life. #WorthIt @PatrickBrewer [photo of David hugging a sweaty Patrick in the tunnel after a game]


@PatrickBrewer: Despite making my living as an athlete, it was my inability to keep my balance on a paddle board at the sight of the sexiest man on the planet that snagged me the man of my dreams. Love you, @DavidRose [selfie of David and Patrick in the pool at David’s Maldives villa]


@TMZ: It’s official. David Rose and PBrew are North America’s newest and hottest couple. [screenshots of David and Patrick’s announcement posts]

@PeanutButterNutter replying to @TMZ: but… how? How do they have anything in common?

@JoeNotExotic replying to @PeanutButterNutter: they’re both hot. What else do they need to have in common?

@Jordie8284 replying to @TMZ: omg #RelationshipGoals

@BreadPitt replying to @TMZ: they’re the cutest fucking couple of all time

@PertinentPetulance replying to @TMZ: do you know how they met?

@ThatzIncorrect replying to @PertinentPetulance: I heard they met on David’s show. That one of the players introduced them

@RedRoverz replying to @ThatzIncorrect: no, they met at a gay bar in Toronto

@BillyJoeBlow replying to @PertinentPetulance: I think they met on vacation. My cousin swears he saw them together at a resort in the Maldives. Holding hands and everything



@TorontoWeekly: We had the chance to talk to David Rose of @ThatsIncorrect about his new season. David said he’s excited to be in Canada this year. “I’m thrilled to explore a new territory and work with new artists and makers.” [1/3]

@TorontoWeekly: David held a private launch party for close family and friends at The Loft on 3rd. The food featured poutine, butter tarts and more of David’s favorite Canadian foods. [2/3]

@TorontoWeekly: We asked David why he held the party at an industrial venue. Dare we say it’s aesthetically “incorrect.” He said, “I wanted my boyfriend there, and he had a game. So, I picked the venue closest to the stadium.” [photo taken from behind David with the screen in the background, Patrick leans over and kissing David’s cheek] 




David: I’m so sorry, honey. Are you okay?

Patrick: not right now, but I will be. I knew the odds were against us to get into the championship, but I thought this might be the year

David: I hoped so too. I’m sorry

Patrick: thank you. I’ll pout tonight but I’ll be better

Patrick: god we were so close this year

David: you were. You played amazing. You all did. Even I could see that

Patrick: I think I’m going to take another shower and figure out dinner

David: how about you let me have dinner sent to you while you shower

Patrick: always taking care of me 💙

David: I’m really sorry I couldn’t be at your game

Patrick: Don’t be sorry! I totally get it 💙

David: thanks for understanding. Go shower, food will be there soon

Patrick: thanks babe, love you

David: love you so much

Patrick smiled at his phone. Sure, he’d wished David could be there, but David had a job too. Patrick would never want David to sacrifice his own work to be there for Patrick’s. If the game had been in Toronto, David could’ve made it, but playing at Yankee Stadium meant he couldn’t on a filming day. Patrick totally understood, but he wished he could hug David. 

Losing the last game in the playoffs and losing a shot at the World Series hurt. A lot.  

He’d be home tomorrow and he could hug David then.

Patrick took a long shower, but kept the bathroom door open to listen for the door in case food came quickly. He loved that David knew him well enough to know Patrick didn’t want to have to make a decision, even one as simple as dinner after a bad game. Games always exhausted him, but big losses especially did.

He squirted some of the body wash he’d nicked from David onto his palm and soaped up. The herbal and citrus scent immediately relaxed him. If he couldn’t have a hug from David, that was the second best option.

Eventually, he turned off the shower and dried off. He dug through his bag and pulled out his comfy travel joggers. 

Patrick sat on the bed and began channel surfing. As soon as he settled on one of David’s favorite rom-coms, there was a knock at the door. He padded over to the door, pulled it open, and froze.

“Hi, honey. I brought you dinner.” David held up a take-out bag with his right hand as his left clutched the handle of a rolling suitcase.


David opened his mouth, but Patrick cut him off.

“So help me god, if you say an airplane, I won’t share that food.”

David grinned. “Stevie found me a flight that I could catch right after I finished filming. Fortunately, there are a lot of direct flights between New York and Toronto.”

Patrick grabbed the food from David, sat it on the floor, then pulled David in for a hug. “I love you so much.”

“How about you let me in the room and we can hug some more?”

Patrick released David and picked up the food. He walked over to the little table and sat it down, then turned back to David. 

David wheeled his bag over to the closet. When he turned around, he smiled softly. “Is this okay?”

Patrick made it to David in three steps and pulled him into another hug. “It’s more than okay. I was really missing you.”

“Me too. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for the playoffs.”

Patrick smiled against his neck. “It’s okay. You’re here now, and I’m so grateful.”

David squeezed him harder. 

Patrick pulled back to kiss his lips, his nose, his cheeks, his eyebrows. Twice.

“Dinner now, then kisses. Come on. I’m guessing you’ve only had a protein bar.”

“Yeah,” Patrick said sheepishly. 

David spun Patrick around and walked him by the shoulders to the table. “Sit.” He clucked his tongue. “Bare feet on a hotel room carpet? Patrick Brewer!”

Patrick grinned and felt the lightest he had in hours. The loss had been tough, but following that up with post-game interviews and a depressing team meeting had really crashed his mood. 

“You’re washing your feet before I get into bed with you.”

“I’ll do anything you ask me to.”

David tucked a smile in his cheek as he unpacked the food. “That sounds promising, but I’m taking care of you tonight, honey.” He reached out and ran his hand through Patrick’s wet hair. “Will you let me?”

Patrick nodded and wrapped his arms around David’s waist. In that moment, he decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with that man.


November (one year from Maldives trip)

David: don’t forget to grab my culottes. I can’t believe I forgot to pack them

David: please 🖤

Patrick: already grabbed them [photo of the culottes]

David: you’re so good to me

Patrick: I know :p packing your pants means I don’t have room for my jorts tho

David: Such a travesty. How will we all survive.

Patrick: I can’t help but wonder if you did that on purpose

David: If only I were that diabolical. But how could I count on you deciding to leave your jorts behind instead of those fugly board shorts or the PJs with the holes in them

Patrick: maybe I have time to pick up compression bags so I can take them all

David: mm but do you have time? Lots to do before your flight in the morning

Patrick: you’re such a brat

David: you love it

Patrick: god help me I do

David: speaking of love. The deep kind of love you feel for me that means you won’t run at the first hint of trouble

Patrick: no, David, I’m not nervous about meeting your family

David: you kind of should be? Though? They’re a lot. I’m a lot. We’re a lot

Patrick: I love you as you are and I’m sure I’ll love them. I’m not going anywhere

David: please refrain from such promises until you’ve seen this year’s Thanksgiving centerpieces

Patrick: lol. How’d it go at the studio go today? Is it weird being back in L.A. for work?

David: yeah, it is. I knew the move to Toronto meant I’d still have to come back for some things, but ugh. It’s been a good reminder about how much I don’t miss L.A.

Patrick: I’m glad you’re still feeling good about your decision to move

David: you make it pretty easy 😊

Patrick: aww stop saying nice things when I’m not there to kiss you

David: you can give me lots of kisses when you arrive tomorrow. I’ll save the IOUs

Patrick: you know what tomorrow is, right?

David: the day you join me in L.A. for Thanksgiving and hopefully a meeting of my family with minimal crises?

Patrick: our one-year anniversary

David: what

Patrick: one year from when we met

David: omg that doesn’t count! We weren’t a couple!

Patrick: still counts though. It was an important day. Our lives changed that day I fell off my paddle board and you looked so hot in those little swim trunks

David: I brought those with me 😏

Patrick: 🙌

David: and, you’re right, it does count. Not as our actual anniversary because that’s in May, you monster. But it’s an important day and we should celebrate it

Patrick: I’m screenshotting this. David Rose said I’m right

David: never mind. Celebration offer rescinded. Throwing the white shorts away

Patrick: your cruelty knows no bounds

David: love you too



@BlueJays: Did you catch @TheJarodSmith on @HGTV’s @ThatsIncorrect?To be honest, we’re a little hurt his “man cave” wasn’t covered in Jays wallpaper. We thought you loved us, Jarod.

@TheJarodSmith replying to @BlueJays: My own team calling me out like this? Ouch. 

@NateJordan replying to @TheJarodSmith: I think my favorite part was @DavidRose’s face when you tried to convince him that the dogs playing poker prints were classic art.

@DavidRose replying to @NateJordan: I’m still traumatized

@PatrickBrewer replying to @DavidRose: he is. I wish I’d have recorded his tirade after filming that episode

@TheJarodSmith replying to @DavidRose: [link to a Wikipedia page about the Dogs Playing Poker art] See! It’s over a century old! That means it’s classic.

@DavidRose replying to @TheJarodSmith: here we go again. In case you needed a reminder [gif of David saying “that’s incorrect”]

@NateJordan replying to @TheJarodSmith: if only you could buy taste like you can buy those ugly paintings

@DavidRose replying to @NateJordan: THANK YOU


@PatrickBrewer: My family. Merry Christmas 🎄 [photo of David and Clint laughing at something Marcy said; fully decorated Christmas tree in the background, wrapping paper and open gifts around them]



@DavidRose: I got the coveted NYE kiss this year. [photo of Trixie kissing David on the cheek while Mike, Becca, Patrick and Stevie smile lovingly at them]

@StevieBudd replying to @DavidRose: she told me after that your face was too scratchy. Way to start the kid’s year with regret



@TMZ: David Rose spotted in Dunedin, Florida. Tagging along to spring training? Things must be serious with PBrew.


@DavidRose: No one told me that dating a baseball player meant getting to go to DisneyWorld! [photo of David and Patrick eating Dole Whip ice cream cones with the castle in the background at Magic Kingdom]



@DavidRose: He put (four) rings on it. I love you, @PatrickBrewer. [photo of two venti to-go coffee cups; Patrick holding one that says “just” written on the sleeve; David holding one that has “engaged” written on the sleeve with the four gold engagement rings visible in the shot, kissing Patrick’s cheek] 

@PatrickBrewer: I love this man so much. Not only did he go hiking with me, after some mild begging on my part, he said yes when I asked him to marry me at the summit of the hike. I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. [selfie of David and Patrick, dry tears on their cheeks, David holding up his hand with the rings on it]



@TorontoTea: Awww! A user sent in this video from today’s @BlueJays game.

[video transcript/description:

Announcer at the Blue Jays home game: “Congratulations to our own PBrew and David Rose on their engagement!”

*crowd applauds and cheers*

Jumbotron flashed a “Congratulations, Patrick and David!” message of them with the engagement announcement photos they both posted to social media 

Patrick walked from where he was warming up before the came over to David’s seat in the front row. He hoisted himself up the railing and leaned in to kiss David]



@BostonRumorMill: David Rose spotted in town. His fiancé, Patrick Brewer/PBrew is in town to play the Sox. We received a report that Patrick rented out Dougie’s Donuts for a private celebration. One-year anniversary? Happy anniversary to them! [telephoto lens photo of Patrick feeding David a piece of donut at a candlelit table]



David: Which of these window treatments do you like? [three photos attached]

Patrick: Wow, you want my opinion? 

David: we’re moving in together. Of course I want your opinion, smartass!

Patrick: I like the middle one

David: perf. Thanks 🖤 look at that compromising in action

Patrick: pretty sure it’s not compromise if you select the options I have to choose from

David: oh shut up. This is my area of expertise. You get to make decisions about how we do our taxes and shit when we’re married because that’s your area of expertise

Patrick: lol okay David

David: okay fine. How about you send me 5 couches you like. No 10. 10 couches you like and I’ll pick from that

Patrick: 👏🏻 look at you compromising 

David: 🖕🏼

David: hope you have a good game 🖤 see you Thursday! 

Patrick: can’t wait 💙



“Remember how last year my All Star break was relaxing? How we were at a lake, swimming and cuddling? Lots of cuddling?” Patrick wiped the sweat from his brow.

David wanted to lick it off. He loved watching Patrick lifting things and getting all sweaty. “I fondly recall those few days. But, if you recall, it wasn’t my idea to schedule possession of the new condo this week. That was your idea.” 

Patrick grumbled as he lifted another box onto the counter and began unpacking dishes. “I know. We should do this together, but I really wanted a few days of doing nothing with you.” Patrick stacked a few plates and put them in the cupboard. His bottom lip stuck out in an adorable pout. 

David walked over to him and wrapped his arms around Patrick’s shoulders as soon as Patrick turned around to grab more dishes. “I know. I would love nothing more than a few days of doing nothing with you, too.” He kissed the pout off of Patrick’s lip. “I’m also glad we’re doing this together, so it feels like our place. Not a place I decorated for you while you’re working. Like you’re a client or something.”

Patrick’s expression softened in understanding. “Thank you, babe. I’m glad we’re doing this together.” Patrick gripped David’s hips.

“Also, because I’m very generous, I’ve arranged to have meals delivered the next three days, and two masseuses are coming by the day after tomorrow for a couples’ massage. I’m sure after all of this unpacking, we’ll need it.”

“You did all that?”

David looked away. Sometimes it was too easy to get lost in Patrick’s undiluted fondness. “I thought we could work in a staycation vibe to our move.”

“I love you so much.”

“Love you too, honey.”


🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴


November (two years from Maldives trip)

David woke with a smile on his face. That had happened a lot over the last two years. He reached out and found the bed empty. Patrick must already be up and doing his sporty things. David rolled over and buried his face in Patrick’s pillow. It still smelled like his shampoo.

He hugged the pillow for a minute before he opened his eyes. He wanted another minute of basking in that moment, that day, in his happiness. He opened his eyes and saw a croissant on a plate sitting on Patrick’s nightstand. There was a note attached. 

Happy two-year anniversary. Love you, David. So much.

David rolled on his back and smiled up at the ceiling as he stretched his arms. It was already warm, but there was a nice breeze rolling in from the open sliding glass doors.

He heard a splash. David sat up and leaned against the headboard. Patrick climbed up the steps from the ocean onto their villa’s deck. Their villa. He was so glad they’d been able to book the same one.

Patrick bypassed the towel on the lounger and strode through the open doors to the room. “Good morning, baby. Happy anniversary.”

David softened at the endearment Patrick didn’t use often, but any awarded brownie points evaporated when David realized Patrick was bringing his wet body in their room. Which was obviously incorrect.

“Don’t you dare, Patrick Brewer.” David pulled the sheet up his body.

“What? I seem to recall you telling me just last night how wet I make you.”

“How dare you use the things I say in the heat of passion against me!” David tried to look stern, but he felt his lips twitch as Patrick crawled on the bed.

“I just want to make you wet again.”

“You’re a menace!” David tried to slide further under the bedding, but Patrick stopped him. “You’re all wet with nasty ocean water,” he whined.

“Come on, I just wanna hug you. It’s our anniversary. Won’t you let me?”

David squealed as Patrick wrapped himself around David like an octopus. “Oh my god! You’re soaking wet.” He giggled as Patrick shook his hair out like a dog. “The bedding. You’re getting it soaking wet.”

“We can ask them to change the bedding.” Patrick wrapped his arms around David’s chest and pulled until Patrick was flat on his back and David straddled his waist.

“You’re calling the front desk about this situation. I refuse,” David said, grinning down at him as he planted his hands on Patrick’s chest.

Patrick grabbed David’s hands and interlaced their fingers, then pulled their hands to each side of his head, which forced David down into Patrick’s space. “That sounds fair. Will you shower with me first? I ordered breakfast to be delivered at ten. I figured the croissant would tide you over.”

“Sounds like you were proactively trying to butter me up for ruining our bed.” He let Patrick tug him closer by moving their hands further apart.

“Maybe. Did it work?”

“Maybe,” David said, smiling into a kiss.

They showered together. The last time they’d showered together in that stall had been so bittersweet it stung David’s throat. This time, he could hardly breathe for how much he loved Patrick. How happy he was that they’d found each other and found a way to make it work. It hadn’t been an easy two years, but it had been worth it. Moving to Toronto had been the best decision of his life. No, his second best decision. The best had been not canceling the Maldives trip after Sebastien had dumped him.

After their shower full of kisses and lingering touches, Patrick sat on the bathroom counter while David carefully shaved Patrick’s face. Then Patrick applied David’s nine steps of facial care with expert fingers. David loved those quiet moments with Patrick. With how hectic their schedules had been for so long, they learned to appreciate any time they got together. 

A short while later, staff brought their brunch by canoe. It had more flowers than he remembered from last time. The staff offered their congratulations before paddling away. Patrick let David have all the pineapple. 

After breakfast, they pushed their loungers together, and David thoroughly applied sunscreen to Patrick’s pale skin.

“I think that’s enough,” Patrick said, laughing as David kept rubbing it onto Patrick’s shoulders.

“Can’t be too safe. You burn very easily.”

Patrick pulled David in by the waist and kissed him. “Thanks for taking care of me.”

They settled on their backs on the loungers, their fingers tangled together between them. 

“It’s so nice to be here with you again. I can’t believe how much has changed in two years.” David turned his head and kissed Patrick’s shoulder.

Patrick rolled on his side and faced David. “It’s definitely surreal to be here with you.”

David rolled over to mirror Patrick and rested his head on his hand. “There’s a part of me that is dreading you leaving on Friday. Like some tragic reflex or something.”

Patrick grabbed David’s free hand. “I’m not going anywhere this time. Not without you with me.”

Tears welled in David’s eyes. It was too early for that. “I know, honey.” He kissed Patrick’s knuckles. “Think we can make this an annual thing?”

“I don’t see why not.” Patrick’s eyes crinkled. “Every November for the rest of our lives? I think I can commit to that.”

David never wanted to look away from Patrick’s eyes. “Me too.”

Patrick traced the backs of his fingers across David’s cheek and down his jaw. “It’s wild to think about how much has changed in the last two years. Where do you think we’ll be two years from now?”

“Thriving personally and professionally, obviously.”

“Obviously.” Patrick grinned.

David rolled onto his back and looked up at the bright sky. He inhaled the sea salt air and smiled at the rays of sun warming his skin. “I’ve been thinking a lot about that, actually.”

“Yeah? Any specifics you’d like to share with the class?”

“I’ve got a few appointments when we get home.”

“For what?”

David inhaled and turned his head toward Patrick. “To finally look for spaces for the business. Stevie and I can’t keep working out of our homes. And since she became my partner, I feel like I want to make that feel more official. Get her an office with her name on the door. Stevie Budd, co-owner of RoseBudd Designs. She’d hate it.”

Patrick laughed. “I can’t wait to see her reaction.”

David swallowed. It was time to share the other part of his idea. It was true, he wanted his own office space where he could meet clients and vendors. Maybe even teach an occasional class on some interior design basics. Going back and forth between his and Stevie’s condos or working in coffee shops had been enough in the past eight months or so since his contract with HGTV had ended, but they needed something more permanent. They had enough clients to justify the expense and risk. And since he’d transitioned Stevie from business manager to partner, he wanted her to really feel like a co-owner and that she had a place too.

But, selfishly, he had another reason for wanting to lease a commercial space.

“The few places we’ve shortlisted all include a bonus space. I was thinking that we could reserve that for you, if you wanted to do your business consulting away from our place in your off season. We’ve talked a lot about wanting more work-life separation at home, and this might help?” He didn’t let himself look at Patrick’s face. “No pressure, though, seriously. Just because I lease a space doesn’t mean you have to join—”

Patrick silenced David with a kiss. He crawled onto David’s lounger and boxed David in with his arms and legs. “I’d love that. I love that idea.” He kissed David again. “It’s perfect.”

David laughed as Patrick continued to kiss all over his face. “Yeah? I’m glad. I was a little nervous to bring it up. My back-up idea would be turning it into a yoga studio or throwing a bed in there for naps.”

“Yes. Naps.” Patrick winked and kissed the underside of Patrick’s jaw. Patrick didn’t ask why David was nervous to bring it up or give him shit about it. Patrick understood how David’s anxiety worked better than anyone, and he was the most understanding person in the world about it. “I’m glad you brought it up. There’s actually something I wanted to talk to you about, too,” he said in a more serious tone. The same tone he’d used when he brought up a conversation about how they’d handle their finances after they got married, his concern that David was working too hard and not taking care of himself, and when the doctor had said Patrick’s knee issues would likely get worse in the next few years. Patrick shifted back to his own lounger, and David missed the weight of him immediately. 

He picked up on Patrick’s nerves, so he gave Patrick his full attention. “I’m all ears.”

“Mm, I’d say you 're more legs than ears.” Patrick looked over David’s white swim trunks that Patrick insisted he bring, and a slow, lingering journey over his legs.

“Patrick, focus. Use your words.” David grabbed Patrick’s chin and moved his head until he was looking at David’s face again.

Patrick smiled sheepishly. “You know how my contract is up after this season.”

“I do.” He’d held back from pestering Patrick daily about his thoughts on whether he’d renew. If he wanted to keep playing, David now understood that there would be a chance the Jays didn’t want him and he might end up with another team. David would follow Patrick, but he really liked Toronto. He also didn’t like that Patrick’s knee was giving him some issues. He wanted Patrick to love his work and be happy, and he also selfishly sort of hoped that might lie more with the business consulting than the baseball sooner rather than later. 

“I appreciate the space as I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve been thinking about it pretty much nonstop for a couple of months, actually, but I’ve needed to work through some things before I was ready to talk about it.” Patrick paused as though he were waiting for David to jump in, but he didn’t.

“It’s not that I plan to make a decision on my own. This is something I want us to decide together, but I needed to know how I feel before we talk about it.”

It showed how much he trusted Patrick that the thought of Patrick sitting on something for a while didn’t send David into a panic spiral. He appreciated that Patrick wanted to know his own feelings, because he knew David always asked a lot of questions. “I understand completely, honey. Are you ready to share what you’re thinking?”

Patrick’s answering smile was radiant. “Yeah. I am.” Patrick sat up and crossed his legs. David did the same. “I think I want this to be my last season.”

David worked to keep his expression neutral, though internally he was doing naked cartwheels.

“The pros for stopping after this season.” Patrick held up his hand and counted off his fingers. “No risk of having to move to another team. The more I play, the risk for serious injury increases, and I don’t want to seriously mess my body up before I’m thirty-five. I’m also tired of the travel. I know we make it work, and I appreciate how much effort you put in. But I want to be around you more. I miss you so damn much when I’m on the road.” Patrick’s bottom lip stuck out in a pout, and David couldn’t help himself from kissing it.

“Patrick, this is your decision. This is your career and I’ll support you in whatever you want to do.”

“But we’re a family, David. This is something we have to decide together. The only major con I can think of is the salary hit. It’s a big financial change. I know your business is doing great, but it’ll take that a while to approach what you made with HGTV. My business consulting will never come close to what I make as a ball player.”

“I don’t care about the money. As long as we can find a way to come here once in a while, I’ll be happy.” He reached out and cupped Patrick’s shoulders, stroking them. “And a Japanese toilet. Wherever we live, that’s a basic need for me.”

“Food, water, shelter, Japanese toilet. God it.” Patrick gave him an indulgent smile. 

“So, a year from now, we’ll be working together in our office space? Like, obviously not together because being around your spreadsheets and numbers will seriously stifle my creativity. But down the hall or something.”

“Sounds like we will. How will we settle our arguments over your accounting, though?” Patrick looked at him innocently.

David didn’t take the bait. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”

“Like the time you said you didn’t have time to plug your purchases into Quickbooks, and I told you I needed you to do it so I could do your quarterly taxes. And we argued and settled it in the bedroom? Or the time you thought your caramel macchiatos were a tax deduction. I think that escalated to a bedroom mediation as well.”

David tried to stop his smile but failed miserably. How could he hold back a smile in his favorite place with his favorite person on one of the best days of his life? “We might need to put a bed in your office after all. I’m sure you can find a different office space nearby.”

Patrick crawled back on David’s lounger. “Or you could give me head behind my desk for all the times I’m right. The places you’re looking for have closed doors, right? It’s not an open concept?”

“Oh god no. Could you imagine? Me and Stevie in the same space all the time without a door? We’d burn the place down. Half of our success as friends and colleagues can be attributed to the fact that we’ve always been able to close a door between us.”

Patrick laughed into a kiss. “You two are weirdos, but you’re my weirdos, and I love you both.”

“I’d pay to watch you say that to her. She would die.”

“I’d prefer not to kill Stevie with my adoration. You’d be insufferable without her.” Patrick kissed his nose.

David’s phone alarm went off and he groaned. 

“I think that’s your cue to go relax and get pampered.” Patrick cupped the back of David’s head, then leaned in to kiss him so gently it made David tear up again. “I’ll see you in a few hours. Yeah?”

David wrapped his arms around Patrick’s waist. “You bet your ass. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

When David reluctantly got off of his lounger to go turn off the alarm, he double-checked the spa appointment time on his calendar. Just in case he could sneak a few more minutes with Patrick. He spotted new calendar events.

“Did you add sex to our shared calendar?!” David thrust the phone in Patrick’s face.

“I know how much you like your Google Calendar. Since we’re on vacation this week, I thought you might miss having the push notifications for events.”

“My god. You set it to repeat multiple times a day.”

“I’m goal-motivated,” Patrick said, as he wrapped his body around David’s back.

David turned in his arms and kissed him for his silly trolling that David loved so much. After a few more lingering kisses, David eventually pulled himself away to gather everything he’d need. He kissed a laughing Patrick one more time, then left their villa. Their villa because that time the paperwork proved it. Instead of Patrick crashing there for four days during their fling, both of their names were on this reservation.

David smiled the entire walk to the spa. The wrinkles around his eyes had changed dramatically after meeting Patrick because he smiled so often. Surprisingly, he wasn’t bothered by the facial markers. The rest of his skin was perfect, anyway.

The staff checked David in, collected his things, and ushered him into a treatment room. When selecting his treatments for the day, he’d opted for relaxation and trying to minimize his anxiety. He’d also avoided anything that touched his face, hair or might redden his skin, which really only left a pedicure, manicure, and a light massage.

While the staff expertly tended to his hands and feet, he talked about Patrick. He couldn’t help it. He told them about how they’d met at the resort two years ago, and how they’d found their way to each other in the months following. The staff asked questions and laughed at all the right spots. Talking about Patrick helped keep his anxiety at a low level for such a big day.

The last two years had easily been the best of his life. He didn’t think he would ever get to a point where he could feel so… settled. God, even happy? With himself? With Patrick, he never felt like he was too much or not enough. With Patrick, he’d been able to relax and feel safe, which allowed him to actually settle into being in a relationship. It turned out he wasn’t as terrible at it as he’d feared. Sure, they had to work on things, and he had to get better at compromise, but Patrick stayed. Patrick stayed and loved him.

If the David of five years ago would have been told he’d be engaged, let alone to a pro athlete, he never would have believed it. Now, David Rose had multiple articles of Jays merchandise in (the back of) his closet. Though, he only pulled them out when he wanted to make Patrick extra happy or he wanted the really, really good sex. 

With the pedicure and manicure complete, and David’s nerves ratcheting up a bit, he was whisked away to the massage. With each gentle press against his skin and the aroma of cloves, oranges and cardamom relaxing him, he smiled into the face hole of the massage chair. He couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with Patrick.


🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴


Patrick wasn’t sure if the hand fan helped with the stifling humidity or if the exertion of moving it made him hotter. David should be there any minute. He stepped further back into the tree cover for some blissful shade as the sun lowered in the sky, but that didn’t stop him from sweating through his shirt and onto his jacket. It was the heat, not nerves. Probably mostly not nerves.

As soon as David arrived, the nerves would go away. He knew it. David’s presence always calmed him. 

Patrick opened his jacket to aim the fan underneath to release some of the trapped heat. He’d have been happy wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt, but David would’ve called off their engagement at the mere suggestion. He loved that man and his specific expectations so damn much.

David should be there any minute. Despite David’s tendency to run late for things, he knew this was a schedule David wouldn’t mess around with. The last few hours without David had been a good opportunity for him to reflect on how happy he was. How he couldn’t believe he’d gone from a shy kid nervous about inviting his friend, Rachel, to Homecoming after his friends pressured him, to a confident man engaged to another man. Two men who were very out with very public jobs. Life sure held surprises.

Voices caught Patrick’s attention. David. He smiled at the photographer as she took back the hand fan and slid it into her backpack.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Absolutely.” He straightened his jacket and pulled a tissue from his pocket to dab away the sweat from his temples. Stepping out from under the trees, he watched the path from the main resort buildings.

The moment suspended as he waited for David to appear. The ocean gently crashed against the sand nearby and a steady stream of clicks sounded from the nearby camera.

He caught a glimpse of pink between some plants, then David. Oh, David. Beautiful David.

David appeared around the bend of the path. His smile as wide as Patrick had ever seen. He was stunning. David hadn’t let Patrick see what he’d planned to wear, and now Patrick understood why. David didn’t wear color often, but he always seemed to on the important days. The jersey on the night they made it official, the flame sweater he’d worn hiking so Patrick could easily spot him if he got lost. And now, a pink pin-striped suit with a pleated skirt on their wedding day. Thom Browne, if Patrick had to guess. As David had picked up baseball knowledge from Patrick, he’d picked up fashion things from David.

Patrick was already fighting tears. 

David’s head was high, shoulders squared, and he radiated joy with each confident step toward Patrick. He’d never looked more stunning than in that moment. He held a bouquet of beautiful white flowers that Patrick could smell from feet away. Gardenia, maybe?

“You look incredible. Sky blue is one of my favorite colors on you,” David said. That’s exactly why he’d picked that suit. It had the same slim cut David had suggested last year when he’d helped Patrick choose something for that awards ceremony. He knew the moment David spotted the slight V to the dress shirt at his chest. David’s eyes went wide for a moment. He’d debated between a tie and bow tie, but at the end, went without. It was a beach wedding after all, and David had convinced him last year to try two buttons undone on his button-ups instead of one. “Love the shirt.”

“I thought you might.”

The camera kept clicking as Patrick pulled David into a hug. “I love you.”

David’s arms wrapped around his shoulders, and the petals on his bouquet tickled the skin behind his ear. “I love you so much, my soon-to-be husband.”

When they pulled back, David leaned in and kissed the corner of Patrick’s mouth. Instantly he was transported back to that charter flight lounge in Chicago. All nerves and doubt and want. Except this time, he wasn’t getting on a plane without David. This time he was marrying the man he loved.

“Are you sure you’re okay doing this without our families?” When David had suggested getting married in the Maldives, Patrick loved the idea, but worried David might regret doing it for the first time by themselves.

“Definitely. This is our place, and I want to marry you here.” David looked around wistfully. “This is where everything began. It’s my favorite place in the world.” David squeezed Patrick’s shoulder. “Other than our home.” Then his mouth shifted into that little smirk that Patrick loved so much. “And we’ll get married officially back home with all of our loved ones and pageantry that takes months and months to plan.”

“This ceremony might not be legally binding, but it’s the real one to me.”

“Me too,” David whispered. He stepped back and eyed Patrick again. “I can’t believe how good you look. I mean, I can, but damn.”

“Play your cards right and you might take me home at the end of the night.”

David grinned. “Good thing I’m great at cards.”

“I still can’t believe you wouldn’t let me wear the suit with the surfers on it. We’re getting married on a beach.”

David glared at him. “It had surfers on it.”

“It’s Thom Browne.”

David bared his teeth. “It’s very rude to use my weaknesses against me. On this, our wedding day, Mr. Brewer.”

“Soon to be Mr. Rose-Brewer.”

“Does that make you RBrew?” David tugged his bottom lip back with his front teeth.

David probably expected Patrick to laugh at that, but he couldn’t. RBrew? He loved it. He really loved it. He immediately wanted to get it tattooed across his pec or something. Maybe his bicep. 

David’s eyes widened. “God, you love that, don’t you? I was kidding!”

Patrick squeezed his hand. “You’re just going to have to cope with my level of sentimentality being off the charts today.” The words had Patrick’s intended impact because David absolutely melted.

“Are you gentlemen ready?”

Patrick grabbed David’s hand and looked into his eyes. “Absolutely.”

David pressed his lips together and nodded.

The wedding planner gestured for them to walk toward the balloon arch at the end of the dock. They walked between parallel rows of lit torches. They didn’t need the torches yet, but if their ceremony timed as they’d hoped, they’d be perfect for the walk back. A harpist was stationed at the beginning of the dock and played something Patrick knew was beautiful, but could barely hear over his pulse thundering in his ears. 

It wasn’t cold feet or doubt. It was excitement over getting to marry the most wonderful man he’d ever known. He focused on taking steady steps and even breaths and hoping his palm wasn’t too sweaty in David’s hand. 

The sun had almost reached the horizon when they reached the officiant at the end of the dock. 

“Good evening. We are gathered here today to celebrate the love of two people whose lives were ostensibly brought together by the fated flap of a butterfly wing,” the officiant said. “Or, a paddle boarding accident, as I’ve been told.”

David’s laugh and smile were radiant. 

As their officiant talked about the meaning of love, Patrick couldn’t take his eyes off of David. The way the fading sunlight highlighted the shades of brown in his eyes and the auburn hues in his hair. How the flickering torchlight made David’s engagement rings look even more gold against the green stems of his bouquet.

“And now I will ask you, David Rose and Patrick Brewer, to share your vows. Patrick?”

David’s eyes were already red around the rim. Patrick was sure his weren’t any better. “David.” All the words he’d memorized and practiced left him as he stared into David’s eyes. The man he’d soon call his husband. He looked down and laughed. “I can’t believe this is happening.” When he looked back up, he found David looking at him with complete, loving acceptance. His smile said more than words ever could. 

“I’m going to keep this very short because I think you already know that I would climb a thousand mountains and paddle board a million miles for you. So I’ll just say this. My love for you is as big as the CN Tower. It’s enough venti caramel macchiatos with extra shots to fill this ocean.” Patrick gestured to the water under their feet. “You make me feel right, David. I’ve never felt more myself than when I’m with you.”

He cleared the lump from his throat. “That first time we met, on this island in the library, I knew there was something about you. Something in me saw something in you I couldn’t ignore.” He smiled at David and hoped David could see the love there. “Thank you for taking a chance on me, taking a chance on us. I promise I’m going to make you so happy.”

“You already do,” David said, wiping tears from his long lashes. Patrick swiped under his own eyes too. 

“David?” The officiant prompted.

David’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed. “Patrick. When I came here two years ago, I was at my lowest. I was unhappy in love, in work, in life. Then you show up with those ugly board shorts and a smile that knocked the wind out of me.” 

Patrick reached out and rubbed his arm when fresh tears spilled from David’s eyes.

“You saw me for who I am, who I’d never felt brave enough to be. You make me feel safe, feel loved, feel whole.” David’s voice cracked. “It’s not been an easy road for me, but knowing that you will always be there for me at the end of it makes everything okay.”

Patrick’s throat tightened as he tried to prevent the heavy, joyful cry threatening to break free. 

“I would wear a Jays jersey every day for you.” David bit his lips together, and his dimples popped out. Patrick laughed. He loved that man so much. “I hope you won’t ask me to because that doesn’t seem very fair, but I’d do it if it meant making you happy. All I want is for you to be happy, and for me to be the one who gets to help you feel that way.”

Patrick’s heart swelled in his chest.

“Patrick, do you take David to be your husband?”

David pulled a gold ring from the little pocket on his jacket. Patrick held out his left hand and watched, transfixed, as David slid the ring on. He looked up and found unconditional love in David’s eyes. 

“I do.” Easiest decision of my life. The words from when he’d asked David to marry him echoed in his mind. It really was the easiest thing. Easier than breathing.

“David, do you take Patrick to be your husband?” 

Patrick pulled the gold ring from his pocket as David passed the bouquet from his left hand to his right. Patrick lifted David’s left hand and slid the ring on, then he kissed the knuckled on David’s ring finger, and David let out the happiest little sigh. He sucked in a breath at the sight of David’s ring-clad finger next to his.

“I do,” David said with a confident jerk of his head.

“I now pronounce you husband and husband. You may kiss each other.”

David handed the bouquet to the officiant, then wrapped his arms around Patrick’s shoulders, where they belonged, as Patrick pulled David in by the waist. The kiss was brief, but filled with a lifetime of promise. 

“Congratulations, Mr. and Mr. Rose-Brewer.” The officiant handed the flowers back to David.

David and Patrick smiled at each other for what felt like hours. Eventually, they turned and walked back down the dock, hand-in-hand, listening to the harpist play what sounded a lot like Mariah’s Always be my Baby. 

“We’re married. Basically,” David said with a shake of his hand and a flick of the bouquet as they reached the sand.

“We’re married,” Patrick agreed.

They were whisked around the island for photos and then taken to a private dining setup not unlike the one Patrick had arranged two years ago. Instead of how that one had been tinged with sadness and grief over what might have been, this one marked a beginning for both of them. Together.

The dinner was perfect. They fed each other from each course served family style, and David only made one or two half-hearted grumbles about sitting at sides of the square table next to each other instead of across. They held hands the entire time unless the food required two hands. 

Their jackets hung from the backs of their chairs and their shoes and socks sat forgotten to the side as they played footsie in the sand. David had loosened his pink tied and unbuttoned his shirt. He’d even let Patrick roll the sleeves up, despite it being incorrect for such an expensive shirt. Their looks turned more heated and lingering as dinner progressed. He couldn’t wait to get his husband back to their room.

Diner was perfect. The ceremony was perfect. The day was perfect.

David was perfect.

“Tell me something you’ve never told anyone,” Patrick said.

David smirked, then looked out at the water. “I never wanted to get married.”

That surprised Patrick. David loved rom-coms and romance and had thrown himself into planning this trip and their official wedding next month. “You didn’t?”

David shook his head. “I wanted someone to want to marry me, but I never let myself actually want it for myself. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to, let alone it lasting. Marriages don’t seem to last in Hollywood.”

“Your parents’ marriage has.”

“An anomaly. Hopefully, a genetic one.”

Patrick squeezed David’s hand. 

“After meeting you, I let myself want that. Two years ago was the first time I let myself hope for happiness. You gave me that.”

He leaned over and kissed David. “Thank you for sharing that with me.”

David nodded. “Your turn.”

“Actually, it’s the thing I wanted to tell you when we played this game last time.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“It’s about baseball.”

“Ah.” David laughed softly. “What about it?”

“I nearly quit playing in high school. I hated it. I hated it so much. Hockey was way more fun.”

“Why didn’t you quit?” David leaned back against his chair and angled his body toward Patrick.

“My dad would’ve been so disappointed. He always wanted to play baseball growing up, but his school didn’t have a team. It’s not that my parents were those intense sports parents who push their failed dreams on their kids. I think it was a self-imposed pressure. Maybe part of being an only child? Knowing that there weren’t any other siblings to share the burden of what my parents hoped for.”

“That’s a big burden for a kid.”

Patrick shrugged. “It worked out in the end.” He studied David. The loose drape of his tie, the relaxed tilt of his shoulders, the soft curve of his lips. “I’m glad I didn’t quit because I never would have met you. If I wasn’t playing for the Jays, I wouldn’t have had the money to come here two years ago.” That train of thought terrified him. “I want to think that the universe would have thrown us together eventually, but I’m really glad I didn’t have to test that.”

David picked up their joined hands and kissed each of Patrick’s knuckles. “Thank you for telling me.”

After another round of champagne, they finished dinner and thanked the staff for making their special day amazing. They walked back to their villa giggling from the bubbles and hanging on to each other. 

When they reached the door, David leaned against it and trailed his finger down the V of Patrick’s button-up. “Who’s doing the bridal carry?”

Patrick crowded against David and covered David’s hand with his own while he rummaged in his pocket for the room key with his other hand. “How about we walk in together?”

David practically melted in his arms. “I like that.”

He got the door open, and it was more of a stumbling inside than a purposeful crossing of a threshold hand-in-hand, but in moments the door was locked and Patrick had David crowded up against the other side of it. 

“Too many clothes, Mr. Rose-Brewer.” David plucked at Patrick’s shoulders.

He knew he would never tire of hearing their joint names. Though they planned to legally changed them to that, he liked that they’d agreed to keep their separate names publicly. He liked they could keep something for themselves, something private.

“I can help with that.” Patrick dropped to his knees and slid his hands up David’s thighs like he’d wanted to all evening. With each step David had taken, his skirt swished tantalizingly against his legs, drawing Patrick in like a moth to a flame. 

“We really should shower first,” David said breathlessly, as his fingers found their way into Patrick’s hair.

“We will.” He knew what he wanted to do to David, with David, and that David always enjoyed those things more if he felt clean. But he also knew David was a slut for a dirty blow job after a sweaty workout. Giving and receiving. “Can I suck you first? Just a little bit.”

David growled. “You don’t play fair.”

Patrick kept his eyes trained on David’s face as licked the front of David’s thigh while pushing the heavy skirt higher. “Pretty please? A teensy taste before we shower?” He loved David’s musk.

“One lick.” David tugged on his bottom lip with his front teeth as he looked down at Patrick.

“One lick.” As he moved his hands higher, he expected to hit the hem of David’s usual boxer-briefs, but all he met was skin and hair. He kept traveling north.

“I have a wedding night surprise for you.” David smirked.

Commando? He didn’t feel a garter belt, and he should’ve hit one by now. No, there were underwear. Oh. Briefs. Tiny ones. He lifted David’s skirt and made an inhumane sound. David had on blue Jays briefs. The bird perched obscenely over David’s dick with the waistband reading “Blue Jays” in big letters. 

“David… ” He probably should be embarrassed by how much it affected him to see David in anything with a Jays logo. It probably qualified as an official kink. If he had enough brain cells working at the moment, he would be embarrassed. “This is a great surprise.”

“Good. I definitely sweated enough in this humidity that they may need to be burned, but I hope you enjoy this one-off thing that will never happen again.”

Patrick bet himself that within six months he’d have David sprawled out on their bed in his jersey and those little briefs, tied to the four corners, begging for Patrick to let him come. “Okay, David.”

David rolled his eyes but sucked in a breath when Patrick palmed his half-hard cock over the underwear. David widened his stance. 

Patrick took one more look at the underwear, then draped the skirt over his head so he could use both hands to pull the underwear down. It was hot and musky, and he loved it. With the underwear at David’s ankles, he gripped David’s cock in one hand and his balls in the other. He’d give David one lick, all right. He let the saliva pool on his tongue, then lifted David’s balls. He licked from David’s perineum, over his balls, up the shaft of his dick, then circled David’s cockhead with his tongue.

“Oh, fuck.” David lifted his skirt and stared down at Patrick. “So good.”

Patrick reluctantly sat back on his haunches. “Shower? I’d like to get you naked and consummate our marriage.”

“Ew. Consummate is the least sexy word of all time. But, yes, let’s do all of that.” 

They stripped in a hurry, but Patrick made sure to carefully lay the clothes on the bench so David didn’t get distracted by a pile of designer pieces. 

Patrick spotted a bucket of champagne on the table. “Is that part of the wedding package?” 

“No. The rose petals and champagne when we got here were part of the package.” David strode over to it and picked up the card. “Aww.”

“What?” Patrick kissed the back of David’s shoulder. 

“It’s from Becca and Mike. There’s also a note that says Stevie and Alexis are having brunch delivered tomorrow.”

Patrick smiled against David’s neck. “We have the best friends.”

David turned his head and kissed Patrick. “We do.”

While David started the shower, Patrick swished some mouthwash and grabbed a small bottle of lube from his toiletry bag. He joined David and waved the bottle.

“Are you hoping that’s for me or you?”

“I was thinking you, but I’m easy.” He gravitated toward David, wrapping an arm around his waist and pulling until David’s cock brushed his hip.

“Mm, yeah you are.” He nipped at Patrick’s ear. “I wanted to get inside you tonight.” David squeezed Patrick’s ass. “But how about we start our marriage with a compromise? We can take turns.”

Patrick dropped the lube as he growled and wrapped his other arm around David’s waist to grip his ass with both hands. “I love your ideas.”

They washed the sweat from each other’s skin and hair between passionate kisses. Patrick turned and bent over to pick up the lube and moaned as David rubbed a finger against Patrick’s hole.

“Yeah. Do it.” Patrick passed the lube up to David, then placed his palms on the tops of his feet, David pushed one finger in and quickly worked to two on his right hand while he steadied Patrick’s hip with his left. Before David moved to three, Patrick stood before the blood rushed to his head. 

David pushed Patrick against the shower wall until his chest pressed against it. David had one hand on Patrick’s shoulder while he pushed three fingers into him. He kissed Patrick’s neck and whispered praises in his ear. 

As soon as Patrick felt ready, he spun in David’s arms and kissed him. He lubed up his own fingers and reached around, fingering David open while they made out in the shower. He loved every second of it.

“I’m good. I’m good,” David whined in his ear. “Let’s go to bed.”

Patrick took extra care in drying David off after David mumbled about not getting the bed all wet again. 

After a few minutes, David pushed the towel away. “Oh my god, I’ve been dry for three hours! Sex. Now.” David grabbed Patrick’s wrist and pulled him across the deck and into their room. 

David pulled back the duvet, and Patrick draped a towel on the sheet. As soon as he straightened up, David dropped to his knees and gripped Patrick’s cock. “Can I?”

Patrick nodded. “You can do whatever you like.”

David licked long stripes and got it nice and sloppy before he swallowed it down. 

Patrick clutched David’s wet hair to hold on. “Fuck. Oh, fuck, your mouth. So good.” David didn’t hold back. He used just the right amount of pressure at the right moments to drive Patrick wild. He employed every trick he’d learned in the two years since they’d met to make Patrick fall apart.

Between the emotions of the day and how damn happy Patrick was, how incredible David looked in his suit, and how fucking good his mouth felt, Patrick hurtled alarmingly fast toward climax. 

“Stop, stop.” He gently tugged back on David’s hair until he pulled off.

David looked up at him with glassy eyes; lips shiny and red. 

“Don’t want to come yet.” He needed to get inside David first. Patrick pulled David to his feet, then pushed him back on the bed. He climbed on the bed and settled between David’s legs. 

“Somebody’s excited.” David’s raven curls spilled onto the white pillow.

Patrick stroked David’s rock-hard cock. “Talking about you or me?”

David grinned. He loved how fun sex with David was. Sometimes they made love. Sometimes they fucked. Sometimes it was a little of both. Patrick loved all variations of their sex because no matter how rough and filthy they got, or how slow and tender it was, it was always fun.

Patrick needed inside of his husband. Needed to feel David’s tight heat around him. “Like this?”

David nodded. “Want to see you.”

Patrick leaned down and kissed his husband. “Me too.” He sat back and lubed himself up with the bottle on the nightstand. “You know what I was thinking about earlier?”

David wrapped his legs around Patrick’s waist. “Hmm?”

He reached between them and lined his cock up with David’s hole and pushed the head in, then lowered himself onto David. He knew how much David loved to feel his weight. “That night you first came to Toronto.” He pushed in, and they both moaned.

Patrick stilled while David adjusted. “I thought about marrying you that night.”

David’s mouth fell open and eyes widened, but then his eyes fluttered closed as Patrick pulled most of the way out, then pushed back in again. “Impossible.” David clutched Patrick’s shoulders and angled his hips to meet each thrust.

“Thought that a man who would rearrange his entire life to take a chance on me was worth marrying.” He pushed in hard, and David propped a palm against the headboard for leverage. “I love being right.”

David laughed. He closed his eyes, tilted his head back and laughed openly, freely, as he took pleasure. Patrick couldn’t resist kissing the exposed skin of his neck.

Patrick did everything he knew David loved. Vigorous kisses, short, deep thrusts, swiveling his hips to brush David’s prostate. Within minutes, David thrashed on the bed. Completely lost to it.

When Patrick had first met David, he’d been fairly relaxed on his vacation. But once they’d settled in their normal lives, he saw how David was with other people. How he restrained himself unless he was intentionally over-the-top for work. But with Patrick? He’d never been like that. David had let Patrick see the real him from the start. Moody moments, anxiety, weighed down by emotions he didn’t know how to process, determined and focused, and so wrapped up in pleasure that he could barely form words beyond “more” and “yes” and “harder” and “love you.”

Watching David fall apart underneath him sent Patrick over the edge. His body tensed, and he slammed into David one more time as he spilled inside of him. David wrapped his arms around Patrick’s shoulders and tightened his legs until Patrick was completely consumed by David. He tucked his face into the crook of David’s neck and made stunted, sporadic thrusts as he worked through the aftershocks. 

“Love watching you come, baby,” David said, panting in his ear. 

Once Patrick could think again, he kissed a path from David’s shoulders to his lush lips. “Love watching you feel good. It turns me on.” He licked into David’s mouth. “You turn me on.” If only his refractory period worked in time with his desires.

David rocked his hips, and his cock slid between their sweat-covered skin. 

Eventually, he pulled back and lubed up David’s dick. He hadn’t understood the appeal of getting fucked after orgasm until David had showed him. Now he loved it so damn much. The oversensitivity, his nerves still on fire, being pushed that much further until he felt raw. “How do you want me?”

“Mm, like this.” David shifted until Patrick’s soft dick fell out of him. 

Patrick sat up and straddled David’s hips to hover over David’s cock. 

David gripped his hip and guided him down, hissing as Patrick engulfed him. “So tight.”

Patrick clutched at the top of the headboard. “You’re so deep.” He swiveled his hips while he acclimated to the stretch.

“Remember our first time in this bed?” David scratched his nails down Patrick’s sides, which sent a shiver through him.

“How could I forget?”

“You on top. Me drooling over your thighs and ass.”

“Some things never change.” Patrick smiled down at him.

“No condoms this time this time too.” 

“Good thing we don’t need ‘em.” He remembered every single use of the two boxes of Maldives condoms. During the trip and once they’d reconnected, but he especially loved going bare. Both ways. The first sex they’d had after they decided to stop using them had been top five, for sure.

He lifted up and dropped back down onto David. Over and over.

“Wanted this so badly that night.” David ran his hands all over Patrick’s body. 

“Yeah? Wanted to get that big dick in me?” Patrick’s eyes rolled back in his head as David nailed his prostate.

“Wanted to bend you over that chair and grab your wrists and pound you with those blue pants around your thighs.”

“Oh fuck. David.” Their dirty talk always sent him over the edge. “We can do that later.”

“Taking me so good. Letting me pound that tight little ass.” David’s words were choppy and breathy.

Patrick lost himself to it. To David using his body to feel good, to making Patrick feel good. He couldn’t hold himself up any longer, so he collapsed onto David’s chest. His arms bracketed David’s head. 

David reached down and cupped Patrick’s ass, spreading his cheeks apart. Patrick held on as David planted his feet and fucked up into him with powerful thrusts. He grunted each time David’s pelvis grazed his ass. 

“Yeah, fuck.” David quickened his pace. “So good. Feels so good.” 

Patrick knew David was close by the breathy little whines coming out of him. He gathered his wits about him to make it really good for David. He wanted their first time as husbands to be top five. It already was for him. “Love my husband fucking me. Making me yours.” He pushed back against David’s hips at each thrust. 

“Husband.” David arched into Patrick and moaned long and loud as he came.

Patrick rocked his hips front-and-back, side-to-side, working David through his orgasm. He felt come drip out of him when David’s softening cock slipped out.

“Husband,” David said again, wrapping his arms around Patrick’s waist and squeezing. 

“Husband, I think we should go shower before we fall asleep all sticky,” Patrick said. He chuckled when David made a whiny sound. “Unless you want them to come and change the bedding again tomorrow?”

“Ugh. Fine. But only because I want to cuddle with you for a while. Maybe we can crack open that champagne?” David waggled his eyebrows.

“Love that idea. Let’s go.”

After they lingered in the shower and opened the champagne, they took it out to the pool. Patrick sat on the bench in the water, and David sat on his lap, facing him, legs wrapped around Patrick’s waist. David reached over David’s shoulders to pour them both a glass of champagne.

“To a lifetime of happiness with my favorite person,” Patrick said.

David clinked his glass against Patrick’s. “To our lifetime of happiness together.”

They kissed lazily between sips.

“Today has been perfect,” David said as he refilled their glasses. 

“It has been. I couldn’t ask for a better day.” Patrick took a long sip and enjoyed how the bubbles made him feel. “Excited for our wedding and reception back home?”

David tangled his fingers in Patrick’s hair. “I am. Think we should go with the same vows or mix it up a little?”

“I might sing to you this time.”

“Oh, absolutely not!”

Patrick grinned up at David. The moonlight illuminated the stubble of his cheek and the water droplets sliding down his shoulders. “A few guys on the team have decent voices. I’m sure it’s not too last minute for us to work on a piece in the next few weeks.”

“I’ve been to karaoke with your team and none of them have decent voices. Present company excluded, of course.”

“But what if my one wish for our wedding next month is to sing a barbershop style song to you with Nate and Jarod?”

“Then I think you’ll be finding another groom.”

“Aww, baby, don’t be like that.” Patrick couldn’t hold the laughter in any longer.

“Besides, your one thing is having the mascot attend.”

Patrick’s laughter made little waves in the water. “I still can’t believe you agreed to that.”

“It’s not my fault your blow job skills are very convincing.” David began laughing too.

That was going to be their life, wasn’t it? Laughter and teasing and love. So much love. He set his glass down and did the same with David’s, then pulled him in for another kiss.