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The Man She Once Knew

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“Your son misses you”Li squeezed Fangs hand

Li had recently given birth so having her husband in this state made her terrified

She wanted to say the words herself but couldn’t quite manage to get them to come or on her own terms

“I can’t lose you”Li whispered as she stayed near Fangs bedside

After the thief her husband had chased down had struck him unconscious he’s been in a coma like state

“Any updates?”Li has asked a nurse whom stopped by

“He hasn’t shown any improvement but we are keeping him here overnight”The Younger woman replied back to Li

“I guess I’ll be staying”Li drew out a sigh

It pained her deeply to see her husband in such a vulnerable state

“It’s just you and me”Li sat down next to the bed

There was something so gruesome about the quietness from her usually lively husband

Li missed the man she once knew

Yet she knew he wouldn’t be the same man entirely which still broke her heart