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It's you that I adore (though I make the boys fall like dominoes)

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From the moment Jeongguk knew what a boner and fucking was, he already fantasized about cornering Jimin to an empty classroom, pulling his pants down, and dipping his tongue into the folds of Jimin’s pussy. It was embarrassing to realize that his wet dream was about fucking his neighbor-turned-best-friend into his One Piece bedcover, one day waking up and felt like he was exposed to this new, unexplored sides of Jimin, like how teasing Jimin’s chubby and short fingers compared to his own long and large ones went from a cute banter to Jeongguk dreaming about how it would feel like to have those small fingers scratching Jeongguk’s back as he fucked the smaller boy until Jimin is nothing but a crying mess underneath him. 


Jeongguk used to tease Jimin about his plump lips, telling him that it makes him look like a child even though they both are less than three months away from turning eighteen, but now there’s nothing that Jeongguk wants but to have those thick pink lips wrapped around his dick as Jeongguk fucks his cock into Jimin’s throat. Sure, Jimin, being the bestest best friend he could ever ask for had let Jeongguk made out with him a couple of time, Jeongguk even got the honor to dip his fingers into Jimin’s tight cunt and eat him out when Jimin complained about never experiencing what an orgasm felt like, but Jeongguk is just a boy, a hormonal teenage boy and he’s so fucking desperate to sink his dick into Jimin’s pussy. 


The thing is, it’s not like Jimin has ever outright rejected Jeongguk from having sex with him, he did let Jeongguk ate him and even gave the taller boy a blowjob, but somehow whenever Jeongguk hinted to Jimin that he wanted to go further the smaller boy always finds an excuse to end their makeout secession. For a while, Jeongguk thought that Jimin was a virgin and he was just scared and not ready, but a week after he had that thought Jimin accidentally blurted out that he’s not a virgin, and blushed deep red when Jeongguk inquired him about the guy who’s lucky enough to fuck him. But Jeon Jeongguk is nothing but a patient and determined boy (man, soon) and he will do whatever it takes to convince Jeongguk that he’s worth enough to fuck him. 


So, one might find it reasonable if Jeongguk nearly suffers from a heart attack when he saw Jimin’s stepdad crawling to his bed from the ongoing face-time Jeongguk forgot to end after he and Jimin worked on their project together. The study was cut abruptly when Jeongguk’s mom yelled downstairs to help her fix the broken countertop door and when he’s finished with his chores Jimin already texted Jeongguk’s phone that he’s going to sleep early, also forgetting to end the video call from his laptop. 


Jeongguk sits frozen in his chair, suddenly petrified with his eyes unable to look in any direction other than the screen in front of him. Jimin’s desk sits to the left of his bed, facing straight to the now ajar door, Jeongguk can see Jimin lying small and still on his bed, he’s wearing that lilac oversized sweater Jeongguk bought him for his birthday last year, the color is fading and some of the thread are poking out, clearly not the best quality of garment there is, but Jimin said that it’s one of the most comfortable clothes he’s ever worn. Jimin is spread on his stomach, the end of the sweater falls to the dip of his back and Jeongguk holds out a moan when he sees Jimin’s white cotton panties peeking out underneath, the lower part of the smaller boy is rested on the pile of blanket on his bed, making his ass juts out like he’s intentionally arching his back, ready on all fours. 

Jimin’s stepdad, a man in his early forties who married Mrs. Park, not more than a year after she’s divorced Jimin’s father, is a tall, big built man with muscles that make Jeongguk envy to the core. He doesn’t really know what he does for a living but he knows that the older man likes to spend a lot of time working out in the gyms from all the complaining Jimin whined to him whenever his stepdad always got late in picking him up from school, (the complaints only stops because Jeongguk’s mom finally allows him to ride the family’s motorbike and now he’s Jimin ride every day to and from school). 


All he knows is that Mr. Cho seems like a genuinely nice man and there’s no way the half-naked man with a visibly growing bulge hidden from his boxers, creeping to Jimin’s unconscious form, muscled arms taking the boy’s blanket off his bed is actually him. Jeongguk feels like his soul is leaving his body when he sees Mr. Cho’s large hands gripping both of Jimin’s ankles to pull the boy until he’s practically kneeling in between Jimin’s now spread out legs, grunting as he traces his palms from Jimin’s claves to his ass, giving them a light squeeze before he yanks Jimin’s panties and tossing them onto the floor. 


The large man then puts his hands on the sides of Jimin’s hips, so big that Jeongguk can see how they’re almost covering the plump of Jimin’s cheeks completely, Mr. Cho lets a growl as he lifts Jimin’s ass, one arm holding him up like he weighs lighter than a feather, while he spits on his other hand, wetting them so that they can enter Jimin’s pussy without much trouble. 


Jimin wakes up with a gasp at the intrusion, Jeongguk can see his confused eyes even from the dimmed light, the boy is probably still processing what is happening, out of instinct Jimin tries to crawl away from his stepdad, probably feeling uncomfortable from being fingered by those thick fingers in the middle of the night. 


“Oh don’t be like that, baby” Mr. Cho coos, trapping Jimin with his other arm, keeping the smaller boy in his hold, Jeongguk hastily turns on the mute button from his computer, he knows that this is wrong, that all of this is wrong, but he’s so fucking turned on that he doesn’t want his moans to be heard from Jimin’s laptop and missing out the chance to see his little best friend getting railed by this hunk of a man. 


“D-daddy..” Jimin’s voice is breathy, his little hands are now clutching onto the sheets beneath him, “You surprised me” 


“You seem to like it though,” his stepdad grunts, “Getting wet already, baby” 


Jimin writhes, still looking as if he’s trying to get away from the man whose fingers are still fucking his tight little cunt, Jeongguk sees Mr. Cho’s tattoed arm moving from the thrusts he’s giving to Jimin, “But I have school tomorrow, Daddy” Jimin whines, his small hands gripping his dad’s arm that’s keeping his waist hostage. “I’m tired, I need to sleep” 


“You don’t have to do anything, Jimin” the older man murmurs, nibbling his stepson’s earlobe, Jimin lets out a muffled moan against the sheets that’s now wet from his saliva. “Let Daddy do all the work, okay?” 


Jimin inhales sharply when Mr. Cho shoves another digit into his slippery pussy, his small frame is now arching up onto his stepdad’s chest, the man laughs tauntingly at the boy’s reaction, trailing kisses from Jimin’s ear to the dip of his neck, “Not so loud, baby, we don’t want anyone to wake up now, do we?” 


Seeing Jimin’s half pained and half pleasured face scrunching up as he helplessly lets his own stepfather uses his cunt as he likes is enough to stir Jeongguk’s cock, the boy who’s watching it all unravels from the screen groans in pleasure at the sight of his best friend’s little body squirming underneath Mr. Cho’s large built, Jeongguk jumps from his seat and quickly locked his door, pulling out lube from his drawer, sits back on his chair with his cock out and hard, and as if somehow the three of them are connected Jeongguk watches as Mr. Cho retrieves his hand away from Jimin, earning a sigh of relief from the boy before he pulls down his shorts, the tip of his fat and big cock peeking out from the hem, Jeongguk catches his own breath when he sees Mr. Cho’s cock snapping up hard against his abdomen, it’s so veiny and thick, even from the screen Jeongguk is sure that it’s at least seven to eight inches in length, and it’s girth, god, it like it’s the size of Jimin’s own arm, how the hell his best friend gonna fit all that in his tight little cunt? 


Mr. Cho moves forward and he’s back hovering behind Jimin again, out of instinct Jimin tries to shift away but his stepdad’s large hands are back rendering on his thin ankles, keeping him still. “Be good now, honey” he warns, Jeongguk can see his sharp eyes piercing onto Jimin’s back. 


The boy puffs in frustration, resting his forehead onto the pillow he’s been clutching underneath his elbow, whining, like he’s desperate to move, to grind onto something, Jeongguk’s last bit of moral goes down the drain the moment he realizes that Jimin enjoys this too as much as his stepfather does. Watching everything unravel is mesmerizing, Jeongguk doesn’t know how can he continue if he only ever gets to see this only once, this must be how drug addiction starts. He wants to imprint every second onto his mind, wants to record every gasp, moan, and grunt into his head, and if he dies, he wants this to be the last thing he sees before the devil takes him down to hell. 


“Daddy’s being kind today, baby” Mr. Cho growls, large hangs cupping both Jimin’s cheeks, kneading them until his little puckered hole is blinking towards him, Jimin keens when his dad blows air into his opening, “he’s only gonna fuck your pussy tonight, he doesn’t want you to miss school because you couldn’t sit from having your little ass fucked until the sun goes up” 


“T-thank you, Daddy,” Jimin says, nodding jerking, he’s panting, skin begins to glisten with sweat. 


Jeongguk’s chest clenches at Jimin’s fucked out voice, even his moans sounds like music to his ears, everything about Jimin is so, so fucking pretty, baby hairs sticking on his nape and forehead from the sweat, his back and curves, his ass looking like literall buns kneaded by those rough and fat fingers. 


“There’s no one else that has been here but me, right, Jiminnie?” Mr. Cho asks tauntingly, his fingers prodding into Jimin’s folds, the muscles in his arms tightened, Jeongguk groans when he sees that they are just as big as Jimin’s milky thighs. His best friend is so little, how will he fill all that eight inches of his stepdad’s cock into his tiny pussy? 


Jimin shakes his head feverishly into the pillow, “No one, Daddy” 


“My good boy,” Mr. Cho hums, he then slaps the crevice of Jimin’s ass a couple of times, each strike is harder than the last. Jimin’s hand curls into a tiny fists, he’s biting onto them to keep his cries quiet, Jeongguk’s groan follows him like a rhythm, he wraps his own fingers around the base of his cock, he’s not as big nor as lengthy as Jimin’s stepdad, but Jeongguk is not even a month away from eighteen, he’s still a growing boy. 


Mr. Cho pushes his hips forward until the tip of his now leaking with precum cock rubs between Jimin’s redding cheeks, his large hands squeezing Jimin’s ass so the thick meat presses tightly around his throbbing cock. 


“Come on now, baby,” the man says, “Spread your legs for me” 


Jimin breathes out an, “okay, Daddy”, he plants his small hands onto the duvet, lifting his hips until his knees are tucked in beneath, on all fours ready for his stepdad to take and to break.


“Look at that,” Mr. Cho groans, fat fingers grazing onto Jimin’s plump and dripping folds, his middle finger presses in, moving up to Jimin’s hard and pulsating clit, he chuckles when the boy jumps from the tingle, Jimin shrieks when his nub is pinched. 


“Control your voice, baby” Mr. Cho reminds him sternly, “or I’ll use that panties of your to gag your pretty mouth” 


Jeongguk silently thanks the universe that his own hyung is a province away staying at this own dorm, because he’s certain that if Jeonghyun’s sleeping next door he would barge in thinking that Jeongguk might have asthma from how heavy he’s breathing right now. 


 From the screen Jeongguk watches as Jimin’s stepdad angles his thick veiny cock into the open slit of his son’s pussy, pushing forward slowly, Jimin inhales sharply, head thrown back, chubby fingers clutching hard on the sheets under him. Mr. Cho is so, fucking big that Jimin flinches when his cunt is practically invaded by his dad’s cock. Forcing its own room inside Jimin’s tight walls. 


“Tell me if it’s too much, baby” Mr. Cho says softly. 


“I-I’m good, Daddy” Jimin’s voice is small and restrained, like he’s trying to prove something to his stepdad, “I’m okay” he adds, more like a reassurement to himself rather than to the man who’s currently using his body to get off. “I can take it” 


“I’ve got the best boy, haven’t I?” Mr. Cho praises, one hand grasping his own cock while the other gripping Jimin’s hips so tight Jeongguk sure it will leave marks, the burly man pushes in more inches, Jimin squeals fraily, thick thighs instinctively tighten as he’s made to take more of his dad’s throbbing length. “God, you’re so fucking tight” 


Jimin whines pathetically, clearly starting to become overwhelmed by the intrusion, but he doesn’t seem to have any choice but to lay there and take what he’s being given. The small boy sobs when his stepdad jolts in a little sharper than what Jimin could clearly take, Mr. Cho grunts in pleasure when his entire cockhead finally snugs inside Jimin, stretching his little pussy as wide as it can take. “There you go baby,” he says comfortingly, stilling for a moment, allowing Jimin to adjust to his girth before pressing in another inch, his hands sliding from Jimin’s back to his soft blond hair, strands in between his fingers, trying to soothe him. 


Jimin begins to moan and it turns to much more lewd and needy as his walls keep clenching rhythmically around the invading cock inside him, and Jeongguk cannot take it anymore, Jimin’s erotic voice makes it imporssible to surppress his arousal any longer, he starts to strok his rock hard cock, he’s equally jealous of Mr. Cho and turned on by what he’s witnessing, he doesn’t want this night to end. Jimin is now squirming beneath his stepdad, a subtle signal to tell him that he’s ready to take more. 


Mr. Cho bends down until he has his broad chest pressed against Jimin’s narrow back, he’s whispering empty praises to him, and Jimin keens, always weak and desperate for any kind of compliments, he’s probably being told about how much of a good boy he is, how good he is at staying still and taking cock whenever he’s demanded to. The lack of keys on Jimin’s door is probably on Mr. Cho’s request too, so that he can sneak in whenever he wants, fucking Jimin whenever he feels like to. Making a toy out of Jeongguk’s best friend. 


“Daddy…” Jimin trembles out, bending his ass even higher, making more room for his dad’s cock as it enters his dripping hole. He lets out a sudden half-pained cry when he’s got half of Mr. Cho nestled deep inside him. Jimin’s voice sends shudders straight from Jeongguk’s spine to his own cock, the boy grunts, wrapping his hand tighter, pretending that it’s his dick that’s halfway inside the boy on the screen. 


Jimin’s practically leaking around his stepdad’s cock now, Jeongguk’s eyes are hypnotized by the sight of the pair linking, Jimin’s labia is so fucking strecthed out that Jeongguk worries he might actually break, the small boy is dripping wet, the sheet beneath them darkens with moisture. Mr. Cho pulls back a little, earning a long groan from Jimin, the older man then grunts before plunging back in, forcing more inches into Jimin, he’s quick with his reflexes though, because his large and rough palm is already covering Jimin’s mouth, silencing the little boy’s screams as he’s made to take his dad’s entire length. Jimin’s eyes pooled with tears, dark orbs rolling back in pleasure and pain. His body racks through as he sobs pathetically into Mr. Cho’s hand. 


The older man’s other hand trail to Jimin’s ass cheek, kneading the plump fat harshly before giving it a loud smack, Jimin screeches, his mother must out of town this night, that or Mr. Cho has drugged her to sleep, there’s no way all these sounds won’t wake her up from her slumber. Jimin jolts forward to the his bed’s headboard when Mr. Cho begins to thrust in steadily. 


“You’re so good to me” Mr. Cho says roughly, “My little toy” he praises tauntingly, letting out a deep laugh when Jimin visibly shudders underneath him, Jeongguk’s chest heaves, he’s pumping his cock faster now, precum leaking from his slit, wetting his fingers. 


Jimin’s thighs begins to tremble when Mr. Cho hilts fully inside him, breath coming out unevenly, blowing hot every time his step dad thrusts deep, he lets out another cry when Mr. Cho has his cock plunged until Jimin’s folds press against the base of his cock, Jeongguk’s eyes widen in surprise, Jimin’s cunt really takes an entire length that’s almost as big as his own arm in, Jeongguk still remembers it like yesterday when it feels like he’s about to rip Jimin apart when he tried to insert his fourth finger inside his best friend when they were fooling around in between lunch time. 


Mr. Cho’s hand in Jimin’s hair turns from a comforting touch to a harsh grip when he starts to pick up his pace, now he’s pulling Jimin by the hair like it’s a horse leash. He’s growling with pleasure as Jimin yelps every time he’s being sent forward by his dad’s sharp thrust, plump cheeks jiggling whenever he’s shoved into. His tiny and narrow waist almost hidden entirely by Mr. Cho’s huge stature.


“That’s it, baby” Mr. Cho groans when Jimin moves on his own, rocking back and forth around his hard and throbbing fat cock, tight walls clenching, his slick pouring out to ease the pain. Jeongguk curls his toes when he sees Jimin shreeches at another particular thrust he’s forced to take, Mr. Cho is grinding him and into hard, pressing Jimin’s clit right onto the bed sheets. 


“You’re so generous, Jimin” Mr. Cho rumbles, taking a glance straight into Jimin’s camera, Jeongguk’s heart drops, fuck, “ Giving your friend a little show so late at night” 


Jimin inhales in surprise and stills even when Mr. Cho doesn’t stop his thrust, “I-” he heaves out, “What are you talking about, Da-Daddy?” 


“Oh, you don’t know?” Mr. Cho provokes, the hand from Jimin’s hair moves to his jaw, gripping them tight before forcing Jimin to turn around, staring dumbly at his blinking laptop. “You little friend has been watching us the whole time” 


Jeongguk stays frozen in his seat, choosing to keep his mute button on, stares back at the pair with his jaw clenched, acting as if he’s not currently giving himself a handjob beneath the image that his computer’s camera could take. Jimin’s eyes widen in surprise, but he’s delirious from the fucking now, eyes unfocused as Mr. Cho speeds up his movements. “That’s your Jeongguk, isn’t it?” 


Jimin doesn’t answer, too weak to say anything but sob. 


“You two are always together” Mr. Cho comments, “Attached to the hip ever since I know you” he moves the hand that was on Jimin’s ass to the front of his hips, trailing down until his fingers met with Jimin’s clit. “Has he ever touched you?” 


Jimin lets out a grunt, “No” he answers a little bit too quickly. 


Mr. Cho pinches the nub, Jimin screams out in pleasure, his small frame quivering. “Don’t lie to me, baby” he warns gravely. 

“I-I” Jimin starts, mouth opening and closing like a fish being pulled out of water, “s-sometimes” he whimpers, “Bu-but he never, Daddy, I-I swear i-it's only you” 


Mr. Cho tightens his grip on Jimin’s hips as he pulls Jimin back to him rather harshly, tears falls down Jimin’s eyes as the boy lets out a silent cry, he’s a gasping mess when Mr. Cho continues his taunt, “Seems like he wants to though, Jiminnie, will you let him?” 


Jeongguk stills, his heart racing, not really knowing how to anticipate Jimin’s answer. 


“You said,” Jimin’s breath cut short as he’s given another sharp thrust, “y-you I’m not allowed to-” 


“I know” Mr. Cho grunts, speeding up his pace. “But will you let him? If I allow you to?” 


Jimin whines, too fucked out and probably nearing his peak to concentrate of the question, he’s rocking back to Mr. Cho, meeting his thrust, clearly desperate to have his release. 


Mr. Cho growls in annoyance, his fingers giving another squeeze on Jimin’s clit, the petite boy cries out, “I-I don’t know, Daddy!” He sobs. 


“I think you’ll let him” Mr. Cho concludes, pounding hard, pressing Jimin onto the mattress, trapping him beneath his much larger figure, he’s getting violent with his movement, Jeongguk can see Jimin’s headboard moving back and forth against the wall from the harsh and sharp thrusts Mr. Cho forces into his stepson. “You’ll take any cock that I allow you to” 


Jimin whines pathetically, eyes scrunching up, his hair is now all wet from sweat, sticking up to any direction, and Jeongguk never sees a sight as beautiful as this one.


“Maybe I’ll invite him over one day,” Mr. Cho says and Jeongguk freezes in his seat, “I’ll teach him how to fuck you like I do, maybe you can be his little pet in school like you are mine in here” 


Jimin keens like he’s reeling in every word his stepdad says to him, like the prospect of being shared like a toy back and forth between his stepdad and best friend excites him. 


“Oh, I know you’ll love that, you little slut” Mr. Cho spats out harshly, letting out a long groan when he feels Jimin’s walls tightening around his cock. “But no one is allowed to touch you with my permission” Mr. Cho reminds him obsessively like he doesn’t want Jimin to forget that he belongs to him only, he’s planting his toes on the bed, on his knees and starts to rail Jimin with all the strength he could muster, the boy beneath him gargles dumbly, too lost in pleasure to do anything but lay there like the stupid toy that he is. 


“Dad-daddy” Jimin cries out, delirious from the sensation and pain, head is shaking and his entire body trembles, Jeongguk knows Jimin is so, so close. Mr. Cho moves his fingers on Jimin’s cunt again, rubbing the throbbing pink nub up and down to his slit, to where they’re both linked, he groans when he feels just how wide Jimin’s little pussy is stretched around his fat cock. 


Jimin shakes, legs shuddering violently, eyes rolled and head thrown back as he screams, voice shrilling when he cums, small frame trapped underneath Mr. Cho vibrating as he squirts, a stream of clear fluid gushes down from his cunt over the moving cock inside him and onto the duvet beneath the pair, pooling down on his bed, 


“What a good boy” Mr. Cho praises, dipping his thick fingers into the wet mess around his son's pussy, Jimin sobs out like a child when he feels his clit rubbed again, overstimulated and weak, he flops down, walls unclenching as he pathetically waits for his stepdad to finish. Mr. Cho grunts, lifting Jimin by the hips again, ignoring his boy’s moan of protest as he starts to mount him, fucking him like an animal in heat without regard to Jimin’s budding pain from his previous orgasm. Mr. Cho’s hips are snapping harshly into Jimin to pursue his own release, he grunts every time he thrusts deep. 


Jimin breathes out a sharp and yet broken ‘ ah, ah, ah’ every time he’s shoved into

Mr. Cho growls, pulling Jimin by the hair again before forcing him to suck on his thick fingers, Jimin obliges without any questions, sucking on the digits like a toddler on their pacifier. Mr. Cho is careless with his thrusts now, snapping down hard into Jimin’s tight heat so hard Jeongguk wonders how the hell Jimin doesn't have any bones broken yet. 

Jimin is fully crying like a baby when Mr. Cho comes, the friction must hurt more than it pleasures him by now, the man on top of his bellows out a satisfied grunt as he stills, fingers digging into the milky and soft skin of Jimin’s hips, his cock going as deep as it can, his balls pressing against Jimin’s pussy. 

Jeongguk groans and speeds up his own hand, thrusting his hips into the tight grip his hand has around his cock, muscles tensing, heart pounding from adrenaline and pleasure as he’s nearing his own orgasm. He closes his eyes, imagining that he’s in Mr. Cho’s place now, with Jimin lying helpless and fucked out under him, Jeongguk lets out a deep and long moan as his balls tighten, sprouting out thick liquid o ut of his slit onto the floor of his bedroom. Jeongguk huffs out after he’s calmed down, slumping back to sit as he empties himself of his own cum. 

Mr. Cho keeps his composure still as he unloads inside his own stepson’s hole, filling him up to the brim, Jimin’s sobbing quietly beneath him. Minutes after, he finally pulls out, Joeongguk can hear Jimin hisses as he feels every inch of Mr. Cho’s thick and long cock brushed against his worn and probably bruised cunt. Jimin’s cunt is red, swollen and gaping open the moment Mr. Cho’s no longer inside him, his own length wet and dripping with his own cum. Jimin’s leaking thick and white fluid onto the sheets, Jeongguk can probably shove fist into his best friend’s little hole without much struggle, his head jerks in excitement when he realizes that he might actually have a chance to do that. 

Mr. Cho casually steps away from Jimin’s bed as if he didn’t just fuck his own stepson unconscious less than thirty seconds ago, he takes the shorts he’d thrown at before and pulls it up again. Jeongguk tenses when he sees Mr. Cho approaches from Jimin’s laptop. The man is free from any emotions when he makes his deal, “I’ll let you taste him if you keep all this between us, got it?” 

Jeongguk nods curtly, he can work with that. 

Mr. Cho smirks, before nodding back in Jeongguk’s direction. “Smart boy” he says, cutting off the video call with a satisfied chuckle. 

“Holy shit” Jeongguk mutters, finally starting to process everything. “What the fuck just happened”