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Once upon a time, in a land called teyvat, there live a fox. He is not your typical fox. This particular fox can brawl even a lion, the king jungle. He will not pass an opportunity where he can be stronger.

His behaviour, however, may be a typical fox, mischievous, sharp, and smart. He likes to fool his prey into his trap, slowly, deadly, like a poison. Well... if the prey is annoying enough, he will just finish them right away.





Orange fluffy ears perked up from the bushes, sharp eyes watching its surrounding.








The creature let out a disapointed sigh, upon having no prey for the day. Standing up from his hiding spot, he walks away and were going to go back to his nest.

But then, he heard the rustle of bushes behind him. Immediately, he put on his guard, steadying himself for a fight.


poof!  Long, soft, ears popped up from the bush, scaninng the surrounding with its ears. The fox stayed silent, a prey, he thought, excited, his stomach grumbled a little and his mouth watered. 

Slowly, it started to move, standing up. 

 Ah, a bunny, the fox gulped, maintaining his excitement.

What an unusual bunny...

The creature in question, is indeed unusual. The bunny is almost as tall as the fox, but still shorter. It looks like its capable of fighting too. The gaze that the bunny gave when they locked their eyes was intense, sharp golden eyes shining brightly, brown hair and fur, with a little shaded gold at the tip of it's ears and hair. 

What a lucky day, The fox gulped one more at the sight. This prey surely would fulfilled his hunger for today. 

"Hello there! what are you doing here?"

From the way it dresses, this bunny is surely not from around here.

The bunny however, scanned the fox, from head to toe. A cautious one huh..

" I'am here because of a mission"

It finally answered after several minutes. 

"A mission?" Who in their right mind would send a bunny  for completing a mission. "What kind of mission? mind telling me?" he ask with a gleeful smile.

The bunny nodded, seemingly not afraid that it's talking with a predator. This shocked the fox a little. A bunny, who is not scared of a predator. Interesting.

"How about a quick inroduction first?" The fox asked. "You can call me childe, what should i call you?"

"Zhongli" It said. "The mission is from a friend, they asked me to get this particular flower. They said this place is rich of those flowers, so i want to see it myself."

Childe nodded, understood what the other means. He knew what flower Zhongli is searching. There are many that came to this place just to search for those flowers.

 And many did not get out from this place alive too.

"Ahh.. yes yes. I know what you're talking 'bout" He know he can't eat Zhongli right away, considering how calm the other facing a predator, he need to fool the other first. "Do you want me to show you the way? I'm from around here, so i know where the flowers grow"

Childe smiled, trying hard to hide his fangs when Zhongli accept the offer. How naive,  this may be easier than he thought.





As promised, Childe lead Zhongli to the flowers.

His bunny ears perked up when he saw the flowers, swaying softly againts the wind. He crouched down and took one flower, gazing over it with a curious look, slowly twirling it like it's the most delicate thing.

Childe was in awe for a second. The sight of his prey so calm and adorable admiring the most common flower on his land. He can't help but smiled at the sight, admiring the scene. 


Zhongli stood up, picking some flowers and carefully place it inside a pouch. He look back at Childe, bowing his head and let out a small smile. "Thank you for your help Mr.Childe, i'am indepted to you" 

"No problem! if you ever need help again in this land, just search for me." Childe let out a genuine smile, "It's a pleasure to be able to help others" a lie, of course.

Zhongli nodded. He looks at Childe for a second, scanning him again. This time, Childe swears he can feel Zhongli eyes darken, and then it's gone in a blink.





When Childe come to his senses, Zhongli is already gone. He look around, seeing some faded footprints on the ground. Childe didn't even realized he dazed out. He sigh, stomach grumbling. Cursing himself for letting his prey escape, he went to a lake or a pond, targeting fish. Fish don't really make him satisfied, but it's enough to fill his stomach. 

In the middle of his meal, he said to himself "Next time, for sure. Don't make the same mistake" out loud. He sat on a rock near the lake, dead fishes on his hand and mouth. 

Little did he know. Behind a tree, a glinting golden eyes are watching him carefully.