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If you ever get out, call me

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“Hello?” a sleepy female voice answers.

“Catryan?” Adora asks as her heart skips a beat. Wait, who's that girl?

“Huh, no t-this is Catra, w-who is this?” The voice answers, speech slurred.

Tempted to go into a long explanation of her precarious circumstances, Adora thinks better of it. She shuffles on the spot for a moment, trying to keep her body warm in the bitter January breeze and exhales a deep sigh that forms a frosty cloud cast in bright orange by the bus stop light.

She doesn’t know Catra or how she is related to Catryan. Did he get married? Her heart skips another beat. It's been almost thirteen and a half years out of the fifteen she enlisted for. Guess things moved quite a bit back home, huh?

“I… uhm Is Catryan there?” Adora repeats, a bit more downtrodden than just moments before. She scratches her head. No reply.

All she wants is to get somewhere warm. The bus driver had kicked her out when her wallet came up empty, and over the last hour of contemplation, the cold hasn’t been kind to her injury. There are good days and bad days. Today is bad, especially with the sub-zero temperatures. Not wanting to aggravate it further by freezing her ass off on one of the public benches nearby, she dumps her olive coloured duffle bag (that contains all she owns) on the ground and uses it as a makeshift beanbag. Not feeling the pressure and artificial textures around her right knee is such a relief. She sighs again, watching the white cloud drift off with the chilly wind. Adora can feel the heat flush into her face, the warmth that precedes a bawling breakdown. She really needs a friend right now.

“N-No he’s out” Catra says at last. Likely story. “Can I take a message for him?”

She can’t blame the girl, though. A call at quarter past midnight isn’t socially acceptable. Its sketchy as fuck and Adora knows it, but she has no choice. She’s lucky someone picked up at all. What if nobody had picked up? What if his phone number had changed? She has no answers for those questions.

“Uh, this uhm, Well, “she stutters, not sure how to articulate what needs to be said without going into details. ”This might sound weird but we used to be friends in highschool and m-uhm, I just returned to civil life and got no roof over my head. I don't know where to go and hoped I could crash at his place, just f--”

“Shhh Finn, mommy is on the phone, you go back to sleep.”Catra croons away from the phone, only audible faintly before returning with full volume. “Sorry what were you saying?”

Adora sighs.

Catra looks into the empty hallway. Finn’s been fast asleep for hours. She needs time to think. Why does Adora think it’s okay to call like she hasn’t been gone for almost fifteen fucking years? In the middle of the night, no less? The phone buzzes warm against her ear, her childhood friend, long thought to have moved on, speaking at a more and more frantic pace.

“I… Sorry I didn't know…” Adora’s words tumble out of the speaker “Could you just tell him I called and uhm,” the phone cracks, the voice gone for just a split second, “I don’t know. This is so stupid...I’m sorry for bothering you Ma'am.”

Catra’s heart tightens up with long forgotten pain reawoken, her breath hitching as she rushes to push choked words past the lump in her throat, stop the call from ending. “Wait…”

“Yes?” The reply shoots out at lightning speed.

“Adora?” She risks, waiting for a reply longer than she likes.

“How do y--”

“Hey, Adora.” She croons, making it as clear as possible who she is.

A confused ‘Catryan?’ is all she receives in reply.

It’s not really something she wants to get into right now. The phone isn’t a proper format for it and it's not how she imagined that conversation to go down either. It's not that she spent a lot of time thinking about her and how she’d come out to her after the first few months, when it became clear she wouldn’t come back. All she wanted then was to forget so she could move on. But she had thought about it, had thought about it day and night before Adora signed up while she didn’t. Before the argument. Before never saying goodbye.

“Long story.”

“I… uhm--” Adora begins.

“Shouldn’t you be on duty or the middle-east somewhere?” She snaps, unable to contain the flare up of over thirteen years built up resentment. ”It’s really late.”

She’s got some nerve after all of--

“I know it's been a long while since we t-talked,” Adora sobs into the phone, ”but I’m kinda on the street at the moment. I’ve been dismissed because of medical reasons an-and--” Another sob, her words hitching “--I got nothing, Catra...I-I don't know what to do. I’m freezing.”

Catra’s gut twists. What is the dork expecting her to do about it? Finn doesn’t need much but it's not like she’s swimming in cash from her part time pediatric work after the bills and mortgage.

“D-Do you need money?”

She’d support Adora of course with whatever she got spare. It's not like she needs it for anyone else in her life. A fact that by itself makes her shoulders slump and forces a sigh past her lips unwittingly. It’s been hard, all alone.

“It’s complicated…” Adora states, dragging the word out. She always did that when she wasn’t sure how to say what she wanted to say. Nice to see she hasn’t changed that much. ”Do you still live in Brightmoon?”

Catra hesitates for a moment. Is it wise to give out your address to someone you haven't seen in years? If Adora is really broke then mayb--... she shakes her head. No, Adora would never do that to her. Despite their differences in the past, she’s certain of that.

“Yeah, not far from school.”

Another long pause. Catra is patient. It's a skill that translates well from working with children.

”C-Could I just crash on your couch for the night?” Adora finally asks.

Catra can basically hear the tears rolling down the goobers cheeks. She’s always been a big sap. It's what attracted her to the beautiful blonde in the first place. Still there is a part of her that voices reservation, a part that doesn’t want to be hurt again the way Adora had hurt her.

“I’m not sure its a good--”

“Please.” Adora bawls into the phone, cutting her off. “I-I don't know where else t-to go or what to do…”

“I… “

She wants to say no, wants nothing more to do with Adora. She has moved on hasn’t she? She’s adopted Finn, built a life for herself, and tried to forget. She doesn’t need Adora anymore, doesn't want her.

Beware of missing chances; otherwise it may be altogether too late some day.

Incidentally it was mere weeks after Adora had enlisted that Spinny cracked out that nugget of wisdom . Her quasi godmother didn’t know at the time, but Catra made sure to let her know just how much it hurt to hear. Not anymore though. She’s going to dive in the deep end for once.

Catra takes a deep breath, then exhales all her doubt for a split second.

“Alright. Need the address?”


“I’ll text you so you won’t forget, I know what you’re like.” She offers, “see you soon.” She ends the call quickly not trusting her heart to continue with all the adrenaline coursing through her veins.

She can offer Adora a room, help her back to her feet. Afterall it was Catra who stuck the note with that special phone number in her pocket that day, over a decade ago, asked for her to call if she’d ever get out and needed something. She wouldn’t turn her back on such a promise, no matter how long ago it was made.

Yes, she can give her a room and a bed, see how things go. 

Catra places her thumb on the mobile screen, pauses, her heart heavy; swipes the call-duration screen away then double taps the caller Id and makes an entry for the new number. She swipes that away, too, opens the messenger app with another double tap and begins typing one handed. Catra really needs the other hand on the corner of the hallway dresser right now.

00:24 | 23 Crescent boulevard. Got enough charge 4 Google Maps to get u here? |

00:24 | I’ve got 11% Should be fine |

00.25 | omg did u not charge ur phone again? |

00:25 | :))) |

00:26 | Ur such a dork. Still lots of milk and sugar? |

00:27 | :) |

00:27 | Alright, see u soon |