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Continental Breakfast

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It had been four months since Wanda had moved to her cabin in the mountains to study the Darkhold - and one month since, reaching the limits of her own natural abilities, she had been forced to drag Agatha Harkness herself to her secluded retreat to provide what could perhaps be called some technical consulting.

“I thought most Airbnbs these days were supposed to at least offer wifi,” Agatha quipped, from her usual position leaning against the kitchen wall. A smirk flickered across her features as she caught Wanda’s eye. “But maybe you’re the continental breakfast.”

Wanda rolled her eyes. She had grown used to Agatha’s regular drumbeat of half-mocking, half-flirtatious remarks, even if they still sometimes made her blush. They had reached a reluctant stalemate in their relationship already. Agatha was willing to cooperate as her magic teacher in exchange for a release from the mind control and a change of scenery from Westview, while Wanda felt confident enough in the binding spell she had cast on the older witch to relax around Agatha. The spell permitted Agatha to use most of her magic, but bound her from using it in any manner not in accordance with Wanda’s wishes.

“Very funny, but today is an important day,” Wanda replied. “We agreed you would show me how to improve my reduction spells.” Reduction spells, as Wanda had read in the Darkhold, require a witch to use her own life force as raw magical energy to break a spell that an opponent has cast on her. These spells are highly effective at countering attacks, but notoriously dangerous due to the risk that an unsophisticated witch could drain her own life out entirely in the process.

Agatha’s smirk widened into a grin. “I would never forget. I practically wrote it down in the company calendar.” She started to walk towards Wanda, who was standing with her arms crossed on the other side of their cabin’s kitchen. As she approached, Agatha grabbed an apple sitting in a bowl on the table and suggestively took a bite. “You know what I get to do to you in order for you to practice, right?”

Wanda felt her face run hot yet again. She still couldn’t figure out what Agatha’s intentions were towards her - that is, if Agatha’s flirting was an effort to mock her and regain some semblance of control, a quirky side effect of three centuries of loneliness, or if she genuinely felt desire for the younger woman. Two weeks ago, Wanda had taken ill as a result of a poorly-cast poisoning spell that had reversed on her. She had braced herself for Agatha to take advantage of her temporarily weakened and bed-ridden state to try to escape or attack her, but to her surprise, Agatha had seemed genuinely concerned and had gone out of her way to try to nurse Wanda back to health. As she tried to will away the redness on her cheeks, Wanda couldn’t help but recall the way her stomach had flipped with yearning every time Agatha would stroke her arms or cheeks while checking up on her.

“I know exactly what you get to do - I was the one who suggested it,” Wanda replied. In order to practice the reduction spell, Agatha would get to use her own magic to restrain Wanda, just like that time in Ralph Bohner’s basement four months ago. The idea was that Wanda could practice using the reduction spell to break the bonds.

Agatha tossed her partially eaten apple in the air, and with a flick of her wrist, it began to hover just in front of her face. “Anyone can cast a reduction spell. The trick is to not off yourself in the process.” She twirled her pointer finger and the apple began to slowly spin. “The spell uses your own life force to directly counter your opponent’s magic and weaken it until it’s ineffective. Think of it like a head to head duel. If your opponent is weak, you’ll barely use any of your life force and won’t even break a sweat neutralizing their spell. But if they’re a bit of a handful, well…” At this point, Agatha snapped her fingers and the apple immediately rotted away into a brown core and fell to the wooden floor. “You’ll be drained into a corpse if you don’t pull out in time.”

Wanda gave a quick nod. She had lightly sparred a little with Agatha in the course of practicing some attack spells, but this would be the first time she would purposefully put herself in a vulnerable position vis-a-vis the other witch. “I’m ready.”

Concatenata eius.” Agatha flicked her palm upwards and Wanda was immediately restrained by magical bonds, her hands tied behind her back with glowing purple chains of energy. Agatha chuckled to herself as she approached Wanda, reaching up to cup the redhead’s chin. “Yes, this really is more to my liking. Try to use a reduction spell to break free, if you can. But honey, I’m not going to make this one easy for you.”

Wanda closed her eyes and began summoning all of her powers to cast the spell. She had mastered the ability to break a restraint spell, but not specifically with a reduction spell. She felt her own life force, like a pulsating warmth around her heart, and began trying to redirect it as much as possible into a magical force that could overwhelm Agatha’s spell. However, as her life force began to ebb and flow out of her, she felt the restraints tighten as Agatha heightened the strength of her spell in response. The impact of the spell on her body was almost immediate; Wanda could feel her lungs ache like someone was draining the oxygen right out of them.

“That’s enough, Wanda.” Agatha snapped her back to reality with a tone that was trying to sound strict but was barely masking genuine concern. “You’re not channeling your life force efficiently enough. You’re only going to end up hurting yourself like that.”

Wanda was taken aback by the extent to which she’d tired herself. She tried to reply to Agatha, but only an exhausted wheeze came out. Her chest hurt like she had just run into a burning building. Agatha walked up to her and gently cupped her chin. “Hey, kiddo, it’s okay. You’re strong enough that you’ll feel fine in a few seconds. But you shouldn’t take risks like that.”

Agatha was looking deep into Wanda’s eyes now, and Wanda couldn’t help but notice how strikingly beautiful her blue eyes were. Something like desire flashed across Agatha’s face for the briefest of seconds, and Wanda seized on it to cross the distance between them and kiss her. Agatha reacted as though she had been expecting it, immediately returning the kiss and sliding her tongue into Wanda’s expectant mouth.

She tasted of lavender and earl grey tea, the same intoxicating scent that Wanda knew from when Agatha would brush against her when they were cooking or studying. She could feel a hint of the raw power crackling just beneath Agatha’s lips. It was like when she would touch a boyfriend’s stomach over his t-shirt in her younger days and feel his muscles just beneath, but far more intense. For a moment, Wanda’s powers kicked in without thinking and she caught a flash of one of Agatha’s memories - when Agatha was younger, she had fallen in love with another witch in her coven and was remembering the pain and heartache in that exact moment - but Wanda did not wish to pry and immediately withdrew from seeing the memory.

Letting her hands rest on Wanda’s hips, Agatha pulled out of the kiss. Wanda was still fully bound by the other witch’s magic, but there was something exciting about being under her control like that. “Well, well, well.” Agatha murmured to herself. “You really are a bit of a Russian doll of surprises, aren’t you? Or maybe I should say, a Sokovian doll.”

Agatha let her right hand slide from Wanda’s hip to her inner thigh, and Wanda immediately whimpered, leaning her body as best as she could into Agatha’s touch. Agatha laughed softly to herself at Wanda’s obvious desire. “You really want me like this? Here I thought our first time would be all romantic, in your bed, maybe with a thunderstorm outside - but I guess you’ve never been as sweet and innocent as I thought you were.” She pulled down the fly of Wanda’s jeans and slid her hand inside, feeling Wanda already slick with desire. “I need you to tell me how badly you want this, though. Beg for me, Wanda.”

“Please,” Wanda whimpered, pulling against her restraints. She knew that she was truly the one in control here - she could ultimately manipulate the binding spell to neutralize Agatha’s powers anytime she wished - but the idea of submitting to Agatha made her ache with need. “I want you so badly.”

“That’s a good girl,” Agatha purred, her mouth hot against Wanda’s ear. Her fingertips gently made circles around Wanda’s most sensitive part, causing the younger woman’s breath to hitch. “Tell me what else you want.”

“I need you inside of me,” Wanda gasped, prompting Agatha to move her fingertips to gently, torturously, circle her opening.

“You’ll have to beg better than that,” Agatha smirked. “Who do you belong to?”

“You.” Wanda’s voice was heavy with desire. “Only you. I only want -”

Agatha immediately slid two fingers deep inside of Wanda, cutting her sentence off in a moan. Between the exhaustion from her failed reduction spell and the intensity of the pleasure from Agatha’s ministrations, it was almost too much for Wanda. She came faster than she intended to, writhing against her bonds and sighing Agatha’s name as she rode out the last waves of her climax. Agatha pulled her close in the afterglow, letting Wanda rest her head against her shoulder.

“Will you let me touch you?” Wanda whispered into the crook of Agatha’s neck. She could feel the other woman’s heart still racing, and felt her smile against the top of her head.

“In time, sweetheart.” Agatha flicked her wrist to lift the binding spell, and Wanda gently floated back to the ground. “You know I haven’t touched you in all of the ways I want to touch you, either.” Agatha broke their embrace and turned back to the kitchen, snapping her fingers to conjure up a glass of cold water for Wanda. “Now where were we? Something about teaching? God, I knew I should have been a grad student.”