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Two is Better than One - Diluc(2x)/Reader

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You had been practicing alchemy under Albedo for the last three years, starting some time after you first came to Mondstadt. It wasn’t something you anticipated happening, you just showed up, quickly picked up the craft when you came across the alchemy table and before you knew it Albedo and his assistant Sucrose were asking if you’d like to take it more seriously.

The excitement died within a month after realizing how many damn books and manuscripts you had read and decipher within a week. It was tedious work and due to your laziness you didn’t make much progress within the ranks of the scholars, but you weren’t complaining, you got more free time to mess around making your own things. Things within an alchemists jurisdiction, of course.

However, last night’s transmutation could get your license revoked and confiscated, you could possibly get arrested and held up in whatever messed up prison the Knights of Ordo Favonius had under their sleeves.

Right in front of you, sprawled out on your bed was a naked redhead. His skin was porcelain and his eyes were closed, as if in a blissful sleep. On your bed, as if in a dream, was Diluc Ragnvindr, wine tycoon, bachelor of Mond, a strong Pyro user with a weapon to match, the man was in your bed. You had successfully replicated the original living Diluc last night on that shabby, nearly run-down alchemy table that you found.

You walked around to the edge of the bed and leaned over, trying to see if the replicated individual was breathing or if you had a dead decoy in your bed. You tucked a strand of your hair back to see and heard the soft breaths of the creation before you. It was alive, more or less.

You thought back to the night before, trying to figure out how the replica came into fruition if you hadn’t even set your hands down onto the table to begin the process. Unlike some other alchemists, you need to physically have your hands on the table to allow the transfer of energy to progress. It’s an old way of doing things apparently, but coming from someone who has no legitimate background in alchemy, it worked for you.

You remember setting down a couple ingredients; the flower bulb of a Lamp Grass, some grapes you had purchased from his vineyard, Pyro slime condensate, the worn out prototype of a claymore, and fresh water. General items but they had their own purpose. However, last night you didn’t realize that purpose, you were drunk off your ass and slapped some things together in a fit of angst and desperation. You wanted him, not in the way Donna disgustingly gushes over him, no, you wanted to cherish him. You wanted to hold his hand and see his morning bed-head look, to cook with him and eventually get personal with him about your fears and worries.

That’s what you tell yourself anyways, in reality you wanted him to slam you against a wall, wrap his hand around your neck and defile you in every way possible.

You remember now, after you drank who knows how many drinks and slapped the ingredients down, your urges got the best of you. You had slumped around the study you dedicated to alchemy, looking for something to satisfy your needs, and without thinking, you grabbed the recreated slime you made a week prior, an amalgamation of a Pyro and Cryo slime. It was about the size of a large wild slime, but it was more stretchy and capable of altering it’s shape due to the odd mixture that it was. You were in fact desperate, you flung your pants and underwear off as you watched the slime writhe and warp on the ground. Within a moment, you were straddling the replication, your drunken state amplifying your desperation and sensations as the alchemized slime pulsed and prodded inside your tight core. The sensation was different and you found yourself losing control of your moans and gasps for air, your hand desperately trying to hold onto the table to keep yourself from slumping forward and allowing the creation to defile you in other ways.

Your hand was on the table, specifically the alchemy table. You had unknowingly set off the alchemization in your drunken and lustful state, and somehow, unbeknownst to you, created what seemed to be the perfect replica of Diluc.

You sighed heavily and rubbed your head as you tried to figure out what your options were. You could either destroy the creation, pretend it never happened, and carry on with your life. But you could also hide him and keep him to yourself as a personal bodyguard, maybe show him to Albedo and play it off as creating the perfect fighter. Or…you could have him to yourself and live out all those horrendously disgusting and slutty fantasies you’ve come up with.

Within a moment, the replica of Diluc groaned and sat up, rubbing his eyes as he finally woke up. His hair was a mess, his chest was toned and muscular, his cock…firm? Did this damn replica really have a hard-on right now?

“Ah, you’re awake, neat, now to figure out what to do with you,” you said with exhaustion. He was silent, just looking at you with a blank, bored expression that the real Diluc was known to carry around. “Um, what are the chances that you already known how to speak?”

The creation opened his mouth but didn’t make a sound. He was mimicking you, that was obvious, but he didn’t pick up language immediately. Why would he, you thought.

You sighed and took a seat at the edge of the bed, trying to figure out what the hell you were going to do. Your back was to him but you knew he was staring, you could feel his gaze burn through your back and it made you shiver. You made the conscious decision to destroy him, it was wrong creating him and you knew better than to do something like this. All you had to do was find some flaw or malfunction to stem off of and dismantling him would be easy. As you turned your head to find a flaw on him to work with you gasped as he slid his middle finger into your mouth, his eyes a little wide as he slid his finger along your tongue. You pulled away and wiped your mouth.

The replica opened his mouth and proceeded to explore his own mouth. He was salivating, and he had no idea what that meant. He accumulated a decent amount of saliva that slid down his fingers when he finished, his eyes examining the wetness on his hand and eventually following a small drop that landed on the shaft of his cock. He reached down in an attempt to wipe it off but wound up rubbing more onto himself, the sensation making him gasp lightly. Great, he’s discovered his penis, you thought to yourself.

You could’ve stopped it, you could’ve kept up with your mental promise of dismantling it and moving on but something about seeing what could pass off as the real Diluc giving himself a hand-job was enough to make you think twice about all your life choices. No, you knew better, you had to stop this.

“Hey look, let’s not do that right no- ah!” Within seconds of trying to halt the lusty act of exploration, the replicated Diluc had grabbed your arm and pulled you in, trying to get your mouth as close to his cock as possible. He knew wetness came from there, and he also knew he couldn’t do it himself. A small part of you knew to not do it, but you made him for this reason, didn’t you?

You caved in and took the full length of his cock into your mouth, breathing quickly and softly gagging on the thickness. You swirled your tongue around and bobbed your head up and down, getting sloppy and messy along his shaft before softly twirling your tongue on the tip. At first he thought you were going to pull away and tried to keep your head in place, but the sensations overcame the creation and he began to moan loudly, gripping a bundle of your hair as he gasped and came close to his first orgasm. You wanted to know what alchemized cum tasted like, and the idea of it sent your mind in a daze as you caved in to your fantasies.

You reached a hand down between your thighs, feeling the wetness that came from your pussy and moaned with his cock in your mouth. It wasn’t much longer that he shot his load into your mouth, his two hands gripping your hair as he moaned, his deep voice filling the room and rang like music in your ears. You pulled your head back and swallowed, taking in the almost sweet taste his cum left and sighed as if just finishing a full meal at dinner. The replicated Diluc was laid back on your bed, panting, his cock still firm and dribbling out little spurts of cum. You wanted more.

You crawled a little closer to him, reaching for his hand and guiding it between your legs. He explored on his own and when he felt the warm wetness he put two-and-two together as his eyes got wide with anticipation. He pulled his hand away, looking at his fingers and immediately licking them clean. You chuckled softly and found yourself laughing harder as he opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out, as if asking for more.

You realized that in your fit of lust the night prior, the sensations and feelings you had was put into your creation. To put it simply, you created a sex toy with no bounds or limitations aside from it’s own physical appearance. This replicated Diluc was created with lust in mind, and you were okay with that.

As if consumed, you quickly positioned yourself over his face, lowering your pussy onto his lips and feeling his tongue slide around and along your folds. The warmth of his tongue made you shiver and jolt as he quickly found the clit, nipping and gently biting the most sensitive part of you. You were instinctively pulling away before his arms wrapped around your thighs and held you in place, making sure you endured the orgasmic wave that was moments away. For something that hadn’t been alive for more than a day, the replica was experienced and it most likely stemmed from your own sensations and ideas being put into the alchemy without realizing.

Your eyes blurred as you watched the red-head maneuver around between your thighs, you took in his scent, the way his arms were gripping your thighs and holding you down. He was muscular, toned and firm. His hair looked soft and vibrant even in the dimly lit room. Before you could think, the orgasmic wave overtook you, sending shockwaves up your legs, along your spine and making your chest tighten. You wanted to cave, the wave was overwhelming but the replica wasn’t budging. His tongue slid and flicked in rhythmic patterns, the warmth and wetness of his tongue knew what it was doing and it was driving you mad. You gasped before crying out as you felt yourself push down onto his mouth, the feeling was mind-numbing and eventually you were released from his grasp and you slid off his face.

You laid on your back, panting and covering your face as you tried to recollect yourself. You were partly satisfied and partly embarrassed for what happened. You were royally fucked if anybody found out about what you had in your room.



The days went on and you still kept the replica hidden away. You’d attend your required meetings at the Knights’ Headquarters, you met with Albedo and Sucrose often on work matters, you went to the tavern with your coworkers and friends, and of course, you ran into Diluc. The real one. He seemed to pop up more randomly and spark conversation, sometimes you wondered if it was the replica or if the real Diluc found out and just wanted to pry it from you as proof before he exposed you.

However, as your days continued, so did the sexual escapades with the replica. At least once a day the replica made it a point to touch you in some way when you came home. Subtle kisses, wandering hands, dominating force, the replica was a fiend and you relished in it. You made it a point to teach him to speak, how to live, the importance of staying hidden, and of course the priority of consent. You didn’t think you’d be a teacher, but here you were.

You had just gotten back from meeting with Lisa about elemental recharge systems in different ecosystems and you were exhausted. You came inside and was quickly met with the replicated Diluc standing near the doorway, half-dressed and a beaming smile on his face.

“Welcome home~” he said softly. His voice was smooth like butter and you felt your heart melt. What a sick, twisted life you’re living.

You smiled softly and made your way to the open-spaced living room. You plopped on the couch, laying down on your stomach and sighing in exhaustion. You were tired of carrying around boxes and digging through dusty books, your legs were tired and your back hurt.

Diluc chuckled softly and made his way to you, gently sitting himself atop of your legs and grazing his hands along your sides. You shivered lightly when you felt his hands slip under your shirt. He began to press his fingers into your skin as he massaged your back, his firm grip loosening the tight joints you carried around all day.

“Tell me how your day went, darling~” he said, in an almost whisper.

“It was tiresome. I’m not that high in the ranks of alchemists and yet they have me running around back and forth researching things that aren’t even fully understood yet. On top of that, my request for a raise was denied because I have yet to show any real improvement in my work. I’m sorry, I’m sure half of what I said isn’t translating well for you just yet.”

“It is fine, from your tone I can tell you are upset.” The replica learned forward and planted a kiss on your shoulder before gently getting off you and sitting on the floor in front of you. He crossed his legs and reached a hand out to brush the hair out of your face.

“Tonight I’m going to the tavern with Lisa and Kaeya. Thankfully they’ve noticed my efforts and are treating me to some drinks. So I’ll be late tonight.” You picked your head up and held yourself up on your arms, looking at the creation before you. Sometimes you would forget that he wasn’t the real thing and you’d feel a little guilty.

“I wish I could go with you to these places.”

“I know you do, but unfortunately you can’t beca-“

“Because people will find out, you will get in trouble, and I will be taken away. Yes, I know, darling. This is fine, being here with you is enough for me.”



To add to your unfortunate day, the real Diluc was working the bar tonight. You, Lisa, and Kaeya sat front-row and the drinks came in. Kaeya spent a good portion of the night pestering the real red-head and talking about his experiences with various people in the city. Lisa went on about how she’s tired of going out and reclaiming her missing books but loved the times where she could let off steam on unsuspecting people who would forget to return a book. The poor souls who had to see Lisa when she was upset…

“Kaeya do me a favor, yeah? Stop flaunting your sexual escapades in our faces, mmkay?” Lisa spurted under a chuckle.

“Flaunting? Oh no, surely that’s not the case. I’m just keeping you two updated on my ventures. Especially you, little alchemist, you haven’t done much. I haven’t heard of your alchemy progression and your…special creations.” Kaeya smirked and nudged your arm. You would tell him about the slimes and special electro-charged objects, but have omitted telling them about the latest creation hidden away. For good reason.

“Ah, well you see, I just haven’t had much creativity lately. Being busy has kept me from doing what I enjoy.” You took a heavy swig of your beer as Kaeya rolled his eye.

“Oh please, you’re horny nearly all the time and you have a sick mind, my dear.” Kaeya and Lisa burst out in laughter as your face reddened deeply and choked on your drink. For a split second you met Diluc’s eyes and could’ve sworn you saw a tint of red on his cheeks.

“Kaeya is right, is there something you’re hiding from us that you’re too ashamed to tell?” Lisa leaned in closely and hummed in anticipation. Her breasts brushed up against you and the warmth sent goosebumps to swarm up your arms. Lisa had a way with her body movement and she knew how to make you question your choices in pleasure.

“Ah-, you two are being ridiculous. I’ve just been lacking motivation, that’s all. Burnout is a real thing, you know.” You tried to avoid making further eye-contact with Diluc, something about having been in countless positions and being dominated by his replica made it a little uncomfortable to stand before the real thing. You’ve seen him naked, you’ve had him defile you in more ways than you could imagine and here you were, seated before the real thing as you keep this secret tucked away.

The night went on and so did the drinks. Kaeya and Lisa had began to head out and you were too spun out to leave on your own. Kaeya offered to let you stay with him, but Diluc interjected, saying he’d take care of you and get you home safely. You were too drunk to realize how much of a gamble that was.

You rested your head in your hand as you watched Diluc clean up the now empty tavern. His hair was tied back in a high pony-tail, something his replica hated doing. You watched his movements and admired his features. He was real and for some reason seeing the real thing made your stomach churn.

“I’ll be done here in a bit and then I’ll take you home. You really shouldn’t have drank so much.” He came back around the bar with the last few cups and plates to clean.

“Oh please don’t lecture me right now. The last few weeks have been enough as it is, I don’t need you to berate me and remind me of how my choices are questionable.” You pouted and nearly didn’t notice the slight chuckle that came from the red-head.

“You’ve been a little aloof recently, something keeping you busy?”

“More like someone,” you sighed as you laid your head on the countertop.

“Oh? Are you… seeing somebody?” Diluc turned his back to you as he continued his menial tasks. Something in his tone shifted, but you weren’t conscious enough to pick up on it.

“Not necessarily, he sort of… showed up.” You had to catch yourself from exposing your secret.

Once Diluc had finished up and locked up the tavern, he took you back to your little home. The walk there was mostly quiet, small conversation here and there about the city, the lack of effort of the Knights, how abruptly insane Kaeya could be. You had wrapped yourself around his arm in an effort to hold balance on the walk back, something he didn’t seem to mind.

“Hm? It seems like you left lights on inside? Your guest, I’d assume?” You looked up at Diluc as he spoke and quickly became aware of the situation. Your eyes shot from his to the windows and you saw the silhouette of the replica. The noticeable red hair would’ve been a giveaway and the second it came into view, you spun around to make sure Diluc’s back was to the house.

“Ah! Yes! Thank you so much for taking me back! Um, I, uh, appreciate it. Really. You should get going.” You burst words out without thinking and hoped your franticness didn’t raise suspicion. There goes your drunken high.

Diluc raised his eye-brows and as he was about to turn his head to look back, you grabbed his face with your hands and planted a kiss onto his unsuspecting lips. You felt the shock overcome him as his body seemed to freeze. I am so sorry, but you can’t find out, you thought to yourself.

There was a brief moment before you pulled away where you felt like he kissed you back, but you couldn’t dwell on it for too long. The replication of Diluc knew better than to come outside when you were with someone else, so you weren’t too worried about him showing up. But it was a risk, and getting the real thing away from the premises was the objective.

You pulled away from the kiss, stammered another thank you, and quickly rushed inside before he could regain his composure and watch you rush off. You made it inside and was met with the replica seated at the couch, hair let down and damp. He wore a loose white top and black pants that weren’t tied up, ‘easy access’ as you liked to tell him. You were in and as you closed the door behind you, you felt resistance. The door was pushed open and as you turned around in pure shock, you were standing between what use to be a dream come true, but now it was your worse nightmare.

Diluc stood at the door, his hand holding it open and his eyes wide. His gaze was directed at his replica, who quickly stood up and pointed a finger at the real thing. The two of them were silent, but equally shocked. And there you were, standing between them feeling your world come crashing down, everything you worked for and achieved, now was out the window.

“What the hell is that?” Diluc shouted, slamming the door behind him and suddenly towering over you. “Y/N, you mind telling me what’s going on here? Last time I checked there was only one of me in Teyvat, so who is that standing there in your living room?”

“Um, it’s…well it’s a long story. You see…um, well…” You couldn’t find the words to say to make the situation any less worse, you just felt panic. You saw the replica stride over to the two of you in the corner of your eye and you heaved a heavy sigh.

“You are the one I was made in the image of. I never thought I would ever meet you.” The replica stood closer, he learned in and got a closer look at Diluc, who took a step back in what seemed to be horror. As much of a shitty situation this was, seeing his reaction made you all warm.

“Since I’m fucked anyway I’ll just come forward. A few weeks ago, I created, by accident if I may add, a replication of you. He’s been here the whole time.”

“How the fuck do you accidentally create a copy of somebody?” Diluc was upset, that much was obvious. And it just made you a little bit hornier.

“I was stupid, okay! I knew it was wrong to do it and keep him around, but he’s been good help to me and I couldn’t reverse it!” You shouted back.

Diluc turned his attention back to the replica. “How are you of help to her, hm? What the fuck is your stance on this?”

The replica smiled softly and the words that came from his mouth made you groan in embarrassment. “My job is to please Y/N. I satisfy her sexual needs and defile her in however way she craves.”

Diluc, the real one, shot you a look of surprise and his face reddened deeply. “This has to be a joke, surely this a joke. Kaeya’s jokes about you being…frustrated, can’t be more than jokes, right?”

You sighed and rubbed your temple as you shook your head. “Look, I have a lot of free-time with the position I have in alchemy, okay? I am also a person with needs and need to find ways to satisfy said-needs. And one night, in a moment of…lust and drunken fantasies, I accidentally created this…well, living sex-toy.”

Diluc avoided eye-contact, redness covering his face. “F-fantasies?” He stammered a bit as he held his chin in an attempt to conceal some of his face.

The replica stepped in and beamed at him, “Why, yes! Y/N had you in mind in my creation from what she’s told me.”

“Hold on, Y/N, is it…self-aware?”

You nodded your head as you sluggishly took a seat on the couch, crossing your legs and hugging one of the decorative pillows. You were tired, the excitement and embarrassment made you wanna dive into bed but that was yet to happen. “Yeah he is. The last thing I wanted was for him to have a harsh reality check, flip out, and make things worse than what they already are.”

The replica followed-suit, standing behind you from the couch and placed his hands on your shoulders as he began to massage your tired joints. You leaned your head back as you relaxed a bit. You heard soft footsteps and a shift on the couch, opening an eye and looking to the side, you saw Diluc sit on the other corner of the couch, face still as red as his hair.

You were too lost in comfort to say any other words of reassurance, the replica began to slowly lower his hands. You rolled your shoulders a bit and he began to softly massage your collar-bones, his touch sending small shocks throughout your body. This isn’t the time to get lost in thought, you tried telling yourself. You wanted to doze off, right there. A part of you nearly did, too.

“You know, Diluc, you are more than welcome to join us. I’m sure Y/N would appreciate the extra company.” The replica spoke softly as he continued to massage you, his hands slipping under your top, cupping your breast gently and giving them a soft squeeze. You sighed softly, the world around you becoming a haze.

Diluc shot his replica a look and before he could say anything, the replica leaned forward and planted a few singular kisses on your neck. You flushed a bit and turned your head so it was easier for him to get where he wanted to. You were getting lost in the motions that when you opened your eyes, you saw Diluc seated closer to you, his face a deep red.

He was inches away now, and the moment was surreal to you. The replica pulled away, and chuckled softly as he pushed the two of you closer into a kiss. This time it was mutual, the real Diluc kissed you, pulling you closer to him and reached out to cup your cheek. He pulled away and looked into your tired and embarrassed eyes. His hand trailed to your neck as he tightened his grip, his action catching you off guard.

“This is quiet repulsive, you know? Making a version of me to suit your disgusting desires. How does that make you feel, Y/N?” Diluc muttered to you, he was still angry but you couldn’t help but still be lost the kiss and his real hand on you.

“It makes her feel like the whore that she is, aren’t you, Y/N?” The replica came around the couch and smirked as he spoke. He had a sadistic look on his face as he looked down on you. The real Diluc stood up and looked over at his copy, nodding his head in what seemed to be approval. The two red-heads looked down at you and suddenly you were no longer tired, but one-part scared and the other-part so fucking excited.

Diluc began to undress, stripping away the iconic attire he garnered so often and threw them off to the side as he approached the bed. The replica began removing the shirt and dropped his untied pants. Diluc glanced over and noticed the already erect member on his copy and smirked.

“She made you a bit large didn’t she?”

“Hm? Well, she did make me with you in mind, so consider yourself flattered.”

Diluc shook his head and let his pants drop to his feet, chuckling at your expression upon seeing what the real deal looked like. The replica looked without out trying to avoid being obvious and beamed.

“Not so much of a difference! She was on point, wasn’t she?” The two red-heads laughed amongst themselves and you couldn’t help but feel your mouth water. You wanted the real thing, desperately. You shifted a bit at the edge of the couch, feeling your core throb a bit in anticipation as you looked up at them.

“So, how do we go about doing this? You’re apparently the expert here since that’s the point of your existence. How do we deal with her?”

“Well, Y/N enjoys being defiled, that much is obvious. She likes it rough and enjoys being used, so enjoy yourself.” The replica took a seat, reaching for your hand to guide you onto his lap. The replica helped get your pants off before you sat down, feeling his cock upright between your legs. You moaned softly as your kept your thighs closed, feeling the warmth of his cock against the wetness of your core. The replica smirked, and motioned for Diluc to come closer. He had a look of uncertainty, he didn’t know how to go forward, and neither did you.

With one hand, the replica held your face, prying your mouth open. “Well, Diluc? She’s all yours.”

Without hesitation and before you knew it, Diluc had the full length of his member in your mouth, the thickness of it catching you off guard. You weren’t use to this size, but that didn’t stop you from taking him in and sliding your tongue along his shaft.

The replica began to kiss your neck, his hand now gripping a bundle of your hair as he pushed your head back and forth on Diluc’s cock. He didn’t give you the chance to get use the member in your mouth, causing you to gag a bit and get your saliva to run down your chin. Diluc moaned under his breath, his eyes glazed over as he began to fuck your mouth, picking up a quicker pace with the help of his replica.

You panted heavily and continued to do your best to keep up without choking. You felt what you assumed to be the replica’s hand spread your legs as he reached down and slid his fingers along your folds. You moaned with Diluc’s cock in your mouth and the vibrating sensations made him bend forward a bit as he shot a load deep down your throat, causing you to reach a hand out in an attempt to push him away so you could breath. But with the replica pushing your head forward and Diluc pushing into your mouth, you were trapped. You felt more saliva and escaped cum drip from your mouth as Diluc pulled away and sighed. The replica held your jaw up and chucked.

“Make sure you swallow, Y/N. Don’t be rude.” You complied, swallowing the hot cum and looking up at Diluc who had a look of satisfaction and anticipation on his face. He reached out and pulled you up from his replica’s lap, allowing the copy to reposition himself. The replica stood up and motioned behind you, pulling your waist back, grinding his hips into your backside and moaning in your ear. In a quick motion, the replica and Diluc moved to where the copy was leaned against the wall closest to the couch. The replica held your neck with one hand and lifted up one of your legs. You flushed a deep red and tried your best to conceal yourself from Diluc who was moving forward, holding his cock up and rubbing it against your core, cooing at the wetness of it.

Diluc slowly started to insert himself, making sure to go in slowly as to not hurt you. His cock was hot inside you, as expected of a pyro user. Once he was fully inside, you felt your weight shift as if you were passed between the two men. The replica cupped your ass, spreading your cheeks and pushed his thumb into your ass, laughing at your gasp. It wasn’t the first time he’s explored that area, it made you weak and your legs turned into jelly when he fucked your ass. Once you were comfortable, he pushed his cock in with a swift thrust, making you cry out and even tighten around Diluc’s cock that was still inside you. Before you could compose yourself and realize both men were inside you, the two of them began to thrust into you. Diluc held you up by your ass to make it easier for the replica, and the replica now held your legs up and apart to make it easier for Diluc. You felt both cock’s pulse and thrust inside you, noticing the rhythm as if one went in and the other went out.

You were overcome with different sensations, the feeling of getting fucked both in the ass and in your pussy was driving you mad and you couldn’t do anything but roll your head back and cry out for more. The pulsing and thrusting got harder and the sloshing sounds filled the room. Your breath was heavy and your toes curled as you felt the what you hoped would be the first of many orgasmic waves reach its peak. That is, until the men simultaneously stopped and flipped you around to change positions. You were the plaything tonight, they were in charge of you and you had the idea that neither of them were going to make it easy for you to cum.



You went through several positions and not once were you given the opportunity to experience climax. You were vibrating, you were seeing stars and you were filled with both men’s cum. You sat on the couch straddling Diluc, you were dizzy as you looked into his eyes. You were breathless, panting as you felt his cock inside you, throbbing still. He grew to have a mischievous expression, his empty-glares now devilish as he fucked you senseless. He reached his hands around and spread your ass apart again for his replica’s ease. You reached a hand behind you, feeling bit of cum seep out from your ass and down to your cunt as the replica slid the tip around. For a brief moment, you thought he was going to say he was done for the night.

However, both Diluc’s nodded at each other and you were met with the replica pushing his cock into your cunt that was already occupied by Diluc’s. Both men grunted as they made it fit, holding you in place as you twitched and gasped. You felt your back arch and subconsciously pushed yourself down onto the men, taking their lengths to their extent. It was painful but the pleasure you got from it alone made you near a climax.

“Well, well, well, looks like she’s able to fit us both and look at her move on her own! Let’s let her cum, yeah?” The replica remarked as he held your neck, pulling your head back into a sloppy kiss.

“Not until she’s broken.” Diluc retorted, he pulled your head to his, planting a wet kiss on your lips and you sighed into his mouth as both your tongues met.

You bounced on both men’s cocks, taking turns exchanging kisses and begging for more. Both men fucked into you at their own pace, the unsync drew you crazy and you felt your eyes roll back as you slumped back into the replica who reached down to flick your clit. You pleaded for them to let you cum, to finally let you ride the wave. Diluc reached a hand around and pushed two of his fingers into your ass, your body writhing and tightening as every sensitive area of you was given attention.

You were seconds away from reaching the orgasmic wave they neglected to give you, and as you muttered those words that you were going to give in and cum, they stopped.

Both men laughed and pulled out of you, and it wasn’t until you felt your body fall into Diluc that you had been came into once again. Diluc chuckled and kissed your forehead before laying you back into the couch, a puddle of cum pooling out from overflow. You were panting, body shaking and core pulsating for more. You reached a hand down to your pussy, adamant to finish yourself off. All it would take would be two or three seconds of stimulating your already overstimulated clit. Before you could reach that last second, the replica pried your hands away, your whines coming down like music to their ears.

You realized in your daze that you were bound, your hands tied above your head and held down to prevent you from moving. Both men towered over you, sweaty and finally coming down from their erections.

“I’d say she’s full enough, wouldn’t you say so, Diluc?”

“Hm, I’d like to think she is. She could take more but that’s for next time. She needs to be broken into more, Diluc.”

You couldn’t tell the two apart, you were dizzy and overcome with pleasure. Your body was twitching from the comedown and you groaned as they continued their nonchalant conversations and left to wash up, leaving you to lay there on the couch, spent and desperately craving that orgasm.

Making the replication of Diluc was a mistake.

A beautiful, fantastic mistake.