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"PaiMON IS LOOKING FOR LISA, IT'S BECAUSE OF AETHER!" the door is thrown carelessly, and two individuals are allowed into the quartermaster's office.

 "Ara, what's the problem--?" She abruptly holds her breath watching the young man leaning awkwardly on top of her fairy. Trying to catch his breath, the blank stare, the reddish face, and... Oh. A small aroma of honey shyly sneaks through the place. "Cutie, you ..."


 "Okay, calm down. Let's sit darling here until a while, okay?" Taking the body, she can feel the scorching heat emanate and the traveler complains, releasing little frightened gasps. "Easy, darling. Everything will be fine" Gently stroking the blond hair, the librarian leaves the young man sitting on the office furniture. "Here, some mint tea for that heat" With shaking hands, Aether gulps down the contents in one fell swoop. He lets out a relieved sigh at the more tolerable heat and ends up collapsing into the seatback. "Okay, let's get started ... Where did you guys come from?"

"After passing by Liyue, uh, Paimon is sure that we greeted Kaeya, Venti, and Mr. Diluc in the tavern" trying to remember, the little fairy begins to name the actions of the outlander. "We also went through the alchemy area and greeted Albedo and ... And ... Paimon, Paimon assures that after that when climbing the stairs as they indicated after Aether fell for climbing ... Aether collapsed! "

 "All alphas ..." the woman reasons the situation from her point of view, although she was not sure about the bard. "Sweetie, can you hear me?" drawing the attention of the young man, Aether raises his heavy eyelids and focuses his cloudy vision on the woman "You ... you are a beta right? When you arrived, you were ... or maybe--" Lisa is silent and Paimon biting her nails just looks alternately at the two people "You haven't introduced yourself until now ..." It was quite strange if you think about it in-depth, but it is then that she remembers something important, an important law of life in Teyvat. Walking to the bookcase they occupied in Jean's office, she pulls out a book and can only blurt out an <Oh> after reading a few pages, confirming her theory. "Aether, cutie pie, I don't know if you like to know this, but…"

 "Anything will do, Lisa. Paimon is very worried, Aether seems ... seems ... High !!"

 "As Aether's guide, you must know about the breeds we have when obtaining our visions, right?"

"Yes, alpha and omega, and those who do not have visions are only ..." she leaves the sentence unfinished, how obvious was her traveling companion. A...


"B - but Aether is a beta and, uh, does he have a vision?" Scratching her head at not understanding, she winces.

 "Visions, Aether ... He's very receptive ..." Paimon's face pales at the chosen word, suspecting where all the witch's guesses are headed. "As you may have noticed ... Cutie, it has two elements ... Anemo and Geo "

 "Err - that"

"These two archons are alphas apart from Dendro's ... And you will know if a man gets his vision from Anemo or Geo becomes alpha" Paimon reminds Xiao and Albedo respectively. A sour sensation creeping into her stomach, she wonders if it's the rotisserie chicken they ate at Sara's. "But ... Cutie, he got the blessings of the archon Anemo and Geo, two alphas... He was able to even combine the two elements in his body, he received them well"

"Paimon thinks that ..."


"Aether is introducing himself as an omega?" A cry breaks the tense silence that sneaks between the two women and when they fix their gaze on the chair, they find a more conscious Aether with the truth in front of him.

"No ..." he groans, terrified "I don't want to be an omega, no" he declares, shaking his head.

"Aether ..."

 "Cutie, I must ... I must tell you something else, unfortunately," the exact words in the woman are difficult to exclaim, especially when the reddish eyes of the traveler ask for white lies as a solution. "You need an alpha, no ... you will need alphas, darling" the air is retained in the young man, terrified because he remembers all the missions where he had to save the omegas, who were captured only for that ... for being omegas. Fertile female creatures with striking scents, Aether shed more tears clinging to the sorceress's skirt. "Darling ... you will need seven alphas for the seven elements that exist in the nation" the verdict falls and the traveler screeches, a particular screech that echoes throughout the city.

It was the birth of a new omega.