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The Traveler is weird, Paimon would like you to know.

Sometimes, the Traveler is very active-- dragging Paimon to do commissions for the Adventurer's Guild or mining ore, picking fights with hilichurls and slimes, and even sometimes attacking boss monsters like Regisvines or Hypostases. If Paimon is lucky, the Traveler will remember to feed Paimon instead of just shoving all their newly cooked food into the inventory, only to be seen when they're almost dead.

And Paimon is just saying, you know, that if they entrusted Paimon with the food, then it mightttt be more available when they needed it. Instead of having to dig through their inventory while enemies are converging on them, doesn't it make sense to just give it to Paimon? The Traveler could just hold out their hand and receive food, no digging necessary!

...Well, it's true that Paimon only has two hands, though. Two small hands, and it would be unreasonable to make Paimon fly and carry too much food, right? Naturally Paimon will have to get rid of any extra food (like Sticky Honey Roast!) right? And it would be a waste to throw away the Traveler's delicious handcooked food. So Paimon is really doing the Traveler a favor, if Paimon eats it. It's decided then, right! The Traveler should entrust extra food to Paimon!

Uh, but Paimon is getting off topic. Look into Paimon's eyes, and believe: the Traveler is strange!! See, sometimes the Traveler is very active, but most of the time, the Traveler is not.


Wow! Did Paimon shock you!? Paimon is trusting you with an important secret, something that the Traveler might not know. Are you listening?

Hmm... Paimon should start slowly, so you aren't too shocked. It started the very first day that Paimon met the Traveler, before we decided to go to Mondstadt (that was Paimon's idea). And then-- You look bored, that's very rude to Paimon, you know! This is an important tale, after all! You just want to know the big secret, but it’s important to create a good story. That's how Paimon will make lots and lots of Mora.

Uhh, but Paimon is getting tired, so maybe it will just be between us, that Paimon didn't tell you the rest of the story. You can be surprised when Paimon makes a book about it! Hehe, Paimon will still make Mora even if you know the secret, right? Enough Mora to eat lots of delicious-- right, the secret!

The Traveler's secret is that they freeze and stop moving around for most of the day. Although the Traveler is super active sometimes: most of the time, the Traveler doesn't even respond to Paimon!! They just stand there staring like a statue for a long time. It's up to Paimon to protect the Traveler then, even though Paimon doesn't get any credit for it!

...Okay, so maybe the Traveler is standing so still that enemies don't realize the Traveler is right next to them! Then, when the Traveler wakes up, bam! Into battle!

But if an enemy attacked, Paimon would fight! You believe Paimon, right? Hehe.

Anyways, Paimon has been impressed lately! The Traveler doesn't fall asleep in the boss monster's territories these days. They've been learning, huh? Sometimes the Traveler even waits until they get into a town to freeze. Paimon likes this a lot, because Paimon can smell yummy food and sometimes people will even give Paimon some.

Huh? Why doesn't Paimon leave the Traveler when they're frozen? Wow, what a rude question! The Traveler is Paimon's friend, it would be wrong to abandon them for... delicious... food.

Fwa! You almost convinced Paimon there, but Paimon won't be fooled! The Traveler is the best when it comes to getting free food, and Paimon promised to help them find their sibling! Paimon is a good friend, even if the Traveler keeps pretending they will eat Paimon. Jokes on them, Paimon knows how much food they're hoarding in their inventory and not sharing. The Traveler just has a bad sense of humor.

Anyway, you are probably busy and the Traveler looks like they're going to start running around soon, so Paimon won't be polite!