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One Sunday in Hell...

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“Swallow it all little bunny” the demon grunted as he grabbed a hold of Louis’ sensitive bunny ears. He fucked into his mouth two more times before holding him there, flushed against his hips as he nestled his cock in his throat. Louis struggled to breathe, coughing and squishing his eyes together, barely able to take it.

A few tears rolled down his cheeks, Harry paid them no mind.

He released him a few seconds later, the satisfied smirk on his face a reminder of his status as the King of Demons. On the floor, barely holding up, was little Louis, panting and coughing, a poor excuse of a sex rabbit. 

Harry bent down to his level, towering over the powerless little toy. A clawed hand came to rub Louis’ cheek who closed his eyes, leaning against it. 

“What a fine vessel for my seed.” 

The bunny sniffled and whined.

Unhappy with the lack of proper response but not surprised his plaything had gone cock dumb, Harry grabbed his hair harshly and pulled. He smushed Louis’ face against his hairy balls, new expectations made very clear. 

Desperately, Louis started licking them, tiny hands resting on Harry’s imposing thighs. He was obviously getting dizzy, a mindless cock drunk creature to Harry’s eyes. Enjoying the show, his smile took a condescending turn. What a silly easy little rabbit. He raised his hand and slapped it across Louis’ face, the red imprint appeared immediately, and so did his desperate cries. Harry was pleased with the sight, it overtook most of the right side of his face and looked like it hurt. He did again, again, and again, just for the sake of it, until his poor abused bunny’s head hung low, just waiting for the next blow. Dazed over eyes only looking up when the next blow took too long to come. Harry grinned down at him and shook him by his silly little head. The poor thing sobbed as he licked and swallowed his own spit, overwhelmed by the powerful presence of his lover. He could feel his floppy ears aching as they were pulled on and abused by the mean beast.

With a fist full of his ears, Harry guided Louis’ head back to the tip of his demon cock. It was abnormally large and just taking the tip in strained the corner of Louis’ sweet pink lips. Seeing all these marks on his toy made the devil’s chest rumble. His big fist in his hair, his handprint on his cheek, the bruises on his neck. His bunny where it belongs, on the floor, at his mercy. 

He grunted, voice hoarse, “Don’t spill your reward little rabbit.”

Harry thrusted inside his mouth, making the boy gag. His throat bulged as he struggled once more to accommodate the size, and more tears spilled from his pretty blue eyes. He always struggled with taking him in, and Harry liked to make it harder on him by making his cock grow bigger in his mouth, just to see him cry and trash around to try and escape. The answering demon’s laugh had a sadistic tint to it, “If you do, I’ll make you regret it.” If Louis knew one thing, it was to always trust these words as a warning 

Louis’ muffled cries took a desperate turn as Harry slapped the back of his head to screw him deeper on his cock while thrusting inside his mouth at the same time. He could feel his airway flow being cut off by the demon’s cock at the same time his jaw ached with the abuse. At the same moment his vision started to get blurry, Harry pulled him off harshly. 

Coughing and gasping for air, the small boy felt his accumulated drool drip down his chin. Harry’s veiny hand used it to degrade and humiliate him more, rubbing it all over his tired face. His lashes were coated in tears and spit and his cheeks were a blotchy red, exactly what Harry expected of a nicely trained doll. 

With one more look at his face, Harry squeezed his cheeks in one hand and bent down to examine him. He turned his face on each side while humming, pensive. Suddenly, he stood back up and dropped his face entirely, his grip on his ears still firmly secured in his other hand. 

“Open your mouth.” was the only warning Louis received before being spat on. 

“Now get on the bed.”

Louis scurried to obey, a scream dying out of his mouth as Harry meanly pulled back on his ears to make him fall on his ass. The demon laughed cruelly before releasing him. Louis sniffled as he hurriedly crawled over to the bed, his knees already hurting from previous mistreatments.

Harry took it all in. The way his short tail moved from left and right along the swing of his ass. The wet shiny cunt holding onto the tail that was calling to him, fluttering and winking at him despite the abuse, a testimony of what a whore the boy truly was. He could see the blue marks that littered the chubbiest and meatiest parts of his thighs… Oh, how Harry wished he could eat him up and swallow him down ‘til nothing was left of him. He could wreck him and make him cry out, for nobody would interfere as the toy was his to play with and destroy. 

He watched as Louis laid on his side on the bed. He was looking at him over his shoulder with the most seductive teary eyes, wearing a pretty flush on his face. His balls peeked out from between his closed legs, small, useless and pink. Harry approached slowly, already devouring him with his eyes. His heavy cock swung between his legs, he knew the whore was trying his hardest not to look at it. 

Harry got onto the bed and ran a finger down Louis’ column. “What a tiny little thing…” His fingers stopped at the plug for a second, pushing against it before rubbing against the hole. Just a threat, a reminder of what he could do “I could break you so easily... ”

Louis whimpered and shook his head no. 

Harry hummed, not really paying him much mind, seemingly lost in his own thoughts. “Another day maybe...“ he muttered absent-mindedly as he flicked his small balls. 

The demon sat on the bed and rested a big hand on Louis’ exposed thigh. He grabbed and caressed, luring him into relaxing his tensed muscles.

After a while, Harry moved to sit against the carved wooden headboard. Without saying another word, he pulled his plaything along by the hair, ignoring his renewed pained little cries and positioned him between his strong thighs.

“Ride me.”

Louis rubbed the tears out of his eyes and nodded, before extending his hand towards his lover. The size difference was even more obvious when Harry grabbed the offered hand into his own, his hand so big his thumb could caress the delicate wrist. He spit into the presented palm and released him. 

The boy sniffled and used it to wet the big cock standing proudly before him. He couldn’t wrap his fingers all the way around and had to let his own drool drip down on it to make it wetter. He jerked him off for a while before the demon who was watching him intensely grunted, finally getting annoyed “Enough.”

Louis nodded again and shuffled on his knees to get on top of Harry’s cock. 

The little cock between his legs bounced prettily and Harry found himself getting amused. It was just so useless and small… Maybe he should cage it, or simply get rid of it. What good was it for anyway? The boy had no use for it and it got in the way sometimes. On the other hand, he did enjoy flicking it and tying it with a ribbon when he chained his bunny to their bed…

His thoughts were interrupted as Louis lowered himself on his cock. Louis was holding onto  the demon’s shoulder with one hand while the other rubbed the head of his dick against his hole. Harry groaned and took him by the waist to make him face the other way, wanting to see his ass bounce while he rode him. 

Done with the waiting and coddling, he used Louis’ lost balance to his advantage and slammed him down on his dick. Louis wailed and weeped with the sudden intrusion, pink pussy clenching, desperately trying to close back as he fisted the sheets tightly.

Not letting up, Harry grabbed his throat and pulled him against his chest to mutter in his ear, “You better get to it or I’m going to stop being so nice, sweet bunny.”

Louis sobbed and fumbled over his words to apologize while getting in position. He rested his feet on Harry’s big thighs and put his hands against the devil’s abs. As he laid back against the strong chest to bounce on the big cock splitting him in half, his belly started to show the bulge. Harry’s dick was so big it could be seen prodding against his stomach every time he lowered himself on it. 

Harry groaned and squeezed his side approvingly “That’s it, hop on it, up and down for me...” The man smiled as he heard Louis’ pained whimpers. His poor rabbit was crying, eyebrows knit and face all red. If only his little dick wasn’t so hard and leaking so much, one could almost think the pretty whore wasn’t enjoying it as much as the demon was. “Ah, bunny...” Harry rubbed at the bulge on Louis’ tummy just to hear him moan. The pussy he was abusing clenched in the most slutty way, desperately trying to close before it would be ruined and gaping open forever.

 “You feel divine, sweet thing.” 

His baby only sobbed in answer, not capable of much thought. Harry knew he was already struggling to keep up his rhythm, little cunt working hard to milk his dick and thighs trembling with the repeated movement. After hearing yet another sobbed moan come out of his bunny’s bitten red mouth, Harry took pity on the poor boy. The demon knew it was difficult for him to keep up the pace when all he wanted to do was thump his leg and be used. 

Harry gripped his waist tightly and began moving him up and down like a ragdoll. Louis let his head fall on Harry’s shoulder as he sobbed and moaned and drooled. 

“Already fucked stupid, aren’t you? Can’t even thank me for what I’m giving you?”

Louis only gargled a few noises in answer, too overwhelmed to do more than that. 

“Answer me properly, dumb fucking slut.” Harry snarled as he roughly fucked up into the cunt and pulled Louis down on his cock, drilling into him at a hard pace. 

Louis’ answering little “ah, ah, ah” felt like small puffs of air being blown against his neck. The demon abandoned all pretense of humanity and grabbed the back of Louis’ thighs to fold them against his chest, bending him into a living fleshlight. 

“Only good for taking cock, shouldn’t expect more from a fuckbunny like you should I? Could bend you over anywhere and you wouldn’t even protest. The only time you open your mouth is when you want me to fuck it. Isn’t that right, whore?” 

As he fucked into him harshly, he only wished he could see the head of his cock distorting Louis’ small belly. His aggressive breathing only got more intense when he hooked his forearm under Louis’ bent knees and rested his hand against the swell of his belly. He groaned as his pace sped up, his nails growing into claws and his eyes turning a scary shade of red and black, demonic form taking over his whole body. 

“You have the sweetest fucking cunt, bunny. Sucking me in just right, it knows who it belongs to, doesn’t it?” 

His sweet bunny just cried and moaned as he was lifted up and down by the demon, floppy ears bouncing along with the harsh movements and small hands desperately holding onto Harry’s wrist, reduced to nothing more than a fucktoy for the bigger man to use.

“Gonna breed that hole, fuck you into carrying my heir.” Harry licked against Louis’ exposed neck, his voice getting deeper, “Gonna pump you full of cum like the whore you are.”

He pulled him down once more, spilling his release in the clenching cunt while groaning. Louis cried out in pleasure while his dicklet spurted a few ropes of cum, his hole filled up and abused in the sweetest way. 

The sex bunny cried gently while Harry shushed him and laid them on their sides, pumping him full of his seed. 

With a rough voice, the demon murmured against his ear as he rubbed against his belly, “Let’s hope it takes this time.”

The poor little thing only nodded, calming down slowly. He brought the hand that wasn’t rubbing his swollen stomach against his lips to suck on two fingers. Harry smirked and indulged him, knowing the boy would be out of it for a while, only to begin begging for it again once he would be rested enough...