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Heartless Healer

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The great thing about Izuku’s job was that he could show up with a coffee then spend the next ten minutes just glaring at the villain and no one was going to complain or bother him. He leaned against his bike not too far from the paramedics on standby. The Hero was doing a surprisingly good job at keeping civilians relatively uninjured which left him with enough free time to finish the brew. None of the paramedics dared bother him. They had gotten called out here at 6 in the goddamn morning, and their career didn't depend on them literally being drained of energy. Still, someone took the opportunity when Izuku glared down at his empty cup.

“Here sir,” The young man looked so nervous Izuku wouldn't be surprised if this was his first day as a first responder, he certainly looked awake enough for that.

“Thanks,” The absolute look of shock he had as Izuku took the to-go cup was priceless. What did he expect Izuku to just blow up at him for offering coffee?... He had only done that a few times... and there were other contributing factors!

“Ah- no problem,” He smiled, yep definitely his first day, or at least the first week. Izuku bet he looked like that once, for a very short time, “We need you ready in case anything goes wrong,”

“I need you ready too,” He didn’t have the energy to spare a rant about slacking off just because a healer was on site. So to spare the poor lamb he just took a swig at the coffee. Fun fact about being the son of a guy who breathes fire, can’t burn your throat, “Not strong enough,”

“Um... Angle Sigh.. sir?” Izuku snorted he was willing to put a lot of money the guy was thinking he didn’t match the name at all, “That's pure espresso, the others said your quirk relies on energy so I thought-”

“It does, and this isn’t strong enough,”

“Oh!” He looked like he had figured something out, he hadn’t, “Does your quirk give you an immunity to caffeine?”

“Nope,” Izuku chugged the Venti cup of pure espresso, “I do,”

“I… don’t think that's… healthy,” Brave soul.

“It’s not,” Izuku looked over to the fight the villain was winding up for an attack the Hero a counter, they were too close to the building over, “Heads up,”

The two attacks met shockwaves rattling the ground. It caught the corner of a building making debris rain down. There were several screams, must have been an area the evacuation team couldn’t get to.

“Move out!” Izuku shouted over the paramedics yelling out orders. He led the way, edging them as far from the fight as possible. The Hero's response was to direct the villain away from the fight. 

The same paramedic from earlier stuck close to Izuku’s side, a mobile defibrillator handy. Fortunately, not all civilians were stuck under rubble. Paramedics took their positions and started treating those around them, some would lead those that could walk further away from the site. Izuku moved further into the wreckage, training letting him move aside what he needed to make a path.

“You’re needed over there,” Izuku directed the guy that was following him to a few responders performing CPR. He scrambled away briefly looking back at Izuku to see if he would help. Izuku turned away they had enough attention. There were no other rescue heroes here; he had to check for criticals in the wreckage.

He picked through it at a steady pace. Breathing exercise to both help the strain of the lift and calm him down. One of the first things he had learned was anxiety eats into your energy like nothing else, panicking on the field was not an option. 

“He… he-lp,” From the right, warbled voice likely from blood in the lungs, damage to the torso, likely not visible. Izuku figured this out as he jumped over a piece of rebar sticking out and made his way to the cry.

“I’m here and I’m going to save you,” Izuku said evenly, he couldn't pick up on any breathing, at best it was too shallow, “But I need to know where you are, can you speak again? Or may any sort of noise?”

“Ha,” To his left, “Ha!”

Izuku swerved around a large chunk of wall figuring he would be inside the building now if it were still intact. They were there on the other side. Rebar stuck out through their chest. Their eyes were closed and their breathing was getting shallower as he approached.


“It’s ok I’m here,” Izuku placed a hand on her cheek she would be more likely to feel that than her shoulder. Then he took out gauze to help stop the bleeding, applying pressure. “I’m Angel Sigh, a healer so I’ll be able to fix you, but first I need to get you on the ground,”

Izuku wasn't sure if she knew there was literally rebar sticking through her chest, telling her would only make her panic. The rebar was sticking out of some concrete straight up from the ground. It would be easier to take it out at the front than lift her off it, especially since it curved at the top. Bolt cutters wouldn’t do but luckily he had some support gear from Hatsume industries that should do the trick.

“It will be painful so I want you to bite down on this and breath through your nose,” Izuku brought the bit of cloth he always had for these occasions, “Ok, focus on my voice,”

He started to lift her. Only enough that he could cut cleanly through the rebar. She screamed, rightfully so, but in her state, it wouldn't be loud enough to alert anyone else. It was a tricky angle to try and lift her while holding the laser saw steady. He would have to send in a request for something hands-off.

“You’re doing well, it’s almost out, just breathe through your nose,” Izuku reminded, the saw cut through. Izuku dropped it steading both hands under her so he could shift them to flatter ground, “Ok I’m going to take the rest out- Now!”

He pulled the rebar out quick like a bandaid, holding her down so she wouldn’t spasm and make it worse by pushing it back in.

“It’s ok now, no more pain,” Izuku soothed, throwing the bloodied metal to the side, “I can start healing you now, you’re going to be fine, just hold still,”

Izuku gathered up enough energy, breathing it out in a green mist. He held her still, his gloves were designed that his quirk couldn't penetrate so he wouldn't sap any energy back. He watched as the wound closed up seamlessly. Other minor injuries now being noticed, her leg was certainly broken or fractured so Izuku blew some mist there. Before long she was healed of everything but some scrapes and bruises. 

Izuku took out some spare clothes he always kept handy for civilians that had there's ruined. It was thin and made of more plastic than cloth but it did the trick.

“Ready to sit up?” Izuku asked as she blinked back to awareness, “I have painkillers,”

Not really she shouldn't be feeling any pain but her brain was probably confused and still register it. So these were more like relaxants that should help her down from the adrenaline high too. She nodded and Izuku helped her sit up. At this point, Izuku would usually hand her off to someone else but no one else had made it this far into the building.

“I’m going to help carry you back ok?” Izuku asked, she nodded absently and he gently hoisted her up. 

Following the path, he had made earlier made it easier but he still used up more energy than he would have liked getting her back to the paramedics.

“Any more critical?” Izuku asked as one approached to check over the victim's condition.

“No, and the building was cleared,” They reported, the fight had been moved further down the street but was now inching back towards them.

“Cleared?” Izuku frowned kneeling next to the girl, “Then why were you inside?”

“... Quirkless… they-they said...” Ah, what a bunch of assholes, they either lied about the evacuation or locked her in the building, “Shouldn't… of wasted you Quirk… on me… useless,”

“I didn’t waste my quirk and you’re not useless,” Izuku said firmly, he had dealt with this before getting told someone Quirkless was in low priority even if they were in critical condition. Yelling with biased medics about who to use his quirk on.

“Can’t do anything,” She scoffed, looking over to the villain the hero was desperately trying to keep away from them, “Not against that,”

“That doesn't mean-” the villain’s attack landed dangerously close to someone receiving medical attention, they screamed, “That's it, stay here,”

Izuku stood, several paramedics, yelled at him to keep away. Izuku walked closer to the villain, unholstering his gun. The hero was moving around too much to get a clear shot.

“Hey you!” Izuku yelled over the sound of sirens and screams. The Hero paused and the villain looked over, he scoffed at Izuku once he saw the healer symbol. Izuku took out his gun, three shots rang out, two hit the villain. They fell to their knees bleeding from their leg and side. Neither wound was fatal, given treatment, but it would certainly take them out of commission. The Hero acted quickly, binding the villain.

“Are you hurt?” Izuku asked the hero as the police took over.

“Not too much,” They were definitely bleeding so Izuku led them back to the paramedics.

“Good work out there,” Izuku let them lean against him.

“I hear that’s high praise from you,” They laughed, but clutched their side the next moment.

“Apparently I’m in a good mood today,” Izuku rolled his eyes at the guy playing tough, at least he wasn't demanding to be healed, cause he didn’t need it.


“No, it’s fucken six am and I had to pull a metal pole out of someone already,” They cringed, what did they expect there to be no injuries?

“Thanks for that,” They said earnestly, a paramedic took the hero from Izuku, sitting them down at the ambulance, “Guess I’m lacking as a hero,”

“Get a gun,” Izuku shrugged, the girl from before so happened to be there, she had a lot more color than earlier.

“Haha- oh wait you’re serious,” The Hero realized, Izuku smirked.

“Quirk or not, there's not many villains I’ve come across that can’t be taken down by a few bullets,” He winked at the Quirkless girl looking at him in shock.

Izuku just smiled, if he later slipped her the business card for the shooting range he went to. That was no one's buisness.