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It was a hot day in June, and the Prince of Wales was playing polo. It was the final, and the game was almost complete, they were losing by one point, and Charles was determined not to lose, but suddenly he made a sudden turn and he fell from his horse and the horse fell on him. The pain was unbelievable, Charles could feel only pain on his right arm, he had never felt so much agony in all his life. Very quickly all members of his staff were around him checking how the Prince was. Charles could barely understand what his secretary was saying, but he did catch that he was giving instructions to call Diana.

"No, John, don't call her. I don't want her" - Charles was in excruciating pain and for sure he did not want Diana at his side.

"Sir, we need to call her, for the press. She needs to be seen at your side" - the secretary was looking at the Prince concerned. He knew the Prince and the Princess were not on good terms, but he knew his job and was very good at it and if they wanted the public to believe that everything was fine, they needed to be seen together.

"Camilla. John, please, call Camilla" - Charles had tears in his eyes, the pain was too much and all he wanted now was Camilla. All he wanted was to see her face, her beautiful blue eyes and to get a kiss from those incredible, soft and tasty red lips. Everything always went wrong when they were not together, he needed Camilla to function properly. His life was hell when she was not in it.

"Yes sir, I will call her personally once you are at the hospital" - the secretary knew that the Prince wanted his partner by his side and after years of service for the Prince, he could see why he was so in love with Camilla and he felt bad for them. He felt bad that they could not see each other as often as they wanted and after spending so much time with the Prince he knew how much he missed her.

Once in the hospital, the doctors took Charles immediately to surgery. Diana in the meantime spent her time visiting other patients, everyone was busy doing something so Charles' secretary thought it was the right time to call Camilla.

Camilla was at home relaxing on her sofa with a glass of iced tea and was watching some television. When the phone rang, she quickly went to grab it thinking it could be her children or her sister.

"Hello?" - said Camilla cheerful.

"Mrs Parker Bowles, this is his royal highness secretary. His royal highness had an accident while he was playing polo. He is having surgery at King Edward VII's hospital and he asked to see you, ma’am" - Camilla was shocked. Charles was in the hospital and he needed her.

“I will be there as soon as possible. How is he?”

“I am sorry, I don’t know ma’am” - the secretary hung up the phone and Camilla immediately rushed upstairs to get dressed. She will need at least 3 hours to get to Charles and he was already under surgery. She hoped she could get there before he wakes up.

When she finally arrived at the hospital she sighed. She was so worried about her love. Charles did not deserve so much pain, his life was already hell and now this too. He needed a bit of luck and happiness, Camilla thought entering the hospital. Soon she was greeted by one of Charles’ security man.

“Mrs Parker Bowles, this way please” - Camilla smiled lightly at the man, who she realized had just slightly bowed to her. She needed to talk with Charles about this. She did not think it was appropriate and she knew that he must have told them to do so as a way of respect, but she was just the mistress, and they should not be bowing to her.

When they arrived in front of Charles’ room the secretary was there to greet her.

“Thank you, Mrs Parker Bowles. His royal highness had just come out of surgery and he is still asleep” - Camilla nodded.

“How he is? How the surgery went?” - Camilla was really worried and eager to know how her Prince was.

“The surgery was successful” - the secretary opened the door and Camilla entered immediately spotting Charles on the bed. He looked so pale and weak and she knew he was in pain because even in his sleep his face did not looked relax.

Camilla came near the bed and stroked Charles' cheek softly, she then kissed him lightly on his mouth and she sat down on the chair next to his bed taking his hand in hers and stroking it with her thumb. She had tears in her eyes, she suffered every time she saw Charles so weak and vulnerable, she always wanted him to be happy and she was determined to help him through his recovery. She would not leave him alone in this delicate moment, now he needed her more than ever, he needed her love and support. After a while she stood up, caressed him and kissed his lips, this time when she did so Charles smiled and Camilla had to smile too, her Prince was finally awake.

"Hi darling" - Camilla stroked his cheek tenderly.

"Can I have another kiss?" - asked Charles with a dreamy look. Camilla smiled and bent over Charles to kiss him a bit more deep this time.

"I love you" - Charles was really happy to see her, waking up with Camilla's lips on his was his favourite way of waking up and he was glad she was there for him with her love and her beautiful smile.

"I love you too" - Camilla kissed her Prince again, he smiled and cheekily put his hand on Camilla's butt.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Nothing darling" - Charles tried to make a serious face.

"They gave you medication, didn't they?" - Charles nodded.

"So you are a bit high" - Charles nodded again, Camilla shook her head and kissed him again.

"You are so beautiful darling and I love you so much" - Charles had a very sweet expression on his face and even if he was high for the medication she knew he meant it.

"I love you too my Prince. How are you feeling?" - Camilla was glad he was smiling, but she was still worried about him and his injury.

"Better now that you are here. You know that you are very very sexy?" - Charles was now looking openly at her slightly exposed cleavage and he grabbed her butt again.

"You are being very naughty darling" - Charles nodded and Camilla laughed.

"Could you open your shirt a bit more?" - Camilla was shocked by the request, she knew that Charles loved her and found her attractive, but he was in a hospital bed and she couldn't believe what he was asking.

"Darling, I don't think it is appropriate" - Charles then decided to take matters into his hands. He took his hand off Camilla's bottom and started to unbuttoned her shirt, but with only one hand working properly it was not an easy task.

"I am the Prince of Wales and I think is very much appropriate" - Camilla looked at the door and then back at Charles who was looking at her with puppy eyes, so she finally gave in and open a couple of buttons. Charles smiled happily and touched Camilla's breasts through her bra. Camilla then lean closer to him and kissed him. For a while, they just kissed and enjoyed themself and Camilla had to moan. After weeks of not seeing each other, his kisses and his touch felt like heaven. Charles deepened the kiss and pushed his hand inside her bra, Camilla decided they were going too far, so she broke away from her Prince.

"I think it's enough darling" - she buttoned up her shirt and Charles pouted.

"I was having fun, darling. Please kiss me" - at that moment someone knocked on the door and Charles' secretary entered.

"I am sorry to disturb your royal highness, ma'am. His royal highness the Duke of Edinburgh will be here in 15 minutes"

"Thank you John" - the secretary bowed and left the room, leaving the two lovers to say goodbye.

"Darling. I know you have to go, but I would like for you to come to Highgrove when they'll release me from the hospital. I missed you and I would like to have you there during my recovery" - Charles was looking Camilla in the eyes. He wished nothing more than to have her beside him, especially now that he felt so weak and in pain, she was the one he wanted to see and kiss all day.

"Of course I'll come and help you with your recovery and I'll stay for how long you want and you need me to stay darling" - Camilla smiled at Charles' sweet face and kissed him to make sure he knew that she will always be there for him.

"Thank you my darling. I love you so much and seeing you today made up for all this pain" - Charles smiled and stocked Camilla's cheek with his good arm. Camilla looked at her fabulous Prince and kissed him again, one last time.

The two lovers then said goodbye. They were both sad that they could not stay together for longer, but they knew they would see each other as soon as Charles would be released from the hospital and the two could not wait to spend some quality time together. Even if Charles was in a lot of pain, especially now that the medications were wearing off, he was happy he was able to see Camilla today, because she lifted his mood and he could not help but smile at the thought of her and her warm and sweet lips on his. He knew his recovery would be hard and painful, but with Camilla on his side he will be happy and he will be able to overcome everything.

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Charles was finally going home and he could not wait, the only thing that could make him happier was if Camilla would be there with him. Instead, he had to put up a stupid show with Diana to convince everyone in the country that their marriage was still working.

Charles was still in a lot of pain and all Diana could do was talking about other patients she had met, laughing at him and telling him to stop complaining.

"I am here to do this stupid thing, at least you could stop complaining so much" - Diana was looking at Charles, who was struggling to put on his shirt. She was annoyed about the situation and it was clear that they could not stand each other anymore and it was becoming impossible to put up a smiling face and pretend they were happy together.

"Complaining? You had done nothing else since you arrived. Do you think I want to do this? Do you think I want to spend my time with someone who doesn't even care that I am hurt and in pain? This was not my idea, I don't want to do it either so stop talking and let's get over this quickly so we can both go where we want, with whom we want" - Charles looked at Diana in the eyes when he said the last remark and he knew she had understood what he had meant. Diana looked angry and surprised, she hated Charles, but she was jealous. Jealous of him and Camilla, their relationship, the way Charles talked about her, the way his face lit up when he talked about her and saw her. She was jealous because he had never looked at her that way.

After a couple of hours, Charles was finally home at Highgrove and he could not wait until he could see Camilla again in 15 minutes. When she arrived Charles went immediately to her and kissed her deeply and for the first time since Camilla had left the hospital he smiled. Charles was still in the suit he had left the hospital with and Camilla thought he could not be very comfortable. Together they went to his bedroom and she helped him change. Charles was very grateful he had her there to help him and he could not smile thinking how much more he enjoyed being undressed and dressed by Camilla than by some man of his staff.

"I love you darling" - Camilla kissed her Prince and smiled.

"Why thing can't be easier? I want to be with you darling, every day, every hour and every second of my life. My life is a mess without you, I am not happy without you" - his life at home was hell, he was unhappy and he knew Diana was also unhappy, they made each other miserable and they spent all their time fighting and he was tired of fighting. He just wanted to be happy and only Camilla could make him happy.

He did not want depressing thought to invade his mind, now he only wanted to enjoy Camilla's presence and love. They kissed each other deeply and Charles started to caress her leg, they enjoyed themself for a minute, until Charles' hand started to move higher on Camilla's leg and at that point, Camilla broke the kiss.

"Darling we can't, you are injured" - Charles was looking at Camilla with his puppy blue eyes, Camilla smiled, kissed him, but took his hand into hers and kissed it.

"I miss you darling and I am fine" - Charles tried to kiss Camilla passionately, but she stopped him.

"I miss you too darling, but you just got an operation. I promise you when you'll be better I'll make it up to you" - Charles nodded, he knew she was right. He was still too weak and in pain to do anything, but that did not stop him from wanting and desiring his darling Camilla.

"I love you my darling" - Charles kissed Camilla softly, caressing her cheek gently and losing himself in her amazing blue eyes.

"I am glad you are here. My family did not even bother to came to see me, the only one was Diana and just because she was forced to and all she did was laughing at me, looking at me as if I was overreacting and complaining without a reason. They all think I am just a spoiled man and I am so done with it. I feel so lucky to have you by my side my darling. Thank you" - Charles laid down on the bed and stretched his arm asking Camilla to join him. She gladly laid down next to him with her head resting on his good shoulder.

"I know how you're feeling my love, I know you are in a lot of pain and you don't have to be brave with me. You can complain as much as you want, because that's what love is about, supporting each other and suffering together. I am here for you, to help you, cheer you up and love you" - Camilla kissed Charles and he smiled happy. He always felt loved and safe with Camilla, she was his sunshine, his home, his everything.

Camilla stood up to put on some classical music, she then went back to Charles and for a while they just cuddle in silence, kissing each other from time to time. They never needed word when they were together, they did not need to fill the silence because they were so sure and so secure in their love that their heart and eyes spoke for them.

"How are you feeling darling?" - asked Camilla after a while, looking up to her prince with sweet eyes.

"I think the medication is kicking in so it is not that bad" - Camilla smiled and kissed Charles' neck a couple of times, he smiled and kissed her hair. He was really happy to have her at his side, she was caring, loving and understanding.

"Thank you for being here darling. I love you" - Camilla kissed him a couple of times, each time more deeply.

"You don't have to thank me. I love you too Charles" - they both smiled at each other and fell asleep in each other's arm happy that they had each other.