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Total Eclipse

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Kirari is too stubborn and Ririka is too frail.”

Kirari woke up to the voice of her mother in the room across from her. She was awoke for quiet a while. It was the type of nights where she’d repeatedly woke up due to the weather being too warm. She’d hear muffle in the other room but couldn’t make sense of what her mother and one of her fling was talking about until her voice got louder.

“I can’t send them to serve any poets or artists yet, due to them being too young.”

Kirari stared at the door that was open ajar, then glanced down at her sister who was still fast asleep. Ririka looked peaceful and safe. Kirari wanted to keep it that way, wanted to keep Ririka from hearing the horrific things that came out of her mother’s mouth.

“I’m tired of looking after them. My life has gone down the drain after since I had them. Achelous wants nothing to do with me, and I’m not getting any younger.”

“You’re still young and beautiful,” Kirari heard a man soft voice coming from the same room as her mother. “And your voice is still as enchanting as ever.”

“What will happen when I can no longer use my beauty and voice?” Her mother voice sounded irritated and panicky. “What will happen if I can no longer inspires men?”

There was a pause. Kirari slowly lay back down and slides the blanket over her body. She turned her body and face her sister. She wished she could be a deep sleeper like Ririka; sleeping like there’s not a care in the world.

“Come with me.”

Kirari eyes widened just before she started closing them.

“Pardon me?” Her mother question. The sound in her voice sounded more optimistic than anything Kirari has ever heard.

“Come with me.” The man repeated. “I can take care of you. We’ll start a new life together.”

“You won’t cast me aside?”

“Why do you think I keep coming back to you?” The man half heartily chuckled. “I can never cast you aside, nor ever get tired of your songs.”

Kirari sat up once again. Her heart was racing. The thought of sleep was thrown out the door.

She heard her mother hummed before asking the very same question Kirari had wondered from the start. “And my children?”

“They’re old enough to be in the care of the other muses,” the man assured her. “I’m sure they can fend for themselves. Besides…” Kirari heard their bed squeaked and her eyes narrowed on the door. “I want you all to myself.”

The rest of that night, all Kirari could hear was the all too familiar sound coming from her mother’s room. The different men she would bring, the different nights it would happen, they all sounded the same coming out of that room.

Kirari covered her ears and went under the covers.

That was what she remembered when her mother was around. That was all she remembered of her. Those sleepless nights, and lonely conversation her mother would have with different men. Until one day, she finally left with one of them, leaving her and Ririka behind.

Kirari stared at the ceiling. She had took a nap after her little activity, but once again, she was wide awake. She hadn’t been able to sleep peacefully in a very long time, she had even forgotten the last time she had a good sleep. Although physically, she never looked tired, mentally she was exhausted.

Not that this little problem can’t be fix.

She just needed to feed more often.

She needed to leave this town. People are getting suspicious and Kirari was too tired to handle the police at the moment.

She got out of the bed and grabbed a silky robe laying on the floor. Just as soon as she took a step, Aoi sat up in bed, ready to follow her.


She commanded without turning back to him. She heard him whimpering behind of her but she couldn’t care less. She walked towards the balcony and closed her eyes at the feeling of the cold breeze and the soothing smell of the salt in the air.

Mary Saotome.

“Just what is Mary doing to you?” Kirari mumbled underneath her breath as she look up at the moon. It looked like a toenail and it seems so far away.

She hoped Ririka had fun with Mary. She should. Ririka deserve that.


“How far will you go for this mortal?”

As much as the stress was of finding a mortal who could fit the role of a siren, Kirari knew Mary wouldn’t be able to live like them.

Her personality was too strong and Kirari doubt she’d do anything she say.

If Mary can’t accept the terms and conditions of being a siren,

She has to go.


Ririka stared at the ceiling that looked normal than any ceilings she’d never seem. No fancy chandelier, no strange design of sculptures hanging down on her. Just a normal circular lamp that was useful as any other fancy lamps.

Her eyes travels to the wall and then the windows. The curtains was slightly parted making the sunlight seeping through the open space and into the room. It felt nice. Warm and cozy.

She couldn’t help the smile that formed on her lips, remembering this was Mary’s room. Her room looked nothing like the rooms Ririka was used to. There were pictures and personal belongings, on the desk, on the floor, and even on the windowsill.

Not a single thing in this room screams perfection.

It felt intimate, and personal.

Ririka had never truly known what it felt like to have a home, or to be at home. All the moving, the scattering, the running, the temporarily and thrill of being a siren had never given her a chance to sit and thought of a place to call home.

But it was this moment, and time that she finally figured out what it meant to be home.  Home wasn’t a place, but a feeling, being with someone that made her smile without even trying.

Butterflies filled her stomach when she felt protective arms encircled around her waist. Mary was still sleeping, and Ririka had never seen her look so beautiful and in peace.

In all the years, and centuries of living, Ririka had never felt content until now. She had punished herself from love for the longest and refusing to let anyone sees past her siren of a shell. Demeter’s cursed stated that fact solidly, but somehow, Mary was the one who was ever able to break down her wall and captured her stoic heart.

The memories of last night made her blush. Mary was her girlfriend now. She was her lover now.

Ririka planted her face into her pillow and squeak happily. Quickly, she glanced at Mary and felt a relief washing over her that she hadn’t woken Mary up.

This was what Ririka had been yarning for such a long time.

A connection. A true bond with somebody.

Mary stirred in her sleep, her arms slowly loosened and a pout grew on Ririka’s face, missing the feeling of those arms already.

Gazing lovingly at the sleeping girl in front of her, her cheeks pickend as Mary’s eyelids slowly fluttered open. Those fiery, and determined golden orbs she admired so much was shining before her.

Mary really is her sun.

Mary’s eyebrows knitted together, at the sight of her newly girlfriend’s flushed face. “Is something on my face?”

“No,” Ririka smiled and hid her face, muffling something into the pillow.

“What’s that?” Mary smiled, raising her hand to tucked in a piece of Ririka’s hair behind her ear. “I couldn’t hear you.”

Looking up over the pillow, Ririka sighed and turned her body fully so she could see Mary. “I said why do you look so cute waking up.”

Taken by surprised, Mary couldn’t help but blush. “It’s too early to flatter me, you idiot!”

“Did I get a point for that, though?” She teased, and the blonde started coughing.

“Stop,” Mary whined, redness took over her face, “you’re gonna make me blush.”

“You already are,” Ririka smirked, quickly planting a kiss on Mary’s nose.

Mary sighed, smiling at her new girlfriend. “I could get used to this.”

“I know, me too,” she responded, “I don’t think I’ve ever woken up next to somebody before.”

Mary raised a brow and smirked. “What’s that supposed to mean? You just left in the middle of the night after you had your fun?”

“Something like that,” Ririka muttered, and she laid down staring at the ceiling. “It just never felt right to wake up with someone when there’s nothing to talk about.”

“Well you’re gonna get used to this,” Mary smiled wickedly as she launches into Ririka, pulling her into her and planting kisses all over her face. “Because you’re gonna wake up next to me everyday now.”

Everyday now

Everyday now..

The last words of Mary’s replays in Ririka’s mind. Ririka giggled at this affectionate side of Mary. She could definitely get used to this.

“But, I think it’s time to get up now,” Mary sighed, pulling the covers off of the pair. “We need breakfast, and a good long shower.” She sat up, pulling Ririka up with her and snickered, before adding, “we smell horrible.”

Ririka took this time to take in the room and smirked at the thought of last night. “You’re right, you stink.”

“Hey!” Mary pouted, with an embarrassed blush forming on her face, “it’s your fault.”

“Did I tell you how cute you are when you pout?” Ririka reply with a gentle smile.

“N-no,” Mary blushed some more. She wasn’t used to these loving attention and she didn’t think she could handle anymore compliments from Ririka. “And don’t start telling me that! I can’t handle it.”

“Well, you are.” Ririka leaned in and give her a passionate kiss, only breaking away when she felt Mary beginning to fight for air. “Cute.”

“Idiot,” Mary grumbled and playfully pushed Ririka away. However, before she could flirt some more, she accidentally glanced at the clock. “Crap! Crap crap crap!” Her eyes widened. “I’m late! I have training today!”

Ririka smirked sitting up beside her. “You still need to take a shower. Look at your hair.”

“R-Right!” Mary’s face flushed as she looked away from Ririka. Considering how messy Ririka’s hair was, Mary knew hers was probably just as messy, maybe even worse. “I’ll go take my shower and you can leave.”

“Are you not going to let your girlfriend join you?” She raised a brow, showing a small pout and Mary wanted to cry at that expression.

“Ririkaaaa,” Mary whined getting out of bed. “I need to take a quick shower, and you being there will definitely defeat that purpose.”

Ririka frowned, “Who says we’re going to do anything other than take the shower?”

Mary blush deepened and she turned away from embarrassment. She literally had no comment. “C-Come on them!”

Ririka smirked as she follow Mary, watching how the blonde was limping in front of her.

“Do you need help walking, dear?” Ririka caught up to her and looped her arm with Mary. “You look like you’re struggling.”

“And who’s fault is that!” Mary barked.

Ririka smiled glancing at the blonde. Mary was loud and fiery; the complete opposite of herself. Mary was nothing like the people Ririka had been with before. The feeling was new and refreshing.

Mary was the type to attract the crowds with her chest held high while Ririka prefer to stay a couple steps back from Kirari and Yumeko. Mary was the type to express what she feels and confidently so…

Whereas Ririka had never been able to voice her feelings out. Those rare times she’d go against Kirari, she ultimately felt small and weak.

Kirari wanted to leave town as soon as Mary puts her shit together and figure it out, but Ririka already knew Mary will stay.

If Mary decided to stay, and Kirari wanted to leave,

What would be left of Ririka?


Around noon was the time most people would come out to the beach. Bodies crowded the sand and food trucks invaded the roads.

“What are you staring so intently at?” Yumeko asked without looking up and flipping a page of a magazine.

They were sitting on the stool of the beach bar. Although the bar was busy and the queue was long, no one dare bothering the two sirens. Their auras and energy screams to not be bothered

“Nothing,” Kirari replied taking another sip of her cocktail.

Yumeko sighed flipping another page. “Uhuh, sure.”

“Do you think that girl is related to Cosmo?” She placed the glass down, sounding like her mind was far away.

This time Yumeko finally glance up to see what Kirari was staring at. From a couple blocks away, sitting on one of the beaches table, was Ririka, Mary and Sayaka. They seemed to be having a lively conversation from Yumeko’s point of view.

Mary was saying something that made Ririka and Sayaka both smiling and giggling helplessly.

“Which girl?” Yumeko asked and caught Kirari glaring at her like that was the most stupidest question ever.

“Sayaka, obviously.”

She shrugged nonchalantly. “From what I remembered, Cosmo was a guy you and Ririka were fighting over before I had even become a siren, correct?”

That made Kirari scoffed. “Don’t be ridiculous. Cosmo was a guy that was related to Odysseus.”

“I still don’t follow,” Yumeko shrugged, half minded the conversation with Kirari and went back to looking at her magazine. Yumeko had always been obsessed with fashion but these days, fashion icon had just became more and more ridiculous.

A particular model caught her eyes; she was on stage wearing a see through shirt that clearly showed her nipples.

Yumeko raised her brow,

Was this a new trend?

She wondered if she should start walking around with a see through shirt—

“Odysseus was a guy, known as some warrior that came up with a smart solution to resist our songs,” Kirari spoke up, interjecting Yumeko from her thoughts. “Though that was a long time ago, we later found out that he had an affair with the muse of poems and had a son before he even made it back home to his family. Of course, like all other men, he left his child to be raised by the muses.”

Yumeko hummed, “Okay, but that was a long time ago. It’s one in a million chances that somehow, Sayaka is a part of that family tree.” She glanced at Sayaka, but somehow, her gaze slides over to Mary. The blonde was blushing with a scowl on her face now at something Ririka had said. “And even if she is, Odysseus wasn’t some type of God. He was a normal human. He wasn’t immune to the sirens songs. He had people tying him up so he could resist—“

“Cosmo could resist,” Kirari interrupted. “Without being tied up, he could resist. He’s the only man who was ever able to withstand the action of us. Through he didn’t have as high as a stamina and much impossibly weaker than Sayaka, he was still impressive.”

“I still don’t understand,” Yumeko shrugged. “He could resist. Not totally immune. I’ve met a lot of men who tried to resist before I devoured them, but they all ended up failing. Demeter’s curse clearly stated that ‘no men’ would ever get past our voices.”

“Not entirely true,” she explained. “Demeter was more direct about cursing us so no men could genuinely fall in love with us, a way for us to be miserable. But to resist our voice was another thing that was vague.”

“So you think Sayaka is special because she could resist?” Yumeko raised a brow. She had never talked to Sayaka but she bet she could definitely put Sayaka in her place. However, Kirari has, and Yumeko knew better to trust Kirari’s judgements.

“Precisely,” hummed Kirari, as she twirl the cocktail in her hand. “Do you think she’s mated to someone?”

“Pardon me?” Yumeko raised a confused brow at the sudden turn of the conversation.

“I’ve forgotten what this generation called it these days,” she narrowed her eyes on Sayaka. “I haven’t had the time to keep up with time.”

Yumeko smiled at her poor excuse. “Well, to be completely honest with you, I’m pretty sure they don’t use the term ‘mate’ anymore.”

Kirari groaned and rolled her eyes. “Whatever.”

“If you wanted to know, just go over there and ask.” 

“Fine,” hummed Kirari, standing up “I need to know who she is. I failed to know who Cosmo was.”

Yumeko’s eyes followed Kirari as the siren stepped out of her stool and towards the beach. “What happened to him?”

“I killed him.”


“Are you really going to eat that?” Mary gagged and scrunched her face at the raw varieties of seafood pallet Sayaka had ordered from a food truck standing beside the beach. Sayaka sat across from her, while Ririka sat right beside her. “I mean, come on! the octopus is still moving.”

“I like raw seafood,” Sayaka countered, sliding the sauce towards herself. “Raw abalone is my fav.”

Yuck!” Mary sticks her tongue out with disgust while Ririka was quietly chuckling at the interaction. “I mean who eats raw stuff like this?”

“You do,” Ririka teased, shyly glancing over at Mary. “Last night, to be precise.”

Sayaka immediately choked on the baby squid that was already in her mouth and coughed it out while grabbing the glass of water.

Mary’s face blush deep and her lips pressed hard together, trying not to explode from Ririka’s answer.

“I-I…” Sayaka cough continued, her hand raising up to pat on her chest. “I definitely was not ready for that.”

“Sorry,” Ririka blushed and tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear. “I thought it was funny. I hope you’re not too uncomfortable, Sayaka.”

“No-No, you don’t have to apologize,”Sayaka said quickly. “It’s something Mary definitely would also say.”

“Hey!” Mary scowled. “I don’t say stuff like that!”

“Yes you do!” Sayaka chuckled, her eyes immediately glanced over at Ririka when she heard her laughing. “So it safe to say that you guys are together?”

Mary’s face remain flushed and glanced over at Ririka to save her.

A small part of Sayaka already knew the answer to that, and somehow it hurts to know Mary was off the market. But she realized Mary was right. Ririka was nothing like Kirari. Her demeanour was the opposite of Kirari’s. Nothing about Ririka felt like a threat and Sayaka couldn’t find any red flag or strange feelings towards the siren.

No wonder Mary choose her. Ririka was close to perfect as anyone could get. Even Sayaka could fall for her—

“Yes,” the siren answered softly, bringing Sayaka back, and although she couldn’t see, she could tell Ririka’s hand had moved over to grab Mary’s from under the table by the look of gentleness on her face.

“We are,” Mary nervously rubbed her cheek, then glanced over at Sayaka. “I wanted you two to meet so I could tell you.”

“We actually just got together last night, so I guess you’re the first person to know,” Ririka told her bashfully. Mary wanted her to meet Sayaka and she was more than happy to comply. Other than Itsuki, Ririka hadn't met any of Mary's other mortal friends, and she tell Mary wanted to let her in. Perhaps one day, Mary might even bring her to her family diner to meet her parents. “Not that anyone in my life is important for me to tell.”

“Not even Kirari?” Sayaka blurted out without thinking.

“No,” Ririka smiled. “Not even Kirari.”

“How?” Sayaka raised a brow. “I always see you guys together, walking around town like you own it.”

Mary sighed, finally her red face died down a bit. “Trust me, Sayaka. I asked the same thing when I first spoke to her.” A smile tugged up her face as she looked at her girlfriend. “But Ririka likes to keep to herself.”

Ririka gave her a small smile before turning to Sayaka. “She’s right. I’m sorry if we look intimidating strolling town like that. But if I’m being honest, all of us have no idea what the fuck we’re doing.”

That made Sayaka laughed a bit. “Somehow I can’t picture Kirari as someone who has no idea what she’s doing. I mean Yumeko is scary, but Kirari was just incredibly on a whole other level. She was singing to me the other day at the restaurant.”

Mary and Ririka both tensed up at the information. “She what?” They both said in unison.

“Yeah,” Sayaka rubbed the side of her neck, while taking a whole bite of the abalone. “She sounded like she was singing, but somehow it sounded like a demand. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I thought it was super unusual.”

“You didn’t do what she asked?” Mary question, her grip on Ririka’s hand tightened.

“No,” Sayaka said nonchalantly.

“Why?” Ririka asked, she was as eager to know as Mary.

Sayaka raised a brow and chugged on the glass of water, taking the napkins to wipe her mouth. “Because why would I order a meal if i wasn’t hungry?”

Ririka hummed as she stare intently at Sayaka.

That’s right.

She did hear Kirari had mention that Sayaka was immune to the sirens song.

But how was this possible?

“What is your last name?” Ririka suddenly question.

“W-What?” Sayaka was surprised.

“I-I mean,” Ririka squirm in her seat, trying to figure out an excuse to make.

“Igarashi,” Mary said plainly, not bothering to know why her girlfriend wanted to know, but she trust her enough. “Sayaka Igarashi.”

“Why do you wanna know my last name?” Sayaka asked curiously, not that she was skeptical of her. If Mary trust her, then Sayaka wouldn’t doubt her judgement. “Is that your way of picking a girl up?”

“What the hell!” Mary scowled. “Ririka is mine, back off.”

Sayaka giggled and Ririka release a sigh of relief.

“I was just curious,” Ririka finally said and quickly turning back to her girlfriend with a smirk. “I didn’t know you were this possessive.”

“I am not!” Mary blushed and mumbled, “Only when it comes to you…”

“Well, I’m flattered,” Ririka replied giving her a quick kiss on the cheek and glanced down at Sayaka’s food. “Do you mind if I have some too?”

“Go for it!” Sayaka grinned. “Most of my friends tend to stay away from fresh food.”

Ririka smiled and grabbed a chopsticks. “You can’t be afraid to mix it up sometimes,”

“Right?” Sayaka agreed. “This is way healthier than some fast food.”

“I can’t believe you’re eating a moving flesh,” Mary grumbled, looking at her girlfriend chewing the live octopus. No doubt Ririka would eat something like this considering she’s technically a fish all her life.

Sayaka smiled. “I’ve gotta to say, I have you pegged wrong.”

“I think everyone does,” Ririka glanced at Mary and the blonde suddenly swallowed a lump of air. “But I think it’s fair since Kirari, Yumeko and I tend to attract the crowds.”

Sayaka nodded and flagged over the waiter to bring her more water. “You guys are the talk of town ever since you’ve arrived so mysteriously. It’s as if you’re somehow part of a supernatural club.”

“You can say that again,” Mary chuckled, nudging Ririka on her shoulder.

Sayaka raised a brow and thank the waiter for refilling her water. “By the way, I forgot to ask, but what happened to your other friend. She disappeared a week after you all arrived. Sumika, I believed was her name?”

At that, Mary’s smile flattered. Now that Sayaka mentioned it, she hadn’t even had time to sit down and think about what truly had happened to her. She remembered Kirari mentioning that Mary had replaced Sumika, but what had actually happened to her? From Kirari’s explanation, now that Mary was a siren, that must mean that Sumika had died. And a big part of Mary wished that the sirens didn’t kill her by force, but instead, Sumika choosing to leave on her own terms.

But still, that fact alone was a lot to considered. If Mary decided not to go with the sirens, then there’s definitely a chance that they’ll leave her out to die alone, and find someone new to replace her.

Would Ririka really leave her behind?

To die?

To perish?

Like she did with Sumika?

Mary shuts her eyes for a moment. It wasn’t that she hadn’t had the time to sit and talk about her concerns with Ririka, but more like she was avoiding the topic. She wanted to spent as much time being happy as humanly as possible with her friends and Ririka as long as she could before facing the reality. Because the truth was that Mary was a siren, and she must start following their terms now.

She looked at Sayaka who was sipping on the glass of water waiting for a respond and then at Ririka.

“Sumika is—“

Before Ririka could even answer, a dark shadow loomed over them causing them to look up.

Kirari stood behind Mary and Ririka, facing Sayaka. Yumeko was right behind her.

Sayaka almost felt intimated by the four beauties in front of her. Wanting to act casual, she took another sip of the water.

Ririka frowned, staring up at her sister. “Kirari what are you—“

“Sayaka,” Kirari smiled down at her, leaning forward a little between Mary and Ririka.

“Do you want to mate with me?”