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Prison Breakout

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After they barricaded every entrance they could find, Archie made his way back to Kevin and the parents. He was certain this was Hiram's plan, but couldn't figure out how save the others. There's no way he could take on all of those prisoners. There were just too many of them and they had weapons.

Suddenly gunshots were heard. His whole body tensed up, ready to fight tooth and nail to save all these people. His mind took him back to that tragic accident, that hunts him to this day. His men, all dead and Eric being taken away to hospital wing.

Two men in orange barged in and behind them another one holding a knife to girl's throat. Archie saw a glimpse of blonde hair underneath the cap and felt his blood freeze. Five more men joined them, by now they were just too many for Archie to fight them. He had to make a plan as soon as possible, but couldn't figure out what to do without anyone dying. At least on their side. But judging by the faint flicker in blonde's eyes, she already had a plan. A really good plan, he hoped.

,,Anyone wants to play a game?" grumbled the huge muscular man holding a knife to Betty's throat. Then he looked at Archie and smirked.
,,Hey Red! You wanna go first?" Archie winced slightly at the nickname.

,,I have an proposition for you. You and your little friends close down the school and leave Riverdale or I'll slit her throat." he gestured to Betty's shaking form. There was no question in what would Archie choose, that's why Betty knew she had to act fast.

While the man holding her has been distracted with Archie, she slammed her foot down on his and head butted him hard. Man caught off guard immediately loosened his grip on her giving her space to take his knife and slam it into his stomach. Archie had taken her clue and was currently busy beating up two men in orange. Behind her Kevin and Archie's general were also fighting their way through the crowd of prisoners. But there were still civilians that needed their protection.

In that moment Betty caught Kevin's eye and silently gestured him to take those parents somewhere safe. Kevin understood and began to lead them out by secret tunnel while Betty covered for him. One precisely huge man had her now pinned to a wall choking her and exactly when she couldn't breathe no more, a hard metal stick was smashed against his head and his body fell to the ground revealing a pool of red hair looking at her concerned.

,,Are you all right?" he asked worried. At hearing the concern in his voice, Betty couldn't help giving him genuine smile and responding with small, ,,Of course Arch. FBI, remember?" He responded with a soft smile on his own. Suddenly Betty's eyes focused onto something behind him and with one swift movement she ducked under Archie's arm, which was ready to envelope her and threw a punch straight to the intruder's stomach. The punch knocked him a few inches back, but wasn't sufficient. Luckily as he lunged for her, Archie sorted his mind out and single-handedly knocked the guy out.

They rest of the prisoners were nowhere to be seen, which left only Archie and Betty to deal with the aftershock of such an intense battle. Betty started hastily searching for what he assumed was her phone. She eventually found it in the pocket of one of the prisoners. As she was talking to Kevin, making sure they were all okay, Archie took time to take in her appearance. She was still as beautiful as ever, but her eyes were sad and haunted.

When she ended the call Archie wasted no time in getting his answers.

,,What's happening Betty are you okay? Why are you here? Why are you dressed like that? Any news on Polly?" He bombarded her with questions. Betty sighed, reluctant to give him answers, but knew that she can't lie to him.

So she told him everything that has been happening for these past days. Well, almost everything. She kind of omitted the part with her getting nightmares and the whole thing with TBK. But he's Archie and he immediately knew there's more to that. As he held her sobbing form, tears were already welling up in his eyes. He couldn't understand why can't all the bad things just leave her alone. Why is it always her who suffers the most?

,,Betty," he started softly, lifting her chin so she would look at him, ,,That nightmare you had a few nights ago...what was it about?" he had an inkling it wasn't the first time, after all he had a fair share of nightmares on his own, but he wanted her to open up to him. She was his best friend and so much more.

Upon hearing the question, Betty stiffened, but her grip on his waist remained firm. She buried herself deeper into his embrace and mumbled, ,,I want to tell you about it, but I'm not ready yet. I promise I will eventually, is that okay?"

Archie sighed defeated, but knew she needed time. With squeeze of her tiny frame against his, he whispered into her ear, ,,Of course Betts, when you're ready." and kissed her temple.