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The god & The Immortal

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Tommy was the blood god that Technoblade had worshipped. Not many people knew he was the blood god, but Technoblade did know he was the blood god. Technoblade had a family, that Tommy wanted to join since he had been bored being alone. Technoblade wasn't sure how his friend Philza would react. But he had accepted Tommy as his son, it was one happy family.

"Technoblade, what if we joined the DreamSMP." Techno looked up from the spot he was at. The question had surprised him, he wasn't opposed but he didn't exactly like it. "If you desire it my Lord." "Ehh, why are you always so stiff blade."

"You're no fun." Tommy blurted out, "I'll go with wilbur. You Bitch." Technoblade looked back at Tommy with a gasp escaping his mouth. "My lord where did you learn those words." "From Wilbur bitch." Tommy grinned at Technoblade than ran out of Techno's room. Leaving him there all alone.


It had been Doomsday, it had went like Tommy had said. Exept some minor hiccups, like the exile. Tommy was having a blast, he loved causing some bloodshed. He was also glad Technoblade followed his orders, so things went more smoothly. Even if he didn't like Dream, he also caused good amount of bloodshed.

Tommy had been sure that the good Dream worshiped was DreamXD. A protector of the realm, and god of sleep, and dreams. A more peaceful god compared to him, after all he was part of the war Gods. So he wouldn't be peaceful.

Technoblade just looked down at him, and saif his lines. He had to admit to himself. His warrior was a good actor. He really pulled of a proformance, so he played along with it. Untill he had enough fun.

Tommy walked to Technoblade and placed his hand on his shoulder. Phil was in the distance, he didn't know Tommy was the blood god. But all he knew was that he and Technoblade swore to never betray one another. So he knew that Doomsday was more an act than anything.

"Technoblade, we had, had our fun. Now it's time for the big reveal." Technoblade just glanced at the others than at him, and nodded. "PHIL! CAN YOU COME OVER HERE!" Tommy had Shouted from across where Philza was, and the noise of the withers. But even so Philza heard and went to their sides.

Tommy grinned at the chaos he had caused. He had to much fun here, it had been obvious compared to before. Tommy grinned ear to ear. He would look like a villain if he had grinned any bigger.

"Hahahahaha," Tommy was laughing at everyone who now stood there staring at them. At times glancing at each other. "Technoblade. Kill dream." A simple Command, but a difficult task. But not an impossible one. Technoblade had done it before, not as a command. But more of a friendly competition.

Technoblade was given his 'axe of peace' that he given to Tommy, before Tommy had been very protective of it. Yet now he had just given it to Technoblade. To kill Dream.


It had been a long fight but Technoblade came victorious. Dreams blood on his axe, and blood staining his clothes. Technoblade had crouched down and put his hands together. It was a tense moment for almost everyone.

"May this offering reach the Blood God. Tommyinnit." Silence was all you could hear, but that day Shock had jostled that sever.