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A kiss

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Bennett was walking around Wolvendom, going up the trail to where he and Razor usually met up and hung out. Bennett felt a little bit nervous - he didn’t see the other ever since he gave him that love poem. He wasn’t even sure if Razor really understood what he meant by giving him that poem. Bennett just kind of handed it to him, told him that he wrote it for him and then he ran away. Not the proudest way he could have handled it, but with his luck Bennett was afraid of rejection, so he decided to give it a few days. But, now he was ready. Bennett was finally ready to face Razor - he kind of missed him, anyway. Bennett hoped that Razor was going to be there, waiting for him. Maybe he wouldn’t be; the way that he ran away the other day wouldn’t really surprise him if Razor  would be upset with him. 

Bennett eventually made it all the way up and looked around, slowly making his way forward and he smiled softly when he managed to catch a glimpse of Razor’s coat. He was sitting under a tree, leaning against it and Bennett sighed in relief. Bennett approached the other slowly, feeling his heart making a little jump and he felt butterflies in his stomach when he finally managed to see Razor properly. Yes, he had definitely missed him for the past few days. Did Razor miss him too ?

As Bennett stepped closer he could notice that there was something off about Razor, though. He was sitting there, hugging his legs and his chin was resting against his knees. There was a little, small look on his face and Bennett’s eyes widened, feeling doom slowly pooling in. Razor looked sad and if there was one thing that Bennett was weak to was right this - Razor making a troubled expression. Not wanting to waste more time, Bennett decided to finally let him know that he was there. Bennett  was definitely going to cheer him up!

“Razor,” said Bennett in his usual cheerful tone of voice and he waved to the other when Razor suddenly turned around and Razor’s eyes widened. What was with that kind of reaction? Razor was quickly on his legs and he ran up to the pyro user, who made a little step back and he cleared his throat. Razor was really eager to see him, wasn’t he? It made him smile, but at the same time. “Listen, I have the perfect adventure ready for-”

“Bennett is here!” exclaimed Razor and Bennett’s voice trailed off and then he slowly nodded. Yes, he obviously was. Bennett didn’t understand why Razor needed to point it out. There was a little smile on Razor’s face, but then it soon transformed into a frown and Razor glanced down. 

“Um, yes,” said Bennett slowly and silence fell between them. “Did something happen?” asked Bennett out of curiosity. They never really talked about feelings, it was always what was the next adventure or what should Bennett cook and not burn it. Still, he had to ask. Razor looked like he was having a hard time with keeping up a smile and Razor sighed and then glanced down.

“I’m sad,” said Razor, trying his best to tell what he was feeling. It was hard, speaking was hard, but he liked spending time with Bennett, so he was trying his best. He really was. “That day,” said Razor and Bennett felt his heart pounding against his chest again. Oh, they were going to discuss that right away, weren’t they? Then again, this was Razor and he didn’t really like beating around the bushes. “Bennett… ran away,” he carried on and Bennett sighed under his breath and then laughed  awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Ah, that, yes, well, um,” was stammering Bennett and Razor’s face fell again.

“Bennett upset at me?” asked Razor with the smallest voice Bennett has ever heard and Bennett quickly shook his head. So, Razor has been feeling sad because of that for the last few days. Bennett huffed and face-palmed himself mentally. He really was the worst! He not only had bad luck, but he was also a bad friend. Quite obviously. Bennett was trying to find something that would justify his actions. He wasn’t really prepared that they would get into this so quickly and-

“No, no, no, no, ” said Bennett. “I wasn’t and I’m not upset,” said Bennett.

“I’m sorry,” mumbled Razor.

“No, listen, I wasn’t upset, everything is okay,” said Bennett and Razor lifted his gaze. “You did nothing wrong,” said Bennett and Razor slowly nodded, believing him. “I was embarrassed so I ran away,” said Bennett and then he clasped hands together. “ I’m sorry for making you feel like this,” said Bennett and Razor nodded again. The apology was accepted, but Razor was confused.

“Why embarrassed?” asked Razor.

Bennett laughed nervously again. Ah, so Razor didn’t really get the meaning of him giving him that poem. It made sense. Not going to lie, though, it also kind of made him feel  sad, but at least this was better than getting rejected. “Well, that poem, you see, it’s kind of,” said Bennett and then made another pause. “Do you get the meaning of it?” asked Bennett and Razor blinked a few times.

“Words are hard,” said Razor and Bennet sighed with a smile.

“Thought so,” said Bennett. “You see, it’s a l-l-love poem,” said Bennett painfully slowly, his cheeks heating up. He was really happy that it was just them there. Bennett gulped and looked at Razor, who looked unphased and he sighed. Razor really didn’t understand it. “I gave it to you because you-you’re a special p-person to me,” carried on Bennett and closed his eyes. He didn’t prepare himself to do the full on confession though! 

Razor understood that he liked the poem and that he was happy that Bennett gave it to him. It made him feel all fuzzy and happy inside. It was the first time he felt like this and he liked it. That was why he wanted Bennett to feel the same and he had something for Bennett too. He couldn’t really write, but he could draw. Bennett was also a special person to him. He stuck his hand into his pocket and started searching for something. Bennett arched his eyebrow and then saw that Razor pulled out a scratched up and folded piece of paper.

“For Bennett,” said Razor softly. “Bennett is also a special person.”

Bennett’s eyes grew when he took the piece of paper and his fingers trembled a little bit, gulping down and he looked at Razor, who was watching him with anticipation in his eyes. Bennett slowly unfolded the paper and glanced down. It was a drawing - he could easily recognise himself and Razor on it. They were holding hands. And Razor wanted to… eat him? Bennett cocked his head to the side. 

“You want to eat me?” blurted out Bennett and the look on Razor’s face was priceless. The boy stepped closer to Bennet and glanced down onto the drawing.

Razor was fighting with trying to explain it in a calm manner, but- “I don’t eat Bennett,” said Razor. Ah, thought Bennett, his feelings were hurt. It wasn’t Bennett’s intentions, but- “Kiss, it’s a kiss!” was explaining Razor hastily. “Make Bennett happy, not eat him,” he said and Bennett had to take a moment. 

Bennett’s face turned red, but then he started laughing. First off - he was happy that there were no hard feelings between them. Second of all - it seemed that maybe Razor did understand the meaning of his poem correctly. And lastly - he had feelings for him too, maybe. Bennett had a feeling that it was his own expectations getting the best of him, but for now he didn’t care. As he burst out laughing, Razor pressed his lips together and he cocked his head to the side; did Bennett not know what a kiss was? 

Razor stepped closer and then he narrowed his eyes. When Razor kissed Bennett’s cheek in the way that was known to him - lick him across the cheek - the laughter died out on Bennett’s part and his jaw widened. Bennett was dumbfounded, but then again it made sense. Razor was trying his hardest, he still wasn’t really known to hang out with many people and Bennet then chuckled. He was happy, though. So, so happy. 

Bennett then leaned in as well and he could tell that Razor’s cheeks were slightly redder. “W-what?” stammered Razor.

Bennett didn’t say anything, he quickly closed his eyes and pressed his lips against Razor’s cheek, quickly pulling back. Razor felt his heart jumping and there was the same warmth that he felt when Bennett read and gave him his poem. It was a good feeling. Razor wasn’t quite sure what Bennett just did to him, but he touched his cheek and smiled softly. Bennett was trying his hardest not to smile too widely, but he couldn’t.

Bennet was too happy!

That day, when they went on their adventure, they held hands. For the entire day!