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deep dark waters (our blood flows through)

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It becomes a habit at this point.


When the moon is at its brightest and the beach that stretches along the coast is devoid from any wandering individuals, Zhongli would make his way to one of the many rocks at the beach’s most east and wait.


He can wait the entire night, uncaring of the cold breeze that blows his way and chills him to the bone. He’s been doing this for far too often to be bothered by the weather at this point. However, just because he doesn’t care, doesn’t mean someone else won’t. 


“Didn’t I tell you to dress more warmly?” a familiar masculine voice drifts into his ears. 


Zhongli smiles automatically, turning his head towards the direction of the voice. Not too far away from his feet that dangle off the rock he’s sitting on, the water’s surface begins to ripple. Zhongli sees the tip of a long horn the color of chalk, followed by tufts of reddish-brown hair. As the figure emerges from beneath the water, Zhongli’s eyes lock themselves on a pair of blue ones, the color as piercing as the brightest sapphire he has ever seen.


“You’ll be bringing me into the water, anyway.” Zhongli laughs. “It doesn’t make much of a difference.”


The man in front of him, with his wet hair framing his face and his blue eyes the color of jewels and a long beautiful horn peeking from between his bangs, returns the smile with his own. It reveals rows of sharp teeth - sharp enough to possibly bite off a limb with no effort at all. Zhongli has never been afraid of those teeth, although admittedly they made kissing this person harder than it should be.


A small price, Zhongli supposes, for dating the merman prince of the Abyss waters.


“Should I ban you from swimming with me if you’re sick then?” the man asks. There is another ripple around them when he flicks his tail, the clear waters hinting at its black and white hue from underneath the surface. From his position now, Zhongli wouldn’t be able to tell that the tail goes on for much longer, easily wrapping around Zhongli from head to toe if the merman wishes to.


But he knows many things about this merman in front of him, tail and sharp teeth and all.


“You’re too soft on me to do that.” Zhongli says. “Ajax.”


Ajax grins wider. “You say that as if I should be rougher with you. Meaner. More terrifying .” He swims towards Zhongli before propping himself on the rock with his arms. Tilting his head to the side, his eyes glimmer with mischief as he looks at Zhongli. “Should I pull you down under and never let you back to the surface ever again?”


Zhongli merely shrugs. “Then you’d be doing my village a favor. Did you forget?” He lies down onto his stomach and props his chin onto his hands, meeting Ajax’s eyes. “I was meant to be your food, after all.”


Although the smile does not slip from Ajax’s face, the hardening of his gaze is enough to tell Zhongli that it’s a memory the Abyss Prince would rather not remember.


In Teyvat, the Abyss is considered a dangerous underwater kingdom where monsters lie, ready to capture and devour any unsuspecting victims. People are often warned against staying in the ocean when the sun goes down for the fear of running into any active Abyss creatures dwelling in its waters. Some regions forbid their people from going into the ocean entirely for there are rumors that the Abyss attacks anytime it wishes without any need for any provocation.


The people of Zhongli’s small village fear the Abyss like the rest of the people of Teyvat, but they translate that fear into worship.


Worship that requires sacrifice.


“How old are you now?” Ajax asks.


“I turn 18 this year.” Zhongli answers.


“So it’s been two years since then, huh?” Ajax’s voice is wistful. 




Two years since the village’s annual sacrifice to the creatures of the Abyss. The sacrifice is selected randomly and must satisfy two conditions:


  1. They must not have reached adulthood.
  2. They must be untouched.


Although there is no way to confirm the second condition before the actual sacrifice takes place, it is easy to tell after. If the sacrifice fails to meet any one of the conditions, the village will suffer through a whole year of misfortune; from missing fishermen to polluted waters to dying crops. 


The family of the sacrifice will be punished in cases like these - often by death.


Zhongli never believes the Abyss truly cares about the sacrifice. How would they be able to tell in the first place? They can attack people unprovoked - who cares if the sacrifice meets the so-called conditions? 


On the year of his 16th birthday, Zhongli, in the end, pays for his cynicism towards his people’s beliefs when he is selected for the sacrifice that year.


He remembers that day quite vividly. Dressed in white robes splattered with animal blood to attract the Abyss creatures, Zhongli had waited for his fate as he was forced to stand at the very edge of the plank that dangled over the edge of the fishing boat. The village elders stood at the other end, brandishing sharp weapons so Zhongli could not walk back onto the boat.


After what seemed like ages, the water surface finally began to ripple violently, as though there is a massive volcano that erupted from underwater. The water then erupted into a giant geyser, causing giant droplets of water to crash onto the boat. Zhongli remembers hearing screams around him and the tipping sensation of the plank shaking underneath his feet.


He remembers losing his footing before slipping off the plank entirely. Zhongli had closed his eyes as he is thrown headfirst into the ocean and wondered:


What sort of Abyss creature awaits for him below? Will he feel pain when he is devoured? Will his family benefit from his death?


Will he even get to look at death in the eye before it swallows him whole?


When Zhongli woke up after only god knows when, the first thought that ran through his head was: Why is he awake in the first place?


Ajax’s laugh is warm and familiar as he watches Zhongli reminisce the memories. “Who would have thought the first time I decided to collect the sacrifice myself this time around would end up being my last?” The water splashes around them as he flicks his tail in amusement. “Though you can’t really blame me. They gave me such a cute sacrifice. I would be a fool to eat it.”


“Your friends would think otherwise.” Zhongli points out.


Ajax grimaces. “Calling them my friends is a bit of a stretch. An Abyss Prince is said to not need friends. He only needs subordinates.”


“And do you agree?” Zhongli asks. “You, who rescued me that day and kept me in hiding from my village’s wrath. Such a kind creature like you really agree that you’re undeserving of friends?”


“I never said I’m undeserving.” Ajax says. “They said I don’t need them.”


“But you want them.” Zhongli says. It’s not a question.


“I want many things.” Ajax says. His taloned finger trails across Zhongli’s cheek. “Like you, sweetheart.”


It’s a rather obvious attempt to change the subject and Zhongli knows this. Even for someone who is possibly older than Teyvat itself, it seems that not even the Prince of the Abyss himself is immune to loneliness. Behind the mischief that sparkles in the man’s eyes, is something more subdued. Something that Ajax prefers not to talk about even after all this time.


Zhongli lets him change the subject. The reason they’re meeting tonight is not to talk about the past and one’s loneliness, after all.


He takes Ajax’s hand and holds it tightly before giving Ajax a meaningful glance.


“Well, if you truly mean that… then can you take me to our usual spot?” he asks. “Liyue truly works its people hard and I really need to relax from all the work.” Ajax’s eyes are still on him as Zhongli moves to his knees, bringing their joint hands upwards before Zhongli cups Ajax’s face. “Will you help me do that?”


“Zhongli. You do know how to make a Prince’s heart race.” Ajax purrs, his gaze narrowing with intent. “Shall we go now?”


“Mm. While the moon is still bright.”


“That’s right.” Ajax smiles. “I’d like to be able to see your face while we’re together.” 


The Abyss Prince leans forward and kisses Zhongli deeply on the mouth, parting the boy’s lips with his own. Zhongli is mindful of his teeth but doesn’t quite stop himself from deepening the kiss just a little bit more. There is a sensation of something being forcefully pushed into Zhongli’s mouth - one that sends a shock to his chest and electrifies his senses.


Then, Ajax pulls Zhongli under.


After two years of knowing Ajax and spending time with him, Zhongli has slowly learned to let go of his fear towards the ocean.


It helps that Ajax’s kisses temporarily give him the ability to breathe underwater but even he remembers being paralyzed with fear the first few times Ajax tries to take him out for a swim that he nearly drowns even with the borrowed ability.


Now, he could freely open his eyes to admire the beautiful underwater sight around him as he swims with Ajax. 


Now, he could admire the beauty that is Ajax.


Underwater, Zhongli could see the full majesticness of the Abyss Prince, with Ajax’s long massive tail trailing behind them like a beautiful monochrome creature. The shine in his horn is reflected more clearly by the moonlight filtering through the water’s surface. The strands of his hair float around his head like a warm halo, revealing the subtle hues of the patches of scale on his face and the tip of his ears; the shape of them reminding Zhongli of miniature versions of impressive dragon wings.


Ajax’s arms are strong around Zhongli as he guides the boy through the waters, sending him a playful glance filled with anticipation every now and then. His sharp canines peek through his lips. Zhongli is suddenly filled with an overwhelming urge to kiss him again.


He holds onto Ajax’s arms and reminds himself to wait.


Although he knows it will be a while until they can meet again after this, Zhongli still has the whole night with him. He wants to make sure each second is very well spent.


There is a sudden increase in water pressure and the breath fades away from Zhongli’s lungs just as Ajax brings them both to the surface. After his vision clears, Zhongli sees the familiar island in the distance. He continues holding onto Ajax until his feet sinks into sand and he could walk once more.


The island they are now on is a good distance away from the main one that connects to the city of Liyue. Just like how it has been for a long time, it remains void of both people and creatures. 


A secret place, just for one human and his lover from the Abyss.









There is a cavern on this small island. It is small and not too deep - enough to make a decent shelter against unexpected storms or typhoons. The human and the Abyss Prince would know; they’ve been ‘stranded’ on the island during their nights together far too frequently for their liking.


Stranded isn’t really the right word for it. Perhaps laziness would be more suitable; laziness to part from each other’s embrace as the storm raged on outside the cavern.


In fact, if the storm is to hit tonight, Zhongli doubts Ajax would be the first to pull away and suggests bringing Zhongli back to the main island. Zhongli definitely would not be the first one either. Not with how Ajax is currently pressing him against the ground, trapping Zhongli under his weight as he kisses the boy. He takes the lead as usual so Zhongli doesn’t accidentally hurt himself with Ajax’s sharp teeth.


“Two years.” Ajax says in a ragged breath. “For two years since we’ve known each other, you often refuse to let me embrace you in a more human form.” They part for air and Ajax takes the moment to look at Zhongli deeply in his eyes. “Don’t you want a safer kissing experience at least?” he teases.


Zhongli’s hands are warm against Ajax’s skin; a slight contrast to the cool sensation of the scales on Ajax’s face. He lifts his head slightly off the ground to chase the man’s lips, smiling to himself when Ajax hisses when Zhongli lightly bites the Prince’s bottom lip.


“I’m embracing the Abyss Prince; me, who is intended to be your sacrifice.” Zhongli breathes. “If I wanted a safe anything , would I be with you?”


Zhongli’s eyes - the color of cor lapis - seem to burn bright in the darkness of the cavern.


“Besides.” he adds with a hint of mischief coloring his smile. “You’re not the only dangerous creature between the both of us.”


He finds satisfaction in the way Ajax groans at his words before leaning down to kiss him again. 


With Ajax’s current inhuman state and their positions, Zhongli would be lying if he says that Ajax’s weight isn’t practically crushing him. With the length and the girth of his tail alone, Ajax is easily bigger than Zhongli. It doesn’t help that Zhongli is all scrawny limbs and awkward height - his job as a part-time funeral house consultant doesn’t quite give him many chances to really build his figure. Ajax’s physique, on the other hand, is definitely all firm muscles and strong grips. As Ajax presses himself against Zhongli to kiss him, the weight is enough to suffocate Zhongli a little, adding a steady heaviness against his chest.


Still, he doesn’t pull away. Instead, he wraps his arms around Ajax’s bare shoulders and lets the man’s weight crush him. He finds the weight reassuring and quite literally grounding. 


Zhongli will also not deny that he is a masochist.


He feels a prick of pain when his tongue accidentally runs across Ajax’s sharp teeth. A metallic taste fills his mouth and trickles down his throat. He feels the lips against his curving into a mischievous smile.


“You’re bleeding.” Ajax purrs. “Why won’t you pull away?”


“I like the pain.” Zhongli says, immediately chasing the man’s lips. “If it’s from you.”


“If it were any other Abyss creatures, they would take that as an invitation to eat you.” Ajax says with an amused chuckle.


Zhongli’s hands tangle in Ajax’s wet hair just as Ajax pulls away the metallic band that holds Zhongli’s hair together. His brown locks fall away like a long curtain around them, and when Ajax lifts Zhongli’s torso off the ground, Zhongli can feel the wet tips of those strands tickling his back. 


“But you’re not any other Abyss creature.” Zhongli says with a light smile. “You’re the Prince. ” He says the last word with a murmur against Ajax’s ear before he plants a kiss on the man’s throat. There is a speck of blood on the skin when he pulls away and when he kisses Ajax once more, Ajax could taste Zhongli’s own blood on his tongue.


“If I wanted to eat you that day when you sunk to the ocean depths -” Ajax murmurs heatedly, the silence of the cavern broken by the sound of his lips desperately sucking and mouthing at Zhongli’s throat. “ - would you have let me?”


“My village would have been grateful if you did.” Zhongli replies. A soft gasp escapes him when Ajax lightly bites the junction of his throat - hard enough to pierce the skin and draw some blood. He shivers when he feels a long cold forked tongue licking a wet trail at the wound.


“I don’t care about your village, sweetheart.” Ajax says. “I’m asking about your feelings.”


Funny. Zhongli hasn’t really thought about death; ironic given his current occupation. He had thought about it briefly two years ago as he fell off the plank and awaited to be eaten by a terrifying creature as sacrifice, but ever since that day, the thought hasn’t crossed his mind often.


Even in the constant presence of the Prince who leads the creatures that terrorize the oceans, Zhongli never once thought of the possibility of death. Fear, perhaps, a long time ago. But for death itself -


His fingers ghost over the small spot underneath Ajax’s piercing eyes. The patches of scales are rough underneath his touch, but as they glimmer faintly in the dark and complementing the rest of Ajax’s features, Zhongli couldn’t help but to think how beautiful the man in his arms is. So beautiful -


That Zhongli is willing to be devoured by the man who possesses such beauty.


“If you wish to devour me, I will be the first to offer myself.” Zhongli says.


Another amused chuckle bounces off the cavern walls. Ajax’s taloned nails scrape the small part of Zhongli’s back - not enough to bleed, but hard enough to leave a stinging trail in their wake. 


“Dangerous words, Zhongli.” Ajax’s forked tongue runs across his teeth, his eyes sharp with anticipation. “If I wish to devour you now, what then?”


Zhongli answers by unbuttoning the collar of his shirt, keeping their gazes locked the entire time. When the final button is undone and the fabric falls away to reveal Zhongli’s chest, he takes Ajax’s hand and places it against his chest, right above where his heart beats.


“Take it, my Prince.” Zhongli purrs. “Take my heart.”


He doesn’t know where the sudden boldness comes from, but when he sees the slight widening of Ajax’s eyes and the sound of a sharp inhale of breath, he finds some dark satisfaction in that out of the two of them -


Ajax truly isn’t the only dangerous one. 


There is a feeling of pain slicing through him; for a moment, Zhongli thought Ajax truly did tear out his heart to devour. It is only when he is abruptly pulled close against Ajax’s chest before his lips are reclaimed by the Prince that he realizes that the pain came from Ajax roughly grabbing him close. His talons cut through his skin enough to bleed, but the wounds are not deep enough to cause Zhongli any real discomfort.


He hears a low rumbling growl against his lips before he feels hands clumsily tearing through his clothes.


“So impatient.” Zhongli chuckles.


“You’re not naked fast enough.” Ajax growls. “Humans and their layers of fabric. Times like these remind me how troublesome they are.”


“Oh, but there is something rewarding about taking them off, don’t you think?” Zhongli teases. “Like a present slowly getting unraveled.” 


To further illustrate his point, Zhongli adjusts his position so that he straddles the man’s waist, bumping against Ajax’s tail. Keeping his eyes locked with Ajax, Zhongli deliberately takes his time shrugging off his shirt. The blue in Ajax’s iris blazes brightly when Zhongli’s hands move to the waistband of his pants, tugging the material downwards along with his undergarment.


Ajax’s tail feels cold and wet against the swell of Zhongli’s ass, which is now as bare as the rest of him for all of Ajax to see. Zhongli couldn’t fight back the shiver that runs down his spine when he notices Ajax’s hungry gaze,  his hands moving to roughly grip Zhongli’s hips again. 


“Do you feel pain, my lover?” Ajax asks when Zhongli hisses. His hands are pressing against the wounds at Zhongli’s sides and the wounds are starting to throb under his touch. 


“It’s a pain that I crave, my Prince.” Zhongli says in return. 


Ajax doesn’t press against the wounds for too long. In fact, his touch is gentler the next time his hands press against the shallow cuts. With their bodies pressed close, Zhongli instantly feels it when those very same hands move from his sides to drift downwards. The tips of Ajax’s talons brush against the head of Zhongli’s cock, earning an instant hiss from his human lover.


“So wet. You’re excited already?” Ajax says, his lips curving into a smile. He rubs the head with his palm, enjoying the way Zhongli buckles against him. The sensation of being teased so maddeningly is enough to make Zhongli weak to the knees. He braces himself against Ajax’s shoulders, inhaling the smell of the ocean on the man’s skin as he sucks in sharp breaths.


Ajax is really good with his hands. 


Each touch sends a delicious wave of heat through Zhongli’s body, razing his nerves and shocking him to the core. He finds himself biting space in between Ajax’s neck and shoulder as he endures the way Ajax strokes his cock with an insistent rhythm. If Zhongli’s bite is causing him any sort of pain, Ajax is not saying anything about it.


Zhongli feels something steadily rise underneath him before something hard bumps against the base of his cock. Licking his lips, Zhongli locks eyes with Ajax before he returns the man’s smile.


“It seems that you are the same, Ajax.” Zhongli says, reaching below to give Ajax’s cock, now fully emerged from the slit on his tail, a firm stroke


The shape of Ajax’s cock is different from a human’s - as much as the fact should be a given to Zhongli given the kind of creature his lover is, holding the organ in his hand never fails to give him a different kind of thrill each time he does it. It only emerges from the slit at the front of Ajax’s tail when he is aroused, the shape reminding Zhongli of a long thick pink tongue. He’s not sure if it’s the same as the rest of Ajax’s kind or it is unique only to him, but Ajax’s cock is also lined up with dull ridged edges which are rough under Zhongli’s hands.


And incredibly delicious when Zhongli takes it inside of him. Even the thought of it is enough to make Zhongli’s mouth water.


“So eager to take my cock already, lover?” Ajax says with a low laughter. “Entertain me first, at least.”


“Oh, I aim to do just that.” 


Adjusting their positions so that their cocks are lined up against each other, Zhongli strokes Ajax’s cock in tandem with the Prince’s own ministrations. Zhongli’s hand couldn’t quite glide smoothly up and down the man’s cock due to its size and its edges. Regardless, the tip is wet and it stiffens and enlarges under his touch and Ajax’s breathing is definitely becoming heavier, so Zhongli’s ministrations still pleasure his lover.


There is a lewd squelching sound coming from in between them. Zhongli’s cock is practically drooling with pre-cum, hard and warm pressed in between them. The sensation of being rubbed against the rough edges of Ajax’s cock is enough to make Zhongli’s toes curl from the pleasure, jutting his hips out every now and then to chase the friction. Everytime he does, there is a slick cool feeling teasing his entrance from rubbing against Ajax’s tail. The feeling is addicting that soon enough, Zhongli is humping against Ajax’s tail, moans slipping from his lips.


“Like that, do you?” Ajax asks roughly. He covers Zhongli’s hand with his own, pushing it further down Ajax’s cock. “Don’t get lazy now. Didn’t you say you’ll entertain me?”


Zhongli shivers at the way Ajax speaks - dark and commanding, yet teasing and tender. It makes him want to please Ajax more. It makes him want Ajax to praise him, while his nails would cut through his skin and his teeth would tear through his tongue.


Zhongli abruptly kisses him, taking Ajax by surprise that he couldn’t quite keep his teeth from cutting Zhongli’s lips. It’s fine. It’s what Zhongli desires. As the pain floods through him and the taste of blood dances in between their joint lips, Zhongli continues to stroke Ajax’s cock. His wrist hurts and his palm is probably rubbed raw but Zhongli continues to want.


“I want you.” Zhongli gasps against his mouth, his lips stained red from his own blood. “I want you right now, my Prince. I can’t stand it. Please devour me.


There is a flash of pain when Ajax digs his talons into Zhongli’s sides again. The pain is great enough that Zhongli thinks that his lover might have torn through flesh this time, but the need and desire Zhongli feels towards him overrides the feeling. 


“Do you want me to take you now?” Ajax says roughly, his eyes filled with heat. “Without any preparation? Not even my spit or the water to lube you up?” His smile stretches wider as he brushes one thumb across Zhongli’s leaking cock. “Can I just take you with just your pre-cum and blood to make things easier?”


Zhongli shudders at his words, his heart pounding loudly in his chest even at just the idea of it. He subconsciously grinds against his partner, his now stiff and upright nipples rubbing deliciously against the patches of scales on Ajax’s chest, the friction adding more and more waves of pleasure to his already sensitive body. His palm is possibly rubbed raw as he continues to stroke Ajax and for a moment, he wonders if he should take the man into his mouth.


But he wants to be the one who’s devoured and today, Zhongli is especially impatient. 


“You’ve already cut me open enough.” Zhongli says softly. “Isn’t the smell of my blood driving you insane, my love?”


“Do you want to be my sacrifice that badly, little human?” Ajax smirks, playing along. 


“Only in a way that we both enjoy.” Zhongli replies. He pries off Ajax’s hand from his cock with a surprising amount of gentleness before he adjusts his position to properly straddle the man. “I don’t need preparation. Not today, at least. Today…” Zhongli licks his lips. “I’d like to try something new.”


Despite his bold words, Zhongli is admittedly nervous. Ajax’s cock is much different than a human’s in both size and shape and even with plenty of preparation, there is almost always discomfort before the pleasure hits him. No matter how aroused Zhongli is right now, he would definitely feel pain if he just lets Ajax take him raw.


And yet it’s that very same idea that makes his mouth water. That makes him brush his hand against the many small wounds on his body to coat his hand with his own blood before he wipes some of it onto his hardened cock under Ajax’s watchful eye. It’s that idea that makes him reach behind him and takes Ajax’s cock once more before positioning it against his twitching hole.


There is a hand on his cheek. Ajax looks at him, a flash of gentleness in his gaze.


“Are you sure?” he asks.


Zhongli smiles. “Do you not want me?”


“I always want you.” Ajax says sincerely.


“Good.” Zhongli answers. “Because right now, I want you so badly.” There is a ghost of a smirk on his face. “My Prince.”


And then Zhongli sinks himself onto Ajax’s hardened cock.


The pain is just as he expected.


No. That is a fat lie.


The pain is much, much more than he expected. It’s the sort of pain that electrocutes him to the very core and burns all his nerves away. It’s the sort of pain that locks his voice inside his throat that all that comes out from his throat is a silent scream. It’s the sort of pain that takes him so deeply that he could very well feel it inside his gut.


Along with the shape of his lover’s cock.


The blood and pre-cum obviously aren’t enough for lubrication and his hole not being stretched adequately enough means that the thrust had met with resistance - a resistance that Ajax’s cock quickly pushed against as it penetrates Zhongli all the way to his hilt. The ridged edges of Ajax’s cock are rubbing at all of Zhongli’s sensitive places all at once that he doesn’t quite know which sensation to feel first.


Zhongli’s fingers dig into Ajax’s shoulders as he sucks in sharp breaths, tears pricking his eyes as he tries to get used to the sensation. The pain has yet to dull and his head is spinning from it. He couldn’t make a sound and channels his pain through the tight grip on Ajax. He feels the skin breaking and before long, his nail hits something soft.


Like flesh.


“There, there.” he hears Ajax murmur. “Good little human. You can do it.” Ajax continues to hold him, careful not to brush against his wounds. 


The pain takes its time to become bearable. It doesn’t fade; not entirely. By the time Zhongli finally gets used to the stretch and the sudden intrusion in his body, he tiredly lifts his head and looks at Ajax. Ajax smiles at him gently before leaning to  kiss Zhongli’s forehead, already damp from sweat. 


“Better?” he asks.


“...Yes.” Zhongli whispers.


“You did so well.” Ajax praises. “So eager yet so good to me.” He presses a hand against Zhongli’s stomach where he could feel the outline of his cock from underneath the skin. “Do you still want me to devour you whole, my love? Now that you’ve had a taste of the pain?”


Zhongli responds by kissing the man deeply, letting his tongue run across Ajax’s teeth. He cuts himself again, filling their mouth with blood. 


Being Ajax’s lover is turning him strange. Zhongli is starting to enjoy the taste and feel of blood on his tongue.


When they part, the string of saliva that connects their outstretched tongues - Zhongli’s human one that is now littered with cuts one and Ajax’s long forked tongue - is red from the blood. Zhongli kisses Ajax’s cheek, staining the skin there red.


“If you won’t take me.” Zhongli breathes. “Then, I’ll make sure you swallow me whole myself.”


And then, he lifts his hips, hissing at the burning sensation of Ajax’s massive cock dragging along his walls, before he slams himself down once more. 


The pain shocks him again but since he’s more prepared for it this time around, Zhongli recovers quickly. After the initial sensation of being deeply penetrated wears off enough, he starts moving his hips again. His hands reach out to lace his fingers with Ajax’s as he balances himself on the man’s hips. The slide of Ajax’s tail against his skin gives off a cool and wet feeling, further adding on to his arousal. It doesn’t quite let him ignore the pain but it’s enough for him to focus on the small but growing pleasure..


Whenever he embraces Ajax, he rarely ever allows Ajax to transform into a more human form. The man could do it if Zhongli asks for it - he had done once or twice before in the past - but Zhongli knows what he likes very well. 


And what he likes is the crushing weight of Ajax’s strong chest everytime he pushes him to the ground or press him against the wall, his sharp teeth that leaves small wounds here and there all over Zhongli’s body that will heal quick enough for Zhongli to crave more of it, and the cold, wet and rough feeling of rubbing against the Prince’s tail and patches of scale.


He likes the monstrous side of Ajax very much and no human form could ever satisfy this particular want.


He especially likes the way Ajax’s gleaming eyes never leave him as the Prince watches Zhongli slowly riding his cock, a stifled moan leaving Zhongli’s lips every now and then. Zhongli feels so impossibly full - no matter how many times they embraced each other, the fullness that Ajax gives him is never something Zhongli could ever get used to.


Nor could he ever get enough of it.


Because of the sheer length and size of Ajax’s cock, as well as the shape of it, Zhongli doesn’t even have to move much for him to get stimulated. Ajax’s cock is rubbing him in all the right places and reaches even in the deepest places that even the slightest push further downwards onto it has Zhongli crying out from both the pain and pleasure. His grip on Ajax’s hands tighten. His chest rises and falls rapidly with each breath he pants out.


There is a fresh smell of blood that floods his senses. Zhongli doesn’t need to guess where it comes from.


“How are you feeling, little human?” Ajax hums. “Are you enjoying yourself?”


“Can’t you - hnm - tell by how tightly I -” Zhongli gasps when the tip of Ajax’s cock hits his prostate directly. He doubles over, leaning heavily against Ajax’s chest as he rides the electrifying pleasure going up his spine. He lets out a breathless chuckle as he sloppily kisses Ajax’s lips, smearing traces of blood on the man’s mouth. “ - cling onto you, my love?”


Something cold and wet slides against Zhongli’s skin, wrapping around his bare chest. He sees the end of Ajax’s tail and realizes that the man had loosely wrapped his tail around Zhongli to lift him up and hold him in place. Ajax is all smiles when he goes forward before a long forked tongue flickers from between his lips.


Zhongli couldn’t stop the choked cry that tumbles out from his throat when Ajax teases his stiff nipple with his forked tongue while his hand reaches under to stroke Zhongli’s cock again. His tail slides further up Zhongli’s torso until it brushes against Zhongli’s other nipple. The new position has Zhongli trapped against Ajax, unable to move as the Prince’s cock is driven deeper inside him.


A clawed hand gently ghost over Zhongli’s stomach, feeling the outline of his cock from underneath his human lover’s skin.


“You take me so well.” he purrs. “Even without preparation. Even with all the pain. It’s so worth it, isn’t it?”


Zhongli tries to nod but he’s so overwhelmed that he could only make a choked whimper. With all his sensitive spots being rubbed mercilessly by Ajax, he could feel himself slowly losing control of his own body. He rides Ajax’s cock eagerly, his hips jutting to meet Ajax’s strokes on his own cock and moaning at the feeling of Ajax’s tongue and tail around his sensitive nipples. Everytime he sinks down onto the stiff length, he feels as though his insides are being moved around. The wet squelching sounds that come with it are so obscene and lewd that it makes Zhongli’s head spin. 


His blood feels like it’s on fire. His tongue lolls out from his mouth, a string of drool wetting his chin. He’s aware of how debased he seems right now, losing himself to a monster’s cock and fingers, but with the pleasure now overpowering the pain, Zhongli is unsure whether he really cares anymore.


“Touch me more, my Prince.” Zhongli gasps. “ Ajax. Ajax, you feel so -” The next thrust hits particularly deep that Zhongli yowls out his next words. “- so good! Touch me more. Please!


“You’re so beautiful like this, Zhongli.” Ajax’s voice is dark and heavy with heat. “So desperate and stupid over my cock. What a beautiful sacrifice, Zhongli. All mine to devour.” 


His talons dig into Zhongli’s arms, drawing blood and sending his senses into overdrive. His horn scrapes against the man’s scalp, also drawing blood from the gash it caused. It isn’t deep enough to cause some serious injury, but the pain is enough to have Zhongli gasping. His hole clenches impossibly tight around Ajax’s cock, as though to squeeze him out of everything he has. Blood pours down from Zhongli’s body, staining Ajax’s own skin red. 


His tongue moves from Zhongli’s swollen nipple to lick at the wound on his arm, teasing along the torn skin with his teeth before digging into the flesh slightly. Zhongli tenses against him yet he continues to ride him with abandon, his own nails raking red lines down Ajax’s back. 


Zhongli’s cock is hard under Ajax’s touch. His balls are tight and aching, and even the smallest of brushes against the scales on Ajax’s body is enough to have Zhongli sobbing. His rhythm is sloppy now. Zhongli is using all his strength to bounce and grind against Ajax, the obscene sounds of their hips snapping together made lewder with the loud slapping sound each time the swell of Zhongli’s ass hits Ajax’s tail. His skin is slick with sweat, blood and pre-cum.


Matching the scent that covers the cavern like a thick mist. 


“I’m going to come.” Zhongli says brokenly. “A-Ajax, I c-can’t -”


“Do you want me to devour you?” Ajax says with a lick of his lips. “Bite through your skin and flesh while you lose yourself over my cock?” He presses against the wounds on Zhongli’s body hard enough to draw out a cry from the latter. “Would you like that, Zhongli?”


“Gods yes!” Zhongli chokes out. “P-Please, Ajax, I need it, I -”


The heat coiling inside his gut soon became too much to bear that Zhongli couldn’t even finish his sentence. Clenching down onto Ajax’s cock, Zhongli orgasms with a broken high pitched cry, his vision blurring from the intensity of it. His release shoots out in thick white ropes, splattering onto his face and hair when they land. In the midst of his orgasm high, he could taste his own release on his tongue, along with his blood.


A flash of pain grounds him back to reality, reminding him that Ajax’s massive cock is still embedded deeply inside him. He could tell that Ajax is close from his heavy breathing and how he’s now rocking back into Zhongli, his hips rocking roughly against him. Still weak from his orgasm, Zhongli could only moan brokenly as Ajax forces Zhongli to keep riding him, forcing his body up and down Ajax’s cock.


“So good around me.” Ajax growls. “My human lover. So cute. So beautiful so delectable so -”


He sinks his teeth into Zhongli’s shoulder when he finally comes. The pain from being bitten along with the feeling of something hot shooting deep inside of him drives Zhongli over the edge again, causing him to gasp out Ajax’s name and cling onto him tightly. Ajax’s release gushes into him, filling him up so quickly that he could feel his stomach starting to budge from the overflow. Some is already leaking out from his hole, mixed along with trickles of blood.


Ajax lets go of Zhongli’s shoulder to kiss him hungrily on the lips, his forked tongue practically plunged deep into his mouth. Zhongli nearly chokes from the blood and saliva that trickle down his throat in the process.


Ajax is intense in both the way he loves and holds him. It is an intensity that Zhongli reciprocates. He welcomes the pain that Ajax gives him and returns the favor as much as his human capabilities allow him to. He hears a breathless chuckle in his ear when Zhongli bites his throat in retaliation. He doesn’t taste blood on his tongue but he knows it’s hard enough that causes Ajax at least some discomfort.


“What an aggressive human.” Ajax teases.


“You deserve some wounds of your own too.” Zhongli says. Rolling his hips so that he could feel Ajax’s cock still buried deep inside of him, he takes Ajax’s hands and presses them against his stomach. “You’ve marked me all over. What a terrifying Prince you are.”


“That’s because you’re too delectable not to ignore, Zhongli.” Ajax purrs. “My irresistible sacrifice. My beautiful lover.”


His horn scrapes against Zhongli’s scalp again, irritating the wound there. He kisses the spot beneath Zhongli’s eyes, complimenting the color of cor lapis with a deep scarlet hue. “I love you, Zhongli.”


Zhongli lightly kisses Ajax’s mouth before biting on his lover’s bottom lip. This time, he tastes blood. His lips curve into a smile.


“I love you more, Ajax.”