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Pull My strings (I dare you)

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Tony squirmed, pulling harder against his bonds. His wings fluttered helplessly, but it only served in tangling them up ever more as the sticky strands agglutinated around them. 

This was bad.

He wasn’t sure how it had gotten that way. 

This was supposed to be an important time in any dragon’s life, leaving their nest clans in search of a mate, someone with whom they would be able to create a new generation of dragonkin. 

Tony hadn’t been supposed to become trapped in whatever this was. In fact, as a dragon, even a relatively young one, he wasn’t supposed to be able to be held by much of anything. He was powerful, stronger than any human, with more magic than any of them would ever be able to sustain. And yet, here he was, trapped like a bug in what looked to all the worlds like a spiderweb. 

“My, my, what a strange little fly I’ve caught myself. Quite the pretty one aren’t you? And powerful too. Such a treat.”

The voice was dark and low, hungry. Tony gulped, twisting around, trying to find where it was coming from, but there was no escaping from the tangled threads. 

He wasn’t used to being prey. Adrenaline coursed through his veins, heart racing as he renewed his struggles. 

“Now, now,” new threads coiled around him, knotting around his limbs in a tight weave, “none of that, dear.”

Tony gasped as he felt his limbs being tugged apart, legs bent and arms pulled back behind him. His wings were folded back safely, and Tony felt absurdly grateful that they felt unharmed. Dragon bones were light and spindly, and their wings were their most vulnerable limbs. 

Still, the knowledge did not make him feel any less exposed. 

“What do you want?”

Sometimes, bravado was the only thing one had left. And if his voice shook a little, it wasn’t anyone’s business but his own. 

The voice chuckled, a seductive whisper brushing against his ear. 

“Why, I want the same thing that you want. Of course.”

Tony could hear the smirk in that voice, could feel the warmth of that breath against his neck, the heady smell of… pine sap? 


Loki’s arms wound across his bound chest, Loki’s torso pressing gently against his bound wings. A nose ran along the length of his jaw. 

“Indeed. Hello, Anthony.”

Tony let out a strangled sound, most of his adrenaline falling abruptly, replaced by incredulity. 

“Loki? I thought you were human!” 

Loki hummed in agreement, teasing. Tony could feel quick fingers caress his limbs, adjusting the threads and weaving more knots, weaving the ropes across his body in a complex net. He shivered. There were certainly more than two hands. 

But he knew Loki. They had a rapport, and Tony rather thought that he could trust him. Mostly. 

“Just as you hide your true self while walking amongst mortals, so I must do the same.” Loki huffed a rueful chuckle, “I do believe they would be fairly more alarmed at the sight of my true self than they would be at your own.”

Tony eyed the tapestry of cobwebs coating the cliffside in thick sheets, the tangles of thick threads reaching out through the surrounding trees and rocks in dense and complex structure. He could take a wild guess at what sort of creature Loki was, and he figured the arachnea was right. Humans seldom liked spiders. 

“Well, that does explain the impressive amounts of magic you possess.” 

Loki chuckled, the sound freer, more honest. 

Tony relaxed back against him. The strings didn’t leave him much room to maneuver, but the way the tension left his body didn’t go unnoticed. 

Tony had met Loki in the human world, as he was scouting for a potential partner. He had wanted to find someone that he could enjoy being around rather than simply choosing for the sake of a magical compatibility. And for that, he had needed to leave the nest in secret and mingle with humanity in secret. 

Loki had been human and insufferable. A bearing that held an impressive amount of self assurance and mischief, clever words and domineering attitude that had made Tony desperately attracted. Unflappable, yet careful. Kind even, charming, eloquent, and he got Tony in a way few beings had ever been able to compare. They’d clicked. 

Dragons of all kinds had been mating with humans for millennia. The dragon population was too small for them to be able to mate with each other. Magical beings everywhere had been steadily disappearing with the rise of humanity. Dragons needed new blood if they didn’t want to suffer the same fate, they needed to adapt. And what they couldn’t find amongst themselves, they looked for elsewhere. 

The criteria was simple. They needed to have enough magic at their disposal to be able to carry a dragon’s young to term. Or sire them, depending on the human chosen. The dragon would adapt accordingly. 

And with the amount of magic he had, Tony had thought himself blessed. To find a potential mate who he could fall in love with. 

But Loki was not human at all. 

“And it explains why I had been unable to find any traces of you in the human world. How fortuitous that I was able to catch you.” 

Tony blinked, his brain snagging on that word. Catch? Of course it could simply mean the way he’d gotten tangled in Loki’s web, but… 

“The thing that hit me in flight…” 


Loki’s voice sounded curious, innocent. Tony didn’t buy it for one second. 

“Did you lasso me down to your web?”

Loki laughed, voice delighted, before nibbling at his ear. 

“And if I did?”

That was a lot of trouble to go to to get him there. Something decidedly more deliberate than just laying a trap that Tony came across on accident. 

“But, why would you go through all that trouble? Why did you catch me, Loki?”

Soft lips traveled along his jaw. Anthony tilted his head to leave him more room. The sensation was pleasant. He could feel his instincts slowly being lulled into a sort of aroused torpor, between the soft press of ropes hugging him tight and restricting his movements and the gentle caresses coursing over his body, there was little he could do but relax into Loki’s gentle ministrations. 

And Loki did know what he was doing. 

“I told you already. I am seeking the same thing you are.”

Tony frowned, mind sluggish from the sensations. 

“You’re looking for a mate? You want me for a mate?” 

Loki’s teeth dragged over the column of Tony’s throat. 

“Such a clever boy. I knew I chose you for a reason.”

Tony took in a ragged gasp, trying to make sense of what was happening. 

“Not a human?”

Loki chuckled, while claws started drawing delicate patterns over Tony’s exposed collarbones and ribs. His tabard had been thrown into such disarray during his fall, and the sticky strands pasted all over him hadn’t helped matters. 

“Humans are convenient by their numbers and availability. However, there is nothing stopping us from looking for partners elsewhere. Amongst other beings who have the necessary magic to carry our young to term, and who have enough wit not to make me want to turn those dullards into my next meal.” 

Tony chuckled, recognizing quite easily Loki’s intolerance for people who were too slow to keep up with him. Not that Tony had anything to say about it, he too had found himself frustrated more often than not by common conversations, the same redundant topics and lack of originality, the way whenever he spoke people seemed to simply stare blankly at him as though he’d been speaking a foreign tongue. He hadn’t. 

But Loki was right, the custom of looking for humans was merely for convenience's sake. Nothing stopped them from choosing each other instead. 

“And you want me?” 

Tony hadn’t ever thought himself insecure before, but there was something about Loki’s swaggering self assurance, something in his sheer aplomb and poise that Tony found intimidating. Electrifying, thrilling, yes, but also the slightest bit daunting.  

“I do. If you would accept my suit?” There wasn’t the slightest bit of hesitation in Loki’s words, as though taking Tony as his mate was the obvious choice; something as inalterable as the course of the sun. 

And yet, the choice he was offered was real, as though a simple word from him could alter that course. This was no snide offer, or half threatening pleasantries, this was a real question. 

Though the way his hands were caressing the flesh of his arm was certainly an argument. Tony didn’t know how he did that but this was delightful.

He chuckled, breathless. 

“I haven’t tried to scorch down your web yet, have I?” 

And he could have, after all. He was a dragon, a being of magic. For all that he might be less powerful in a direct confrontation, if it came down to simply finding a way to get free and escape, he could have found a way. Dragon Breath was not to be trifled with. Though, admittedly, he hadn’t thought of it when he’d been panicking earlier. 

“That is assuming you could,” Loki whispered against his ear.

Claws dragged along his collarbone, skipping over his rumpled tunic to caress the side of a pectoral. Another hand scratched against the side of his hip, a third caressing through his hair, the last gently teasing the crook of his arm. 

“I’d prefer a clear answer, pet.”

For all that Loki was placing the choice before him, and insisted on Tony being clear in his decision, he was certainly not above cheating his way to getting the result he wanted. Tony would have laughed, if he wasn’t already starting to feel overwhelmed by the gentle ministrations. 

Dragons had always been tactile creatures, and Loki’s hands felt like heaven.

“Fuck, Loki, yes I want you. Of course I want you. There was no one else I would rather mate with, and I don’t care how many legs you have, or if you eat bugs for breakfast, I like you. Do you know how rare that is?”

And it was. There were perhaps two other people that Tony had clicked as much as he had with Loki. And both of them had been dragons, people he’d grown up with. 

“I have an idea, yes.” Loki huffed a laugh, his breath hot against Tony’s throat. 

Of course he did. If there was anyone even more difficult than Tony was, it was probably Loki. Fondness warmed through his flesh, bright and slow. 

“You want me, you said” Loki’s voice grew hushed, reverent almost, as though this wasn’t something he heard often, “You like me.” There was a pause, before he spoke again, words solemn, heavy with the weight of ritual. “You agree to become mine, just as I will be yours, bodies and souls bound through magic and intent, through passion shared and new life conceived.”  

The ritual words were not the ones Tony knew, but they echoed through his bones all the same, thick with power and potential, magic sizzling, expectant between them. 

Tony licked his lips, nervous. It was his turn to speak. “As you offer yourself, so too do I offer my body and soul to share in this bond. May new life come forth from the power mingled between us in the spirit of communion and growth.” The words were powerful, old, he’d known them since he’d known about mating.

Tony gasped, and Loki hissed, hands clenching around around Tony’s flesh as power seared between them, words exchanged in a pact that would hold until their bodies came together in lust and pleasure. 

Words of power were never spoken in vain, they showed intent, consent, they laid the foundations of any magical workings, the compass that their path would follow, which was why they were most often standardized, ceremonial speeches that served to protect those who couldn't call themselves wordsmiths. 

Regardless, the older the words, the more potent they were, through repetition and generations of layered intents coming through each new iteration. 

“I shall respect and cherish you, shower you with more pleasure than your body can understand and bring delight and happiness in every day of your life. I will shelter and care for you when you need caring, I will trust you and support you when you need power. I will make you mine in every way I can have you, and offer all of myself in turn.”

Tony shivered, eyes widening at the declaration of intent, no, the pledge of love that was offered to him. This was unexpected, This was unprecedented. His magic shivered, flexing, melting under the touch of Loki’s own power, welcoming him, recognizing his intent, his truth.  

Already, he found his body reacting differently to Loki’s touch, the trust deepened, his skin sparking with heat, the languid desire pooling in his belly igniting in something almost needy.   

“So, this means that now that I have you in my grasp, I can keep you there. Oh, darling, such fun we will have. I have so many plans for you.” Loki tugged his lobe with his teeth, tongue flicking on the delicate skin in the crook below his ear. “And you will love them, won’t you?”

Tony gasped, shivering. Now this was a threat if he’d ever heard one. A sensual thing that coiled around his mind, turning his bones liquid with lust as his belly clenched with anticipation. 

“But first,” Loki crawled around him, long spider limbs maneuvering their way through the tangled lines with otherworldly grace, “Are you comfortable?”

Tony blinked, suddenly remembering that he was actually pretty tied up, with his limbs were spattered with sticky coils and twisted with his fall. Loki’s previous care of his bonds had already alleviated the way his left arm had been thrown a bit too far to the side, and his torso frozen mid-twist as he’d struggled for freedom, but still, there was no way he would be able to move in that state. 

“Would you release me if I said I wasn’t?”

He rather doubted it in fact. 

“Perhaps,” Loki’s voice was a tease as he dragged a clawed finger along his neck, slowly, sensuously tilting his chin up. Then his eyes narrowed, “Are you?” 

In truth, Tony wasn’t. The netting was fairly comfortable, for all that some parts of it seemed glued to his skin. Loki’s work was careful and precise, the cords strong enough to hold him comfortably yet not tight enough to constrict him. Masterful. Incredibly annoying, but still impressive. However, there was one thing that worried him, for all that it didn’t hurt per se. “My wings...?”

“Do they hurt?” 

He shook his head. But, even though they didn’t, wings were peculiar. He’d heard stories of membranes torn apart during a fight and the pain only setting in the following day, heard of bones broken, and the pain too terrible that magic had simply shut down the receptors from the limbs lest they drive the dragon mad. 

He couldn’t feel them, and while that could mean they were fine, he was still worried. “Are they safe?”

The fall had been long for all that its landing had been… softened. By hundreds of layers of webbings. ‘Luck’ at catching him, right. So terribly believable.  

Loki frowned, “Of course.” His eyes glowed green for a moment, clear liquid pearling from the tips of his claws, coating one palm on each side with fluid before he ran his hand along Tony’s shoulders, the base of his wings, the outer edges, the shape of his bones. The other two hands followed, careful as they scraped the thick layer of gunk, the sticky liquid somehow negating the glue enough for Loki to be able to peel off his webs from the delicate skin of his wings. 

Tony let out a ragged gasp. Oh, but they were sensitive. People did not, as a rule, touch each other’s wings. It was private, fragile. He hadn’t known it was also erotic.

“Anthony? Is this alright?” 

Tony cleared his throat. “Just fine,” he rasped. 

Loki glanced at him worriedly before turning back to his work. He was careful and intent as he checked over each wing, cleaning them, freeing them before gently feeling over their length. 

“Here, can you move them? Any pain?” He guided their movement along as Tony tried some basic stretches, unfurling the wing, spreading fully, before curling inwards, making sure that he still had the full range of his movements. 

And he was fine, really, there was nothing wrong with his wings. They were barely even cramped because of the workout they’d done with his futile attempts at getting free from their silken prison. However, the sensation of Loki’s hands gliding over his wings, caressing, grooming, and pressing gently was a torment of its own. 

“No, no pain. Thank you. They feel fine.” He cleared his throat. “Thank you.”

Loki eyed him for a moment, gaze roaming over his flesh as he hummed appreciatively, a hungry glint in those green depths. Tony felt himself preen.  

A finger traced gently over the thin membrane of his spread wings, on the other side a palm caressing along the thin bones of his left-wing-ulna. His eyes grew half-lidded as he gazed at Tony from under thick lashes. “Are you alright with me binding them again?” The words were eager, but also cautious. 

Tony recognized distantly that, had anyone else asked to even touch his wings, he would have laughed at their faces and burnt them to a crisp. 

But Loki’s pledge was still echoing strongly through his bones, faith and affection, and respect, and desire that left him weak against that soft entreaty, against the gentleness of his touches, against the predatory slant of his smirk. 

And the way he’d immediately taken care of his wings, the seriousness in his gaze as he checked them all over, just from Tony simply showing some faint, unfounded worry had soothed something deep inside him. The way he hadn’t said a thing about Tony asking after they’d found out that they were fine just did something to him. 

That and the delicious sensation of Loki’s gentle touch gliding so sensually over the sensitive flesh of his wings. So, in the end, if it meant that he would put his hands all over them again, Loki could do anything he wanted. “Sure, yeah. Of course.” 

Tony might be just ever so slightly distracted by the soft caresses against his wings. 

Loki hummed, smirking. “Let’s do this right, then”

Tony blinked stupidly for a moment. He must have lost the plot somewhere. “What?”

Loki rose an eyebrow, expression just patronizing enough not to make Tony feel like wiping the smirk from those pretty lips. “Tying you up, of course.” His eyes started mapping his body once more, a calculating edge to his perusal. 

“Didn’t you already tie me up?”

“Anthony,” Loki chided, “This is a capture-bondage. Something meant to snag you up and keep you there long enough to talk. It won’t remain comfortable for long, and it sure won’t be practical for lovemaking.”

Were there different sorts of bondage? 

Loki’s four hands started unwinding thread and readjusting him to some unseen specifications. “You can’t tell me you thought I would take you when you’re tied in such a haphazard pattern,” he sounded downright offended. Apparently, he took the art of bondage very seriously. 

Tony foresaw himself getting strung up quite often in the future. Though, he wasn’t sure he minded, not if it meant Loki looking at him with so much focus, his hands coursing over him with purpose, following such a precise design over his flesh, as though Tony was a work of art that he was arranging to his tastes. There was something terribly flattering to it, and deeply arousing as well. 

Almost as much as the sheer helplessness he felt when his limbs were held in that strong grasp, or where he’d found himself held entirely immobile, utterly vulnerable in that web. What had started out as fairly terrifying had steadily become a heady thrill, each blocked squirm, each restrained jolt only making the heat in his belly flare hotter. 

So when Loki started unweaving the net around his torso in order to remove his tabard, he was only too eager to comply, and let Loki move his arms as he pleased, laying still and offering each limb at his command. 

A large and thick sheet of silk was drawn behind him, sturdy enough for Loki to securely bind his wings to it, spread open with the entirety of their span exposed, then his arms were tied back under them with his forearms secured together, crossed behind his back. 

Loki’s fingers caressed the bound wings, admiring the way his design followed their arc in a way that was both aesthetic and practical. “They’re large. I’ve seldom seen a dragon with so long a span. You must be very swift.” Tony trembled as those deft hands glided over the sensitive membrane of his wings, black-tiped fingers stark against the light gold of his inner wings. Wings were always a point of pride to dragons, and hearing Loki’s appreciation of them made him quake with need. And, judging from Loki’s smirk, he knew it. 

His fingers slid along the thin, flexible bones as they flattered against the silk. “They are quite strong, too.” Loki licked his lips. “I rather like the touch of red amongst all this gold. A clear warning not to cross you, not ostentatious because it doesn’t need to be, you are too obviously powerful for anyone to mistake you as prey.”

Loki chuckled, licking a stripe along Tony’s collarbone. Tony squirmed, whining. Loki’s words kept driving him mad, he wanted touch, wanted more. Something, anything.

From that moment onwards, Loki did nothing but shower Tony with praise. 

“Did I tell you how beautiful I find your horns? Their shape is quite distinct, the curve is delicate but bold, and the gold complements your complexion quite well. I admit that I had grown very fond of your human face, and I had wondered how I would find your fully draconic body.” 

Loki hovered before Tony’s, mischievous as he teased for a kiss that Tony desperately needed. “I am not disappointed, love. You are absolutely magnificent, a god amongst dragons, perfect blend of fine features, elegant curves and compelling lines.” 

Their lips touched, just for a breath, “I can’t wait to see how desperate you will look, straining against my webs, wrecked with the pleasure I’m going to inflict upon you.” 

Tony gasped, breathless, and Loki pulled his head back by a horn before kissing him deeply, devouring him from the inside and stealing Tony’s moans from his lips.

“I will ruin you love,” Loki whispered darkly, “And you will let me, won’t you?”

Loki’s hands were gentle, adoring almost as they spun the silk around his horns, tying the thread back to his forearm and forcing his neck up, the column of his throat exposed to Loki’s hungry gaze. “My darling little firebreather.” 

A hand pushed between his shoulder blades, pressing them closer still as Loki started mouthing at his neck. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve been wanting to do this?” Sharp teeth nibbled at the delicate skin, lips curling into a smile as Tony whined. 

He slid down Tony’s chest, lips and teeth exploring the taut skin, questing fingers and sharp claws making their way down slowly, exploring and teasing while two other hands followed with binding silk, twisting thread around his shoulders, over and around and across, knotting and weaving a complex net that left Tony entirely at Loki’s mercy. 

“Oh, but these are quite charming!” Tony gasped, hips jerking up as Loki’s teeth tugged at his nipple. “Quite responsive too. I like them, darling. I think I will quite enjoy playing with them.” Tony squirmed, moaning softly as Loki’s claws dragged gently over them, teasing with a hint of burn before leaving his skin. He let out a ragged breath as the tug followed. 

“That’s cheating!” 

Loki only laughed, playing for a moment with the threads he’d stuck to the small nubs, pulling, tugging, pinching gently until Tony grew mad with it, his chest pulsing hot with the sensation, his lower belly clenching with need, his voice wrecked with gasps. 

Loki had taken advantage of his distraction to finish wrapping his torso, lovingly tying up with silken bonds that pressed deliciously against him and restricted his movements in a manner that Tony was slowly starting to crave. 

Tony moaned, helpless, struggling against his bindings just to feel them press tighter against him, to feel how strong they were and how helpless he was against them. 

Tony turned limp, breath ragged, arousal skittering down his spine. 

Loki chuckled, hushing him gently, hands caressing his flesh soothingly. “Such a good boy you are to me. See how well you take them, how pretty you are, all trussed up and ready for me? Oh, love, but you are just perfect.”

Tony’s blood sang with pleasure , trust and contentment rumbling through his chest in a low purr. He blushed, unaware of that particular quirk of his body, but it did not stop the low rumble to echo between them. 

Loki huffed at him, fondness crinkling his eyes. He kissed the tip of his nose, just a peck that made Tony’s heart flood with warmth and banished any lingering embarrassment.  

“Come on, love,” Loki tugged at the drawstrings of Tony’s pants. “May I?”

It was the last thing that covered him, soft linen that hung loose on his hips. Slowly, Tony nodded, Loki pulled, the pants fluttered down to rest amongst the tangled strings and Tony hung bare before Loki, his legs unbound and groin smooth. 

Loki blinked, surprise and fascination warring over his face as his hands clutched at Tony’s hips, palming his ass, running over his strong thighs, caressing reverently the unmarred flesh that lay in between. 

Tony squirmed, blushing at the thorough inspection and the meticulous handling of his most intimate parts. Places that he’d yet to show before. He jolted as Loki found the furled hole of his ass, as he stroked the sensitive crease between thigh and groin, as his fingers curled around the base of his tail. 

“This is your first mating?”  

Tony’s ears burned in embarrassment. He wasn’t ashamed, but he also wasn’t used to having it pointed out like that. Actually, besides his nestmates, no one was supposed to see that smooth, unbroken skin. When dragons chose a human mate, they tended to come to them glamoured to hide all of their inhuman aspects, and that included the lack of genitalia. 

Only unmated dragons — never mated dragons at that had that distinctively smooth groin. 

So really, what did Loki expect, stating the obvious like that? “Obviously.” 

Loki blinked at him slowly, green eyes wide and surprised. “Oh.”

Tony blinked back. “What, are you surprised?” 

Had Loki not known? He had caught Tony during his mating-flight, the time where dragons left their nest in search of their first mate. Of course, that was dragon-lore, it might not be widely known, especially since it was a time when fledglings were rather vulnerable, their magic coiled in expectation of the last shift to full adulthood, the last few moments when the body caught up with the mind and sought the pleasures of flesh to the first time. 

Loki stared at him for a moment, weighing his words carefully. “Can you blame me? You did seem rather comfortable in your human skin. And you had assigned yourself a gender, too.” 

They had met many times in the human world. Loki had been magnificent, with his swagger and his flirtatious smirk, but Tony had done his best to keep up, to tease right back, to make himself alluring and entice Loki just as much as he had been. So Tony had flirted. He’d made himself into a tempting morsel, something that would wind Loki up in a way no one else managed to do. Something sensual, erotic, something that would make Loki obsess over him in the same way he’d forced Tony to do with him.  

And he had leaned into the perceived gender he’d masqueraded as at the time to do that.

Of course it hadn’t been a true change, not the sort he would be doing as he would now, with his body shifting to produce the genitalia he would need for his mating with Loki to be compatible. 

Truth be told, had Loki not met him in an already glamored body, he would have probably designed his disguise in a curvier fashion. It was the smartest quirk of their evolution, in Tony’s opinion, their ability to adapt their body shape and sexual organs to their partner's needs and capacity. Their most important criteria for choosing a partner was their magic, after all. “I’m a dragon, Loki. What do dragons care about gender? Looking ‘male’ amongst humans is more convenient, that’s true, and I’m sure you’ve noticed as much. But I wasn’t about to make that sort of decision due to something as fleeting and arbitrary as social conventions.” 

Some dragons did have preferred genders, though they were rare, and few followed human’s conventions on gender even then. 

However, gonads were important when you wanted to mate with the purpose of producing young. Still, they could always change afterwards. 

What was gender to a dragon, after all? They knew how to shapeshift enough to pass as human, and growing a cock or a vulva wasn’t nearly as difficult as hiding some twenty foot wide wings. 

Loki eyed him for a moment, before nodding slowly as he processed the information. His hands were holding his hips and thighs, stroking slowly as he thought through his next words. Tony waited semi-anxiously. His people’s views on biology were not widely shared, and he would have never dared share this with a human. But Loki wasn’t human. 

Did arachnea have genders? Or gender bias? Or anything of the like? Or were they more like dragons? 

“I see. It makes sense. I never understood dragons' willingness to alter a part of themselves so intrinsic on the whim of their partner, but I suppose you don’t consider it to have much emotional impact on your own identity.”

Tony blinked, a bit thrown by the question. He’d never quite considered it like that, though he guessed he could see it. The shape of his horns and the span of his wings were a matter of pride, and he considered it part of what defined him. Hiding them during his trips to the human world had always been slightly more than disquieting. He’d just never considered the shape of his genitals in that way, he didn’t understand how it could affect his life beyond the boundaries of the nest. 

Besides the arbitrary biases that were rife in the human world, that was. 

“Well, genitals don’t really affect our identity, do they? Whether I bear or sire a child depends more on what my partner is capable of doing than who I am. Why should I feel any different with a cock than without?” Tony thought for a moment, “Now, a wing’s aspect-ratio, on the other hand, that would change me. It would define how far or fast or high I can fly, how sharp I can make my turns, which will impact my ability to maneuver through some environments, like forests. So that will define what shape my life can take.” Tony glanced at Loki, curious, “Is gender like aspect-ratio for non-dragons?”

Loki choked on a laugh, giggling helplessly. “Perhaps it is. I wouldn’t know, my perception of it isn’t very human either.”

Tony relaxed almost imperceptibly. Non-human in this case often meant more open to other people’s differences and opinions. For all that Loki hadn’t seemed repulsed or weirded out by his bareness — and had even seemed to be aware of dragon gender practices — but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t have reacted poorly regardless. 

This, on the other hand, was fine. 

Loki’s eyes sharpened, something a little too knowing in his glance. Tony held his gaze, sheepishly. 

So, perhaps he hadn’t been giving Loki much credit there. He had talked with human-Loki; he had heard his opinion on enough topics to be able to guess his stance on this. And something told him that, even if half of Loki’s body hadn’t been covered in a chitinous carapace, with four seven-jointed legs covered in exoskeleton and four humanoid arms, he would still have respected Tony’s view. 

“And you really have no preferences? Compatibility isn’t an issue here.” Loki’s voice was a strange blend of careful and detached. 

Tony knew there was nothing he could say at that point that Loki would not accept. That no matter what he asked or expressed, his spider mate would do his best to accommodate. He felt warmth spread through his chest, emotion overflowing at the easy acceptance. However, Tony truly, genuinely didn’t know. 

“Not really. Or perhaps whatever is most convenient? Honestly, I don’t really understand the fuss. I don’t really have much basis for comparison, here.” 

Loki licked his lips, the hungry gleam back in his eyes. Loki’s fingers stroked along the length of his legs, caressing, teasing. “Indeed, you don’t. Perhaps you would like to conduct some experiments, then?” His eyes grew hooded, a challenging smirk on his lips as he lifted Tony's legs and bent them at the knees, before slowly and carefully spinning his thread between his buttocks, around and over his thighs, his calves, the arch of his talons, folding them close with a few intricate knots, “Just in order to get a feel for what you enjoy? The sensations are quite different, you see.”

He pulled on a thread and Tony’s legs rose up against his chest, spreading wide, leaving him strung up and exposed, entirely helpless and at Loki’s mercy.  His tail was caught too, bound in a net that crossed between his legs, straining uselessly against those deceptively soft strings. 

Tony groaned, squirming, but there was no give to his bonds, no part of him that could still move freely. And he’d never been more aroused. He glanced back at Loki, chest heaving, limbs trembling in his net, quiet gasps caught in his throat. 

The arachnea was caressing his lower belly, eyes riveted on the smooth skin, hands gentle, almost reverent. 

Suddenly, Tony understood. He laughed.

“Cossiopea’s horns! You like that. Oh, you perv, you’re getting all riled up about being my first.”

Loki’s eyes snapped back to him. They burned, the green a searing brand that stole his breath and left him spellbound. 

Tony gulped.

“Yes. Yes I am pleased. I am delighted that I will be the first to touch you.” Loki’s words were low, predatory. Something intense that made Tony’s belly ignite with need. “That it is under my hands that you will understand the meaning of pleasure and discover yourself. That I will get to see the surprise on your face as you experience your first orgasm. That I get to claim your firsts.” 

Tony trembled, whining as those words robbed him of any thought beyond desire, beyond the memory of Loki’s hands on his skin, the craving to feel more of them, to have them explore more of him, places so intimate that Loki would touch the core of him. 

Oh, but he wanted it, wanted the picture Loki’s words were painting, wanted him to be his first, to walk those unthreaded paths, to guide him through those experiences. 

“But, in the end, I would have been happy even if you’d already lived through an entire millenia of mated life and experienced all that it had to offer. What came or did not come before me doesn’t matter. Who your first is doesn’t matter.” He licked a long stripe inside the fold of Tony’s thigh, nibbling at the delicate skin, relishing the helpless squirms, the bitten off moans. 

“Because, no matter what, I will be your last.”

Tony gasped, crying out as Loki bit down, a jolt of pain that only served to fan up his arousal higher. That jerk. He huffed a laugh, catching his breath as Loki soothed the sting down with his tongue. 

“A bit presumptuous, aren’t you?” It was true enough that dragon matings rarely lasted so long, what with their chosen partners being so short lived. For Loki to claim that he would be his last mate with so much aplomb required quite some gall. Not that Tony was complaining, but that little bite warranted some teasing payback . 

Loki shook his head and smirked, unworried. “You did accept my suit. And I don't intend on ever giving you a reason to leave,” his tongue flicked out, making its way across the inside of his bound thigh, “And plenty of reasons to stay.”

Tony whined, jolting. 

His lust was mounting and mounting inside his belly, but it had no outlet yet, no place to go to direct that unspent sexual energy, and it looped back inside him unfulfilled. It was quite the precarious situation for him, especially if he wanted to keep some control of the situation. 

“You didn’t tell me what you wanted, Loki. Don’t you have preferences? Things that will match you better? I am your mate, now. Tell me what I need to take you.” 

When in doubt, go for seduction. Tony had found that Loki took way too much pleasure in dragging things out and torturing Tony with desire. The best way to get his way was to turn Loki on in turn and make him move things along. And at the moment, the only thing Tony could do was use his words. 

And really, what could be more arousing than asking their lover how they wanted you to please them? 

But Loki only shook his head, eyes dark. “I want all of you, Anthony, all you can be, all that you wish to be, all that you are comfortable sharing. No matter what that form can take. Don’t hold back. Don’t force yourself. Those are the only things I ask.”

Tony gulped, wide eyed. Loki’s words were as much ‘be everything you want to be’ as they were ‘I want to fuck every fuckable part of you that you’ll let me see’, and Tony wasn’t quite sure what to make of them. He felt very warm suddenly. 

“You smooth bastard.” 

Loki smirked. “I do try.” 

Tony’s belly clenched with heat. Really, Loki wasn’t supposed to turn Tony’s flirting into a way to wind Tony up even tighter. That was terribly unfair. 

Loki chuckled, his four hands caressed his skin, gentling him and fanning the flames at the same time. “You have my answer, now.” His eyes were expectant. 

Tony squirmed, cheeks heating. 

Of course, Loki would be watching while his body changed. Of course Tony would have to do it while trussed up like a bug on his web, with everything on display. 

Tony couldn’t have chosen someone who knew the meaning of mercy, could he?

He whined, face scrunching up as he called forth the magic in his blood, the makings of his flesh. He gasped, the sensations strange and new, nerve endings building as his body shifted along preexisting designs that had been laying in wait under his skin. Potentials unfulfilled that were now brought to the surface. It was a complex, heavy magical working, for all that it was natural. 

Loki shushed him, hands caressing his flesh, kissing his brow as Tony trembled. His skin felt too tight, new and a bit strange. It felt like the first time he’d opened his wings, a new limb to learn and to get used to. Loki’s touch was helping, soothing, admiring, his words infused with quiet praise and encouragement. 

Tony laughed shakily. “Just admit it, this turned you on, didn’t it?” 

Loki smirked, teeth glinting. “Of course. Your magic is beautiful, darling, deft and efficient.” 

Tony huffed. Of course Loki would comment on magical prowess while Tony was tied up before him and growing himself a cock and a vulva. Both of them, just for curiosity’s sake. 

“And,” Loki’s hands slid down his belly, before caressing his new appendages, “The results are quite satisfactory.”

Tony gasped, hips jerking up as his brand new nerves sparked with pleasure, brighter and hotter than anything he’d felt before. His stomach clenched, adrenaline pumping through him. 


Loki smirked, eyes narrowing with delight. He looked fiendish, as though he would like nothing more than to wreck Tony entirely. Tony might just let him. 

“So responsive, love. I don’t know how you’re going to be able to bear what I have in store for you, if you keep squirming like that with every touch.”

Tony didn’t know either. 

It didn’t bode well for his sanity. 

He gasped as Loki’s careful exploration caressed his new shaft and swept down his folds, spreading a wetness he wasn’t used to feeling. 

“Mmh, perhaps this really is too raw.” Loki’s voice was thoughtful, but not overly concerned, and somehow Tony had the feeling that Loki wouldn’t mind wringing out every last drop of the oversensitivity that came with untried skin, no matter how desperate it made him. Not so long as Tony didn’t protest overmuch about it, that was. 

“What do you say, lover? Do I keep exploring these, or do I find something else to amuse myself with?”

Tony choked a laugh. “You really are a bastard, aren’t you?”

Loki hummed, contemplative. “I’ve been called worse.” His fingers kept stroking his virgin flesh, maddeningly slow and even, the touch light enough to spark his nerves alight yet not give him any true relief. “Feel free to insult me all you like, darling. I’m sure by the end of it, I will have deserved every name you call me.” 

Tony had no doubt about that. He had no doubt that he would enjoy every minute of it either. 

“However,” Loki continued, “If you feel uncomfortable or wish to stop, you will tell me.” His eyes bore into Tony’s, poisonous green searing into his mind, “Promise me.”

Loki cared. Of course he did, Tony knew that, had known that even when they’d both pretended to be human. But it was nice to know that Loki did not simply want him, not as a prey, or a possession, or a convenient magical willing to mate, but also respected him and his needs and his limits. 

Tony’s magic rose in answer, the vow coming to his lips all too easily. “I promise.” It was embarrassing, but easy enough a promise to make. It made him feel safe. 

And then, when those words passed his lips, it was as though Loki’s every limit had been blown apart, as though the beast inside the creature had finally been given free reign. As though the fact that Tony would say when he was nearing his limit, that he would be compelled to express himself, made it easier for Loki to let go of his careful control, to let loose. 

And so he did.

Hands caressed, teased, stroked, drawing soft and harsh cries from Tony’s lips. They were everywhere, all the time, caressing, scrapping, teasing, roaming every inch of Tony’s exposed flesh. They went back to his bound wings, featherlight touches that electrified him, deep sensual glides of smooth palms that let heat build deep inside his belly. Then they moved, across his bound torso, along his bound arms, over his folded up legs, before moving back inwards, circling around and over his oversensitized groin. 

They explored those raw, new places with a delicate touch that drew bright sparks of pleasure through Tony’s mind, sprinkling sizzling sparks against a field covered in virgin snow. “You didn’t answer me, love. Should I keep playing here, or do I give you a break instead?” 

This felt like a trap. And it probably was, but at the moment, Loki’s touch felt like the tease of something huge and even newer, the waves preceding the giant sea swell, and Tony wasn’t sure he would be able to bear it. Not quite so soon, at least. 

So, he gasped, “Please!” He wasn’t sure what he was asking for, Loki’s inexistent mercy, relief from those enticing touches, fulfillment of that strange need that curled into his belly, perhaps even just for Loki to take the decision from his bound hands. 

Certainly, Loki would interpret his plea in whichever way he wanted, which would probably give Tony what he wanted in the end. 

It was the path to get there that he was worried about. 

Loki chuckled, kissing Tony’s parted lips. “Come on, love. Hang in there. We’ve barely even started.” But his hands mercifully stopped the delicious torment they were putting him through leaving his new genitalia alone for the moment. Instead, two hands rose up his belly, one catching the loose thread connecting his nipples and tugging playfully, the other climbing higher to card through his hair, tugging his head back even further. Tony groaned, squirming helplessly, each throb of his chest, each sting on his scalp sending a rush of heat down his groin. 

“None of that, love,” Loki whispered against the bared arch of his neck. “You keep trying to move, but it’s way too late for you to escape me, you realize, don’t you?”

Tony whined. This was just unfair, how was Loki able to spout stuff so absurd and it still be so damn arousing? The thought crossed his mind fleetingly, of struggling against Loki’s bonds while Loki only watched his futile attempts at freedom. Of Loki letting him go just to watch him try and escape, only to catch him again, the perfect predator entrapping his prey and then claiming his prize, Tony helpless and aroused as Loki ruthlessly took him. 

The image shouldn’t be nearly as exciting as it was. It should definitely not make a rush of heat pool in his belly, his shaft throbbing, his quim leaking something slick and slippery. 

Loki chuckled darkly, teeth grazing the column of his throat gently. “Do remember to say if you feel uncomfortable, yes?” 

His two lower hands caressed the base of his groin, the base of his spine, kneading his ass, and Tony groaned in bliss. Loki’s hands seemed to be everywhere, but damn if they didn’t know what they were doing. And then one followed along his crack, gliding along the smooth skin, back and forth, again and again. Tony started rocking with it, helped along by the hand still kneading the globe of his ass, the rhythm was almost hypnotic, the glide so sensual, especially helped with the slippery juice released from those chitinous claws. 

Little by little, that devious finger started catching then lingering on his pucker, circling it, then leaving it again, and Tony startled, eyes growing wide as his mind caught up with what was happening. 

Of course, he had heard of that sort of lovemaking. He just hadn’t expected it, though he supposed he should have. Loki had just about told him outright that he would thoroughly claim any part of him that was up for claiming. 

Loki watched him steadily, expression neutral, an offer only, not an obligation. No pressure, no raw exposed desire that he could possibly disappoint. What a magnificent liar. Loki wanted it, was practically trembling for it, but should Tony shake his head, or express hesitance or discomfort, that desire would be tightly folded up in a corner of that bright, beautiful mind, never to be taken out again, not lest Tony himself bring it out. 

Good thing Tony wasn’t actually adverse. 

He’d always been too curious for his own good. 

Loki’s eyes lit up with glee at his nod, though he did not become any rougher. If anything, his hand became even more careful, finger gentle as it circled the tiny furled hole, pressing softly against it before retreating without breaching the ring of muscle. 

Slowly, Tony started relaxing back into the touch, letting the rhythm wash over him, the mouth against his neck, the claws dragging against his sore nipples, the strong palm confidently taking hold of his ass and that soft, gentle finger slowly exploring his rim, teasingly getting it used to the idea of the intrusion. The slick juice that was produced by those claws dripped along his crack, slipping inside his hole and easing the way in when Loki finally started breaching him. 

Tony squirmed, breath coming out in soft pants as the strange feeling of something being inside him, at the rush of heat flushing through him, his lungs burning from a sensation that did not come from his fire-breath, and yet he felt that should he not be careful, his next exhale could give out some spectacular sparks. 

Loki chuckled against his neck, licking the latest lovebite that now adorned his neck. “Are you comfortable, darling?” 

Tony glared, as much as he could with his flushed face and bitten lips. Loki chuckled, shaking his head fondly before stealing his abused lips from his teeth, sucking it slowly in his mouth, tongue lapping at the small puncture wound Tony had put on them. The pain numbed almost instantly, tingling softly. 

“Do take care of yourself, love. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.” a hand caressed his cheek, infinitely tender. Tony leaned against it, as much as he was able. A kiss pressed to his brow. 

Tony closed his eyes. Everything was a pleasant blur of warmth and pleasure. Loki was everywhere, all around him, teasing, pushing at the boundaries of what he knew, but he was also taking care of him, being careful, considerate. 

Slowly, the finger inside his ass pushed deeper, the glide smooth and almost easy, though the sensation was strange and intrusive. Not unpleasant, but the stretch burned, his passage too tight, too unused to such an intrusion. 

A hand reached down, claws scrapping a path down his belly before taking hold of his shaft. Tony gasped, lurching at the sudden influx of sensation. His cock was already half hard, throbbing deliciously against Loki’s palm. It felt good. So very good. 

And then Loki started stroking in unisson, inside and outside, his hole and his cock, kissing him deeply with the very same rhythm; like the tides pushing back and forth, and Tony was helpless to follow, like the sea being pulled along by the moon’s whims. 

For a time, there was nothing but this, Tony’s quiet gasps and heaving breaths, the heat inside his veins, the need building in his belly, and Loki, Loki everywhere. Loki’s slowly deepening forrays inside him, with one finger becoming two, then three, and copious amounts of slick released through his passage, Loki’s hands caressing his flesh, soothing any distress and fanning his need, Loki palming and stroking his slowly hardening cock as Tony felt something building up deep inside his core, something huge and raw and life altering. 

And then Loki’s fingers found something deep inside him, something brilliant and delicious and white hot bliss coursed through him, crashing through his mind until there was nothing but white, lightning and fire exploding behind his eyes in bright, world altering sparks. 

Tony came down, trembling, shaking, gasping while Loki slowly shushed him, hands holding him close and secure against Loki’s humanoid torso. A hand carded softly through his hair as Tony shuddered into the hug, slowly coming down from his high. 

“You did so well, darling. You were magnificent, so beautiful, so raw. Would you allow me to take you now, my sweet? I want to make you feel like that again and again, every day for the rest of our lives. But right now, I want to put my cocks in you. Will you let me?” 

Dazed and strung up and aroused, Tony nodded. He wanted nothing more than to make Loki happy, to please him as he’d been pleased. He was still buzzing with energy, belly hot with lust and loose with spent release. 

Loki wiped down his belly with a small ball of silk. It felt soft against his skin and soaked up every bit of his spent. And when everything was cleaned up and the silk full of his seed, Loki took the small globe and pushed it inside a small crevice inside his abdomen, moaning softly as it made its way through. The slit closed right afterwards. Tony blinked up, perplexed. He was still a bit too sluggish to make sense of this. 

But Loki was quick to hush and reassure him, slow and gentle kisses distracting him as his fingers checked his rim one last time, tugging softly against it, just to feel Tony squirm and gasp inside his mouth, strumming the tight muscle just to see how Tony reacted when the impact echoed through his nerves. His spent cock gave one last valiant jerk from where it lay, soft and limp on his belly. 

“Still so responsive, love. How do you think you’ll feel when you’ve been stuffed full of my eggs? With your belly so wide and crowded, tiny seeds of life brimming inside you? Or do you prefer to see yourself filled with my seed instead? To have your quim plugged up with my essence inside you, so that no matter what happens, it has to take root? Will you grow an egg in that new womb, or a babe? I know dragons have evolved to carry live young, if only for the sake of camouflage, but they didn’t use to. There would be no need for subterfuge with me, darling. It would be as you wished it.”

Tony groaned, the pictures Loki painted vivid in his mind. He wanted it, by Cosiopea’s forked tail, he needed it. “Please, oh fuck, please!”

The blunt tip of something pressed against his loosened hole, it was large and smooth, rubbing wetly against his slickened crack. Loki’s hand teased his rim gently, aligning the tip of his cock and guiding it slowly inside. Tony gasped, tensing at the intrusion. It was big, much bigger than Loki’s fingers, and the stretch burned. 

Loki hushed him softly, pausing in his movements as Tony got used to the thickness of it, helping him breathe through the flush of heat that rushed through his lungs. His hands caressed him, cradled him close, easing him through it until Tony relaxed again, floating back on the blissful warmth of his earlier release. Loki eyed him for a moment, gaze questioning. Tony nodded, loosening further in his hold. The breach was not actually painful, just new, and the discomfort was slowly turning into the distinct flush of heat of arousal. His stomach clenched, eagerness, need, lust was pumping through his veins. 

The dormant magic of their ritual vows was stirring around them, crackling through the air with untamed power. It was waiting, expectant, compelling, the strength of it something Tony had never seen before, but then, a mating between two creatures born of magic was rare. Almost unheard of, at least not for some centuries. 

It pooled around them, flowing through Tony’s bound shape and fanning the flames of his need, soothing discomfort, then retreating again, like tides of heat that crashed over him again and again, more powerful each time . 

Loki pushed in deeper, the thick tip stretching him even wider, Loki’s girth even larger than what the tip had indicated. Tony gasped, panting helplessly as he felt the burn echo deliciously through his veins. His belly clenched, as though trying to suck Loki in deeper, hips rolling of their own volition, rocking back and forth over the thick rod. Loki followed the rhythm he was setting, pushing in slightly deeper each time, until a large ridge pushed inside his rim. 

Tony whined, some frantic part of his brain floodinding with adrenaline as his rim stretched even further, the burn intense for just a moment before it sank inside his hole. Then it pushed its way out, slowly, inexorably, tugging his rim open once more, stretching him open for a breathtaking second before it was swallowed back inside, deeper, thicker.   

Tony moaned, slumping limply in his bonds, hopelessly lost to the sensations. 

He could feel Loki’s thickness inside him, hard and unbending, probably covered in a more sensitive version of the chitinous carapace as his arachnid abdomen. He shivered in bliss, relishing in the soft gasp he heard echo against his throat, Loki’s soft sighs a badge of pride that sent yet more sparks of pleasure through his belly. 

It felt good, too good almost, and Tony flushed with his arousal, clenching around Loki, then releasing, again and again. Loki kept rocking deeper, his thickness reaching parts of him that had never been touched before. 

And then Loki’s cock pushed straight against that bright spot inside him that made Tony see stars. He cried out, clenching all over as a bright burst of heat rushed through his veins, sparkling bolts of heat running down his nerves and appearing white-hot behind his eyes. 

Tony’s breaths were puffing out with small moans, his mouth open around a soundless cry as the pressure inside him curled deliciously through his belly. His magic sparked around them, unbound, wild, seeking something more. 

Pleasure flared through him, throbbing pulses of need and bliss that crashed over him again and again as Loki kept slamming against that very same spot, short but hard thrusts, an endless torment that threatened to drown Tony in pleasure. Something inside him was winding tighter and tighter, pressure mounting out of Tony’s control, and he was careening straight into it. 

Loki kissed him, hungry and desperate as he stole Tony’s moans from his lips. Their breaths mingled, as Loki’s moves gentled, slow, tender rocking that simply swept Tony along instead of shattering him with each touch. He whined, gasping, hazy, trying to understand what was happening, why that delicious pressure was slowly unwinding, leaving him free to think once more. 

“You’re taking me so well, pet,” Loki whispered against his lips, breathless, “But I think you can take more. Do you want more?” 

Tony huffed, almost amused at the question. Of course he wanted more. He already wanted to reach that elusive high he’d been promised from that throbbing place deep inside, but he was also greedy. 

There was a reason he’d gone along so easily with Loki’s offer to not choose one set of genitalia. He wanted everything too. Wanted to explore, to see, to feel everything that could be felt. His nestmates had always told him he always tried to do too much, too fast, but Tony had never agreed. He wanted everything the world had to offer and he wanted it now. 

And, luckily, he’d found a mate willing to provide him with the very brand of too much that Tony favored most. 

So he smiled, hungry and challenging, lifting his chin in a display of bravado he didn’t quite feel but certainly wouldn’t regret. “Of course I do. I want everything you can dish out. Don’t tell me you’re still holding out on me?”

Loki chuckled darkly. “Should I not be? Should I not be careful with the little virgin that somehow wandered into the spider’s parlor?” 

His voice hushed, a sensual murmur shared in the shell of his ear, “Do you have any idea of all the things I could do to you, pet? All those untold pleasures I could wring from your flesh? I could spend an entire millenia wrecking you with rapture, keep you in a haze of lust and satiated bliss until you lost yourself to it. I could teach you to crave things you’ve never even heard of. I could make you feel so much pleasure every trace of bliss became a torment, until you no longer knew if you needed more or if you wanted it all to stop, just to feel the relief of coming down.” 

Tony shivered, clenching with lust and a sort of sensual alarm he wasn’t quite certain what to make of. Where those whispers promises or threats? Did Tony want it, or was he scared of it? But the confusion itself was arousing, and he didn’t know how he should react, or wanted to react. 

Loki watched him struggle with these words with an amused smile on his lips. “You know, I could do it all to you right now if I wanted, little mate, but I am a merciful spider,” he smirked darkly, a hand running down his chest while another came to slowly tease at his folds. Tony’s vulva was wet and eager, but not much more used to being teased open than his pucker had been, “I shall only take you here as well, this time.”

Tony whined. He didn’t know if this was reassuring or disappointing. Loki laughed, giving him a peck on the nose, “You’re adorable.” 

Tony glared. 

Loki smirked, “We’ll have plenty of time for more fun at later times. Let’s just get used to this new flesh of yours this time, yes?” Those deft fingers caressed Tony’s labia, gently opening the folds and stroking along the wet slit. Another hand joined in, teasing at a small nub right over it, one that sent delicious bolts of pleasure through Tony’s core as Loki rolled it between his fingers. 

Tony started panting again, head falling back, lips parted as his breath shuddered out of him. His entire body was trembling, between the still throbbing spot in his ass that Loki kept rocking against and this new form of bliss washing over him, he felt himself slowly falling apart. His world narrowed to this small space between them and the bliss coursing through his body.

And then a finger slipped through his slit, entering the warm core of him. Tony gasped. The sensation was entirely different from the breach into his ass, there was no stretch, no tightness that Loki had to force his way through. This was only wet slickness, with his slit accepting in the intrusion of one, then two fingers. 

He groaned as they started exploring inside of him, curling against the velvety walls. They were softer somehow, more pillowy than those in his ass, and Tony shuddered at the sensation. It felt good, a bit overwhelming but rather nice. Slowly, he relaxed into the sensation. His slit felt less as though it had to stretch to accommodate the fingers and more like it was welcoming them instead, wrapping lovingly around the digits, sucking them in deeper. 

They found the entrance of his womb, the place where his egg was waiting, but they only circled it once, before slipping past. They probed deeper, curling inward until Tony gasped as bliss sparked through him, different from the delight that came from his ass. Instead of a bright burst it was more diffuse, a warm flush that spread through his belly, up his chest, until he felt himself twisting against his bonds, squirming, rocking, seeking something more. 

Loki’s voice was a sensual purr against his throat, “Oh but aren’t those reactions quite delicious?”

Around his clit, the fingers twisted, circled, teased and tugged at the sensitive bud until Tony’s entire body was flushed with desperate arousal, clenching and thrusting against that delicious pressure. “Do you think you are ready for more?” 

A hooked claw petted the small nub, small coils of silk wrapping around it, sticky strands catching the delicate bit of flesh in its grasp, before drawing a thread from it and tugging slightly. Tony cried out, hips skittering upwards. The sensation was incredible, it did not just simply pull, but instead twisted and rolled and sucked it in in a way that drove Tony simply crazy. 

“Lords, please!” 

He needed it. Needed anything Loki could give him. 

Loki hummed, kissing his parted lips and tugging the bottom one between his teeth. “Very well, love.” He shifted his abdomen, shifting Tony’s lower half to align them better. A second cock unfurled its underbelly, somehow thicker and shorter than the previous one. 

“It doesn’t look the same?” Tony itched to get his hands on his lover and explore everything that that carapace could hide. He wanted to explore every inch of his arachnea lover and he would. Once he got free of his bonds, which could wait until whatever they were doing was over. Still, that didn’t make his curiosity abate. 

Loki smirked at him, a devious glint in his eyes, “That’s because this is my cock, darling.” Tony blinked stupidly for a moment, wondering what it was then that was buried deep inside his ass, but Loki started pressing against his vulva and all thoughts disappeared from his mind, replaced instead by pure sensation. 

The cock was thick, its girth deliciously large against his opening. The stretch did not burn, didn’t feel like it was something his body had to accommodate, but it was still distracting, a fullness that called to his most primal mind, that simply felt good. His nether lips had to spread wide to wrap around the head, the glide smooth and simply delicious. He could feel himself clenching up, squeezing the not-cock inside him and squirting some more slick on the new intrusion. 

It was only the tip so far, but Tony was eager, wet and wound up already by the relentless teasing that had gone before. From the ruthlessly gentle rocking on his ass to the careful but still quite erotic perusal of his cunt and clit, to the slow reawakening of his forgotten cock, he was much beyond patience. 

“Come on, Loki. What are you waiting for?” He squirmed, before falling limp, staring down at his lover with hooded eyes, “Here I am, all tied up and ready for you, willing and eager, and yet you’re still making us both wait.”

He could feel his warm channel clench over nothing, empty and yet still gushing slickness in anticipation to the thickness it was promised, “Do you want me to beg, lover? Do you need me to tell you how much I need your thick cock inside me? Please, Loki!”

Loki groaned, the sound guttural and raw, before his hips stuttered forward, his thickness slowly working its way inside, the girth breaching him, filling him up, pressing deeper and deeper inside until there was no more room inside him. But Loki pushed deeper still, pressing on, thrusting his way all the way in … 

Tony gasped, breathless. He felt as though his insides were bursting, as though there was not enough room inside him anymore. He could feel the two cocks pressing against each other, crowding his insides, so much thicker and deeper than anything he could fathom. 

He couldn’t seem to close his mouth anymore, as though expelling some tiny puffs of air was enough to let out some of the pressure building inside him, his breaths nothing but small gasping moans, panting pleas that fell continuously from his lips. 

Loki’s hands caressed him, soothing. He waited, just a beat of stillness as Tony grew used to the absolute fullness inside him, to how stuffed he felt. 

“So good, such a good boy. Look how well you’re taking my cock, look how beautiful you look like this, stuffed full and wrecked with bliss and lust. How do you feel? Is it too much yet, or can you take more?”

Tony gasped around a laugh. As though he would ever tell Loki that it was too much. Perhaps it was, but he felt no desire to stop any time soon. Already, the embers of his arousal were flaring back to his attention, his release so close he could almost feel it. Everything inside him was tightening, reaching for this elusive high that Loki was promising, and he would have it, come what may. “Move damn you!”

Loki laughed, a low rumble that echoed through Tony’s entire body, making him bite off a moan as he shook with it. And then he started rocking, his entire abdomen thrusting against Tony’s willing flesh, reaching even deeper, Tony lurched with it, stars bursting behind his eyes, pleasure so bright he found himself drowning in it. 

Then Loki retreated, and Tony gasped, gulping in air at the sensation. It was as though he was being hollowed out, emptied of everything he was. And then Loki rammed back in. Then out, then in again, the rhythm intense and overwhelming, waves of bliss crashing over him again and again, building up the pressure inside him, until a deft hand pulled at the web coiled around his clit, bringing back that delicious sensation of sucking-tugging-squeezing, and Tony crested. 

His orgasm hit him like the steam of his fire-breath forcing its way through his body, consuming everything in its path, burst after burst until there was nothing left in its path but a raw nerve throbbing with aftershocks of pleasure. 

Loki gentled its path after that hugging him tightly as his cock pistoned in and out of his already sensitized passages. 

“I want to fill you up, darling. To have you filled with my seed and round with my eggs. To claim you in every way you would let me,” The pleas were soft, gentle, though Loki’s usually smooth voice had turned gravelly, rough with desire. A hand caressed his belly reverently and another palmed his ass, pressing him closer, “Will you let me?” 

Tony had no idea if it was even possible for him to be filled up even more, but Lords did he want it. “Do it.” His voice was wrecked. 

Loki groaned against him, sounding almost as ruined as Tony felt. 

His hips stuttered, hands clenching around Tony’s hips and pressing them flush together. Tony could feel the shafts pulsing against him, thickening, bulging. He groaned as Loki kissed him, almost desperately. 

He understood now what the not-cock inside his ass was. Tony shuddered, whining as he felt it swell against its base, as something smooth and round was pushed through, he bucked and moaned as he felt the bulge press against his rim then force its way through, inside the rod, along his hole, dragging against that blissful spot, until it was finally deposited deeper inside of him, the egg finally nestled into his belly. Then another, then another still. Loki groaned over him, face twisting in bliss as the ovipositor shuddered inside him, expelling egg after egg inside his willing flesh, filling him more and more until Tony could feel his stomach bloating, belly distending with its new load. 

Tony shuddered, trembling with the thought, with the sensations, with everything that was and had been happening. Each new egg drew a desperate cry, each new caress a shuddering gasp, he was overwhelmed, drowning in the sensations, walking the edge between bliss and torment. 

Loki hushed him, cradling him close, showering him with praise and encouragement, and Tony could only cling to those words, let everything wash over him and fall limp inside Loki’s hold. It was a relief, to no longer fight against the sensations or to make an attempt to control or understand them. The feelings crested against him, then crashed down, again and again, bright clouds of heat that he breathed out, breathing in Loki’s musk instead. The scent of sex and pine sap, the scent of silk that he’d started to recognize, and his own scent of wood smoke and melted iron that had started mixing in. 

He shuddered as the ovipositor started retreating, its precious charges now safely ensconced deep inside. He could still feel them, their thickness, their sheer number crowding inside him, their heavy weight that he could sense, almost comforting. 

And then Loki groaned, shuddering over him, and he started to come. 

The cock inside him pulsed, throbbing, a thick and hot pulse of liquid splashing deep inside his cunt, coating his walls. Tony groaned, shuddering in arousal, flushing with the heat of it. And Loki kept coming, short, rough thrusts that purted more and more juice, more and more seed inside his hole until he was filled with it, his cunt heavy and brimming with Loki’s spend, his walls stretching with the slightly distended feeling of too full. 

Tony moaned, thighs trembling helplessly, feeling bloated and just stuffed with both the eggs on one end and come on the other. He was filled to bursting, his body was too small to accommodate what Loki asked of him, too tight to carry those eggs, too full to take even a drop more of Loki’s cum. He shook, gasping, it was too much, he couldn’t do it anymore, he couldn’t take anymore. 

Loki hushed him gently, hands carding through his hair, caressing down his back, stroking his hips. “You’ve done so well love, you’ve been so good, so brave.” He kissed his trembling lips, wiped his sweaty brow, “That’s it sweetheart, you can take it, I know you can. You’re almost there.” 

Tony whined, the sound small and pitiful, but he trusted Loki, and the praise felt heady, the warmth of knowing that he’d pleased his lover, the primal satisfaction he felt at the heaviness in his belly, the way his magic sang in bliss at the feel of Loki’s seed inside him, he felt good. 

Loki’s cock retreated slowly, it’s girth sliding slickly against his puffy lips as it slowly slid out, the ovipositor retreating as well. Tony gasped, trashing in his bonds, clenching around them as though it might let them stay inside for longer. Tony didn’t think he could bear the emptiness anymore, didn’t think he could bear to part with that delicious and confusing sensation of fullness. 

Loki stilled, kissing him softly, petting him gently until Tony calmed himself down. A hand closed around his cock, the distracting rush of pleasure and pressure around his member making him forget his fear for a moment. He moaned, panting, lust building up once more through his veins, an all-encompassing wave that he could only barely feel just yet. But it was steadily growing though his clenching belly and Tony just knew it would break him apart. 

He wanted it. 

“You know,” Loki’s words were almost conversational, much too poised for someone who’d just spilled a gallon of come in their lover’s quim, “There is a saying amongst arachnea.” 

Tony whined, just a bit too distracted to really care. Loki was doing something with his cocks, spilling something that wasn’t really juice or eggs, maybe it was thread? It was building just inside both his entrances, replacing the weight and girth of the thick members he’s been speared open with, and Loki’s hands weren’t letting up either, stroking his cock, playing with his nipples and clit, teasing at the sore flesh of his entrances, Tony could barely keep up with what was happening with his body. 

It just felt like the perfect blend of overwhelming that was slowly but surely sending him crashing into yet another orgasm, and Tony wasn’t entirely sure he would survive it, but he was living for it. 

Loki’s lips caressed the soft flesh under his jaw, licking Tony’s gasps straight through his throat, feeling the wild fluttering of his heart through his veins. “It says something like, ‘seed planted in a fertile garden still needs to be watered.’ Don’t you agree?”

Tony squirmed as he felt the silken plugs widening inside him, snugly pressing against his holes, their steadily thickening girth pressing deliciously inside, stretching his already loosened flesh and keeping his precious burden securely inside. He sent a glare at Loki, “What the hell are you talking about gardening for?” Tony couldn’t even clench around Loki’s members to bring him back on task. No, instead it seemed he was the only one suffering there, strung up and stuffed and plugged, turned on within an inch of his life, entirely at Loki’s inexistant mercy and cruel whims, forced to listen to him talk about plants. 

Loki chuckled, his cruel hands doing something to the string connecting to his nipples that make Tony cry out, shivering as bliss skittered through his veins like lightning. “Come on, darling, pay attention, this is important.” 

Tony groaned weakly, chest sore and sensitive, cock throbbing against Loki’s too gentle strokes, clit pulsing with a heat that echoed through his entire belly. He clenched weakly against the silk closing him up, feeling for a moment how wide they were, how deliciously full they made him feel. 

Everywhere, everything was Loki, Loki, Loki.

He could feel Loki’s eggs inside him, Loki’s come heavy in his belly, the silken threads pressing everywhere against his skin. Loki’s body so close to his own, Loki’s voice a dark whisper against his ear, “Don’t you agree, love?” 

It was a trap. Tony didn’t know what, or why, but he knew it was a trap. He knew the saying, ‘Come to my parlor’, and all that. For all that Loki had been pretty straightforward with him so far, Tony knew that Loki relished in his tricks. In trapping poor and hapless naive prey with his quick and enticing words, with his allure and sensuality. 

It didn’t make it easier to resist regardless, not when he knew that he was safer than anyone could ever be, here in Loki’s devious clutches. 

He didn’t even know what he was answering, but he just nodded, babbling something that went “Sure, of course, whatever you say,” his mind too hazy and lust crazed to pay attention to what was coming from his lips. 

Loki chuckled darkly, “I am glad that you agree.” 

Tony had known it was a trap. 

He groaned, “Can I know what I got myself into now?”

“Oh, nothing too bad,” Loki’s words were almost casual, “It’s just a common belief amongst my people that it’s important to take care of the bearer after they’ve received their lover’s seed.” A hand went down to Tony’s belly, reverently caressing the definite bulge that now adorned his formerly flat stomach. “There’s another translation that could be found, maybe a bit more crude, it goes something like ‘ Seed planted in a fertile womb needs pleasure to grow. ’” 

Tony groaned, slumping against Loki’s hold, something that blended between defeat and amused fondness curling in his chest. “What sort of pleasure are we talking, here?” He felt much too worn out for anything of the sort, but the sudden flare of desire clenching through his belly said differently. 

Loki mouthed at his chest, fingers mapping their way over him, thin sticky threads attaching themselves to strategic places on his flesh, drawing soft plaintive noises from Tony’s lips as they seemed to suck in his skin. “Nothing to worry about, love. It’s just a little song, traditional to my people.” 

There was definitely something more to it than that, but the overwhelming assault of pleasure that came from every bit of his body was a bit too distracting to make any further queries. 

Loki continued, tone conversational, as though heedless of the way Tony was squirming under his ministrations, “I know that Dragons are explorers, but Arachnea are pretty sedentary creatures. And for all that we don’t necessarily live well in community, we have cultivated a common culture.” 

Hands had started caressing the delicate membrane of his wings, large patches of silken paste attaching themselves to the most sensitive parts before being pulled into a mass of thin but sturdy strings. Tony groaned, low and hungry. 

“One that is very rich in the arts, not only the beauty found in spun threads and knots, but also dance, and music, the songs that can be drawn from the plucking of our strings. And, of course,” Loki’s voice turned husky, amused, as though sharing a dark secret, “the sexual arts as well.” 

The silk plugs around his hole had grown to make their way around his openings, swallowing the sensitive skin of his rim and spreading over the lips of his vulva. Tony panted, short, desperate moans escaping his throat without respite. It was too much, too much.

“And of course there is no greater or more noble performance than one that combines all four of those.” The hand around his cock curled tighter, just once before leaving him bare, his member coated in a silken cocoon. 

Whatever Loki was planning, Tony knew it didn’t bode well for his sanity. 

“There is no greater mating gift that I can offer you.”

And nothing that would kill Tony any more swiftly either. 

When Loki retreated, moving away to find himself on his web a few paces from Tony, each of his four hands and two of his legs were carrying hundreds of small and large threads all connected to Tony’s body. Tony could feel them, all those sensitive spots being gently pulled at, almost suckled by those grasping webs. 

Anticipation rose in his breast, even as he could feel keenly the loss of Loki’s warm touch, he couldn’t help but stare, riveted as Loki pulled all the threads together in an intricate construct that rose high above them, blending in the tangle of the main web in a way Tony couldn’t hope to understand. Not yet at least. But he would one day. 

And then Loki swiveled through the web, testing and sidestepping until he found himself behind Tony, his chest pressing comfortingly against his back. There were two hands cradling his body, pressing him closer to Loki’s warmth, while the other two hands and four seven-jointed spider legs remained on the air above them, tangled amongst the strings. 

And then became the most beautiful and overwhelming experience of Tony’s entire life. 

Loki’s limbs danced through the air, graceful and fluid, an incredible ballet of gestures and elegance that pulled the entire web with it, flowing swathes of silk spinning through the air... And then a sting was plucked. The note rang high and clear through the air, beautiful and pure in a way that made Tony think of the tinkling of crystal. And then the note coursed along the string, vibrations flowing along the clear path, and it reached the place where it was attached to Tony’s flesh. 

Tony gasped, moaning. Oh but it was intense. It was only just a small spot against the side of his ribs, but he could feel his entire body shake with it, pleasure sparking and skittering through him like a drop of ink falling inside a scrying bowl. 

Then another string was plucked, another high note, that echoed through Tony like a sizzling burst of heat, echoing through his navel. 

And then the music really started, note after note, chords and tones and melodies swirling around him and he was the center of the performance, the centerpiece shattered with each note, the one through whom every sound went back, the one for whom this display was intended. 

He was the instrument that Loki was handling so masterfully, was playing with such relish. 

And he loved it, loved how much Loki was focusing on him, how beautiful the orchestra around him sounded, how thoroughly it was taking him apart. Each note was a torment, each sound was bliss, and he was losing himself to it, drowning himself in that melody, letting his own moans and gasps and pleas join the symphony, let his suffering and his rapture consume him until he was no more than a string himself, a part of Loki’s design, one that he was so lovingly making dance to his tune. 

He could feel his entire core vibrating with bliss, pulsing and sizzling with the music, the vibration intense and overwhelming. It took over him, a tidal wave of sensations that was too overwhelming to make sense of, his ass tingling with the strange suckling and vibrating sensation, his vulva quivering with the rippling echo as he clenched helplessly around the plugs, his clit felt so sensitive it was pulsing in time with his frantic heartbeat, his cock was hard, throbbing, his skin sizzling and oversensitive, he was just there, on the edge of his orgasm, so very close. 

It was too much, it was all too much, everywhere, everything, he was being taken apart, driven straight to the edge of something magnificent and terrible and he would drown in it. He couldn’t feel his body anymore, he was just a melody, just an echo of the pleasure tearing through him with each sound.

The music was still going on around him, sweeping him away with its otherworldly beauty and sensuality, Loki’s focus almost tangible behind him as he kept weaving, spinning, plucking, again and again, each note chipping away a bit more of his sanity until he was on the verge of falling apart. 

“Come for me, darling, come.” 

And Tony did, howling his pleasure as his cries mingled in the maddening, impossible melody, vibrating with rapture as he shattered. 

He came down slowly, blissful and sated, still tangled and surrounded by Loki’s serenade, but the melody had somehow started becoming soothing instead, each note humming gently against him and settling his nerves, quieting in the night’s gentle embrace. 

Loki was behind him, praising him, caressing him, his limbs curled around him in a delicious, all-encompassing hug that helped Tony find the boundaries of his flesh once more. 

Slowly, Loki started unwinding his bonds, carefully untying his limbs one after the other, checking the mobility of each limb, that there wasn’t any bruising or chafing, nor any pain. Tony suffered through Loki’s fussing with a fond smile, resting limply against their silken bed and allowing Loki to manhandle him every which way to reassure himself that he really was fine. He’d been instructed to drink the entire flask of nectar-water that he’d been given, and to finish the plate of fresh fruit that Loki had already prepared in advance. 

How an arachnea knew which fruits were nutritious for dragons was a mystery. How long had Loki been preparing this heist? 

Tony’s wings fluttered as they were freed, eager to move again, to soar, but Tony probably couldn’t at the moment. He was exhausted, and deliciously sore. And probably very, very heavy.

“You know, I have noticed that, for all that you’ve made sure to remove all the ropes that had been tying me up, and that I could now move unrestricted if I so wished it, and if my legs could carry me,” because he honestly didn’t think they could either, “You haven’t touched the silk that’s stuffed inside my ass. Or my cunt. Or around my cock. Or in fact, anywhere that could be even remotely considered erogenous.” Tony raised an eyebrow. Loki eyed him, blinking innocently. 

Tony still didn’t buy it. 

“I do hope you’re not planning on any more serenades anytime soon. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, mind you. In fact I think I might have enjoyed it a bit too much.”

Loki huffed, curling around Tony and cradling him in his many arms. Oh, but that was cheating.

“I do not, don’t worry. I believe we both need some rest.”

That was good. Tony relaxed, drowsiness and comfort making it hard to finish his argument. What had they been talking about? 

“Do you want me to remove them?”

Tony made an inquiring noise. He felt so sleepy, exhausted but in the best of ways. Loki was so warm. 

“I would remove them if you wanted me to. You only need to ask.”

Tony huffed. Of course. But Tony wouldn’t ask. He liked the way Loki’s eyes glinted with fiendish delight as he caressed his belly, the reverential and hungry way his hands caressed Tony’s eager flesh. The proud and awed slant to his lips when he saw the marks he’d left on him, the marks Tony had let him leave on him. 

No, Tony would let Loki have his games, he enjoyed them too much to complain. 

So long as Loki let him sleep. 

Later, they would have to straighten out the specifics of how they would blend their lives together, but for now they could simply rest like this. Tony relaxed into Loki’s hold. 

It was peaceful. 

They remained like that for a time, cuddling, snuggling. Loki pressed gentle kisses against his neck as his arms squeezed him gently tighter, as though the experience had been overwhelming to him as well and he too needed grounding. 

Tony still felt too full, stuffed with eggs and come, but the sensation was a pleasant reminder of their mating. It soothed the primal part of his mind, reassured his magic that their mating was successful, that their bond was fruitful.

It was comforting. 

“I like the way you purr when you’re happy, Anthony. It’s very charming.” 

Tony blinked, surprised at the non-sequitur. Had he been purring?

Loki chuckled. “You haven’t stopped, actually. It went marvelously well with my symphony, so I must commend you.”

Tony gasped, suddenly recognizing the slow rumble that was still vibrating through his bones, and the discrete yet distinctive purr that he had started emitting when Loki had been tying him up at first. He blushed. It was one thing to purr and quite another not to even recognize it when he was doing it. 

Loki petted him softly, reassuringly. “It was quite helpful, you know? I could tell that you were enjoying yourself and I had a clear indicator where things were becoming too much. Communication is important when you’re not able to use your hands, love. You should learn to speak your needs more,” he chided. 

Tony shook his head, embarrassed. “Anything else I should be aware of that I wasn’t conscious of doing?”

Loki huffed, amused, fond. “Look up.”

Tony blinked at the small flickering wisps of dragon-breath snuffing themselves harmlessly against the silken threads. He turned to Loki, wide-eyed. His mate only raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t think I wouldn’t fireproof my webs when attempting to capture myself a dragon, did you?”