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Shadows mutter, mist replies; darkness purrs as the beast rises



The child of winter, born of blood and death; created in the deepest pits of hell carved with pain and bone-chilling screams of mercy. Unmade and remade everytime, HYDRA's one and truly non-expendable weapon of mass-destruction. A dangerous puppet with no mind of his own, his sole purpose was to do his masters' bidding. A single thought crowding his mind 'HAIL HYDRA'

He was the cause of success of HYDRA'S indomitable rule over the kingdom of 'Cianna.' But a human made weapon can be reconstructed and used only so many times before the system malfunctions.

No one knows his real name, none knows his origin. For some people, he is a worshipped as a god who freed them from the shackles of cruelty and withering spirits, giving them wings to soar in the new dawn of light. Others fear him as satan incarnate. They give him tributes in the hopes to appease the beast and his pack consisting of deadly monsters like him. The winter soldier resides in the shadows of darkness, his body shrouded in a black robe, a mask covering his face. The only visible part being the icy blue eyes resembling the blending colour of a sea wave crashing the shore, engulfed by the colour red as sharp glinting teeth tore the cut-off screams from his enemies' throats.

For many like steve, he's just a ghost tale created and magnified to provoke terror in naive hearts to further their propaganda. 'Stupid Fairytales' his uncle would say 'mindless beasts who are personified to be more than they are, gone rogue, they just need a firm hand and they would cower like puppies, isn't that right, dear nephew?' He would laugh as steve would scream himself hoarse as new scars appeared on his pale, thin body everyday in the silence of the castle where no one could hear him, save him.

Steve believed his uncle. He didn't think the beast would be as cruel as his uncle, King Alexander Pierce. For the beast, might tear him apart and devour him but atleast the death would be quick unlike the slow painful suffering he had to endure everyday. A pretty prince with an angelic face who did as the king said. A mindless puppet, a mere pawn in his uncle's grand scheme, waiting to be sacrificed for others' victory.

Steve knew he would never be happy under his uncle's shadow and sooner rather than later, his uncle will find the perfect ruse to discard him without tarnishing his own reputation. But he underestimated the hatred his uncle felt for him, made pretty and ready to be sold to the very same beast who was responsible for his parents' death.

But one thing he got from his mother in spades was courage to stand tall in the face of storm and a big mouth with nary a filter which on many occasions have been the reason of the survivor's scars decorating his back. Beast of the night or not, steve was not going to be a mindless servant for another master, he was going to fight till his body can no more keep up with his spirit. He was going to make the winter soldier regret about purchasing him like he was a pretty toy ready to be used and discarded when it tickles other's fancy. He didn't knew how will he achieve it do it he will.

But one thing steve forgot that there were more dangerous monster than the winter beast, who hide in the light of the sun, with menacing eyes and unassuming smiles, wearing the mask of humanity to cover their true demons.

What will steve do when faced with enemies he never have heard of, who are capable of unhinging even the master assassin and monster of night 'The Winter Soldier?'


Stay tuned to know the past as it unravels itself from the shroud of mystery and how it affects the fate of two lost souls in dire need of peace.


So guys! How was the prologue? Did you like it? Was it interesting?
This idea was going in my mind for many months and I finally feel relief to be able to pen it down. Phew. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did while writing this.


Warnings :-

This is a male/male story so anyone who has an issue with gay themes kindly do not read.

This is my first time writing same sex story so I apologize in advance for any mistake or ignorance. Feel free to correct me politely if I am going wrong somewhere.

Characters are chosen from marvel universe and they do not belong to me. I merely borrowed them to play in my fantasy story.

The circumstances and some of the names are imaginary and bore no truths and facts.

Take care, stay safe
Yours truly,