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It wasn’t really a question of if: if you two would have sex, now, whenever, the tension was palpable. The question was when and the answer seemed to be now. You wondered if you were different to him, if you smelled different, tasted, sounded. If your body had changed- your movements were certainly more practiced and you had nearly a decade more experience. He had certainly changed. You wondered if the intensity had been an equal trade to shedding the awkwardness of teenage years. Time had afforded him more confidence, a burlier build and a wisened face. His spirit had hardened; he stiffened under your hands and eyes narrowed under your attention. His gaze made you shiver, when inches, breaths separated you your hands itched against your thighs- to reach out, to cling, to rip into him.



The fabric tore with a loud ripping noise and you winced as it broke through the silence of the night. Still your heart beat loudly in your chest and Wally’s mouth was millimeters from your ear, panting, and it didn’t seem as loud in comparison. You were given far too much breadth to stare at the door, practically waiting for someone to burst through and catch you. You could easily be embarrassed about your tryst if you thought about it long enough, but someone catching you, Wally being recently divorced and you a newbie to the team would really be the topping on the cake. You could just imagine the look on Kyle’s face… no, don’t think to hard about that, it’ll just turn you off…

When fumbling gloved fingers couldn’t get a good grip on the zipper in the back of your costume Wally had just ripped it on along the back of the seam. He didn’t even spare enough time to finish the not-sorry-apology before pulling the shirt forward until the scraps were hanging in tatters from your waist. You watched as his eyes roved over your front, a ghost of a smirk on his face. A remark meant to tease quickly turned into a soft whine when a clothed finger ran over the nub of your nipple- for all his impatience he was rarely rough. Or, hadn’t been, historically. All memory of your last hookups were covered in a rosy tint of nostalgia for your days with the Titans. You remember giggles and rustling sheets, how the spots he made on you lasted for days while you could never leave so much as a mark, the impressions fading after no more than a second. With age you hoped his joy for making hickies had disappeared. Your hands wound around his neck and succeeded in tugging off his cowl after a couple tries just so your hands could find root in his wavy hair. Half your attention was stolen by ministrations on his lips on your neck and the other was the pleasure you created when pressing your thighs together. You were wet and hot, soon the tension would become positively painful. He murmured something too quick to catch and moved to suck on the column of your throat. He tongued a healed lesion on the side of your neck and murmured, “is this still sensitive?”

“Mmm, not as much,” he blew over it anyways, and it made you shiver just like it used to. His tongue caressed the puckered skin and sucked on it lightly. There was nowhere to look but the door.

“Can we move somewhere more private?”

“Not gonna get much better than this.” He pulled back just so you could see him smirk. “You couldn’t have waited until we were back on planet?” Never mind that the league had just touched down for a fact-finding-slash-reconnaissance mission and never mind that you had certainly not jumped him. He deemed it the end of the conversation and kissed you on the mouth. His tongue continued to be insistent, pushing past your lips and finding little resistance to brushing languidly against your tongue. He had a hard grip around your waist and guiding hand around your chin making you feel like you could just slump to the floor and he would support you. It was a dangerous feeling, one that got you lost in the moment, wound up in the feelings he was eliciting. You let out a small moan into the kiss and he pulled you even closer. With your hips flush you could feel his cock straining against his suit and the friction created between your nipples and his suit elicited another inadvertent noise from you.

“Talkative today?” He teased.

“Wally,” you whined. “Please, somewhere else, anywhere-“

Then the part you hated. You only had time to acknowledge you had been swept off to somewhere else, a duvet was under your back, and a deadbolt had fallen into place with an audible thunk before he was on top of you and sucking your breast.

“T-thank you.”

He ‘mmm’ed’ in acknowledgement. He circled your nipple lazily with his tongue while his other hand tweaked the other. After a couple motions you realized that the smooth fabric of his gloved fingers were infuriating, you longed for the naked warmth of skin and rough callouses.

“Wally, gloves.” He huffed and got off of you. From the dim light you saw the gloves come off followed by the revelation of a sunkissed torso. You bit your lip when his hands found the waistband of his uniform and pulled it down, stripping it, and throwing it into the corner of the room. His cock was straining against the thin briefs he wore and in the dim light you could swear the fabric was moistening. He evidently had decided it was too dim as well and in a second all the room was illuminated with the bright light of the planet’s moon through the open windows. 

“Someone will-“

“The windows are too high,” he countered. He climbed on top of you and moved to take your breast back in his mouth but you placed a hand on your chest. His expression turned from confused to gracious as you ran a hand over his chest and down his abs. Despite the need in your core, you coveted the time you had to drink up his looks. Your hand drifted over his nipple and you enjoyed the way his arms ripped with the sensation. His thighs were naked and tensed, the muscles of his legs and ass were firm and unrelenting. He seemed to be watching you and when your gaze met his you couldn’t discount the sparkle of his eyes or the quirk of his lips to anything else about him. His skin pricked when your fingers ran over his happy trail. When your hand moved to his bicep he lifted it gently and kissed your hand. The tenderness of his expression made your heart stutter. He ran the pad of his thumb over your palm and rubbing the skin of your fingers. 

Time had slowed and he realized it, smiling nicely down at you. “Hi,” he said, almost teasing.

“Hello.” You laughed.

“Welcome back.”

Slowly he leaned down and kissed the plane between your breasts, leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses that halted at the waistband of your pants. You helped him tug them down and he threw them carelessly behind his shoulder, landing in the shadowy recesses of the room. He made eye contact and grinned before kissing the wet spot on the your panties. The scene sped back up.

He licked the most fabric lewdly. On the third swipe you felt the hot pad of his tongue on your entrance and your hips twitched. Your need for him had turned into an ache, causing you to force back cries. Had there always been this much preamble with him? Nothing could beat an orgasm that had been built and teased out but at the same time you wanted him to just fill you up and pound you into oblivion. Another wheedling whine was on your lips until he lifted up your hips and eased the panties off your legs.

“Wally,” he looked at you through heavy eyelids, eyes clouded with desire and wet lips. “Please.”

“I know baby,” more than a request filled it sounded like a promise made. He lowered your legs back onto the mattress and you lifted up your knees on your own accord, lifting your hips up for his ease. You swallowed as his head disappeared between your legs, a picture too good to be true. You reached down and ran your fingers though his hair. His breath fanned across your folds and the sensation made you shiver. 

He licked at your entrance and you sighed happily. He had skimmed juices off with his tongue and groaned at the taste like a man starving. Without meaning to you had thrust your hands back into his hair and you give it a tug as he flattens his tongue and laps at your slit. You roll your hips and he place a hand on your stomach, applying a little pressure to keep you latent on the mattress. He licks again, dipping further into your folds and then again, this time flicking your clit lightly.

“Ah!” You utter sharply and the sound urges him, swiping deeper with his tongue and hitting your clit with a featherlight touch. More tension builds as his licks become more vicious, hitting deeper and pressing harder on your clit. You can’t help lifting your hips in stuttered movements as your need grows. You long for him, more of his tongue, his hands, his cock, anything, you just need more.

“Please,” its become less of a whine and more of a beg, “please, baby.” He lifts his eyes and stares blankly as he continues his ministrations. This slight makes you whine again and you wonder how he hasn’t become exhausted of the petulant noise. “Wally, please,” you get cut off by a near-squeal as he sucks harshly on your g-spot. 

“It’s funny, I almost never get the ‘be faster’ requests.” He shrugs and you could cry with relief. One second you’re relaxed, taking for granted his guarantee of care, and the next your spine is rigid and curved, head thrown back in cries of languor as his tongue vibrates on your clit. Its new and shocking but more than that it feels heavenly. It rocks you, everything leaves except his hold on you, the grip on his thigh and his tongue buried in you. Your orgasm ramps up quickly and spills over slowly, your whole body rides the wave, straining against the bed and his grip. Spots cloud your vision and your situation comes back slowly. He leaves you dripping on the bed and straightens up, face concentrated with want and eyes clouded with lust.

“I wish you could hear yourself. See yourself, fuck.” He’s pumping his cock quickly, too quickly to follow but you can see the color is an angry red and the tip is dripping. “Are you still on the pill?”

“No,” you’re still breathing heavily, “I’m on an implant now.”

“Okay, I’m clean.”

“I trust you.”

He smiles but it doesn’t reach his eyes. Once you have given the go ahead he’s positioning his cock at your entrance. The tip brushes your slit and you shiver. You still feel practically dizzy from your last orgasm but already want has built up in you, you feel it dully but it jolts when a bead of pre-cum drips onto your labia. You clench, wanting too badly to have something to close around. His eyes roll back and he groans loudly as he enters you. Your walls twitch and he lets out a small noise of delirium. His state of pleasure makes you feel needed like nothing else.

“You’re so wet,” he says dizzily. Your walls are slick and the noises his thrusts are making could almost make you embarrassed. He starts out with shallow thrusts and you clench with need. He still hasn’t opens his eyes, his head bowed and sharp breaths coming through barred teeth.

“Are you close honey?”He nods quickly.

“You can come,” you urge. He thrusts deeper in three short bursts before growing rigid and groaning in relief. His cum splashes inside your walls and the sensation makes your toes curl. You reach out for him and he comes into your arms, kissing you softly and coaxing. He was always quick to come, but even quicker to spring back. He might have orgasmed ten times in a night and since his desires were so easily fulfilled, his focus had always been you. Emotions riding high after an orgasm, the first he might’ve had in a while, you kissed happily for a minute or two until he was hard against your leg. You reached down and pumped his length. He was fully erect within seconds and moaning into your lips. 

“Fuck me, Wally. I need you.”

He kisses you harshly in response, driving your body further into the mattress and grinding his hips down. You were positively music to his ears. This time he enters with force, making you gasp. The squelching noises you make are louder and faster as he drives into you, and, oh, this is just what you needed. Reward comes closer then evades you when you realize that desire your ramping up again, just as insistent as before. He’s a vision, blushing with a heat he never achieves when running and face rampant with pleasure. He throws your legs over his shoulders and you want to lock your ankles around his shoulders to pull him closer, but all your boneless legs can manage is driving your ankles into his back. Still he hits deeper, carving out a new path that makes you whimper. 

“You’re doing so well baby,” he praises, voice suddenly husky, “feel so good.”

He leans down to nip at your neck, sucking on the pinking skin. The harsh snap of his hips is pounding you into the mattress and you grind your hips into his weakly, trying to get you both closer to release. He moans and stutters praises to reward your efforts. Wally removes one hand from your leg and you feel a finger slip inside you and find root on your clit.

“Oh God,” you cry as his fingers move faster.

“That’s it honey.” His finger inside you adds a new wet sound to the chorus.

You can tell he’s getting close, his hips begin to stutter and all his words come out garbled and rushed. You welcome it, feeling your own orgasm building in you. He looks at you with heavy lidded eyes and begins to vibrate the finger inside you. It has the same effect as his tongue if not more pronounced now that you’ve already been overstimulated. You lose outside sensations but feel him so closely, his cock fully nestled inside you and his finger sending volts of electricity throughout your body. Your cry is silent this time and you ride it out in short, high, gasps. He comes inside you, washing your insides, the warmth feeling good and dirty as your combined juices drip onto the rumpled bedspread. He leaves and comes back with a towel and swipes it in between your legs.

You want so badly to call him back into your arms but can’t bring yourself to do it. In hours you’ll be fighting, hours after that you’ll be heading home where he’ll be relaxing after the divorce has been finalized and you’ll be alone, again. The alien fabric of the towel feels harsh against your skin and your swollen labia. 

If you looked into his eyes right now, what would you see. Regret? Disgust? Would the attraction fade, would you go back to normal now that you had gotten it out of your systems? What was normal for you two?

You hear your name and he is looking at you. He reaches a hand up, confused you move your face away, but he cups your chin before it can go too far. He moves your gaze to center on his face, expression unreadable. 

“Was that too much? Are you okay?”

You heave a huge breath, “I’m good, I’m okay.”

“You don’t look okay.”‘I know you’ the accusation goes unspoken. 

“I guess,” you put your legs down now that he’s cleaned up. You dread trying to locate a place to get yourself clean. “I’m just emotional, after…”

“I’ll stay,” he says immediately. He’s gone and back quicker than you can say otherwise. He pulls the cover over both of you, the fabric equally unfamiliar but not as harsh as the towel. He hooks an arm around your waist and tucks you under his chin before making sure the comforter is snug over both of you. It feels familiar, with a jolt of emotions you realize that he smells the same. It must be the same shampoo or same cologne.

“I’ll go back to my room in the morning, they won’t suspect a thing,” he murmurs.

“Thank god, that wouldn’t be such a good look on me.” You can laugh now that the danger has passed.

“On the contrary,” he presses a kiss to the crown of your head, “I think you look amazing.”



“You two look terrible!” For a second you almost think Wally told him or Kyle had found out somehow, but the Green Lantern seems to be oblivious and goes right back to the alien food. You exhale shakily and sit down on Kyle’s right, copying him carefully, you pick up the utensil and poke the food experimentally.

“Couldn’t sleep,” Wally sounds muffled. You look up and he’t eating with his mouth full- 'gross'. But you can still see the fabric creases on his face- 'cute'. “I’m surprised you could.”

“I was exhausted! Something about embassy work really wears me out.”

“Its because you’re terrible with people,” you say, chipper. He gives you an ugly face and you give him a saccharine smile in return.

“I may not have been here very long but I’m older than you, newbie. And seniority rules, If people don’t like you-” neck slicing motion” -But,” he leans closer to you, far too close. “It’s not too late to get on my good side.”

You resist the urge to push him away, and gag, or both. “Only if it’s visible from a very far distance.” You can’t help but look up and try to gauge Wally’s expression. It’s unreadable, you don’t even know if he was paying attention.

“You two would make a really cute couple,” he contributes. You give him a dirty look.

“Don’t encourage him.”

“Like he needs any encouragement.”

Kyle sighs loudly, “yes mom and dad, shutting up now.”

Wally waggles his eyebrows when Kyle isn’t looking. You save a private grin for your plate.