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It happens the third time they hook up.

That’s not including kissing, because there’s been a fair bit of kissing and light petting. But Daniel is an adult, not a teenager, and technically Lando isn’t a teenager anymore either, so he’s not counting anything that doesn’t involve at least one orgasm.

Anyways, they are on the couch, after a day at the factory. Daniel’s leaning back into the cushions, with Lando straddling him. Clothes are on, unfortunately, but Daniel is working to change that, sliding his hands up under Lando’s shirt, laughing into Lando’s mouth when the younger man lets out a small squeak, shying away from Daniel’s cold hands.

Daniel is about to suggest they take this to the bedroom, when as he’s inching his hands up higher, caressing Lando’s skin, one of his thumbs brushes up against a nipple. Pretty standard fare, except that Lando lets out this little gasp against Daniel’s lips, and it doesn’t sound like the sort of breathy sounds Daniel’s heard from him before.

It sounds like all of the air has been sucked out of Lando’s body.

Interesting, Daniel thinks, and runs his thumb over the nipple again, using his palm to gently knead the area around it. Lando just… melts. There’s no other word to describe the way he shudders and sinks further into Daniel, exhaling shakily. Daniel does it again, and Lando lets out this short, high-pitched whine.

“You like that?” Daniel asks, but it’s rhetorical, because obviously Lando fucking loves it. He tugs gently on Lando’s nipple and gets another little whimper for his troubles. Daniel doesn’t think, he shucks Lando’s shirt up so that it’s bunched up at his armpits, palms kneading at Lando’s nipples, every change in pressure eliciting another sound from Lando’s mouth.

They are barely kissing now, Lando’s lips just sort of bumping against Daniel’s as he makes these ungodly sounds. He’s rocking his hips forward, and Daniel, Daniel is hard as a rock, just from the sounds Lando is making, the way he’s squirming.

Daniel pulls back so he can get a proper look, catalogue the way Lando is losing it, chest heaving and face flushed a deep red. It’s like he’s running a marathon, not having his nipples played with.

Lando is definitely going to come like this, Daniel realizes gleefully, grinning as he ducks down to start licking at a nipple. Lando lets out this little wail that he’s never heard from him before.

Daniel starts getting more aggressive, sucking on the nipple as he uses his free hand to shift himself under Lando slightly, so that instead of rocking against Daniel’s thigh, Lando’s dick is sliding up against Daniel’s. Much better.

It of course would be a lot better if they had their clothes off, but it feels like it’s too late for that.

He lets his teeth get involved a bit more, which Lando seems to like, shuddering as Daniel lets his teeth scrape against the nub. One hand comes up to hold Daniel’s head in place, as if afraid he’s going to stop. It goes straight to Daniel’s dick – he’s always been a sucker for having his hair played with. He moans around Lando’s nipple, which in turn makes Lando increase the pressure on his scalp.

Daniel starts sucking harder, but Lando’s hand starts tugging at his hair almost immediately.

“Too much,” Lando mumbles, and Daniel transitions to gentle kitten licks, mentally noting that Lando doesn’t like it too rough. Lucky for him, Lando keeps his hand tangled in Daniel’s curls. Maybe they’re both going to come in their pants.

Daniel lets urgency take over, switching to licking the other nipple and using his other hand to pull Lando closer to him, bucking up into him.

“Shit, stop, I’m going to come,” Lando gasps.

Daniel grins, looking up at Lando. “I think that’s the point, isn’t it?”

Lando swallows. Daniel’s hand is still on the small of Lando’s back, so he uses it to nudge the younger man forward, shifting his hips up. Lando’s eyes flutter shut, so he doesn’t see when Daniel ducks back down and starts tonguing at one of his nipples again.

“Fuck,” Lando keens.

“Come on, you can do it,” Daniel mumbles. He’s not even sure if Lando can hear him, but either way his movements start getting more frantic, hips rabbiting against Daniel, looking for friction. It just takes Daniel’s thumb on his spit slick nipple and a well timed thrust forward for Lando to come with a choked cry, Daniel massaging both nipples through the euphoria, one with his thumb and the other with his tongue.

Daniel is pretty sure a gust of wind would make him come, he’s so on edge. He thinks quickly, but before he can decide what to do, Lando is sinking to the floor in between his legs, pulling at Daniel’s shorts. It’s a nice thought, but he’s about to come in like three seconds, and seeing Lando on his knees really isn’t helping. Daniel makes a split-second decision, pulling his dick out and giving it a few quick strokes before coming on Lando’s face.

“Fuck, sorry, I should have asked before I did that,” Daniel apologizes as soon as he has his wits about him, using the edge of his own shirt to clean off Lando’s face. “That was just really hot, sorry.”

“I liked it,” Lando says, letting Daniel tug him back up onto his lap, even though at this point Daniel knows Lando isn’t really much of a cuddler. They stay like that for a moment, Daniel sinking back into the couch and Lando wrapped all over him. It’s a sign that it was a really good orgasm that Lando hasn’t moved away yet, is letting Daniel stroke his back gently. They both have a light sheen of sweat on them that’s making it a little uncomfortable to be pressed so closely against each other, but it’s still nice.

“You could have told me, that you like having your nipples played with,” Daniel interrupts the silence, because it’s niggling at him, the thought that Lando didn’t feel comfortable enough to tell Daniel what he liked.

“I didn’t know,” Lando mumbles into Daniel’s neck.

That isn’t what Daniel expected. He stills his hand. “Really? But you said you’d had sex before?”

God, Daniel hopes Lando wasn’t lying about that. He already feels weird enough having sex with someone ten years younger than him. All Lando had said was he’d had sex with both girls and guys before, and Daniel had felt a bit of relief that he wasn’t Lando’s gay awakening. He could have easily been lying. At least they haven’t fucked yet – that would be hard to come back from.

“I have,” Lando says, pulling back from Daniel and sitting back on his haunches. “But it… wasn’t that great.”

Daniel wants to dive deeper into that – both the fact that apparently Lando thinks sex with Daniel is great, and the less cool fact that his past experiences weren’t as enjoyable – but Lando looks cautious, and Daniel knows he needs to play this carefully.

“Okay,” Daniel says. “Well, now we know.”

“Yeah…” Lando chews on his lip. He looks like he’s a second from running away, so Daniel pushes down the weird protective feeling forming in his chest and decides to examine that later. He tugs Lando forward into a gentle kiss instead.

Lando only lets it last for a few seconds before he’s pulling back and climbing off Daniel, making a face. “Where’s the bathroom? I want to clean up.”

Daniel points in the vague direction the bathroom and once Lando’s back is turned pulls off his now dirty shirt, leaning back into the couch with a sigh.

They are definitely going to need to do that again.




The thing is, there’s this part of Daniel that loves knowing that he’s the one showing Lando how good sex can be. He must be the best sex Lando’s had, right? Instead of making Daniel smug and complacent, it makes him want to reach further, do more. He wants Lando to learn something new about himself every time they have sex. Wants Lando to fucking love it.

He thinks about it while he’s jerking off a couple of nights later. He could tie Lando up, just play with his nipples until he climaxes. Could put clamps on them and just leave him there all worked up. Daniel comes thinking about it, about Lando writhing on a bed all trussed up, calling out Daniel’s name.

Nipple clamps, he thinks as he cleans himself up and rolls over to drift into sleep. Now there’s an idea.




It’s in the back of his head throughout the week – during media obligations, on Thursday night when he goes over to Lando’s room and they give each other messy hand jobs (Daniel making sure to give Lando’s nipples plenty of attention the whole way through), and during practice on Friday.

Friday night he starts googling. He likes the idea of a chain connecting the clamps, and being able to adjust the pressure. Thinks having feathers dangling from them is a bit much.

He finally pulls the trigger on a set of clamps while he’s sitting in a meeting room after qualifying, Lando sitting across from him. It’s been a good day all around – Daniel P5, Lando P6, and they’ve just finished their team debrief and are waiting to wrap things up for the day with Andreas.

If someone had told Daniel three months ago that he’d be picking out a set of nipple clamps to be delivered to his place so he can use them on his twenty-one-year-old teammate, Daniel probably wouldn’t believe you. But here he is.

“What are you looking at?”

Daniel swipes out of the order confirmation window and goes to his messages. “Just replying to my mom.”

Lando peers over at him curiously, but doesn’t say anything.

“You want to hang out tonight?” Daniel asks, since he’s now half hard thinking about those stupid clamps and Lando’s stupid, sensitive nipples.

“Probably shouldn’t,” Lando says, sounding genuinely disappointed. “I need to go over a few things.”

By that he means, go over Daniel’s data and figure out how he got faster times than Lando today. Daniel is sure that Esteban and Nico used to look over his data, hell he’s looked over teammates’ data before, but he doesn’t know anyone who is as shameless about it as Lando, or who does it so religiously.

In fairness, he also doesn’t know anyone who’s as good at using it to their advantage as Lando is. There have been more times than he’d care to admit this season that Daniel’s beat Lando out in qualifying only to end the race behind him.

Daniel shrugs. “No problem. Some other time.”

Lando gives him this little lopsided grin that Daniel smiles back at. It’s, like, physically impossible not to.

It’s possible Daniel’s maybe a little whipped.




Two-day delivery is a gift from the gods, Daniel decides when on Monday morning he gets the delivery notification. It’s going to be a long day – flight back to the UK, driving to Woking to do some promo work and debrief more, and then he’ll have to do laundry and shit when he gets back to his place near the factory.

That doesn’t stop him from sidling up to Lando as they are walking over to the plane to board, Lando trailing behind the rest of his people because he’s typing something out on his phone. He looks up when he notices Daniel, though, pocketing his phone.

“Want to come over to mine tonight? For,” Daniel pauses obviously. “… dinner?”

Lando nods. Daniel is ninety percent sure there is a blush under his mask.

They don’t sit next to each other on the plane, Daniel sits next to Michael and Lando sits with Jon and his dad, who has come to this race with them.

At first it used to remind Daniel of Max, when Jos would come to races, but he realized quickly it wasn’t the same at all. Lando’s dad is obviously knowledgeable about racing, but it’s clear his interest stems from Lando’s interest, not from his own passion.

Daniel gets as much shut eye as he can on the plane, and Michael is a saint so he wakes Daniel up twenty minutes before landing so he can shake off his grogginess.

“Tell mum I say hi, and that I’ll come over for dinner tomorrow,” Lando calls to his dad as they part ways. It makes Daniel more than a little jealous, that Lando doesn’t have to leave his family behind to race. And also a little dirty, thinking about what he’s planning to do to Lando tonight.

They kind of do their own thing at the factory, except for a video they have to shoot together, Lando meandering through his lines with giggles and sheepish smiles. Apparently people find that sort of thing endearing – Daniel may or may not be one of those people.

It’s kind of weird that they’ve settled into a dynamic of sexual tension that everyone else around them interprets not as animosity, exactly, but definitely not as friendship. It means that they’ll sit across the room from each other, talking to their own crew more than to each other, but Lando will send Daniel funny little comments via text every now and again. It means that Zak keeps suggesting they go golfing together, like he thinks that will make Daniel and Lando best friends, but doesn’t even consider that they could be leaving work to hang out together.

“I just need to chat to Charlotte, then I’m good to leave,” Lando says at the end of the day when they are headed towards the door together, finally alone.

Daniel nods. “Do you remember the way?”

“I’ve got the address in my phone,” Lando says, glancing behind him, as if worried someone is going to see them actually socializing. “I’m starving. What are we doing for dinner?”

Daniel thinks quickly. He hadn’t quite thought about that part of the evening. He names an Italian place he orders from that he likes.

“Cool, order me a bolognaise?”

“Bolognaise, really?” Daniel asks, but Lando is already walking away.

Daniel didn’t originally plan to get a place near Woking, but it became clear that Carlos got major brownie points for doing it, so Daniel pulled the trigger. Daniel’s never going to be a UK person, and he still flies back to LA in between races a lot, but he has to admit there’s something charming about the English countryside, when it’s sunny out. It’s a nice drive back, windows down and music turned up. He orders the food and picks it up on his way in, speeding just a little to make sure he gets there before Lando.

The sun is just starting to set as he shuts off the car and saunters up to his door, swiping up the innocent little package perched on the front step.

He kicks off his shoes in the doorway as he tears at the packaging. They come in a velvet pouch, which is nice, but Daniel quickly pulls it open to get at the real prize.

The clamps are heavier than he was expecting when they drop into his palm, the chain clinking loudly in the silence of the hallway. Daniel swallows.

He’s thought about this a bit, since he submitted the order, decided that he wanted to try them out on himself first to make sure they were good, not too rough. Keeping an ear out for the sound of a car, Daniel goes into the bathroom and gives it a go.

Not really his thing, he’ll admit, but he imagines Lando wearing them, squirming around with them on, and he is very quickly half hard in his shorts.

He’s just taking off the clamps when he hears a knock on the door. Stuffing them into the pouch and then storing in safely in his pocket, he jogs up to the front door and swings it open.


“Why do you have garden gnomes?” Lando asks, walking in and taking off his shoes.

The real answer is that they came with the house, but that’s boring so instead Daniel says, “To scare off the birds, obviously.”

Lando snorts, following Daniel into the kitchen.

“Want water, or something? Milk?” Daniel asks as he pulls out a beer for himself, and receives a shake of the head in response. Lando never drinks, his officially line is I don’t really drink much, mate, but Daniel isn’t sure if that means he doesn’t ever drink, or if he does sometimes and Daniel just hasn’t seen it.

Lando is already pulling out his phone, scrolling through it absently as he leans against the counter. He’s everything that Daniel’s mother despairs of in his generation – always on his phone. Too much time playing video games, not enough time outside. Always needing positive reinforcement.

“So, I got you something,” Daniel starts. Lando looks up from his phone, eyebrows raised.

“You did?”

It’s at this point that Daniel realizes he hasn’t quite planned this part of it out. And now Lando is staring at him expectantly.

Fuck it, Daniel thinks, and pulls the velvet pouch out of his pocket, sliding it across the counter. He overshoots, and Lando has to catch it before it falls to the ground. He holds it in his palm for a second, brow furrowed, before he pulls it open and empties the contents out onto his waiting palm.

For a second, neither of them says anything.

“You got these, for me?” Lando asks, voice high.

“Only if you want.” Daniel takes a swig of beer and then leans forward onto his elbows, staring at Lando.

Lando drags his gaze away from the clamps and looks up at Daniel, chewing on his lip.

“What do you say?” Daniel asks, nodding towards the clamps. “Want to give it a try?”

“Now?” Lando squeaks.

Daniel cocks his head to the side. “I mean, it doesn’t have to be now. But I thought you might like them.”

He can see Lando swallow, a hand reaching down at the same time to palm his dick. God, he was such a teenager.

“Can you do it?”

“What? Oh, yeah.” Daniel hesitates, suddenly nervous. “If you don’t like them, then we take them off. That’s it, no problem. This is just something I thought would make you feel good, but if it doesn’t then we’ll stop. Okay?”

Lando is still staring at the clamps. “Yeah, got it.”

Daniel walks around the kitchen island so they are face to face. Lando looks a bit apprehensive still, and Daniel’s thinking of how they can relax a bit first, when Lando leans forward and kisses him.

Daniel leans into it, deepening the kiss and bringing his hand up to cup the back of Lando’s neck.

Eventually, Lando pulls back.

“You need a haircut,” Daniel informs him.

Lando let’s out one of his signature laughs and holds out the clamps. “Come on.”

Daniel swallows and nods, reaching down to start pulling Lando’s shirt up. Lando raises his hands and lets Daniel gently pull it over his head.

It’s easy for Daniel to always think of Lando as this small, skinny thing. Half the time he’s in sweatshirts that are two sizes too big, and he’s always hunched in on himself or curled into a ball. But he’s nearly as big as Daniel, and his body is toned. Daniel runs his hands over Lando’s stomach and chest for a moment, before reaching out with one hand for the clamps.

It takes him a second to get himself coordinated, and then he’s putting the first one on and Lando is groaning.


“Okay?” Daniel asks, looking up to survey Lando’s face. His eyes are squeezed shut, head tilted back.

“Yeah, yeah,” Lando pants, chest heaving. “It’s just…”

“Feels good?”

Lando lets out a long exhale and nods. Daniel leans in and gives him a kiss. Just because.

“You look so hot,” he mumbles into Lando’s ear. “Do you want the other one?”

“Yes,” Lando breathes. “Definitely yes.”

Daniel swallows. Lando's nipple is already hard, probably from anticipation, so it's easy work to get the other clamp on, eliciting another swear from Lando.

"Still okay?" Daniel asks, and once he sees Lando nod, he pulls back and grins. “Great, dinner?”

Lando whimpers, but he nods again and stutters, "Y-yeah."

“Put your shirt on, we’re not heathens,” Daniel teases, handing it back to him.

Lando putting his shirt back on is a sight – the way he gingerly lifts his arms up, uncertain what’s going to tug at him. The way the shirt catches one of the clamps on the way down, causing him to gasp. And then when he pulls the shirt all the way down, the way the outline of the clamps is visible through the shirt (thank god for Lando’s love of white McLaren shirts).

Even better, Daniel catches Lando tentatively touching the clamps through his shirt as Daniel putters around in the kitchen getting plates and utensils and milk for Lando even though he says he doesn’t want it.

“Dig in,” Daniel says cheerfully, and starts eating his pesto chicken, keeping one eye on Lando sitting across from him.

He keeps moving, shifting forward and then back in his seat. It makes Daniel think maybe a plug is the next thing he should buy, so that Lando would actually have something to work himself on. Even more obviously is the way he’s expanding and contracting his chest more obviously than normal, sometimes arching his back a bit, sometimes hunching forward, like half of him wants relief and the other half wants to feel that tug on his nipples.

Daniel is as hard as a rock.

They don’t talk much while they eat – Daniel because he’s eating as quickly as possible and Lando because he’s too busy squirming around.

“You’ve hardly eaten,” Daniel points out after taking in his fill of Lando squirming around. “I thought you were hungry?”

“I’m a bit distracted,” Lando says. He doesn’t say no shit, but it’s heavily implied.

Daniel grins.

“You have to eat at least half of it,” Daniel says. “Then we can have some more fun.”

Lando picks up his fork and starts eating with determination. Daniel drinks his beer to hide his grin.

“I’m done,” Lando says. “I’m done.” He pushes his plate back away from himself, as if to prove it.

Daniel pretends to examine the plate – there’s probably a bit more than half left, but then Lando is standing up and grabbing Daniel’s hand, tugging him towards the living room.

“Whoa, I should probably clean up first,” Daniel says, but then Lando stops, turns around, and lunges in for a kiss.

It’s not very coordinated, but Daniel manages to catch Lando’s lips with his own and get them into a nice rhythm. Lando hardly ever initiates – it’s one of the things Daniel’s working on – which makes it really hot when he does. And that’s twice in one night now.

Daniel inches one hand up and gives the chain a little tug.

He literally has to catch Lando as his knees buckle slightly.

“Okay,” Daniel chuckles as Lando’s face goes beet red, and starts to walk slowly backwards, tugging Lando with him, “maybe it’s safer to sit down.”

The back of his knees hit the couch and Daniel falls back, pulling Lando with him.

“Let’s get you laying down this time, hm,” Daniel coos, repositioning them so that Lando’s laying on the couch, Daniel hovering over him. Lando’s eyes are a bit glassed over, so Daniel takes things into his own hands, first pulling Lando’s shirt over his head, gently avoiding the clamps, and then leaning down to press open mouthed kisses to his sternum. Its only then that he reaches up and gives the chain another little tug.

“Oh my god,” Lando whines, arching his back. Daniel grins against Lando’s skin, pulling at the chain once more. He can feel Lando’s dick twitch against his hip.

“Shit, you’re so hot,” Daniel thinks aloud as he works Lando’s shorts off him. “Someday we’ll see if you can come just from your nipples, do you think you could do that?”

Lando’s eyes are squeeze shut, his face flushed red. “I – I don’t know.”

Daniel wraps a hand around Lando’s ankle, and then moves up slowly past his knee, stopping at his tan line, where his skin goes milky white. Daniel pushes Lando’s thighs wider, shuffling forward to get closer.

“I bet you could. You almost did last week didn’t you?” When he doesn’t receive a response, Daniel gives the chain another little pull. “Didn’t you, babe?”

“Y-yes,” Lando whimpers. “Fuck.”

Lando’s naked now, rock hard against his stomach. Daniel just stares, committing the look to memory – the way the tip of Lando’s dick is drooling precum, only an inch away from where the chain rests on his chest. Daniel’s own dick is throbbing, trapped in his shorts still.

He doesn’t get to look for very long before Lando starts getting impatient.

“Dan,” he whines, squirming a bit, hand coming up to tug at the chain himself.

“Brat,” Daniel says, but even to his own ears it sounds fond. He reaches down and takes the head of Lando’s dick between his thumb and forefinger, gently massaging out another drop of precome.

Seeing Lando’s dick makes his mouth water, even though he’s only actually sucked Lando off once. Lando’s dick is nice – not all of them are – and it’s almost as big as Daniel’s. He has a light dusting of pubes, either that or he’s just good at keeping them trimmed. Daniel almost makes a pubes joke before he remembers he made one the first time he saw Lando’s dick. Repeat jokes are lame.

Lando’s whimpers are basically continuous now, just two fingers on his dick driving him crazy.

“Shhh,” Daniel soothes, using his other hand to massage Lando’s thigh. Then he ducks down and swallows Lando down into his mouth.

Lando wails, immediately bucking up into Daniel’s throat.

Luckily, this isn’t Daniel’s first rodeo. He has to back off a bit, but he doesn’t choke, instead just using his tongue to massage the underside of the head, lick around the shaft.

Daniel rocks against the couch, selfishness winning out as he inches one hand down to palm himself. It’s not his smoothest blowjob, trying to keep himself position over Lando while sucking his dick and stroking himself, but when he glances up at Lando it doesn’t look like he minds – he’s staring down at Daniel open-mouthed, eyes wide.

It takes all of the self-control that Daniel can muster to stop stroking himself and reach up to give one last tug on the chain.

Lando lets out another cry and then he’s coming, spurting into Daniel’s mouth as he writhes through his orgasm. Daniel swallows until he doesn’t feel anymore come on his tongue and then backs off Lando’s dick, crawling up his body and kissing him on the lips, hand slipping under the waistband of his shorts to touch himself. It only takes a handful of strokes before he’s coming, panting against Lando’s mouth.

“Fuck,” Daniel mumbles, pulling back from Lando’s mouth and ducking down to start nosing at his neck.

“Can we do that again?” Lando asks, gasping as Daniel gently releases him first from one clamp, and then the other, letting the clamps fall between them, and probably eventually get lost in the cushions.

“Next time we’ll make it to the bedroom,” Daniel promises, settling his weight back onto Lando.

Lando just hums, fingers carding through Daniel’s hair. Daniel could get used to this. Lazy nights eating non-trainer approved dinners and making Lando scream.

Unfortunately Daniel only gets a couple of minutes of peace before Lando starts getting restless.

“I’m hungry,” he says, hand disappearing from Daniel’s scalp and instead starting to push at his shoulder. Daniel sighs.

“You’re such a shit,” Daniel chuckles, but five minutes later they are cleaned up and sitting on the couch, Daniel flipping through channels and Lando eating the rest of his bolognaise.

“I get to keep them, right?” Lando asks suddenly. When Daniel looks over, he’s bright red, but there’s a determined set to his jaw. “They were a present?”

“Sure, yeah,” Daniel says. If he’s being honest he was kind of thinking they would be using them together, but the thought of Lando alone, using the clamps on himself is pretty hot, too. Lando puts his empty plate on the table and Daniel uses the opportunity to flop into his lap, head in prime massage position.

Lando snorts, but his hand comes up to start playing with Daniel’s hair.

“Do I get pictures?” Daniel asks.

“What?” The hand pauses.

Daniel wonders if he’s gone too far, but in for a penny. “If you use the clamps,” he clarifies, knocking his head against Lando’s hand. “Send pictures.”

Lando doesn’t respond, but his hand resumes its motion, and two nights later as Daniel is getting ready for bed he gets a message.

Daniel squints for a second, confused, and then swears when he realizes it’s a selfie of Lando from the chin down, laid out on his bed, clamps on display.

Good boy, Daniel thinks, and wonders what they should do next.