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They Don't Deserve You (One-Shot)

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There was a philosophical belief that ignorance is bliss, it's best not to know the truth. But in the case of the man who keeps referring to you as your "husband", it wasn’t.

It never was. 

You’ve known Jotaro for only a few months back when he was still young, and you even had a relationship at one point. Sadly, that never came to fruition and both of you had a fallout. For some reason, years later, he came back, and this time he doesn't want you to leave.

Ever since your kidnapping, he refuses to take you outside of the hotel room as he would assume you could be in great danger. From who or what exactly? Even he isn’t sure about that himself.

Most of the time, he leaves you alone for the entire day, only to come home late in the evening, sleep, and wake up to do it again.

To add on top of everything else, time itself was a slug to the point that you even don't know what day or time it is now. Minutes turned to hours, hours turned to days, days turned to weeks, and so on.

The door opens to see Jotaro with a pocket knife in his right hand to cut off the now worn-out ropes. It's either he's applying new ropes to replace the old or it's about time he comes to his senses. You really wished it was the second option.

"Please." You pleaded. He turned his icy glare onto you as he continues. "They really need me."

He turns away for a moment and responds with a deep sigh.

"I know you want to see your family again, but when was the last time they need you?" He scolded.

"Before you took me away from them! You think it would be okay to keep me away from them so you can have me?" You shouted at him, his expression hasn't changed. "We broke up because things didn't go well with us, get that through your damn skull!"

"I'm done here. Goodbye." You quickly stand up from the bed and head straight to the door, only to be firmly gripped by an invisible force. Turning around, you could assume that it was Jotaro. But it wasn't. He was nowhere near you. Jotaro walks in your direction as you continue to struggle before leaning towards your face before he could hold you in his arms.

"Please, why are you doing this?!" Tears begin to pour down from your cheeks, looking at him straight into his ocean eyes.

“Because, (Y/N)” He leans close to your ear, murmuring the last words before knocking you out.

“This world doesn’t deserve an angel like you.