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Hot and Spicy Tteok-bokki

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The unmistakable aroma of spicy tteok-bokki surrounded a quaint little kitchen where a petite apron-wearing woman was busily whipping up a sauce in a pan. She carefully scooped a bit and gently blew on it to cool it down. She quickly licked the sauce, which threatened to drip onto the tiled kitchen floor. She then proceeded to stuff the spoon into her mouth to get a better taste. “Mmmm. Perfect!" She satisfyingly puckered her lips in approval. She then did a cute victory dance by swaying her hips in tune to some imaginary club music.

"I can't wait for him to taste this,” she thought in excitement.

She turned off the stove and started cleaning up the kitchen counter. She walked hastily cleaning as she went around the house while she mentally ticked off her checklist. “Tteok-bokki, check. Coffee, check. Buttered toast, ready for heating in the oven, check. Poached eggs, check. Lovely table set up for two, check!”

She sniffed the blue and white hydrangea she arranged in the middle of the table. The whiff of its sweet spring fragrance made her smile even more cheerful.

“Good job, Geun Young. Good job!” Feeling really proud of herself, she pretended to pat herself on the shoulder for a job well done. She had been cleaning the house since the night before and was now cooking breakfast for her husband, Seon Ho, who would be arriving soon. As a married couple, this was the first time he'd been away from her this long. Ten days, four hours and twenty-three minutes to be exact. And damn, did she miss him! He had been on an out-of-town movie shoot and it hadn't been easy for them to keep in touch as his schedule was jam-packed. They were only able to make quick calls to each other once a day as he was always being summoned back on set. A part of her hated whenever he had to leave for these shoots yet she totally understood their necessity being a veteran actor herself. She had her own fair share of 16-hour days that would stretch all the way through to the weekends. Knowing her husband, who was equally passionate about his craft, she gave him her full support. He knew she would miss him very much so he made a promise to her before he left that once the shoot was over, they would go on a nice trip together. They both deserved it, he said. But today, hours before her husband’s arrival, all she could think of was how much she just wanted to hug and kiss him senseless. To hell with the trip! She could just lock him up here all day long to be pounced and ravished at her discretion. Mischievously, she giggled at the naughty thoughts playing in her head and seriously considered actually doing them.

She headed towards the bathroom for her final preparations. Hung her towel, undies and a dainty, short white summer dress on the wall. Carefully examining it, she admired it for a moment. It had a thin shoulder strap that would emphasize her delicate shoulders and collarbone. The low v-neck combined with high waist cut of the dress would not just tease a view of her cleavage but would also highlight her curves in all the right places. Capping it off, the mid-thigh length of her dress showcased her smooth legs. She giggled as she tried to quiet her wild imagination on how her husband would undress her. She proceeded to fill up the bathtub with water. She dropped a lavender-fragrance bath bomb and delicately swirled her fingers to mix it. Satisfied with her therapeutic concoction, she stood up and let her dress slide down to the floor. Slowly, she dipped herself into the water. Warm, relaxing and tingling feelings embraced her whole body, just as how she imagined if it were her husband’s touch. Soft contented moan escaped her lips as she closed her eyes. Letting her mind wander again with indecent images of her husband, she fondled her breast then slickly caressed her waist. Then she slid her hand downward to continue the pleasure and completely surrendered to her imagination.

The clicking sound of their front door’s digital lock was music to Geun Young’s ears. Patting the ends of her delicate temptress dress, she tucked her hair and excitedly ran to greet her husband. “Welcome home, tiger! She hugged him ever so tightly with a big smile on her face. Though visibly exhausted, Seon Ho was very happy to see her as well and reciprocated with a bear hug.

“I missed you so much, my cute bunny." He bent down and quickly kissed her lips. He took her hand and led her to the living room.

“Can we sit? I'm so tired." He slumped down on the couch so that his head was resting on the sofa. He stretched his long legs and rested his feet on the footstool near him. He closed his eyes and gave a heavy and throaty sigh. Geun Young felt a shiver run from her neck down to her spine upon hearing him. Trying to mitigate her carnal urges, she unceremoniously sat on his lap and partially curled her body to fit his, placing her head between his neck and shoulder. With his eyes still closed, he instinctively embraced her and kissed her forehead.

“What happened, tiger? Did you not sleep last night?" she asked as she kissed his neck.

“The shoot went overtime but we finished everything at around 8:00 pm. While everyone was packing up and I was just about ready to head to the hotel and hibernate, the producer invited everyone to have a drink. Since it’s the last day and everyone was in a celebratory mood, it was so hard to decline, bunny...”

Geun Young nuzzled his neck and lightly bit his collarbone, yielding a low groan and a dimpled smile from her husband. She started to lightly stroke his abs as she inched her way further south, hoping he would get the hint.

He continued his story, “the party finished at around 3:00 am. Then we went home at 5:00 am. I only had two hours of sleep." He yawned and closed his eyes again.

“Awww. How about breakfast? You have to eat something." She brushed aside some of his unruly hair poking his eyes. Then, she gently traced her finger down his sharp nose all the way through to his lips. “Hmmm? Tiger, let’s eat?"

A soft snore answered back at Geun Young. Her head shot up and she saw her husband had fallen asleep. “Seriously?” she said as she pouted. She tried nudging him awake but he just continued to snore. “Damn it! Just when I was in the mood.” Sighing, she tried to pry herself away from Seon Ho’s embrace. As she was about to stand up, he stirred and saw her.

“Hey bunny, don't go. Stay here. I need my bunny pillow." He grabbed her arms gently and pulled her onto his lap. He slid his hands to the back of her dress, brushing her legs, buttocks and spine. His hand slowly glided towards her bra strap. Her breathing spiked and she felt lightheaded upon his touch. She kissed him with excitement. She felt the warmth creep in from the waist down. Suddenly, his hand stopped. His mouth once again letting out a soft snore. She stopped kissing him midway and felt her libido plummet to the floor. “How in fucking hell could he fall asleep on me? Heck, he even snored while I was kissing him! Who does that?!” her mind screamed. She felt like crying. She slapped Seon Ho's chest hard and loud in frustration.

“Ya! Kim Seon Ho, let me go!" Seon Ho woke up not knowing which was worse: the pain in his chest or the anger in Geun Young ‘s voice. With his grip on her loosened, she wriggled out of his lap and stood up with her back against him.

“Are you mad at me? What… what…did I do, bunny?” She gave him a scornful look then walked out and headed towards their bedroom. Once inside, she then slammed and locked the door. Seon Ho scratched his head. Cluelessly, he followed her and knocked at the door.

“Bunny, I'm sorry." He said from the other side.

Geun Young sat at the edge of their bed with her arms crossed around her knees like a little girl and let out a heavy sigh.

“Do you even know what you’re apologizing for?"

Seon Ho fell silent. Geun Young could hear his feet lightly shuffling on the other side.

“...Uh… because I was sleeping?" He asked her innocently.

“Ugh, he can be so clueless at times,” she thought to herself. “See, you don't even know what's wrong!” she shouted back.

There were a few seconds of silence. She almost thought he left but then she heard the door knob jiggle then being twisted open with a key. Seon Ho's head cautiously peaked in. He saw his pouting wife shoot him daggers with her eyes. He quietly walked to her and knelt in front of her. Bending his head sideways trying to catch her eyes.

"Bunny, I'm sorry ... I ... don’t know what I did wrong." His face looked very worried. “Please tell me what I did wrong and how I can make it up to you?” He pleaded.

She met his eyes with a sulky look. "I'll tell you what's wrong," she said as she got up.

“Stand," she commanded. Her tone scared him so much that he quickly obeyed. She took a step towards him. “The thing is I'm hungry right now." Each word drawled out of her small mouth. She forcibly poked Seon Ho’s chest with her index finger. He cautiously stepped back.

"I... Uh.." she raised her hand to stop him from talking. She continued walking slowly towards him, her hips delicately swaying in the process. With every step, she continued to push him with her finger causing him to back up.

“Remember how you told me how much you love tteok-bokki?" she said tilting her head a bit.
Seon Ho slowly nodded, still clueless as to where the conversation was headed.

“…like how it can get you all excited just thinking about it. How its scent makes your mouth water. The excitement you feel while waiting as it boils in the pan. How vividly you can imagine its taste in your mouth and on your tongue.”

Pausing her story, she slid her finger from his chest to his abs and aggressively pushed him again. He fell backward, his butt bumped into the long table that was against the wall.

“... You told me, 'Oh, bunny it is oh, so delicious. So sinfully delicious." She looked up at him with beguiling eyes. She intentionally licked her lips as he looked at her with eyes wild and mouth agape. Speechless, he tried reaching for her waist but Geun Young was too fast and parried his hands. Her eyes fluttered downward. He followed her gaze. She was staring at an area of his body that she had been wanting to touch since he arrived. Her hand grazed his belt and then his zipper. Her eyes smoldered when she stared back into his eyes.

“I want that tteokbokki so, so, very badly," she paused dramatically before giving him a sultry smirk. "I'm starving, tiger."

He almost choked from her last words. He felt his penis get hard.

She suddenly let go of his belt. Her eyes deadpanned. “But sadly as you said, you are tired and sleepy. No tteok-bokki for now then." She wheels around and starts walking away.

It happened so quickly that it took Seon Ho a few seconds to process what had happened. "Wait. What?!" It didn't help either that all the blood meant for his brain was engorging his penis like crazy. All he could think about was getting inside her.

"Oh, no, you naughty bunny. You aren't going anywhere after what you just did to me!" He took two long steps and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Yaa! Let go of me!" Geun Young struggled to get free from his arms.

He ignored her whining; he scooped her legs and bridal carried her off towards the table. Placed her on top of it and braced his hands on her sides to secure her in position.

“What are you doing?" she hissed.

He whispered in her ear huskily, “Gonna serve you the tteok-bokki you ordered while it’s still hot.” He then kissed her earlobe down to her neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses along the way.

Pursing her lips to conceal the moan, which threatened to escape her throat, she mustered the strength to push him back. “I don’t want it!”

His face fell, he took in her irate voice as a rejection. “But… you said... you wanted it a while ago…”.

He sadly bit his lip causing a hint of his dimples to show up on his cheeks.

“I swear to God, those puppy eyes and dimples will be the death of me”, she thought. Or maybe she just overthought the situation as she knew deep down, she couldn’t resist his pleading. She pretended to angrily huff and said, “Stop doing that!”

“Huh? Stop what?”

Tired of their charades, Geun Young exasperatedly sighed and incoherently spewed out her sentiment, “Ten days! Ten fucking days! Who can last that long?! Who am I, Mother Teresa? Maybe I should have just taken a vow of chastity and become a nun?! “Her questioning face mirrored Seon Ho’s. “What happened to you in those ten days? I know I’m not as beautiful as your new leading lady, Song Hye Kyo. Is it because I’m just the ‘Nation’s Little Sister?’ Am I not that sexy to you anymore?” She struggled to ask her last question. Her voice was laced with embarrassment. Her lower lip started to quiver and her eyes were on the verge of tears.

Seon Ho’s worried face turned into amusement. He tried to hide his smile as Geun Young might think he wasn’t taking her seriously. His usually logical wife with the patience and understanding of a saint was adorably whining and wittily using tteok-bokki metaphors to get her sexual frustrations across. This was a first for her, to bare her raw sexual feelings out loud. Evidently, it bothered her because she feared sounding and looking irrational. Yet, on the contrary, Seon Ho actually found it so seductively hot that it fanned the flames of his desire from a spark to a blazing wildfire.

She had laid out her cards, it was now his turn. Without a word, he leaned in his masculine body towards her small frame. Intentionally, he grazed his hardness on her knees which made her unconsciously jerk and open her legs wider. He took a whiff of her neck, breathing in her intoxicatingly sweet lavender scent. When he felt her back shiver, he hungrily plunged into her lips with a fervent kiss. She stiffened a bit, trying to fight the sensation. He snuck his hand inside her dress and caressed her smooth waist. The vision of her milky white skin and breast flickered in his head and sent him into a frenzy. With her dress half lifted and barely covering her, he continued exploring her body by stroking her stomach, ribs and then her back, effortlessly unhooking her bra with just three fingers. The moan that she had been controlling finally escaped her mouth, loud and uninhibited. He secretly smirked. He knew she was on the brink of surrender and that victory would soon be his. He flicked his tongue to her slightly open moaning mouth. Tugging her lower lip, he teased it to open wide and allow him to play with her tongue. She finally came undone when she aggressively clasped her arms around her neck, pulling his weight to hers. Seon Ho caught her just in time before she almost hit the wall behind her. Wasting no time, she searched for his tongue and sucked it desperately. She mewled from the pleasure eliciting a strong groan from him. Their breaths got heavy and raged as their mouths and tongues competed for dominance.

After what seemed to be forever, they stopped to catch their breath. In her dazed vision, she saw his flushed face and half-open eyes. His chest heavily rose up and down, which stirred her desire. “God damn, he looks so ravishing” she thought. She clawed his chest and hurriedly unbuttoned his polo. Excitedly and haphazardly, he followed her lead by taking off her dress. As if they had silently agreed to a stripping contest, they undressed each other in record time, surprisingly without tearing any of their clothes. Suddenly, they began groping each other all over. Geun Young pulled his neck down for another kiss, while Seon Ho deftly caressed her tummy all the way down to her cunt.

“Spread your legs, my sexy bunny” He hoarsely whispered.

Delirious from his kisses, strokes and deep baritone voice, she spread it obediently. He already positioned himself to enter her when she thumbed the tip of his penis to stop it. Her eyes adoringly looked at it while she stroked it with curiosity. "Tiger, can I taste your tteokbokki now?"

The urgency of her question made his eyes bulge. She had never gone down on him before. Strangely, he had never thought to ask if it was her thing.

“Ahh...are you sure?"

"Yes.” She looked at him with pleading doe eyes. “I know... I don't have experience... but... I've always wanted to try it. I've been wanting to taste it." A shy blush crept up her cheeks as she confessed.

"Okay, but you don't have to if you don't like the taste... or like doing it..." He mumbled incoherently not really knowing what to say.

She covered his mouth with her hand to cut him off. She jumped off the table and had him sit at the edge of the bed. She knelt in front of him. With much enthusiasm she gently stroked his penis like a little child unwrapping a lollipop who couldn't wait to pop it into her mouth. His mind went blank. She started stroking him fast which made him wheezy. His penis happily obliged to the pleasure as it got longer, thicker, and harder. Slowing down, her tongue took over and swirled around its head. She then took small noisy sips as if to test the taste. In her excitement, she accidentally bit it making him squirm in an odd mix of pleasure and pain. “Oh! sorry! I didn’t mean that! Does it hurt?”

“Uhhh, it was okay. Just be careful with your teeth.”

“Okay," she smiled and carried on. Without warning, she placed her tiny mouth on his cock and started sucking it. Seon Ho could swear he started seeing stars the moment her mouth glided his length while her tongue rhythmically followed. Unaware of the delirium state she had placed her husband, she moved to his balls drawing a loud gasp from him.

She flinched from his sound, her head shot up. “Did I do something wrong?”

He didn’t answer right away making her worry more. “Was it not good?” she insistently asked.

It wasn’t easy for him to answer back as he was transfixed at the breathtaking sight of his angelic wife, who was now naked and kneeling before him, wife, face flushed, eyes wide with invitingly scarlet lips. His penis painfully throbbed reminding him of the urge… no, the need to invade and be inside her.

“ were so good….” He lifted and flipped her onto the bed like she was a mere rag doll.

Speechless at his display of strength, she tried to sit up but he pushed her down to the bed by swooping his mouth to hers with a rough kiss.

“Now, it's my turn.” He mischievously winked at her as he started nibbling her earlobe. He slid his lips down to her neck, taking his time to explore and leave territorial love marks. He glided to her chest and peppered it with kisses while playfully fondling her breasts. Satisfied with her replies of approving moans, he devoured her nipples and deliciously sucked each one.

He glided his hot tongue down to her stomach all the way down to her love pool. He teasingly bit her inner thighs with his lips, causing her body to jerk and spread her legs wider even more for him. Pink inviting folds and a swollen clit welcomed his sight making him even more ravenous.

Unabashedly, he delved his tongue through her folds, darting and flicking, tempting it to release its quenching juices.

“Ahhh! Tiger, easy! Eaaa..ssy, please.” She arched her back from the onslaught of pleasure. She tried to reach the head of her husband but he was savagely licking her that she eventually whimpered in surrender.

Seon Ho was enjoying the taste of her warm, wet juices while he roughly nibbled her clit when he felt her shiver. Small involuntary tremors flowed throughout her body causing her thighs to tightly press his face against her sex. “She’s about to come,” he thought. He licked her one last time and parted her legs. Like a tiger on the prowl, he stealthily crawled on top of her, clutching her hands along the way.

“Why? Why, did you stop?” she asked in a weakened but surprised voice.

He placed each of her hands at the side of her head. Locking her wrist with his big hands. He pressed his hard length down to her entrance. “Because of this…” He swiftly slid his thick and hard shaft inside her. A low, feminine, primal moan filled the room. She was so tight, warm and soft that his mind drowned in the divine sensations they were engulfed in. She tried to free her wrists from his clutches. When he saw what she was doing, he looked straight at her wide crazed eyes and shook his head in disapproval. He took both of her wrists with one hand and placed them on top of her head, trapping them as punishment for her resistance. His free hand wandered to her breasts fondling her now hardened nipples. Then teasingly licked one with his tongue before tugging it with his lips. He steadied her writhing body with his free hand which he placed under her waist.

Her moans were turned into wailings, which signaled to him that she was nearing her climax. He wanted to maximize her pleasure so he slowed his strokes down so that she could enjoy it longer. What he thought would help her was actually causing her more torture, as she started to wantonly twist her head.

“Faster, tiger. Faster!” She urgently commanded. “Give it to me!”

He groaned loudly at her command and started to pick up the pace. He released her wrists and grabbed the back of her neck for support as he passionately seized her mouth with his tongue. Her hands clumsily found their way into his hair and back. Her fingernails dug into his flesh.

“More, tiger. More. Let’s..ugh..ah.. come together,” she said almost out of breath.

Aggressively, she clamped her legs around his waist. She grinded her hips and pumped herself into a sinfully spicy rhythm. It wasn’t clear who was leading this primal gyration, only that they moved in unison, perfectly complementing each other’s motions and conversing only with growls and moans. Their thrusts became more and more urgent, yearning, taunting and yielding. They suddenly let out a synchronized howl elevating them both to mind-blowing ecstasy. Her warm cum bathed his penis as he felt himself bursting inside her. Weakened, he collapsed almost on top of her, landing on his elbow so as not to crush her under his weight.

“God damn, bunny! That was heaven.” Breathlessly, he slowly slid his penis out of her, which made her moan again. “You were so wet and tight,” he rolled onto his side of the bed and hugged her from behind. They were both still heaving from exhaustion. He nuzzled her neck affectionately.

“Did you like it, tiger?”

“Do I look like I didn’t?” he joked.

“Hmft,” she pouted while she slapped his butt lightly, which he found oddly arousing.

“Bunny, of course, I loved it. I thought my sex-crazed eyes and mouth hanging wide open the whole time made it obvious to you.”

“Okay,” she said sounding unconvinced.

“Are you still mad at me?”

“Yes. You didn’t answer my question! You avoided it by pouncing on me,” she said in annoyance as she turned around to scowl him.

Seon Ho tried not to laugh at her childish grumblings and decided to go along with it.

“How could I not pounce on you? You were so alluringly delectable,” he replied in an attempt to charm her with his dimpled smile.

She glared back at him with an unamused look.

“Bunny, you’re sexy and hot. Seriously, where did you learn those moves? Were you practicing and watching porn while I was away?” he teased her.

“No!” She guiltily blushed.

“Ah, then you are a natural. Thank God for blessing me with this seductive goddess!”

Finally, she decided to let him off the hook. Geun Young hugged him tightly. “I missed you so much.”

“Me too, my love. Don’t worry, I won’t be going anywhere now,” he said as he hugged her back.

“Hey, bunny, how can you compare yourself to Song Hye Kyo? You’re like her younger version right?” he jests. Not done with his corny jokes, he continued, “Imagine the Nation’s Little Sister banging the Nation’s Good Boy. And hot damn, are they a perfect pair. Innocent and sweet outside, wild and crazy behind closed doors. Haha,” he dorkily laughed at his own joke.

She giggled while slapping his arm hard. “You doofus! Don’t you dare joke about that outside if you don’t want us to be in the headlines of tabloids for years!”

“I’m hungry. Let’s eat breakfast?” Geun Young asked as she propped her arms to stand up. “I made tteok-bokki for us to eat!” She cheerfully announced.

“So you want to eat tteok-bokki now?” Seon Ho asked.

“Yes! Let’s go.”

“Will this tteok-bokki do?” he naughtily points down at his penis.

She instinctively looked down and gasped. Seon Ho’s member was hard and thick again. “How did…?”

“How about a second round, my energizer bunny?” He pinned her back to the bed and pressed his erect penis against her body while trailing kisses from her neck down.

-- END --